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College Shuts Down Dorm Room Bible Study

Rollins College in central Florida is the latest institution of higher learning in the U.S. to wage war on student religious groups. College officials determined that Christian groups on campus were in violation of the school’s “non-discrimination policy.”

All Christian student groups who refuse to allow non-Christian leaders will cease to receive university funds, according to the school’s new interpretation of its “non-discrimination policy.” Because, of course, when a faith-based group wants its leaders to actually abide by its faith and beliefs–THAT’S DISCRIMINATION!!!!

Give me a break.

Now Rollins has reportedly ruled that students cannot even gather in their own dorms for a simple Bible study:

Four students affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship were holding an informal Bible study in the common area of a dorm suite. Midway through the study, a resident hall assistant entered the room and asked the student leading the study to step outside.

“He was told they were no longer allowed inside the dorm – even with the express consent of the students to do Bible studies,” said Greg Jao, InterVarsity’s national field director. “They said it was because InterVarsity was no longer a registered student group on campus.”

A Rollins spokesperson told Fox News that the rule was simply a miscommunication.

“No group is allowed to hold meetings in the common space of residence halls,” the spokesperson said. “A fraternity was recently in violation of this as well, and they were asked to meet elsewhere – so it was not just InterVarsity.”

Let’s get this straight because the logic employed by Rollins College in this story is very complicated.

1) Four students gather–not to hold an official meeting for their campus religious group–but rather in an informal setting to read the Bible together, and that’s suddenly a “group” holding “meetings?”

2) Students are told to leave the building because the religious group they happen to have been affiliated with is no longer recognized on campus.

3) Campus officials, when pressed by the news media, insist that the fact these four students were kicked out has nothing to do with the religious nature of the gathering, even though that’s what the students were told by the resident hall assistant.

4) The official says the reason the students were given for being kicked out was wrong, but that it is was right, nevertheless, for them to have been kicked out (for an entirely different reason).

Conclusion: If those four students had gathered instead to talk about the weather, or the Lakers, or to share celebrity gossip, that would have been OK–but talking about the Bible made the meeting not OK.

But it still has NOTHING to do with the students’ religion, they tell us.

Makes perfect sense, right?

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  • bitters

    This will not end..until we stand up and end it..Turning the other cheek is just not cutting it..

  • Donald_Dump

    Hardon failed remedial reading comprehension at Yale.

  • If the four students had gathered to read Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, there would have been “no problem.”

    • Winston7ok

      As Obama (by his own admission) did in his college years.

  • iambreitbart

    You really should include the names of the college officials responsible for this. Students and alumni should demand their dismissal, and hound them out of their posts like Larry Summers was hounded out of Harvard for offending liberals. There needs to be a price paid by the individuals who do this, otherwise they’ll keep doing it. As it is now, they try something, and if they get away with it, great, and if the outcry gets to loud, they know that the institution can issue an “oops, nevermind!” statement and it will all blow over.

  • John Stevens

    One small problem: We’ve allowed them to control the language. Read the first sentence below, respond, then continue reading to see what I mean.

    Discrimination is a GOOD THING!

    The heart and soul of Western Civilization is Western Philosophy. The heart and soul of Western philosophy is reason. And reason sits on a foundation of discrimination. To discriminate is the ability to tell the difference; to discriminate between two things that are not the same. If one cannot tell the difference between black and white, then philosophy becomes impossible.

    All of our senses work on the basic ability to discriminate. Even the written word would be unreadable if there were no way to discriminate between the page, and the word. Printing white on white is a poor way to do justice to the art of typography.

    Discrimination can range from telling the difference between two species (taxonomy: a major effort of Natural Philosophy and a truth that people devoted their lives to) to telling the difference between good and evil (Moral Philosophy). In repeatedly attacking discrimination the Truth becomes a victim to emotional assault. The word “truth” becomes devalued to the point of meaningless, and we end up with “his truth”, “a truth”, “relative truth” and “contextual truth”, none of which are actually THE truth.

    The difference between discrimination, which is a good thing, and false equivalence or false dichotomy is both critical, and a thing we must teach others to discriminate.

    For example, racism is the opposite of discrimination. Racism is a false dichotomy in those attributes or aspects that have little or no relationship to the conclusion being drawn. But there are differences, and a mindless devotion to anti-discrimination is an assault upon the truth. This assault can do its own kind of damage when those differences are important to the proper operation of reason. For example, choosing to prescribe a different treatment because of a patient’s race is not racism. It simply acknowledges the truth that is based in genetic discrimination between test subject pool and patient.

  • Floydareturbo

    Had they been enrolled in REL 125 (Old Testament) or REL 126 (New Testament) there at Rollins, would they have been okay? Or only if they looked at scripture from a purely academic point of view?

  • Old Lady

    What a refreshing article from a wise young college student who understands that if the “powers that be” can do this, they can take away your freedom to chose any book that you may want to read or discuss. The majority of college professors today want to rob you of your ability to think for yourselves. They want to brainwash each of you into becoming good little Marxist globalists. Think long and hard about this young people. You are the next generation who will be the ones to choose liberty over death. Also, don’t you find it strange that the Bible is the one religious book that all other religions and/or God haters despise and reject? Regrettably, had these students been discussing the Koran or any other religious book, the college would have apologized for their discrimination or completely ignored these students. The politically correct colleges can’t afford to offend Mohammed, but they can offend the name of Jesus Christ!

  • silver fox

    the christian message seems to have been turned into the message of complete victimization.

  • Doozielu

    It’s ok they must have switched over to alike binging get togethers and that’s a good thing right ? Another sleep away camp disguised as a college!