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Professor: Whites Losing Power, May Launch Race War Against Latinos

The recent election marked the end of “Anglo Saxon” domination over the United States and the beginning of a possible race war between whites and Latinos, said Linda Martín Alcoff, a well-known philosopher from the City University of New York, during a lecture at Columbia University on Wednesday.

Alcoff said the presidential election results prompted the question of “how Angelo Saxon cultural domination is going to survive in the United States” as whiteness begins to “lose its place.”

Winning the Hispanic vote by 44 points over Mitt Romney was seen as the key to President Barack Obama’s reelection last week, and with one in three Americans predicted to be Latino by 2050, it’s forced both Republicans and Democrats to prioritize the major issues concerning the group in an attempt to win over the growing voting bloc, she said.

One of Alcoff’s central claims for why the Latino vote has caused such a stir in the recent election cycle is because its population growth poses a new and unique threat to whites, as the United States is largely surrounded by countries made of up Latinos whose populations could feasibly overtake that of whites.

“No other group can realistically pose a threat of ballooning numbers like we can,” Alcoff said. “It’s not like the Jews in Germany, where they were like 3 percent of the population and there was no real economic threat.”

Alcoff even went so far as to connect an increase in recent gun purchases to whites arming themselves for some sort of possible race war against Latinos.

Since Obama was elected in 2008, for example, the number of radical groups has increased hugely all across the country, while the number of guns sold in the month Obama was elected reached an all time high of 1.5 million, she noted.

While the Associated Press reported last month that rising firearm sales resulted from a fear of increased gun laws, Alcoff said this is instead evidence of the Latino community being targeted.

“These groups are not harmless,” Alcoff said. “The principle target here…is not an unspecified or abstract immigrant population, but generally Latino immigrants from Mexico or Central America.”

In fact, Alcoff is currently lobbying for more recognition of specific instances of Latino racism as hate crimes. Her talk was hosted by The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, and previewed her forthcoming paper about racism.

It will argue that discrimination against Latinos should be regarded as its own category, much like the notion of anti-black racism, which she says will allow for a clearer identification of racist legislation, politicians and groups.

Obama’s victory has left the Latino population as the “it group” among political pundits, Alcoff said, adding the discussion about the group is “offensive in so many ways…I won’t even go into it.”

Fix contributor Luke Kerr-Dineen is a student at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


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  • ModdKenwood

    attention: you are completely effing clueless,Professor

  • notenoughtime

    If this is what passes as an intelligent individual, no wonder the country is in a downward spiral.

    • ObiWanWotan

      No judging, everyone gets to play whatever they want no matter how bad they are, nobody wins, nobody loses, everybody gets a medal, everybody is equal. Good luck with that.

  • solgreatman

    Divide and conquer,nice try hag.Maybe the good “Latinos”,not the Ms-13 terrorist’s,will fall in with the white population and help take back the country from liberal fascists.


    Little Girl, grow up !!!

  • Many Latinos are like Blacks…looking for handouts…just look at their dropout rate. The intelligent, educated , self sufficient Latinos are in the group that voted for Romney.

    When Reagan gave amnesty, he got 37% of the vote, GHW Bush 30%. They weren’t voting for amnesty, they were voting for welfare. A relative of mine works in the welfare department of California…. you would not believe what they give away there to illegals. And if they go broke we will have to bail them out. I hope Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos know that if they out breed us, there will be fewer and fewer whites to cover the welfare bill especially if the layoffs persist .

    • xuinkrbin

      [begin sarcasm] Sure, because Latinos and Blacks are single-issue Voters. [end sarcasm] Gimme a break.

      • Gunrunner1

        96% voted for Obama. I would call that “single Issue”. Even Saddam Hussein didn’t get 96%, but in BRA a Presidential candidate does because of his race.

      • Hsialin

        They exactly ARE one issue voters, free money is all they care about.

    • XCSX

      Forced sterilization after (2) abortions will affect brown and black demographics moreso than whites. Perhaps whites will not necessarily be out bred. Obamacare will have to regulate abortion/force sterilization in order to contain healthcare costs. This will (by accident, not design) put an end to the wholesale slaughter of a generation of blacks. And O will take credit for it. And I don’t mind if he does. Because at least SOMETHING good will result from Ocare.


        forced white slaughter will come in effect so get ready illegal white scavengers your time is UP!

        • Gina R

          Suck it.

          • INDIGENOUS

            im not white that’s your profession faggot!

        • gunner48

          You have the easy part done. You talked about it. Pack a big lunch !Because you have a BIG job AHEAD OF YOU! I put ears on my belt in Vietnam. I will but your scalp on my belt next you keep threatening ……

          • INDIGENOUS

            ya that’s why Vietnam is the country YOU LOST TO! now shut the fuck uP!

        • Behind_You1
    • I’m all for forming an alliance with Germany and the U.K. and granting all their native citizens dual U.S. citizenship. Either that, or America turns into Somalia …

  • Linda Martín Alcoff, P.in. H.ea.D.

    Race hustler, most vile

  • Fatima

    THis article is hokum, hispanics are 8% of the electorate, winning them in a landslide is mostly meaningless, white voters and conservatives stayed home, they are 70% of the electorate. Romney wasn’t conservative and the base basically said, he is obama lite, why vote. All the hyperbole about demographics is mostly liberals trying to push a false meme, it happens every time the Repubs lose, then when they kick the crap out of the liberals, crickets, anyone remember the shellacking the dems took in 2010?

    • Lets not forget that having a Spanish surname is not a matter of “race” as Cameron Diaz demonstrates quite well. The left LOVES to pretend that anyone whose last name can be traced to the Iberian peninsula is a “minority” and should therefore feel oppressed and embrace Marxism. Just another crock of their same old shit.

      Wasn’t that long ago that the Irish (most of my ancestors) were the new kids on the block here in America and were treated as such. The cold shoulder they received didn’t last, and it won’t last for Americans of Latin descent either, especially given how much intermarriage there is between Latinos and the rest of us.

      I’m just old enough to remember Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez as married couple on re-runs of I Love Lucy. I don’t remember this being strange or controversial, or Desi being seen as racially different from Lucy, just culturally so. When I was a wee lad Latinos were kind of like Italians, a little different from the pasty faced people of northern European extraction, but not in any way that mattered, and certainly not in any way that was bad. They were certainly not looked upon as the “other,” at least not where I’m from.

      Somewhere along that line that changed, and I think the left working to cast them as a “minority” has a lot to do with it.

      • richard40

        It was the leftists, working with leftist hispanic activists, that made hispanics into an unassimilated other, with 2 policies they passed:
        1. Bilingual education, which purposely kept their children from learning English, and assimilating into our culture, like the Italians, Poles, Russians, and all the other non-english speaking, non WASP european immigrants did.
        2. Affirmative action, and race conscious grievence education, which both gave them special unearned priviledges, and a sense of grievence against the man. This seperates them from other americans, in the same way that similar programs seperate black americans.
        Leftists dont want Americans, they want hyphenated americans, nursing constant grievances, and expecting unearned priviledge, in exchange for reliably voting dem. The tragedy is these groups have not yet realized that these leftist policies are keeping them down, rather than helping them.

        • CalNative77

          Bullseye, you write with more clarity and economy than the 6-figure mafia that infests the cable news. It remains to be seen if the left can continue to extort enough wealth from the productive sector to sustain this.

        • INDIGENOUS

          you white illegals are NOT AMERICANS SO SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO EUROPE!

          • Gina R

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          • Bill-D

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          • gunner48

            Hey chief ! Why don’t you chill……Before you pop a blood vessel. Tell it to the editor. Or better yet the bums you chose to represent you in Washington. Your not that indigenous you came down during the ice age across the Bering straights .Explorers like the rest of us……Only Asians….

          • INDIGENOUS

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      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        They will never “assimilate”. Mestizos are too genetically different from Europeans. They also have a 10 point IQ difference. So a half-Mexican child will have an IQ 5 points lower than their White parent.

        Once the welfare state collapses they will be chased back to whatever smelly piss-hole they crawled out of.

        • WHERE DO YOU GET THIS SHIT??????

          • CalNative77

            It is a sad fact that any number of current data sets support this, for instance the STAR test data from California (the state has a Latino majority right now in the under-21 age bracket) or the NAEP national data. The horror of it all is that this cultural lobotomy is actually the product of the left-wing policies. Before the 1965 Immigration law threw the doors wide open, the Mexican population in California had remarkably solid social statistics and once corrected for language acquisition were essentially at the norms for school achievement. It’s all been destroyed now.

            The big shot libs have convinced themselves they can run this country like a people farm with huge numbers of uneducated peasants, black and latino, because they can get unlimited brain power from the masses of Asia. And it fits perfectly into their political line “we need more immigration”. But it’s going to be Third World Hell for anybody living outside the rich enclaves populated by the Googlers and others like them.

          • Well said, Jake – but they are not a racist bunch, don’t forget……..OMG

          • Hsialin

            Stating facts is racist? wow you are a braindead lib.

          • TRUTH

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          • Gina R

            So, it’s a racist thing, right? You simply hate the color of the skin, right? How about me- I am 75% Native, but look Irish. So? You want me gone just because my skin is white? Idiot.

          • TRUTH

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        • INDIGENOUS

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          • Gina R


          • INDIGENOUS

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          • gunner48

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          • INDIGENOUS

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          • Fedupinflorida

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          • INDIGENOUS

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          • Bill-D

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          • INDIGENOUS

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    • Joey

      If we were responsible for Obama getting another term and we didn’t show up to vote him out, we’re responsible for re-electing him, we let the country suffer and we should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves.

      • You are so right – you should be thoroughly and completely ashamed of yourself, but not for not voting for the Mittster……….


        you should be ashamed the day you came onto our soil now piss off!

        • gunner48

          TSK ! TSK ! TSK ! My arnt we bitter……

          • INDIGENOUS

            as in plural that’s a understatement just wait till the dollar gets scrapped and the country has a massive inflation then it will be killing season.your own race will probably kill you first when martial law takes place though. after all your race are crooks like their forefathers.

        • Behind_You1

          U mad, bro?


        not at all because republicans would have been worse face it you white turds are never going to ever win a election ever again! democrats will always be voted. so save yourselves the time and take a hike before the tornados come headed your way

    • solerso

      a large block of white voters voted for Obama..Curiously, a fact both you and the “professor’ choose to ignore. hmmmmmm

    • Bill-D

      I agree. Romney is Mormon. They are bat s hi t crazy with what they believe. I would not vote for someone who believes “the cat with the hat and a rock”.

  • teapartydoc

    If you are in state government, the greatest service you can do for your country is starve the universities of money.

    • xuinkrbin

      No, the antidote to undesirable speech is more speech. Plus, sometimes, a Person’s mission in Life is to be an example of what not to do.

  • M_Becker

    So, we have an over-the-top, totally insane “professor” who blathers what is simply unbelievable crap and grad student in “journalism” reports it with no comment and no research as to the probability of her conclusions being true or total crap.

    On just a single point – people are buying firearms in record numbers – her meme is simply stupid. First, people legally purchase firearms for defense. Second, every police department in every major metro area is essentially a paramilitary unit. Civilians – at least the scary white ones who generally have lives and jobs – don’t have time or location to actually train. Third, the segment of the civilian population that has training – veterans – are more than smart enough to understand that taking on the highly trained and very well armed paramilitary police with a random bunch of untrained, out-of-shape people who have a random assortment of weapons is simply an act of “suicide by cop”.

    Where do these people come from and how do we get them to go back?

    • Sebastian Messiah

      These people come from failed states with inferior cultures populated by inferior populations who can’t even maintain an advanced society without leeching off and eating out of the substance of White European civilization.

      Get them to go back will require judicious applications of force. Whether it is done under the fig-leaf of color of law (like for instance, completely cutting the welfare spigot for non-whites and taxing all non-white income at double rates) or sheer brutality, Golden Dawn style.

      Simply put, you have to change the environment you live in so it is very hostile against non-whites. Then you will see them leave in droves. It is simple, it is carrot-and-stick.

      • WELL SAID!


        ya and who stole from who turkey! I believe nothing was yours to begin with so TAKE A HIKE! YOU PEOPLE WOULD HAVE DIED IN FAMINE HADNT YOU STOLEN FROM US AND ASIA.

        • Gina R

          Asia? (smh) As far as Mexico goes- they lost the war between us. We were IN Mexico city and would have won, but we didn’t want the country, lol. In the treaty of Guadalupe, we paid a lot of cash for that land, accepted any Mexicans who wished to stay, wiped their debts and more. You want the land back? Buy it like we did. Education is a wonderful thing. 😀

          • INDIGENOUS

            how can you pay when you fuckers had jack and shit im sure the cave didn’t have a international bank now .

        • Gina R

          (Or do ‘your people’ have a tendency to sell things to people and steal them back?)

          • INDIGENOUS

            how about you white people breaking treaties now shut up and get your white hypocritical dirty asses out of MY LAND!you FuckeN GimP!

    • Gonk

      Yeah, like the random bunch of untrained, out-of shape people that took on the highly trained, well armed British Empire back in 1776.

      • M_Becker

        If you’re dumb enough to believe that, make sure and include me on your life insurance policy.

        • Gonk

          I’m clearly smarter than you are. Prove I’m not.

          • M_Becker

            Zip up your pants punk and make sure to wipe off mommy’s laptop before you give it back to her.

          • Gonk

            You win. I’m no match for a rapier-like wit like you.

          • XCSX

            Dazzling display of sarc. I doubt if there will be a retort 2 thus.

          • Gina R

            Actually, Gonk did pretty well, I thought. Made M Becker spout nonsense and got a laugh out of it. Too easy. Couldn’t prove Gonk wasn’t smarter, so he called names. I say Gonk won, lol.

  • Sarzan

    Good lord, no race war is going to happen unless we have more racially charged politics from the left pitting people against eachother. Get out of your 50’s mindset and come into the next century.

  • Easy target hunting for the Professor of what again you say – Race-baiting and Victimology? Funny she doesn’t mention the racial tension between Hispanics and Blacks and the violence and inner-city self-segregation. Instead she trots out the tired old white devil trash-talk and makes wild-eyed insinuations of the coming race wars. Time to find a new dead horse to beat on Doc.

    • gunner48

      Amen Michael Worked NY Correction for 16 yrs. Only people Black and Hispanics hated more than whites . Was each other. People like indigenous are the ones that kill each other. Saw the same thing on the streets of Brooklyn NY. Never saw gangs of Blacks or Hispanics running through the Italian neighborhoods I grew up it. Or when I lived in Boston Mass. Going through South Boston (A strictly Irish Neighborhood even today) Raising hell. And targeting the white race. They stayed in their own neighborhood and KILLED each other….

  • robbins_mitchell

    That bitch is creaming her panties hoping for just such a race war

    • Sebastian Messiah

      Funny. I know of many, many whites who have hard-ons of their own for race war too.

      I guess someone better tell this “philosopher” that you should be very careful what you wish for…you just might get it.


        you white? you will be dead if that ever occurred remember how many non whites are on the globe idiot!2 thirds and you are done!

        • Fedupinflorida

          True, but YT has the tanks, airplanes,submarines, navy destroyers and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons….don’t get downrange of the mustard gas amigo…

          • INDIGENOUS

            hey stupid I guess you haven’t a clue on which countries have the nukes and are not signed on nuclear proliferation treaty maybe you should findout before you prematurely run that septic shit smelling mouth of yours you dirty gingivitis abnormal alien get your white wanking ass out of here!

  • JMJr

    She is college instructor? Goodness gracious, no wisdom needed.

  • David Govett

    I personally wish to thank the hapless man—evidently a Mr. Alcoff—who married this piece of work and saved every other man from her presence.

  • ChipsterNGA

    Blacks do not like hispanics. Hispanics have a work ethic. Blacks? You decide.

    • grumpyank

      Actually, there a lots of blacks who work very hard.

      • DaRueStir

        At robbing people who are at work!

        • Done

          Poor you. 🙁

        • INDIGENOUS

          haa you are one to talk hypocrite and what did Europeans rob from everyone of color across 90% of the globe? im sure your cave didn’t have raw materials and natural resources.

  • This woman calls herself a philosopher?

    I’ve heard more reasonable things from homeless crack addicts in Times Square.

    • DaRueStir

      You are so right Lee, a crack addict mumbling incoherently to imaginary people has a
      better grasp on reality than this liberal digbat!

  • Another example of someone educated way past her level of intelligence.

  • Foolish talk’ If Latinos think the Black quota-hustlers are going to share the boodle with them, they’ve got another think coming. This reckoning is already being discussed in black intellectual circles. When it comes to getting racial references, the Blacks consider themselves sui generis.

    • xuinkrbin

      “This reckoning is already being discussed in black intellectual circles.” — Source?

    • Birger_Skruddusvingen

      “This reckoning is already being discussed in black intellectual circles.”

      Does any such circles actually exist? “black intellectual” sounds like an oxymoron to me.

      • Done

        Get out more, hun. Really. You have no idea…


      I would shut up if I was you illegal European!!!!!!!!!!!! the people they will go after is YOU white illegal dirty diseased parasitical leeches!

  • Well-known philosopher? LMAO

  • To some degree, it’s true that whites have lost power, but it’s also true that married people have lost power to singles, makers have lost power to takers, those who want the whole nation to succeed have lost power to special interest groups, and thinking people have lost power to a boneheaded media culture where elections are about pointless and insulting memes rather than issues and solutions. I take comfort in the fact that the nation will probably crash and burn as a result of such shifts, and then we’ll have to hit the restart button. But to be sure, no one needs to start a revolt to bring down leftist statism driven by racialist consciousness–it brings down itself.


      what reset button ? once your lights are out theres no coming back! good luck fighting 2 thirds of the world of non whites you will DiE! serves you right for stealing resources, raping, and massacreing innocent indigenous people . im sure every non-white wants you white devils dead!NO MORE DRAMA AND LIES!GET OFF OUR SOIL ILLEGAL EUROPEANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alarms & Discursions

        lol, good parody

        • INDIGENOUS

          ya we will see who laughs last when your own illegal white race turns on YOU kicks your door down and disarms you and loots your house during martial law when the dollar and economy collapses white TURD!

      • Gina R

        I am a white-looking native. What are you- Mexican? Something else? If Mexican, you’re probably mostly of Spanish ancestry. I know I’m not going anywhere, no matter what color skin I was born with. Hoka Hey!

        • INDIGENOUS

          IM INDIAN and no I aint Spanish stupid fuck!you are a honky pretending to be native I can bet

        • INDIGENOUS

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      • gunner48

        you definitely have a problem. You should use that passion and do something useful with it besides try to race bait…..Rev Al and Jesse are doing fine by themselves. And after the 1/3 Whites are gone from civilization are gone. WHO THE F*** are you going to blame your bull shiet on?????? You will only turn on each other. The only soil you have in this country that’s guaranteed is the 6ft plot your put into . Ciao !

        • INDIGENOUS

          yes duh you finally figured it out ya the problem is YOU!

          • gunner48

            It may be a** hole but you cant fix it…..you got the easy part done you talked about it…..Bring it….

          • TRUTH

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        • TRUTH

          you are the problem idiot white turd! why didn’t your race do something positive instead of spread bs and lies besides false patriotism on lands which aint yours!

      • Rex

        You freeloader get out of here.

        • Carcajou

          DThe Europeans are the free loading illegal ALIENS the Natives taught them how to survive here and the Africans did everything for their lazy killing stealing asses for 400 years for free that’s sorry as a human can be and any where you have to show a flag or post one only means your are a Alien to that land or region! That’s why they stuck flags on the moon because they were Aliens to the place they explored dummy European,s stole all their knowledge and science, medicine, math, and so on from indegious people wheather they were African or Native to the Americas!! Or any other region outside of Europe!!! So sad a human species I’m proud don’t have that dumb, killing, stealing DNA in me! Europeans are the lowest cut throat people on the planet they also destroy the ecosystem everywhere they go they ate true parasites in every way of the word they truly live off the expense of their host!!!!

        • INDIGENOUS

          look at your skin you are the freeloader learn some history and get educated PUKE! whites don’t belong here! GET OUT!

        • INDIGENOUS

          look at your own fn race asswipe sitting on a rocking chair while creating a illegal constitution while blacks built the infrastructure and Chinese built the railroads I know all about you white peanut turds

      • Carcajou

        Hey Native i like you I’m Africa American and Native American Nat Turner mix with sitting Bull!

        • INDIGENOUS

          blacks are good people I respect you just not white illegals who come to OUR land!

      • Gayboi

        People like you will be lined up and shot. Get over yourself. When the country collapses no one will be able to stop millions of white gun owners from rounding up and shooting everyone who even looks Latino! People like me because I’m Gay will be lined up and shot too. But if you think Latinos would win a race war with white people you are delusional! White people still outnumber you! If the country collapses you will be fighting against a pissed off race that blame you Latinos for collapsing our country! We pissed off white people, the race that you and other races call “the masters of genocide”!! And you racist dumbfuck Latinos would pick a race war with us?!? Not very bright! You’ll be lucky if you don’t all get rounded up and gassed and burned in an oven!! Latino fucktards!

    • TRUTH

      there is no restart you will be dead !non whites have a greater chance of survival considering 2 thirds of the worlds population are non whites.get ready to make your own bed because you will lie in it when everyone else realize the day your white illegal race finally dies!

  • If the premise of her argument is correct or factual, it is not only Latinos who deserve to have a racial group for as she indicates Anglo-Saxons will be more than deserving of the same recognition due to smaller demographics.
    Therefore as a white male, who has a white wife who gets a preference over me in government hiring at this time, I would love to get a racial-gender preference in my lifetime!
    These types of articles really make me wonder how much more can be taken from the remaining few, e.g., the males, the Anglo’s, the taxpayers, etc., before there is nothing left to tax or redistribute. Someday our president will not have the luxury of directing the Federal Reserve Chairman to produce 1% of the current money supply every month to replace the already wasted QE1, QE2, QE3s – we will need a new currency before long – Ask the EU-ropians about the EUro.

    • “A government strong enough to give you everything you need, is strong enough to take everything you have…”
      That’s the direction our nation is heading…

      • grumpyank

        Such a government has to take from somebody in order to give to others.


        NOT YOUR NATION TO BEGIN WITH!europe aint anywhere near here!

  • Ronin

    It’s more likely that the Blacks and “Latinos” will go for each others throats, since Latinos are overtaking them and taking their jerbs.

  • grumpyank

    People of European descent, i.e. whites, get blamed for everything in this society. There is no race war against Latinos, nor is there likely to be. Just another left-wing professor spouting propaganda.


      because you stupid ignorant fucks are the most xenophobic bigots who oppressed and still disrespect every race of color and think you run shit around here. your self entitlement and cultural misappropriation will get you killed dummy!

  • grumpyank

    And my house may get hit by a meteorite.

    It’s not clear that spending years pursuing a doctorate elevates a person’s capacity for critical thinking.

    • rightactions

      Lots of houses get hit by meteorites.
      See what I did there? Hint: “Lots of” is not a number.

  • I’d like there to be a war with left wingers, the fact that there’d be a racial component is purely coincidence.


      if that was to occur then whites would be genocided before their extinction…everyones got firearms and homemade explosives, this aint going to be picture perfect day for any of you illegal white scum.

  • Time to shut down some colleges and universities on charges of fraud and false advertising. They claim that they exist to teach knowledge to their students — instead they are dens of anti-American fantasy propaganda.

    • Sebastian Messiah

      That will never happen. These cultural marxist professors are fully in line with the Lords and Masters that own your country and that have set up a system to ensure nothing really changes and society progresses inexorably towards their future vision of technocratic feudalism under their elite.

      Shooting these professors with scoped hunting rifles will get a much better message across than the usual mumbo-jumbo rigged game of democratic politics.

      • Hsialin

        cultural marxist professors …….just call them communist, thats what they call themselves in class.

  • RD457FF22H

    Anglo-Saxon domination has been waning for a long time, but if you’re talking about white in general I would note that Mexico, which has a much larger “latino” population than the US ever will, is run by white europeans too.

    • Sebastian Messiah

      You seem to be confused about terms. “Latino” means a white person of Iberian or Italian extraction. Someone like me in fact. (i.e. Latins, the ethnic Europeans who speak languages directly derived from Roman Latin). The brown hordes that are invading your nation from Mexico are not Latinos, and they will never be. They are Chicanos, Indian half-breeds.

      So Mexico is ruled by a Latin minority (whites) who lord over a mass of Chicanos (browns).

      • Smoking Pirahna

        I hate to get into the semantics of terms that describe artificial divisions of the human race (all you need to do is look into the definitions of the terms to see how artificial they are). But “The U.S. Government has defined Hispanic or Latino persons as being “persons who trace their origin [to] . . . Central and South America, and other Spanish cultures” (wikipedia). I really doubt that if that crazy philosopher were referring to “whites” that she’d be pitting them against “whites.” But your alternate definition does do a good job of pointing out just exactly why she is full of crap.

      • CalNative77

        I believe the proper term for the Mexican Spanish-blood elite is “Castilian” their tag being the obsession with stringing all the names together to prove they go all the way back to Spain. (Ironically the richest man in the world is Carlos Slim, a Lebanese-Mexican whose father immigrated and married into the upper class, he controls the Mexican phone company).
        Of course their elite only stays on top by shipping their troubles to Uncle Sucker.

  • Smoking Pirahna

    As a resident of New Mexico, I have been the victim of more discrimination toward whites than any Latino will care to admit is possible. Race war? It’s people like this that drive the disconnect between members of the HUMAN race by segregating themselves using these types of tactics, solely for the purpose of attaining preferential treatment under the law. Modern discrimination is no longer about any actual belief that one race is better than another, but rather about the ability to gain through it’s application. And it’s an embarrassment to cases of legitimate discrimination. I’m tired of hearing people whine and complain about how they should be receiving freebies for their appearance and racial background. What culture throughout time has not enslaved and demeaned one race or another, including people who happen to be of a lighter complexion (which, if you’ll excuse me, includes an incredible diverse group of heritages)? Get real.


      all those heritage white man has exploited and fd around with so you get what you deserve and you aint seen nothing yet!nobody invited you illegal Europeans on ‘OUR’ land so get lost!and shut the hell uP I cant stand you pigfaced diseased devils!GET OFF MY LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gina R

        MY Land. Mine. I am both Rappahannock and Sioux, as well as Irish. MY Land. I don’t have such hatred for colors as you do. You are an unmitigated fool. I LOOK white… I will not budge. This is MY home. Now what?

        • INDIGENOUS

          you are half breed stinky melanin deficient zebra now get your half breed lost identity ass out of here.before someone cuts you in half and throws the other half out into the pacific ocean. IM FULL INDIAN SO GET OUT!

          • Bill-D

            @indigenous, so you are an indian! Had a little too much of the fire water have we? You sound like some sad “piss drunk”. You are a loser and a tool.

      • gunner48

        F*** Off !!!!!!

        • INDIGENOUS

          fuck on bitch you get better results if anyone knows that your tinker bell white race flaunts it and airs its dirty laundry. RussiA sure as shit doesn’t like it so go back to Germany flake! you white gutter rats are going to be the end of America .

      • smokingpirahna

        Who’s racist now? Careful, your true colors are showing.

        • INDIGENOUS

          good for me if I am as long as you get the fucken message I made myself clear and by the way the social construct was invented by your race im not in power of my own country so its hard to state an oppressed is racist. racism,classism,colonialism,fascism,imperialism,jim crows law apartheid was all created by WHITES YOU STUPID DOUCHE BAG

          • smokingpirahna

            My race? How is it that you think the color of my skin has anything to do with my race?

            First off – you are such a loose-mouthed angry looser that I was pretty sure from the start that you were just a troll. What imbecile would let themselves be more consumed by this brand of sins-of-the-father-based hatred than by anything else that ever happened to them personally, right?

            Secondly, do you actually read anything besides articles that foment your deep-seated, biased hatred? Because if you did you would know that the HUMAN race (light, medium, and darker skinned alike) is renowned for treating its participating members (light, medium, and darker skinner alike) like absolute crap. By the way, the African people sold their own people as slaves. Both actions are unforgivable….

            …Lastly, but you are forgetting who it is that is unforgivable. It’s not me…I was born – that’s all I did. I embraced diversity, scorned xenophobia, and explored other cultures besides my own. I’m not in power of this country any more than you are.

            Your hatred is misdirected, but I don’t find it offensive, I just feel sorry for you. Why? Because you live in the exact same space in your heart that created the type of inhuman treatment that you loathe. You engender what you hate and you have probably treated many other people in the exact same way that you despise for no other reason than the color of their skin. YOU are unforgivable. Because of people like you, we will never progress out of xenophobia and conceptions of racial superiority. All because you want revenge against people who are long dead and buried. Selfish, isn’t it?

            By the way, I am part Cherokee, but it doesn’t really matter. I don’t condone what was done to the Native Americans, and that is exactly why I don’t condone gauging a person’s worth by the color of their skin or by their ancestral background. If you really cared, you wouldn’t participate in it.

            ~ From one human being to another.

  • Gunnerdad

    Well since you fly the Mexican Flag I guess you are saying we whites are going to start a war with Mexico. Dibs on Cabo. Also intellegent “Latino’s” might want to notice that unemployment amounst that demographic is “28%” with Obama. What was it for eight years with Bush, oh Mr. Smartyracebaiter. Latinos, like Blacks have forgotten that “every” bit of equal rights legislation came from the Republicans and was “FOUGHT” by the Democrates. History clearly shows that. Going clear back in the 1800s. Socialists always disarm their victims with mis-information and Luke is a clear example of that. School of Journalism….ha…ha….ha.


      unemployment is due to republican middle class interfering which the health care shut down is a fine example.

  • papertiger0

    “No other group can realistically pose a threat of ballooning numbers like we can,” Alcoff said. “It’s not like the Jews in Germany, where they were like 3 percent of the population and there was no real economic threat.”

    Like we can? Like we can? Bitch must have an army in her pocket. Mistakes herself for a Santa Ana.

    Last I checked most Mexicans jumping the border to “balloon the numbers” are welfare cases. The only number they are ballooning is the national debt with their constant entitlement suck. The same entitlement suck that is dragging the nation over the financial cliff, which some of those “latino” supported Democrat congressmen are urging the country to go ahead and jump over.

    One of the first things that will disappear after the country goes over the cliff is entitlement sucking. One of the second things will be cultural studies professorships at government funded universities. Which makes Alcoff a moron from every which direction.

    • Sebastian Messiah

      And when Black-Run America is no longer strong enough to flex their muscles in the defense of its precious people of color, Whites will be free to engage in direct practical politics and make very, very strong arguments to persuade these invaders to retreat back south of the border.

      It would be hilarious to see how Mexico would deal with the influx of millions upon millions its own poorly educated and parasitical sons back home. The whole country would probably collapse quite soon.


        you only wish you colonial illegal trash now shut up and leave we will put that theory of yours to test and I KNOW your people are finished.every race gets along allot better than they all do with you white illegal trash!thats a FACT!


      you have no right to talk about universities as whiteman was NOT the first to create universities so shut up! I believe india was the first university in the whole world named Takshashila university located northwest region of india.oh and they don’t like you white trash either!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • It’s rhetoric like this and other Leftists whole “end of men”, “old white men” angry emotional menstruations that are going to write the White Supremacists recruiting ads for them, which is sad. Way to go Lefties!

  • RobL_v2

    News flash Prof – La Raza et.el. has declared war on America long ago, its called the reconquista. But just by me stating this makes me a racist wagon war and gives permission to silence me thus allowing those truly attacking us to get away with it.

    Thanks professor for your part in taking away the America I love.

    • Sebastian Messiah

      If someone calls you a RAYCISS’ for telling the truth Rob, just hit them back with:

      “In you mind you may think of me as racist, but you are only saying that because I am White.”

      “Anti-racist is just a code word for Anti-White”

      “You pretend to be an anti-racist, what you really are is Anti-White. You pretend to stand against racism, what you really are against is White people, and for no other reason that they happen to be White.”


      you are racist as whites invented racism,capitalism,classism,colonialism,imperialism,sexism,fascism. theres your education for the day now shut up pack your bags and fly united airlines out of OUR TERRITORY FOR GOOD!

  • Jim

    Who gave this idiot tenure? Has she never been to Texas, where Whites and Latinos have lived as neighbors for eons? Where one keeps firearms out of fear of the govt. than his Latino friend next door?

  • So typical for a college professor to be part of the problem not the solution. It is clear there are way too many colleges if they are forced to hire people like this to teach kids dribble like this. Besides the fact that this country was built in large part by white people. And why do spanish speaking people flock to this country if white people did such a bad job getting this up and running. If the spanish speaking countries are so great why then do they not live there? No it is clear this professor is just another person who couldnt actually do so he teaches. SO sad for anyone who has to pay a school to listen to him.

    • Robert Jones

      They are lazy.. And too stupid to figure it out for themselves.. So they cheat.. They hop the border and collect on all we’ve built. Why? Because it’s easier than getting out and working for it on your own.
      It’s the exact same thing when people blame whitey for their circumstances, rather than taking responsibility for themselves. Accountability and Integrity. Two of the most used words in the Marine Corps.. But by God, the two words have taught me more than pretty much anything else combined.


      this country was built by blacks building the infrastructure and Asians building the railroad dummy! only thing whites created was a illegal constitution to favour themselves on ‘OUR’ SOIL!

      • Fedupinflorida

        Gee what about the interstate highway system, skyscrapers, cars, indoor plumbing, the electrical grid and hydroelectric facilities like the hoover dam….most of the stuff that exists today was all built post 1865(after slavery)….

        • INDIGENOUS

          what about the natural resources and raw materials ,I believe they all belonged to people of color and not your white stinky hairy white monkey cave ass.we don’t care for all that junk as it is only polluting the air with carbon emissions from cars. all you whites have done was ruin the eco system and spill oil killing marine life and chop trees which produce oxygen and extinct animals which have no place to call their home anymore because of your ignorance.QUIT FRACKING OUR SOIL!!

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  • “a well-known philosopher from the City University of New York” — That’s some high standards you have there, CUNY. University of Phoenix points and laughs at you.

  • rls976

    I would like to know just how it benefits rank-and-file Americans to have hispanics here. Their group median IQ is 13 points lower than that of white America; their illegitimacy rates are more than twice as high; their welfare dependency is astronomically higher; their criminality is far higher. What does it benefit us to have them here? I know it benefits them to come, but our government is supposed to act in our best interests – not in the interests of foreigners. Get this lower and alien race out of our country. They have their own countries, to our south, and that is where they belong.

  • JTwig

    As if whites are sub-human monsters and will unthinkingly seek to eradicate minorities because our “global domination” as a demographic is threatened. Because everyone learns in college that whites are all greed, caring only for their personal power, and are responsible for all the evil the world has ever known.

    • Sebastian Messiah

      Yup, it is all just more Anti-White bullshit from your friendly local cultural-marxist lefties.

      They say that they are anti-racist, what they really are is Anti-White.

      Anti-racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

      Diversity and Multiculturalism are just code words for White Genocide.


        the truth is not anti white idiot. nobody to blame but yourself! we like Russia we DONT LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!


      that’s exactly what it is! and what you devils have done.


      you aren’t even that you genetic white rejects are aliens.you blister in the sun and get diseases etc

  • These Liberals are hoping for a race war. They have alienated White Men and hope to exterminate them off the face of the earth. In a Democracy numbers win. In war it takes a little more than numbers and White boys have been outnumbered since time began.

    Think about it. Think carefully before you push things to that level.


      whites love to cultivate their own ignorance ,these are the low level mentalities which push non whites into harming them.

  • If the Republicans had fielded Ron Paul, the election could have been a completely different story. Latinos, like everyone else who comes here, desire freedom, and neither Obama nor Romney offered it. Remember, with a 60% voter turnout, None of the Above won by a 40% plurality. Obama was a distant second.

    • AmosJones

      Yeah. Dr. Demento would have got 20% 0f the vote and the Democrats 80% of Congress!

    • Robert Jones

      John… Please don’t post statistics… The first election was bought, while the 2nd was completely stolen. No ID’s at the polls remember? How can you cite percentages and statistics when no one was accounted for?
      You can’t lead without accountability.. And you certainly can’t make decisions without using integrity!

  • jdvier

    As for gun purchases it is for defending our families and our country. What a moron.


      not your country idiot get out of ‘OUR’ COUNTRY!

  • It’s funny how leftist pseudo-academia only recognizes racism as perpetrated by whites. Yet it is they who constantly harp on the differences between races, and develop the divisive nomenclature to keep everyone polarized.

    • Robert Jones

      It’s not funny at all… It makes me mad as hell. There is not one damn thing that is funny about anything happening in this country! This administration and leadership from Cali to Maine, Hawaii to Florida, is so asz backwards, understanding the concepts and traditions on which this country was founded, is not even possible.
      I don’t even much recognize my own country anymore.


        yes there is! we will get your unwanted white European immigrant *** off OUR LAND!you don’t belong here!lying about other nations history we all catching on now.

  • ProudlyUnaffiliated

    I am buying guns in order to defend myself against stupidity like this “professor” puts out. Sheesh, what a moron!

  • jaquebauer


  • This year 44% vs. 36% four years ago. Hmmm…that 8% difference could really push those angry ol’ white folks over the edge.


    • Robert Jones

      You think it’s funny that a bunch of criminals have stampeded across the border, yet pay not one damn cent towards the system, yet they use it’s services day in and day out?
      We’ll see if you’re still laughing when the rounds are flying down range, after the government refuses to protect U.S. citizens and totally stomp all over the Constitution twenty times as much as they are now…


        sounds like anglos and European white race to me. you people stole from asia ,Africa,middle east and north America south America and oceana pacific. any idiot knows that!


        seriously and what in the fuck are you????? a saint? HAHAHAAAAAA!!! your picture looks funny where do you busboy at? ivar fish n chips? or c-lovers?

  • And we wonder why whites buy more guns……Read this Crap and you can figure it out. Just another reason for some politiion to piss on the second amendment that he is protecting Minorities, and hispanics in his districts. From those crazy “White People”
    ….Gimme a break !


      because whites are cowards and need guns to compensate for what they don’t have below the beltline and that’s balls!

      • gunner48

        Ive never had any complaints. In the Islands, In Mexico, or in the US 6 yrs in California…..You people are the ones killing each other. Whites just have to wait. Heart, or Balls it is something your born with I am still here. Adios Amigo…..

        • INDIGENOUS

          ya okkk whatever you conceited cum stain you aint all that and you trying to get with Chinese women is a fail considering you aint making your white women jealous at all.

      • gunner48

        Never had any complaints below the border, south America, or in the islands. Balls are something that is part of my culture. Not something that is dictated by my skin color. And you keep up that persecuted attitude you will find this to be true…..You people are the ones whacking each other. The rest off us just have to wait and clean up the mess. Better than Birth control.

        • INDIGENOUS

          testicles is something your inferiority complex disorder of a race lacks .you genetic reject. from what ive been hearing from blacks who date white women the white women tell them you crossdressing drag shemales have impotency. (erectile difficulties)that’s why your women love the black dick so well.even your race lacks monogamy and are the highest divorce rats of infidels which are alimony golddiggers out of all races handsdown on the planet.do you agree or disagree because if you disagree you are in total denial.

          • gunner48

            your mother doesn’t bitch…….You are the drips from a Arab gang bang…..Infidels you must be a sand N****er a muslim ……Don’t see a lot of White woman chasing you bitches down. In this country you muslims are a jail bird religion spawned in American Prisons…..Cowards that fight unarmed Christians, children, and woman….

  • Gonk

    HARDEE HAR HAR! ‘largely surrounded by countries made up of Latinos’ ? Somebody show this dullard a map.


      you need one more than anyone else as you showed up on OUR land! and you are not werlcome here!you also need a geographical lesson and map because the world is only 25% whites.


        welcome typo

  • Fear of a gun-grab by the communists now in power is a more likely motivation.

  • Jeff B

    There is no such thing as a “hate crime”. There is murder, assault, etc.,but it’s the act that should be illegal and prosecuted. The creation of protected classes is an excellent method to create division and factionalism. Through the efforts of “intellectuals” like this professor, we are on our way to becoming a latter day Yugoslavia.

  • Debra Ward

    This whole thing has nothing to do with the color of anyone’s skin. It is about how illegals are being allowed to take the jobs and not pay taxes. Collect welfare for their illegal humongous families that all legal races have to pay for, and destroying what once was an awesome country to be in. America is losing its rights, not the whites or legals of any race. “WE” as a whole… too many things have happened (whining and lawsuits) to take back the damage done, but we must change it so it works for everyone.


      yes it does as white European illegals came in colonys forcefully on ‘OUR’ land!now its time to get you out of here!

  • redc1c4

    this genius should come to LA, where black & mexican gangs ethnically cleanse various neighborhoods of each other.

  • Clarkewi

    One thing that never gets focused upon in this “Anglos-Saxon vs Latino” critique is religion. At its core, Mexico’s and Central America’s is a Catholic incursion into a Protestant America. At this point in time the two “philosophies” are irreconcilable. The situation is much the same as the Muslim incursion into Europe. In France, Britain etc you can see “illegal immigration”, higher birth rates exploited a communist fifth column of liberal “progressives” who protect their tresspass to “bring down capitalism”. They have created a monster. Like Muslims, Catholics TEND to be more violent, dogmatic, ignorant, poor and less educated. Anywhere Muslims and Catholics go, freedom and the standard of living decline. I would like to see more focus around this religious dimension to the problem as it is fundamental. It could also serve as a catalyst to unify blacks and whites who tend to be Protestant.


      you mean your freedoms go for what you done to others. blacks aint going to help you but we will help blacks and latinos.

  • jeanniemac

    Ms. Alcoff is already pushing Obama’s agenda of inciting class warfare. This is to give him an excuse to declare martial law and a permanent presidency.

  • wezel

    The bad thing is that she will get all she wants passed thru congress. And not only are whites being out numbered but we are being made illegal as well… As of right now it is perfectly lawful for blacks to beat and harrass whites and what this chic is trying to do is make it legal for Latinos to do it as well.. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!

  • wezel

    America is exactly like the Roman Empire and it is failing exactly like it as well. The Roman Empire’s Senetors couldnt agree on anything and Inferior races conqured Rome and the Empire collasped as well as civilization. TELL ME THIS ISN’T HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF WORD BY WORD..


      as long as you are on this planet your inferior white European illegal race will always lose. a 500 year ruling coming to an end is all you are worth as nobody of any race wants you around.nobody had guns back then now everyone has guns and your time is uP!

  • Nate Higgers

    If there ever is a race war for Whites to dominate, it will not be against Latinos. It will most certainly be against blacks. Latinos, for the most part, aren’t violent and can function in a civilized society. Blacks, however, still haven’t learned to act they are human beings despite being ruled by them and living amongst them for a few centuries.
    Whites are still in control, we always will be. It is not our numbers, but our intellect and natural power that keeps us on top. This will never change.


      shut up! latinos are not on your side and obamas second term is PROOF OF THAT. you people are done now leave quietly or the torture will be worse than the sins your people have committed.

  • Numbers aside (http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-05.pdf) it defies logic to me that people such as Linda Martin Alcoff seem to have some sort of cultural death wish — they almost seem to revel in this demographic shift. Such self-loathing creatures they are …

  • Getmeoutahere

    Planet of the apes

  • 3%

    More like the whites will be teaming up with the “white hispanics” against Africans


      more like the asians natives,blacks and latinos teaming up to wipe out the cancer in north America get it straight white coward you know you are going to die!you white pussys are scared and are very desperate.you fight us you wont win. even east Indians our family from india knows as the aboriginal dalits came from there as well, you white illegals are finished

      • Fedupinflorida

        Not scared at all….excited….who do you think has most of the guns and ammo here? Leroy? Pedro the illegal immigrant? hahahaha….didn’t you have enough fun playing cowboys and indians last time? Cowboys and negros will be pretty much the same thing

        • INDIGENOUS

          don’t bring a gun to a bomb fight bitcH! you people talking shit to east Indians . did you even know india has aboriginals! dumb fuck the adavasi and dalits are 2 out of 500 tribes why don’t you go to google and type india aboriginals pics and tell me what you get and india is a powerhouse they join russia and china you whites are fucked!

        • INDIGENOUS

          those other races you whits think are immigrants are more indigenous than you are. I will always allow latino and blacks here because they have respect and I respect them I DONT RESPECT YOU! I hope the latinos and blacks tell you to fuck off and say also that a native told the blacks and latinos to tell whites to f off out of here because that’s what us Indians want is for you to eat shit and die!

  • Gunrunner1

    Unbelievable! If there are guns being amassed for a race war, it would be against the blacks. BPP leaders saying “Kill White (Cracker babies)”. Or the knock out King game, or Polar Bear Hunting or the Attacks at the Wisconsin State fair or at the Ohio State fair or the Knoxville Horror or the mob attacks in Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle, Kansas City, or the “Flash Mob” attacks or the fall of Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago…well I do go on. Here is the words of the crime reporter at the Washington Post: ”

    Capehart quoted the report for 2010 directly:

    “Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims are most
    frequently Black (67.0%) or Hispanic (28.1%). White victims
    account for (3.2%) of all Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter
    victims while Asian /Pacific Islanders account for (1.8%) of all
    Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter victims. The
    race/ethnicity of known Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter
    suspects mirrors the victim population with Black (65.3%) and
    Hispanic (30.6%) suspects accounting for the majority of
    suspects. White suspects account for (1.8%) of all Murder and
    Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects while Asian/Pacific
    Islanders accounted for (2.4%) of the known Murder and
    Non-Negligent Manslaughter suspects.

    “The Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrest population is
    similarly distributed. Black arrestees (53.8%) and
    Hispanic arrestees (36.4%) account for the majority of Murder
    and Non-Negligent Manslaughter arrestees while White arrestees
    (7.1%) and Asian/Pacific Islander (2.2%) arrestees account for
    the remaining portions of the Murder and Non-Negligent
    Manslaughter arrest population.”[PDF]
    Seeing the news so starkly distressed Capehart. He writes:
    short, 95.1 percent of all murder victims and 95.9 percent of
    all shooting victims in New York City are black or Hispanic. And
    90.2 percent of those arrested for murder and 96.7 percent of
    those arrested for shooting someone are black and
    Hispanic. I don’t even know where to begin to describe the
    horror I still feel looking at those numbers. But the word
    ‘hunted’ comes to mind.”

    Whites are more concerned by the race that directly threatens their families, lives and livelyhood.

  • CalNative77

    “Won’t even go into it” speaks for itself. This one is a poster gal for strangling everything in higher ed outside the technical disciplines before they do any more damage than they already have.

    The biggest development in California as the number of Latinos has swelled has been explosive increases in Latino gangs. There has been a great deal of racial violence between them and blacks, whether they were in a gang or not. You can go look at streetgangs.com right now and read a discussion of one of these recent cases, that of Jamiel Shaw in LA. (the author tries to blame the victim).

    The “extremist groups” she cites are a product of the imaginations of leftist punks at the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose lead weasel Mark Potok once opined on CSpan that it was perfectly legitimate to completely exclude Latino gangs from the SPLC’s listing of extremist groups because they “weren’t political”.But if any white political operatives went anywhere near the kind of vicious race-baiting routinely engaged in by the various Latino operatives like La Raza, MECHA, and others, (all generously funded by the likes of the Ford foundation) they would go straight to the top of the list.

    People are arming themselves because they sense an impending collapse of the economy and basic law and order as a result. As a matter of fact depending on where you live these very legitimate fears are driven by criminality fostered by very high immigration, especially illegal. I’m in the same county in California where I went to high school in the 70s, there were no gangs, no police at the school sites, not even “continuation” school. Now were have to have 3 continuations and 2 of them are just to keep the primary Mexican gang factions apart from each other!

    You can visit sites like immigrationshumancost and alipac.us and see for yourself there is in effect a guerrilla war going on already. It’s just not on the news because it’s such a lop-sided affair.

  • Professor, you are a complete and unmitigated idiot. We ‘amass’ guns for ‘fear’ of an overreaching government. Stop trying to make it into a race war. The majority of INFORMED citizens (and illegals) know better.


      white Europeans are the ILLEGALS!

  • irome

    I like this site, because it lets me know the lie, that gives false security. White and black people dont like Latinos. they well kill you if gevin a chance. They the white and the Black well attempt a Genocide on latinos. Hitler the leaders of Liberia its their nature, Prepare for War my Brown Brother’


      no black and latino will kill white illegals!i don’t recollect blacks being enslaved by latinos but I do recollect whites enslaving blacks and oppressing discriminating and oppressing slandering blacks.TRUTH IS OUT FOOL!

      • Fedupinflorida

        Seriously? More black slaves were brought to south america than ever went to the US colonies or the independent USA….thats why there is still a huge black population all over south america…

        • INDIGENOUS

          blacks have been on earth since the beginning of time they are a ancient race and whites are a recent race. blacks were everywhere and Mexicans are ancient as well east Indians are ancient as Hinduism is older than Christianity Judaism and Islamic religion.

  • bobby_b

    If there were ever to be an actual “race war”, I have little doubt that Latinos and Whites will wind up on the same side.

    I know lots of Hispanic people who live or work in my area. The vast majority of them – in higher proportions than I see in most other cultural groups – are hard-working, proud, fair, and family-oriented. While making the self-financed sojourn from South to North can leave the family unit pretty well tapped out and in need of assistance, most all of them see such assistance as temporary, and they work hard to make it so.

    This is not a culture of entitlement or hostility. These are people who are naturally conservative-minded, and I can only hope that they can get past the very professional, very aggressive, very dishonest storyline spread by the Left.

  • SheikYerbouti

    Preposterous. This is only written by someone who needs attention. So far Latinos have been the biggest threat to Latinos in the US. The only reason the majority population in the US seems to be losing power is because they themselves are conflicted. If the white people in the US ever decided to mount a unified front politically, non-white politics would shrink to 1950s numbers. How wise is provoking them?

  • Houmid

    Linda Martín Alcoff, a well-known philosopher from the City University of New York, is a blithering idiot. Proof that the higher education system in the U.S. is totally broken. Gun buyers and owners don’t have any problems with legal immigrants. They do have a problem with a Executive branch of government that routinely ignores their Constitutional duties, and a Legislative branch that totally fails in their duty to check the crimes of the Executive.

  • this is a thinly veiled attempt to elicit racist remarks concerning blacks,..she wants white people to scream,….NO it’s blacks we fear,or are against,…what a load of crap,…all whites i know have no problems with latinos,…if the white race or the population in general is amassing arms and ammo against anyone it is against a government gone mad,…and even so it would be a reactive opposition and not a pro-active one,…people are scared of corrupt and oppressive government and economic collapse,….no caucasion i know of has any problem with latinos,….shame on you for even suggesting it,…perhaps it is an attempt by you to consolidate the latinos with the blacks and fight the whites?,….nice try,…latinos hate blacks more than whites do,….check out any prison population and you will know,…this is an ignorant and divisive post and the author is an imbecile.

    • Marisol

      I’m Latino and I’m cool with blacks. I think you’re making an attempt to band whites and latinos together against blacks. Just admit it, We ate the largest minority who are wiping the white race out. Dont be fooled by the latinos you deal with, it’s all a game and white people like you fall for it.

      • Fedupinflorida

        ….the hispanics here in florida hate los mayates big time….if you’re so cool with groids you should take a nice moonlight stroll down the nearest MLK boulevard….I’ll be impressed if you make it home without being raped or murdered….

      • Behind_You1

        We ate the largest minority
        Marisol, did you just admit to cannibalism?

    • indigenous

      yes you do!you devils have problems with every race which isn’t white.history proves it and so does the present .


        whites having anti illegal protests in’ OUR’ LAND!cant lie to anyone illegal European!!!!!!!!!!!!we will get rid of you for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • INDIGENOUS

          whites blaming latinos and your karma is going to catch up really quickly.

  • Sam Morrison

    Back in the 60’s I attended a New York College. Most of the girls were “Education” majors, many of whom were ultimate airheads. My buddy and I used to joke that they were going to be the ones teaching our kids. Unfortunately, we were right.

  • Franco

    This professor is a danger to America. “While the Associated Press reported last month that rising firearm sales resulted from a fear of increased gun laws, Alcoff said this is instead evidence of the Latino community being targeted.”
    We dont need guns to protect us from our brother and sister American Latinos, we need them to protect us from people like you.


      quit sucking **** as we all know you call latinos beaners etc . they aint dumb and this is their opportunity to get rid of you white scum who stole Mexicans land!

  • tim

    Mexican illegal aliens are not immigrants of any type, they foreign invaders and it’s Americans constitutional duty to repel them. Politicians and people like this professor who support this foreign invasion are traitors and should be prosecuted accordingly.


      Mexicans are INDIGENOUS STUPID TWIT!


      you whites stole Texas and Arizona from mexica so shut up! I know real true history of all the atrocities the white devil has done.

  • If I didn’t believe this woman was serious, this would be funny. Instead, I’m quite sickened.

  • I would like to say that I find it difficult to believe that self-proclaimed “pundits” such as Alcoff can exist in our higher ed system, but sadly, I can’t. Alcoff’s proclamations are meant to provoke, not to provide solutions. “Direct evidence” that Americans are buying guns because of a latino threat? WHAT evidence, other than a bogus and trumped-up statement by Alcoff. I suggest that dreamer Alcoff go somewhere else to stir up yet another racist hate-whitey pot. The one she now has is empty.

    Ms. Alcoff is merely another in an endless list of liberal college profs who can’t get a job in the private sector; instead, they are warmly welcomed by a community of pseudo-intellectuals who preach to their own sad taxpayer-supported choir.

  • LoStranger

    I wish my race (black) had enough sense to do what the Latinos are doing……sigh

    • Fedupinflorida

      You spooks really think you could take on YT and conquer the north american continent? hahahaha….you can barely graze each other with illegal handguns every weekend in your urban jungles….Y’all were threatening coast to coast riots after the zimmerman trial but you all chickened out big time….bok bok bok….black pansies….real life is nothing like django unchained


        wait till this country gets a full out invasion of china and Russia then they will get rid of you white garbage!because either way they are coming and America owes a debt to china that America will be unable to pay .Russia just might take Alaska back


      don’t worry black you will always be good in OUR hearts and latinos are good people too we should all stick together and let the whites kill themselves

      • paul Odene

        we all know your’re a negro….latinos hate negros. Google racism against blacks in Peru, Argentina and Mexico. In Cali you are getting booted. I speak Spanish and am white and also latino. I’m originally from medellin Colombia. If you are Native American….google IQ by race and blacks and native americans have the lowest IQs…..this explains your retarded comments. Also google countries by IQ. BESOS

  • akcoyote

    Heck, I’m arming myself against rioting liberals. I don’t give a hoot what color they are or where they come from.


      they are all welcome here except your type. people of color are all welcome here just not you and your cancerous reject race. everyone of color works hard and makes a honest living except white scourge. you people are scavengers on a non white planet fucken faggoT

  • lonestarlizard

    Oh come on. We all know that only whites can be racist. Blacks that scream “kill whitey” are just kidding. La Raza screacming “take back the Gadsden Purchase” and “take back California and Texas” are just kidding. They cannot possibly be racist, they are “people of color”.


      even if they do I support blacks as you honkys have done the same to every race so you really have no friends to support you!!!!!!!!!!!bottomline asshole!

  • interestedobserver2

    City University of New York? If this is the quality of the professors they hire at that institution, you’d probably get a better education at your local middle school. Frankly, this professor needs to be checked for mental stability. The good news is that since it’s NYC, she already can’t own a gun!

  • Joe

    More BS from another Communist trouble making professor. This is what they are teaching our kids….


      only bullshit is you! please enlighten me what was said that was bullshit? would you like to support some evidence to your claim?only bullshit is you white people

  • Hsialin

    All races hate whitey, and they wonder why we dont want them here.

  • ozarkat

    its talk like this that starts problems

  • L.L. Smith

    When the whites are a minority race will the politicians go for the “White” vote/

  • The “whites” amassing guns is for the haves and havenots. Make no mistake, I have work all my life to provide a lifestyle for my family. It AIN”T what some may call very much, but it’s mine. And be aware I’ll defend againest anyone who violates me or my family.

  • Adrian

    I write this immediately after seeing a Cesar Chavez face on Google: I have no issue with the color or even language of Hispanic / Latino people, but I do have an issue with the Catholic religion many of them believe in, and I was also verbally harassed by certain Salvadorans and Mexicans when younger. Without calling these people the s-word for Latino / Hispanic people, I would guess that most of them were Catholic papists, and therefore irrational idiots to begin with. Perhaps if non-violent employment and housing discrimination against Catholics were re-legalized, only the Protestant / Jewish / atheist Hispanics would remain in the United States. That would mean Catholics would return to Latin America or (ideally) Europe where they belong.

  • Whites are generally accepting of hispanic people. But blacks are still ostracized. I believe hispanics and whites will intermingle and “share the wealth” so to speak.

    That seems to be the case here in Texas. Intermingling between whites and hispanics and blacks remain on the outside looking in. We all know racism typically stems from the men of a particular group, and when it comes to hispanics white men have taken a liking to hispanic women. So I don’t expect any division among whites and hispanics, I suspect the opposite will occur. So I think what’ll happen is whites and hispanics will mingle together and hispanics will pick up on that anti-black attitude that whites have and it may result in blacks being discriminated against possibly harsher than they are today.

    Time will tell, but this seems to be the trend at the moment. Not sure about other parts of the country though.


      more white bullshit!



      you are the illegals stupid moron! get out of our land!go back to Europe!

  • pbr90

    The undercurrent of racial imperialism borne through religion, expressed through nationalism remains a predominance force of human society, and the best reason that separation of church and state rigidly enforced is essential for human harmony, and cooperation.

  • Rex

    Hey Linda Martin Alcoff if you’re still around your people that is the Ibero-Indians,not Latinos, because the Italians are the Latins, did not elect Obama. It was the 39-40% of the Whites who voted for Obama that made possible for this dictator to be elected. Those stupid Whites who are still in the NOW anti-American Democratic Party. You’re not going to take over America. We built it. Everything you see here was built by Whites: all the institutions,laws, and way of life. Your people, the fake Latins, only bring filth,ugliness and contempt for our great civilization. Get out of here.

  • Marie

    “an end to anglo-saxon domination over the united states”….thick as a brick Professor.
    Lets take a look :all media outlets are controlled by Jews (except the internet). All Western governments are controlled by Jews.All wars fought by the US government are for Israel. The American taxpayer finances the Jewish banking cartel the world over by paying interest to the Federal Reserve(a private institution controlled by the Jew)etcetera. Welcome to slavery new immigrant Latino fools. Fresh blood for the Vampire.

  • truth

    learn your history whites have no business in non white land and you are all illegal so get off my land! you parasites are all leeches who couldn’t fix your own economy as the euro debt crisis speaks volumes so does Americas debt of 17trillion dollars to china because of illegal racist republicans.

    • Fedupinflorida

      Nice chimpout asshole….if it hadn’t been for YT you wouldn’t have a computer to talk trash on….

  • truth

    whites are a sick cancerous race and should be eradicated off this earth you ever heard of the word HUMAN you know what HU means? it means color human means people of color something you lack now take your alien white pecherwood *** off our land!

  • truth


  • truth

    oh and by the way I aint black I am indigenous to this land and also will aid blacks and browns on my soil. the cards are stacked against you white illegals as east Indians Chinese Koreans blacks Mexicans mauris and aborigenese all want you off their land and will kill you so your deaths are a formality in this century.prepare to die as you are below birth replacement level and we might as well place the final nail in the coffin with your white ***!

    • Robert Jones

      Bring it on sch/t talker!


        everyone of color will you diseased illegal *****! everyone is so fucken sick of your white garbage lies and you lost your patriotism because everyone foundout it was all BULLSH**!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Jones

    Professor…Anglo-Saxons will not be the minority if Washington enforces federal laws and uses the U.S. Constitution. You do know, that the U.S. Constitution is still in existence? Marines aren’t that bright, but this Professor (and many others I have met) are phucking stupid!

  • Robert Jones

    Race war? Yeah right. The media prolongs the tumult throughout race relations from coast to coast… Liberals claim they are for Civil Rights! My azs! And they never switched places either!

    How could President Kennedy and Governor Wallace be in the same party, if the parties switched places? Democrats founded the KKK. But if the parties switched places, how could Kennedy and Wallace both be in the same party at the same time?
    The two of them were both democrats during the school integration confrontation in 1963!
    You can take your philosophy, Professor, and shove it up your azs! Derbyshire has been speaking of race wars for almost a decade now! Still…no race war.
    What we will see, if Washington doesn’t get their heads out their rear-ends, is a national revolt if our Constitution keeps being trampled upon.
    I took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.. And though I’ve separated, my oath never expired. Troops will not turn on their own. God bless America… God blesses America with real patriots, who will stand and make sure to secure this nation to it’s victory. Semper Fi.

  • Robert Jones

    Race war? More like a national revolt—or grassroots revolution.. Is that what libs want? It must be. I know Obama wants any given chance to institute martial law. He would have an orgasm, and probably lead the minorities into combat (from the podium that is).

  • Robert Jones

    If we enforced federal law and made employers liable for hiring illegals—large fines, etc, and an announcement to the community for such… Illegals will leave on their own.
    The only mass deportation there will be… is where illegals realize they are better off where they came from.
    The economy will skyrocket. Unemployment will drop dramatically. Underemployment will almost be non-existent. Employers will be forced to raise their salaries to a living wage—or they’ll go bankrupt. It’s freaking simple to understand!

    • Robert Jones

      Taxes go down… I’ll be able to save more. My property taxes will drop. My healthcare will drop, almost all of my bills will drop somewhat, because there is less of a burden on society and our resources… of which none of the illegals or welfare bums pay into.
      Then we can drug test welfare recipients and make THEM pay for their drug testing, just as criminals and felons do, when they’re on probation… Problem solved… Case closed.. Go home! Save more of tax payers money!

  • Fraser007

    I live on the border with Mexico, in Tucson Arizona. 41% of our population is Hispanic. Our crime is overwhelming. We are rapidly becoming the Detroit of the Southwest. When Obama makes all of the illegals citizens then you can kiss the two-party system goodbye. We will be finished.
    I call it Mexican-lebensraum. The Nazis planned it for Russia in 1941 and China is doing it now in Tibet and Siankiang. Move in millions of people and outnumber the locals.
    Buy your guns now before its too late.

  • Mark Schlager

    Race war is inevitable. (US ARMY VETERAN)

  • Times change, This is not the US of the Greatest generation anymore….not even close. As we see the demographic change we also see a downward trend line on almost every social and economical issue facing the Nation. Unfortunately this trend will not change without massive immigration changes which I feel would be a day late and 17 trillion short. It’s just a matter of time until the Republic breaks up, History is all you need read.


      only for you white people because it doesn’t favour you colonial illegal immigrants at the least…….

  • CT

    Review the atrocities committed by (for example) Francisco Pizzaro during the Spanish conquest of the New World, and then explain why La Raza and other Spanish decendants dare to claim the moral high ground.

  • MarkJ

    Memo for Linda Martin Alcoff (notice how “smart” people and notorious criminals both always use three names?):

    If whites are so threatened and dangerous….why aren’t you already filling a car trunk out in the weeds?

  • Rex

    Yes, it’s true that Whites are losing power but they are causing this to themselves. Our White traitors in Congress have opened the border to all the White-haters of the the third world, people who have nothing, nothing in common with us and this is the tragic result with Whites becoming a minority and being dispossessed in the Country which was supposed to be theirs only. As for War by Whites against what the writer calls “Latinos” well, there will be chaos, no question about it. Nobody can predict what will happen but it’s not going to be pretty.
    Note: Hispanics in the so-called Latin-America are not Latinos. Latinos means Latins. This term has being twisted and abused by Spanish-Speaking people here and made to mean a “Race” or Ethnicity when only refers to a Language and Culture.
    Italians are the real Latins/Latinos. Italy is where the Latins come from,Italy is where the Latin language comes from. Italy is where the Latin Culture comes from. Latin America is only a geographical location where languages originating from the Latin language are spoken: French,Portuguese and Spanish. That’s it. The other Latin Languages are: First and foremost: Italians then Romanian.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Guns are procured in part as insurance against an insane, tyrannical government.

    You know, the kind we have now.

  • baccusvd

    Thats stupid everyone knows White and Latinos LOVE each other, and I mean that in the carnal sense. Can’t get enough latinos.

  • Just Joey

    Hmmm, where have I heard this type of thing before? Oh yeah, I remember now. It was someone who believed there were going to be race wars of blacks attacking whites. When it didn’t happen soon enough for him, he tried to start the wars himself. Now this woman believes the same type of thing, except she believes whites will be attacking Latinos. Let’s hope she doesn’t get any ideas from him, after all ‘great minds think alike'(sarcasm). His name was CHARLES MANSON and his beliefs led to the Tate/LaBianca bloodbaths. She also believes that recent increases in gun purchases are connected to whites arming themselves to target Latinos in these race wars. I guess this means that some of our friends will no longer feel safe in going out to the ranch with us for target shooting because, hey, we are ‘white’ & they happen to be Latino. This woman’s beliefs would be almost funny if they were not so very sad. We don’t need these brilliant, educated, higher-thinking professors (sarcasm again) preaching their racial discord. It really does sound as if she & others of her ilk are hoping for these terrible race wars and racial hatred to become reality. Here in the real world (outside academia), we common folk are just too dumb & uneducated to know we are supposed to fear & hate anyone different in any way from ourselves. We’re getting along just fine, thank you very much!

  • NoMore

    You should have more kids. Before replacement rate of 2.1 any race will dissapears in the long run. The racist red-neck anglo whites mus tbe glad that blacks are reproducing in a lower rate than the white nowadays, which in turn are lower than the latinos.
    The reason of low replacement rate is attributed to urbanization, money, hyper-individualistic culture but above all family values. Those with family-oriented cultures will survive in the long run. Usually, in the western world, the catholic people are those who can do it. So it seems that the latinos, if the above is true, will take over USA.

    Bueno, es hora de aprender español, para cuando este viejo, entender al mundo que nos rodea 😉

  • Dan13

    Of course, when Latinos kill blacks they are called white Latinos.

  • Rex

    If you’re still around the term Latinos is an invention of the “Hispanics” who are trying to come up with a general name for all the Spanish-speaking people. The fact is that Latinos means Latins. The Latins come from Italy and not from Spain and not from Latin America. And Latino/a it’s not a Race and It’s not an Ethnicity but the “Hispanics” would like people like you to believe that that’s what it is. Latino is nothing but a language with a distinct culture associated with it. It’s a language spoken by the ancient Italians, the Romans. It’s a language imposed by them upon all of their colonized people. Latin America doesn’t mean Latino and it’s only a geographical area where languages originated from the Latin language of ancient Italy are spoken. These are languages spoken in what the French called “Amerique Latine”: French,Portuguese and Spanish. The other Latin language are: Italian first and foremost and Romanian.
    “Hispanics” don’t know better but a graduate student should at least know some Roman History which by the way forms the foundation of Western Civilization.

    “In fact, Alcoff is currently lobbying for more recognition of specific
    instances of Latino racism as hate crimes. Her talk was hosted by The
    Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, and previewed her
    forthcoming paper about racism.”

    There is no racism against the people wrongly identified as Latinos (they are Ibero-Indians). The fact is that these people have cause White flight all over the United States because of their retrograde and violent behavior and this is the primary reason why Whites want to stay away from them and the Blacks as well. Their extreme-low-class behavior has caused them to be isolated by Whites and this has nothing to do with actually discrimination. The idea of living next to an “Hispanic” or Black person or family brings negative thoughts based on past association with them,very high crime rate and immorality and Whites have good reason to stay away from them. Hispanics should blame themselves and their inferior “culture” for what they represent in the mind of Whites. “Hispanics” claiming discrimination when in fact they have dispossessed Whites in almost all of their neighborhoods and those who work taken over all of the jobs once held by Whites. Moreover, “Hispanics” have been coming in large numbers only recently. In the past 45-50 there were only very few of them They never should have been allowed to immigrate here.
    As for White launching a war against “Hispanics” I don’t know how you came up with this assessment!!! Whites have many enemies “Hispanics” are only one groups of the many groups hostile to White that Whites will have to deal with.

    My best assessment would be that Whites will form exclusive areas within each State reserved for Whites where they will manage their own affairs.Everything points in that direction of separation. In the interim there will probably be uprisings, rallies and chaos here and there. In the end we will end up with 500 tribes in the once glorious United States of America. One tribe against the other. And whose fault is if we end up this way? Those White skunks in the United States Congress who want to destroy the White race and civilization.

  • Louis De La Roca

    The Latinos are Spainish descend. The so called White Americans are only 10 percent British. Meaning most Yankee’s are mostly immigrates from Europe. British Scientist dr. Stephen Oppenheimer studied british DNA and it is over 80 percent Spanish, derived from Celts and basque people of Spain. Conclusion, British and Spanish have over 80 percent same DNA. Furthermore, the so called anglo saxons came from Germany not Britain and their migration into the britain had little effect on real British DNA. If Americans would look at the language and their currency and laws – its all LATIN too. Stop creating a race war when the Spanish and British are the same blood and European.