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College Offers Course Devoted Entirely To Pornography

A relatively new Pasadena City College class called “Navigating Pornography” – devoted to giving students a venue to study and discuss a touchy topic in an academic setting, according to its professor – has already prompted praise and concern.

First offered last spring, the class is a for-credit elective open to all students and does not require any prerequisites. In just one year, it’s come under national scrutiny after its instructor, Professor Hugo Schwyzer, invited a porn star to speak to its students.

But Schwyzer defended Navigating Pornography in an interview with The College Fix, calling the subject matter legitimate.

“(The course) focuses on giving students tools to understand pornography as a historical and contemporary phenomenon,” Schwyzer told The College Fix. “Students today live in a porn-saturated culture and very rarely get a chance to learn about it in a safe, non-judgmental, intellectually thoughtful way.”

The course doesn’t merely consist of viewing pornography. In fact, students do not view porn inside the classroom. Instead, they watch it on their own time as homework. Assignments include journals, a research paper, and a final exam, Schwyzer explained.

Schwyzer, professor of history and gender studies at the Southern California-based community college, said the elective provides students an avenue to discuss pornography in an academic setting.

He said he hopes students come out of the course with a better personal understanding of some of the seminal issues of pornography, such as: “why we love porn … why some people are deeply troubled by it … and how both to make decisions about porn in their own lives and how to have conversations about porn with others.”

Response to the course in the Pasadena community has been “excellent” in most respects, “save from some in the administration and the community,” according to Schwyzer.

“Students welcome it,” he adds.

Yet in an interview with The College Fix, a colleague of Schwyzer’s who teaches at the same community college called the course “absolutely appalling.” He asked not to be named, citing tension at the campus over the course, which recently prompted a wave of national controversy over its guest speakers: porn stars.

The media coverage was generated after Schwyzer invited James Deen, a porn star who graduated from Pasadena City College as Bryan Mathew Sevilla, to give a public lecture in late February. Some of Deen’s more recent films include “Don’t Tell My Wife 2,” and “Too Small To Take It All 5,” according to his filmography.

But university officials had to cancel the public lecture, because neither the instructor nor the event sponsors had secured the necessary permits, according to a Pasadena City College press release. 

“We support the instructor’s academic freedom within the classroom,” said Dr. Robert Bell, assistant superintendent of Academic and Student Affairs. “The college’s concern is to schedule all public events according to procedures so we can insure public safety and security.”

“I want to make clear that Schwyzer is expressing his own personal opinions,” said Dr. Mark Rocha, PCC superintendent-president, in the same press release. “In no way does he speak for the college or Board of Trustees.”

Bell offered to reschedule the lecture, but Schwyzer said that Deen would unlikely be able to come on any other date. Deen did end up speaking at the college, but only to 35 students in Schwyzer’s class.

In a March 21 article for the Australian Daily Life, Schwyzer wrote that Pasadena officials had not rejected similar guests in the past.

“In its official statement, the college explained that the cancellation of the public event was due to a lack of proper paperwork,” Schwyzer wrote. “Yet I filed the same forms for Deen that I’ve filed for countless other speakers over the years, including female porn stars.”

He concluded that Deen represented a new face of the male porn star that made women more comfortable about their sexuality, which accounted for the stronger reaction.

“…there’s no denying that Deen’s meteoric rise reflects a cultural shift towards acknowledging that young (and not so young) women are as hungry for sexual pleasure as men,” he wrote. “As the unprecedentedly nervous administrative reaction to Deen’s appearance on my campus showed, that shift is profoundly threatening.

“When men realize that women aren’t just sexy, but sexual in their own right, the fear of not being able to live up to female demands can become overwhelming.”

Schwyzer also provided evidence of this effect via responses from students about both Deen and the class, who have made comments such as:  “How could you not be aroused by such a cute and charismatic young guy?”

“I’d tap that in a second,” said another of Deen.

“It felt really good to be in a classroom where we could openly acknowledge that women get horny too without it being unsafe or weird.”

On March 19, a few weeks after inviting Deen to campus, Schwyzer invited sex educator Jessica Drake, creator of “Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,” and star of “Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody” and “Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Parody,” to speak in class.

But this time, the Los Angeles Daily News reported, the lecture was open only to students and approved media. In an interview with the LAist, Drake said that students were receptive to her talk.

“They are really hungry for this information and they knew that they could ask me anything and not shock me,” she said.

Students asked her questions anonymously through Twitter and the professor.

“I did give a bit of specific advice, but most of all I let them know that there are so many different ways to learn more about sex and there are so many possibilities. I do caution them on getting all of their cues from fantasy.”

Fix contributor Jack Butler is a student at Hillsdale College.

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  • TraderJo

    Prof & college administrators need to be reassigned to jobs more suitable for their intelligence. Like sweeping the parking lot or cleaning the toilets.

    • truckbouy2

      Takes a bit of intelligence to sweep and clean a toilet. I don’t think they have what it takes.

      • SDRiders

        You know what they say. Those who can’t, teach.

        • Daniel Martin Gray

          And those who can’t TEACH, prostitute themselves.

          I object to the PROG term of “Porn Star”.

          There is no Star status in fxcking on camera, for hire.

          Like the majority of those who “Occupy” the seats of higher learning, they are WHORES.

          Nothing MORE…

          • Rocky Mountain

            For once I agree with you DMG. They are whores and the disgusting attempt to legitimize the topic through academic chicanery completely demonstrates the immoral cesspool we now find ourselves immersed in.

      • AugustineThomas

        I agree.. Don’t disrespect our fine, upstanding American janitors, who would never EVER make such an imbecilic decision as this!

        • And if those janitors were ever found looking at porn (not to mention teaching it to kids) they would be fired immediately!

          • TahoeGuy

            So true. I say they fire him on those same grounds.

            Honestly what do they do in such a class. Watch porn and circle jerk? I bet the school has a studio setup in back and makes a little extra on the side filming the students who get a discount on tuition.

    • HarryObrian

      I’d say they’re doing the job applicable to their intelligence, teaching pornography, transferring their lack of knowledge to the students and stealing money from students and their families.

      • AugustineThomas

        You realize they’re also using your tax dollars right?

        It’s like PBS and NPR.. I always feel so smart when I’m skewering them until I remind myself: “I’m payin for this!”

        • Kansan

          A study by Fairleigh Dickenson University found that viewers of Fox “News” knew less about current affairs than people who didn’t watch any news at all.

          NPR and PBS listeners and viewers scored the highest.

          • AugustineThomas

            Do you watch Fox News? (Our tax dollars don’t pay for Fox’s propaganda.. They do pay for PBS and NPR’s leftist propaganda.)

            By the way, the Germans under the Nazis were the most educated country in the world at the time.

    • Hey,,,I may have to use those toilets,,,I want someone with more then two gray matter cells to rub together cleaning my toilet…;)

    • robert moore

      Another example of being educated beyond your intelligence.


      That’s just how we roll at Indoctrinate-U.com

    • Eagora

      As a 31 year old guy, I’d say that I have the equivalent of a Ph.D in pornography already… as would every other guy in my generation.

      Those who deny their own (strictly!) academic knowledge in this area are just being modest… but unless they are Amish, they are also lying.

      • And would you say pornography has made you a better person, or not? I submit that pornography and sexual indulgence does far more harm than good…if you can’t think of a better use of your time, then you can’t say pornography has made an improvement.

  • AntiochusEpiphanes

    Sexually frustrated fundamentalists deeply envious, pretend to be outraged.

    • You know, that was my initial reply too. Your short comment assures me we probably share many core beliefs, but I don’t think the course is a good idea. If the two paths we could trod down are raw-realism or censored theory, I’d rather students be exposed to the censored theory. Provocative courses are sure fun to sign up for if you’re a young kid looking for attention and a way to fight the establishment, but are there any real academic merits? These students will likely graduate from college without the ability to quote a single line of poetry or solve intermediate calculus problems but they’ll know about pornography. They’re already likely peering beyond graduation to possible careers or senior internships and have already shut down that childlike sparkle for discovery. That glint must be protected–yes, it must be guarded. Progressive as it may be, a pornography course offers no constructive action on the mind of a college student. It only serves to deaden soles by shocking them; and steal away life’s zest to make us all glare like young whores, our spirits defeated before their time.

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        Calculus? Try arithmetic.

      • no_1_toldyou

        Surely you were just being kind to anti-Christ above. Good for you. It was perfectly executed.

      • AntiochusEpiphanes

        You may well be right, I try not to take positions based on biased articles. In my opinion, colleges do give short shrift to important things. At the same time, I do not believe that the scientific study of pornography is illegitimate. It’s just like any other phenomenon. Colleges use seemingly insignificant topics to teach other skills. Think of the average student paper and the specificity it has.

        Bottom line: intelligent people can disagree about the propriety of this course. But to paraphrase Kant, the ranting fundie is always wrong.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      I am not a fundamentalist and I am outraged. Humans have enough trouble denying their baser instincts without this twit feeding the beast.

      • AntiochusEpiphanes

        That just shows that you’re too easily outraged. There are many bad things going on in the world, even your back yard, and you choose not to be outraged about the truly outrageous stuff, but about something comparatively harmless (even if you disagree).

        But what about base instincts? I think it’s a pretty base instinct to have the compulsion to be told what to think on Sunday. It’s the kind of sheep mentality that has had a lot of bad consequences.

    • Yeah,,,coming from a self rightious Jack-Wagon like you ,,,Geez

  • Bob

    The professor and the administrator who approved the course should be fired!

    • FIRED???,,,I’ed make them pay back every cent they were paid the intire time they were employed at the college.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Well, he may not be fired, but he sure is dancing with being fried.

  • VanPastorMan

    I came here because of Drudge. This is appalling. What do the other nations think that are competing with us? China must be laughing it up to think that this garbage is being taught for CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly

    • Donald_Dump

      Matt Drudge? The man who has sex with men and eggs?

      • journogal

        Curious…how do you know that for a fact?

        • Leftists don’t need facts. They lie about everything. Remember Harry Reid saying Romney didn’t pay his taxes? Remember Obama saying he’d close Gitmo? Now Drudge has sex with men and eggs. Totally made up nonsense because a news aggregator carries ALL the news and not just what HuffPo thinks is fit to print. Nobody with any intelligence believes anything the lefties say anymore.

        • ms20

          Fact?? all they need to do is say something over and over and suddenly it becomes fact. Truth need not be a part of anything anymore.

    • f0rtylegz

      “What do other NATIONS think?” That is hilarious.

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        Well we have to try to influence these idiots somehow. Apparently they don’t need the approval of God.

    • Kelly

      Hey dummy. This is one school, Pasadena City College, doing something
      stupid. This is not an invitation to the uneducated masses who read
      Drudge to go on an anti-higher education or anti-Obama rant. Get off
      the internet and go clean your trailer or buy your brood some clothes at
      Walmart or something.

      • mdinaz

        You realize Drudge just links to leftist sites like the New York Times and MSNBC – which by logic, means you are uneducated as well. Welcome to the club.

        • jeffery

          you dumm azz. Drudge is linked to both conservative and liberal

          • mdinaz

            So you admit he just links to sites. And yet that makes people uneducated, “dumm azz”. Reading comments like yours achieves that.

          • pdqed

            Drudge’s website aggregates news stories. Of course, he links to sites. Look it up before you try to analyze what you think, because you haven’t done a good job.

          • f0rtylegz

            Drudge is a right-winger. A Brietbart Tucker Carlson Hannity clone.

          • mdinaz

            Look what up? I see the site everyday. The original posters point was that because someone perused the Drudge website, they are “uneducated” – yet the site only posts links to other news sites, most of them lefty sites. You haven’t done a good job keeping up on the discussion.

  • edward

    interesting choice for a fine arts class

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Isn’t that a “slime arts class?”

  • walkontheflood

    Porn sites are where a lot of Obama voters get their information from. I guess this is what passes for an urban journalism school?

    • David Dunlap

      isn’t “bubba the porn queen” a graduate of this perversity?

    • Kansan

      They get it from video of Mitt talking about the “47%.”

  • Briansan

    Betcha it’s hard. You try a final exam with one hand.

  • 17_woods

    It’s California. Where’s the news?

  • We will study porn in a non-judgmental way; but, neglect to teach students how to freaking read.

    • boboadobo

      or do real stuff like math or engineering or stuff that can lead to a job. china is laughing at us.

      • capoprimo

        It;s all been preplanned, Obama promised to fundamentally change this Nation, we’ll be luck if we emerge as a Third World Country.

        • Kansan

          Another Rhodes scholar: “…Nation, we’ll be luck…”

          • capoprimo

            I’m so happy to learn that you’re such a fantastic typist to never make a mistake,

      • LOL, I live in the U.S. and I’m laughing at us!!!!! The libs want to keep pumping more money that we don’t have into education and they want to use it for things like porn classes? Unbelievable……

      • Kansan

        “…and stuff.”

    • ms20

      Part of the problem with society today is being taught to be “non-judgemental” about everything under the sun. Judgement is a good thing not a bad thing. It should be used. Not ignored.

      • mdinaz

        Which is why they hate Christianity and Christian morals – they don’t like being judged on their amoral, deviant behavior.

        • Kansan

          Is genocide, “deviance?” What about this “Christian?”

          In 1973, Guatemalan Colonel Ríos Montt resigned from his post at the Washington embassy to participate in the March 1974 presidential elections as the candidate of the National Opposition Front (FNO). He lost the election to a rival right-wing candidate, General Kjell Eugenio Laugerud García, by 70,000 votes. Since Laugerud didn’t get a majority, the election was thrown to the government-controlled National Congress which promptly elected Laugerud.

          Ríos Montt denounced a “massive electoral fraud”, blaming Catholic
          priests who had questioned the mistreatment of the Catholic Mayans, and claimed that the priests were leftist agents. It is alleged that he was given a payoff of several hundred thousand dollars along with the post of military attaché in the embassy in Madrid, Spain, where he stayed until 1977.

          In 1978, he left the Roman Catholic Church and became a minister in the California-based evangelical/pentecostal Church of the Word; since then Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have been personal friends. Ríos Montt’s brother Mario is a Catholic bishop, and in 1998 succeeded the assassinated Bishop Juan Gerardi as head of the human rights commission uncovering the truth of the disappearances associated with the military and his brother.

          Indigenous Mayas suffered disproportionately during Ríos Montt’s
          rule, and it is documented that his government deliberately targeted
          thousands of indigenous people since many were suspected of harboring sympathies for, supporting, or participating in the guerrilla movement.

          Under the Cold War-era logic of containment the Guatemalan state sought to eliminate the spread of communism inside its borders. The UN-backed Historical Clarification Commission found that the resulting counterinsurgency campaign, significantly designed and advanced during Ríos Montt’s presidency, included deliberate “acts of genocide” against the indigenous population. He is currently under house arrest during his trial for crimes against humanity and genocide. On 28 January 2013, judge Miguel Angel Galves, opened a pre-trial hearing in a trial against retired general and former dictator Efrain Rios Montt and retired General José Mauricio Rodríguez Sánchez for Genocide and crimes against humanity

    • Kansan

      Obviously, you didn’t graduate from college: “…way; but, neglect…”


  • Raptor Jesus

    I’m 59 years old. Some of the dumbest and least competent people I have ever met in my life were my college Professors.

    • Baiambo

      “I’m 59 years old.”


      • Raptor Jesus

        Me and Godzilla – 1954.

        • calhoun211

          Well I did make the universe, so I’m getting along in years also.

      • Baiambo. Your comment tells everyone you are a young fool that has no appreciation for life experience.

        • I prefer real life experience, but tryionmg to copy a fantasy fromfimlm or boiok is plain stupid and also dangerous. Some of that stuff can harm some one physically.

          • Hey wait a minute we have FANTASY FESTT in kw you can find willing people to try anything u can think of. Me I am TRYSEXUAL if its sexual I will try it if I dony like it I just don’t do it again. the pleasure to be had with 2 or 3 hot gals is impossible to explain you got to exp it. Wife says same for 2 guys 4 sets of hands on her. And we vote independent. keep church views outta our bedroom. how u knock up a nun? dress her as a altar boy.

      • Michael White

        One day, sparky, if you hang around long enough, you’ll be 59, too. That is, if you pull your head out of your rear end and stop thinking that nothing of any value existed before you were born.

    • aubreyfarmer

      College professors are not only disdainful of views they do not agree with but will also squeel on other professors to the dean if they hear another professor not toeing the liberal line of “do what thou wilt”. Colleges are stacked with Commies and the culture of America has changed dramatically as a result. People are no longer self reliant but look to the govenment to solve all of their problems and the government in turn is more than happey to frame every problem in such a way as to make it appear that the government is the only entity capable of solving said problem. In 20 years, if America survives, we will all be living in a super capitalist state ran by bureaucrats. At that point we will all effectively be under Communist control.

      • Kansan

        “squeel,” “ran by,” “Communist control?”

        Obviously, you can’t spell, your grammar is awful and you’re still worried about monsters under the bed.

    • ms20

      You would be too if you never left a college campus and continually had people you were able to force to listen to you.

    • David Dunlap

      don’t forget lower level teachers…they are pitiful, the majority of the ones I have met!

  • SDRiders

    Sickening, and of course, in my home state.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      California, the home of fruits and nuts.

      • CherDash

        Fruits, nuts, and flakes.

  • Jacqui Bulkley

    Be aware! Just one more tiny “nudge” towards the desensitization of humanity in regards to moral decency vs moral decay.
    This has nothing to do with “women being more comfortable with their sexuality”, and everything to do with Elitist Intellectuals engineering Society to grow more accepting of varying levels of deviant behavior – to the overall detriment of the Human Condition.

    • agreed

    • Lasco X

      You got that exactly right. China cranks out more then three times the engineers we do and then you see a course like this offered for credit here in the USA. dumbing down and destruction of our society is in full court press.

    • mdinaz

      And now you understand why leftists hate Christianity in such a visceral fashion.

    • pdqed

      A friend once told me she was taking a pornography course which was necessary towards her pursuit of a graduate sociology degree. The reasons were to inoculate her senses against all kinds of perversion and dysfunction she would come across in working with both individuals and families. I wonder how that turned out when she graduated and got her job with social services in a nearby city. She was in her fifties when she was in the university, and also was born in The Netherlands, an extremely liberal, open-minded country. I would love to know if the course helped in her endeavors.

      • Kansan

        “Sociologists” don’t “work with” individuals.

        • pdqed

          Don’t know the exact degree she earned, but I do know she ended up in a social services agency in a nearby city. Sociology would help in her field as well as statistical work, would it not?

          • Kansan

            Not particularly.

    • Parraphrase

      Well said.

  • Its no wonder that California is broke and will soon be bankrupt. We should give all of California back to Mexico now.

    • That’s why it’s broke,,,they spend $7 Billion a yr just on illegals in their jails and prison,,another $13 billion on Welfare, Food Stamps, Sec-8, Free Medical and Mexican flags so they can protest against the state for making them live in such horrid conditions,,,while not having to work for it.

    • Michael White

      …and Louisiana back to the French and Florida back to Spain, and, definitely, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Maryland back to England. What an absolutely stupid remark.

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    And this course prepares the students for…?

    • AmerigoV

      It will prepare them for a stroke, some will get more than one, and how to be self sufficient in case of necessity.

  • I wonder what future employers will conclude when this is seen on a transcript?
    This would not be a potential employee.
    Every college official who sanctioned this “class” should be fired !

    • Cathy

      They just won’t show their transcripts like Obama *S*

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      They’ll work for the government.

    • 2inthehat

      Good point. Automatic “T” file for any candidate with this on their transcript. Can you imagine?

  • GoldenRudy

    A “City College” defined as a waste of money.

  • snapperman

    Yep, a porn-saturated culture thanks to scum like Schwyzer; small wonder graduates have a hard time finding employment when tripe like this has been their intellectual pursuit.

  • “why we love porn … why some people are deeply troubled by it ”

    No bias there… I’m sure this will be an honest look at the effects of porn, and not an indoctrination…

    What happens when the government runs schools, and ungodly run the government.

  • Chris Martel

    Kudos to the college, finally a true hands on course!!!!

  • mikemac

    They haven’t done any real work in years. Without their comfy jobs they are all unemployable.

  • Chris Martel

    You know how to tell if someone is taking that course?? They are the ones with the abnormally large right arms!! Or left if they are lefties!

  • drosendahl

    Perhaps if the class were based on pay per view, public schools could pay for themselves. Grading, of course, would need to be based on the number of times the student came.

  • Howzah123

    A class for pervs created by pervs

  • Leave it to Cal. to polute the educational system even more then it already is,,,Land of Fruits and Nuts.

  • seaarrow

    Another step in lowering education standards, pushing useless superfluous classes for shock effect and wasting precious hours on drivel. But it does sound like a liberals utopia .

  • “Students welcome it”, he adds. oh, ok, that makes it all right.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Letting the inmates run the asylum.

  • cwon1

    Seriously, I’ve always had a few questions about the topic. For example has there ever been an academic estimate of how many people have participated in either nude pictures or porn?

    I don’t think colleges need this course but I can understand why it’s a sociological topic for research.

  • Mariner33

    This is right out of the movie, “Idiocracy”. The population gets dumber and more ignorant of the essentials to run a competent society, but is diverted by trivia and feel good trivia and rubbish. America is an airplane with declining system controls, on fire engines, and in a steep dive. The altimeter is going counter clockwise so fast, it is just a blur.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      The Romans called it “bread and circuses.”

  • dontcare4uatall

    Only college girls need apply……… OH WAIT; THATS A NAME OF A PORN ALREADY!

  • Paul Kersey

    Does the final involve an oral or just an anal exam?

  • FlyGuy

    More evidence of a system that is morally bankrupt. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would pays 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars into an “education” system that graduates kids from high-school who can’t read, can’t do basic math, and can’t write complete and cohesive sentences. We need to completely de-fund this broken system and go rebuild it from the ground up. Better still, home-schooling is the best method of teaching, I speak from practical experience and and am married to a school teacher.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      You forgot can’t tell time. I know. I had personal experience with a clerk who was wearing a watch. We asked the time and she went an looked at a digital clock several feet away. When we asked if her watch didn’t work she replied that she didn’t know how to read an analog clock.

  • portle44

    The Marxist liberal arts barnacles have been teaching porn for years.Its just that in the past they called it sociology,history and economics.

  • Dasien

    Good job liberals. That’s going to be really impressive on their resume’s. WTF?

  • jcd0101

    How to SCREW on another – LIVE.. over the internet..
    Err is this CSPAN or PORNO.COM?

    All are participating in PORN and will have to have an xxx rating
    Since their is so much SCREWING of the constitution going on
    let alone each other

    Finally – if pelosi is on – is that OBSCENE?

  • which government agency will fail to hire these experts when they graduate? Is what most of the people who work in government do now, without the degree to understand it.

    • galocke

      In lieu of the usual diploma, male graduates will each receive a big cigar, and females will each receive a blue dress. Thusly armed, graduates could realistically find themselves aiming for four or eight years in the White House.

  • oldsettler

    Universities show porn to all their students in large groups, 500 seat auditorium at ASU, and as part of the required sex education course. But when porn was filmed at an Arizona State frat house they made a huge fuss and took action against students & the fraternity. True hypocrites!

  • Well, I am not surprised that college students are ” aroused” bymthe subject bit I see no discussion onnthe imapct of porn on the family, how it forms the sexulaity and expectations of porn users….or sex crimes from such things as ” rape sites” .I recommend the use ofmamgood content filter to block this mess. I bet theremwas no discussion of filtering either. Take a look at http:// http://www.wisechoice.net for a good filter.

  • SaneSage

    We are seeing liberalism at its best: a bankrupt state, populated by bankrupt minds, educated by bankrupt ideas.

  • Bob Benton

    The downward spiral of our society continues. It is a sad day in America when an academic institution officially condones this “type” of education. God help us.

  • Schwyzer told The College Fix. “Students today live in a porn-saturated culture and very rarely get a chance to learn about it in a safe, non-judgmental, …”

    There you go. It’s “non-judgmental” which is the Left’s leading jab used to disarm opponents. I mean after all, who are we to judge? No matter how vile, how aberrant the behavior. No matter how it debases the culture and pollutes the mind. As long as we remain “non-judgemental” all is just swell in Lefty land.

    • galocke

      “Non-judgmental” is another, slightly sanitized way of saying “devoid of thought” or, at the very least, “devoid of critical thinking.” The perpetuation of liberalism depends on society becoming as “non-judgmental” as possible.

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        I like the phrase “so open-minded their brains fell out.”

  • jgdp

    REAL porno is obunghole and his snapping sphincter!

  • Since when does pornography have anything to do with the history of the U.S.??? No wonder our country is going down the tubes when you have professors giving this crap out as homework, next they’ll have classes in how to appreciate homosexuality with hands-on class work. God will be back and Jesus will not look kindly on the things that are taking place in this country/world.

  • the_immoral_minority

    I think this idea is……ooops,I gotta go study.

  • lukuj

    Just an excuse to view porn and pay the college to do so. If a parent is paying, the parent should refuse to pay for the course.

  • francis kelly

    what jobs are awaiting the graduates?

  • I can’t understand why college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs.

  • Don’t know why this is news. Wesleyan College had a similar course years ago.

  • jhaharris

    where are the leaders of this college. do ay of them have any intelligence at all?

    • ralphie44

      “Professor Hugo Schwyzer” – jeu.. want a real eye opener? Go look up the article called Triple Exthnics.. its on the jeuish quarterly website. Welcome ye bereaved and bewildered & disenfranchised.. welcome to the jeu world order… jeusa province circa 2013.

      • aubreyfarmer

        It is a part of the Jooish culture to be radicals and oppose what is normal. If everyone in the US understood what history proves to be the self inflicted plight of the Joos, we would soon change course and end their control of the media, Hollywood, the Federal Reserve and education. See for yourself. It will make you a much more intelligent person when discussing America’s problem. 436quotesbyandaboutjews

        • ralphie44

          I have seen.. took 2 years of consciously researching in the other direction because I didn’t like what I found. It didn’t coincide with my world-view. That was many moons ago, the fact of the matter is, “its the jeus, stupid”. The inane and suicidal foreign and domestic policies of this mirage of a country (ameriKa) we have make perfect sense now. Its the only “real world” explanation that fits the data and the facts. Not only that – it fits the new testament perfectly as well. What is happening to us is actually very simple, logical, easily provable.

  • TheUnionist

    If students don’t like the class, they don’t have to take it.

  • . …… .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,

    . . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,

    . . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,

    . . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,

    . . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}

    . . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}

    . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./

    . . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./

    . . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./

    . . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/

    . . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}

    . . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../

    . . . .. . .`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../

    . . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”

    . . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . … . /

    . . . . . . `~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..,__

    ,,_. . . . . }.>-._. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,

    . .. `=~-,__. . . `,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `. . . . . . .

  • ralphie44

    this is what happens when your country is run by jeus (universities.. media.. business.. banking… finance… blah blah pick one.. pick any)

  • And the disintegration of our country continues…….

  • Is their a roll of paper towels under every desk ? I’m only curious. I live in the real world.

  • OTOH I read about a company making bacon flavored condoms and the motto was “make your meat taste like meat”. merica(lost the A/ yet still number one.

  • Donald_Dump

    Denying someone the right to speak on campus? The wingnuts soil themselves when it’s Ben Carson, but not — or more accurately, in a different way — when it’s Bryan Sevilla.

  • MominMich

    I will be emailing this college and telling them no child of mine will EVER attend their college. Anyone else?

  • BajaDreamer

    Wonderful stuff our kids are shown and taught in schools nowadays!

  • Oddly enough, a thousand years ago when I was getting divorced, I found out my attorney was a certified expert witness on porn. I have no idea how the topic came up, but he testified in the Tropic of Cancer case. He had a 5,000 volume porn library.

    He said the most boring thing he ever did was staying up nights with a yellow pad, digesting porn novels.

    Somehow, I doubt this course rises to that level of {COUGH} scholarship..

  • Socrates

    Great. Do these people have any respect for taxpayers?

  • IEFBR14

    Burn in hell Schwyzer, you marxist pig.

  • luvourtroops

    Low Life Perverts !!!!

  • SRussell55

    Who would be a better expert on filth than a liberal college PhD faculty member. Have you even talked to a college graduate that didnt appear like they had just graduated from middle school?

  • SRussell55

    When the student finishes the course and gets the student loan bill they can actually say they shot their wad,,,,,(money).

  • why I sine up fo dat? I wanna majer in doogee stye and miner in fase pantein

  • I hope they cover how porn is linked to erectile dysfunction. If not, you can read about it here on pg. 33 http://www.scribd.com/doc/44437016/Teenagers-Say-the-Darndest-Things

  • Can somebody tell me why this is even legal? College educations cost more today than the jobs they will likely ever provide to recover the investment. Is this going to produce qualified citizens in America while the Japanese kids in first year high school are smarter than the dummies we hand out college degrees to? Why not just let them pay for the useless degree, never take a class and just stay home?

  • espy

    While pornography can be something to study, having porn actors come in as if they have some kind of insight to the factors that make porn such a universal phenomenon is like asking an actor to explain the motivations behind their role. Most of the time they can’t. They don’t understand it because they’re not payed to understand it, the directors and the like tell the actor how they’re supposed to react to a situation and the actor does so. For example, Jane Fonda is going to play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming film, does anyone really think she understands Nancy Reagan? The same can be said for almost any role. The actors bring no more knowledge to the subject matter than someone off the street. The better person to ask would be directors or producers, but even then they’re more in it for the money, and when it comes to porn people don’t watch it for the dialogue.

    Its something that needs to be discussed but also something where one needs to understand that the actual films and the like bring little to understanding.

  • this would be funny if they were not serious , WTF did the world all of a sudden start spinning in reverse

  • Oh my, the profundity of pornography. Lust is so profound and mysterious. Why waste time studying quantum physics when there is so much to learn about animal lust?

  • Nuckinfuts

    Do they get extra credit points for masturbating during homework? A ‘hands on education’?

  • Mel

    Is homework in this class an example of ‘hands on” education?

  • dogbite186

    California…..like I even had to check and see.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Colorado and Vermont are being overrun by progressives, also.

  • aurora9

    Years ago, Pasadena use to be such an up-scale city. It’s sad to see so many of these places deteriorating through the years. Our society is just turning into a third-world country!

  • gannamede

    All together now……..SHOCKING!!! What other degrees can their star athletes excel at?

  • hardtruth00

    This immediately lowers the value of any graduate. When I do to hire and I hear that they are from the porn college, i’ll just pick the next candidate.

  • Blammm

    And yet we still wonder why college graduates leave school with 6 figure debt and no marketable skills.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Not to mention the over $1,000,000 CA university donated to Obama.

  • dupkaman

    They’ll probably learn more in this course than they would in some of the poorly run classes in a local college I live near. We need fewer colleges. Many students do not need a college education. They can learn marketable skills outside a university and not go into 6 figure debt to attain a degree in sociology or political science which is not very marketable.

  • ok so some sex pervert college teachers found a way to make 6 figures a year and sexually prey on the young people, seems pretty evil 2 me…wait until it gets moved to highschool….I am not exaggerating..that is absolutely what the progressive movement wants to do..not the stupid welfare trolls with no education..the ones at the top clearin 6 figures or more

  • jsw7533

    So something that can’t be shared legally in a university classroom or the workplace — is being studied on a college campus? Shame on the City of Pasadena…

  • f0rtylegz

    Im outraged. OUTRAGED I tell you.

  • richie449

    well that sucks!
    brown chicken brown cow

  • joes

    i could see looking at porn from an academic standpoint, but does not seem to have enough academic depth to stand alone as a single class, maybe part of some other class in ethics or religion, to really be objective about the impact of porn on society. i think women already make 66% of all porn purchases.

  • GGBear2233

    It appears semenly innocent…..anyway, all joking aside, this is a good and typical example of the depths to which ‘higher education’ has dropped…

  • silver fox

    and paid for by the public…..have a nice day.

  • Pornography is addictive and destructive. It turns women into objects and destroys their humanity. Many men who consume it are unable to have sex with their own wives even at in the youth of their manhood. The endorphin overload pornography causes has to be countered by the body. It does so in such a way that normal, healthy sex with one’s wife becomes impossible.

    Is it no wonder that we are warned to flee sexual temptation in the Bible. The editor in chief is also the engineer of the human body and soul and knows what is good for us and what is bad for us. Sex inside marriage is wonderful and per His design. For that reason our Creator allows us to enjoy the brief, temporary endorphin overload it causes without harm. But a sustained overload such as what is caused by pornography is dealt with by putting up endorphin blockers to bring the thrill down to manageable levels.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      I guess the progressives have progressed beyond caring about women.

    • aubreyfarmer

      So many failed marriages are the result of one or both in the marriage having had numerous prior sexual relationships. Making love is without a doubt the most spiritually satisfying experience I have ever had. Sex was meant to establish a bond between a man and a woman. That bond is diminished by the very act of having sex with numerous partners. Many times I wish that both myself and my wife would have waited until we were married to have sex. It is the sex that we had before marriage that caused irreparable harm to both of us. Because of previous unwise dalliances we were unable to have children. “The wages of sin are death” and infertility, and broken hearts and….

  • Bernard_Gui

    How many of this professor’s students are introduced to porn for the first time in his class? Let’s hope the course includes data on porn addiction and the devastation it causes.

  • galocke

    And people wonder why kids come out of college all primed to become Obama voters.

  • 1stAfterburner

    Let me guess, the class will be 99% men and each one will be telling their wife, “Hey honey, don’t worry about it, I’m just doing my homework, you can call my professor if you don’t believe me!”

  • Guardian of Truth

    Classes available join now!
    Course Materials include:
    Backdoor Sluts 9 (Please get the most recent as the versions are important)
    a Vibrator

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Hang these pervert MFers !

  • robertludlum

    If the American people truly knew the totality of money being wasted on that sink-hole known as “education,” at all levels, you would have riots in the street. We had a generation that made this nation a global superpower by attending single-room country schools. Now we have giant palaces of idiots that cannot even write a coherent sentence and, thanks to sensitivity training, have come to believe that 2+2=5, if you want it to.

    • no_1_toldyou

      What I really can’t understand is how American women ever got to be so degraded that they go along with this kind of social decay. How do women claiming to be liberated justify the wholesale slutification of their gender? It is beyond disturbing.

      • aubreyfarmer

        NOW was and is a CIA covert op funded by the Ford Foundation. Destruction of the family comes first and soon to follow the destruction of a nation. What will be built on the ashes of the once most powerful and Christian nation on the face of the planet? “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” Even the sinful acts of the most wicked will be used in the end for the glory of God. Their own wickedness will be used against them.

  • brokenEstring

    People, stop sending your kids to public colleges. It’s a waste of your money. Better to take a cruise.

  • talljohn777

    Simply ridiculous………..

    • CherDash

      The more appropriate word is ‘outrageous’.

      • talljohn777

        I cannot argue with that…..

  • BigBadWolf

    Looks like I’m going back to school. I can’t wait to find out what I can do for extra credit.

  • BetseeRoss

    How about scrapping these kinds of classes and requiring more classes in economics? Obviously our recent college graduates have no clue about the ratio of income to spending, as Washington demonstrates.

  • no_1_toldyou

    Pasadena. Says it all really. The earth will gulp the state whole one day.

    • praisethelord


  • Boner

    The only pre-requisite is a boner.

  • patriot2947

    Typical far left liberal. Imagine if a conservative taught pornography? It would be all over the main stream media for months on end.
    Only sick libs can get away with this.

  • Mapache

    That’s a course I would study for.

    • praisethelord


  • ef49

    Scholarships available?

  • Nancy

    I have a minority opinion on this topic. In preemptive self defense, take note that I am not a liberal… I despise the current US administration and the direction the dems and the left are moving this country. In ten years, when the waiting list to see an ob/gyn will be 10 months long, we may finally realize our collective stupidity in twice electing that lying frat-boy of a president, but by then, it will be too late as we will be stuck in a bureaucratic nightmare from which we cannot wake up. Now on to my relevant comment:

    I think this course is a great idea. Just because some people are opposed does not disqualify the subject for discussion. Let’s not fall into the same wicked behavior long practiced by the left in trying to silence those with dissenting opinions. Society as a whole benefits from open exchanges on every topic. If you don’t like the course, don’t sign up.

    And finally my real reason: In my own college (pre-internet) days, a homely, shy girl such as myself had very little sexual outlet. It would have been so fun to openly view and discuss porn with others. I think it would have drawn me out of my very thick shell years earlier than what actually transpired. My life could have been changed for the better. And certainly, at least, my fingers would have been far more active then, as they are now.

  • praisethelord


  • rennyangel2

    Write the loons and tell them no public money should go to such “academic” nonsense. Studens need this information? They need to be able to read and write is necessary, which most on the college levels below Hahvahd do not exist.

  • rennyangel2

    The president’s email is [email protected]. I just wrote him:

    A course on pornography is such a waste of public and tax payers’ monies that is is atrocious and egregious at a time when most college freshmen in public colleges do not even read and write to freshman-level standards.

    You need to allocate your resources in a more academic manner.

  • rennyangel2

    Sorry, the email is [email protected]., pres. of the college.

    • CherDash

      @rennyangel2:disqus Roach is applicable, too…

      • rennyangel2

        No pun was intended. But–works for me.

  • Fred

    Only in the land of fruits and nuts….and the citizens of California pay taxes for this. You get what you deserve.

  • Royster

    California. Inches from financial disaster and this is what is being taught in a public funded college.
    When the big earthquake hits, don’t think the rest of America will miss it.

  • A seminar, maybe, a course, rediculous!!

  • VladamirUntruksur

    Only in California…

    Next semester, NAMBLA and Bestiality for extra credit!!!

  • lipsync

    Keep in mind, your potential future employer will look at your college transcript.

  • Playtrombone64

    I hope the phrase “seminal issues” was used with tongue planted firmly in cheek!

  • Gerald Bakes

    Student loans are now the worst performing debt class and now the new sub-prime debt bubble that’s about to burst, overtaking credit card debt – professors call to immediatel​y cease and desist the program?

    Have you heard the deafening outcry and massive protest marches by university professors and administrators to immediately stop and abolish the student loan program in the USA that is DESTROYING hundreds of thousands of their students financially and continues unabated?
    Clueless 18 year olds are given huge loans, permanently nailed to them for life with no recourse to default, that would never be given to them under ANY other circumstances.
    What? ….there is no outcry from university professors and administrators? …..not even…..anything? to save the financial future of hundreds of thousands of kids? ? No demands from universities to immediately cease and desist the program?
    Oh, they’re keeping quiet and sacrificing their students futures for their own salaries, pension security and fancy offices, bonuses and parties (oops, I mean ‘conferences’ so they can give each other awards for excellence)?

  • the no-professor-left-behind act.

    who needs more air traffic control towers? obviously, the money could be better spent on useless college courses.

  • jakeandlizzie

    Vet one of us who went to college knows the power the progressives have in education. Many of use bought into their propaganda and it took us years of living to break away from the progressive’s lies. Sadly not enough because they now have vast control of our government and daily life and we see what it is doing to our country.

    • jakeandlizzie

      I met to say everyone of use not Vet

  • RufusVonDufus

    This is one prof, college, etc. which needs shut down. We do not need college courses teaching the brain dead Obama voters about pornography. Just the fact that the majority of them vote for Obama is reason enough to defund this crappy institution.

  • calhoun211

    They better not use any of the movies I star in. Well its OK if I get paid.

  • Irving Canfield

    This liberal perspective is called “education.”

  • Where were these classes when I was in college? Instead I had to watch porn on my own, and earned no college credit for it.

  • “Students welcome it,”

    Wow, what an endorsement.

    I’d like to see the business department of that college do a study on the ratio of students paying for their own education who sign up for this course, vs those students what are getting their “education” paid for by mom and dad or some other means.

    What a waste.

  • AugustineThomas

    “They can barely read, they don’t know a lick of math, they already watch too much pornography: let’s use our tax dollars to give them a class in pornography!!!”
    -the Leftists who run our indoctrination system.

  • hsimone

    It seems we are living as in the days of Noah…….

  • Greg Webber

    More liberal idiots.

  • Academia has finally reached the apex of the infantile minds in charge.

  • I’ve already taken the course online. ;-D

  • Jim Rall

    Who has infested the educational system since the 50’s… yep… you’re right. And these people claim to be superior thinkers… laughing too hard to finish this.

  • Christopher O Landreneau

    “…get a chance to learn about it in a safe, non-judgmental, intellectually thoughtful way.”
    What is “intellectual” about porn? With the proliferation of rape, rampant STD spreading promiscous sex, direct correlation of spousal sexual abuse & porn, how is this going to stem the tide of pseudo-sex run amok? Where is authentic love for the other in this course? Using another human being as a sex object be it two dimension picture/video or real time does not help a person become any more civil or virtous.

  • bobby1122

    Between this bull **** and the Federal Govt, grant for a cool Million to study the sex habits of the New Zealand snail, I’m praying for an bio-hazard event that just kills worthless professors.

  • politics or professors…that is the gig to get…

  • The sole purpose of college is to develop job skills. I strongly doubt that any employer told them navigating pornography was a needed job skill.

    Why are porn actors not arrested for prostitution? Private prostitution is less offensive than prostitution where the evidence is broadcast to the world as entertainment.

  • Go to a porno flick and get your degree cheaper and faster than the University. You’ll get a job in that Industry, whereas, none are available in any other sector of the Economy.

  • Community colleges like PCC should stick to the basics.

  • Bob White

    Our college loan tax dollars at work.

  • adriatic

    If this is the type of class the students want, so be it. But when their degrees prove useless I don’t want to hear whining about not being able to get a job or pay back their student loans. No sympathy.

  • Fip1

    This is no college, it is the funny farm.

  • aubreyfarmer

    America is going to Hell and ridiculous classes in college like this prove it. Instead of asking ourselves how do we become better neighbors, better parents, better providers, more humble, less self serving and educating children about the virtues of serving others and looking at our relationship with God, we get porn class. What a terrific country we live in when those that are setting the agenda are intent on turning all of your little girls into sluts and your sons into homosexuals.


    Parents it is becoming obvious that it is not smart to send your child to a “big name” school or university bc stupid crap like this is becoming far to common in our morally corrupt “nation”.

    Like aubreyfarmer said, America is going to hell and quick. God save us all.

  • No prerequisites? How about masturbation 101? What’s next – “The Stigma of Sex and Feces?

  • ms20

    Wow. A guy obsessed with porn has figured out a way to watch it all day long AND get paid for it. That is pretty ballsy. The amazing part of this story is not that he did this and gets to talk about porn all day long with young impressionable students, its that he was not stopped by any of his superiors along the way. My god.

  • Michael White

    How cool…how enlightened…how progressive. For more than 100 years, PCC could prode itself of quality education…that is, until now. This is just another opportunity for some snarky, pompous, inadequate educator to display his shortcomings in front of a room full of young women.

  • An excerpt from “Communist Goals” read into the Congressional Record in 1963:

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    • Satanism itself could do no better – it has nothing over the progressive socialist/communists. This whole lot of people and their agenda are driven by a love for and adoration of evil.

  • Cindy

    Legal Porn is beautiful. Filming a sex act that causes the intense pleasure of countless people in the future is wonderful and should be celebrated, not chastised. The performers must realized the consequences by short-sighted sex bigots, and the consumers must be careful not to get addicted to it since it is so pleasurable to watch.

    • I will cop to watching free porn, but there is a time and place for everything. Publc-funded schools are NOT the place for a class on pornography!

  • At least tell me you can get more money back when you turn in those textbooks than the usual rate of return..

  • obozo_the_gelded_clown

    Well, we’ve officially left the ‘slippery slope’ and are now in total free fall…

    And I’m quite certain that my tax dollars are somehow propping this up. What was inconceivable just 10 or 20 years ago is now praised for its open mindedness and tolerance.

    Prepare to reap the whirlwind, because we cannot withstand what is coming because of our moral degeneracy….

  • creed

    So we have classes like this in college and then are SHOCKED when teachers have no qualms about having sex with our kids in public schools?

  • Kelly

    Hey dummies. This is one school, Pasadena City College, doing something stupid. This is not an invitation the uneducated masses who read Drudge to go on an anti-higher education or anti-Obama rant. Get off the internet and go clean your trailer or buy your brood some clothes at Walmart or something.

    • Wow…some really salient, well-thought out points. I bet you were tops in your debate class at NYU, weren’t you?

    • I can promise you one thing, the person who is required to present a coursework while in an interview for a prestigious career will have a difficult time explaining away their pentient for perversion. I own and operate a small, but successful business, and I guarantee you, I’d never hire someone with a fascination for porn where a job requires use of a computer connected to the internet. No foresight, no wisdom, no opportunity.

  • Tragiically, when there are so many college students that grew up with the internet, the professor has NOTHING to teach this generation in the area of pornographic filth. I would bet that most of them have made their own raunchy videos for their own “enjoyment” or to upload. It used to be, having a higher education formed your character, challenged you to be a better person, more INTELLIGENT, discerning the noble from the lowly and base. Anymore, college is all about filth and degredation. Finally, WHEN IS THE COLLEGE EDUCATION COST BUBBLE GOING TO BURST. IT IS WELL OVERDUE, WELL OVERDUE.

  • ponyexpert

    After all this time they’re finally giving credit for it. I can see a lot of undergrads switching majors next semester.

  • Mendoza

    Porn is a “touchy” subject!

  • axemole

    OBAMA GBLT perverts running the assylum…

  • barbara

    If you’re paying for your own college tuition, that’s your choice to take a course like this, but if I was paying for my kid’s education, I would pull the plug on him or her taking such a frivolous course…. unless they were seriously considering a career in porn… hey times are tough.

  • seenbetterdaze

    Sad to think of the desparate Economic woes today, where many public schools are having to shut down, and read stories like this one, WASTING its resources on Garbage and kids who do manage to actually Graduate from HS cannot read or write, have NO skills and will be forever on the Public Tax PAYERS backs…buying PORN and charging it to their Food Stamps or Welfare. America is LOST and nearly over…Thanks to the PROGS who use their “libtard-ism” as their excuse for being MORAL DEFECTS. SATAN is alive and Roaring around the late Great USA! WAKE UP people.

  • Another complete DISCONNECT between the cost of something (college degree) and the VALUE of something (college degree).

  • gantry

    What do you expect from California except fruits and nuts?

  • Dwain Meyer

    Thank God it’s not a real college.

  • Dwain Meyer

    “Bell offered to reschedule the lecture, but Schwyzer said that Deen would unlikely be able to come on any other date.”

    Comedy gold!

  • kingdad

    More proof positive of just how far the leftists/Liberals have sunk here in America.
    Even worse the College Admin defends this shyt!

  • David Dunlap

    What complete freaking embecile would EVER support a college like this?

  • jay

    and libs wonder why this country is no longer competitive and soft. that’s the way they like us!
    have fun kids! see how far that’ll get you after you graduate and become a debt serf to the elite ruling class

  • Craig Book

    Holy cow! I should teach this class!

  • umusbkiding2

    This will help those students in this tough job market.

  • cindy

    Public colleges should not receive any govt. money. Let them survive on market demand. I’m tired of paying for sh*& with my tax money. This has to stop.

  • Of course it’s legitimate subject matter…
    in COMMIEFORNIA! Thank god all the really STUPID people go to California. At least we know where they all are.
    And just think folks; we’re PAYING FOR THIS!!!

  • Why not just teach a class that studies drug addiction in a thoughtful and intellectual way? Let the students inject with crack or morphine each night as “homework” so they have a basis for class discussion the next day. How about gambling? Alcoholism? Let them get college credit for practicing every vice until they find the one that hooks ’em.

  • lucky gmail

    Call that class what it really is………….”Rape-Prep 101″

  • GodProtectAmerica

    Isn’t Porn what Married Couples Do?

  • SurfinUSA

    This reminds me that during the Financial Meltdown in 2008 that several of our “top” regulators in the Securities and Exchange Commission watched 10-12 hours of pornography a day, using government money to pay for “web cam girs” and memberships into porn websites.

    ABC News reported “31 serious offenders over the past two and a half years. Seventeen of the offenders were senior SEC officers with salaries ranging from
    $100,000 to $222,000 per year
    . Google abc news april 22 2010 porn to link to the story.

    If big shot government workers can fiddle (with themselves) while Rome burns (financial crisis), then why get flummoxed when college students are taught how to get their ya-ya’s on line?

  • cpnblack

    why not a course on homemade bombs, you know something usefull

  • telman

    I am a janitor and to compare my occupation with these professers is an insult to all hard working men and women of this country.

  • gannamede

    Most of the kids I know would be bored to death. Kinda like teaching an arsonist how to strike a match!

  • Squirrell

    I think this class is a mandatory pre-requisite for obtaining a job at the SEC

  • Im_Rick_James

    And college kids wonder why they can’t find jobs when they graduate…

  • Ann_Banisher

    “Assignments include journals, a research paper, and a final exam, Schwyzer explained.”

    Journal: Document how many times you beat the bishop while watching ‘Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody’

    Research Paper: Orgies thru the ages: From Caligula to college girls.

    Final Exam: define DP, money shot, pearl necklace & dirt road and put them in a sentence.

    PS: A hand job, rim job or knob job will not prepare you for a real job!

  • jcd0101

    Put the muslims in charge of education..
    I like that idea..
    Somehow i think all of these gay. bisexual, lesbian and transgendered
    Drug addicts who are teachers.. would sudendly find their heads rolling on the floor

  • Hindenburg

    What would be a GREAT course would be where they tell the TRUTH about what happens to the people who work in the industry – follow their lives and see the results, good and bad. I dare a professor or two to do the hard work to put that story together.

  • optamistt

    Parents pay the tuition for this liberal BS

  • Is there a lab with that class?

  • jcd0101

    Hey where do you think all the liberals learned to


    From liberals teaching how to screw each other
    and everything that crawls on the earth..

    This IS how bad ALL our colleges run by liberals are..
    Their sickening and i am GLAD i am one of the unwashed masses

  • Ricardo Queso

    Is it a Masturs Degree course?

    • No…it is a fishing study and you get a degree as a Bait Master.

      • Ann_Banisher

        I thought it just taught you how to be a master debater.

  • Voltair

    ….in the last days of the Roman Empire nothing came as a shock to Roman citizens…………sound familiar?

  • Hsialin

    This is what happens when you hire communists as “professors”.

  • Waialua70

    Just another sickening example. Last week it was the “stomp on Jesus” assignment at FAU — this week it’s porn. At midlife, I’m back in university finishing my degree. I specifically chose a reputable private Christian school. Hence, I don’t have to deal with this sort of secular progressive nonsense. “But I can’t afford a private university” some will argue — here’s the thing — neither can I. But there is no way I would last in the cesspools known as public universities. Good grief!

  • Near as I’ve been able to determine Porn is not really learning about SEX, but simply exploiting perversion…………. Your own intersts insuch things dipict your own perversion or your almost matching version of an already known perversion. Yes, it is not perversion when you and your wife or husband are doing it together, but whenit is you and someone else who is essentially a stranger. It is perversion.
    Oh, and because I put judgement on it; my thought is niot valid???? Understand that poorly acted Porn is essentially carrying judgement upon itself with it.

  • mark

    They should hire Professor Ron Jeremy.

  • “We..are…the ninety-nine percent!!!”

  • albundy57

    Instead of cutting sports programs, how about the firing some faculty and administrators that think this sh*t is worth studying in college.

  • Lorinda

    I wonder if they are telling the students that if the feds catch anyone watching underage porn on the internet, they will be sentenced to a minimum of 5 years in federal prison.

  • tkdblkblt

    And college grads can’t figure out why they can’t find jobs

  • Paladin

    Would any co-ed course takers be interested in learning how to play carnival?? She sits on your face while you guess her weight.

  • I’ve got to remember the name of this college when applicants for job come to me and have this college on their resume..

  • I always wondered what kind of jobs the grade school perverts would get who got a kick out of flashing naked pictures of their mother or sister. Just could not imagine then who would hire them. Go figure.

  • Sonny8

    And we wonder why the cost of a college education is spiralling out of control.

  • spitfire1938

    Actually folks, just ‘look’ at EVERYTHING being orchestrated around the world and realize this “Porno Class” is but a fragment in “Their” (insert your “villain” here) overall plan to establish global tyranny by ENDING Capitalism and Western Society. We don’t even know who’s pulling the strings, but… this is not serendipitous! As ‘they’ tighten the ‘noose’ of “induced Chaos”, Countries around the world will begin, and soon, going “DARK”!

  • samazf

    Heaven forbid they teach anything that helps someone get a job.

  • naprivate

    ok. THE obvious question. How can one “learn” from porn homework, while otherwise occupied, both manually and mentally by that “area” diverting the brain’s blood supply.
    A bird in the Hand….

  • xsnake

    America IS pornography…..thank you, democrats.

  • TahoeGuy

    There is no legitimate reason to offer such a course. If one wants to understand this subject more I believe they should be looking towards psychologypsychiatry to understand the various ways people are broken today.

    This teacher is a joke and should be let go. The people that allow him to spread his nonsense and discredit the school and education system should be fired.

    What does one say when they want to transfer porn101 to a legitimate school?

    Doesn’t having something like this on your transcript pretty much state that your education is a fraud?

  • Cincinnatus

    It appears to be just another Marxst professor trolling for impressionable students to satisfy his own pornographic “cues.”

  • dalen

    i think this is perfectly legitimate. as an intellectual, you do not want to exclude from your inquiry such a big cultural phenomenon. why do people shy away from studying sex, or this phenomenon of the popularity of porn in american culture? shed light on the issue! study it, i say!

  • xbabyxbluesxxx

    The ignorance in these comments is absolutely unreal. I have been in the adult entertainment industry for over 2 years now. I star in the some of the videos that you watch in the privacy of your own home. Some of you are so quick to judge this class by commenting about it here and then most likely going about your day. You are temporarily outraged and then forget about it in a couple hours or maybe discuss/joke about it in the break room at work. I have to point out that working in the adult industry pays incredibly well. In fact, I am paying my way through college (business law), with no financial assistance, have no debt, have my own car, home, health insurance, donate to multiple charities, can afford to help out my family, etc. Sure, it isn’t a typical job. However, don’t knock something that you are most likely jacking off to in secret, or, let me guess, you are too good for that? Not to mention, I do the same thing that most people do in their own lives, I just get paid for it.

  • Robert Martin

    This is a joke………right? At the college level this must be an in depth study.

  • philosophe22

    Betcha he doesn’t teach them about porn addiction or porn-related ED.

  • Jenlazow

    How can we take these institutions seriously. We are currently looking at schools for my son. Any school that offers Women’s Studies, LGBT studies etc are off the list, just are not serious institutions in my mind.

  • Will

    “Non-judgmental” sure. I’d put good money on this being taught from some femi-nazi viewpoint with half the class being how “oppressed” women are by it and the other half will focus on the tiny amount of violent or weird porn rather than the reality of bleach blondes with too much plastic surgery with some fratboy looking dude.

  • Yasha Renner

    Civilization is doomed.