Native American Harvard Grad Denounces Elizabeth Warren

by College Fix Staff on June 12, 2012

Margo DeLaune, a Harvard graduate and member of the Kiowa Tribe, wrote a column denouncing Elizabeth Warren’s fraudulent claim of Cherokee descent. Warren took advantage of this claim, which she cannot substantiate, to further her career at Harvard.

DeLaune wrote:

Perhaps, in the end, we should appreciate Professor Warren for revealing institutionalized deficiencies at our alma mater that may have otherwise remained unexamined. However, we should nevertheless hold her accountable for the damage she has wrought—by either crassly capitalizing on the plight of the American Indian or indulging in the fetishization of a frequently caricaturized minority group. We ask the fellow Native alumni of Harvard, as well as the University’s current Native students and staffers, to join in supporting Senator Brown. Because when Warren directly facilitates a corruption of equal opportunity philosophy and then disingenuously dismisses valid concerns about her behavior as attacks against her family, she demeans the bravery of our Native forebears who fought so valiantly to resist assimilation and to preserve our various ways of life.

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