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Occupy Movement Wants To Abolish Capitalism

A video has surfaced that confirms the intentions of many in the Occupy movement: They want to dismantle capitalism entirely. Check out this footage from a panel discussion at a an event at the New School in New York. The panel is titled: “The Abolition of Capitalism.” (The panel starts about 10% of the way through the video.)

Here’s what two of the panelists had to say:

David Graeber: “It strikes me that if one is going to pursue this to its logical conclusion, the only way to have a genuinely democratic society would also be to abolish capitalism and the state.”

Marina Sitrin: “We can’t have democracy with capitalism… Democracy and capitalism don’t work together.”

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  • David Graeber

    Um, that’s a misquote.
    I said “abolish capitalism AND the state.”

    • markmwhite

      in place of the state, what? anarchy? a commune? a kibbutz? also please fill me in on the alternative value system to which Mirina rfers; that should be a hoot.

  • markmwhite

    who takes Occupy seriously? do these panel members believe that liberty is part of democracy? does not seem so. seems like they are confusing democracy with socialism or communism. capitalism is not a political structure, it is an economic structure. capitalism is the expression of economic liberty. economic liberty is a integral part of the notion of individual liberty upon which our republic was formed (yes, republic not democracy). indeed capitalism is the only form of economic structure that is consistent with liberty, and thus the only economic structure that is consistent with our republic. as Ben Franklin was quoted “…a Republic, if you can keep it.” if we can keep it, indeed.

  • drew

    I bet if I just started “occupying” one of their cars by driving it around they would have a different view on it than the idea of “occupying” houses.

  • jgregg

    These people are embarrassing. Who’s paying for their food, housing, clothing…? Do they know we are not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic? Have they ever run a lemonade stand? Do they realize they are condoning ruining the equity some very moderate and low income people have worked hard, long hours to earn? Steve Man? A founder of the SDS? Wow! They were really successful the last time they had a temper tantrum; they cost the taxpayers millions blowing up stuff, turning over cars, breaking windows.