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California State Is More Expensive Than Harvard

So says a report from Mercury News:

The impossible has happened: Harvard College is now thousands of dollars cheaper than Cal State East Bay for middle-income California students.

So is Princeton. And Williams College. And Yale.

Top private schools, with their generous aid, have been among the most affordable options for poor students for a few years, but rising tuition has only recently sent California State University and University of California prices shooting past the Harvards and Yales for middle-class students.

The revelation comes as thousands of college and university students on Monday march to protest budget cuts in Sacramento that have forced up tuition and shaken campuses.

It’s almost unthinkable in a state that once practically gave away college educations.

“We are coming close to pricing out many of our middle-class students,” said Rhonda Johnson, Cal State East Bay’s financial-aid director. “Now we’re seeing a disadvantaged middle class.”

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  • Thinkaboutit

    If a student were good enough to get into Harvard (or Yale, or Princeton), then surely that student would also be granted loads of merit scholarships upon being admitted to CSU, right? So it seems likely to me that any student facing a decision between attending Harvard and a CSU campus would in fact not face such a difference in price tag.

  • Body of Lies

    The point is a middle class California kid who has decent grades can’t afford college here anymore.