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Rev. Jackson Sr. Says Tea Party Supports Slavery

In a recent speech to North Carolina college students, the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. stumped for Barack Obama and described members of the Tea Party movement as slavery supporters.

In a speech Friday at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, billed as a get-out-the-vote rally, Jackson drew a difference between the original Boston Tea Party, which he said aimed to “end occupation and wipe out the tea tax,” and the contemporary Tea Party, which he characterized as a group that wants to “overthrow our government, engage in secession, sedition, segregation and slavery.”

Jackson continued that the Tea Party “has lost that war.”

Referencing slavery in America’s past several times, Jackson also warned the students that because of this country’s history they have a responsibility to vote.

“We have struggled for so long with the hypocrisy on paper of being one nation under God… but we couldn’t be one nation half slave and half free,” Jackson said. “We couldn’t be one nation when women did not have the right to vote. We couldn’t be one nation when workers do not have the right of collective bargaining. We could not be one nation when people of a language other than English could not express themselves and be seen as citizens.”

When Jackson took the stage, he started by asking the crowd to repeat after him:

“I am somebody, red and yellow, brown, black and white. We’re all precious in God’s sight. Everybody is somebody. My mind is a pearl. I can do anything in the world if my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it. I know I can achieve it. Stop the violence. Save the children. I can hope. I will hope. I must hope. Keep hope alive. Forward by hope. Not backwards by fear. Keep hope alive.”

Another focus of Rev. Jackson’s speech was the moral authority he said he feels the United States lacks as long as there are barriers between people.

“Separate but unequal” was a term he proffered multiple times in his speech to describe the disparity between blacks and whites and the rich and the poor, saying: “Where there is inclusion, there is growth … at the heart of justice is fairness, even and equal.”

In a speech that sounded similar to one Obama might give, Jackson commented on the high number of black men in prison, the amount of loan debt with which students are saddled, and the necessity for a safety net in Medicare.  Jackson said the answer is to “create the world you want to live in.”

Jackson ended his speech by telling students to “honor the legacy and vote.”

Although Jackson was careful not to advise people to vote for Obama outright, those around him were more direct. After finishing his speech, Jackson asked everyone to rise, saying he was going to march with them to an early voting location on the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

Upon exiting the auditorium, attendees were given signs, fans and bumper stickers proclaiming Obama as their candidate.  Among the sponsors of Jackson’s visit were The Black Student Movement, the NAACP, Tar Heels for Obama, and the UNC Chapter of Young Democrats.

The one-hundred strong march headed to Ram’s Head Dining Hall, where voter registration and early voting took place. Also present were tables set up by the Orange County Democratic Party and the UNC chapter of Young Democrats, who doled out pizza and soda provided by the Obama for President campaign.

The Orange County Republican Party also had a table where a volunteer handed out sample ballots. One volunteer said he had no idea that Rev. Jackson was going to be on campus that day.

Fix contributor Jessica Kubusch is a student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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  • Speaking Truth to Power

    From this amazing display of ignorance, one must conclude that the Rev. Jackson has absolutely no knowledge of U.S. history. History
    shows that the party of racism is the Democratic Party – not the Republican
    Party which was created in the 1850’s as the party of anti-slavery and pro
    civil rights. The Democrats supported slavery and split the union over it. The
    Democrats created the KKK during reconstruction in order to take political
    control the south through suppression of the black vote which voted
    monolithically Republican and elected the first blacks to congress – who were
    Republican. It is a fact of history that a person had to be a Democrat to join
    the KKK in the south. Republicans and blacks were banned from the KKK and declared to be the
    enemies of white southerners. The Democrats created Jim Crow laws (separate but equal) and poll
    taxes to further suppress black voters. Bull Conner, with his fire hoses and
    attack dogs was a Democrat – as were all the elected officials in the south who
    stood for segregation and against civil rights. Northern Democrats will say,
    “Well that was the southerners and we had nothing to do with that.”
    The fact remains that they looked the other way while Democrat led terrorists
    lynched and oppressed their way into power for 100 years. The Northern
    Democrats were happy to look the other way and to rule the country and remain
    in power through inclusion of southern coalition partners whom they knew were
    systematically oppressing and destroying a huge black population. Democrats
    need to get their history straight. The party of civil rights has always been
    the Republican party. It passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments that
    abolished slavery and extended voting and equal protection of the law to people
    of all races. The Republican Party passed 4 civil rights acts right after the
    Civil War. Look up the Civil Rights Act of 1875. The 1964 version was largely
    based on this Republican law. Had the Supreme Court upheld the 1875 Civil
    Rights Act, we would have had integration and equality 90 years before it
    finally happened. And this integration would have been the the exclusive result
    of Republican efforts. The insinuation that the Republican Party is the party
    of racism flies in the face of the truth about the Democratic Party. In addition to this Susan B. Anthony was a Republican and the women’s suffrage movement was a Republican movement.

    • Joshua0853

      He knows! He’s just hoping most Blacks will buy his lies! Unfortunately–too many do. I’m not one who does!

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  • Pete

    Jessy Jackson was and is a racist. His comments only divide America along side of the racial lines.

  • Why is anyone still listening to Jackson?

    • What I find interesting was there was absolutely nothing about Occupy Wall Street in this entire article. Or anywhere but the Tea Party is number one with Jackson and the LSM.

      • taliesin319

        Anything that gets in the way of Jesse’s shakedown activities automatically ends with the Race Card coming into play. Look around Jesse, the only people dumb enough to notice you are your self loathing, guilt ridden, socialist Alinsky Zombies who fall to their knees keening those sob wracked “mea culpas ” . The rest of us think you are less than pond scum.

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  • Scott

    I wonder if he supports including those of other races (white, red, yellow, etc.) in the funds collected by the UNCF?

  • tinker_thinker

    WTH! That’s nothing but hate speech coming from a Rev. Hypocrite lefty.

  • I am really really tired of being called a racist because I don’t want the US citizens to be slaves of government. This includes the black citizens.

  • TDP

    Sad and absurd… American politics are dominated by the unreasonable passions surrounding an unjust regional social system, the last vestiges of which ceased to exist 50 years ago… And which no reasonable person of either of the 2 major parties advocates returning to.

  • portle44

    “the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. stumped for Barack Obama and described members of the Tea Party movement as slavery supporters.”

    This of course has convinced no one that the tea party does support slavery while providing a lot of superfluous evidence that Jesse is a moron

  • All I can say is it takes 1 to know 1, which means a cheater knows a cheater. Looks like most of the Democrates, at least “ALL” of Obama’s campaign & his team are just known to be dishonest. Mr. Rev. Jesses Jackson uses Gods words to his & Obama’s advanage. But I’d be ashamed if I had Rev. in front of my name when using Gods words to my advanage, yet it being very wrong to use God’s words in this form. But of course we’re talking about most Democrate’s, which it doesn’t bother them to do anything wrong. Thank God for the Dem. I know & have heard they’ve decided to wake up this time around & “NOT VOTE” for Obama. Obama & his team are scared. That’s 1 reason they are conconvincing the Dem., the “Undecided, & the Swing States to vote early. Then not only to vote early, but the machines are already “FIXED” to vote for Obama. How dishonest is this? Why is Obama afraid to allow everyone to vote honestly? Tell the “AMERICAN” people that he “HATES” why he is afraid or why he wants to cheat to get his votes? We’re Mr. President & Mr. Rev. Jackson for your answer. By the way, I understand Obama “HATES AMERICANS”. You can’t lie out of this 1 because it’s on the tape that you gave your speach to in front of he Muslins. How can any “AMERICAN” vote for this man when he “HATES” you & your children?

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  • jim thompson

    Why does anyone care what this man thinks?