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College Hosts Sex, Masturbation Tutorial – Inside A Church

MEADVILLE – Allegheny College’s Ford Memorial Chapel was transformed into a boudoir of sorts Wednesday night, as professional sex educators advised students in attendance how best to touch themselves and their partners to reach orgasm in what was billed as an educational seminar.

The chapel, built and dedicated in 1902, is where Catholic mass and non-denominational services are conducted every week at the private liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania. But all that took a back pew to Wednesday’s festivities, dubbed “I Heart the Female Orgasm” and hosted by a variety of student groups on campus.

The two sex educators, Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, talked students through a variety of masturbation techniques during the event.

“Sometimes it can be difficult finding your G spot by yourself, because it involves inserting a finger or fingers inside the vagina into the front wall of the body, and that kind of results in an awkward, kind of clawlike hand position,” Weinberg said, demonstrating with a pawing motion as the audience giggled. “Obviously, there are better ways you can position your body. Or if you’ve got a partner, you can get your partner to insert their finger or fingers inside your vagina in the front wall of your body in a sort of a J curve.”

Miller also weighed in, noting “some (women) find that if they change the angle or position, they can find some way of rubbing against their partner’s body, against the base of his penis or pubic bone, and with rubbing to have enough stimulation to orgasm in intercourse.”

In statements to The College Fix, the college’s chaplain defended the event’s location, calling its theme “responsible,” and a campus spokesperson said it offered a “great message.”

While the chapel is hosting services in conjunction with Lent, on Wednesday the building turned into a sexual marketplace of sorts, as student groups sold buttons, t-shirts and hats bearing the program’s name inside the chapel itself after the event concluded. They also sold the book written by program coordinators Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot titled “I Heart Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide.”

Meanwhile, the sex educators had also told students masturbation is not a sin.

“Some people figure out masturbation and orgasm as teenagers, some people figure it out later than that,” said Weinberg, describing her lifelong fascination with pleasuring herself. “And some people figure it out earlier than that. Like preschool age. I was part of that last category.”

Weinberg also weighed in on a portion of the Book of Genesis in regard to masturbation.

“So this primary anti-masturbation story is about this guy, Onan. … And Onan refused to sleep with his brother’s wife, so he spilled his seed on the ground — that’s how it’s defined — and for that, God struck him dead,” she said.

But Weinberg said she believes that because Biblical scholars debate the exact meanings of many portions of the Bible, it permits a wide variety of sexual activity.

“A lot of Bible scholars say that’s the primary anti-masturbation story, but I don’t really see it,” she continued. “Onan wasn’t struck dead for masturbating. He was struck down for not sleeping with his brother’s wife. So the masturbation wasn’t the sin. So obviously, you know, the Bible is something that is interpreted in a lot of different ways.”

During the event, Weinberg and Miller played the famous fake orgasm scene from “When Harry Met Sally” on a projected screen, and also displayed different anatomical diagrams depicting women’s genitals.

“If you’ve got a vagina, your genitals are tucked pretty neatly inside your body. It’s a pretty handy place to keep one’s genitals, really. But because of this, many heterosexual women have never seen another woman’s vagina or vulva,” Weinberg said. “If you’ve got cool dangly parts down there, if you’re voluptuous, if one side’s longer than the other, if your va-jay-jay’s got some character, some personality, it’s not a sign that you’re abnormal and deformed. It’s a sign that you’re a healthy adult woman.”

Weinberg later held up two books titled I’ll Show You Mine and Petals, encouraging students to flip through them after the program: “We’ve got two amazing books up here with pages and pages of art photographs of vaginas and vulvas.”

The event was hosted by Allegheny’s student government and Allegheny College’s Reproductive Health Coalition, along with Young Feminists and Queers and Allies. It was funded by student activities fees.

Student reaction to the seminar was mixed.

One Christian student, Shannon McAvinchey, 20, said the school’s student government supported Christian groups on campus and were not trying to intentionally offend Christian students by hosting the event in the chapel. At the same time, however, she said some students’ attitudes towards Christians troubled her.

“I guess what frustrates me most is when you say you’re a Christian, your views are automatically not so much disrespected as dismissed,” McAvinchey said.

Other students, however, were excited on their way to the chapel, chatting and laughing happily.

“I have needs!” one girl said.

“I have condoms! Jesus!” her friend shrieked.

Officials at the college took a blasé attitude toward the event.

Chaplain Jane Ellen Nickel, who conducts non-denominational Christian services each Sunday and manages the office of Spiritual and Religious Life, said in an email to The College Fix that she saw nothing wrong with the event, and hoped students would feel comfortable attending a religious service there later.

“I don’t have a problem with it being held in the chapel. The program advocates responsible, respectful decision-making regarding sexual behavior, and includes the option waiting for marriage, a message that resonates with many students of faith. While the name may have some shock value, the event itself is consistent with our policy of opening the building to campus groups. We would love it if students at such an event experience the chapel as a welcoming space, and then feel encouraged to attend a religious service or program.”

Another campus administrator told The College Fix he had no problem with the event’s location.

“They have a great message about caring relationships,” said Dean of Students Joe DiChristina in an e-mail. “I appreciated their approach.”

Fix contributor Katie McHugh is a student at Allegheny College.

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IMAGE: Allegheny College Ford Memorial Chapel

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  • doesntmatter


    • etecs

      Would the College have the same Sensitivity for an Islamic Mosque????

      • doesntmatter

        I think this all goes to prove the reality of Christ. Evil never stops in his efforts to destroy Christ. No other faith or religion is attacked as much as Christianity for a reason but Christ has already won the victory and Satan knows it.

        • Scarface13

          You have made a significant point doesnmatter, God always wins and no matter what Satan Does, it glorifies and validates the Almighty and this really infuriates the Great Deceiver!

          • Take Back Something or Other

            So God is like the Harlem Globetrotters?

          • The emperor has no clothes

            More like the ’27 Yankees….

      • heather

        Islam is the barbarian army of the left, so they defend the most heinous of islam while shredding the decency of Christianity.

        • doesntmatter

          The Lord said it would be this way. We Look to the martyrs of the Christian faith for our example of how we must live and deal with evil.

          • Matthew

            The Lord also said go forth and multiply . . .

          • libtarded

            Yeah… GO FORTH (as in go somewhere else) and multiply (not that you’ll get very far in that multiplication with masturbation).

          • Take Back Something or Other

            Jimmy buys 1 bottle of hand lotion per week. How many bottles does he buy in a year? See, multiplication!

          • libtarded

            FAIL: Only when the hand lotion grows up, and pays for Jimmy’s social security benefits.

          • doesntmatter

            Yes and you can’t multiply by having sex with the same sex, animals or having sex with yourself. These things have been created by man and not by God.

          • Matthew

            God also said he built us in his image. So, God’s a masturbating, bestiality prone Homosexual? Or maybe a few of those students when home to have some straight sex? Maybe they’re not DEMONS?

          • Michael Bingham

            And when the first humans were created they were without sin until they chose to go against God’s commands.

            Do you really think it takes courage to sit on this forum and speak the way you do?

            Is your heart so hardened and your eyes so blind that you can’t see how the sins of our society are destroying this country?

          • Matthew

            I made this same point when we’re debating what to do about those priests that kept raping small children. Your “faith” has done far more damage than a handjob ever could.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            Matthew, yes, there were horrible priests who raped little children. And we are filled with disgust with what they did while hiding behind their collars. But they were not Christians. They were wolves in sheep clothing.

            But they no more represent my faith or the faith of the Christian community than Mussolini represented our desire for efficient government.

            Please try to understand and then have some respect for other people’s values, even if they are different from your own. Hateful put-downs do not become you.

          • Matthew

            They were (are) Christian, your justification is one more thing they can hide behind. Making excuses is inexcusable.

          • Lucky FL Dad

            Actually, in almost every case these priests were unrepentant homosexuals. They were rejecting their own Christianity on many different levels.

          • Michael Bingham

            My faith causes no damage because it is placed in the perfect being of God my father. It is not placed in man or the actions of man.

            It is the actions of man that have caused damage. Please try to be honest at least.

          • Scarface13

            while you’re at it son, make sure you include public education in your list of child abusers…….you are grasping at straws boy!

          • Matthew

            Yeah . . . child rape. No big deal. “straws” You sure there isn’t something you need to confess “Scarface13”? If that is your real name.

          • doesntmatter

            It will do no good to argue with your intellect but I will pray for you Matthew, that He will reveal Himself to you and that you will repent and in all humility know the goodness of God.

          • Matthew

            “He will reveal Himself to you . . . ” Really? In this forum? Come on.

          • doesntmatter

            Where or when doesn’t matter. If you seek Him, then He will reveal Himself to you. Outside of that, you will never know His mysteries. You will never know His mercy, contentment, peace nor love. He waits patiently for you.

          • It’s a matter of the intent

            Matthew, I personally don’t think masturbation is as bad as other sexual sins. For a married man at the army for long stretches at a time, it’s understandable (though I don’t think he ought to be viewing porn while he does it). But the question has to do with the purpose and how you it. I’m not going to hash it out here or imagine every scenario – I do wish to keep my mind pure. If it’s just about spilling seed, then I’d be a hypocrite b/c my husband and I do use barrier methods of birth control.

            But you have to be careful b/c you can damage yourself in various ways. I’d rather a young man masturbate than impregnate dozens of women he has no intention of caring for when the babies arrive. But we’re supposed to seek holiness, not try and get away with as much as we can.

            That said, to teach this course at a church is offensive to the purpose of the building. It’s an insult to all it stands for.

          • Matthew

            First, I’m sure the men and women fighting for your freedom consider you blessing truly invaluable. Amidst the bullets, IEDs, etc.

            Second, your attempt at rationality is admirable amid talk of Satan’s work and Muslim Mosque’s.
            And yeah, this was probably a deliberate affront to your faith. So, there’s a concession.

            I still think religious fervor like this article does more harm than good.

          • Michael White

            Blessing and prayer. My son, who just returned from a 13-month combat deployment in Afghanistan, did. His mother and I prayed for him every day; he knew it and he appreciated it beyond words. So did I when I was in Vietnam and my Dad in France in WW2. It gave us solace in ugly places.

            What did you do in the war, daddy?

          • Almerin O’Hara

            You would be surprised. Stay alert.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Yes, pay attention an you’ll be contacted….

          • Jesse Schoeder

            Ahh, bestiality prone??????? WE?????

            Nuh uh.

            Seek help.

            And I don’t mean a stool so that you can step up to the horses behind.

            Of all the damned dumbests things to ponder.

          • Matthew

            Why is it always the ‘God-fearin” types that go straight for the farm-animal analogies?

          • Jesse Schoeder

            Allah Akbar shitwit.

            Yaweh, not so much.

          • Matthew


          • Whitey

            I think that Mr Sardonicus is dissing YHWH in a manner meant to be ironic which actually represents of that lowest form of humour. Ie. Sarcasm. As James Joyce said: The only philosophy or creature which God can’t account for is the human being.

          • Matthew = “Gift from God” in Hebrew. Think about it, Matt.

          • Matthew

            Dave = short for David. So . . . yeah.

          • Michael White

            Do you actually enjoy being a sour, embittered, disillusioned stink?

          • Almerin O’Hara

            Are you the “Dave” I know?

          • Michael White

            What a deluded fool you are.

          • Matthew

            Nuh uh!

          • Jeremiah 11:11,14
            11. Therefore thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them. 14. Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up a cry or prayer for them: for I will not hear them in the time that they cry unto me for their trouble.

          • doesntmatter

            I cannot judge who these people are. I will pray, pray, pray.

          • Scarface13

            buy….keep deceiving and stay delusional and the last breath before eternity shall be a desperate one!

          • Matthew

            Who talks like that? “Boy”? You’re worse than the Satan worshiper guy . . .


        That is the best and most truthful comment posted

      • imissAB

        My very thought. I say we try that next week, I’ll bring the bacon!

    • Literally. Satan’s demons and his agents were at work here, and in some of these comments.

      • doesntmatter

        I agree. Satan roams the earth seeking whom he will devour and devour he does. I pray for God’s mercy for ALL of us. He loves all of us and has commanded us to do the same.

        • Remember, Satan has no power over us. He is weak, and a lie. Stay strong, brothers and sisters.

          • doesntmatter

            Pray, pray, pray. I would only say that we all should comment less and pray more – that certainly goes for me.

          • Take Back Something or Other

            But that just proves masturbation is not the work of the Devil. How can you whack off if you have hooves?

          • Jesuslovesme

            Okay moron.

      • Matthew

        “Literally”? Because . . . that’s terrifying. Did he tell you that? Did he say anything else?

      • Daveisapussy

        How do you remember to breath while you’re eating? I’m literally worried you’ll forget given how stupid your comments are.

  • Bubba

    Anything goes these days

  • ConcernedCitizen

    The Church is as sacred to the Christian community as the Mosque is to the Muslim community (it is God’s house, not just a place of worship). But I guess since they know how peaceful Christians are, they feel like they can just defecate all over our religion. This is sickening.

    • Good

      My goodness you are uptight, “concernedcitizen.” Only the most retrograde Christianity is still afraid of masturbation.

      • doesntmatter

        God intended sex to be between a man and woman. Period! Not between two people of the same sex nor with one’s self nor with animals and the reason He did it this way is because it’s for OUR good and the procreation of His creation, those whom He loves. Leave it to man to distort and twist the goodness of God. Today what’s not good for us is called good and what is evil and wicked for us is called good. You are deceived. Repent from your evil ways and accept the mercy and love of God so that you will live in fullness and peace and contentment.

        • Good

          Oh, I accept the love of God — all night long! Immaculate conception, anyone?

          • Michael Bingham

            Would you be so brave and tolerant if someone were to mock your mother or your father?

            If so, why don’t you post there names and phone numbers.

          • Matthew

            So you can to do what? Exactly?

          • Michael Bingham

            I would not do anything but others may choose to call and mock them.

            Isn’t that what I mentioned, mocking.

            Do you need me to spell it out even more for you?

          • Matthew

            Your writing this with a raging hard-on, aren’t you?

          • Michael White

            Something you’ll never have…to worry about.

          • JustaMom

            I feel for your soul sir, I truly do. You CAN know the love of God…. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

          • Michael Bingham

            I have yet to learn to address people like Good as you have done here and I think it is great that your faith has born such tolerance and love for those who act as Good does.

        • Athiest and proud of it

          God intended nothing because he doesn’t exist. If god intended sex to be between a man in a woman then he wouldn’t have made homosexuality a thing because your god doesn’t make mistakes right? Homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality. It’s found all over the animal kingdom, yes humans are animals too. Also don’t forget these student’s didn’t just walk in and say we’re holding a seminar. The church leaders allowed this, which highlights your christian hypocrisy. god is for the simple minded who refuse or are incapable of thinking critically.

          • doesntmatter

            I will not argue with your intellect. You cannot speak of Him and His will. You do not know anything of Him.

          • Athiest and proud of it

            I know more about him then you do because I ask questions. If god created the universe and been here since the beginning, why were the early jews worshiping multiple gods and had then condensed them to the god you know now? If the book is the word of god, why were those books in particular decided on and voted by a group of men? That doesn’t sound divine at all, more like this is how we feel like it should be. Why were there inconsistencies between books that were chosen? Because stories were told by word of mouth, which is the most inefficient way to relay information. That should be your first clue that things are exaggerated or outright lies, like being able to raise the dead. It all comes from a lack of understanding of the natural world and needing some kind of explanation. Even in the dark ages they couldn’t tell when people were dead, so they’d have someone stay in the graveyards to listen for bells attached to coffins when they regained consciousness. I’m sure you have intellect of your own…you just need to use it.

          • Detex

            but you can speak for him? What gives?

          • Michael White

            Hey…Oh Great Enlightened One…One day, you are going to die, and, frankly, I really wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

          • Athiest and proud of it

            I’m aware of the fact that one day I will die. So in the meantime I will enjoy and cherish this life and do the best I can with it because I know this is as good as it gets. There is nothing waiting for you at the end of this life. Your cells stop functioning such as your neurons that fire signals giving you your personality, your very essence. No soul is there that can be taken to a different plain of existence. So I have nothing to fear at the end. This allows me to enjoy and cherish this life more than any christian, because I know it’s all we have.

      • Passer by

        Only those who don’t know Scripture are spouting nonsense like that. But God is your judge, and your punishment is not far behind you, unless you repent.
        Furthermore only idiots who are incapable of engaging in a rational discourse try to use Ad Hominems to “prove their point”.

        • libtarded

          There will be many a lie-beral who panics as the end of their pitiful lives is in front of them. He attacks peaceful people of faith because he knows there is little immediate consequence to it. $100 says he doesn’t have the guts to drive his Prius over to Islamabad with his “Coexist” and “Gay Rights Flag” bumper sticker and put on a homosexual demonstration for the world’s true savages…

          • Take Back Something or Other

            Oh yeah? I’ll show you! I’m driving MY Prius to Islamabad right NOW! So what do you think of glug glug glug glug glug….

          • libtarded

            People will understand you better if you take the pen-is out of your mouth.

          • Detex

            pen-is? I will take s-words for $100 Terbek

          • libtarded

            What is avoiding the censors?

        • Good is not going to repent,nor will this Nation.America is now an official enemy of the most high.A showdown is inevitable. Start looking out for your family and survival. This is going to get ugly.

          • Take Back Something or Other

            When everything gets ugly, that’s when top-notch masturbation skills are most needed.

        • Almerin O’Hara

          “The cross is foolishness to those who are perishing.”

        • Take Back Something or Other

          Passer by:
          “I am against ad hominems… unlike you idiots!”

      • Michael Bingham

        God’s word is meant for all times. It cannot and will not be adjusted by his creation to suit their moral decline.

        Do you really think that practicing or being open about your sexual proclivities makes you more advanced or somehow more developed than others?

        Is this really the standard by which you measure a societies advancement?

        If that is so, than animals are way more advanced than us.

      • BADABING

        go play with yourself in a Mosque, see what happens COWARD

        • Take Back Something or Other

          Haven’t we had enough explosions in mosques?

      • No one is afraid of it, or would even mind if these idiots at the college wanted to conduct this lecture. The point is that they chose to offend Christians by hosting it in a church.

        • sheeeesh

          It was hosted in a Church because all other spaces on Campus were booked for the evening.

        • sharpss

          Dave: Do you mean like Christians offend free-thinkers and strive to control the entire planet just like Muslims do?

        • The Oscillator

          They actually couldn’t find another place to host it last minute, so instead of cancelling it, they had to go here.

      • sb

        Afraid of it? No.
        1. I know I won’t be shelling out tuition dollars for it. This is not what my child will be going to college for.
        2. In a church? No way, that is just disrespectful and obnoxious.

      • Almerin O’Hara

        It’s not about masturbation. It’s about intentional, hateful desecration.

        • Sarah

          It was actually supposed to be about healthy relationships, with the female orgasm being somewhat of a catch phrase. It was never meant to be intentional, hateful desecration.

      • Michael White

        And only fool like you would make such a big political statement of playing with yourself.

      • jason

        Really? Then why does Ms. Weinberg feel the need to teach a course in masturbation in the 21st century? Ms. Weinberg is a stellar example of why the Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East hate Israel.

        • Take Back Something or Other

          So you’re anti-semitic AND anti-semen-ic! Please, think of the humanity of Shylock the Jew who said, “If you diddle me, do I not come?”

    • Mapache

      Agreed. Perhaps next semester the class could be held in a mosque?

    • BoardMember

      It’s actually a nondenominational space. Not Christian at all. But the chaplain gave his full consent. No disrespect was meant.

      • Not with my Tuition Dollars

        But may not have meant to be disrespectful, but you unintentionally were by your failure to consider how your actions would be perceived.

        • Nimadan

          Don’t be naive; these aholes KNOW what they’re doing.

      • Michelle Hudak

        The Chaplain gave HER full consent. She is a women, and deserves to be addressed as such.

  • How does it end?

    Every day brings a new outrage.Every day brings a story that would have stunned our grandparents. We have women with fake breasts, men who remove the parts God gave them and want a womb, we have rapist and murderers for sports heroes. Has any country or empire stayed intact with such degradation? No, i think the country breaks into 2 or 3 parts.

    • DudeZXT

      or it’s destroyed by fire & brimstone or by a dictatorial government.

      • etecs

        Godless Liberal Academia proving beyond a doubt that they do NOT have a clue when it comes to Morality

        • Matthew

          Yeah learning stuff is so immoral.

          • jamesben

            If you haven’t “learned” some of this “stuff” before getting into college, you have much bigger problems than being a moronic, socialist loving, godless liberal troll..
            Snuff yourself., do the world a favor.

          • Matthew

            You’re kind of violent for a advocate of the Lord, Sir.

          • Kevin Stowell

            How is he violent? I missed it.

          • Matthew

            I’m betting there’s a lot you miss, Kev.

          • Kevin Stowell

            Nah, huh?

          • Matthew


          • ModestMouse

            Matthew, you’re trolling to elicit negative responses. You’re not adding any value to the conversation nor adding integrity to your stance.

          • Matthew

            I’ve had this up in the background for an hour now. Endlessly entertaining. You folks are so lost and angry about things that affect you in no way what so ever. Its like cruel social experiment. Your frustrated little hearts just can’t process it.

          • JohnS

            Matthew is the only one of this entire group who actually makes any sense… but I guess that’s because he seems to be the only “educated” one amongst this lot of dunces and rapists.

          • 1CatEye

            Wow. Project much? If Matthew makes sense to you, good luck with that Anger Management degree in getting a job.

          • ModestMouse

            Wrong. I’m doing a little research on the Internet Troll. You’re the first one I found today. You’re the social specimen, not me. I was just stating what I observed about your string of posts and observing the interactions between what is perceived to be a ‘troll’ (you) and how the rest of the forum defends itself against the entity who provokes them. Interesting that you’ve actually been following the discussion. But your admitted cruel social experiment probably negates you as a legitimate troll. I need to coin a term for people who like to bar room brawl.

          • audaxrex

            Here, let me help. You invited Matthew to ‘snuff’ himself – kill himself. That’s an invitation to violence.

          • Kevin Stowell

            I didn’t invite Matthew to do anything and invitations to commit suicide are not acts of violence. My God, you’re both cretins as is the person who thumbed you up on that terminally stupid reply.

            Thanks for your “help,” OTard.

          • 1CatEye

            Typical dim response. When you can’t address the substance, name-calling is always appropriate. You are stuck in about 4th grade, mentally. No wonder you need “show and tell” to learn about life.

          • the Don

            Are you an actual moron..or do you just play one on message boards?

          • jamesben

            Not all Christians are easy to push around and pee on, like me – I don’t put up with wuss liberals talking garbage.
            Personally, I whip your sorry a s s within an inch of your worthless troll life….and I’d enjoy it.
            Remember the Crusades and countless examples AFTER Jesus Christ trashed the tables of the money changers and chased them out of the temple.
            Liberal/socialist/Democrat/troll smartasses like you could use a good beat down, and I’d be happy to do it.

          • Matthew

            So your saying you’d adopt violence in the name of your beliefs, the way your Savior did before you. I think that was was the same threat one of the hijackers made before he took a left turn into the North Tower. Sounds like Jihad to me. Allah Akbar James!

          • jamesben

            Ha, your ignorance obviously extends beyond trolling message boards. Dude, get a book about the Middle Ages, – no start in antiquity – some times you just have to saddle up and KILL the enemy. I consider a douche like you “the enemy.”
            Your non-sequitur about 9/11 is strange – and typical of the “blame ‘Merica first” crowd. Cowards killing innocents is related to me – how? Oh ya, it’s not.

            You’re a lazy coward who soaks up the sun and benefits of a free country FOUNDED UPON CHRISTIANITY and I’d be happy to crush your skull in the name of all that is good and just.

            But you “don’t get it..” – and you never will.

          • Matthew

            “Cowards killing innocents is related to me – how?”
            – You, uh, keep threatening to do it. Dude, when you finally decided to lock and load and take your frustration out on your high school or local movie theater, skip the messy part and just point the barrel at your chin.

          • wvernon1981

            This country was not founded on Christianity. There is a huge difference between saying that the true claim Founders were largely Christian and the false claim that the nation was founded upon Christianity.

          • 1CatEye

            When was Jesus violent?

          • Matthew

            He wasn’t

          • dennis

            He absolutely was ‘violent’. The difference being his violence was righteous, as when he returns. You should probably study the Bible a bit more, but I doubt it would enlighten you so…. continue with twisting to fit your your agenda.

          • matt

            I think everyone except you kinda got the message that the crusades was a bad idea and I think that the ignorance of your stance substantiates why your views are so socially marginalized

          • jamesben

            The Church SHOULDN’T have ended the Crusades until they/we WON – outright.
            We could have eradicated Islam from the planet a long time ago. Morons like you help perpetuate it – and of course, you WON’T – being an infidel – be spared from Islam when it comes in for the death blow. Fool.

          • UnCL3

            Why is it that at least half the time in history, good doesn’t vanquish evil when it has the chance?

          • UnCL3

            Islam is heresy in and of itself. Mo is not a prophet. Jesus was not a ‘prophet” as Islam claims. They are the infidels. They will burn as they do not recognize that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and do not believe in the Holy Trinity. Islam was a scam from the beginning.

          • dennis

            YES, I knew there were more genuine Christians out there.
            I shake my head at the feminized /mangina Sunday gatherings in a good number of ‘churches’. One such gathering the preacher’s message was that the men needed to find their hearts. I told him afterwards that we Christians do not need to find our hearts, we need to find our righteous indignation and begin acting on it. Only then will this garbage end.
            Jesus isn’t a welcome mat and neither should his Bride (church) be.

          • motherofdragons

            Sounds like you could actually use a good beat off… I wonder if people with your views would loosen up and rub one out once in a while if you’d all be so stodgy all the time.

          • Thad

            Because real Christians whip people’s asses within an inch of their life? Truly lost sir…

          • UnCL3

            you’re kind of stupid to be the devil’s tool.

          • ConvoyScout

            + 1

          • UnCL3

            …and contribute to the national debt reduction.

          • Well, learning immoral stuff is immoral. And learning immoral stuff in a church is doubly immoral. So that makes you not only immoral, but an immoral moron.

          • I wonder if this college offers a BS in masturbation. And I wonder what kind of jobs for which this education prepares you, besides hooker, porn star and sex shop clerk.

          • Michael White

            The real fools here are the parents who pay thousands of dollars a year to send their kiddies to this school.

          • Matthew

            Real fools use words like “Kiddies”

          • dontcare4uatall

            A real fool opens his mouth to remove all doubt………..^MATHEW^

          • Matthew

            It’s a . . . message board.

          • dontcare4uatall

            …and you CHOSE to open you mouth.

          • Matthew

            So your point about the students talking about jerking off in the chapel is . . . ?

          • dontcare4uatall

            My point is that man is not inherently smart and children jerkin it in a church proves my point……………….yeah that’s it

          • The don

            If you have to ask that question, than I have some questions for your mamma.

          • UnCL3

            yeah, she needs to be slapped afterwards.

          • THE POINT IS:

            Sorry for stating the obvious, you brainless, thoughtless imbecile:

            they should ef off of the churches, take idiots like you and do it somewhere else. Or they already ejaculated in your snout and only “that” dribbles out from it?

          • wvernon1981

            Honestly, you ought to rethink what you just posted before calling Matthew an imbecile. I could only understand your first sentence the first time I read it. It took me three tries to parse the rest of your statement and I was quite put off while trying to do so.

          • UnCL3

            oooOOOooo! good one…

          • dtom2

            Uh…. It’s disrespectful. Are you at all familiar with the concept?

          • rennyangel2

            Stupid and stupid is as stupid does.

          • The Don

            Yep…All doubt removed!

          • E Jabez

            Matthew you’re a child, a little sparrow whose cheep means nothing. And no, I don’t care how old you are. There is no way a civilized society should support such rubbish.

          • Matthew

            My cheep? You Sir, are terrifying.

          • Why shouldn’t a civilized society not teach healthy ways to release sexual energy?

          • UnCL3

            I hope that was sarcasm.

          • It was bad English really. But sex is a healthy part of the human life. If people choose to wait till marriage, then that is their choice. If they choose not to wait, that is also their choice.
            Besides, the seminar wasn’t just about masturbation. It was mostly about how to have healthy sex, both emotionally and physically, and how to have a healthy body image for females.

          • UnCL3

            I would say doing it in a church is way over the top. Sorry. Really, it’s unbelievable this is for college credit? I think it’s just an excuse to hook up, and denigrate human sexuality. Disgusting and shameful.
            This is not the way to enhance the view that sex is part of human life. That’s just plain, well, NATURAL.
            This is an example of moral failure.

          • It was NOT for college credit. It was a student organized talk.
            It wasn’t even about hooking up. It was mostly about how to have a healthy female body image and what healthy, both physically and emotionally, sex is, and how to have it. If people want to hook up, then that’s their thing. If they want to wait till marriage, that’s cool too, and that’s what the message was there.
            The information presented was to help females understand and not be ashamed of their own bodies. The title wasn’t much to do with masturbation- it was called “I heart the female orgasm.”

          • UnCL3

            Sounds like nice BS to me, friend.

          • Why would that sound like BS? I was there. If you haven’t noticed I’m an Allegheny student. I identify as a Libertarian, but I come from a Conservative family… And yet I still don’t see much of an issue with this.

          • UnCL3

            so, I suppose A CHURCH was the perfect place to do this?


          • Not ideal or perfect, but the a place nonetheless.

          • UnCL3

            The choice is, well, inappropriate IMO. And the non-denominational minister made a really poor defense of it somewhere in this article. I think that there is a growing portion of society that enjoys poking Christians with sticks.

          • MHS

            Why is talking about sex in a church inappropriate? Didn’t God invent sex? Didn’t he invent the orgasm? Churches need to be more upfront about talking about sex, which is an important part of a healthy adult’s life.

          • Well it is a non-denominational chapel. Many religions use the chapel, not just Christians… It’s not like we don’t have Jewish or Muslims (or whatever else) on campus- but we don’t have a mosque or a synagoe within 30 miles. Maybe in Erie, but that’s 40 or so miles away. Meadville isn’t known for it’s diversity… So that chapel is used by people of all faiths. I just wonder where their voice is.

          • Michelle Hudak

            The talk was held in a non-denominational chapel. It is just a building, where many different things are held, some of which are religious ceremonies, but also many other things, such as concerts, classes, etc. This also was not a class for college credit, but rather, an OPTIONAL presentation that students CHOSE to go to, if they so wished.

          • Jaego

            There was no place else to have it other than the Chapel? I find that hard to believe. I think the Location was the message and all the young sluts got to feel so cool and daring for shitting on Christianity and “the Man”.

          • It wasn’t about being slutty though. It was about female body image and how to have a healthy sex life- both physically and emotionally. I don’t understand what the big deal about teaching sexual health in a chapel is. The bible said nothing against sexual health and having a positive body image, just sex before marriage.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Your affected “sophistication” is not your most attractive quality…..

          • No one said I was trying to be sophisticated…

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Yes,I did.

          • And your judgement matters why? Like I said, I wasn’t going for sophisticated, so you must of mistaking something somewhere.

          • Michelle Hudak

            The big issue is, for people who have not been at Allegheny, they hear “chapel” and can only think about church services. Of course, Ford Chapel is so much more than just religious services, but people will not accept that because they WANT to be offended by this presentation.

          • AmericanTruther

            Maybe next time they could hold a class on favorite Nazi casseroles in your local synagogue.

          • I do respect others, but I don’t understand why sex education offends people. I am asking why, not telling them they should not be offended.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Some choices are healthier than others. You can choose your behavior; you can’t choose the results of that behavior.

          • You don’t think a teenager isn’t still a kiddie, then you obviously have no children.

          • Matthew

            Its just a really weird word. Say student. Sounds less rape-y.

          • astralweeks

            Say moron, it describes you perfectly.

          • 1CatEye

            The word “kiddie” implies rape in your mind. Wow. What a cesspool.

          • ConvoyScout

            The definition of Kiddie is young child, The dictionary doesn’t say anything about rape brainchild. I can already tell your a real winner.

          • Dramaforyourmama

            but these young adults are not Kiddies by your definition!

          • ConvoyScout

            I think your missing the point.

          • ConvoyScout

            It is not my definition, it’s the dictionary’s.

          • 1CatEye

            DUH! Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?

          • ConvoyScout

            Reading comprehension isn’t the issue.it seems online
            —- talkers like yourself always seem to attack an individuals I.Q.

          • Janet

            Man, I want what you’re smokin.

          • bloodaxe

            Sez you. You big bullshitter.

          • Tom Iron

            i like kitties…

          • dtom2

            Kiddy… noun, plural, kiddies. Informal. A child. RE: Source..Dictionary.com. If you think the word is “foolish” perhaps you should consult the referenced source.

          • Nomy

            I liked the school originally, the last few years have gone to hell.

          • Why do you think that? Because of this event? There’s a lot of ways to waste money, but this event was to teach how to release sexual energy in healthy ways… That’s not a good thing?

          • 1CatEye

            You need a class in COLLEGE to learn this? Twit.

          • This wasn’t a “class”. This was an event that was held by student organizations. And it wasn’t just for masturbation. It covered a wide variety of topics, such as waiting until marriage for sex, to where to find help if one is affected by sexual abuse, and help for STI’s.

            And please, do not call names. I didn’t call anyone else a name, so why do I deserve that?

          • Stephen Glansberg

            As a current student at Allegheny, and seeing as you believe that you possess the right to identify our parents as “fools”, I am curious to know where you obtained your superior education from? Allegheny College is ranked in the top 20 colleges for academic rigor nationally, and is ranked as the #1 up-and-coming liberal arts school in the nation. Also let us not forget that Allegheny shares a title of “Colleges That Change Lives” with only 39 other colleges. I am assuming since you can say a statement such as this one that you must have attended one of the small percentages of colleges or universities that provide a better education than Allegheny College.

          • Mapache

            Perhaps they could be performance actors and wear vagina costumes?

          • Kevin Stowell


            There’s good ‘merkins and then there’s traitors. :o)

          • Mapache

            Learn something everyday.

          • griefman

            I heard that the students don’t root for their team. They pull for them.

          • ShineNotBurn

            A masters in masterbation?

          • Jack Frost


          • smith_red_tape


          • Interested

            The education prepares its students for the REAL world and also prepares them for some jobs you and your children wish they had.

          • SnakeUSMC

            No, they do not offer a BS but they DO offer it in their Master – batior program

          • The joke would be funnier if Allegheny had a Masters program… But good job nevertheless! XD

          • SnakeUSMC

            I tried, so I get a cookie

          • I’d bake you one, but Allegheny turned the kitchen on my floor into a dorm. Sadface.

          • SnakeUSMC

            JUST MY LUCK! Now I have to cry on my little pink satin pillow with the red heart because I will not get my cookie……….Gosh darn, gee whiz, (this is how we speak in the USMC) now what am I going to do.

            Love your reply…… Thanks for your kind reply

          • I have a couple friends in the Marine Corps (and the other branches), and they TOTALLY speak like that. Not a single cuss word! /sarcasm I’ve always enjoyed the military sense of humor.
            Thank for you service and all that jazz. My friends say it’s weird and awkward having strangers say that, but I try to say thanks anyways. 😀

          • SnakeUSMC

            Thank you much for your kindness

            Пусть Бог благословит вас и держать вас от всех врагов светской и духовной..

          • texasemc

            It sounds like they just offer BS

          • wvernon1981

            I’m certain most men would receive that BS with honors.

          • nocab


          • Nope, it doesn’t. Sorry to burst your bubble.

          • Jaego

            How bout Muff Diving? You better get good at it because Men don’t want women like you anymore once you’re over 30. You’re just aren’t marriage material.

          • I find it funny how you speak for all men, but I am curious as to why you say that?

          • Politician is one that comes to mind.

          • This college prepares students to become leaders in business, science, the arts, etc.

          • Matthew

            Yeah . . doubly. The more you learn the less you know, right Bob? What’s that other saying? Knowledge is . . . ? D’ah who care, I’m gonna hit Redtube.

          • the don

            If you need a teacher to educate you on masturbation, how did you figure out how to comb you own hair?

          • matt

            how are we supposed to understand why “immoral stuff” is ethically wrong if we are not allowed to learn about it, maybe we should just listen to what baby Jesus says like they did in 15th century

          • 1CatEye

            I’m not sure baby Jesus was doing too much talking.

          • Matt

            He was probably busy masturbating

          • 1CatEye

            I hope that’s sarcasm, otherwise is it both sick and blasphemous.

          • ConvoyScout

            Masturbation is immoral ?

          • iamaduck

            Only the way you do it!

          • ConvoyScout

            Your an idiot.

          • AaronPrimer


          • ConvoyScout

            Thx, I will try and fix that next time.

          • ConvoyScout

            Homophones, really annoy me.

          • 1CatEye

            Is that a Obamaphone for gays?

          • ConvoyScout

            Are you a homophobe ?

          • ConvoyScout

            I feel sorry for your mother.

          • ConvoyScout

            You talk about reading as a strong suit, yet you don’t know what a homophone, or homograph are. You are an idiot.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Good one

          • Sexual Lust is a sin. If you can figure out how to masturbate without lusting , then more power to you. Good luck by the way.

          • wvernon1981

            It’s only immoral if you ascribe some kind of magical sanctity to a church.

          • Scott McLellan

            is sex immorral?

          • Stephen Marcus

            So you doubt that it is immoral? Or is that a typo? Moron!

          • Michael White

            Yeah…you probably can’t tell the difference between a ribeye steak and a piece of buffalo dung. It’s called discernment, sparky; something you obviously lack.

          • Matthew

            Buffalo dung? Sparky?

            Ok, Sir from 18th Century Nebraska: I’m not positive, but I took the leap to assume HnadJob101 wasn’t the only course they offered. Maybe they teach creationism?

          • EATitCNN

            You come across as CHILDISH and ATTENTION-HUNGRY.
            I can tell by the way you said “who cares, I’m going to redtube” yet you keep coming back here to see who responded to you.
            Notice your dislikes?

            You’re all alone.
            You are OBVIOUSLY A STUPID LIBERAL SEEING AS YOU HAVE NO FACTS to back up your “argument”
            just like all the other donkeys. Or should I say JACKASSES

          • Matthew

            When people read that they picture you weezing it out through tears your trying to choke back. It’s ok, buddy. There there. Its all going to be ok. There there.

          • Michael White

            It’s not the 18th Century and I’m not from Nebraska, sparky. And it’s still called discernment. There is hope that someday, somehow you’ll mature and graduate from the junior high boys locker room.

          • 1CatEye

            No, cretinism. You are their poster child.

          • Cudjoekeyguy

            Typical sarcassitic and inane comment coming from an illustirous college liberally educated individual.
            You call that learning “Stuff”? Can you really be this stupid?

          • Matthew

            Well, I meant stuff in the broader sense. But feel free to narrow it down to make your point. The good ones always come with a narrow perspective, right?

          • 1CatEye

            Stuff in the broader sense would be what? Do you realize you say nothing, but keep writing? If you go to college I would venture to guess you major in transgender confusion badminton studies.

          • Matthew

            Would you venture to guess that? Would you venture any other guesses? Will you be venturing any other gems of perception today? I venture to cast my doubt . . . wait, “1CatEye?” Ohhhhhh…….

          • 1CatEye

            Enjoy the recreational drugs, dummy.

          • fdraiden

            Did you mean stiff?

          • penguinbebee

            “Stupid” is really a great word choice considering you can’t even spell..

          • kat

            You can’t figure out masterbation by yourself? You need a teacher and a group? Wow. You actually need someone to teach you something that once was second nature to most. Liberals continue with pride the dumbing down of the population, starting with college students. And one wonders why a college degree is worthless these days.

          • Matthew

            They probably teach other stuff.

          • Mapache

            Well, what we and our parents learned to do for ourselves, the kids today need a specialist to teach them. It is certainly a sad state when people do not even manage learn to masturbate without help.

          • griefman

            On the bright side; if these morons are spanking the monkey, they are not procreating more morons.

          • 1CatEye

            They could buy a copy of the Kama Sutra and “learn” in private.

          • Mapache

            Most Kama Sutra requires a partner (of the opposite sex)

          • 1CatEye

            If you can’t figure out how to pleasure yourself or your partner with the KS, you are beyond hope.

          • Vorenious

            That is why journalism, true journalism is lost forever to the liberals.

          • jamesben

            Matthew has been the “pivot man” in many a circle jerk….it’s obvious.

          • Kevin Stowell

            Prolly has Man/Dingo Fever. :o)

          • Matthew

            Nailed it.

          • griefman

            he once bragged he “came” in first and third in one.

          • Matthew

            So your saying you’d adopt violence in the name of your beliefs, the way
            your Savior did before you. I think that was was the same threat one of
            the hijackers made before he took a left turn into the North Tower.
            Sounds like Jihad to me. Allah Akbar James!

          • This wasn’t so much a masturbation tutorial as it was a “How to get your girlfriend to have an orgasm” tutorial. Or yourself. It was directed at the female gender, not a masturbation tutorial….

          • dennis

            Directed at the female gender, like everything else.

          • It was directed at the female gender because they tend to have their sexuality look at as shameful, while male sexuality is generally look upon as something to be proud of.

          • PhocusPlease

            You’re not shallow are ya?

          • no one said anything of the sort – however there is a time and place for everything.

          • heather

            Something interestingly ironic since the left upholds the heinous of its barbarian army islam, and shreds the decency of Christianity–that most muslim women can’t ever achieve any orgasm at all due to clitorectomies, part of islam’s institutionalized hatred of females.

          • Matthew

            Thats not what “ironic” means, what the article is about, what I said, or true and your words are in the wrong order, you Whack-Job. <— Thats irony.

          • dennis

            Islam hates men and women. I think the reason they grind down the women is to destroy the men, make them more pliable, submissive, accepting of the ’cause’. Feminism has the same goal just uses different tactics. Islam brutally subjugates women where as Feminism convinces women that slavery is freedom. The end result is the same, it just that we would not accept Islam,or Marxism at face value. However, gullible Western women, ( and weak willed men), will accept it if it is sold as ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’, ( from the evil, nonexistent patriarchy that actually benefited women tremendously). For example, now not only are women ‘free’ to work in the salt mines, they are expected to. Same with women in combat. Sure it may be a ‘choice’ now, but I guarantee you that will soon be replaced with an expectation. You’ve come a long way baby (lol).

          • motherofdragons

            Hmm. Have you taken a class on Feminism? Do you personally know any Feminists? Have you ever been a female? I somehow doubt that you have the authority to make wildly incorrect statements such as how the “nonexistent patriarchy…actually benefit[ing] women tremendously.” Please check your privilege, sir.

          • 1CatEye

            No class on Feminism needed. We all know feminism is a euphemism of the left, trying to make women completely dependent on government. Like Julia. True feminists don’t need a class to learn about how they have been “victimized”.

          • dennis

            Please check your hate based ideology Mizz. Yes, I have known a few feminists, my statement stands.

            Unlike one of those man haters who thought she could sucker punch me and suffer no repercussions because, after all, she was ‘just a girl’.

            She understood what is was to be the weaker ‘man’ with the biggest mouth.
            Another time a couple of the entitlement princesses found themselves stuck on the edge of a very rural road, way out in the sticks, (can’t imagine there was a coven meeting there). I pulled over to offer assistance, as I am inclined to do.

            The driver opened her mouth, removing all doubt.

            So I smiled at them and said “good luck”, before returning to my vehicle and driving away.

            How unfortunate princess, bet you wish you had a bicycle right about now, what with there being no cell towers and the nearest anything civilized is about 7 miles from here. Not to worry though, nobody besides myself, will be happening by for a long time as the road is an impassable mud filled side road this time of year.

            Unless you happen to have 4 wheel drive, which you don’t, you best start walking because this bicycle feels absolutely no obligation to you fish.

            The idea of the ‘evil’ patriarchy is nothing more than fear mongering propaganda to push an agenda onto gullible, foolish and weak willed women. The entire ideology is quite ridiculous and hypocritical. If you were to actually do some critical thinking you would arrive at the same conclusion. Obviously having so much invested into your religion, you won’t, since it’s easier to believe the lies than to search for the truth.
            I am always chivalrous to Ladies, actual Women.
            I neither give nor take anything from a hate filled feminist.
            Feminists are easy to recognize, it’s not terribly difficult, or time consuming to distinguish a simple feminist from an actual Woman. Typically they have an ‘air’ of entitlement, usually are rotten, vile things. They mindlessly accept the propaganda and are stupid enough to believe it. Which as I’ve stated, leaves princess on her backside looking up if/when she runs across me. Or, stuck in the mud crying her eyes out totally clueless about how she is going to get out of the mess she’s gotten herself into. No Quarter, No Apologies.

          • astralweeks

            Well if you’re so stupid that you need a ‘seminar’ on masturbation, perhaps it’s time your genes were removed from the pool.

          • bloodaxe

            Care to elaborate on that, doofus?

          • Bright Hart

            Doofus is right. But I’m thinking he’ll ignore your question because he hasn’t learned lots of “stuff.”

          • Matthew

            Not really, “bloodaxe”? Seriously? Are you kidding? Your having a conversation about God under the pseudonym “bloodaxe”?

          • bloodaxe

            What are you talking about? I said nothing about God. I just happen to be looking for assholes who need to be insulted and spotted your assholic comments and thought I’d take a few pot shots at an easy target. Let’s fight, asshole.

            Your move.

          • Michael White

            And you…with a name that in Hebrew means “A Gift from God.” How ironic. Perhaps you should seriously rethink your approach toward life…and death.

          • Jack Frost

            As if you don’t already know how to jerk your gerkin!

          • DaveLCAC

            So lets more learn about pediophilia or maybe animal cruelty. How about some good learning on methods for gunning down schools. Not all topics need to be openly investigated due to their obvious lack of moral value.

          • Take Back Something or Other

            What a meeting of the, er, minds? Most of you people really, really, really, really need to rub one out.

          • dtom2

            And just what constitutes “stuff” in your mind? Eliciting pleasure from oneself and/or others is instinctive and needs no instruction. Homo Sapiens have been copulating since the dawn of man. Would they have populated the earth to this extent had the process lacked the component of pleasure? The world is teeming with people who experience immeasurable enjoyment in the act yet have never entertained the notion of attending a class on the subject . Actually I feel pity for those who find attending this seminar necessary and think a physician would better be able to help.

          • ChrisGC

            Oh get a grip wouldja? (And I don’t mean on your johnson!)
            Do people really need to be taught about this anymore for pity’s sake? It’s in newspapers and magazines and all over the TV! But the outrage here is that now it’s being taught…..IN A CHURCH!!!
            That is entirely unacceptable and was done on purpose to degrade religion in general IMO!

          • AJ

            a) Not a church.
            b) All other large size venues on campus were booked and couldn’t be moved.
            c) Wasn’t done to offend religion.

          • 1CatEye

            It was a chapel, which is a place for religious worship. If it wasn’t done to offend CHRISTIAN religion, why not have the class in a Mosque? No problem there! And if everything else was booked, how about holding the class at the local strip joint? Much more appropriate.

          • Bernie

            Bet they wouldn’t hold this event in a mosque.

          • Trisha Doherty

            If you didn’t already know how to masturbate by college, you should have died long ago thru natural selection..nature hates a retard.

          • currentsitguy

            It’s about respect, Matthew. I’m a hardcore Athiest and political Libertarian/Conservative and can’t personally stand any religion, but I am respectful enough of others and their beliefs to not deliberately provoke anger and hostility. Pretty simple, really. You don’t hold masturbation seminars in chapels or churches anymore than you would hold a BBQ Suckling Pig festival in a mosque or synagogue. The whole problem with people today, left and right, is a complete and utter lack of tact, civility, respect for others, and decency.

          • williamunknown

            id not say learning things is immoral. however, perhaps some things have appropriate places to be learnt. is a church really appropriate for this?

          • Dwain Meyer

            Surprised you were able to take your hands away from your junk long enough to post.

          • Me

            “learning” to jack off in a chapel, “Matthew?” Let me guess–you would object to having a pig roast in a masque because that would be insensitive…yet Weinberg’s idea, well, that’s as cool as putting a crucifix in a jar of urine and calling it art, eh?

          • Janet

            depends what you learn.

        • Almerin O’Hara

          I disagree, mildly. Godless Liberal Academia does indeed have a clue about morality. Trouble is, the clue keeps changing, depending on personal desire, inspiration and the winds of the times. And their morality differs from individual to individual. They can agree upon little except to disagree with what has proven to work for 3,500 years, plus or minus.

          We old folks just “don;t get it.” They, the GLA, in their wonderful, self-discovered wisdom understand, much more deeply than anyone ever has and thus they are absolutely right and we are absolutely wrong. (These are the only “absolutes” to which they adhere, by the way.)

          This sub-generation discovered sex, morality, reason, Gaia, global warming, latte, and everything else that we, the old, lost generation missed. Aren’t we blessed to have them guide us? Aren’t we? Aren’t we?

          • Dwain Meyer

            In short, situational morality.

          • jerryomega

            Is this what you pay all that money to the schools for. Remember, this is the education that young people want the tax payer to pay for.

          • Its a private school. No money from “tax payers”.

          • Pro_bono_publico

            Never heard of guaranteed student loans, have you?

          • Proteios

            If only…private schools still apply for and receive large amounts of state and federal dollars. Sme entitled and some granted, but it is extremely unlikely that any private school in this hemisphere or Europe receive no tax dollars.

          • cece

            wrong there are only about 4 colleges in us that do not get fed funds

          • Guest

            so?? still disgusti

          • Janet

            what does that have to do with the price of eggs?

          • Detex

            and your logical comment gets…

            Voted down. I am not sure any of these people commenting went to school

          • They receive a ton of money through “student loans,” which the courts have basically determined are little more than slush funds from DC to the schools. Then they receive taxpayers’ money through all kinds of grants. It’s what allows them to float tuition up and up, past the rate of inflation.

          • All student loans are government loans now. That means tax payers are paying for this, unless of course you are paying for this nonsense out of your own pocket or mommy and daddy are footing the bill. I’m betting that no one in their right mind would spend their own hard earned money on this trash and as a tax payer I’d appreciate it if you didn’t waste mine either.

          • freedomafirst

            This is called “education”? Why don’t they just assemble in the streets? that’s where this “education” comes from! As a REAL educator – I am beyond appalled.

          • 1KR

            because that wouldn’t be offensive enough to Christians. Which is exactly why they did it.

          • Eric

            If you are a REAL educator then you should glad that there was a program like this. Isn’t educating people about safe sex and helping to prevent early pregnancy a good thing?

          • Planned Parenthood presumably does this in grade school. If you are in college and don’t know where babies come from and how not to get a sexually transmitted disease by college age, then they are stupider than I thought! BCP pills have a failure rate of 9%, condoms 19% only abstinence has a 0% failure rate.

          • Funkin Wagnalls

            If you were a REAL educator, you wouldn’t say “beyond appalled.” You’d know the exact word you want to say.

          • Allegheny

            Allegheny is a private college. That means no tax money.

          • jerryomega

            Oh, that different. That makes it alright. My bad. Please forgive.

            This is from Man, Sex, God, and Yale by Nathan Harden and taken from Imprimis Jan.2013 vol. 42 no. 1
            I honestly don’t know if Yales gets tax payer money or not. I do know that it cost a lot of money to go there.

            In one classroom, a porn star stripped down to bare breasts, attached pinching and binding devices to herself as a lesson in sadomasochism, and led a student around the room in handcuffs. On other occasions, female students competed in a porn star look-alike contest judged by a male porn producer, and a porn film showing a woman bound and beaten was screened in the context of “instruction” on how students might engage in relationships of their own.

            And again, these things happened with the full knowledge and approval of Yale’s senior administrators.


          • Scott McLellan

            Did the students sign up for this class, or were they forced into it?

          • jerryomega

            I’m sure they must to have signed up for it. I was just awe struck by the fact that it was offered and people payed for it. You have to admit, it is a long way away from the three R’s

          • Peg Boy

            That class has the three R’s. Rectums, Restraints, and Rinse Thoroughly.

          • Eric

            No one had to pay and no one was forced to go.

          • hhh

            It was a seminar sponsored by on-campus clubs. Absolutely optional, not relevant to class at all.

          • Janet

            So?? I guess then it’s okay to be a pervert.

          • wvernon1981

            I assume truth to be absolute but morality really is largely relative from person to person. There are biological absolutes in morality, such as murder and empathy, but those can be overridden as is evidenced at various times and places like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

            The moral system you hold as true probably differs from that of your ancestors as morality evolves with time. If you look at your argument inductively, then you should have adhered to the previous generation’s moral system and they should have adhered to the previous generation’s moral system before that and so on such that we never made any moral progress since the time when humans first began intellectually pondering moral systems.

          • UnCL3

            Morality for mankind is in The Bible. God commanded that it stay unchanged as a guideline for His Church. Evrything else is just man’s bullsh1t.

          • wvernon1981

            How do you know what you know of your god isn’t man’s bullsh1t?

          • keefers42

            lookaround some one had to create this worldit was GOD get a clue would ya

          • Stephen Marcus

            I can tell by your writing that you went to college. You get a clue, and stop ramming your beliefs down wvermon’s throat as if they are obvious fact.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Nobody’s ramming anything down anybody’s throat here. That will be covered in another class……

          • benth163

            Great reply, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

          • Me too.

          • Stephen Marcus

            The poster could hardly write yet spoke as if his notion of creation was academic fact. He, as well as you, are clearly part of the home schooled generation believing anything mommy told you.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            What a burden clairvoyance must be….

          • wvernon1981

            How do you know someone or something had to create it?

          • Almerin O’Hara

            What’s your version of how everything came to be?

          • UnCL3

            I don’t think you really meant to ask such a question; if you read my statement, then you know the answer.

          • Gpop824

            Explain existence. The universe did not create itself. It had a begining.
            Science what’s to explain it by calling it the big bang. Well then explain
            what created that to happen. What was before the so called big bang.

            How was it created out of nothing? It had to be created out of something that was created by a supreme being. The Alpha and Omega.

            Explain why our earth is a perfect planet, and the only on we
            know of. It has life, air, water, everything created on it by
            man came from within or on it, from the materials God gave it.

          • wvernon1981

            Okay. Good questions but I need to first address the fatal flaw in your argument. You’re using what is called an “argument from ignorance” fallacy where you don’t know the answer to something and therefore you feel it is justified to posit the explanation you see as legitimate. You’re also using special pleading, I think, in that you claim that everything that exists needs a creator except for your creator.
            We don’t know that the universe had to have a creator. I think you’re getting at the infinite regress problem, that if everything that exists has a cause, then there must have been an uncaused cause at some point. The problem with this is that cause and effect are dependent on the flow of time such that effects cannot precede causes. We don’t know that time applies to the universe itself but rather just to things in the universe. It is therefore unknown currently if the universe could be said to have been caused in the sense we use it in.
            If our earth wasn’t suited for life as we know it, we wouldn’t be here to observe it as such anyway. Also, it’s not that the earth fits us so well but rather we are a adapted to living on the earth.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            God is timeless. “Time” is a dimension given to us mortals so that we can contemplate the Creation. The ancients believed that to see the face of God, one would essentially vaporize and die. However, given the flow of time, we can see and get to know God a little at a time. Then, we can love Him and serve Him, if we are so inclined.

            One way to conceive of an infinite God is as a tableau. (One useful concept is within the mathematical theory of finite state automata where the notion of time can be suppressed and the entirety of a system can be expressed as a kind of tableau.)

            He who is, who was, and is to come.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            If you are mathematically- and physics- inclined, you might consider reading some of the writiings of Leo Szilard and Marcel J.E. Golay, who speak of the equivalence of (mathematical) information and matter. Then study mathematical information theory. Then tie that together with the opening words of the Gospel of John. (In the beginning was the Word.)

            The proof is left to the faithful and diligent student.

            Or else, just believe that there is One who know things you do not know.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            By putting down the joint, walking away from the coffee table, going out into the real world, and testing it (what I know of my God)in real life every day for thirty-five years.

          • Best response, although the person sounds like a rotten apple. Satan likes the rotten kind for they give him the help he needs to disturb the faithful.

          • Stephen Marcus

            I would think your Satan would use the dumb–Romney voters like yourself. Certainly it was the easily lead who paved the way for Hitler and Franco’s faithful. You group-think people scare the crap out of sane Americans.

          • wvernon1981

            In glad it’s worked for you but as far as the god claim, there are countless stories of life transformation from other religions as well. I’m not sure how transformation can point to a specific god. Even atheists change their lives for the better when they truly want to.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            You are right. I’ve met many people in my 75 years who have been through life transformation and who do not call themselves “Christian.” But they recognize that they and those around them were created by a higher power. And they treat other people with care and loving kindness.

            There is a difference between “Being a Christian” (that’s a label) and Being Christian (that’s a way of life.)

            Jesus taught, as did Moses, that all the Law and the Prophecies can be traced back to two roots: Love God, and Love your neighbor.

            (And by the way, for those among us who get confused by all the uses of “love” in our English language, The New Testament, including the words of Jesus, written in Greek, does not use — not even once — the word for sexual love (eros.) Not once, not anywhere in the New Testament.

            The New Testament uses agape and philio, with Agape — the love of God for Jesus and his people — the most common word. (Philio — brotherly/familial/friendship love — as in “Philadelphia.”))

          • Almerin O’Hara

            I’ll see your 35 and raise you 40 more.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            Some of what I hear about my God seems to be man’s bull—t. I see some of that here, promulgated by what appears to be atheists and Gaiaist and pagans. Please do grab a nice big Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary and look up the word “rationalize.” It’s a nice word and a convenient concept when we don’t want to follow the safe paths, but would rather go our own way, or try to lead others in dangerous territory.

          • wvernon1981

            I don’t try to rationalize. I try to measure my system of morality by whether or not it benefits the most people or not. If someone else is not harmed by an act or if that harm is less than the harm of an individual not doing it, I don’t count it as immoral.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            But, what exactly is harmful to another person? What you believe is benign may not be so to another. For example, the motorcyclist who refuses to wear a helmet thinks it’s his risk alone. I have gone to help scrape these people off the road, while others have to wait for our limited emergency services to arrive for them.

            “No man is an island unto himself.”

            If your “system of morality” is purposed to “benefit the most people,” you are truly altruistic. Perhaps then you are the only one among us who is so. Philosophers have pondered and concluded that no one is completely altruistic. Go look it up. You may be unique. Who knows?

          • Htos1

            Athenians of antiquity would laugh at us for allowing this to happen,and then ask,”Who freed all the slaves”?(allowing this to happen)Be careful assuming for others.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            You speak of “moral progress,” and relative morality. That is what has gotten us in these troubled times. My morality is that of my family and ancestors. I make many mistakes, but my light still points in the same direction. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24)

          • Proteios

            Eloquent and insightful description of what Pope Benedict calls Relativism. Well done.

          • Htos1

            Beat me to it!

          • Stephen Marcus

            But Benedict uses relativism when dealing with his flock of pedophile priests…ironic

          • MichelleLynn68

            Ahh, yes. Pedophile priests in Catholic Church. Let’s really call it what it really is. HOMOSEXUAL priests who infiltrated into the Church. We have a pedophile problem due to sexually deviant homosexual men. STRAIGHT MEN DO NOT MOLEST BOYS! A light needs to be shined on this inherent truth.

          • You are absolutely correct in that the Church was infiltrated. The Pope has initiated a program to root out the evil from the seminaries. He has been particularly concerned by the radical nuns and the less known destruction that these lesbians have caused. Thanks for posting.

          • absinthe

            No, but straight men do molest girls. As a society, we are somewhat unusual in offering our girls up so freely to prostitution, thanks to divorce. We suffer under dysfunctional families created by divorce, bastardy and contraception. Homosexuality is not even the half of it, although homosexuals would like to make you think that they make up half of the population. “Christians” who think that they can commit the sin of adultery, through “legalized” divorce, without suffering the penalties that Christ imposed upon them lie at the root of most of our societal problems.

          • Stephen Marcus

            Straight pedophiles molest little girls so logically gay pedophiles would molest little boys–the key word being pedophile, not gay or str8. Straight men have sex with adult women, gay men with adult men–key word being adult. You can not suggest that all gays are pedophiles without suggesting the same about hetrosexual men.
            So, do you see str8 ministers or rabbis as a threat to little girls?

          • … for great justice.

            If you look closely at the Left, and read what they write about themselves, what they say and do, you will find many of them are into forms of Wicca and Gaia worship, and some are outright Luciferians.

            Their contempt for Christianity and even mention of the name Jesus Christ makes sense when you take that into consideration. Recall how there has been a low-key, but persistent war against Christianity at all levels of government, in the face of the First Amendments’ guarantee of the Free Exercise of Religion.

            Military chaplains have to fight to pray in Jesus’s name. “Merry Christmas” has been banished from public mention and employees of big box stores threatened with termination if they wish patrons checking out a Merry Christmas. It’s now been converted into a Generic Holiday, little different from a fictional Festivus.

            We need a more robust defense of Christianity, and to take the example of Jesus casting the money changers from the Temple, just as this filth polluted the sanctuary of the chapel with base sex.

          • cleve_blakemore

            The most important thing to know about modern secular kids is that all of them hold identical ideas to the principles offered by Aleister Crowley and other occultists a hundred years or so ago. They call it enlightenment but a short time ago it was called Luciferian worship.

          • sindexter

            lol your small brain is funny , do u believe in dragons , fairies and the lochness monster as well ?

          • daveinlaurel

            It proves the old adage “The new morality is the old immorality”.

          • … for great justice.


            ex nihilo nihil fit

          • Stephen Marcus

            We no longer use Merry Christmas due to that clause regarding freedom of religion. The US has a lot of Jew, Muslims, Hindusher faiths that do not celebrate Christian holidays.
            This also comes down to the issue of being polite to one’s neighbor. That is, unless you desire to convert them, as part of your defense of Christianity?

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Merry Christmas! What “we” are you talking about? Merry Christmas! How is “using” “Merry Christmas” being impolite? Would you prefer that I wish you a Miserable Christmas? Merry Christmas! Or are you so sensitive that the mere sound of the word “Christmas” gives you the creeps? Ever heard of the First Amendment? Merry Christmas!

          • Stephen Marcus

            Clearly, Merry Christmas does not apply to a Jew, Muslim, or atheist given that they do not celebrate Christmas. It is polite to recognize differences in a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic society.

            ‘We’ are the general population, the majority in the context of America. Why exactly would you wish a Hindu a Merry Christmas knowing full well that they do not celebrate the holiday? One only do this as a means of dominating/showing distain for someone who is different.

            Furthermore, religion does not belong in the public square given the various traditions practiced in America. Even Catholics and Protestants have friction when it comes to the topic of Mary. The keeping of religion and politics private keeps civil society civil.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            You must be exhausted!

          • I have never met a Jewish person that was offended by me telling them Merry Christmas..or others of different religions. If they are not Christian, they simply respond with Happy Holidays.

          • benth163

            Get off our soap box you idiot. Some cultures believe that sex is next to godliness, in that it is the ultimate expression of our ability to further our genetic code through the best expression of ourselves.

            Stop demonizing Sex ! Are you that afraid of your sexual desires that you believe you must crush your natural animalistic instincts at the expense of your psychological well being? If religion has done this to you, then it is not serving mankind as you believe it should !

          • Sex is the most natural and beautiful thing God created. However, His house is holy and therefore not to be desicrated. The seminar could have been held somewhere else without offending anyone.

          • trycompassion

            you know, what gets me about people like you is that you apparently believe a broad generalization about an incredibly diverse group of people is in some way applicable or logical. you know who adhered to a similar ideology? hitler. you know who rejected it? christ. there is indeed a right extended to all americans to freely exercise their religion. religion, i would like to remind you, is a broad spectrum, and is not, as a matter of fact, simply limited to christianity, whether you uphold that as the only true religion or not. freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. would you feel free if one of your neighbors who practiced a religion other than christianity criticized you for not upholding their personal values? you would not; for their religious values are not your own. Christ, if i can remember correctly, taught love. christ’s was a platform of compassion, of brotherhood and unity. christ condemned those who practiced hatred. if you consider yourself a humble brother of christ, don’t practice hatred.

            the chapel at allegheny is non-denominational. there are a number of non-religious events held there every year. the seminar hurt no one. those who did not wish to participate, did not. and as you would have it…the world continued to turn. people continued to have orgasms. your right to practice your religion comes from the same philosophy as my right to not practice your religion. try not to generalize a broad group of people, if your intelligence level permits you to understand and take into consideration diversity and difference. for example: i understand that not all christians are as hateful as you. i also understand that not all conservatives are as unintelligent as you or those posting comments akin to yours.

          • Yes, Christ taught love, but He also warned people about sin and the fires of Gehenna. he said in Matthew “Go in through the narrow gate, because the gate is wide and the road is
            spacious that leads to destruction, and many people are entering by it.”

            I guess only certain denominations respect the sanctity of a chapel or church. If Christ overturned the money changers tables in His anger, imagine what He would have done if this had happened while he was on earth!

          • The Left

            That’s where you’re wrong. We don’t have contempt for Jesus Christ. That long flowing hair, those washboard abs, His ability to absorb physical abuse… mmm-mmm, we could spend a nice three-day weekend letting that hottie “raise us from the dead.”

          • They may have been banned from telling me Merry Christmas, but I am more than happy to share the message with them anyway.

          • Translation: they don’t have a clue about morality.

          • Htos1

            This old geezer,has work literally flying through space,to represent us to “what’s out there”.

          • benth163

            I supposed that was written with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek?

          • Almerin O’Hara

            Whatcha mean?

        • 3Dunedain90

          More than liberals not having a clue, they’re blind to the point of immorality. Next they’ll advocate prostitutes as priestesses for liberal religion, and insist tax payers flip the bill. In short, liberals are basically pagans who do not know it, but their priorities or lifestyles expose it well enough. But there is a wrath to come. And rightly so, for God is holy.

        • Nimadan

          But that’s not true. In my experience, PC Liberals are intensely moralistic. The issue is the content of their moral code…

          1. Their moral code negates physical, social, & economic Reality.

          2. Their moral code demonizes males, Whites, Christians, Christianity, America, and Western Civilization.

          • jerryomega

            Ok. So what’s left?

          • bigone4u

            Legalized pedophila is coming. Watch and see.

          • sindexter

            what is the catholic church in charge of law making again ?

          • Htos1

            I agree,that’s the last “push” before the all-out assault against us with leo’s and swat used as a brownshirt squad.

          • Stephen Marcus

            With a name like bigone4u, I can only imagine what is coming. Let me guess, bigone, you support sleaze, provided it be hetrosexual smut?

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “With a name like bigone4u, I can only imagine what is coming. Let me guess, bigone, you support sleaze, provided it be hetrosexual smut?”

            Well, around here, “Big One” is usually taken as the name of a popular frozen pizza brand.

          • 1KR

            and after that, legalized beastiality.

          • Tok

            Bestiality is already legal in some states. Washington state allows to have sex with animals.

          • 1KR

            just goes to show how sick this country is becoming. thanks liberals.

          • Good

            Sweet, I’m moving there!

          • Detex

            you must go through a ton of tinfoil for all those hats!

          • Eric

            How does masturbation lead to pedophilia? (thats how its spelled)

          • jerryomega

            You are so right. You can’t allow gay marriage and say no to polygamy, pedophile and god knows what else. It just proves how liberals don’t care about the unintended consequences.

          • jack sprat

            “Unintended”? Naif!

          • jerryomega

            This will blow you mind. Bear with me.

            An elementary school in Mass. has introduced a transgender tolerance program to its students.

            A child can declare his or her self what ever gender they choose on any given day and the rest of the students have to honor it.

            This means for example that say a boy says that today I feel like a girl. This means that he can interact with the girls including going into the girls restrooms.

            You must understand what the liberals are trying to do. By indoctrinating our children they remove the difference between genders from society thus making homosexuality more acceptable. Read about it:

            Massachusetts Schools Must Cater to “Transgender” Students

            People who can should do whatever they have to do to get their children out of government schools. Now you know why Obama and the Democrats don’t want you to have vouchers.

          • Bullshirt

            Oh shut the fuck up you stupid cunt

          • Psychiatrists have actually been fighting for Pedophillia to be classified as just anothe mental illness, thus making it not illegal any longer. The closer we get to Christ’s coming, the worse this world will become. Everything will be allowed and be legal.

          • Birger_Skruddusvingen

            “The closer we get to Christ’s coming, the worse this world will become.”

            In that case I desperately hope Christ are going to show up in a couple of hours. I honestly don’t think I can take it if the world gets much worse than it already is.

          • jack sprat

            Patience. First, (adult) incest.

          • Well said Nimadan.

          • junipersnippets

            Then they should hang on tight to their “morals” in Hell. I guarantee you they will find many “moral” people there.

          • Scott McLellan

            Yes, many many many many many many Christians.

          • Stephen Marcus

            Sure your heaven-bound–huh? Confident and cocky in your morals, I see…

          • Im4Jesus

            While it is not in my place to judge, that is for the LORD, I AM sure I will go to heaven at the Rapture. How about you with your attitude? Even so, COME LORD JESUS! Amen…

          • Stephen Marcus

            I’m a Jew thus don’t need Jesus but thanks for the invite.

          • steve mackey

            boy are you in for a surprise!

          • Bullshirt

            See you there 🙂

          • That White Guy

            As a White, Christian, American Male, attending this college, I can affirm your allegation.


            Oh you poor thing. How does an oppressed minority like yourself survive here?

          • Htos1

            1000 “ups”.

          • Nailed it, their Amoral code of ultimate narcissism…the little dolts are off on their merry little road to hell

          • benth163

            What-sa-matter Russy boy. Are you afraid of your penis? Masturbation has nothing to do with Narcissism. You moron !!

          • No, of course not oh great bent one. Just keep on pleasing yourself as you are the only one worthy to, and to hell with anyone else, you are always right, right? It’s your right to exersize your bent one is it not? How dare anyone tell you that you can’t do that, your bent one belongs to you, you’re so special! Mommy’s special little boy…./sarc off

          • Bullshirt

            See you there 🙂

          • It is religious faggotry…

          • Hence, why I cannot explain anything to them. It’s like the Indian trying to explain to the cowboy how shooting the squaw accomplishes nothing good, when the cowboy is convinced they’re all “red devils” anyway. Shooting back is more effective, since the pretense of reason is already long gone.

        • frizzy140

          morality is subjective, and yours in clearly not the majority or quite frankly the norm for those under the age of 30

        • Scott McLellan

          Muslim extremists feel the same way about higher education. Godless, Liberal, Academia.

        • Stephen Marcus

          What is wrong with talking about human sexxuality in a church? The bible talks about sex many times. We Jews believe the day of rest is also a day for making love.Clearly, each religion and then every sect, looks at various passages differently but few honestly look at masterbation as sin anymore.

        • mersey

          The progressives cry about the separation of state and church all the time. You don’t want the church in the state? Well keep your state out of the church!

      • There will be a terrible retribution ….God will judge …this country we are being punished into obscurity! God reigns!!!

        • Bet they don’t have the guts to give this seminar inside a mosque!

          • jamesben

            Great point, that’s for CERTAIN. Liberal/socialist/Democrat Christian bashers are SCARED sh*tless of Islam…but I’m not.

          • Kevin Stowell

            Geez, Jamesb, you’re scraping the bottom, aren’t you? :o)

          • AJ

            This building is used by Islamic students on campus YOU STUPID FUCK

        • griefman

          It’s already here. They call it 4 more years.

      • Stuart Bell

        Masturbation…..It does a body good! Have you masturbated today? If I had the money I would put those logos on billboards from coast to coast. Masturbation is the best stress reducer there is. So if you are sitting at your desk, Take a Break, go to the restroom and….Just Do It.

        • jason

          Hey Stuart,
          You need to find a woman (or a boyfriend if that’s what you’re into) and stay out of the restrooms.

          • Stuart Bell

            No I mean in addition to a normal sex life.

        • Mapache

          Maybe you need to find a partner?

          • Stuart Bell

            I mean in addition to a normal sex life.

        • Stuart, you should give Barney Frank’s office a call.

          • Stuart Bell

            Funk You…

        • Why do you think writing something like this is clever?

          I think a lot of you liberals have some kind of innate problem with normal people and traditional institutions. Many of you voted for Obama just because you believed it would offend traditional Americans.

          • Stuart Bell

            Funk You…Go Jerk Off just like you have always done since you learned how to do it.

          • 1CatEye

            It did. Sigh.

          • MHS

            Actually, it’s conservatives who have problems with ‘normal’ people–people who do things like have sex and masturbate (which is, in fact, almost everyone).

      • barry_sotero1

        Just the LGBT crowd looking for new converts, Can you imagine the purpose and goal of your life to be teaching other peoples children how to stick fingers in their poosies and ahsses? How noble.

        • EATitCNN

          and how it’s “okay” to finger your same sex ‘friends’
          Maybe while they’re at church they can learn about how that will send them STRAIGHT TO HELL

          • Take Back Something or Other

            God made His positive view of fingering very clear, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

          • Tim

            You’ll be pleased to know that they won’t be sent to hell because it doesn’t exist, and your entire belief system is predicated on the rantings of nomadic middle-eastern tribes in a book that was written before humanity had figured out anything concerning science and the natural world. Have fun living in fairy tale land! By the way, same sex marriage will be not only legal within a few years, but will be so accepted that a hundred years from now, you and everyone like you will be remembered similarly to how we regard anti-abolitionists and people who were against African American/Women’s civil rights. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Have fun with a constantly shrinking population of people who think like you do, as religion will be extinct in a few hundred years.

      • Bright Hart

        Dictatorial government is what Obama and his minions aim to impose.

      • Joe

        Or it is destroyed in fire and brimstone by the wrath of Gods judgement himself just like in similar situations in the Bible.

      • Michael Sullivan

        Muslims. It will go to the Muslims. I’m sure the Left will love that experience.

      • Jon Preston

        It seems like the college could have found a more appropriate place than this chapel to conduct a female orgasm seminar. Perhaps in some other part of the university. It was probably intentionally chosen to poke and prod the Christian community, however tiny that might be on this campus. In any event, I don’t understand why any Christian would find the subject objectionable. They aren’t condoning adultery are they? Would it be terrible if young Christian women actually found pleasure in their marital sex lives? The subject isn’t “dirty” or “evil” or “sinful” and if you stopped treating it that way you might discover more young Christians. Automatically decrying sexuality as sinful is absurd. I’m a Christian and I assure you that it isn’t.

    • A glimpse

      Who God wants to destroy, he first makes them crazy.

      This adage is now being employed by the Good Lord. You are right, splintering of the nation by region is soon to follow.

    • Good

      Yes, but that’s only because grandma and grandpa had a big, deep closet to hide their homosexual tastes. I say God bless these young people for bringing their sexuality out into the open!

      • Michael Bingham

        And I say you and fools like you know nothing about God because there is now way he will bless this kind of mocking of His house and name.

        I pity people like you.

        • whattim

          so, if God would not bless anything like this, why does he bless priests who molest little boys? how about the people who protect the priests. you support people who rape kids, you must be proud

          • Drew102

            why do you feel guilty? god blessed you for all those things you must be proud. no faith no honor that’s you

          • whattim

            i do not feel guilty at all. But i would feel terrible if I supported an organization that condoned and hid grown men who rape kids. I am sorry you are so blind and boast honor as you support such vial actions.

          • D John

            He blessed Judas as an apostle but yet was betrayed and gave everything. Therefore 8% of the original apostles were the worst of sinners, yet Christians and Catholics still believe and look up to the other 92% of the apostles and their successers, his priests of the Roman Catholic Church.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            And HOW does God bless these people? Please explain that.

          • whattim

            If you believe in God, I guess you have to believe he created everyone and blessed them with life. That would be everyone, not just the people you like or agree with in this life.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Yes, He blessed us all with life. After that we reap mostly what we sow. There is Grace, but God is not mocked with impunity.

          • whattim

            Then again, I go back to my original thoughts, how can you support a church that molested kids and everyone hid it? That is a bigger crime against the church than these kids. Grown men, who were trusted, violated and raped young boys! That is the biggest mockery against God.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            Condemning the Whole for the sins of a few is hardly original. It’s a familiar technique with a long and sordid history, as is defending one mockery by pointing out others. Just for the record, I do not support molesting children or adults. The people who allowed Masturbation 101 to be taught in a chapel, are the are the same type of cowards who look the other way concerning the molestation of young kids. I am not minimizing one violation by taking issue with the other.

          • whattim

            Acting like nothing is happening in the Catholic Church is everything, but original. I am sorry you believe in a religion who protects people who rape and molest kids. Even the Pope had enough sense to walk away, right before the holiest season. Hiding secrets is the favorite thing to do in the Catholic church.

          • The emperor has no clothes

            This has become tiresome. You haven’t heard a word I said. Get some help, and try getting honest with yourself.

          • whattim

            I heard everything you said, sadly you live in denial. I am sorry for you

          • The emperor has no clothes

            This has become tiresome. You haven’t heard a word I said. Get some help, and try getting honest with yourself.

      • Jesse Schoeder

        You got weird grandparents bub. Please don’t lot mine together with yours.

        • Stuart L.Bell

          Masturbation….It does a Body Good! Have you Masturbated Today? If I had the $ I would rent billboards from coast to coast and put those logos on them. Masturbation is on of the best stress relievers there is. So if you are sitting at your desk, take a break, go to the bathroom and do it. It feels so good and it is so good for you.

          • jason

            Only fruitcakes masturbate in public bathrooms

          • Stuart L.Bell

            My office has a private bathroom…get a better job. Fool.

        • Take Back Something or Other

          When my grandma achieves orgasm, she shouts “BINGO!”

      • Sick freak.

      • rambo555

        You must be a homosexual to think the majority of people are like you. Research has proven that homosexuality is limited to a small portion of the population of this world. Homosexuals like you make yourself feel better by implying your part of a bigger group. No one really cares what you do in the privacy of your own home, we care about you trying to change everyone’s beliefs using lies and liberal tactics like you have in the previous emails. Be gay, who gives a crap! Just stop being a liberal pansy trying to change the core beliefs of this country!

        • Josh

          Thinking the majority of people are like you…

          Funny how bigots who think like you are subject to that exact delusion.

      • Michael White

        Don’t validate your own twisted desires by projecting them onto others. If you’re “in the closet,” please do us all a favor and have somebody brick over the door.

      • You surely have heard the term, “Useful idiots”? Try at least to not make it easy for those that wish to destroy America.

      • Cudjoekeyguy

        So what if your Grandparents were FREAKS and you got some of that? I don’t care. I don’t care if these “students” are into homosexuality and beastiality for you too, but do not bring God into your inane reply.

      • kat

        I’m pretty sure masterbation has been around from the beginning of man. Most people could figure it out themselves though — didn’t need to go to college and take a class on it!

      • Why????????????????? Why bring ones sexuality out into the open? Your lot are moral fools! And gross!!!!! Sex and sexuality are gifts, but i don’t want to see, hear, or know anything about the sexuality of all the homosexuals flaunting their nasty bits in public. What a joke!!!!

    • “Every day brings a new outrage.Every day brings a story that would have stunned our grandparents. ”
      And leftists mock those of us who say things like gay marriage will lead to people being able to marry their little brother or some other such perversion.
      Things that were taboo just a generation ago are now the norm today, but liebrals don’t pay any attention at all to the past and refuse to learn from it.

      • Hominid

        For Libs, yesterday’s psychopathologies are today’s public policies.

    • With the election of obama, they have lost patience with waiting us out, with waiting for those of us that know better and are now seniors, to die out. We can see it with the demonization of our Traditional American culture. This blasphemy of defiling a place of worship is an example of satan’s workers busy at it. Today we find out that a company in Minn was given a contract to produce gun targets for the feds that depict pregnant women, children and seniors as targets! Yes that is right, we are now the targets for our own police forces to practice on. The Department of Homeland Security has contracted with Law Enforcement Targets, inc. for two million dollars worth of shooting targets that feature such names as “old woman, pregnant woman and little brother”. The company, LET, inc has verified this information.

    • Vorenious

      I would be one of the first to take my weapons to the God fearing, Constitutional believing portion.

    • Drew102

      It’s the Roman Empire repeating history it’s
      not too late but it will be late soon. My granddad would have been locking and
      loading by now, and their generation would have been rallying in the streets to
      take back what is their god given rights. The government has remove most of our
      parts that god gave us, it’s time to grow them back.

      • whattim

        God did not give you any rights,

        • Drew102

          You must have removed your god given parts you girly boy you :-}

          • whattim

            sorry Drewless, but God gave us life, no rights. If he gave us rights how about the people starving in Africa? they don’t have the same rights? you are just a nut job who needs to be part of a group that agrees.so sorry you have no brain. son!

          • Drew102

            because your godless and have no morals you don’t believe in the Declaration
            of Independence? I will go back to that group known as our founding fathers.
            Founding Fathers of the United States believed in God and for the most part
            we’re strongly religious men with strong beliefs in entitlements bestowed by
            God upon men, and that these entitlements were so important that no earthly
            power can rightfully deny them. Therefore, no Government can deny these rights.
            So if I’m a nut job what does that make you? You better go back to your
            basement after sucking on your mommy’s tits. Unless your sucking on something else
            for you nourishment

        • Drew102

          That because your godless and have no morals you don’t believe in the Declaration of Independence? I will go back to that group known as our founding fathers. Founding Fathers of the United States believed in God and for the most part we’re strongly religious men with strong beliefs in entitlements bestowed by God upon men, and that these entitlements were so important that no earthly power can rightfully deny them. Therefore, no Government can deny these rights. So if I’m a nut job what does that make you? You better go back to your basement after sucking on your mommy’s tits. Unless your sucking on something else
          for you nourishment.

    • dtom2

      If the Lord God almighty doesn’t soon rain down His wrath upon this perverted culture he will owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • middleofthemap1234


    • Lloyd__Christmas

      I find it ironic that we can pray in schools, but we can tell kids what is and what is not a sin. I have two kids who attend this school… they will not be returning next year.

      Has anyone started to email the administration about this? It sure would be nice to get a couple hundred people sending complaints and shutting down their email server.

      This school always promotes homosexuality, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that they would stoop to this. You can have a Gay March, but you can’t have a March to support straight students or any other things that are not of liberal orientation.

      – Lloyd

      • 7thFleetVet

        Lloyd, did you mean to say that we can’t pray in schools?

    • Rocky Mountain

      Stunned our grandparents? This stuns me! My grandparents probably would’ve keeled over and died.

    • cleve_blakemore

      I think the country get vaporized by the Chinese and the radioactive soil spaded over so nobody even knows there was a country there a hundred years from now. That is normally how God deals with apostate nations.

    • UnCL3

      yes, indeed…EVERY DAY brings new outrage. It’s disgusting.

    • Scott McLellan

      Don’t forget circumcision!

    • njersey5389

      So true. How this Country has changed over such a short period of time is amazing. We used to have the most disciplined, law-abiding and conservatively moral society on Earth. What is happening is a tragedy.

    • cultish

      We will all be better off without your “god” and all that goes with it. All the shame and hatred.

    • Noah

      Sounds a lot better than religiously motivated dictatorships, genocide, slavery, and genital mutilation. I agree. I don’t understand plastic surgery, sex changes, and showering people with fame and money because they can throw a ball. I’m not going to kill them all just to justify religious and political delusions though. When you decide to separate people, judge people, and control people, the final and ultimate solution is always genocide and murder. Governments and countries change and fall all the time, but it’s people remain, and every one of them has the right to pursue happiness as they see it, as long as it doesn’t infringe on another’s.

  • Janet

    More education in America; no wonder we are in terrible shape. I’m sure God is not too happy with them.

    • Matthew

      Really? You’re SURE God is not to happy with them? What IS God’s official stance on g-spot stimulation? Get it if you got it or an ‘white males only’ kind of thing?

      • libtarded

        God’s stance on modesty is well documented.

        • Take Back Something or Other

          The first thing God created was light. That freaky exhibitionist wanted us to see EVERYTHING.

          • libtarded

            True– until Eve and Adam committed the only sin that God told them not to do. Then they saw their nakedness, were ashamed, covered themselves, and hid from God.

            Spin may work on your indoctrinated friends but if there is a God, I suspect it won’t work on him. You will find out one way or the other.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            No, He ALLOWED us to see everything. Because he gave us free will. Just like the rules of baseball allow you to steal third base when there is one out and no one on first or third. But it should not be done “unwisely.”

      • Janet

        Well, I’m sure he isn’t too happy with the stupidity in education today; how dumb can people be. People need to know how to live, not about something that is private.

      • Almerin O’Hara

        God’s stance on g-spot stimulation is that it is reserved for the privacy and sanctity of holy matrimony — marriage — alone, and the sexual act is for the procreation of children and to further bond the husband and wife.

        And God’s stance on human communication is that it is a blessing to be able to communicate with other souls and should be done for his glory and his purposes. And with mutual respect. Not necessarily what you seem to do.

  • Commieobamie

    Why not in an islamo mosque? islamophobic?

    • akabillybob

      The Muslims would have a slaughter-fest with all the infidels. I doubt they would even try to convert these sorts. And their way is convert or die.

      • Almerin O’Hara

        Use first person.

    • Jesse Schoeder

      pointless really. With Moslems there is no masturbation. Why would you need to masturbate in the nation of Islam? Not like there is a shortage of woman when you’ve got 9 year old girls to get yer “rocks off” on.
      I mean maybe they masturbate thinking about the poor guy down the street with 5 little girls and a dying goat and bills to pay but no source of income until the guy down the rubble strewn street finishes masturbating and runs to the Atm to pick up funds to purchase a young bride from the poor farmer up the lane. Of course to go with his 6 other wives.

      • heather

        And muslim womens’ parts are cut off so they can’t orgasm anyway.

    • libtarded

      Because lie-berals are cowards at heart, running from the very consequences of their own choices. When the nation collapses and there is violence, there will be a lot of dead Prius owners.

    • heather

      Islam is the barbarian army of the left; so the left defends the heinous of islam while shredding the decency of Christianity, which obstructs their goal of totalitarianism.

  • mojomitchman

    The Bible has told us of worse times to come. So what’s to get excited about here?….(no pun intended). The Word of God is coming true.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      Yes it is. Learn about it. Read scripture. Start with the Book of John. Read Matthew, chapters 5-7. Then meditate on it for a few years before you condemn others.

  • Syd Barrett

    Notice the ” educators ” last names , Miller and Weinberg. They knew exactly what they were doing.

    • Good

      oh look, we have an bigoted piece of garbage here!

      • Take Back Something or Other

        How dare a Jew take center stage in a Catholic church? What would Jesus think?

      • rambo555

        Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you “Good”.

  • fastgen1

    It is the obammy way..the closer to Sodom we get the better he likes it. It’s the homosexual in him coming out.

    • Rocky

      There must be some truth to the rumors of Obama and “Reggie Love”!! He is so quick to defend the homosexuals isn’t he? Hmmmm..

      • Good

        Ah, there goes “Rocky” attacking other people’s manhood again. Anyone who goes around yelling at the “homosexuals” and caling himself “Rocky” raises red (or should I say pink) flags for me!

        • Almerin O’Hara

          You sound like a freshman, devoid of logic and reason.

          • Take Back Something or Other

            Most people are completely unaware of Obama’s hidden homosexuality. It takes someone who is very, very attuned to gay feelings to spot it. I thank Fastgen and Rocky for being brave enough to share their expertise in queer vibrations.

      • Google Obama Mens Club Chicago.

  • rex

    This is truly disgusting, absolutely no respect for the church, everyone in attendance just got there go straight to hell card.

    • libtarded

      I can see their twisted souls standing in front of St. Peter now…
      Bu…bu… But it’s Bush’s fault! Heaven is Racist! Hater!

      • Take Back Something or Other

        Wow, that image is even more vivid than the mundane sexual fantasies I pleasure myself to. You are a freaky dude!

        • libtarded

          Freaky went out of style with bellbottoms in the 70’s.

    • RexIsaTwat

      You’re a sanctimonious twat.

      • rex

        Galatians 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

    • Allegheny Student

      Including the several students and the adult representative of one of the college’s Christian groups who attended to see what it was about? Not everyone who went there agreed with everything that was said–and God still loves each and every one of those people as much as He happens to love YOU.

  • Elliot Arclight

    I wonder what the Catholic chaplain has to say about this misuse of a house of God? I’m sure he would not have such a cavalier attitude… I wonder if there will be some sort of “cleansing” prior to another Mass being celebrated there….? This, in a way, reminds me of the gospel story of the money changers in the temple. Remember what Jesus did to them?

    • Good

      Since when has the clergy in the Catholic church shown reservations about using the church as a sexual playground? At least these college students are adult and consenting participants!

      • Charles

        Remember Good. It’s the perverted men whom used the Church as a vehicle to abuse children. The Church is a divine, living, breathing body that supersedes the heinous acts these men committed.The Church is at fault for covering up. There are an overwhelming amount of good people within the Church doing God’s work that you will never here about. That doesn’t make the nightly news.

      • I pray that you attain wisdom, maturity and some respect for others.

    • Good

      Ha, yeah right! Since when does the Catholic clergy have a problem with using the church as a sexual playground?

      • libtarded

        More lie-beral school teachers have abused children than catholic priests.

        • You’re right. The highest rate of child molestation (and cover up) is found in the public school teaching.

          • Take Back Something or Other

            I heard the highest rate is among message board posters.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    besides all the obvious reasons this is wrong, I have only one suggestion that should seem quite obvious.
    Please wash hands before returning to life.

  • Max

    This event mocks the house of God which should be a place of worship and not a den of iniquity.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      Iniquity resides in the individual heart, not in a consecrated house of worship. You bring iniquity in; It does not reside there.

  • thegoldman

    No class…

    Some lines you just don’t cross…

  • longliveUSA


  • Yhadda

    Jesus was tortured, died and shed His blood, and rose again. He can help emotionally (and even physically) heal STD’s, and the common ills that we face.

  • First the left kicked God out of the schools. Now I guess they’re going after the churches. Sad.

    • Allegheny Student

      As a student on campus, the general consensus is that they tried to get the auditorium, but it was already booked for that day. The chapel is the next biggest space on campus. That’s it.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    Dear lord, give me the strength to fit my whole fist in my vagina.Amen.

    • let me know if you find my class ring

    • Take Back Something or Other

      Why do you think they call it the Hole-y Bible?

    • Jesse Schoeder

      Plagiarizer would be a good word for you. You can use all day if you want.


    our federal TAX dollars at work once again

  • heather

    1963 Congressional Record: Communist Manifesto mission is to destroy Christianity

    • Rocky

      Did you hear this am that Obama is pushing the California courts to overturn the gay marriage ban? Of course Obama has been known to practice the “gay” lifestyle himself, probably still does. So he is looking out for his own. Unfortunately to many people think like the Abomination in the White House.

  • sgfan

    What is so sad is, there’s no shame anymore. How could this be actually taught as an option and then to teach it in a church, the house of God, is just too much. God will NOT allow this much longer. Judgment begins in the house of God and believe me, it will happen. However, fear of judgment never brings about changes that God would desire. Only a deep and abiding love for Him will compel us to be obedient to His commands. I pray that happens before it’s too late.

  • Hawkeye2000

    So who doesn’t jerk off ?
    Muslims are jerkoffs but they too jerk off.

    • libtarded

      No… I’m pretty sure they’ve always got a 9 year old or goat nearby.

  • Brian Dillon

    If liberals had any guts whatsoever, they would have hosted this event in a Mosque. But we all know that liberals are cowards.

    • BrianDillonIsAnIdiot

      Liberals are definitely shaking in their boots now that internet tough guy Brian Dillon is on the scene. Nothing gets past this genius.

  • you know you have stupid kids if you have to teach them to ‘Pound the Pope”

  • Good

    Good for them!

    • Rocky

      You are a “sicko” !! Not “good”.

      • Good

        My goodness, someone has some sexuality issues! Rocky sounds “all soft” to me!

        • no Rocky’s right, you are not right in the head there are you

  • doesntmatter

    The Lord gives us a new day to repent from wickedness and turn to Him so that we will know the glory of His mercy. Pray for them that they will know God and will praise His name for all to see. It’s never too late. As long as He gives all of us one more day, we can live it in repentance and loving Him and loving others. That’s the only thing He has charged us to do. Lord have mercy on us.

    • Good heart but delusional. Jeremiah describes what is coming for this Nation in chapter 15.The wicked want a fight with God and a fight they shall have.

      • doesntmatter

        Everyday is a new day. The Lord will come again and when he does He will bring destruction and judgement with Him. Unless we as a nation turn from our wickedness, we will be destroyed and live an eternity separated from God but as long as we have today, there is hope for all.

  • heather

    This is the left’s stated mission to destroy Christianity.
    They defend the heinous in islam while shredding the decency of Christianity since islam is their barbarian army.

    • libtarded

      The left attacks Christianity because in the western world, it will be the one thing that stops them from gaining totalitarian control of society.
      You see, if your rights come from your creator (God) they cannot be taken away– this limits leftist power.
      Get rid of God, and now man’s rights aren’t so inalienable. Whatever the Government giveth, the Government can take way. Government IS GOD to the leftist, and government doesn’t like competition.

      • Almerin O’Hara

        Well said.

    • Every totalitarian regime in history has killed priests and destroyed churches. For leftists, though, anything done “for The People” is good. Anything.

  • Irving Canfield

    Desecration of a holy place is evil.

    • libtarded

      And that is precisely why they do it. They are the willing agents of evil on earth.

  • The_MaD_HaCkER

    I know hookers who show a certain amount of decorum in church. I guess that they are not collage educated. They have higher standards. ;(

    • libtarded

      College “education” is about indoctrination into the leftist atheist “group think”. Critical thinking is just a mirage as their own dogma forbids questioning politically correct assumptions.
      In short– educated idiots are still idiots.

  • TexCassidy

    Maybe Chaplain Jane, of a “non-denominational” christian church, doesn’t have much respect for traditional Christian denominations. If she is a sensitive and caring person, maybe if others contact her and let her know how they feel hurt, she’ll learn there are other sensibilities other than her own, and she’ll think twice before poking others in the eye who think differently than she does.

  • Luxomni

    I tell you today’s college students aren’t as bright as they used to be. We could figure out masturbation without a seminar.

  • why? just why?, I don’t understand why they chose a church..it’s sick and wrong, shame on them. These kids are listening to these weirdo’s, that’s evil what they did, parents please research the college you send your kids to..I know one now that will never ever be an option. Thanks for posting this and warning us these vile schools.

    • Sarah

      …because it was one of the 3 large spaces available on campus, of which the other two were booked. Ford chapel is a non-denominational space where classes and other activities are held. “I <3 female orgasm" was supposed to be the hook for people to come, but it was also about having healthy relationships as well. Many of the religious groups and the chaplain at the school were contacted to make sure this was okay and not offensive.

  • Anthony B

    Filthy Deranged Liberals.

  • HarryObrian

    So now kids are too stupid to know about self-satisfaction to the point where socialist over-priced colleges have to teach them??? Sheesh, even people living in 3rd world countries in grass huts know more about the subject…
    Is Van Jones teaching the fisting classes as well??
    Well, I guess if you can’t get a job after spending 100k on a useless diploma then you can lie around beating it all day.

  • mrcyberdoc

    Not much different than in OT times. And look how God punished those people. We too will feel His judgement. It’s just a matter of time. Meanwhile, welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah!

  • Silenced

    Wow. Not one person could be found who thought that a church is an inappropriate setting for this. That is either a comment on the poor reporting or the poor state of the spiritual life of the people at the college.

  • blancojoe

    “Liberal Arts” college begins to sum it up. Universities have been slowly and deliberately highjacked by the extreme Left for many decades. Their filth continues to rise and become much more visible as of these last years. It will continue and this world will continue to become a very cold place morally, just as the Bible states.

  • hot!

    Where do I sign up? This is my kinda church!

  • OrlandoRican

    Keep lowering the bar.

  • Teaching things people find out by themselves, or by reading a book. This crap is done to create “experts”. If there are that many young people who are truly ignorant about sex by their early 20’s (in this hypersexualized society), it’s just a statement about the failures of parents and intellectual sloth.

  • MC

    Let your voice be heard! Time to use liberal’s tactics against liberals. Make a phone call…write an email…be professional but be DIRECT and UNAPPOLOGETIC for your BELIEFS!

    Linda DeMeritt
    Allegheny College
    Bentley Hall #117, Box 18
    520 North Main Street
    Meadville, PA 16335
    phone: (814) 332-3393
    fax: (814) 332-2796
    [email protected]

  • David Dunlap

    Do these people not understand what an “apostasy” is? God forgive them their ignorance!

  • anonymous

    “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings” (2 Tim 4:3).

  • mucholderguy

    Young people thinking about sex! Young people learning about sex! Young people having sex! I’m shocked, let me tell you. Shocked! And it’s all the fault of that socialist Muslim in the White House! He’s going to put in that Sharia law and raise my taxes!

  • Next week: How to find your heroin vein.

  • PittsburghTiger

    I’m sure Alleghney College would have NO PROBLEM holding this event in a Muslim Mosque, right?

  • Detroit Native

    Guess where I WON’T be sending my kids to college!!!

    • Matthew

      Good call. What can you learn at school that they don’t have on the streets of Detroit. A+ parenting.

    • Wayne State.

  • Noel Granite

    Tell me when these brave feminists hold this lecture/course in a Mosque.

    • Jesse Schoeder

      It really is about the ladies isn’t now?

  • Can you do this under law: yes. Is it within the bounds of the Constitution yes, but as always Freedom takes responsibility, good taste and yes (dare I say) even class….these are things that the liberal garbage “running the culture” today and in the White House do not have. The Founders continue to spin in their graves. Utterly pathetic!

  • Kummin

    Don’t these people have ANY shame?

  • JnnyBGood

    face palm, level 9000! LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!

  • speak up everyone, go to Allegheny college website and send them a message telling them how you feel, flood their servers, call their office! seriously you can’t let people like this get away with it!..they are molding our children’s minds with this garbage and creating a future of idiotic disrespecting liberal little moron’s who will one day have children who will in turn pass on that stupidity!

  • Jesse Schoeder

    besides all the obvious reasons this is wrong, I have only one suggestion that should seem quite obvious.
    Please wash hands before returning to life.

  • Kummin

    God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. LOL, sorry a bit off-topic but I just had to get that in!

  • Hobbes

    This is really evil. The left knows no limits when it comes to desecrating the beliefs of those who do not agree with them.

  • SoCalJeanne

    Progressive Colleges and the lame stream media, the death of our culture.

  • BooBoo

    “Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg”… two Joos with no respect for other religions! No wonder the world loves the Jews! They just aren’t happy unless they’re sticking their marxist beliefs into everyone else’s life.

  • This goes beyond religion and exposes the Sick Mind of the Liberal. Maybe some TV and radio hosts are right… Liberalism is a Mental Disease.

    • Jesse Schoeder

      When applied this way it starts to become something a bit more than a mental disorder.

    • History tells us that leftists are capable of anything in the name of “The People”, even murder. So, any immoral act should not surprise us.

  • Vexious

    Seems rather sick to me. They couldn’t find a better site for this sort of thing?

    • According to their facebook page, they’re having lectures on other topics in a building called the Campus Center. So, they obviously did this as an intentional affront to Christians.

      • AJ

        wrong again, dumbass.

  • I hope NO ONE attends religious services there anymore. If THIS is how they want to show respect for someone’s religion, then that House of God should be shut down.

    MORE, that Chaplin should be fired, IMO.

    • Take your Divine Love to Town, kids.

    • Eeewww, does anyone want to sit on those pews? There are some things that are just too ridiculous to make sense of. Kate Weinberg has spoken of her desire to be a mermaid. Oh to have one of those fancy degrees that you can’t get a job, so you spin and come up with this. The idiots are those that pay for worthless “seminars” and the parents that fund them.

      • libtarded

        Well, technically, most students get loans… and now that the government has taken over the backing of those loans (and ignores default from those who work for the government)– it’s very likely that you and I are funding them.

  • hihoze

    Just as every cop is a criminal…. And all the sinners saints….
    As heads is tails…. Just call me Lucifer…Cause I’m in need of some restraint

    Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name…But what’s puzzling you…Is the nature of my game.

    We are all “extras” living in a carefully censored and controlled “Truman Show” and every year more uninformed extras are graduated from our colleges. With each graduation, The Great Fall of America continues….

    • Jesse Schoeder

      pleased to meet you.

  • speak up! let them know how you feel about this!! https://www.facebook.com/alleghenycollege?ref=ts&fref=ts

  • Disgusting liberals.

  • EnabledVet

    During the French revolution, the leaders of the revolution placed a prostitute on the alter of Notre Dame, symbolizing the overthrow of the old order of religion and the new era of enlightment. Many ascribe this as a plot of the Bavarian Illuminati, and the church didn’t endear itself to the populations of Europe at the time, or now, for that matter.
    But, these intellectuals are deliberately rubbing this filth in the faces of the faithful, whatever the faith, to ensure you are humiliated into following their cause. The Uberman, the perfect human, the trans-humanism movement, where the masses will be destroyed to enabled the elite to control the few left, to take care of their earthly needs.
    Take a look a the Georgia Guidestones and research their benefactors, and you can soon picture Bill Gates and Ted Turner sponsoring events like this at every college in the US.

    • Matthew

      Your an idiot. It was a seminar about jerking off. Its not filth or conspiracy, its ages 17-23.

      • EnabledVet

        Get them while they’re young.

      • libtarded

        Logical Fallacy: Attacking the messenger. I bet you see yourself as an educated, above average, superior type– yet you can’t even argue in an intelligent matter.
        DOUBLE FAIL:
        Oh.. and “your” is possessive… “you’re” is a contraction for “you are an idiot”.
        Pretty embarrassing… Hope you find value in those College loans…

        • LibtardedIsRetarded

          Fuck you. How’s that for a logical fallacy?

          • libtarded

            Poor little fool… ran out of reason pretty quick.

          • libtarded

            Haha… Poor baby was so embarrassed by his imbecilic post that he had to go and create a new account to hurl obscenities! Enjoy those student loans loser!

      • Almerin O’Hara

        “The (your) loud laugh bespeaks the vacant mind.”

  • Better take your church attendance needs into town, students. The ones on campus are not the real deal.

    • I personally recommend this one as the real thing. You will not be shortchanged. United Pentecostal Church, 881 Porter Street, Meadville. Phone 333-1164.

  • Matthew

    These students are treating this Christian Church like a CATHOLIC church. Except that no laws were broken. No actual sex occurred. People were of legal age. No one covered it up. And straight sex was included. BUT STILL!

  • The most disturbing part of this story is that the Chaplain approves.

    • Not surprising since half the priests today are homosexual,Liberal Democrats

      • Almerin O’Hara

        You defame a great many good, holy priests with a comment like this. Your statistics are self-made and calumnous.

  • RussinOR

    Headline you’ll never see in the US: College Hosts Sex, Masturbation Tutorial – Inside A Mosque

    • AJ

      It’s NOT A CHURCH, DUMBFUCK! It’s as much a mosque as it is a church, in fact, Islamic students use Ford Chapel as well.

      • I think we all understand what RussinOR means when he says “mosque”. And, he’s right. When one soldier out of thousands desecrates a Koran, you liberals are in lockstep with the muslims in condemning him; but when Christians get offended, you call them prudes, etc.

        • AJ

          I think anyone who attacks someone else’s religion is an ass. I believe it should be kept to oneself. Which is why making this an ‘attack on Christianity’ is so frustrating, because it is not a christian building, nor is it a Christian campus. And as per the Koran, I do believe that having images of that out while we were trying to justify a war as a war on terrorism, not a war on Islam, wasn’t exactly smart.

    • Allegheny Student

      NOT AGAIN. There is no mosque in the general area, and the college did not host it! It was an event organized by students! The only reason they picked the chapel was because the auditorium was FULL. They neede a larger venue and this was all they had. The chaplain OK’d it because they lied to her about what was actually going to take place there. What she heard was a watered-down version that had no mention of masturbation at all. Also, the President said in a statement that he wished the event had been hosted somewhere else.

  • Michael Bingham

    I no longer pray for God’s mercy on this country. I now pray for his wrath and judgement on those who mock him.

  • Looks to me like some slick “Con Artists” duped student union representatives to host a seminar by which they could titilate the interest of young inexperienced students in order to sell their books. The choice of the church for the meeting was to present the subject matter with a “HALO” of a risque, atmosphere. Administrators who were old enough to perceive this should have exercised adult judgement and moved the event to a less damaging environment.

  • Ha,Ha. If this does not prove this corrupt Nation has been turned over to a reprobate mind,nothing will.God bless America. Ha,Ha.

  • TroyGale

    Yes, (sarc on) today’s youth are so much better educated than we were, I guess none of we old folks ever learned what we needed to know about sex. (sarc off)
    Shallow and vain fools who probably ought not be in college if they are too stupid to need help on sex.

    If I had a college age child, I’d encourage them to go into the Military, college seems a waste.

  • saints2060

    These people has absolutely no concept of respect or decency. Just the stunning callousness .It really is beyond words to describe

  • Jesse Schoeder

    Yep. Funny thing about interpretation on this nice ladies part. I wonder if she thinks that that Onan guy from the bible was thinking about his smooth, shinny, horny ‘rock’ when he ejaculated. You see, that way he wouldn’t be committing adultery or nuthin’

  • badabing

    “in the last days, perilous times shall come. Men( and women) shall be lovers of themselves…….” I think we’re there., next time , go to a Mosque and play with yourself

    • Matthew

      “Here Jimmy, bite this pencil and hold on to that pew . . . ” -Some Priest to an Alter Boy. We’ve been there for a while, Padre.

      • libtarded

        More children have been molested by their public school teachers and politicians than Priests… Yet they make excuses for 1/2 of the (women) teachers, and the others rarely get more than a passing mention on local news. Perception may be your reality, but it may not be the truth.

      • Why do you think comments like this are funny Matthew? Someone gave you the Biblical name. Would they appreciate your sense of humor?

      • EM

        There is no excuse for child molestation – no matter what the person’s title happens to be – keep all homos away from kids.

  • A Mockery

    Why a church??? Was every other building somehow occupied? Given the target audience, it’s doubtful that this was a course intended for married couples – even then it’s best in a individual couple or single sex setting for modesty sake. God created sex and so, as He intended it, there is no shame. But this is a slap in the face of His design for the marriage bed.

  • why – it’s – an – obomination

  • That is so disrespectful. They would never have done it in a synagog wouldnt have the guts to try it in a mosque. But Christians are immediately dismissed by the so called “open-minded”.

  • good grief – this is what passes for education now a days? No wonder we are in trouble.

  • another_engineer

    How much you wanna bet the “instructors” are homosexuals?

  • Oh my Lord. “where Catholic mass and non-denominational services are conducted..” This would make sense…. liberal Catholic parishes are becoming more and more protestant-like. What Catholic church holds protestant services unless a faithful laity no longer attends? Sounds like a dying parish trying to keep itself alive by allowing non-denominational services to be held. What a shame–liberalism is destroying Christianity.

  • Learn how to wack off in church?…Lulz…………….Just how progressive or decadent have we become?

  • This was obviously intended to offend God and his followers. Evil is on the march in our society folks, and everyone must choose whose side to take in the battle. If I were an alum of this college, I’d never donate another penny.

  • Thomas

    Was this okay with the parishoners? These people are making a mockery of religion. this makes me want to puke green phlegm on their faces. How’s that?

  • A Mockery

    Interestingly, in this sexually aware generation, the orgasm is rather elusive for many women. Probably b/c as some of them whined to their OB/Gyn’s, I’ve had sex with dozens of partners, but I’ve never really come! Why?

    Well, honey, perhaps you need to readjust your approach and stop whoring around??? Guys are actually have a little less sex. The read thing is too much work and hard to finish the job b/c it’s so much easier to just take care of business in front of your online porn. Apparently, there is a spike of men in their 20’s seeking performance enhancers b/c they can’t handle the real thing since their perception of women has been so distorted by the media.

    It reminds me of Sampson. He insisted on pursuing these pagan women who were deceptive – even when he know Delilah was tricking him. But, she was hot. So hot, but eventually he was blind and couldn’t even see it. Biblical justice.

  • popseal

    Reprobation inspired by self appointed religious hacks produces deeper reprobation. That’s why there is a Hell !

  • Take Back Something or Other

    Disgusting! Obscene! Sex inside a church should be a private matter between a priest and an altar boy.

    • …and the priests you refer to are all liberal Democrats.

      • Matthew

        No they’re not.

  • Maggy2

    This kind of stuff could only be taught by liberal jack offs

  • Try it at a Muslim gathering if you want to see what hypocrites liberal in academia are.

  • POC247

    The US is living out Psalm 12:8 which says, “On every side the wicked prowl, as vileness is exalted among the children of man.”

  • Liberals are just obsessed with sex. They want to indoctinate/teach our children: frontwards, backwards, fist it, group it, siblings ok, cut it off, change it, dress it, pills, kill it … and all in the name of Love.

  • CultureInDecline

    These folks are foolish in the biblical sense. Sick in their thinking. I’m a recovering addict and toying around with lust can be devastating. These folks are in serious deep denial and everything they are speaking of is noting more then the selfish pursuit of pleasure. No where in their little clinic do I read in this story are they talking about how to develop true intimacy. Another sign of a sick culture getting more sick.

  • JAY

    I guess the problem is that they aren’t teaching the regular old fashioned “deviant” sex the church leaders ascribe to

  • Not with my Tuition Dollars

    Sent my comments directly to Allegheny College: “Hi: I’m the parent of an 11th grader and we’re in the middle of searching for college. We won’t be looking at Allegheny College. Freedom of expression is crucial to the well being of our democracy. Instructors, students and anyone may express their opinions about sex education and Christian doctrine freely. However, you’ve missed the point entirely. It’s disrespectful and insensitive to Christians, especially Catholics, to use a consecrated place of worship to promote ideas directly contrary to orthodox Christian doctrine. To use the chapel is unnecessarily confrontational and hurtful. The fact that the Protestant Chaplain at Allegheny has no problem with it, does not legitimize your venue choice. I am certain you would never attempt such a stunt in a Mosque. Do whatever you’d like, I’m voting with my tuition dollars by investing them elsewhere. I will encourage other like-minded parents to do the same. Best Regards”

    • Marbran

      Spot on with the mosque reference! I was thinking the same thing. If it had been a mosque instead of a church, there’d by riots all across the MENA and SEA today.

    • Matthew

      Chaplain wasn’t protestant.

      Space was non-denominational, so about as much of a Mosque as a Church.

      Actual Christians have used their places of worship for acts much worse than a lame sex-ed seminar. And clearly it hasnt deterred your devotion to your faith.

      • matthew is clearly a faggot

        • Take Back Something or Other

          Don Ram is clearly a gentleman.

      • Sin can occur anywhere. This was an organized and intended affront to God and Christians.

        • Aj

          No it wasn’t, dumbass.

          • Not with my Tuition Dollars

            Do they have name calling seminars at Allegheny too?

          • AJ

            Oh ha ha ha, you’re so clever! If you’re going to make arguments without facts and decide to make up facts on you’re on, you are a dumbass. Such as your statement that this is ‘especially offensive to Catholics ‘ Why? It’s not a Catholic church. It is used just as much by Islamic students, Jewish Students, as it is by Christian students. But no, that doesn’t fit your agenda, so it’s an attack on your church. Priests molesting kids? That’s just fucking dandy in your book. But having an educational discussion in a chapel (which was only selected because there were no other large enough spaces on campus that were open) is an assault on the church. Yep. Gotcha. I’ll say it again. Dumbass.

          • Not with my Tuition Dollars

            I noticed you changed your name on the forum so others can no longer identify you as an Allegheny alumnus. I think your angry, name calling rants are a pretty poor advertisement for your alma mater. Have a great day!

          • AJ

            When exactly did I change my name? Comprehension is hard for you, huh? And you’re goddamn right I’m angry when people attack my alma mater, the LGBT community, and wonderful students and faculty without merit. If anything deserves a ‘fuck you’, it’s that kind of behavior… so, Fuck you, NWMTD.

          • thereyougo

            Fuck you.

        • DaveIsaPussy

          Wow, God sure must be a pussy to literally not do anything about it. Good thing his faithful servant Dave is on the case to post about how angry He is on the internet. Our God is an awesome God!

      • Almerin O’Hara

        I’m amazed that you continue to comment on this forum. You clearly are not here to learn from those with whom you disagree, but only to put them down. Do you think you will do well in the future, in whatever you chose to do, by putting people down?

      • Not with my Tuition Dollars

        Non-denominational is not the same thing as secular or “a-religious”. It’s intolerant of Christians and orthodox Christianity to purposefully usurp Christian teachings and the Bible in a church. And assuming the space is used by other faiths, Muslims who follow the Koran and Jews who follow the Torah would almost certainly find the seminar disrespectful too.

    • Being the mother of an 11th grader, I’m going to do the same thing and send a letter to this college. I’m betting that their lack of decency and their acceptance of such a common trash subject, might prove to be a big mistake for this college. By their actions they have tarnished their reputation and now have little to no chance of even being considered by many high quality college bound students.

      • AA10

        You *do* realize that some of us live in the 21st century, right?

        • Sam

          Right, you’re so much smarter than the rest of us that you need to pay $50K per year to go to an over-rated school to teach you things that any grade school kid learned for themself just a few decades ago.

          Yeah, you 21st century types are so much smarter, at least in your own stunted minds.

      • Take Back Something or Other

        What a great excuse! “My Junior could have gone to Harvard, but they discuss sex openly there, so instead we sent him to [D-List School].”

        • Not with my Tuition Dollars

          Society pretty much discusses sex openly everywhere now. Sex is on every college campus in America. There’s certainly no way to shield a young person from it. But I have taught my young person to value himself and God more than the trash presented in this seminar. I trust God and His grace and forgiveness are bigger than any mistakes or poor choices my child makes.

          Secular culture has effectively separated relational intimacy from sexual relationships. Sex in our consumer culture is just another product to be sold and consumed. Colleges now are just providing what their “consumers”, i.e.; students want. So what? Let them. I’m just not stupid enough to implicitly endorse such nonsense by paying for it.

          Moreover, small, northeastern liberal arts colleges have to scramble harder than ever in order to survive in the marketplace these days since they are part of an outdated, over priced educational paradigm. Many give a poor return on investment too relative to starting salaries vs. student debt at graduation. Real reform will come when enough parents wise up and refuse to pay tuition to institutions that look down on us as “bourgeois” for disagreeing with their pornography masquerading as educational seminars. They need paying customers a lot more than we need them.

      • Allegheny Student

        See my response above. Though for you I’ll also have to include the fact that Allegheny College also just won a prestigious award. I’ll wait for a fully researched article to come out from a respectable publication, but until then, I’ll have you know that Allegheny’s reputation is so much stronger than you could ever imagine. Speaking as a student (who is literally seeing prospective students tour the campus today in the hundreds), not only are you obviously wrong, but people who are smart enough to come here won’t be dissuaded by an accident, probably because they’ll do their research. If by the million-to-one chance you realize your particular brand of idiocy, I hope you send a letter of apology back to the college, because President Mullen (who sent out a statement that said “I wish they had hosted it somewhere other than the chapel”) doesn’t deserve this.

        • I’m sorry but this school has already proven to be below average by my standards. There will be no letter of apology from me nor probably anyone else who feels this school has poor judgement in its choice of studies. The fact that this “junk” class is even offered in a supposed college of high standard is a nauseating example of the moral decline of academia in our country. The statement from President Mullen regarding the chosen place to host this class is appreciated. The fact is, however, the lack of common sense to fully understand that this topic is inappropriate for ANY place of worship, shows disregard for religious sanctity.

    • AA10

      I am sorry that your 11th grader will be a victim of your closed mind.

      • Sam

        Obviously your mind has been “open” for so long nothing remains inside of it.

      • Not with my Tuition Dollars

        Typical liberal nonsense that those who disagree are called names. Contempt and name calling are poor excuses for helpful discussion. We have a values difference. How is your own mind any less closed than mine?

        • AJ

          What ‘helpful discussion’ is taking place here? Everyone has been attacked from the students to the faculty, so why should you be spared the expense?

        • AA10

          I wouldn’t try to shield my child from your values, which I consider as absurd as I’m sure you consider mine. My child can make his or her own decisions.

    • AJ

      Good, we don’t want you, twat.

    • The chapel itself is non-denominational. All of the students of all faiths have access to it. It’s not just for Christians….

    • Allegheny Student

      Okay, this is stupid for so many reasons. First of all, Ford Memorial Chapel is a place not just for non-denominational and Catholic worship services, it is also a forum for concerts, speeches, and faculty lectures. Secondly, it has never been consecrated–this is something that the COLLEGE PRIEST said. It was never consecrated because it is NOT a solely Catholic place of worship. The Methodist chaplain and the Catholic priest share the space with absolutely no animosity whatsoever. The reason the chapel was picked is because the auditorium, which was their DESIRED VENUE was already full. The chapel was the next largest space on campus available for student use. The college chaplain, whom I happen to be friends with, was not told all of the information about what was to happen in the event–in short, she was either lied to or simply misinformed–she’s been too busy dealing with undeserved hate mail for me to know the full story–and I won’t pester her for it if she doesn’t want me to, because I trust her. It’s extremely easy to disparage someone you’ve never met. Though theoretically, if you’re a Christian, it’s difficult to do. She understood the event to be about sex education, education that included things like abstinence, something absent in most high schools. They said nothing of masturbation, which would have been something else entirely. Not only is there no mosque in the general area in which to attempt such a stunt, you must realize that even if there were, it was several STUDENTS that chose where to have the event. The President of this institution is far too busy to deal with idiots like you who don’t even try and figure out the facts. Students always choose where an event is located–it’s called initiative. Sometimes, for larger events, they only have a few possible spaces–not to mention that many of those spaces fill up quickly. I’m sure the students who chose this event now regret it–they’re afraid they will lose funding. After all, the President issued a statement saying that he wished the event had been hosted somewhere else. How dare you malign others for something you know next to nothing about. While it is not entirely clear who is at fault, or what is a fault, it is obvious that the President and the Chaplain are not. Personally? I’m glad that you’re not coming here–though I feel sorry for your son / daughter, who would have a chance to get a quality education (and would have a chance to choose to attend such an event without an overbearing parent trying desperately to shield their child from every possible thing that might damage the doctrine they so furiously drilled into their head. Speaking as a Christian, I myself am appalled that the event was held in the chapel, I don’t know why the students thought that would be a good idea. But beyond that, I know that real faith comes from hearing contrary opinions, and struggling with doubt. Just accepting what you’re told without believing why is brainwashing.

  • Take Back Something or Other

    Masturbation class should only be taught on Palm Sunday.

    • Jesse Schoeder

      Oh boy.

  • Being sixty eight yrs old and still enjoying pleasures of the flesh as much as ever, I am amazed that in this day and age, college students need to be “educated” in sexuality. There was no sex-ed in schools back then, but it was extremely rare that a girl got pregnant. Only one case in my three years of high school. (No, it was not my girlfriend). I can assure you that sex was pretty common, but with most girls, it took a lot of time building a relationship first. Unfortunately, those who did become pregnant were forced to drop out of school. Abortions were illegal but we heard rumors of a local Dr who performed them. My, how times have changed; some for the better, some for the worse.

  • sb

    I can’t imagine any of the parents forking out the thousands of dollars in tuition and room and board were expecting this is what their kids are being taught.
    Outrage indeed. One more college (fast growing list) on the “Do not apply here” list for my child.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      Gotta agree with you.

  • la davis

    what disgusting Jewish trash. typical, that Jews always promote crap like this.

  • Cudjoekeyguy

    …….and how would you like to be the parents of a young person paying for an expensive college like this to learn how to jackoff? WTF over?

    • libtarded

      Yeah… if they haven’t figured out how to jack off by the time they hit college… maybe they should be in special ed? Eh.. scratch that, I’m pretty sure the special ed folks figure that out on their own as well…

  • Take Back Something or Other

    O come all ye faithful!

    • Jesse Schoeder

      Come they told him
      Par rup a pum pum

  • Marbran

    When liberals infiltrate any organization with significant numbers they transform that organization into something wholly different that what it was originally. They call that process “inclusion.” I blame the female chaplain for allowing it to be held there, but it is her reputation on the line so she deserves whatever fallout comes from the decision.

  • Tony R

    A few thoughts…why is this an outrage? Did you attend this event? Do you know what was said? Contrary to what some of you appear to believe…..NOT EVERYONE HAS THE SAME RELIGIOUS BELIEFS YOU DO!!! These may be wonderful and intelligent people. The event was held at a chapel….WITH THE CONSENT OF THE CHAPLAIN…this doesn’t show a desire to desecrate the facility, but to use an available space which the CHAPLAIN allowed.
    I am a strong conservative….minus the religious zeal that draws derision (rightly so) for its “what is good for me is good for you” attitude which religious conservatives so strongly oppose when it comes to welfare, fiscal policy, and foreign relations.
    Two loving homosexual people marrying each other (which is a LEGAL status as they desire it, not a RELIGIOUS recognition of HOLY matrimony) has zero bearing on your life, and you need to leave it alone. I promise, heterosexual people have done a more than adequate job of destroying the “sanctity of marriage” in this country.
    If you don’t want the government telling YOU how to live, STOP telling others how to.

    • you are a deviant

    • AKBAN

      And you call yourself a conservative? Yes, I believe in freedom of religion as much as anyone else. Yes the chaplain (an obviously un godly man) let these worthless liberal garbage sacks do their tutorial inside his church.
      But that doesn’t erase the fact on what they did. According to Christianity and other religions the church is a dwelling place for God. God’s house. Their tutorial goes against christianity in that the church is house for worship. Period! Not a drn orgy of godless young adults where they can masturbate all over the place. That is sickening.
      2nd homosexuality is wrong. End of story. Sure there are “good” homos in the world, but the act of it is wrong. Can 2 men make a baby together? Can 2 women? NO! Therefore it was never meant to be! It is not normal! Do u like 2 men rubbing their junk against each other? Pretty nasty huh? Not normal, immoral, never meant to be. End of discussion.

    • We really don’t care that they held this event. But to hold it in the chapel when they have other campus buildings was an intentional affront to God and Christians. You are defending evil.

      • AJ

        No it wasn’t you stupid fuck, there were no other buildings available that would hold the amount of people who were expected to attend.. it’s a small campus with lots of student activity groups. You don’t go here, you don’t know what the fuck goes on, so quit making assumptions.

    • Not with my Tuition Dollars

      Religious liberty and pluralism are predicated upon mutual respect, tolerance and courtesy. To use a consecrated place of worship to promote ideas and practices contrary to orthodox Christian doctrine is an “in your face” behavior that fails on all 3 counts. It’s hurtful, disrespectful, discourteous, and intolerant to Bible-believing Protestants and practicing Catholics. The Protestant Chaplain’s approval of the venue has no bearing on these other factors at all. Great for Allegheny to have open conversations, seminars–whatever. Unkind to do it in a church.

    • monteub2bad

      Say these things after the Resurrection/rapture takes place before your very eyes and you realize that you were left behind http://youtu.be/CBsYDhNxFlU

      To even express the views that you have shows you are not conservative at all and most definitely not Christian.

      You are either for God or against Him James 4:4

    • Almerin O’Hara

      I’m glad you are in college. I pray that you are only ignorant and not stupid. Ignorance can be fixed.

    • Like I said the last time you posted this exact comment, this is not about the occurrence of a sex ed class, it is about the choice of location.


    That’s the sickest thing I have heard all day. Forget just the obvious Godless Liberal behavior. These “future world changing americans” are without morals, without heart, never had a decent upbringing, worthless pieces of garbage that the world would be better off without.
    How about these pathetic (censored due to extreme amounts of profanity) go do their lame tutorial somewhere else. Like the middle of the highway, a train track, middle of nowhere, or how about a satanic church! I’m sure they would be most welcome there!
    Great America is dead. No morals, liberalism running wild, and a socialist/commie running the country. America is going to ruin.
    I hope these young-ins find God/morality before it’s too late!

  • Bernard Gui

    The choice of location was obviously in-your-face to Christians.

    • Yep. According to the Facebook page, lectures on other topics are scheduled to be held in the building called “Campus Center”. This was an intentional affront to God and Christians.

      • Really?

        Yes an intentional affront when the largest room in the campus center was booked, which was the only room that was able to hold over 200 people.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      Try this in a mosque, oh brave one who is “going into the military.”

  • There will be a terrible retribution ….God will judge …this country we are being punished into obscurity! God reigns!!!

  • Looks like THIS COLLEGE needs a fix. As civilized humans, we need to keep our professional educational lives and our personal intimate lives COMPARTMENTALIZED>

    That is one of the key elements that separates us form the lower animals. Grow up, people!

  • NoParty

    This is truly vile. If there are people of College age who need such lessons, then I think they are too stupid to attend an institution of higher learning. I don’t know what the Bible says about such practices, but I think that Chaplain Jane Ellen Nickel must be a full fledged progressive nihilist… not what one thinks of when one sees the word “non-denominational”, ditto Mr. DiChristiana. To hold it in a Chapel is the ultimate in “in you face anti-Christian” envelope pushing behavior. The identity of the groups who sponsored it says it all. Rationalize it all you want, I believe it is trashy, rude and slimy…and intentionally so….didn’t the College have any other rooms, or was the Chapel the ultimate in their anti-Christian agenda?

    • Exactly. According to their facebook page, Allegheny College plans to host lectures in other buildings, e.g., their “Campus Center”. This was an intentional affront to God and Christians.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      I agree. If my kids were in this college I would inform them — and the college administration — that I would no longer pay their tuition.

    • escapedin62

      Spot on!

  • These people should be publicly flogged and caned within an inch of their life.

  • I’m always amazed at the emphasis humans put on sex. Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig it, but WHY do we need tutorials and seminars on it? I mean, we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time and we STILL don’t know how to do yet? Is sex the only joy in some folks life? If so, what a miserable existence, as there is SOOO much more to life than just sex.

  • Michael White

    “…and they have made of My Father’s House a den of thieves.”

  • King_Solomon1


  • INSANE….No respect, no decorum and all the excuses for societal decay…

  • Keynote speaker: Bill Clinton

  • Ano

    How far can my eyes roll back in my head. And to think, such are the things we pay outrageous tuition and, indirectly, taxes, for.

  • you think they would have been able to do this in a jewish temple or a Mosk ?

    Homosexuality is wrong, the bible is very clear on this fact…

  • bevus

    These idiots cannot jerk off without paying a fee for a professor!!!!
    what is not funny is we are paying for their tuition thru Obamaknowledge.And they wonder why they cannot find a job???? OMG, add Obamanomics+college jerk off courses and that equals dumb and stupid.

  • Anthony

    It is a COLLEGE. There are hundreds of places they could’ve held it, but they chose to put it in a church?! Makes me glad I’m going into the military instead of college. At least there’s some semblance of sanity there.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      I hope the military teaches you some respect. Your comments show you are a (losing) army of one.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    Come they told him
    Par rup a pum pum……

  • I doubt this is what Mr. and Mrs. Ford had in mind when they donated the money for the chapel 100 years ago. How sad to see the college (most of American academia, really) decline so far.

  • so let me get this straight.the progressive know it all needs a tutorial in this area.and yet they consider themselves wiser than god.typical.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    I’m done shaking hands at church…….

  • Gamera

    God must be weeping….

  • Jesse Schoeder

    And kissing the popes hand. Forget about it.

    • Jesse Schoeder

      This little thing of yers is becoming masturbatory. I’m flattered. Really.

  • indy56

    I am sure there is a special place in Dante’s Inferno for these folks.

  • Satan loves leftist intellectuals.

  • Mars in Scorpio

    Just goes to show how degraded anglo saxon americans have become when
    they have to attend a college seminar to learn how to jerk-off.

  • The JoungeMaster

    This immorality is an affront to our beloved saviour Santa Clause. Surely one day Santa Clause will destroy humankind in a most horrifying manner appropriate for the level of the species’ indiscretions on this mortal coil.

  • Have one of these seminars… just one… in a mosque, and then we’ll have the discussion. Heh. Actually, the discussion won’t take place, because they’ll put a fatwah on your ass, and it will be the last seminar you ever do.

  • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

    This is so freaking sick on two counts. Doing this in a church and people too stupid to figure out how to masturbate “on their own”.

  • Gabbie

    No wonder kids are coming out of college dumber than bricks. Who dreams up these classes? If this is what the Progressive Left Party of Obama wants, Leave my kids out.

    • GabbieIsAnIdiot

      Good, your moron kids won’t be competing with those of us who are educated for jobs. Also, fuck you.

  • jcill

    The only difference between this and burning the Koran is that Christians are not going to riot and kill people.

  • Two of my children went to Allegheny and I have attended Mass there.What a disgrace.

    • It was probably a decent place when Mr. and Mrs. Ford paid for this chapel. So sad to see the decline of civilization.

  • SHOCKING!!!! College age students that graduated high school without learning how to masturbate. Shameful!

  • Gee….I wonder how we had sex before all this education came about? I guess the great Masters studied Crucifixes in jars of urine to see how great art looks too! Liberals are beyond insane….they approach pure evil but are too ignorant to know it.

  • aerojack7

    What is it with the liberal mindset? Have they no decency whatsoever? It has gotten to the point where the word “pervert” can no longer be used, as it may offend perverts. The silent majority needs to get off their collective butts and start striking back at this nonsense.

    • Liberalism is like perpetual adolescence. They’re vandalizing and destroying the civilization our ancestors gave us.

      • Almerin O’Hara

        Strongly agree.

      • DaveIsaPussy

        Did you work up a little spittle with your righteous indignation? Did it fleck off onto your desk while you typed?

        Also, fuck you.

  • kateorjane

    And I’m supposed to be comfortable with idea that the future of our country is in the hands of those who find nothing classless about attending a program in a religious building where they are taught how to shape those hands in a claw to masturbate?
    You have to wonder if this was the ONLY space the college had to hold this gathering or if they just went for the “in your face” reaction immediately and scheduled it during Lent for full offense.

  • heather

    The left defends the most heinous acts of its barbarian army islam while shredding the decency of Christianity.
    The left homosexualist marxist infiltrators into the Catholic priesthood were also all about shredding Christianity. The Catholic church paid hundreds of millions in damages; since when do you see islam which openly embraces pederasty pay so much as a penny?
    Read the Communist Manifesto in the 1963 Congressional Record, the left clearly lays out their agenda to destroy the west including destroying Christianity and the nuclear family.

  • James

    It’s strange to me how this stuff NEVER happens in a mosque…..it’s only the Christians who always have to take it. However, no doubt the people who hosted it thought they were really speaking “truth to power” by holding it an church.

  • paraducks

    Boy Scout meetings not allowed

  • So I guess we should pump more money into education for this kind of stuff. That would be the liberal way. Real important seminar instead of maybe true history or hell even teaching some to do basic math as I have hired some college graduates over the years and pretty scary how much they don’t know in comparison to some high school graduates. The liberal way is definitely not what’s best for america.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    Come on now…….

  • Free Stuff

    Weirdo leftists will be in our daycare centers and barnyards pleasuring themselves if we let them.

    • Mapache

      The barnyards I would think would be ok as long as they don’t bother the cows and the chickens.

  • Free Stuff

    It has been declared a Human right for perverts to live among the normal.

    • paraducks

      No it has been declared that normal people must avert their eyes and genuflect before the pervert lest they be offended…

      • Almerin O’Hara

        Aren’t you CLEVER! My, what a little learning seems to do for you.

  • John

    I betcha Mszzz Weinberg wouldn’t like it so much if I went into a Temple and held a “seminar”, questioning the veracity of the Torah. Oh wait, the Torah IS the first 5 books of the Bible. so… Oh forget it what’s the use, she’s probably an Atheist anyway.

  • Kathleen Smythe

    “Higher” edication? Seriously? This has NO business being part of a college curriculum. If you want that kind of information, go read Playboy or Hustler or Google it. This is one of the reasons I dropped out of college back in the late 70’s. I took a Marriage and Family class, and the professor I really liked had to drop the class because she had been promoted to the head of department. The professor who replaced her, on his first day, showed us a movie on the same subject. I got up and left and never went back. This was in 1978! God help us…

  • E Jabez

    Every alum of this school should cease donating until the entire administration and board of trustees is removed. No discussion. This is what is destroying higher Ed and by extension the nation.

  • This about plain “ol RESPECT, something liberals can never get a grasp of

  • lucky gmail

    And yet their are some who still feel that our world is NOT going on an express train to hell. I don’t see how!

  • Free Stuff

    One is not truly free or reach an intellectual zenith until one can bend naked in full light and defecate on a police care with a large audience present

  • Viveleresistance

    Way to go higher education! Teaching kids to focus on their genitalia instead of mind enriching knowledge to help them survive in the job market. What’s next? Telling the girls they don’t need to worry their poor liitle minds about such manly things and should just lay on their backs? Or perhaps open a new business school dedicated to art of running profitable brothels? Sickos.

  • escapedin62

    At least the article named the scumbags involved in this travesty.

  • Unbelievably offensive. This is persecution.

  • The fact that these idiots have not one iota of decency left to know that this is just plain wrong (really, in a church?) makes me very worried that we have raised a generation of young people who have lost their reasoning skills and their sense of modesty about such a private, personal matter.

  • heather

    Call them out! McCarthy was a genius and patriot and way ahead of his time. Commies only know infiltration, subversion, plunder and destruction. Bring them out to the light of day and call them out for the evil enslaving murdering (260 million murders by the left) that they are. Do NOT call them “liberals” that is what they want you to call them, they are fascists, nazis, communists, socialists, stalinists, maoists. Make them own their own evil. They are the murderers and enslavers and they ought to reap the punishment of their behavior. Call them out! They scatter like cockroaches for the cowardly corners!

    • audaxrex

      I’m pretty sure that ‘fascists and nazis’ is you guys on the right, despite whatever doubletalk you may have fallen for.

  • Mapache

    Perhaps the Bishop of Pittsburgh ought to weigh in and prohibit the Catholic Mass from being celebrated in that location. It would seem to me that it was a deliberate attempt to profane the religious environment.

  • Notice how the liberals take great pains to associate the Catholic Church with this drivel the target is always the Catholic Church because even the degenerate liberals revere the Church.

    • Satan’s biggest target is the Catholic Church.

      • FifeAndDrum

        He already took over the Dem party.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      Agree. The degenerate liberal press has targeted the Catholic Church, not because it is the biggest offender, but rather because of two stands it has taken: (1) It opposes the gay lifestyle, and (2) It opposes killing unborn children.

  • Tuition at Allegheny College – over $37,000 per year. They could learn this stuff on their own with a little imagination.

  • angelccorr

    They don’t have a problem with this activity being held in a chapel? Really, there are no other buildings on campus they could have used? Please, this was a direct attack on the Church!

    The Dean of Students said, “They have a great message about caring relationships.” Really? They desecrate a chapel where people worship, and call that caring?

    • Their facebook page lists upcoming lectures on a variety of topics, in other locations (e.g., the Campus Center). This was an intentional affront to God and Christians.

  • festus hagan

    The march of utopian secular socialism goes on…

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    Gee, the decay of the moral fiber of this society seems eerily similar to the decay of the Romans and Greeks before their empires were relegated to the dustbin of history…

  • Metalshaper

    I bet they wouldn’t DARE do this in a muslim prayer room!

  • Jim Rall

    Did the lecture include “Feltching” for gays (look it up, it’s too disgusting to mention what it is).

  • leebert

    Jesus tells us that the last days will be like “the days of Noah”… Check out the Book of Genisis and read what the days of Noah were all about… It’s pretty clear to me that Christ will be returning soon… and, whow, the world will be surprised !!!
    Other signs: Enemies of Israel will be surrounding this nation – poised to going to war.
    – A confederacy of Mid-East nations, Russia and a European confederacy will declare war on Israel, Financial chaos will force nations to demand a one world currency -A huge decline in morality (another example:i.e. this story) will dominate the culture, a weakening church (churches for the most part are dying ‘in many countries in Europe, America). Christ himself said ‘ will I find faith when I return?’… and many dramatic signs in the skies… Just read the Book of Revelation.

  • binkyspop2

    Truly a generation worthy of distruction.

  • jason

    A church? I don’t go to church but couldn’t the pervs find another building to drool over young students, other than a church? I’d like to see Ms. WEINBERG go into a mosque and teach masturbation. I would be willing to pay for her one way ticket to Saudi Arabia.

  • PhocusPlease

    Well what do you expect? We have Godless America hating tenured psuedo professors teaching our children what to think instead of how to think. When will you stand up and say “enough”?

  • Aiken_Roo

    How amazingly disrespectful.

  • Let’s face it: the radical Leftists that pranced around demonstrating against Vietnam and espousing Communist victory (remember Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, the NLF are going to win?) have take over PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES across America and have succeeded in creating a wave of over-educated Commie simps that hide from public scrutiny as DEMOCRATS.

    So what do we in traditional America get? An Obamination a day. Some tasty commie sh*t sandwich we get rubbed in our face by Lefty Loons in NY, California, or the White House.
    How do I know? I graduated with honors from UC BERKELEY in ’05 despite being a member of the UC Campus REPUBLICANS! I know WTF I’m talkin’ about! I had to take a big bite outta that Commie sandwich every day I went there.

    • Combat_Vet

      As one of those Vietnam Vets returning to the US in ’67 I told everyone that I could that one day the left wing liberal democrats would ruin our country.
      Only a few listened, to bad.

  • timmanb

    wait a minute, a man instructing women on masturbation? Where’s the outrage? Remember the hurrah over men weighing in on abortion? How dare he?

  • Try that in a mosque, maybe jihad would overcome you. Now that’s how real people defend their places of worship

  • Vorenious

    Totally inappropriate to be taught at a college, let alone the church that is used by many congregations.

  • angelccorr

    Masturbation leads to pornography, and pornography is exploitation of the human person, especially women and children.

  • EightBall343

    We are witnessing our country slowly but surely collapsing from the inside. There is an evil and sickness that permeates the very core of our society. For those who do not believe, I can tell you Satan is alive a well.

  • Are any students from Allegheny College even reading this article? Or is that place so void of actual intellectual curiosity that none of them read news?

    • AJ

      Fuck you. This is exactly what I’m talking about… you don’t agree with something so you throw an entire group of people under the bus.

  • Publius

    And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and
    bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers,
    and the chairs of them that sold doves:

    And he saith to them: It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.

    And there came to him the blind and the lame in the temple; and he healed them.

    And the chief priests and scribes, seeing the wonderful things that he did,
    and the children crying in the temple, and saying: Hosanna to the son
    of David; were moved with indignation.

    And said to him: Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus said to them: Yea,
    have you never read: Out of the mouth of infants and of sucklings thou
    hast perfected praise?

    And leaving them, he went out of the city into Bethania, and remained there.

  • BoardMember

    As a facilitator of this event I would really like to let everyone know a few things:

    1) The church was a last resort as a venue for the event. Several other locations were considered but they were all books for the time that we had arranged with the facilitators. Using the (and let’s remember this) NONdenominational space of Ford Chapel was a last minute fix. No where else on campus could hold a group of the size we were hoping to get.

    2) This event about more than just masturbation and some of those quotes were taken out of context. Yes, proper sex and masturbation techniques were talked about but so was abstinence and making sure that the partner you chose is the right one for you and the visual aids were in no way pornographic. They simply showed drawings of female anatomy (an anatomy that God created mind you) so that everyone in the room could gain a better understanding of what was said.

    I understand that this program is not for everyone, and I respect that but please don’t look at the title and think that everyone in the room was some sort of pagan. The board of the Reproductive Health Coalition did everything that we could to make sure that we did not disrespect the space and told as many people as we could that if they had any problems or questions, that they should feel free to ask. I had quite a few students come up to me and ask questions and by having a conversation about the event a lot of misunderstandings were taken care of.

    • This is a poor excuse. Why not relocate one of those other events to the church? Or, were you afraid that someone headed to a literature lecture in the originally scheduled room may be offended to walk in on the sex class?

      • BoardMember

        They needed specific spaces like a large stage for band practice with acoustics or an area to eat. Our campus is small so there aren’t a lot of large spaces to use. We really tried to make it work in other spaces but people weren’t budging. You don’t think we saw this problem ahead of time? Trust me, being called a slutty pagan on the internet by people who don’t even know the situation isn’t on the top of my to do list.

        • Then re-schedule the event for a different day. How much do you people make in salary? Your tuition is $37k a year! Wow, you’re ruining a lot of kids’ financial futures with little effort.

          • BoardMember

            I am a student. ReproCo (The Reproductive Health Coalition) is a student run group that is about keeping students safe and healthy. And the date was set before we made arrangements for a specific location.

            Also I don’t like being called a liar. I’ll say it one last time- The CHAPEL was a last resort. We didn’t want to use it but FemaleO is a nationally touring group. We were given a day and had to stick with it. It had nothing to do with lent or the church. Period. End of story.

          • Your group is an ally of Planned Parenthood, an organization which destroys a disproportionate number of African-Americans, and a disproportionate number of unborn females. The head of PP has stated that gender-selection is a valid reason for abortion. It’s no wonder that you don’t respect Christians or their churches.

          • Michael Bingham

            Do you not have dorms, gyms, or other facilities with four walls and a roof?

            You are a liar and a pathetic one at that.

          • axemole

            i.e. if it offends Christians too bad…right? well then embrace the consequences of your actions because what you did is exactly that… offend, disrespect and trample upon the beliefs of others… Do you want us to thank you for trying? or do you seek sympathy? i.e. your discernment is in question here because you seem awfully IGNORANT on what offend and not offend others. You should have canceled it, postpone it for another year when you DO have the space to do it without offending anyone. But evidently you did not care. Right?

        • Almerin O’Hara

          Keep this up and your campus may become yet smaller.

        • sabercat

          there is enough sex exploration and exploitation on campuses without specific groups bringing in speakers to add to it.
          sadly, the dumbing down of america continues.

    • BooBoo

      Drop dead you idiot “bored member” Keep your perverted ideas of sexuality in your own house.

    • Publius

      It does not matter that the church was a last resort. The fact that this event was still held is disgusting. If a house of GOD was the last resort the event should have been canceled.

    • jason

      You’re full of it! The church was a last resort? This event was held at the church on purpose so don’t lie about it. I’m sure Ms. Weinberg was all broken up over going into a church that actively holds Lent services. Such tolerance for people of faith.

      • AJ

        Shut the fuck up.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      Your apologia is reasoned, yet seems more defensive than an apriori. What you may or may not have noticed is that a great many comments posted here in defense could be considered pagan, atheistic, and downright hostile to people who have different beliefs. That explains much of the activity. I would hope that your school teaches tolerance and diversity across the board and not just tolerance for left-leaning ideas and ideology. Too many intellectuals are very intolerant of what they cannot or refuse to consider.

      Consider this quote from Herbert Spencer, “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

      • BoardMember

        I honestly do feel a little defensive. This was a wonderful program that taught self love, better body image and a medley of other non masturbatory topics but because people feel offended they feel the need to call us (specifically me because I am replying) their own hostile names while preaching faith and love. I’m just a little tired of our group receiving flak for what we do when all we want to do is keep fellow students safe. Because they are having sex whether we talk about it or not. I would rather have everyone educated than not.

        And Allegheny is all about tolerance and diversity. A faith week was just held recently, so why can we not hold our event? Yes the location wasn’t perfect but it what was available. I’ve said that no disrespect was meant but it’s like I’m talking to a wall. It’s just disheartening to know that so few people are willing to be open minded and listen.

    • Thorien

      1) They should have turned you down. If that’s against the rules, well, it shouldn’t be. Nondenominational doesn’t mean “Hey, let’s look at pictures of vaginas!”

      2) I understand – because you can’t talk about choosing a partner wisely without teaching people how to masturbate.

      Perhaps the SAT/ACT should test students on the meaning of the word “tacky”; I don’t think these college kids understand what it means.

      • kelly

        There’s nothing sinful about vaginas. Jeez.

    • axemole

      1) “I understand that this program is not for everyone, and I respect…”??? please, do not say I respect with your mouth and with your actions you are offending Catholics and Jews alike. Either you are blind or ignorant to our beliefs. What you have done, it has been done. Your conscience seemed to be somewhat working when you said this was the last resort as a venue for the event, but you chose it nonetheless. Irregardless of the beliefs of Catholics and Jews. Now YOU need to embrace the consequences of your actions.

      2) “The board of the Reproductive Health Coalition did everything that we could to make sure that we did not disrespect the space and told as many people as we could…” Did everything that you could? apparently it was not enough: so you couldn’t re-schedule, host it off-campus, ask someone else to swap places, etc. so you felt entitled to go ahead and trampled on the beliefs of others… gee you must really believe that we can sympathize with you.

      3) “did everything to make sure that we did not disrespect”??? how about the title of the seminar itself? Do you really think we are stupid? Don’t you think that the title is a spit in the face for those whose belief of sexuality is sacred not an attraction at a 6-flags park?

      4) No one is questioning the value of the information. What is blatantly absurd is that you somehow found it appropriate to go ahead and host the seminar — fill the title of your seminar— INSIDE A CHAPEL WHERE CATHOLICS CELEBRATE MASS, where Jews gather to pray, etc.

  • vanman2010

    Breaking News! bill clinton(sic),john edwards and tiger woods will be hosting the next seminar.They will not charge the college anything providing they can provide individual tutoring to 9 young students.

  • John

    From the looks of things I’d say that college students have a pretty good working knowledge of their own bodies and hosting masturbatory seminars in a chapel strikes me as gratuitous. Were there no other venues available?

    • BoardMember

      Actually no. All other locations on campus large enough for the event were already booked. Ford was the last resort.

      • Relocating one of those other events would have been the prudent thing to do.

        • BoardMember

          We honestly tried to. But they needed specific locations with specific equipment. Also Ford is not sacred because it is not a church, only a chapel. It is used by more than just the Christian church. We removed the alter and prayer books at the request of some of the more religiously affiliated students. We respected the space as much as we could but no other building holds 200+ people comfortably. This is a small college not a large university with unlimited space.

          • Almerin O’Hara

            Any place where people pray is sacred. Does no one pray in your chapel? Have you asked the Catholic priest about your opinion?

          • AJ

            People can pray anywhere…. so everywhere is sacred? Please.

      • Almerin O’Hara

        If I would not desecrate your sacred place, why would you consider desecrating someone else’s?

      • John

        Still, masturbatory seminars? Really?

  • Darbwg

    Get them begging for tyranny so they have less time to worry about personal responsibility and more time to worry about their G spot.

  • wait for flash

    Chaplain Jane Ellen Nickel said in an email to The College Fix that she saw nothing wrong with the event.

    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (814) 332-2800

    “I don’t have a problem with it being held in the chapel. The program advocates responsible, respectful decision-making regarding sexual behavior, and includes the option waiting for marriage, a message that resonates with many students of faith. While the name may have some shock value, the event itself is consistent with our policy of opening the building to campus groups. We would love it if students at such an event experience the chapel as a welcoming space, and then feel encouraged to attend a religious service or program.”

    • jason

      What kind of chaplain is this? You don’t recruit pedophiles as baseball coaches and scout masters because you have trouble getting volunteers. The same can be said for this event, used as a recruitment tool to get students to come to church. Jane Nickel is convoluted in her thinking.

    • What else would Jane Ellen Nickel say? Her best friends are in the college’s “women’s studies” department, where they are experts in things like “feminist and queer theory”, and other incredibly important subjects.

    • Gabby Johnson

      I just wrote to the maniac’s email. Thanks. I recommend EVERYBODY DO IT.

  • Captain Reynault

    1. Was the Chapel the only place on campus that could have been used for this “seminar?”
    2. Why were no classrooms or lecture halls available?
    3. What are Ms. Weinberg’s credentials to teach the Bible?
    I conclude the Chapel was chosen for this event to specifically insult Christians, contrary to Chaplain Nickel’s view that such events may serve as advertisements for attending Christian worship services. I agree with Mapache that the Catholic Archdiocese should investigate this. Likewise, donors to Allegheny College.
    And God bless Ms. McAvinchey, in Christ’s Name. (Ephesians 6:10-13)

    • BoardMember

      The chapel was a last resort. All other locations large enough had already been booked for the times that we needed. We had absolutely no intention of using the CHAPEL (not a church!) in the first place. As a board member of the group that put this on I can say with total sincerity that absolutely no insults we meant to the church. We just needed the space.

      Does anyone really have credentials to teach the Bible? Not to be rude but there seems to be a lot of people on here quoting it. What are their credentials?

      • Almerin O’Hara

        Read Matthew 28. All Christians have the responsibility to proclaim the good news. How did you become involved with a Board that oversees a Chapel and not know this?

        • BoardMember

          Current donors to the school allowed a fraternity back on campus that once raped a girl to an inch of her life. While I do not blame the men who are in it now, what message did that send to women coming to Allegheny?

          And I’m a member of the Reproductive Health Coalition. Not the chapel so I do not know specific scripture but how do you know she isn’t a Christian who just wants to make sure that students are being safe and healthy? The quotes make her sound much more extreme than she was.

          • axemole

            You must be in denial of the fact that you made a BIG mistake in choosing the Chapel to host your seminar… you wanted to host it in a Chapel where Christian groups meet, well live and learn and deal with the consequences of your uninformed actions.

      • Do you think the Fords intended this use for the chapel they funded? What message are you sending future donors?

    • Gabby Johnson


  • obammy

    Wow. I don’t know what’s worse here… the money spent by parents to send their kids to college to “learn” this, the church that allowed it to happen inside a church, or the fact that someone actually thought this up and made it happen. They would have been better served to hold this fine semenar in a bar. Libs: Making the world better every day. Next up: Tranny day in church.
    “Our “students” were excited….” I bet they were. Whip it out and get it on between the pews! Good Lord, what has become of this country.
    I heard several senators attended.

  • jmarshall9

    When I went to college, women were no taught how to finger themselves.

  • 1. Onan wasn’t struck dead for masturbating, he was struck dead for violating God’s law. (BTW I learned that in undergrad Bib Lit, not in any religious institution)
    2. Anyone who needs instruction in masturbation is beyond help.

  • nobama

    What a bunch of jerk-off’s!

    • BoardMember

      Pun intended??


    Just curious, but who is paying for this?

    • heather

      CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations?? American Communist Party?? DNC??? Obama for America??? Soros? Weather Underground? Annenberg Foundation?

    • And how much, I wonder….

  • John 3:16

    How dare you do this in a house of God!
    There are many other rooms in a college this could/should have been done.
    So it’s quite obvious why you chose the church.
    The chaplain…..maybe it’s time to step down.

  • Flint


    • heather

      God is fact.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      But God is truth, and truth comprises all fact. Think …

  • Very Few will see God

  • heather

    Betcha the Low IQ-ers of the Allegheny College Reproductive Health Coalition would never cover the topic of islamic clitoridectomy practices in muslim girls (whereby they can NEVER have any orgasm at all) whereas they have a female orgasm clinic to diss a Catholic church. Commies are always cowards, and besides they use islam as their barbarian army so turn a blind eye.

    • BoardMember

      Allegheny has actually taught a class all about Muslim sexuality and gender roles. I’ve taken it and am a member of the board. Far from an expert I can in fact talk about those practices.

      • Sam

        Did you get to practice honor killings and genital mutilation? Do you practice Sharia on the side?

        I sure hope you are not a Boardmember for Allegheny College. Muslim sexuality is an important thing for you to learn about? And, by gosh, you can in fact talk about those practices.

        Freaking incredible. And to think how venerated Allegheny College used to be. Now it is a hideous joke about people paying $50K a year to learn what grade school kids always figured out for themselves.

        • BoardMember

          Actually I’m a student who helped put on the event ,which was by no means mandatory for students.

          And how is learning about the Koran and the bad things that might happen because of it be any different than learning about the bible and the different killings that have resulted from its teachings? I’m pretty sure the KKK is christian based. That doesn’t mean I think that everyone who studies it is a racist asshole.

    • AC costs $42k per year and is 56% female. I’m guessing it’s a bastion of limousine liberal women – a bunch of girls from wealthy families who think they’re compassionate by supporting the termination of unborn poor babies. You see, these girls can’t imagine living life without parents who can afford $160,000 for college, so they think that no one could live a good life without that level of wealth.

      • AJ

        Shut the fuck up, Dave. You know nothing about the college… go back to fucking your bible.

    • Get your facts straight

      The church isn’t Catholic. FGM is not beyond the scope of Allegheny’s ReproCo.

  • catbird

    There is nothng in Scripture concerning mastrbation, it’s not even mentioned. Therefore Chrstians should confine their ministries to areas where God does offer specifics:

    Matthew 5:28-29; Jesus forbids sexual fantasies which are essential to the act of mastrbation.

    Ephisians 5:3; Paul advised his brothers that there shold not even be a hint of sexual immorality among then because it could cause someone to miss salvation and spend an eternity in hell.

    Romans 6:13; Paul says that none of us should offer any parts of body to acts of wickedness but our whole body as a living sacraficse to Jesus who died for us so that we might have life everlasting.

    This “Chaplain” may be a “clergy” for some type of gnostic cult but is clearly not a Christian.

  • You can’t fix stupid

  • These people are just fucking stupid. There’s no other explanation They have a specific desire to insult others to the greatest degree possible. Elitist snobs, petty personalities, and just downright deplorable people.

  • preacherteach

    Have we gone mad? I know of no one on earth that needs encouragement to participate in self gratification. I was told as a youngster it would make you blind in hopes I would not injure myself due to high frequency. As luck would have it, i did lose sight in one eye. Dad was right!

  • pat

    this is what feminism is about? Have at it losers….and expect to raise your kids alone

  • Cicero said it best: O tempora o mores!

  • Disgusting!

  • America is going the direction of early Rome. We are being destroyed from within and it’s only a matter of time before God reigns down judgement on us. America has become the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • portle44

    This probably did less damage than when the liberal arts faculty tries to teach history and economics

  • boB

    One of the few times Jesus showed anger was when they had gambling tables inside the temple. This just smells of intolerance and disregard to religious sensibilities. Why didn’t they have it inside a Mosque? I think we all know why…

  • Gabby Johnson

    I seem to recall that some not so groovy cats in Babylon were fried like so many mozzi sticks for playing around in temples and having a general Bacchanalia with the temple goblets, etc….

    I gotta wonder. I mean, I hate to repeat other statements below, but: YOU REALLY NEED PERVERTS TO TEACH YOU HOW TO PLAY WITH YOURSELVES??? YOU REALLY DO?????

    So then, the general level of ignorance now goes all the way to the individuals complete lack of personal awareness and understanding…for some, obviously not for all.

    I mean, there is so much that is wrong with this. Such a no-brainer. What filth. What stupidity. What puerile nonsense.

  • bloodaxe

    The leftist liberal rats are the meanest, nastiest, most vicious assholes I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. Piss on every damn one of them.

    • apex

      interesting comment…apparently pissing on people isn’t mean, nasty, or vicious…

      • bloodaxe

        I guess it would be all of the above. Keep in mind I’m a very bad dude. So it should be beneath you to even read my comments. GFY.

    • sindexter

      AAAAWWWWW does it hurt that people mock you for following 2000 year old fairy tales that are supported by no evidence , cry me river . And remember ‘Blessed is the mind to small to doubt’

  • One question: would they do this in a mosque?

    • BoardMember

      If there was a mosque that said yes then absolutely. We got permission to use the space from the school and the chaplain. Religion had nothing to do with it.

  • heather

    Allegheny College Reproductive Health Coalition
    Please contact:
    Syria Temple Syria Mosque
    1877 Shriners Way
    Cheswick, PA
    (724) 274-7000
    to arrange a female orgasm seminar. Oh wait, most muslim women are clitorectimized and cannot have any orgasm at all. Why don’t you run a seminar at the mosque on this topic?

    • “Why don’t you run a seminar at the mosque on this topic?”

      Good question but here’s the reason: lefty progressive liberals hate mainstream American society more than they hate militant Islam because they are rampant narcissists. If you have ever met a narcissist, you would realize that in their minds the world revolves around them, and the “worst people in the world” (to paraphrase Olbermann, who is a prime example of this type of behavior) are these people’s personal opponents.

  • Why is anyone surprised? Of course the location was chosen on purpose to be as offensive as possible.Don’t they have a health center or where they send the girls for their abortions? It is a reminder of the fact college costs are rising at obscene rates , while the rigor and value of the content falls at the same rate.Take solace, the higher education model is illusionary and unsustainable and within 15 years over half of all colleges and state universities will be bankrupt and we can apply some sanity.

  • no you can’t

    this has to be an Onion story…

  • This is the left and what they bring to a society….nice huh?

    • For only $42k a year, a kid can go to AC and get this great education.

      • BoardMember

        For $45 a year, students get one of the most highly praised and difficult educations in the country. We’re not Ivy League but the course materials are always engaging and force students to think.

        This was merely an extracurricular event that students had the option of going to had they wanted to.

  • Beiletti

    Well this is what I have to say about it. On the final day of judgement you will stand before your Creator and be questioned at that time judgement one you will be declared. Remember you will stand alone and no lying can be done. Hopefully you will make it past that judgement day. Until then your gift from your Creator is FREE WILL!!!!! Use it wisely!!!!

    • apex


  • Liutas

    What – no other location at a college to hold a ‘seminar’? Clearly, this was a taunt by holding it in a chapel, of all places. The chaplain is a twit and should be fired. The other thing is who is behind these ‘female orgasm seminars’ at campuses nationwide? This is clearly organized to further crumble civilized society’s foundation. Every good parent should withdraw their children from schools such as this.

    • BoardMember

      Over 200+ students showed up. Only a handful of spaces on campus fit that many people. All other available spots had been taken.

      Absolutely no disrespect was meant to the church.

      • Almerin O’Hara

        SO, your reasoning is that if a large number of people show up, that makes it valid? I’ll tell you what is valid — a large number of parents and their children NOT showing up at Allegheny.

        • BoardMember

          No but we also needed a safe space that allowed for fluid talking. Ford allowed for that. It’s unlikely that this one event will have really any effect on parents and students. Maybe a couple will want to leave but most students were either neutral or thought positively about this event being held on campus.

          • axemole

            and that justifies offending the beliefs of Catholics and Jews?

      • I’d bet my bottom dollar that there was a good amount of giggling about the fact that you were in the chapel. I bet you could have cut the disrespect with a knife.

    • motherofdragons

      You do realize that people in college are typically legal adults and can make their own decisions?

  • heather

    Ironic: Muslim women can’t orgasm at all due to brutal clitorectomies. Over 98% of Egyptian women are clitorectimized, a procedure done in the West (rampant in UK and probably in USA too). Left: No comment.

  • You just have to keep asking yourself – why do we spend money on cr*p like this while students aren’t learning how to be successful and contribute in a meaningful way to their family and society as a whole? How far can we depend on teachers and educating professional to dumb down these immature students? (Answer hint: no limit)

  • Is anybody calling the school president and asking why this is being allowed?

    • Hopefully they have some decent and respectful alumni, and the administration is in panic mode right now.

  • stesse

    Weinberg misrepresents the story of Onan in the Bible (Genesis 38:8-9). It is not about “self pleasuring.” Nor did the man did refuse to sleep with the woman in order to produce offspring for his deceased brother. He pulled out before ejaculation while having sex with his brother’s widow. Weinberg is a false teacher bringing unholy and unclean things into a sanctuary.

  • But if you were to tell these people that marriage is a man and a woman they would try to burn the church down. Mental illness on the left.

  • elpresidente

    You need an college instructor to find your “G” spot? I can imagine what this generation will be called.

    • motherofdragons

      Probably the most sexually satisfied generation yet. Jealous yet?

      • elpresidente

        I have a partner, a real person that satisfies me…..jealous yet?

  • ShineNotBurn

    Alter boys are ok for the Catholic priests…but some sex ED isn’t?
    What a hipocrazy!

  • bob

    what a disgraceful chaplain only in name jane ellen nickel. beware of false prophets who claim to be people of god

  • DaveLCAC

    What a sick group of reprobate people. Pennsylvania has lost its way and is increasingly guided by liberal organizations that are antithesis to the values of its founder william Penn.

  • Jack Frost

    Obama should have been a guest speaker…. he is about the biggest jerkoff I can think of.

  • ShineNotBurn


  • I for one, appreciate and would like to thank the administration of Allegheny College. Within the next week, millions of Americans will see this example of the idiocy that occurs at overpriced bastions of leftism, a/k/a the majority of America’s colleges and universities. There’s a reason that tuition has risen 10 times faster than inflation and so many ignorant young people have sacrificed their financial futures for higher ed: incompetent liberals.


    Miller and Weinburg nothing more that evangelists bringing their “interpretations” so their religion: Hedonism can grow in numbers and disciples. Too bad they are tragically stupid to ubnderstand ther outcomes (asleep in Psych classes?)

  • chuck schumacher

    God Help us…These Administrators are only symbols of the decadence that is sweeping our culture. We need Jesus not “secular chaplains” proclaiming something they obviously aren’t! Chuck

  • bill c

    Truly sad, the college shouild forgo calling this a chapel,because the Holy God truly cannot condon such unholy activities, in his house of worship. The truth is that many of these institutions, in this part of our country, has long ago neutralized any hope of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The only form of religion they aspire to attain, is a psuedo intellectual type system, that helps them justify thier unholy actions. It is easy to twist certain scriptures to placate their unholy thoughts and deeds. Progressive thought typically leads one down a wide and easy path to eternal destructionn. Sorry, that those amoung you, who may really want salvation, probably will be blinded by the lies, those false teachers around this place offers.

  • nilofc

    DESPICABLE. Truly, this “educator” doesn’t know the bible… she is essentially saying… the bible doesn’t matter..it’s up to your “conscience”. I wonder if she thinks the same with terrorists killing innocent civilians since their conscience also dictates they were doing the right thing. Disgusting…that this happened inside the church.

  • kittrock

    going down the fallopian tubes fast, folks. enjoy the decadence while you can because it is not going to end orgasmically- trust me!

  • heather

    Today’s high school graduates cannot pass a 6th grade math test from 1886. Today’s college graduates (from leftwing institutions) cannot pass 2nd grade US Civics.

  • This is fkg gross and totally fkd up. Burn these so called educators at the stake

  • This event is in keepiing with the onset of “The Sensate Culture” anticipated by 1
    Pitrim Sorokiin in his “The Crisis of Our Age” [1941] and updated in Harold O.J. Brown’s
    “The Sensate Culture” [1996].
    A sensate culture always comes to an inglorious end; this culture will fare no better.

  • BurnAtTheStake

    What a disgrace. I would bet $1000 that the “Catholics” who run this college are of the homosexual pederast variety. If you live in this area, and there are unsolved cases of child molestation or homosexual rape of children, I would look FIRST at the faculty of this criminal, apostate, heretical “catholic” university.

    • It is not a Catholic university. It was associated with the Methodist church, but is now non-denominational.

      • Take Back Something or Other

        BurnAtTheStake can send that $1,000 he lost to NAMBLA. They give receipts, and crabs!

  • I am for all practical purposes a atheist yet I’m even offended by this blatant act of disrespect for people’s personal beliefs. We all know damn well that the same people who see no problem with this would also be the same people screaming and protesting in the streets if somebody else dared offend their Politically Correct notions. Liberalism is nothing more than the official institutionalization of malignant narcissism in society.

  • Lino

    This is a free country. They can do anything they well please. I just can’t understand why the choice of venue seems to be limited only to Christian churches. I would admire them even more if they will hold the same session in a mosque.

    • BoardMember

      It’s not a Christian church but a nondenominational space on our campus. It’s as much a mosque as a church considering that all types of faiths practice there.

      And Ford was actually our last choice as a venue. The event was booked and partially paid for by the time we realized that no where else on campus was available.

      • axemole

        Somehow you think that the chapel being your last choice of venue justifies your action… somehow I believe you don’t have a clue of why you are getting all the heat now for your decision… somehow you seem not to understand how offensive it is to host a seminar entitled: — fill in the blank — on a place where many religious groups meet to host ‘sacred’ liturgies and prayers… somehow the immense ignorance of this decision is now being thrown some light so that you may understand how insensitive, disrespectful and offensive your way of thinking is. Hopefully the College will grow up or mature in this respect.

  • wonder why they didnt ask the local mosque to hold their filth summit there…hmmmm???

  • Templar8

    Is it any wonder why college graduates know so very little about the world and are so unprepared upon leaving school.
    I have talked to graduates who didn’t know what Pearl Harbor Day meant. Who couldn’t place the Civil War in the right century. Who couldn’t name two of our first five presidents. But, by Golly, they are going to know how to masturbate. Gives you a nice warm feeling doesn’t it? Also helps one to understand their election preferences too.

    • AlleghenyAlumna10

      Worth noting that it wasn’t an event for course credit. It was an elective event that students could choose to attend or ignore, and it had no effect on their actual coursework. Allegheny offers a wide variety of speakers and educational programs, and it is unfair to assume that the one that makes the news is the only one offered.

      • You dropped $160k to immerse yourself in liberalism? You should have just gotten a job at a coffee shop or something.

        • AlleghenyAlumna10

          Scholarships, friend. I came out of college debt-free. Those of us who immerse ourselves in “liberalism” also believe in hard work.

          And for what it’s worth, I *did* have a job at a coffee shop.

          Now what?

      • axemole

        Credits, not credits, ‘educational event’ or not… those are irrelevant… you said… “it is unfair to assume that the one that makes the news is the only one offered???”… fyi: the immense lack of discernment made evident by the venue chosen by those in charge to host this seminar entitled: — fill in the blank — on a chapel where many religious organizations gather to celebrate their ‘sacred’ liturgies, THAT is what is unfair, scandalous, borderline incompetent… the collateral damage is just a consequence of such ignorant, disrespectful, offensive a decision.

    • moron24

      This is a really short sighted and stupid comment. Yeah, college grads are all stupid! I know this because I’m so smart.

      Hope you never have to see a doctor, asshole.

  • Syrin

    But ask ANY of these college idiots to name any of the following: Hayek, Friedman, von Mises, etc. and you’ll get blank stares. Oh well, at least we know they are less than 4 years removed from the Obamanomics induced unemployment lines with tens of thousands of dollars of student debt. At least they can masturbate in line.

    • Thorien

      But they know about that guy who wrote the German book, what’s his name. Marx! Yeah. He like, cared about workers and fairness. And fairness is good. What? No – what kind of a name is Pol Pot?

  • The left has a fascination with sex and looting other peoples money. It is so hard to be a leftist….funny that when these people gain power everything implodes.

  • The group that hosted this event, Reproductive Health Coalition, is an ally of Planned Parenthood. Go figure.

    • BoardMember

      Why not? They provide us with condoms and information packets (some of which talk about staying abstinent) to give to students, which they take willingly.

    • Almerin O’Hara

      Allegheny — you, who developed the IDEA (diversity, etc.) program a couple years ago and who are, this month celebrating Black History Month — congratulations for that — but I wonder how many people know that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, described black people as “human weeds” and started P.P. as a means of curtailing their propagation. Read Chapter 8 of her biography, aptly entitled, “Human Weeds.”

      • The head of PP said she has no problem with parents using abortion for gender selection, i.e., terminating unborn babies b/c they are female. How does any womens’ rights supporter back this group?

  • How about we have this in the Mosque next time?

  • RowdyYates

    Lord have mercy! These blasphemous morons have indeed gone blind and crazy. But hey, while they’re defiling the sanctuary of God with slobbering lust, why not go the extra mile and invite Jeremiah Wright to stand and curse America a few times for the invocation. Or how about Moochell giving some eye-winking, naughty twists to her “Let’s Move” program for kids? God save us from these heathen Philistines before they try to marry our daughters!

  • sabercat

    just another article that reinforces recent studies about the dumbing down of america

  • Is nothing sacrosanct anymore?

  • grumpyank

    Not surprising that liberal students need masturbation tutorials. 😉

  • GodProtectAmerica

    Can’t blame the Catholic Church on this one, can you? Bet all you liberals are SO disappointed. This article will be praised by your god, the social media and Obama. You will say it is “Constitutional” under “Freedom of Speech”. Perverts.

    • No Need for Quotes

      Well, it is Constitutional freedom of speech.

      • Sam

        What is it? Sign language? Didn’t know that was protected.

  • ilwoo

    This is outrageous and offensive.

  • Soop

    And people wonder what is wrong with this country.

  • agreatsign

    Just wondering how long the American public is going to tolerate the progressive movement defecating on our foundations?

  • Steve Neely

    Masturbation is what college is mostly about these days. It was bound to cum to this. Oh, sorry, I meant “come”, didn’t I?

  • john

    Who is sitting around one day and thinks THIS is a good idea?

  • Our Morals in this country are Gone!
    What a shame….once the greatest Christian Nation is now a sexual joke!

  • Gary Jones

    Is there really any hope left for this country when all manner of decency is extinct?

  • walt kaiser

    Read this and was embarrassed that it was in PA, wth, like I said on another post, this country is in the toilet and the libs are pushing the flusher.

  • Just guessing but I would bet if they were giving a seminar on safe gun handling or choosing the proper holster for your weapon the University would have a different set of talking points on why it is not appropriate. So a seminar on how to handle your penis or dildo is good but how to properly handle your weapon would be bad would be met with protests.

  • renojmc

    Further proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

  • MrLogical

    The cultural Marxists are winning. The “long march” began 90+ years ago and was given added impetus by the Frankfurt School in the mid-late ’30s when they began to insinuate themselves into America’s colleges and universities as well as media and even religious institutions. Now, they effectively control all of these foundational institutions and they have even placed one of their own in the White House.

    God help the United States of America.

    • audaxrex

      cut’n’pasted from Glenn Beck?

  • Destroy All Morons!

    i just have to ask if students who aren’t smart enough to jack themselves off are smart enough to be allowed to live and breed?? You really can’t get any more pathetic, can you? ps – phuk your self-esteem, loser!

  • Thorien

    Aren’t there videos for this kind of thing that you can buy in a windowless store or download and then watch in your room with the door closed? Is it really necessary to, I assume, spend student fees on something you can figure out yourself?

  • MrLogical

    Ever wonder why Obama wants to have universal Pre-K education?

    “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” – Vladimir Lenin

    One more year of Marxist indoctrination.

  • dimitri

    desicration of holy ground….talking about sex for educational purposes can be done in a classroom if this university has any….selling sexual items on church grounds is also immoral…the fact that this ‘minister’ does not respect the sanctity of church grounds makes me wonder to what exent he has been morally corrupted. no wonder why islam views the united states as inferior…certainly by many moral measurements we are substandard…..this being one example.

    • This “minister” allowed a student group openly affiliated with Planned Parenthood to use the chapel. Shameful.

      • mauloa

        Reverend, minister does not make the person…just look at Rev. Sharpton or Rev. Jesse Jackson. True reverence for a higher being comes from actions, not politics, greed or pursuit of power.

    • audaxrex

      by your spelling and grammar it looks like you didn’t waste too much effort on that eddication stuff.

  • MrLogical

    Buyer’s remorse, anyone?

    Remember every November: No more Democrats.

    • democratsforever

      Democrats currently lead in polls on nearly every important issue over Republicans, and Obama’s popularity is nearing a high.

      Deal with it.

      • sabercat

        your comment only proves the recent studies that have come out, america is dumbing down.

      • Sam

        Just shows that none of you proglets are capable of thinking for yourselves. You are afraid to be individuals and need to hide in the supposed safety of your hive. Just a bunch of drones, all of you, and yet you all think you are so smart. You increasingly realize how worthless you really are and that you can never make it on your own. You need the safety of polls and other indications of group think to get by.

        None of you have any clue just how pathetic and completely worthless you are. Sadly, the rest of us do see how sick you are and we are amazed by it.

        • audaxrex

          You protest too much.

  • God did not give women gift of authority in leadership. Women have different gifts. A small minority of women are so testosterone ridden that they believe themselves to be men as Janet Reno, or Janet Napolitano are. These poor women can be aggressive and dangerous when encouraged. Such women have gravitated to our churches and places of worship as well as is exhibited in the above article. The result of such failure in our leadership is attributable to our government schools and progressive courts. It is such interference in the natural order which has beaten men down so that males have lost their way.
    There is a way a truth and a life that nothing on this earth can crush.

    • audaxrex

      Good to know you know what God thinks. That’s what they call heirotelepathy?

      • He wrote a book for us.

        • audaxrex

          …I’m pretty sure that book was written by mortals.

  • neo polaris

    Weinberg said…Oh nevermind, her name alone speaks worlds…

    • kelly

      what the hell is that supposed to mean? other than you’re an anti-Semite?

  • GolfPro

    Priest molestations and now this! Is this why the Pope took off? Jesus said I will not be back until there comes a great falling away first. Seems like it is in full swing by the swingers! Jesus also said “they that sow to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but they that sow to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” Better read it and believe it, then obey it.

    • Interested

      How are you at all comparing this to Priest molestation? That just seems silly.

  • kestrel27

    Bet you dollars to donuts that the people putting this on and the people attending are all Obama tools and everyone of them votes Democrat religiously as many times as they can each election.

    • The student group is affiliated with Planned Parenthood. Go figure.

      • Confused

        If you’re not going to support contraceptives, and are anti-abortion…that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    • Take Back Something or Other

      Someone has donuts and tools on their mind…

  • blah

    She was actually correct about Onan and jerking off. Onan was struck dead because he refused to have sex with his wife’s widow and take care of her and her children, but as per usual liberals like this woman distort the passage and take it out of context. In the old testament what you see is a recurring theme of the laws being set up to care for one another. Back then they had no social security or pensions so the retirement for the elderly were their children, but if a widow has no children she has no one to take care of her, so the dead brother’s brother’s (not a typo) responsibility was to give her offspring for that purpose. Naturally, Weinberg says nothing about this but simply leaves everybody thinking the bible is a big animal orgy.

    Furthermore, Weinberg says “masturbation is not a sin”. That is incomplete. The bible is SILENT on the issue of masturbation because it is a neutral act which can be good or bad depending on a person’s life circumstances and attitude. To make the message of the bible extremely abbreviated, think of it this way: is what you’re doing expressing love for other people? For example, if you could be out there mingling with women and showing care for them, and if you could be preparing for marriage by getting a college degree or building a business, then why are you jacking off? On the other hand, you don’t have to be neurotic about it. Just keep your eye on the ball, on a real, committed marriage relationship.

    • blah

      oops, i meant to say, he refused to have sex with his BROTHER’S widow….

  • Just an American

    Does anyone ever wonder why it is that liberal minded bigots never mess with the Islamic faith? Remember this saying: “Monkeys know which trees to climb”

  • These people have to be Satanists.

  • Like Rome, the great Federal empire state won’t fall at once . . .but one piece at a time.

  • Aaron1960

    The only way this kind of stuff stands is when you don’t shame them.

  • rizzo29

    wondering if they dared doing that in a mosque,course not can,t offend islam

  • TH090959

    They should have used the office of the Dean, the office of the administrator or even the student union. Why defile a church?

    • … for great justice.

      Clearly, THAT was their intent.

  • FreedomCzar

    Hell won’t be hot enough for these folks.

  • PDU

    Wow, this is one of the colleges my daughter was looking at. This sure paints a different picture than the one their recruiters painted.

    • mauloa

      I don’t believe I would send a daughter or anyone to this college. Even if they didn’t “inbibe”…they would be labeled. Nasty thing to do you any young person.

  • Welcome to Obama’s Amerika….

  • AJ

    God’s not real, fuck Jesus, if you don’t like it, don’t come here. Simple as that.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet AJ, the spokesman for modern “progressives” and probably a student at AC. Mom and Dad must be so proud.

      • aJ

        Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet conservative douche. You attack a college you’ve never been to hosting an event that you didn’t see at a building that is non-denominational and just because it doesn’t live up to your ‘Christian Standards’, everyone gets thrown under the bus, from the students, to the faculty, to the LGBT community. Fuck you sir, you’re an asshole.

      • sb

        If the article alone hadn’t put this school on the “Do not apply” list, this representative would have for sure.

  • Go do that at planned parenthood and they’ll have you arrested for costing them an abortion prospect.

  • Ridiculous

    Who cares? What a tempest in a tea pot. Everybody jerks off. Some of us are crippled with guilt over it, and others are thankfully living in the 21st century.

  • Kelly

    Not that anyone commenting here cares at all about facts or the truth, but as someone who graduated from this college, I’d like to inform everyone that this is a non-denominational building on campus. Any religious or non-religious ceremony can take place in the space.

    • mauloa

      I’m sure you spent your time far wiser when you were there!

    • It is a non-denominational CHAPEL. The couple who paid for its construction never would have imagined the demise of AC to this point.

  • howmchbscnutak

    Sounds about right…progressive parasites and the libtard minions have no shame.

  • Scott

    Mom would be sooo proud that I’m studying.

  • Yachtspy

    I bet they wouldn’t have put on the seminar in a Mosque. Instead, they pick a building where CHRISTIANS worship. Well, the trick in on them. God lives in the hearts of His followers, NOT in buildings. So, if their intent was to “slap” Christians, they didn’t slap me. I pray and worship with my actions and my life, NOT just in a building.
    What ignorance these people people showed themselves to practice.

    • BoardMember

      It’s a nondenominational space. Yes Christians worship there but so do a medley of other religions. And this was by no means a slap in the face to Christians. We needed a space large enough for 200+ students and there’s only a few on campus that can hold that many. All others were booked and unable to be moved around so our event had no where else to go.

  • GolfPro

    They that sow to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but they that sow to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. Jesus Christ

    • audaxrex

      does that improve your handicap?

  • Why can’t a Liberal just leave people alone. they truly are a parasite!

    • They get off on being offensive to normal people.

  • EdG1955

    Sounds like a good use for a building that is empty except for 2 or 3 hours on Sundays.

  • SomeonePayingAttention

    For those of us who have figured out that sex is a normal, healthy and NECESSARY part of life, this is not a big deal. Religion, the ‘faithful’ and religious dogma have made people ashamed for so long we’ve forgotten that this stuff is at the core of our existance in the first place. Sexuality drives almost every single aspect of your life; it’s what keeps us sustained as creatures, and it’s just about the most important thing next to breathing and eating.
    It’s a shame that people are so scared of sex that they’ve allowed other people to tell them how wrong it is and how they should keep it concealed and taboo. I’d think church would be as good a place as any to help one another along with something so natural and pleasurable. But then, most ‘religious’ people are just to guilty to know how to deal with it.

    • Religious people like sex, too. God created us with the ability to love and have sex. However, you aren’t respecting Christians and their beliefs that sex ed does not belong in a chapel.



  • “..Weinberg, describing her lifelong fascination with pleasuring herself.
    “And some people figure it out earlier than that. Like preschool age. I
    was part of that last category.”

    The problems of our society would be greatly mitigated if most adults experienced a single solid year of total celibacy during their lives.

  • mauloa

    Romance is a thing of the past, just like balanced budgets, civility, pride of Country and a few other “use to be” important things that raised life above the beast!

  • I sure hope our tax dollars are not paying for this crap, but I suspect it is part of Obama’s stimulus plan…

  • JonStarknight

    Disgusting Heathens!

  • Shagnasty1

    Aside from this being entirely inappropriate how can it be said today’s youth are so much smarter these days when they need instruction in this?

  • Sasha Soetoro

    $ $ $ $ $ $

  • Next weeks tutorial – Anal Fisting! Brought to you by the decadent left. Bottoms up everybody!

  • AlleghenyAlumna10

    The last time Allegheny had this event, it was hosted in the political science building.


  • Mr.Reasonable

    Again, just like the movie Idiocracy …. people did nothing but watch TV and masturbate all day. Amazing that parents spend their money sending children to these schools to get their worthless BAs. Ever see a picture of these two? You’ll understand why they know so much about masturbation. These courses are usually organized, promoted and “taught” by people that basically are looking to get into the pants of barely legal freshman college students. That’s the major motivating factor.

  • DiscustedONE

    People wonder whats wrong with the United States? Why not also teach about orgies, hooking up for sex? Hand out free condoms, vibrators, sex enhancement pills, Porno videos for instructional purpose, right there in Church.

  • Randy Kitchens

    I gather this class is about women getting really familiar with themselves. Guys have it a lot easier. Upfront, out in the open for ease of access. A little assistance is usually appreciated and women never need to study what a guy likes. Simple. Guys need to take this class, somewhere besides a church and divorce rates may go down further.

    • Nimadan

      “I gather this class…”


      • Randy Kitchens

        dimitri, my statement is for for the illiterate who cant seem to fathom what the article was about that are commenting rather strangely. I was being sarcastic. DUUUUHHH right back atcha, LOL.

  • ananomoose

    My former town that I lived in for 30 years (1983-2010)–truly I am embarrassed by the explaination and the conduct of AC. Ford’s Chappel is beautiful non denominational place or WORSHIP–period

  • canineok

    1 Corinthians 6:18 ESV
    Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.


    In general squatters don’t make good men of God. That’s all you need to know about this story. That chapel is just a room where pagans meet to discuss the latest fads in going to hell.

  • Abdul

    Next time, host it in a Mosque.

    • AJ

      It’s a non-denominational space, fucktard, it’s as much a mosque as it is a church.

    • Nimadan

      Muslim would KILL them. You know it, I know it, even the idiot AJ knows it.

      • AJ

        Keep trying, dumbass.

  • mary magdalene’s wide set vag

    exploring one’s sexuality is fine everyone. i used to get railed by jesus, peter, paul, and even everyday household items. one time i even fucked a camel

  • cmdr-buzz-corey

    This is the face of liberalism. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • Br. Gabriel, OP

    Impious, at the very least. God save us from the academe.

  • You cannot legislate morality. But someone should have beaten it into these godless pigs before they started defiling a Holy place…

  • Sasha

    Babylon–Part 2

  • Dee

    If need instruction on how to masturbate by the time you get to college odds are you aren’t smart enough for college in the 1st place. But then I guess you don’t need intelligence to learn what is being taught these days. Like how to yank your wank.

  • cmdr-buzz-corey

    This is the face of liberalism. Liberalism is a mental disorder. You are witnessing the destruction of a civil, moral society all brought to you by immoral liberals.

  • Allegheny College is tiny. They don’t have a lot of buildings…?

    If this was going to happen it was going to happen.

  • GuessWho

    Ah, the Obama years. The darkest, most immoral, corrupt time of my country’s life. I’m a byzantine Catholic, to comprehend 51% of Catholics voted for Obama in 12′, and 54% in 08′ is almost too much to take – the man of open homosexuality, abortion, and immorality. Next up for this Chapel, homosexual weddings if they’re not already performing them.

    • I’m a Catholic. In my neck of the woods, we are conservative. We actually go to Mass weekly and pray. Those “Catholics” you mention are just social Catholics.

  • el_polacko

    what is it about sex that is ‘ungodly’ ?? if you believe that a god made us, then that god also created our sexual organs and made it pleasurable to use them. seems that most people who call themselves “christians” these days are just a bunch of nagging prudes.

    • You leftists get a kick out of offending normal people and calling them prudes. Respect and decency for other people, and reverence for God – these are punchlines of the leftists.

    • Nimadan

      All religions teach sublimation of sexuality. ALL OF THEM. If you don’t agree with that, fine; that’s your opinion. If you’re saying you didn’t know that, you need to shut up and learn something. But 50/50, you already know this; you’re just picking on Christians because like 90% of modern liberals, you’re a vicious anti-Christian BIGOT.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    They must have some real dummies going to this college if they have to show them how to play with themselves………

  • ralphie44

    welcome to the jeu world order

  • mike

    this story is worthless without pics…..

  • Jesus Molested My Uncle
  • jimfolks

    Please talking down or insulting Matthew does not help the issue. Matthew you must understand that we are a multi generational world. If these things interest you fine but they should not be on public display in a public church. It is distasteful at least and disgraceful.

  • BadWhisky

    Typical liberal, tring to teach somethingthat Humans have done for thousnands of years without a whimper of help.

    • Good point. I guess they have given up on any kind of personal initiative whatsoever.

  • ObJoeB

    A workshop on how to masturbate? How dumb are these college students?

    So much for teenagers/early 20s knowing everything.

  • Rudy Wright

    I recall when a Carpenter from Nazareth named Jesus, cleared a temple that had been defiled by people doing things that should not be done in a house of God. See John 2:13-22. Don’t think this will go unnoticed by Him, or His Father.

  • TugIt

    They explained how obama is masterbating the entire country with a dry rub and he doesnt even have the decency to use baby oil. Some say obama is more violent than that and that he is forcibly tucking it up America’s collective azz with no baby oil or lube. Obama’s action will hurt

  • Next time host it in the college Islamic prayer room and see what happens!

  • Did these morons pass “How to tie your shoe” also?

  • rennyangel2

    Was this “lesson” in the parents’ bill? Do they know their tuition goes for this nonsens? But if students wanted to hold a Christian club meeting the the church, odds are the college would shriek with outrage.

    • motherofdragons

      Interestingly enough, many of the students who attend this institution pay their own bills with little or NO help from their parents. Outrageous to think that people would actually WANT to pay for an unbiased education about their OWN BODIES! And another interesting tidbit, the chapel holds both Roman Catholic Mass and a non-denominational service weekly. So yeah, your wild speculations about a school that you don’t even attend aren’t really worth anything here.

      • $160,000 to learn how to masturbate? Instead of this sex ed class, they ought to be talking to these kids about personal finance.

        • motherofdragons

          Are you really so ignorant as to think that this event is representative of all of the learning that occurs on Allegheny’s campus? This event was held as just that, a simple campus event that enough students wanted to have. It was not a class and was totally optional. And Allegheny does offer resources to help students with personal finance. So please, stop getting your boxers in a bunch. It’s a waste of your time as well as mine.

      • rennyangel2

        Oh, BS. As a prof myself, I know no one wants this “unbiased” krap. Just the lefties who love attacked conventional morality and any kind of tradition. And if students aren’t smart enough with today’s net, publications, and interpersonal instructions to discover sexuality, they aren’t smart enough to be in any college.

  • punisher

    and jesus said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church amen

  • cecil91

    Choking Gophers 101. Lord have mercy. What next?

  • whattim

    Yes, it is much better to have Catholic priests raping little boys than this sort of thing. i love how people spin things.

    • Who is spinning here? Who said molestation was OK?

      • whattim

        people are saying Liberals are hurting our country and the church by doing such things in a church building. They are doing it in the open and not hiding it. Just more propaganda from fake conservatives

        • It’s a crime, a sin, and wrong when a priest, teacher or anyone molests a kid. It’s insulting, irreverent, and an affront to Christians when idiots host a sex ed lecture in a Church. How does the existence of the wrongdoing in either of these two sentence excuse the other?

          You are obviously unable to think clearly. I.e., you are a liberal.

          • whattim

            i am neither Republican or Democrat, I do not need people to think for me. For more than 100 years priests have been molesting children and it is usually swept under the rug and ignored by the same people who go to church. These people, which i do not agree with, are doing it in the open and not hiding anything. i would rather deal with people who are open than people who hide crimes against kids.

          • So, when you read about some wrongdoing, your first instinct is to yell “priest” and, upon hearing that, the rest of us are supposed to stop being offended?

            By the way, you do know that public school teachers have a higher molestation (and cover-up) rate, right? Because, I sure hope you bring that up whenever someone mentions a public school, a teacher, etc.

          • whattim

            As far as i know, no public school teacher is representing God and my religion. Religious faith is very powerful and molesting a child in the name of God is unforgivable.
            You can bet that i always point out every child molester and never back down.

  • This university better not be getting any Federal or State Tax money. We’ve had it with this malarkey.

  • And the country thinks Obama is all the problem ? And regardless how theses uneducated idiots. clergy , politicians want to qote scripture and add their understanding to it no one can deny that the Fall Of Rome will repeat its self right here as it is all happening in the world today anyway. More diseases on the way kids enjoy.

  • johnnyc

    Are you *kidding* me? We are done.

  • Twilliam

    What kind of dundering fool doesn’t know how to masturbate?

  • Lucy

    I was catholic. I would never send my children to catholic school . Just like notra dame covered the statues for the so called president ,I feel the church is nothing but a hypocritical church. Jesus would be ashamed.

  • Dave

    Look everyone, I’m sorry… I’m just a little touchy because I was molested by a priest when I was younger, and thats the ONLY sex that should be present in a church (even though this wasn’t held at a church!) I’m sorry that I’m so ill informed and have no idea what I’m talking about, so I’m just going to walk away from this one.

    • That is really sad! However the choice to molest you was done by a wolf in sheeps clothing. There is a terrible curse connected to harming children. Better to have millstone around your neck and cast into the sea then to face the wrath of God for harming his innocent children.

  • ColoMom

    Here is yet another school my kids will not be attending.

    • Nomy

      If religion is important to you and believe that only men and women should be married…. please dont send your kid here. I am warning you.

  • Gary Johnson

    Bill Clinton guest speaker…..?

  • tim ramich

    This is indicative of this culture of self-gratification. Me, me, me! All that matters to people is doing what feels good. Are you a male who feels feminine? Don’t worry, some trendy doctor can mutilate your junk and turn it into some freak vagina. You will also legally be a female. Never mind the fact that you don’t have ovaries and a womb… I see shows on channels like TLC with people who have sex with their cars or males who think they are females who dress like babies. These shows are enablers. They refer to that thing as a she. I find myself yelling at the narrator “no, it’s a he!” That channel used to be called “the learning channel.” Sad.

    • Leonard DiMarcello

      Also now you can get that new surgery if you are female and want to become a male. I think they call it an addadictomy! not sure though

  • Willows in the Wind. Bending to grovel at the feet of lust, and degradation, in the name of ????What? Secularism? Today’s immorality? What about tomorrow? All this shows one thing. These people do not know, nor do they fear God? They have been seduced by the Great Seducer! A tree is known by its fruit, Jesus said. What does this fruit say about there people?

  • Shelby

    I hardly see the issue here or why the program seems to be so controversial. Ford Memorial Chapel is a campus church in a place of academia that serves the needs of many religions. Why should it not be a place of open-mindedness and responsible learning? Allegheny College is not a place that favors one group’s opinions over another’s.

    • The word is “church”. The problem is one of disrespect.

    • AJ

      Because talk like that is logical, and logic waved ‘bye-bye’ to these people a long time ago.

      • So, Colomom, in your world of open-mindedness, would anything be inappropriate for discussion in a chapel? What about abortion training for med students? Or, how about some Satanic rituals? Are those kind of things what the Fords had in mind when they gave AC this chapel?

        • AJ

          a) We’re not a medical school. And b) Sure, as long they didn’t damage the property… it’s all fiction anyway. I’ll make sure I don’t read ‘Humpty Dumpty’ to anyone inside Ford to make you happy though, since apparently you only care about Christian fiction.

          • I guess we shouldn’t expect you to care about the original intentions of Mr. and Mrs. Ford, who donated the money to build this chapel. I mean you are a liberal who thinks they “didn’t build that”, and that liberals know best how to use other peoples’ money.

          • AJ

            Do you know the original intentions of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Ford’, Dave? I would guess not, since ‘Mrs. Ford’ was dead and ‘Mr. Ford’ dedicated it to his wife with the purpose of it being NONDENOMINATIONAL…. Fucking idiot… my political affiliation has nothing to do with any part of this argument. You’re not a part of the Allegheny Community, you don’t know any of the facts involved, and you’re attacking people who have done nothing wrong. You think Allegheny’s bringing on the demise of the country? Fine, stay away from it. Everyone will be happier. There’s no way in hell we’re changing the way we do things.

          • I think we all know what a chapel is used for, and can assume that a donor to a Methodist college in 1902 also knew its customary use. Where is your evidence that they intended it to be used for sex education?

            Let’s wait and see whether AC “changes the way (it does) things” after the almuni start calling. Not all of the leftists in this world have the authority to take other peoples’ money by force, you know.

    • Niamdan

      DESECRATE A SYNAGOGUE… and we’ll talk.

      Or a mosque, lol.

      • Not with my Tuition Dollars

        Wow, I just figured out there are 2 Shelby’s on opposite sides of this issue. It’s like “Shelby-ception”.

    • Not with my Tuition Dollars

      How about open-mindedness about how using such a venue is offensive to those who believe in orthodox Christian doctrine and the Bible? Open mindedness should be reciprocal. As for “responsible learning”, that is a matter of perspective. I disagree with your interpretation of that term.

    • Joe

      You obviously have no idea what Christianity is and how the church is suppose to correlate with Christianity.

  • What a great Methodist College. Commitred to ‘diversity and sustainable environment’. Voted ‘in Top 20 schools’ by the Daily Beast and #41 LIB ARTS School by Washington Monthly. Really progressed under President James Mullen who said in his inaugural address ““This is a place that knows who and what it is, a place that
    seeks excellence without elitism, a place that expands horizons and takes
    students further faster than they ever thought possible, a place that is confident
    without arrogance, a place that always seeks to be better and stronger and more
    attuned to the needs of its world, a place where rigor and excellence in the
    classroom constitute more than rhetoric, they represent our core values —
    values built and sustained by generations of teachers and scholars.”

  • girlnextdoor

    “My house is a house of worship…”, said Jesus. Not the worship of sex, money or anything other than God. Pick a different place if you must have someone “teach” you, this world is so tragical lost.

  • Forgot…Clarence Darrow is their most famous graduate…Scopes monkey trial that turned America into DARWINITE nation.

  • noodles5

    Can these liberal professors get any worse in this country? This is what is teaching our children. These teachers are nothing but left wing perverts. How low can we go?

    • Paige

      But why is this perverted? Teaching healthy and safe ways to have sex and teaching women about their bodies when this information is so difficult to find…I don’t see your point. And it wasn’t “liberal professor” it was a group of people whose job it is to educate people about sex and sexuality.

      • Not with my Tuition Dollars

        It’s an issue of perspective. The objection is not the content. You may teach what you want. The objection is venue. A church is not merely an auditorium because it sits on a campus. Catholics understand a church is a space that has been consecrated to God. To host teachers promoting views that directly contradict and undermine the teachings of the church and to instead define behavior we regard as sinful as “responsible learning” is insensitive. Why is it so difficult for colleges and professors to apply the same standards of tolerance to Christians as they extend to Islam or LGBT groups? I believe it’s because they don’t take us seriously. It’s easy to claim you don’t understand our offense when you’re limited to viewing reality through a humanist prism that holds some measure of contempt for Bible believing Christians and Catholics. College profs are just as intolerant as those you label intolerant.

        • BoardMember

          But this isn’t a sanctioned church. And we got permission from the Chaplain who knew exactly what was going to be held there. And we would have never used one of the churches in town that is actually sanctioned by a . Ford is a nondenominational space used by a medley of organizations. The program is also a lot more tame than what the article makes it appear to be. It talked a lot about finding inner body peace and making sure that the partner you have is one you are comfortable with.

          The space was used with the utmost respect. It’s a bummer that the event had to be held there because of the controversy that has followed but if you were there you could have seen what a great event it was.

          • Not with my Tuition Dollars

            I’d be happy to give you the point that the article makes it sound worse than in was. I wasn’t there. Allegheny College was founded by a Methodist pastor and it seems logical that John Ford clearly would have been under the impression he was constructing a Christian church to honor his late wife. I bet there was even a special worship service at that time when the church building was consecrated–it was set apart for God’s use to bring him glory. In Christianity, you cannot separate Christ and the church. The church is the bride of Christ. They are inseparable. So the idea of a “sanctioned church” is a fictitious, man made social construct– a euphemism to explain that later school leaders decided that the building might be better used as a multi-purpose campus building, including one for worship. In Christianity, this human decision did not cease to make Ford Memorial Chapel a church. Humans may have functionally stopped treating it as a church, but it did not cease to be one. Understanding this point might make it easier to see how Christians could be offended by this seminar. Many of us regard some of the topics of that seminar as contrary to God’s understanding of holy sexual practice (as is child molestation by priests–which hundreds of people seem to love to mention on this loop).

            Allegheny College is still listed on the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry’s website as being a “United Methodist-Related” college. Do you receive financial support from the United Methodist Church?

      • noodles5

        C’mon. If you want to teach people how to play with themselves you don’t do that kind of stuff in a church setting unless you happen to be one of the perverts. Don’t you have a sense of decency?

        • It wasn’t about learning how to masturbate though. Most of the talk was about how to achieve a healthy female sexuality and body image, how to have safe sex, both physically and emotionally/psychologically, and what to do if one is a victim of sexual abuse. The title was called ” I Love the Female Orgasm.”… not “How to Masturbate.”

          • noodles5

            Again, have you no sense of decency? Does this have to be done in a church setting? Learn how to have safe sex taught in a church. Love the female orgasm discussed in church. This is nothing more than our useless, liberal academia insulting the values of society. Disgusting activity that has no business being conducted in a place of worship.

          • Can Christian women not also love their own body and orgasms? No where in the Bible does it say that a women may not enjoy their own orgasms.

            This has nothing to do with politics. At all. I’m a conservative/libertarian, and I go to this school. I do not get why everything is blamed on liberals if conservatives are talking, and why liberals blame everything on conservatives. This is why nothing gets done in politics.

          • noodles5

            You miss the point. A church setting is no place for these types of discussions. Who in hell said anything about your not being able to enjoy their own orgasms? Do you have to go to church to learn that? Don’t tell me that any conservative based school would conduct workshops or classes like this in church. Why we get nothing done in the world today is because people going to college spend their time in a church learning about how to enjoy female orgasms instead of learning about things that matter in the real world.

          • Firstly, this was an attend if you like talk. No one was forced to go. Secondly, it was at night- We don’t have many (if any-depends on the semester) night classes at this school, cause it’s such a small school. So I don’t see how this affected students not learning. No one was skipping classes cause there were no classes then.

            Orgasms are healthy, and do matter in the real world. Besides being able to please your wife/girlfriend/whatever, orgasms help with partner bonding. This helps keeps couples together longer. The release of oxytocin forms stronger bonds.

            Also, a chapel is a perfect place to learn about sexual health. The Bible seems to mention sex a lot, so why not teach young adults about it in a chapel? They are gonna learn somehow, so might as well get it done and over with. Heck, the Bible was mentioned a lot in that talk.

          • noodles5

            I guess I didn’t realize you had to go to college to learn how to have an orgasm or how to have your partner reach orgasm. I guess that a good portion of the world will never reach their sexual potential since they don’t attend college and acquire these skills. How enlightening it is to know students are learning so much these days. Real men and women don’t need this kind of crap, especially in a church setting. This is an example of what is wrong in our educational system today.

          • Actually, a LOT of women do not have orgasms, and it has nothing to do with their partner doing the wrong thing. It can be because of body image issues, or being told that they should not enjoy sex, or just some kind of physical issue. A women that doesn’t have an orgasm doesn’t mean that her lover isn’t a good lover, it just means there’s an issue. Same goes for guys. You don’t have to go to college to be a good lover. No where was that said.
            I don’t understand why this is “wrong” or a “waste”. Women and men have self image problems, and this can affect not only their sex life, but also their academic performance, and their social life. Why is it bad to educate people that it is okay to be different?

  • duncan yun

    this program is NOT sanctioned by the diocese of Erie.

  • I live in this town and had no idea this was happening. We are the county seat, but still a fairly small town, pop. roughly 13,000. The faith community here is fairly strong, but maybe that’s past tense. If the chaplain of this church sees no problem with hosting this type of program in a house of God, maybe a change of vocation is in order.

    I would like to see some local outrage over this, but perhaps the rot goes deeper than I know. I am tired…

  • Anthony Moncayo

    Why not a mosque?

    • BoardMember

      If there was a mosque on campus that could have held 200+ students it would have been considered. Ford was the last spacing choice but no where else on campus was free that could hold that many people.

  • harleyman

    Kate Weinberg should read the scripture she is quoting from. Onan was ‘pulling it out’, not masturbating.

    6 Judah got a wife for Er, his firstborn, and her name was Tamar.

    7 But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death.

    8 Then Judah said to Onan, “Sleep with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to raise up offspring for your brother.”

    9 But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother.

    10 What he did was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death also.

    • Nimadan

      Di you actually think Whineberg gives a bleep about Scripture?


  • coolercoleman

    Liberal decay the first thing to go was their minds, now it’s their soul.

  • Nimadan

    “One Christian student, Shannon McAvinchey, 20, said the school’s student
    government supported Christian groups on campus and were not trying to
    intentionally offend Christian students by hosting the event in the

    If she actually believes, she is one naive, little girl. The PC Left is a lot of things but it is not stupid. The desecration of the chapel is conscious, deliberate, & MALICIOUS.

    • BoardMember

      Actually we(as in the member of ReproCo) weren’t. On our small campus there weren’t physically any other spaces available that night. Serious changing tried to be made but other events had the spaces they absolutely needed. Plus we got full permission from the school and Chaplain to host this event. We had no intention of using it without that.

      • Getting permission from an idiot doesn’t make it right, ok or inoffensive. I read a story once about a porno crew who got permission to enter a high school for a Saturday film shoot.

    • Sarah

      Name calling really helps your argument.

  • Miller and Wineberg, my, my, my…surprise, surprise. Wonder how they would feel if someone did that in a Synagogue, it would be just as sacreligious, but they wouldn’t surprise me if that happened. Saturday Night Live did a horrible thing about Jesus, some people do not learn how to treat others with respect.

  • Andylit

    At some point the alumni need to step in. As in, cut off donations and make sure the administrators know why. This is a calculated, deliberate derogation of religion.

    I’m an atheist, and this even makes me angry.

    • As a Christian, I appreciate your intellectual honesty.

      • BoardMember

        As stated earlier in these posts, the board of trustees (the ones with all the money) pushed for and got a fraternity back on campus that raped a girl to an inch of her life while they were in school. I by no means associate the new men in the fraternity with this act but how do you think the women of the campus felt when the school let them back?

        The chapel was used as the nondenominational space that it is. The school and the chaplain were well informed what was going on there that night. It was by no means an attack on religion.

        • Allegheny Student

          The men didn’t feel much better–speaking as one. And the chaplain was lied to / misinformed about what was going on, actually. Don’t make claims you can’t verify.

    • Same though Im more agnostic then pure atheist. There really HAD to be another place on a campus to have this event.

      • Allegheny Student

        No, there actually wasn’t. Not that you have any way of knowing that, because you don’t believe anything that doesn’t fall in line with your beliefs, and those you take without question.

  • Tim

    “So this primary anti-masturbation story is about this guy, Onan. … And Onan refused to sleep with his brother’s wife, so he spilled his seed on the ground — that’s how it’s defined — and for that, God struck him dead,” she said.

    Hmmm. I wonder if Weinberg is a believer? If not, why does she care what the Bible says?

    If she IS a believer, she needs to READ the Bible.

    Jesus said…

    “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5:28

    Masturbation is an act of lust. We are giving in to the desires of our flesh.

  • just a person

    the school is not based on religion and the chapel is used for many more events than religious one’s. the presentation was intended to be light hearted and more of a show than a “lesson”. Everyone in this discussion is a child for thinking down on the students at this small liberal arts college. there is nothing wrong with becoming more familiar with the body you have nor is there anything wrong with the location. it is not an attack on the church nor an attack on anyone’s belief.
    Welcome to 2013, where the people are still as ignorant as ever.

  • Obama’s corrupt perverted world…welcome to the country of gay filth…dehumanising your children

    • Obama wants to get them started even earlier.

  • Trisha Doherty

    People get paid for this..another example of how higher education had become a racket for the likes of weinberg. Who needs a real job when you can get paid to tell young idiots how to masturbate, as if every other generation hasn;t figured it out on their own..millennial’s must be utterly worthless myrmidons.

    • Paige

      But there has been a lot of issues in the past with misinformation and lack of education resources for sex…which happens in college, I’m not sure if you heard. These jobs are necessary and extremely beneficial to college students. I was happy to learn more about my body by well informed people whose job it is to educate me.

  • achmed

    I wonder if these progressive girl power students would be brave enuff to do this in a Mosque…..I didn’t think so. Gutless bra burners

    • BoardMember

      Had there been a mosque near with space for 200+ people then yes absolutely, with permission of course since we got permission from the school and Chaplain from Ford.

  • Leonard DiMarcello

    I think this is very benificial . When i was their age. I thought i was sprouting a carrot until it pissed on me .

  • davedavis256

    Sex and masturbation are normal and everyone does it.

    • Some things are inappropriate in a chapel.

      • davedavis256

        Not necessarily, would you prefer that people learn about sex from porno magazines and other “smutty literature”?

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ford probably never imagined that the chapel they built for AC would be used for these purposes. As is always the case, liberals come along, take control of something that someone else built, and ruin it.

  • Gmama

    Pathetic. As if there aren’t enough resources for students to figure out how to have an orgasm. How about hosting a seminar on how to get a job?

    • motherofdragons

      Oh, Allegheny does have plenty of seminars on how to get jobs. For some odd reason, coverage of those ones don’t show up on conservative news sites for random people to get outraged about… Weird, huh?

  • jonmaxwell60

    A couple of weeks ago, i saw a kid on the train who couldn’t have been more than 12, WATCHING HARDCORE PORN on his iPad. Not sure where his parents were, but for all I know, they don’t even care. Messed up.

  • IntellectOne

    What filth! This kind of seminar is never necessary. What a bunch degenerates! Sex is a Sacred Gift from God reserved for a man and a woman that are committed to one another, completely mentally and physically, in bonds of a Sacred Marriage.

    Going around touching people to get a rouse out of them. It sounds like something a pedophile or homosexual would do to children. This is in a Catholic Church? What the Hell is wrong with these people!

  • Trudestress

    Oh, how dare they talk about this dirty, nasty stuff in a church! Vulvas! Vaginas! How filthy! You’d think God created us with sexual organs and a capacity for pleasure!

  • They would never do this in a mosque. It’s just another blatant and overt swipe at Christianity.

    • Nimadan

      I used to be really anti-muslim ten years ago (after 9/11) and in some ways, I still am. You have to admit though: NOBODY messes with them this way.

      The PC Left is always telling us, “You pathetic White people need to learn from the Third World”. Well, maybe they’re right. Say what you will about them, the allah-boys know how to handle liberal scum. Look what the mujahadeen did to them in Afghanistan. Look at how the ayatollahs handled the leftists in Iran.

      Muslims don’t take any shite; Christians do. Until that changes, scum like Whineberg will keep spitting in our faces.

  • Joe

    You think this doesn’t anger god? Do you think these people will get away Scott free over what they have done. They won’t! The will suffer consequences at a time when god sees fit. In this life or the next.

    • jonmaxwell60

      Your magic being in the sky (or so called god) should worry more about injustice in the world (starving, murder, poverty) rather than people talking about pee-pees and wee-wee’s.

      • Joe

        God only gives to those who are willing to receive.

        • jonmaxwell60

          Oh so it’s the victim’s fault of injustice that god didn’t intervene. So your magic being in the sky is a huge asshole then. Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • redhawk1

    Is Allegheny applying to the IVY League.. this sounds like a Test for Admission

  • Joe

    Our country should be ashamed for allowing this to happen in our church! DO YOU REALIZE HOW HORRIBLE GODS WRATH WILL BE UPON THIS COUNTRY IF WE DO NOT GET BACK ON A BETTER PATH? Prepare to suffer if you do not change!

    • jonmaxwell60

      Your magic being in the sky (or so called god) should worry more about injustice in the world (starving, murder, poverty) rather than people talking about pee-pees and wee-wee’s. Either there is no god, or he is impotent and weak, or he’s a petty asshole.

      • Joe

        Have you ever considered that you may have misconceptions about god based upon your immediate split second judgement? God is complicated and he is best known as so if you actually read the bible. Maybe the true definition of God doesn’t correlate with the perception you want to have that makes you feel best. Read the bible and believe the one and only interpretation there is to know about god.

        • jonmaxwell60

          What makes you think this an immediate split second judgement? My comment was actually based on the viewpoint of someone who grew up in church, went to seminary, and was briefly a youth pastor. My only regret with my comment is that in retrospect, I was being a bit of a jerk.

  • I wonder if they would try that in a Mosque? LOL. Already know the answer…

  • Joe W

    It seems that no one at the college was really offended about the venue so while “outsiders” can be “outraged” by this event, it really isn’t our call.
    However, I think the problem here is not that everyone involved including the chaplin felt this event wasn’t offensive to anyone but, more importantly, they didn’t make an attempt to see if it would be. Church-goers, christians, religious-minded folks were never a consideration in the thoughts of all of those event planners who want to demonstrate their “tolerance” toward “forward thinking” groups. This is, once again, simply a case of a lack of common courtesy that never seems to include the feelings, beliefs or thoughts of those who have religious beliefs.

    • Not with my Tuition Dollars

      Well said!

    • Joe

      Blame the Western Church! Christianity amounts from little to nothing in the Western Society. The Western and Corrupt church is a mockery to true and pure Christianity.

    • Thad

      One sensible comment, thank you. I can agree with this.

    • Sarah

      What wasn’t reported in this that all other large space venues at the school were booked. Ford chapel is used for events and things other than religious services. It was not meant as a disrespect to people that worship there, and it was checked with the various religious groups on campus. So I don’t think it is fair to say that the event planners didn’t consider those who have religious beliefs.

      • But leftists who do things like this forget that they rely upon people who are not living on campus. They rely upon alumni, parents of students, etc. It was offensive to many people, and they should have anticipated this.

        • Sarah

          It also wasn’t accurately reported, which made it seem even more offensive than it was.

    • I think the better word is “civility”. We used to understand that Sally the Baptist or David the Jew might get offended by things we do or say, and not try to offend.

  • Victor_Velo

    Using God’s house to conduct a sex therapy session? How shameful! I left the USA nearly 10 years ago; I doubt I would recognize America if I should ever return.

  • gardengnome132

    God help us.

  • williamunknown

    i wonder … if this had been a mosque … would the liberal left have protested against this?

    • Joe

      Of course, without a doubt! Judging by there track record and history.

    • The lefties sure get upset when some frustrated American boy over in Afghanistan rips up a Koran.

  • Dwain Meyer

    Couldn’t they just issue the students a copy of Cosmo with their books?

  • 7thFleetVet

    Is this what $100,000 tuition buys you these days? What a bunch of wankers.

    • It’s $32k per year, plus room and board.

  • Lloyd__Christmas

    I find it ironic that we can pray in schools, but we can tell kids what
    is and what is not a sin. I have two kids who attend this school…
    they will not be returning next year.

    Has anyone started to email the administration about this? It sure
    would be nice to get a couple hundred people sending complaints and
    shutting down their email server.

    This school always promotes homosexuality, so I guess it shouldn’t
    surprise me that they would stoop to this. You can have a Gay March,
    but you can’t have a March to support straight students or any other
    things that are not of liberal orientation.

    Let’s pray for the students…
    – Lloyd

    • Joe

      A Church that promotes Homosexuality? Ha! A typical Western Church!

    • FuckYouLloyd

      I find it ironic that you can’t write worth shit.

      Wait, no I don’t.


  • rose

    I am sure there was not another empty room on the whole campus where they could have held this “tutorial.” It absolutely had to be in the chapel. All the more to add to the offensiveness. They are fooling no one. What a pathetic, childish display of ignorance.

    • Joe

      Even a nonreligious person with basic moral code should be repulsed by this. Absolutely no moral dignity these days in America. ZERO moral dignity…. it’s disgraceful

    • I agree. They knew that, while they were not damaging the chapel, they were desecrating it. Another commenter here wrote earlier that the Altar at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was desecrated by those enlightened leftists during the French Revolution.

    • Allegheny Student

      There actually WASN’T any other venue large enough. There are only a few spots that big, and all of them were taken. They originally tried to get the auditorium. What a pathetic, childish, display of ignorance.

  • Thad

    All of you hypocrites who pretend to know anything about morality, dignity, intelligence, etc. can get fucked. It’s all perspective. Just because some believes something different than you doesn’t make them any more right/wrong than you.

    • 7thFleetVet

      I bet your mother’s are proud of you.

      • Thad

        I have a mother, a father, and a step-father… so whatever you intended, maybe you just have shitty fucking grammar and are an idiot, by the “mother’s” comment is irrelevant. Also, all of them are very proud of me…crazy right?

    • Joe

      Judging by your comment, was it alright for Hitler to kill the millions of Jews? Afterall you did say just because some believes something different than you doesn’t make them any more right/wrong than you, right?

      Morality divides perspectives in to right and wrong and into what is acceptable and what is not acceptable!

      • Thad

        In Hitler’s mind, what he did was moral. I don’t agree, but my comment clearly states ideals and values are all based on perspective. I think Hitler was wrong, but he and his followers didn’t. Who are you to definitively tell others what is acceptable/not, btw? Slammed, thank you

        • Joe

          People are entitled to there own perspectives unless they are unmoral. I can tell others what is wrong and not wrong weather it feels good to them or not. For people need moral boundaries for the betterment of themselves and everyone around them. and when there is no moral regulation or boundaries from the result of weak mindedness bad things happen such as the falling demeanor of our country.

          • Joe

            and other horrible things that varies in extremities, such as what happened to the Jews.

  • nivekyaj

    Really! This is approved of by adults! ^Those some call scholars… This article is bad enough… the parts that explain how to, probably could have been presented differently. It is terrible concerning the level the human race has digressed. the farther from God the people go, the lower man becomes in all areas of life. I hate being pulled down by the sub-human culture(s). Even basic morality has become a joke based on popular opinion, and it is viewed optional, at best by most people. It is embarrassing to think what this behavior must look like from a heavenly perspective. I am not God nor do I begin to think that I understand God, I will be so bold to say what I do understand from a Book He orchestrated the writing of; there is a clear picture of things of which He has great disdain of and things in which He takes great pleasure concerning His people. This kind of education is for immoral people, they have no faith in the Creator; their morality comes from their own pagan beliefs, clearly not the Holy Book the Bible.

    • Thad

      Not everyone believes, nor has to, in God and Christianity. It’s okay to have a different religion. It’s people like you that force your values on everyone else that give Christianity a bad name. And, that’s exactly why I come to denounce more and more everyday.

      • Joe

        When we talk about god to nonbelievers you perceive it as us forcing our opinions on you? You are victimizing yourself with your weak mindedness to even come close as to perceive that as forcing.

        • Thad

          I don’t find anything wrong with the Islamic religion/culture. You find extremists no matter what religion. People that become convoluted and will kill in the name of their religions/Gods aren’t just limited to people of the Islamic faith. Those radical Islamist’s take everything out of context. And you Rose are not simply talking or presenting facts. You are telling everyone who is right and who is wrong. You are asserting your religion is the only way to go. I personally believe in God, just not the same fairy tale Biblical portrait that you have allowed your weak mind to succumb to. Have you ever thought tales and stories in the Bible are allegory? That not everything is to be taken word for word? That man wrote the Bible and could have lied about the things that God told them? You’re the weak minded one my friend. Blind sheep.

          • There was a time in America when most people understood that other people revere places of worship, and that certain things were inappropriate in them. This is called “civility” and it should be extended to others, whether or not you share their faith.

        • AJ

          Bahah, the hypocracy! So you talking to non-believers isn’t forcing, but what about an atheist talking to you about god not existing? You’d be singing a different song… or, here’s an example, by your definition, talking about orgasms isn’t forcing immorality on Christians- so stop complaining!

      • 7thFleetVet

        Do you denounce Allah and Islam?

      • So, when some frustrated American kid in Afghanistan rips up a Koran, is that OK with you too?

      • AJ

        Thank you, Rose. Perfectly put. If everyone acted like this, the world would be a much better place.

      • I’m a Christian. I’m also a civilized person. I would not pull a stunt like this in any chapel, or place of worship, regardless of the faith(s) practiced in it. The people here who can’t understand that are either outright evil or they are morally underdeveloped.

      • nivekyaj

        So I am the reason you have come to denounce what? your eternal life with your Creator? I am one of the people who can be responsible for your choice… interesting. Of course not everyone agrees with me, but all should look to moral truth some where… I wonder what standard you use for moral judgement.. When you denounce Christian values what do you have left?

    • Bro you mad?

      • nivekyaj

        yes, I am, mad at the world…

  • Private school, they paid for this with their own money or their parents. Would I send my kids there? No. Any school that uses my money to support student groups like feminists queers and allies has no use for my money. They already got it figured out.

  • I find it hilarious that people who STILL to this day in the modern age believe in biblical fairy tales and christian mythology have the gall to lecture others on “morality”. It takes a serious lack of intelligence and knowledge to believe in religion, especially the ones who believe in it literally. It’s really embarrassing that our country is so religious, other parts of the world must look at us as medieval simpletons.

  • So just to clarify…hypothetically, let’s say a straight Christian male student attended this event so that he will be more prepared to make various experiences more enjoyable for the wife he hopes to have some day. Is it wrong and immoral of him to do so? Also, if “spilling your seed” is wrong outside of reproductive purposes, why do most men experience wet dreams? And if there is an inability to experience arousal without thoughts of lust why do most male babies have multiple erections prior to the age of 6 months? And an even better question, if “wasting” sperm is wrong, does that mean that a woman who “wastes” her eggs by not becoming pregnant every time she is physically capable of doing so is acting in a way God would disapprove of?

    • Whether or not one agrees with the tenets of the faith(s) in question here is not relevant. This took place in a chapel, a place of worship, and it should come as no surprise that believers would be offended.

  • Slouching Toward Gomorrah…(book by Robert Bork)…..we have arrived

  • Trisha Doherty

    If you reached college age without figuring out on your own how to masturbate, you need to be culled from the herd.

  • Jake

    I am thoroughly disgusted by the hateful words said in these comments. As a conservative Christian who attends this school, I personally have no problem with an educational seminar held in the chapel (which is also an academic building on this campus). Call this a “Godless Liberal” academic institution all you want. We offer majors in Religious studies programs, and there are more Christian and religious organizations on this campus than there aren’t. This is a liberal arts college, where everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. I believe Jesus, himself, taught us to be accepting of others and kind to all no matter what. True Christians would know this and not spread these hateful words toward one another. I am happy that you can share your opinions within these comments, but please do not be hostile. Do not try to “shut our email server down.” Do not remove your children from this school based on one event. If you have complaints, contact those in charge with kindness and courtesy.

    • Groovery

      You’re a fool.

      • Jake

        My point exactly

        • Trisha Doherty

          I fear you will have great difficulty in the dog eat dog business world when you graduate..

          • Jake

            Not true, I’ve already worked many jobs. When you treat people with kindness, good things happen to you. People actually like honesty and good-natured people. Who knew?

          • What about being kind to religious people who believe a chapel should be dedicated to worshiping God?

        • Groovery

          What point?

    • Being a Christian does not require you to submit, to allowing groups which preach evil to do it in a chapel. (The student group here is allied with Planned Parenthood).

      • Sarah

        They are concerned with people having safe sex/safe relationships. They have difficult conversations. They are not pro-abortion, they are simply for people having the protection such that they do not need an abortion.

    • … for great justice.

      You are neither Conservative nor Christian.

      Either or both would see the fundamental wrong of this.

      You are just a Leftist, lying, and saying you are something which you are surely not.

  • Romulus Augustulus

    The USA is at Rome 450 AD. Decadence, materialism, aloofness, self-indulgence, laziness, moral relativism. Hardly the hallmarks of a civilization on the rise. The whole bankrupt society is rotting from the inside out. Thanks to 4+ decades of idiotic leftist agendas shrouded in terms like “social engineering” and “social justice” we’ve dumbed ourselves down to the point of no return. I doubt very much they are wasting time and resources on idiocy like this in countries like China. Instead they are pushing AP calculus into younger age groups. Stick a fork in what was “America”. It is done.

  • Trisha Doherty

    Weinberg and her tribe sure have hit on a good scam..get idiots to pay you to explain that which nature pretty much takes care of on it’s own.

  • JackT

    Mediocre college; #82 on US News List! Focus on helping these students get an education so that they can get jobs when they
    graduate. Rhodes Scholars: 0.

  • Woodstock1229

    I called the church and filed a complaint. The email address that I forwarded this article to is [email protected] allegheny.edu. I hope you do the same.

  • Leonard DiMarcello
  • That is just stupid as all get out. If someone needs to take a clas on how to freaking masturbate then they need to be legally sterilized so as not to pass on that dumbass DNA.

  • Timmy

    you guys obviously havent found the clitoris yet

  • Groovery

    The decline and fall of western civilization, right before your eyes.

  • My son and daughter graduated from Allegheny.I have attended Mass at the Chapel. Unbelieveable.

  • rosswill

    This is the “great society” that the liberals have long fought for. They have removed all reference to God and all moral teaching around the 10 Commandments. They have trashed the founding principles of this country and trashed the Constitution. To these people there is no good or evil, no right or wrong because everything is relative. Liberalism is the scourge of western civilization and has changed this country into something that is unrecognizable from the society of my childhood.

    • Think about how far they’ve gotten. The majority of them believe, for example, that it’s perfectly fine to punish people for sins they have not committed. (E.g., all Catholics, Christians, etc. deserve punishment for molestation; white people living today must be penalized for slavery, etc.) This principle is not a Christian one.

    • frizzy140

      you mean a world of segregation, limited women rights (women could not get a bank loan or a credit card on their own without a father/brother/husband co-signing until the 70’s, had to play half-court sports because they were not considered ‘fit’ enough to handle it and were outlawed from many colleges because women are not supposed to be educated) not to mention quotas on schools for the amount of Catholics Jews and other ‘minorities’ they would permit, The youthful life you idolize is actually one of hateful spite where unwed mothers where spit on, multi-racial couples were outcasts and the white christian populace was at the precipice of their fall. What you remember is economic strength thanks to the end of WWII post-production, a non-globalized economy that had no competition and a ‘simpler’ world when your skin color and religion were worth more than they are now.

  • Azarkhan

    Only a college would dream of hosting something so ridiculous.

    • axemole


  • May God have mercy on us.

  • i took that class. i got screwed in the final.

    • Trisha Doherty

      yep..i got royally f*cked by a few professors as well

  • Just how stupid do you have to be to Not know how to masturbate. I mean really….and to take a class, go back to grade school college is way to hard for you.

  • Jesus Chirst’s aborted fetus

    hey guys, i think you are all taking my father’s teachings and the bible a little too serious. i mean, Jesus was actually was pro-choice. he had me aborted in a back alley with a clothes hanger

  • will this take the place of the tupperware party?

    • Eric

      No the sex toy party is happening next week.

  • BillCNC

    Seems quite appropriate, … considering the molestation that runs like wildfire in the churches.

  • A bunch of college Jerkoffs attend Church…..

  • 1uncle

    The meaning of demo liberal.

  • frizzy140

    i think this class should be mandatory for all straight 18 year old boys, a real lessonfor them that no amount of collegiate coursework can achieve

  • LIgoner

    Liberal arts education. Too stupid to find their own clit or penis and their parents are spending thousands to help them find them.

    • frizzy140

      its not their own that needs helping, its to teach others that is the quest

  • teapartydoc

    Sodom and Gommorah here we come. (No pun intended).

    • frizzy140

      why do you view sexuality as sinful? I’d think murder and rape are more viable options for an allegorical reference

  • Good job, AC!

    Let’s discuss this in terms other than religion and sex. Let’s look at
    responsibility. I applaud the students, faculty, and staff who engaged in
    a rather tough conversation. While controversial, it educates students on
    appropriate methods for participating in adult behavior. In a society
    where abstinence education is proven to be unsuccessful; I admire the staff in
    their efforts to teach students how to be responsible. Teaching students not to do something, doesn’t equip them for the real world. While
    the venue is considered to be inappropriate, consider the demographics of the
    institution. The college officials approved the program and chose the location.
    In a smaller institution, this may have been the only location available
    that would be suited for this presentation. Would it even be an issue if the activity took place outside of the chapel?

    Instead of constantly finding things to complain about in this world, we need
    to begin looking at what is going right. Great job, Allegheny College for working collaboratively to teach students about how to respect their bodies and their partners. How many institutions do you know of that can pull this many professionals together for a single event? Not many!

    Liberal Arts education flourishes and provides some of the best educational (and holistic) opportunities for students. Don’t knock something because you don’t
    understand it. Perspective is not the same as the intention of the activity.

    • frizzy140


    • Rather then teaching college people the location of the “G” spot might be better served teaching them how to read and actually think for themselves.

  • D John

    This a part of a broader agenda. Desensitize these sexually heightened young adults to think it is acceptable to take a class in a place used as a Church for Christian worship. These weirdo groups holding the event, would love to be accepted by the majority of Christianity. I would be curious to know what the college personal who defend this event at the chapel would define as inappropriate or permissible to take place in this chapel. That would tell me much more about them. Probably, anything would be a okay.

    • frizzy140

      ‘chapel’ is what it was built for, but if you read the article you would have understood that it is actually used for multi-faith prayer and outside activities. Almost every non-denominational college uses it’s ‘chapel’ for other activities.


    Well, just like all of us, those responsible will some day have to answer to their Maker.

  • axemole

    I do not know about other Christian denominations, but Catholics SHOULD write to the Bishop of the diocese of Erie, to the whole College Administration and Religious staff at Allegheny College and VOICE THEIR COMPLAINT… these seculars are quick to trample down on Christian’s beliefs because now, to offend or disrespect them is considered ‘avant-garde’… ask Tim Tebow or Carrie Prejean.

  • Dr_Proctor

    ….and it all came tumbling down. Judgment is at the threshold, and only those that have built their house on the Rock will survive the raging tempest.

  • jerryomega

    “So, what was your major in collage?”
    “Oh, I have a degree in MASTURBATION.”….and a few other things that can’t be listed here.
    All that time and money for what?

    • axemole

      Masturbation… the Renewable Energy of the future… just put a bunch of liberals on Viagra in a room and harness the heat generated by these libturds…

      Boy, oh boy, with all the sexual deviations, with all the perversion, with pedophiles seeking rights just as GBLTs, with the increase in teenage suicides across the country, or problems in society because of Abortion, Euthanasia, Divorce… you would like to think that a College would concentrate their efforts on devising solutions or programs to help society, but No no no no… the Administrators argues that not knowing how to masturbate WELL is a more pressing issue in today’s culture. Say it ain’t so, please, say it ain’t so.

      • jerryomega

        If you ever get the check out Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking” where goes out on the street and even college graduations and ask people simple questions it will show you what they learn in the Universities.
        When you have a dumbed down entitlement society that population will fall for anything. Easy pickings for some one like Obama.

    • Lol but there is no BS in Masturbation at that school.

  • JJ

    While I understand that religious people are bound to have certain views on sexuality. What baffles me is how venomous they are, yet passive sheep when it comes to voicing themselves about the real crimes that happen through the economic/political machine. Poverty, greed, murder and war. Jesus forgives prostitutes, Luke 7:36-50 he hated bankers http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/07/what-would-jesus-do-with-bankers.html

    Divide and conquer is a real strategy being waged against the population by the powers that be and sexual orientation is one of the methods being implemented. Don’t be one of their puppets. Follow what Jesus said not your religious institutions or political bodies or corporate media. Think as a human.

  • Grace

    I think that it’s fantastic that a school is willing to discuss such a taboo topic in an academic and adult way. Education is the best way to dissapate ignorance and keep the youth of America safe. We all have bodies, and we all have genitals. Why is it such a big deal to talk about them? Allegheny is taking risks and facing up to the tough subjects that garner intense criticisms from the general public. The fact that it was in a chapel has very little to do with anything. The chapel is used for many different events including classes, mass, string quartet performances. All serve as a way to communicate with students and enrich their learning. As Galileo Galilei said: “I do not feel obligated to believe that the same God who had endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.” Simply because things such as sex and masturbation give us pleasure does not mean they are inherently evil, nor does it mean that we should not learn about it. It is natural- the way God made us, and God makes no mistakes.

    • axemole

      You have the internet… google it… or are you a retard? The fact that someone out there makes a living talking about masturbation is hilarious… but extremely concerning is the fact that a COLLEGE believes that this is a most pressing social issue and that THE BEST PLACE TO HOST THIS SEMINAR is in the Chapel where Catholics celebrate mass.

      • Grace

        Firstly, I have to say that someone who is talking about sensitivity toward a specific group of people comes across as a bit hypocritical when they use the word “retard” like you did. I would also like to point out that the seminar was not just about masturbation but also about how to have a healthy romantic relationship with another person. This was only one facet that has been brought into the limelight for the sensationalism factor it has.

        • axemole

          Oh… so now you are the sensitive police? you have feelings of sensitivity toward retards? I see how sensitive you are… fyi: I used the word ‘retard’ on purpose, sarcastically, to generate your predictable reply… so by the same token, it is insensitive (according to you) to call someone a ‘retard’ but NOT to host a seminar entitled –fill in the blank– in a CHAPEL WHERE CATHOLICS GATHER FOR MASS, LENT AND WHERE JEWS PRAY. SO WHO IS THE HYPOCRITE? What a selective outrage you have. Hopefully you understood the meaning of offensive and disrespect that we feel when you host such seminars in a place used for ‘sacred’ liturgies. I hope this helps to put your feet in our shoes. My outrage has nothing to do with the content of the seminar (they could have done it anywhere else or the next year for all I care) but with the FACT that they chose (whether because of ignorance or blindness) a place where Catholics celebrate Mass. Now their ignorance has consequence and they should embrace it and admit that it was extremely dumb to do what they did.

          • Grace

            I am glad to hear that you think it is a “predictable” thing for someone to be offened by the use of that word in such a negative context. I certainly hope people are offended when they hear discrimination. However, I am sad to hear that you think it was a show. On a similar note, what makes you think you’re talking to a non-Christian? I am a Christian, myself, and have prayed in that very chapel on numerous occasions. All the other spaces large enough to fit a crowd that size were being used for other events. It was not chosen to offend a particular group of people- that’s absurd. I think you would be hard pressed to find a faithful person on Allegheny’s campus that would side with you on this matter. Tolerance and acceptance are the main set of values held on campus. I am sorry to hear that you are so willing to jump to the conclusion that the location of this seminar was intended to wound and spite worshipers of God. I hope your struggles with your faith work out eventually.

          • axemole

            Do not misunderstand me or put words in my mouth. No one is saying it was a ‘freak’ show. No one is saying that the seminar had no intrinsic value for students. No one wants to ban the seminar from ever being presented again. Is that clear to you? What you are in denial, is to acknowledge the inflaming title used for the seminar and then host it in a sacred place, at least for Catholics. I do not know what ‘brand’ of Christianity you worship, but it certainly has not done you any good to ‘respect’ the beliefs of CATHOLICS who would be ‘certainly’ offended that in the same place where they celebrate the sacred liturgy of ‘mass’ you decide to host a seminar that TOTALLY CONTRADICTS THEIR FAITH. Now, there are many ‘bad’ Catholics in the RCC (Roman Catholic Church), specially when they are young, curious and vulnerable,(now please do not ignore this question) so, does that give you the right to disrespect and offend all Catholics? does your faith teaches you that while Catholics are young and vulnerable it is ok to offend all of them? ANOTHER QUESTION: Does the fact that you couldn’t find another place where to host this seminar is sufficient reason to go ahead and bully your seminar in the face of all those who may be offended? Do you have seminars that likewise are offensive to all muslims even though you may have some liberal muslims in campus? How about offending GBLTs?

        • The sad thing is, when people get offended they get offensive. And it starts an ugly chain of events…

    • absinthe

      Grace, most of us got beyond the evils of masturbation when we were, er, twelve or so, after we had been caught by our parents six or seven times, often times doing it with our worldlier and wiser friends. And, no, I have not yet gone blind. What most of us find hilarious is that someone can be paid to wank in public, and in a chapel at that! I don’t mean to minimize the pain that sexual neuroses can inflict upon the highly sensitive, but it is frankly not a problem to most of us, and it is hard (pun!) to understand how anyone can accept money to preach the pleasures of beating his meat … spanking his monkey … bleeding his lizard … etc.

      • Grace

        I would like to clarify a few things for you. Firstly, not everyone does- there are people who live incredibly sheltered lives or who were abused sexually and need to readjust how they view sex and intimacy. Secondly, there was no “wanking” in public, as you so poetically put it. Thirdly, the whole seminar was not about masturbation- it was also about developing healthy romantic relationships with another person. It dealt with sexuality and intimacy as a whole. Finally, if you want to be taken seriously, I would suggest dropping the sexual puns. It’s rather self-defeatist.

        • absinthe

          Thank you for the graceful response. [Sorry, I can’t help myself.] It is not that I am without compassion for wounded souls. I simply do not understand what learning to masturbate has to do with higher education, nor how compassionate masturbationists can justify receiving a check for their work, however pleasurable it may be. On their own time fine, but to create a “seminar” around it is a symptom of the sickness unto death that has brought American academia into disrepute.

          • Grace

            I think you’re focusing too much on a singular part of the seminar. You’re not getting the big picture of what the event was really about. Yes, masturbation was discussed. No biggie. People do it. Why not talk about it? Adult discussion leads to a much healthier attitude toward sex and acceptance of our bodies. And higher education is not all facts, figures, and papers. It’s about improving ourselves as a whole. Therefore, students seek not only to expand the academic portion of their mind, but also their cultural, political, and sexual views. Let’s face it- it’s just part of life. Additionally, if you are deciding to classify the presenters as “compassionate masturbationists,” then you must realize that literally almost everyone you talk to in a professional setting can also be classified as a “compassionate masturbationist.” As you pointed out earlier- the larger portion of the population learns about/experiences it early on. You just need to think about it from a different perspective, which can be difficult for people who aren’t used to having their views challenged, I admit. We’ve all been there. We’re all human. Why give something like sex or masturbation power over our lives and what we can and cannot discuss? Talk about it!

          • absinthe

            Thanks for taking the time to explain the seminar better. You have been very patient with me. There is no doubt that in most (if not all) cultures, women are raised differently than men, especially in regard to sexual matters. It is just that in my limited experience most people get sex figured out by the time they graduate from high school, but I suppose not everyone does.

      • But no one was masturbating in the chapel… Nor was it about masturbation. It was more about female sexuality and how to understand and embrace it. The female sexuality has been shamed for centuries, and there is much damage that has to be reversed. Women need to embrace their bodies, not be ashamed of them.

    • Typical_White_Person_pa

      It’s the location doofus. We know that schools have a fixation on sex and perversion. That’s not the surprise. It is the total disregard for religion and what the people who BUILT the college and the chapel did it for. It wasn’t for sex obsessed giggles.

      • Grace

        I would argue that our culture, rather than our educational system, has a fixation on sex and sexuality. Also, as I stated previously, the chapel is nondemoninational, and it used for all manner of lectures and events. I simply fail to understand why talking about our bodies in the house of God would offend Him. He made us after all, and became angry when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and became ashamed of their nakedness. God made our bodies, our bodies are beautiful. It’s more likely to be a compliment to Him than an insult. The only people offended are just that- people. Why be ashamed of what God gave us?

    • God gave us free will and the minds to use it. Problem is that allowing unbridaled attitude concerning sex is very destructive. The number of aborted inconvient babies and the pain inflicted on loved ones when jumping from bed to bed with complete disregard for your spouse or significate other.

      • Grace

        Oh, but they did not encourage sexual promiscuity! Not at all! Rather, they talked about sex and sexuality in all its respects- including how to have a healthy romantic relationship with someone. They encouraged abstinence, but knowing that there are those who do not follow that path, they educated them on how to stay safe. Sexual abuse in relationships was also discussed. It was a seminar on health and well-being. I assure you, never once was anyone encouraged to be morally loose.

  • Our society deserves whatever happens to it if anybody can defend such a class being held in a place of worship. You simply cannot convince me that there was not another suitable non-religious venue on that campus to hold such a seminar. Using the chapel is a clear sign of the despite with which religion and people of faith are held by the supposedly educated class.

    • All the other buildings were being used for orgies, sacrifices, opium deans, or knitting classes

  • penquinbebee

    It’s not even a church. It’s a non-denominational chapel. It’s a multi-purpose use space.

    • axemole

      Sure… lets burn a figure of the prophet Mohammed in it… do that and you’d understand the meaning or mocking other’s peoples beliefs.

  • Joe Biden

    I am masterbating as I read this.

    • absinthe

      You ain’t been learned properly. Masturbation is spelled with a “u”.

      • axemole

        He mean he is getting a Master degree in ‘bating’ his @#&$^ to a pulp from Allegheny College.

    • axemole

      Well, what are you waitin for? go now to Allegheny College and demand your credits towards your degree in sloth and ignorance.

  • absinthe

    I was taught to masturbate by my best friend’s older brother when I was 10 or so. It is not a hard thing to learn to do (pun!). What is surprising: (1) how utterly stupid most of higher education is nowadays, (2) how highly paid professional “educators” are, and (3) how relentlessly persecuted are the inquisitive people who ask socially important questions about race, genetics and intelligence. Better to manipulate your penis or finger your vagina out in a public space than to raise sensitive questions about matters that count.


  • Harry Reid

    I can’t find my G spot. Nancy, can you help me?

    • absinthe

      If you are a man, it is called your prostate gland. If Nancy can’t help you, call your proctalogist.

  • Revelation

    Well, we know where the meteor might hit.

  • walter12

    This Miller and Weinberg and everyone associated with them, are simply insane. My God, this nation does not have long now. We are going down the toilet and fast.

  • Snake Plissken

    A college student has to be taught how to “slap the weasel” or “club the clam”? A twelve year-old can figure that out by themselves.
    Honestly, people, you really shouldn’t reveal this kind of “challenge” to the world . . .

  • Seriously – you are in college but need instruction on THIS topic??? I pity the future.

  • so…this college doesn’t have a cafeteria or conference room where this so-called educational seminar could be held?

  • I’m sorry but there is no such thing as a G spot. Women don’t have orgasms. Only men have orgasms because only men expel the gamete during the sex act.
    This notion that women have orgasms is silly psycho-babble put out by female writers and their friends, including metrosexual males who wish to flatter them and get into their pants.. It’s garbage. As a gay man, I’m sick of these people and their psycho-babble.

  • You can’t hold a Bible class in a school after hours but a college can hold a sex class in a Church. WTF?

  • 3rdjerseyman

    How stupid are these kids? I knew how to have sex by time I got to college. In fact, I was working as an amateur gynecologist my whole time in school. What a great job: sex educator for college students! Talk about coals to Newcastle.

  • ms20

    And the insanity grows.

  • jamalagrin

    GIt is Sodom and Gomorrah revisited. How can this country survive when Christians are being bashed and censored, and devil possessed educators are being praised and allowed to display their ungodliness openly? How about teaching the students how to think, read, and write, and become good citizens, instead of being immoral, anti-American, and just plain evil and stupid?

    If anyone thinks that God will intervene to save America from destruction from an external or internal enemy when He is being mocked and disobeyed, they better think twice. We are going the way of the Roman Empire and Babylon. This country needs to fall completely, and be transformed and rebuilt with people with Godly morals an character.

    • wvernon1981

      Is your god so petty that he can be angered through mocking and insults? Well adjusted adults have already learned to let mockery slide. Has your god learned nothing in an eternity of existence? From another angle, reacting negatively to mockery seems to be a mechanism to protect one’s place in a social hierarchy. If that’s correct, then how is it your god would need to protect itself from mockery when it sits securely at the top of the social hierarchy it created?

  • AlleghenyStudent

    Those who were in charge of bringing the program to Allegheny openly admitted that the location was not ideal for them; however, they still believed that it was better to have the event rather than turn it away again due to a lack of available spaces. As a conservative Allegheny student, I was intially hestitant about attending due to the conflicting location, as were a few of my other more conservative friends. Despite the location, the program offered a lot of information that more young women should know about. The two speakers didn’t strictly discuss how to have an orgasm but also included topics such as how a woman should be comfortable enough with her body that she should be able to ask for help in the event of an STI, sexual abuse, etc. They used humor to ease people into the conversation and encouraged crowd participation. In the end, the location of the program seemed irrelevant to me and most of my friends. We simply appreciated the ability to learn more about womens’ bodies, something that not all women get to enjoy.

    • axemole

      How would you like me to start this reply by saying…
      I openly admit that calling you ignorant, intolerant, offensive and disrespectful is not an ideal way to start a ‘civil’ conversation, however, I still believe that it is better to enlighten your darkness than to let you go on calling yourself an informed student.

      i.e. 1) Please do not call yourself a conservative… 2) You seem to be ignorant that Catholics celebrate masses in places that are considered sacred or at least respectable or with dignity… which the TITLE ALONE OF THE SEMINAR ITSELF is a spit in the face of all Catholics. What a lame excuse: you don’t have a place to host it… well re-schedule it… there are PLENTY of days in a year… no, the fact that it is an agenda to trample down all religious beliefs, specially those that do not retaliate with violence (such as Catholics and Christians in general) is what allows Institutions as this College to keep on trampling on other’s belief. Go ahead, insult the Muslims, see if your so called ‘avant-garde’ administration would allow it?

      The problem here is not the content of the seminar… it is the DECISION to host it in a CHAPEL where CATHOLICS celebrate mass… some liberal wet dream.

      Besides it is hilarious to hear of someone making a living speaking about masturbation… but it is extremely concerning to see that a College thinks that it is of vital importance to educate students on how to masturbate WELL.

    • So the Church was the only place to hold this? Ever think of rescheduling but obviously your need for s3x was more important then the respect for the location

    • Typical_White_Person_pa

      You seriously believe there wasn’t an auditorium or large classroom SOMEWHERE on campus? Problem is that you are being conditioned to believe that there are no sacred spaces and that nothing, no one and no place deserve respect for its own sake. Blur those lines and you end up with epidemics of 25 year old teachers sexting their 15 year old students. There are lines that used to exist due to what was then “common” decency. The lines are quickly being erased much to our detriment.

  • Ace

    Ya know…..American society doesn’t even surprise me any longer with things like this. It’s a complete lost cause anymore… It’s uneducated, ill-informed, lazy and uncaring. This is just one more prime example of some of that.

  • hensonsan

    This is a do-it-yourself project, like patching potholes you encounter on the road to hell. OTH, it may provide a more worthwhile major for those considering women’s studies.

  • Tell me the nuts aren’t running the asylum. This starts with allowing homo’s to marry or even treating them like they’re not nuts, then add the lesbians masquerading as “women’s rights groups”, then legalizing drugs, etc. and you end up with a bunch of weirdo’s running a once great society that’s going to hell in a hand basket! Oh and let’s not forget the Negro in Chief destroying everything he hates about white America.

  • Allegheny College has an awful reputation as a liberal cesspool of junk-learning.

  • Redskinsfan89

    You say that Allegheny College was transformed into a bouduoir of sorts, yet, how many of us had sex education in the bedroom? Far as I remember it was comprehensive and in a clean and well-lit classroom with 20-25 other students at my high school. Ford Chapel is just the “chapel”, not specifically Christian, Catholic, Protestant, or any other denomination. It is available to any group, and while it is mainly used by Christian groups, it is also used for student music recitals, chamber music concerts, and the annual Honors Convocation. It is not solely a religious venue; therefore, stop treating it as one. Does it matter that it is during Lent? Would you have written the article with any more of a conservative viewpoint if it was during, say, mid-October? Also please explain what you mean by “some students’ attitudes towards Christians” without actually quoting more than just one student, who sounds like she might have just been a fellow biased conservative like you. Before you try to represent the student body next time, please quote more than one person. Oh, wait, you’ve already developed quite the reputation for, may I say, bad journalism. Sincerely, a PROUD Allegheny student!

  • gimme a break

    Oh please, it was a political statement put on by the ” Young Feminists and Queers and Allies” group. They gave christians a big F-U…Im not a hardcore christian and I dont really care if two gays want to marry, but I see this, and if it comes up for a vote in my state, I just want to throw THEM the big F-U!

  • John Clark

    I go along with the premises discussed, agree with the idea that sex should be an expression of personal freedom without guilt, and that even pre-schoolers may discover the pleasures for themselves. Let’s go, folks!

    But wait! Here’s where I have a problem: Should these things be taught in this way to youngsters? This is a huge question, and it’s avoided here. Because to take the argument a step further, well, there are priests in jail for teaching sex, by showing how. There are pedophiles with a lifetime stamp of “sex offender” hanging around their necks.

    You cannot have it both ways. To the curious – and what students aren’t curious – should they get involved with a “why not” in their minds? And to do this in a church, the holy sanctuary of priests? They, the student and the much older adult will have fun for now, but consequences? Pregnancy, STDs, mental depression. And for a solution, finally, years later, maybe there’s money in it, as the Catholic church is finding out, driven close to bankruptcy by the multi-million dollar awards being successfully claimed.

    So, finally, I think these classes and lecturers are irresponsible, and should not take place in this way. I’m sure that most kids today are not learning anything that’s new to them, but are simply receiving arguments to make at their next flirtatious encounter in the locker room or cafeteria.

  • David Axelrod

    Why I vote Democrat…..

    ► I vote Democrat because I think it’s better to pay billions of dollars to people who hate us rather than drill for our own oil, because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe it is okay if liberal activist judges rewrite the Constitution to suit some fringe kooks, who would otherwise never get their agenda past the voters.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe that corporate America should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their shareholders. They need to break even and give the rest to the federal government for redistribution.

    ► I vote Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted, so long as we keep all of the murderers on death row alive.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if a Nobel Peace Prize winner uses drones to assassinate people, as long as we don’t torture them.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe people, who can’t accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday, can predict the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Chevy Volt.

    ► I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe the oil companies’ profit of 3% on a gallon of gas is obscene, but the federal government taxing that same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t obscene.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe a moment of silent prayer at the beginning of the school day constitutes government indoctrination and an intrusion on parental authority ….. but sex education, condom distribution and multiculturalism are all values-neutral.

    ► I vote Democrat because I agonize over threats to the natural environment from CO2, acid rain and toxic waste ….. but I am totally oblivious of the threats to our social environment from pornography, promiscuity and family dissolution.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe lazy, uneducated stoners should have just as big a say in running our country as entrepreneurs who risk everything and work 70 hours per week.

    ► I vote Democrat because I don’t like guns ….. so no one else should be allowed to own one.

    ► I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between welfare and the rise of illegitimacy.

    ► I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between judicial leniency and surging crime rates.

    ► I vote Democrat because I believe marriage is obsolete, except for homosexuals.

    ► I vote Democrat because I think AIDS is spread by insufficient funding.

    ► I vote Democrat because I think “fairness” is far more important than freedom.

    ► I vote Democrat because I think an “equal outcome” is far more important than equal opportunity.

    And lastly, I vote Democrat because I’m convinced that government programs are the solution to the human condition, NOT freedom…..

  • Hesitant Lantern

    Is anyone REALLY surprised? This hasn’t been our fathers’ America for a while now, and it’s not like anyone actually believes there is any god other than themselves…

    • this country’s moral values are in decline.
      looks like the roman empire decline .

  • … for great justice.

    According to the Habukkuk, or the Damascus Scrolls, the three snares of Belial (paths to being d*mned) are:

    1) Pursuit of Lucre (greed for greeds’ sake);

    2) Lust (sex, divorced from love); and

    3) Pollution of the Sanctuary.

    The people who organized this could have held it anyone on or off campus. Did it REALLY have to be in a chapel? This was total contempt for religion and specifically, against Christianity.

  • Hsialin

    I hate democrats with a passion.

    • What does this have to do with democrats, exactly?

  • ana

    OK lets not call a sin the masturbation but these Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg “educators” did not know that masturbation will end in a vicious act wich will destroy the mind of these youngs and will never enjoy their sexuality as an act of true love?

    What kind of monsters are the ones that hired these monsters? We can see the ignorance on young adults that believe these proposals from those so call “educators”. These kind of “educators are just trying to get attention from young people ready for something new without see the consecuences, also big money on its way

    This College lack of common sense and abundant of ignorance. Parents and teachers should revised this type of knowledge that only threathening the mind of a person.

    The news also, try to get attention noticing that it was imparted in a church. Is it needed to imply that to get attention? Just remember it is not a catholic church, is just a chapel built in honor of Ford’s wife and is USED for several and different services, including catholic mass that I am pretty sure it might have the Archidioces permission.

    • Zabeus

      English isn’t your first language, is it?

  • skyking1000

    College kids need a tutorial on how to masturbate and have sex?

    • axemole

      The internet apparently is not enough for the esteemed and respected President of the Allegheny College. “We need to hire an EXPERT IN MASTURBATION to come an enlighten our students. Dammit! THAT is the most important issue for the future of our students and their careers given that in Obama’s economy, most of them will be unemployed and sitting at home watching… well… you guessed it. So we need to teach them the RELEVANT skills for their foreseeable future.”

    • Some do, not all of us… Sex education can be lacking in areas…

    • gofer1

      The govt. actually gave a grant to study why college students have sex. They probably need a course in how to use the bathroom, since they seem to be so dumb in other areas.

  • How utterly sick, God’s Judgement will be severe for those who demean and conduct such abominationable behaviors in His house.

  • Abraham

    And as a Jew I am ashamed at this scumbag Weinberg’s desecration of G-d’s name; defiling a church, I can’t think of a better poster for anti-semites

    • absinthe

      Don’t worry. We’ve got too many “Christian” douchebags to deal with before Jews even enter the picture.

  • NakedJusticeLeague

    If kids need a college course in how to mastrabate, then they are dumber than we thought!

  • Mrwilson769

    The Onan story sounds more like coitus interuptus than masturbation to me. After all it appears he had sex with Tamar and then pulled out just before ejaculation.

    • absinthe

      I went to a Christian school, where Bible was a mandatory one-year class, plus we had chapel every day except Saturday. The story of Onan used to be cited as proof that God had made use of contraceptives a sin. It was not ever about masturbation, it was about having sex for pleasure, without allowing for the possibility of procreation.

  • So this is how it ends….

    Yeah, this is a definite sign of the times. I’d say the historical parallel is about 380 AD. Our sex and pleasure obsessed, entitled society will probably be completely overrun in about 30 years by radical, Sharia law imposing Muslims (whose moral absolutism may even find some converts in our morally decaying country). Talk about those who don’t know history being doomed to repeat it – we’re Rome and the barbarians are almost at the gates.

  • garynoff

    They are crawling out from under rocks since obama was elected

  • Tom2855

    When I was in college catholic girls were the wildest.

  • James

    You can run on for a long time but Good God Almighty is gonna cut you down

  • grannycares

    And just what did this deviant behavior cost? We are sinking to the bottom faster than anyone ever expected!

  • If anyone had any chutzpa, they’d have grabbed their belt, used it as a whip, and turnover any tables & drive these perverts out of the church. Jesus did the same thing to the money changers who were turning the temple of God into a den of thieves. These liberal cretins are far worse.

  • GBR

    Liberals misrepresentations to advance their idiot agendas. The bible reference is NOT about masturbation. Old Testament law indicates a man had to marry the widow of his deceased brother and have sex to continue the blood line. Onan married the widow but when he had sex with her, he pulled out and ejaculated outside of her. So, liberal twinklet Weinberg…that’s quite a stretch for you to tie that to masturbation. Fellow Patriots, always remember a liberals main agenda is to separate us from God. hmmm, just like that pesky fallen angel.

    • Zabeus

      She didn’t tie that to masturbation. She was stating the opposite, that it’s a common misconception…

  • Sarah M

    As I was present as a student in this discussion I find some of these comments to be very harsh. I found the program to be extremely comforting in a lot of ways. It’s not as if they were telling us to go home and masturbate. They talked a lot about ways to be responsible, but let’s be honest, everybody masturbates. It’s not a sin through my eyes although I have no religious affiliations. You make it sound as if the public is paying money for us to get told to go have sex and masturbate which just isn’t the case at all. As a result of this program, I feel a lot better about myself physically and more comfortable. This is what people should feel. Masturbation has become a taboo in our society, especially for females, and there is no reason why that should be so. I personally didn’t even know what it was until I was about 14 and didn’t understand how it worked until about 15. Why can’t people talk about it? It’s not as if we learned anything from school about it. In my sex ed. class all throughout middle and high school, there was never once a picture of the female genitalia that included a clitoris. This just doesn’t seem right to me at all.

    • axemole

      Sarah, in this case you need to learn to separate the facts.

      No one is arguing about the content or the usefulness of the information given; which seems to be very good and that you found it helpful. The level of ‘harshness’ stems from the venue chosen to host the event.

      In life there are religious beliefs where sexuality is held sacred, not a toy, but a tool to be used responsibly as it can generate life…a human life… which is not an object. Therefor the College and the organizing group’s decision to host this event named: — fill in the blank — on a Chapel where Catholic celebrate mass (sacred liturgy) where Jews gather to pray, was extremely blind, insensitive, offensive and disrespectful towards them. All the harshness is a consequence of such ignorant decision.

      The board of the Reproductive Health Coalition said that they “did everything that they could to make sure that they did not disrespect the space… etc” apparently it was not enough: they didn’t re-schedule, host it off-campus, ask someone else to swap places, or held it the following year, etc. so I ask you, does it excuse them from going ahead and disrespect the beliefs of others? Is it fair that Colleges are sensitive towards the feelings of GBLTs and Muslims, but when it comes to Christians, it is somehow o.k. to offend them?

      Again, no one is questioning the value of the information. What is blatantly offensive is that they found it appropriate to go ahead and host the seminar in the most religious place they could find without consideration for those whose beliefs they may offend. Hope this helps.

      • But that Chapel is a for everyone to use. All faiths use the Chapel for a variety of things, and it is used for non-religious reasons too. As for holding it off campus, this college is in the middle of a small town. There isn’t much to chose from within walking distance. Keep in mind it’s cold and snowy out. People are busy, and schedules are usually packed. Perhaps this is just when the educators were available…

        • axemole

          They may use the Chapel for other events because these events are NOT seminars that are offensive to the faith of those who use it. This time, it IS offensive and thus the blow-back.

          So answer the question: the fact that they couldn’t find a better place or that they would not postpone it till next year is that a reason that justifies offending, disrespecting and ignoring other’s people beliefs? How about hosting in the Chapel where Jews pray a Nazi Seminar on Eugenics and why Jews are a lesser race? If you are not able to place yourself in the shoes of others you will have a hard time understanding others that do not think like you.

          • Eugenics involves killing people… Sexual health is a fact of nature. I guess what I find weird is that this wasn’t just about masturbation, like the title says. It was directed at anyone, from people who believe in abstinence, to people who have casual sex. It was mentioned multiple times “If you want to wait until marriage, that is fine!”.
            Sure the chapel is a strange place to have it, but even Christians have sex. That’s a fact of nature. And that chapel is open to all sorts of events, even non-secular events. There was a speaker about women’s rights there not too long ago.

          • axemole

            You are avoiding the question… does your belief that it is important to talk about sexual health gives you the right to offend and disrespect Christians when you can host the event ANYWHERE else or wait another year. Besides, what for you is important for others is not, perhaps for you Eugenics is offensive, but not for Nazis .. yet even the Nazis know that they wouldn’t host their seminar in the place where Jews pray unless they really want to offend them saying that they didn’t have anywhere else to go, because everything was booked or the town is so small and it was the only date.

          • I just don’t see what is so offensive about sexual health. I understand that the bible says that one should wait until marriage, which is fine. But no where in the Bible does it say that sexual health education is a sin… If certain Christians are offended by sexual health education, I understand, but does the Christian faith in whole say that sexual health is a sin?

          • axemole

            1) thanks to the Protestants there are tens of thousands of flavors of Christianity i.e. there are many interpretations to the Christian faith
            2) However, Catholics and Jews alike (and this is not a small number in the country), as it is well known in American culture, regard sex as something sacred… (here it is a matter of religious belief)..
            well, if you don’t agree with them, does that give you the right to offend them? where is the tolerance and the freedom of religion? where is the respect for others religious belief?… are you saying that because you don’t agree with their interpretation of the bible it is ok to insult, disrespect and offend Catholics and Jews???

          • I’m all for tolerace, I accept that people have religions. But I want to know how is sexual health education a sin? The talk was aimed all types of people, and it was said that if you want to wait until marriage, then that is okay. No one said that the students should go out and sleep around.

            I find it interesting that there isn’t any backlash from Jewish people, because that chapel is used for Jewish ceremonies too.

            Also, Jewish have different approaches. I’d say Orthodox is like Catholicism, while other approaches are less strict. Not all Jewish approaches are the same, just like not all Christian approaches are the same.