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Professor’s Crazy Rant Caught on Video

Randolph Roth, a history professor at Ohio State University, recently gave a campus speech that launched into a massive tirade against Republicans and other subjects in a talk so controversial, even university officials have yet to release official video of it.

But members of the school’s independent, libertarian-leaning student newspaper, The Rubicon, captured the Jan. 24 speech on film and loaded it up on YouTube yesterday.

Deviating from the intended focus of his speech, his recently published book “American Homicide,” which chronicles murder statistics throughout history, Roth instead made a series of bizarre and controversial statements, The Rubicon reports.

“His remarks were so scathing and scattered that it appears the Humanities Institute, which sponsored the event, has no plan to release the official video,” according to the paper.

At one point during his anti-Republican rant, the paper reports, Roth “suggested that their behavior mimicked apes.”

“Regarding the resentment he perceives in Republicans, Roth said, ‘we can see this behavior, say, even in chimpanzees… when a male chimpanzee is humiliated … and loses to a more powerful chimpanzee, they stew… and just hauls off and beats the stuffing’ out of another ape,” The Rubicon transcribed.

It also listed other snippets of the speech, which it backed up by its video:

“As I tell my female friends, as we move towards equality… you have start to killing more people,” Roth said within minutes of beginning the discussion. He reiterated, “If you want to get rid of this gender business, you’ve got to start killing.”…

Throughout the hour-and-a-half dialogue, Roth repeatedly belittled and derided supporters of the 2nd Amendment. He referred to them as “afraid” and “motivated by anger,” and stated that they “walk around in fear” and “worry about fellow Americans.”…

Roth stated that owners of AR-15s are dishonest if they claim to use it for hunting. He urged them to admit the rifle “facilitates mass-murder” and is used to “blow things up.”… Roth referred to Republican voters as “anti-Obama,” and insisted they voted out of “resistance to the idea of a black president.”

… The professor even found time to demand higher taxes and praise the ‘indoctrination by teachers and the media” used against students. He also made outlandish suggestions about his desire to study monitor people and push them to the brink of murder.

Click here to read the full report on The Rubicon. It offers shortcuts to video clips that highlight the various statements the professor made.

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  • lessthantolerant

    What a maroon! no wonder gubermint education works so well with colon sloopers like this!

  • anon

    Be careful how you share and present this to others. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is an idiot. The leap he takes on the question about who commits the most “murders” is absolutely laughable. He provides zero evidence that eliminating the 2nd Amendment would reduce homicides. But the inflammatory quote “women need to commit more murders” is made under the context that, for women to achieve equality in outcomes, they would need to commit a lot more murders to catch up with the men.

    He’s an ass-douche. Just be careful how you present this clip to others.

    • wag_dog_69

      Be careful? Of what? Exposing this idiot’s hate filled speech for what it is? No, hiding this won’t cause the problem to go away. It will only appear to be what you have just suggested: A coverup.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Very appropriate and my new favorite pejorative. Thanks!

  • EsteemedElectron

    So… How does this differ from any typical liberal speech?

  • JWJ

    He is now a regular on NBC and Good Morning America.

  • elkh1

    Paid for by the taxpayers.

  • alanhenderson
  • doubting_rich

    As worrying as the nastiness and bias is the fact that this guy, an academic, paid to be smart and to be involved in both teaching and research is a complete idiot. Not only for venting such violent, nasty opinions but for the inanity of those opinions, for the blindness to reality and self-righteousness of his views. This man should be removed from his position not because of his advocacy of violence but simply because he is far from intellectually capable of fulfilling his role.

  • Richard McCargar

    Shotguns are more deadly at close range than an “assault-style” AR-15 rifle.

    In a single 00 shotgun shell, there are 8-9 pellets each .33″ (8.4 mm) in size. It requires a single trigger pull to shoot a minimum of 8 pellets/rounds/projectiles.

    In a single round of an AR-15, you fire a single .223″ (5.56mm) projectile per trigger pull.

    If they don’t understand this, they have no business discussing the issue.

    If they do understand this, and go after so-called “assault-style” weapons, we know their actual motive is to disarm us.

  • cvr527

    The desire of the marxist left to implement gun control has nothing to do with reducing violence. If you watch them closely, they admit it, just as VP Biden did, that the gun control measures they are proposing will not prevent the tragedies that they claim are the reason we need gun control. The most recent DOJ crime statistics report shows that the US has the lowest homicide rate in our recorded history and that the homicide rate has declined in every decade since the DOJ started compiling statistics, despite the increase in population and the number guns within our society. The real truth is that the marxist left (they call themselves liberals) wants to disarm our civilian population so they can complete the destruction of our constitution. They must destroy and replace the constitution because it’s provisions specifically prevent them from attaining the absolute control of our society as is required by their marxist ideology.

  • Kenny’s Lawyer

    He’s right–I don’t own an AR for hunting. I own it to shoot down lefty fascists like this when they take power and start to impose their will on me while taking away my freedoms.

  • boboadobo

    liberal hate speech, nothing new.

  • wag_dog_69

    How fast can Ohio State University fire this guy? Having an assine opinion? Ok, but advocating murder. Wow. What a lunatic. Where was the quality control when this guy was being hired?

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    How does this guy not have a cabinet position? His sheer brilliance and wisdom is simply unmistakable. He should be running ATF briefly until he moves on to Homeland Security chief and then he can move directly into a Valerie Jarett-style WH insider role before moving on to DNC chief strategist.

    I see a bright future for Roth.