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Feds OK Pennsylvania University’s Abortion Pill Vending Machine

“Federal regulators will let a Pennsylvania university continue to dispense Plan B — also known as the morning-after pill — through a vending machine,” The Hill reports.

The Food and Drug Administration decided not to intervene following a “politically motivated uproar” over the vending machine Shippensburg University installed in its nurses’ office.

FDA looked at publicly available information about Shippenburg State’s vending program and spoke with university and campus health officials and decided not to take any regulatory actions, the FDA said.

Students at the university can obtain Plan B without waiting for an appointment by depositing $25 in the machine.

As easy as getting a Snickers bar.

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  • Plan B is not an abortion pill, it’s a contraceptive. It prevents fertilization. It does not prevent or disrupt implantation. The fact that a lot of people are still under the mistaken impression that it can act as an abortifacient doesn’t make it true.

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