Cherokees to Elizabeth Warren: “We Don’t Claim You.”

by College Fix Staff on May 31, 2012

Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard professor turned Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate who falsely claimed minority status and claimed to be a Cherokee, is under fire from a group of authentic Native Americans who are clearly troubled by her long history of false claims.

A group of Cherokee Indians has launched a new organization called “Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren.” On its website the group describes itself as “authentic Cherokees and descendants devoted to sharing the truth about our history.”

“You claim to be Cherokee. … We don’t claim you!” the group says.

The group is made up of descendents of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

“Our mission is to help people understand what a real Cherokee is and to show why Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Cherokee without proof is harmful and offensive to us.”



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