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Nine Percent of Yale Students Surveyed Say They’ve Accepted Money for Sex

Nine percent of Yale University students who participated in a recent survey on sexual behavior reported having been paid for sex at least once. Three percent said they had participated in bestiality, and more than half said they had “engaged in consensual pain” during sex.

The survey was administered to a group of about forty students on Saturday, during a workshop meant to prompt students to “reconsider their idea of ‘normal’,” according to the Yale Daily News.

The workshop was taught by Jill McDevitt, a 27-year-old “sexologist” who also owns a sex shop in West Chester, Pennsylvaina, which sells vibrators and various sex toys.

She has posted videos of her educational workshops online, including one in which she demonstrates oral sex on a carrot.

“People don’t think a college student at an Ivy League university would accept payment for sex but I’ve never had asked this question on a college campus and not had ‘yes’ answers,” McDevitt told the Yale Daily News.

It is not clear to what extent the participants in the survey represent the student body as a whole. However, it will come as a shock to many that a significant number of students at an elite Ivy League school have accepted payment for sex, or have engaged in  bestiality.

McDevitt’s workshop was part of a series of sex-themed events held at Yale University over three days, called “Sex Weekend.”

Another event during Sex Weekend included instruction in sadism and masochism, based on the book 50 Shades of Gray.

McDevitt also asked students to report on their “incest fantasies.”

One student who participated in the McDevitt workshop, Alex Saeedy, spoke favorably of the event. In a statement to the YDN, he said he felt the point of the event was “to bring up things we thought were so taboo and desire or urges we criticize are just regular parts of sexual psychology.”

Others on campus, however, did not approve of the tone of the events.  In an interview with The College Fix, sophomore Elaina Plott said, “I think sex week in general is very sad because it reduces sex to such a triviality, and to something we talk about in such an alarmingly casual manner.”

Another current Yale student, who wished to remain anonymous, called this year’s Sex Weekend “another tasteless exhibitionist parade.”

Yale has a long history of hosting sex-themed events at the university that appear, on the whole, to be intended more to titillate students than to educate them. Sex Weekend is organized by students, but is overseen and approved by university administrators, who grant the use of classrooms and university facilities for the events.

Numerous U.S. universities have begun to host “Sex Weeks” in recent years, a trend that was pioneered by Yale. Past events at Yale have included appearances by porn stars, live nudity, sex-toy giveaways, and screenings of a hard-core porn films, including one that reportedly depicted “fantasy rape.”

At the time of publication, Yale officials had not responded to The College Fix’s email request for comments on the events that took place last weekend.

Nathan Harden is editor of The College Fix and author of the book SEX & GOD AT YALE: porn, political correctness, and a good education gone bad, which details the radicalism and moral decline at America’s most influential university.

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(Image / Jill McDevitt)

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  • Oger

    Everywhere you look, the Roman, I mean American Empire is crumbling.

    • HarryObrian

      Future congressional aides…. for a year or two anyway…

      • buffonelder101

        they are too old for the perverts in washington….. plus yale has nothing on boys town (ref franklin community credit union scandal)

        • Bestiality, incest and prostitution at Yale? We already know liberalism is a mental disorder … how is this news?

          • Jesse Schoeder

            ..This Saturday Yale University will be hosting a seminar for sex weekend on the subject of food intercourse.
            The name of the Seminar is

            “Food,is it bad for you? Well, that depends on which end it goes in.”

            The seminar deals with the issue of health/wellness and food.
            Getting the most from our foods.
            Is eating vegetables really the most healthful way to get our daily value?
            Are we really benefiting from just eating vegetables or can we get more from a closer, more intimate relationship with them?

  • DaveHolden

    ” during a workshop meant to prompt students to “reconsider their idea of ‘normal’,” according to the Yale Daily ”

    So, an AGENDA DRIVEN study “discovers” what they are looking for. How embarrassing for Yale to be connected to this.

    • They are not embarrassed. They are proud. You do know what Yale is, right?

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        Probably a lot like Harvard.

    • nadadhimmi

      Like most “academic” studies, this is probably utter, unadulterated trash that regurgitates the wishes of the person or group funding the “study”. It seems appropriate that prostitution is the finding of a prostituted “study”.

  • Misleading…

    Hmmmm. While I have no doubt that there are a number of immoral individuals, 40 students attending such a seminar is hardly a fair sampling. This headline and the summary drawn are not accurate representations.

    • Lala R

      Great point! The headline to this article is intentionally misleading – agenda, anyone?

      • Don’t kid yourself. Yale is a bastion of liberal sickness. Stay away … far away … or risk becoming infected.

        • Donald_Dump

          On the other hand, Bob Jones University is bastion of inbreeding and racism.

    • buffonelder101

      why would you expect anything different? data is constantly spun to support one’s ideologies or presumptions. and it is not just a reporting thing. this stuff happens in science all the time… the results don’t fit our math so we fudge our math to fit the results and exclaim discovery. this is bad science and bad math… read up on the opponents of dark matter to get what i am saying here. a simple summarisation would be that we want reality to fit to our beliefs, rather than opposite. no wonder we lose the forest for the trees

      • sleeperd

        I believe you’ve just given a cogent analysis of the whole globull warming movement…

    • news360

      What shocks me most is that 9% of 40 students = 3.6 students who claimed to have been paid for sex. Now they’re allowing non-integer students to enroll in their school! What’s next??

      • sleeperd

        No…it’s just that one of them gives a 40% discount if you can give her the big O

  • P

    3% participated bestiality? Let’s definitely reconsider their idea of ‘normal’

    • There is no normal in Bazzaro World. That’s the point.

    • The Famous Mr. Ed goes to Yale.

    • One individual out of a 40-person sample (already heavily biased) is 2.5%, or 3% after rounding. Even that may not have been one actual “animal husbander” (eeew) but just somebody “taking the p*ss”.

  • It’s been a long time since I was in college but I do remember that if I was asked an absurd question I would likely answer in the affirmative.

    • digdog

      It’s not a wonder…this kind of degraded excuse for education has been around for 30 plus years…I’m glad I got my education after I was an adult…when I could distinguish between what would waste my time and what would move me forward in my educational goals.

  • Special Officer Doofy

    Well cross that school off my list of one’s I’d pay for my kids to go to.

    • HarryObrian

      My guess is that it’s worse everywhere else or soon will be after this article gets circulated..

      • Again, they are proud of their liberal sickness…and they hope to spread the infestation worldwide. I’d say it has a good start.

    • Donald_Dump

      If they punctuate like you do, you can cross junior high school off the list.

  • Melvin Leppla

    Why should students pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for tuition and be taught about various forms of sex, when they can go buy a porn video for about ten bucks and learn the same thing.
    Oh excuse me. Yale gives em a certificate, thats why.

    • You made me laugh. I’m going to assume that all future porn stars will need this certificate to qualify in the professional porn industry. I can’t imagine any other practical use for such a certificate.

  • Son of Liberty

    I like paying for sex – its more fun.

    • Spitball

      I’ve found I can get hotter chicks if I pay.

      • Try brushing your teeth and taking a bath at least once a month.

        • Donald_Dump

          Where is Mother Doyle’s refrigerator box these days?

  • it_begins

    The numbers don’t add up. 9% of 40 = 3.6. How do you get 3.6 answers? It it was 4 people you said yes, it would be an even 10%. If it was 3 people who said yes, it should have been 7.5%, which you can round down to 7 or up to 8% – not 9%

    Someone’s not telling the truth, and once again, simple math shows it.

    • Some suffer premature withdraws, only received partial credit.

    • news360

      Its those non-normative non-integer conforming fractional people who are ruining it for the rest of us. What’s next? Partial marriage? “Yeah, I’m 3/5 married to Susan, and 2/5 married to Jane. I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you at the depravity I imagine going on at smarty pants schools. Hold on, don’t distract me, I’m still enjoying my demented pretend fantasy of how I imagine things are…”

    • TomJB

      It may be a joke of sorts to say that all sex is paid for, but in this case, it could be pertinent for the results: how did they define “being paid for sex” in the survey? The IRS considers perks of your profession to be income, so in the dating arena, receiving an expensive dinner, a trip to a theater, or gifts of clothing or jewelry, can technically be considered payment. They don’t say in the article whether or not the 9% accepted cash for the sexual activity only.

  • Daniel Coleman

    Did Sandra Fluke attend college at Yale?

  • news360

    Phony article about a phony survey.

  • David

    I’m not sending my daughter away to any school. These schools have become total cesspools. She can commute to college if necessary.

  • bobwhite

    you know the old saying… What’s the difference between sex you pay for and sex you don’t? Sex you pay for costs less.

  • does that mean they’re sluts?

  • dougler

    Seriously, the “journalist” here is the one who needs an education. It is a mathematical fallacy to extrapolate from a non-random sampling of students attending a sex seminar to the entire student body. These kids showing up for a seminar on sex do not fairly represent the entire Yale student body. And the rabid right wing eats it up. Red meat!!

    • sleeperd

      I agree..the student body is probably underrepresented by such a small sample..

  • Then, when the Yalies go into politics, they’ll get paid for screwing the American public. Ironic.

    • OLdkat

      They are already doing that.

  • People have never really needed any instruction to engage in whatever form of kink they’re into, so this isn’t about ‘opening’ people’s minds. It’s about normalizing and publicizing behaviors that are best, and appropriately, kept between a person and their partner(s). From a freedom standpoint, I don’t really care which oddities consenting adults want to engage in, but I don’t want to have them jammed down my throat, either (no pun intended).

    Don’t confuse tolerance with celebration and endorsement.

    • O. Long Johnson

      Well if your not actively endorsing something, you must be an intolerant bigot. Right?

      • That’s right. Funny thing is, people on both sides of the political spectrum use the same tactic.

  • AZWarrior

    Of the Yale students who said they have been paid for sex, 93 percent were male, 50 percent of those were heterosexuals bragging, and the rest were gay hustlers. Now lets hear from Harvard. 😉

  • I recently did a poll at a Jewish school, and determined that 0% of Americans eat bacon. Then I did a poll at a convent and found that 100% of American women strongly disapprove of abortion. I wonder if they will publish my work? It’s every bit as valid.

    • David Pittelli

      Except the polls you propose are actually much better than the Yale poll, because you would be accurately reporting positions among Jewish-school attendees and nuns, whereas the Yale poll isn’t even representative of Yale, but merely of the people who voluntarily attended a particular “Sex Week” event. This is the same problem with Kinsey’s then-shocking claims: He was disproportionately polling reform school inhabitants, convicts, and sex workers.

      • JoeSmith06811

        absolutely correct. Maslow pulled Kinsey’s studies apart for the “volunteer bias” that plagued his research

    • Hsialin

      I know jews who eat bacon and love it.

  • thefifthcolumnreport

    Ha, what another bogus liberal survey. Of 40 students 9% said that they were paid for sex. That’s 3.6 students. I guess one student was only partially paid? But the larger question is whether these “attendees” to a self-selected sex workshop were representative of the population at large. The answer is, of course not and these “findings” can not be generalized. It’s akin to having a “workshop” for porn stars and asking them if they’ve ever had a threesome.

  • Bestiality.Liberal Democrats.- worst sickos on the Planet.Animal abuse run wild.This Nation of freaks will soon have bestiality and marriage with animals a Constitutional Right. The two newest freaks on SCOTUS will make it happen.

  • WOW, animal house takes a whole new twist, LOL

  • O. Long Johnson

    So 1out of 10 Yale women are whores?

  • digdog

    you want your child educated…send them to small colleges that don’t allow this crap…many great private universities that will actually help to raise your childs intellect not subborn it to leftist anti-moral intellectual laziness that will do nothing but produce an a-moral, a-ethical moron wrapped in ivy league parchment….they have made education utterly meaningless at thier institutions…

  • They’re kids, I doubt they took the survey serious. Probably snickering today that a report in the news was made of it.

  • jerry Brandt

    This is why the so called Ivy league schools and their degrees are worth just as much as the local community college.

  • katiefan

    When you say ” bestiality”, would that include the men of Skull & Bones?

  • Who paid her salary and who cares for her data. ?
    Probably received a grant from the Government.

  • Love those tuition rates don’t you? The tenured indolent faculties must laugh their asses off every day.And these kids can’t figure out why so many of their degrees are a bad academic joke.

  • Sader1

    Since when do 9% and 3% of anything indicate “Normal”? I’m not Ivy League educated, but I would think that normal would involve at least a simple majority if not upwards of 70-80%.

  • James Johnson

    the leaders of America??? Or ivy leaguers with way too much time. Or spoiled brats and still our future leaders. America is sinking right before your eyes.

  • Fred Bowerman

    everyone desperate and turning into degenerates.

  • Dave

    I went to Yale – what they didn’t say is that it was the men who got paid for sex – thats the only way many of the girls there could get laid.

  • Bonafacio

    Who cares?

    These paid commenters all over the Web are casting aspersions on anything that doesn’t fit a neatly-defined definition of normalcy.

    Who are you to cast the first stone? Also, who are you to tell me what is right and good? From where do you derive your assumed authority on the subject(s)?

    • sleeperd

      you’re gay, right…?

  • tbd13.0

    a workshop meant to prompt students to “reconsider their idea of ‘normal’

    And, who is to say this person’s idea of normal is correct?

    Soon, this cavalier attitude towards sex and sex education will lead to someone being harmed and their defense will be……….THIS IS WHAT WAS BEING TAUGHT AND PROMOTED AT SCHOOL, I THOUGHT IT WAS NORMAL.

    The person being prosecuted will be confused, void of remorse or horrified to learn they have hurt another human being after practicing something taught at an Ivy League School.

    Wake up America! Is this really the type of place you want to live in or have your daughter grow up in?

  • Stanley J. Walljasper

    For once, a true quid quo pro arrangement before many of them graduate to the ranks of attorney and/or beltway politician. Then, they just get to screw and get paid all of the time.

  • I wonder if they even verified that all of those attending the seminar were really students. Maybe three of them were just local hookers, trolling for business, and the fourth was Miss Teen Delaware.

  • Jason

    The survey was 40 students?? The group was from a sex workshop? I’m sure that would not influence the outcome of the “survey”.

  • bigsurb

    The sadism of beastiality the only disturbing thing in the agenda of highly educated immoral Yale students. That and the failure on Nathan Harden’s theft of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s original God and Man at Yale title. Which was a true, revolutionary bit of thinking. Buckley later pointed out that the shocking rise of student loan defaults might be attributable to no Yale courses on morality. It apparently goes deeper than that. My guess is that the Yale prostitute contingent has been busy in Washington DC securing jobs. One hopes the parents wouold seize the day and empty the school, but likely they’re drunk, stoned, and working for the governement.

  • FFlintstone

    This is a pretty skewed survery. The only surveyed 40 degenerates that showed up to a sex workshop. This is like asking 40 people at a Yankees bar who their favorite baseball team is and then trying to apply the results to a larger population. The numbers are pretty meaningless. Obviously, people who show up to a radical sex workshop are going to have deviant sex lives.

  • off_leash

    Mathematically, how do you get 9% on a sample size of 40? 3 responses is 7.5% and 4 responses is 10%.

  • Roger

    Uh… I hope the writer of this article isn’t a statistics major.

    40 students in survey, and 9% have admitted to this… Equals 3.6 students who said yes.

    And then, you find out it is a survey of participants of a workshop that is geared towards weird sex.

    Extremely poor reporting. I would figure that the average student would not attend… As evidenced by there only being 40 students there!

    If this is the future of reporting, I’ll stick to twitter…

  • Jason C.

    40 students is not exactly a very accurate, scientific poll. Just remember who is going to this guys “seminars” anyways. Most are probably depraved to want to listen to this guy anyways.

  • Academic Failure

    Apparently their moral decline is affecting their mathematical skills. Unless they managed to some how count 3/5ths of a person there is no way you can get 9% of 40 people.

  • tomasiepants

    Well, maybe if college were affordable, then people wouldn’t have to start hooking. Let’s just hope they’re using that money to pay off student loans.

  • lcj1049

    A month and a half ago I was at the Ritz in Philadelphia in the bar with
    my wife and another couple. In walks two men who were at the least 45
    years old. Each of them had a very young college age woman on his arm,
    dressed perfectly cocktail dresses and perfect make up. Observing the
    group it was clear the two young women knew each other and the two men
    knew each other. Observing body language and the conversation it was
    clear the men had just met the women and vice versa. The women were no
    doubt students at one of the local expensive colleges and were there as
    paid dates to a large event that was going on in the hotel.

    colleges with young privileged rich young women are notorious for
    escorting rings being run out of them. 9% sounds about right.

  • Wow honey- you’ve discovered something none of us knew about- sex. Engage in as much of it as you like- no one is going to stop you. Just don’t come crying to us when you get an STD you can’t get rid of… yeah, they have those nowadays.

  • Rick Fee

    The survey and headline are grossly misleading. “About 40 students” is hardly a statistically sound sample size, especially if you factor in the bias inherent in people who chose to attend such a salaciously-themed event, it is unreasonable to extrapolate the “survey” results to the entire student population.

  • ChasInNJ

    That “50 Shades” book is titled “Fifty Shades of Grey” — the author is British.

  • Katie

    This is a terrible piece of reporting! The dispartity between the title and the article is hilariously misleading; it was out of only 40 students that were comfortable enough to attend a seminar by sexologist. There’s no way you can extrapolate 9 percent of 40 obviously very sexually curious people to the entire Yale population. The bestiality figure works out to be just ONE person, and the paid-for-sex figure is either only three or four people (hard to tell because of your opaque rounding). Again, these were people comfortable enough with their own sexuality and curious about redefining boundaries; it’s not an accurate sample at all of the student life at ANY college.

    The most comically heinous paragraph is: “it is not clear to what extent the participants in the survey represent the student body as a whole. However, it will come as a shock to many that a significant number of students at an elite Ivy League school have accepted payment for sex, or have engaged in bestiality.” Getting “many” out of 1, or even 3 people, and even entertaining the thought that it can apply to the larger population of any college, you should consider relearning your quantifiers, and re-evaluating your critical thinking and reporting skills.

    • Donald_Dump

      Just look at the photo of the author. The dude is too busy looking in the mirror, thinking about all the hot dudes who want him.

  • Uh. 3% out of 40 students is 1.2 students. I’d like to know how they got 20% of a student to admit anything.

  • Kind of makes you wonder how many REALLY put out for cash if nine percent will readily admit to it. Can you imagine how many time Chillery KLINTOON sold it while she was in college considering what a whore she is in politics? To be fair, most of the women in politics today aren’t any different but Chillery could be the undisputed leader of the liberal democrat trash.

  • Thurston Howell, III was correct in his views about “Yale men.”

  • sleeperd

    I’m down with paid sex..then we can get rid of all the laws against sexual assault and rape and simply charge them with petty larceny.

  • tinydogpries

    This is part of the reason why kids come out of college with no more education than when they went in. There are college grads who can’t properly make a sentence and who still have to use spell-check on their computers, and Lord help them if they have to add two numbers together without a calculator!. For many people college is the biggest waste of time and money one can find.

  • kenhowes

    A workshop that is designed to bring out the campus pervs discovers–shocking!–that pervs are pervs.

  • Walt

    Is fornication any worse? I hope that the Lord uses their fleshly lusts to convict them of their sins, just as He did to me. A person does not need a cure unless they are convinced they have the disease. In other words who needs the cure Jesus gives, unless they want to be free from the disease of sin?

  • Proteios

    Tis is obviously a biased sample pool. Only Kinsey would make an obviously false claim that this represents the whole..in this case university. Still a bit shocking. Maybe this lady doesn’t be to teach a class on reconsidering normal. Perhaps techie ing “normal” is what is most shocking.

  • Jesse Schoeder

    This Saturday Yale University will be hosting a seminar for sex weekend on the subject of food intercourse.
    The name of the Seminar is

    “Food,is it bad for you? Well, that depends on which end it goes in.”

    The seminar deals with the issue of health/wellness and food.
    Getting the most from our foods.
    Is eating vegetables really the most healthful way to get our daily value?
    Are we really benefiting from just eating vegetables or can we get more from a closer, more intimate relationship with them?

  • timmaguire

    40 non-randomly selected students? And as we all know, nobody lies on sex surveys.

    What’s 9% of 40? What’s 3% of 40?

  • ChurchSox

    Only nine percent? That’s very good news, considering.

  • > However, it will come as a shock to many that a significant number of students at an elite Ivy League school have accepted payment for sex, or have engaged in bestiality.

    Or lied on a sex survey…

  • jamesmace

    How did they come to get 9% out of a sample of 40?
    3.6 accepted money for sex?

  • SophieMerry

    Self-reporting polls are s-o-o-o-o accurate.

  • The first false premiss is that student’s who would take such a stupid survey represent normal students. Second falsehood is that, you are assuming that these students wouldn’t lie, etc, etc, etc… This is just an uneducated idiot trying to get attention.