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Environmentalist Professors Engage In Book Burning

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and such is certainly the case coming out of San Jose State University, where two environmentalist professors took a match to an anti-global warming book – plus a photo of their little exercise – leaving an image that clearly illustrates the state of science-based academic freedom on college campuses nationwide.

The image appeared on the university’s official Department of Meteorology and Climate Science webpage, no less.

The academics who took flame to page are Dr. Alison Bridger, chairwoman of the university’s meteorology department, as well as Assistant Professor Craig Clements. The offending book? The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania.

The educators wrote in a cutline under their picture that they’re testing the flammability of the book.

After a screenshot of the image recently made it onto the popular “wattsupwiththat” global warming and climate change website under the headline “San Jose State University Meteorology decides burning books they don’t agree with is better than reading them,” the picture and post were removed from the university’s website.

Anthony Watts, who posted the image on wattsupwiththat, made sure to save screenshots, and rightly noted:

“From the Fahrenheit 451 department comes this indictment of California’s higher education’s “tolerance” for opposing views. When I first got the tip on this, I thought to myself “nobody can be this stupid to photograph themselves doing this” but, here they are, right from the San Jose State University Meteorology Department web page …”

The offending book, with a tagline “climate change is natural, cars are innocent,” was published in August and is heralded by the nonprofit Heartland Institute, which sent the professors a copy of it in April, according to the professors’ cutline under their photo.

So what got these scientists all riled up?

Information on the Heartland’s website describes why some in the academe may take offense to the book:

If you accept the dogma of Climatism, greenhouse gases from industry are causing catastrophic global warming. Melting ice caps, rising oceans, stronger hurricanes and storms, droughts and floods, species extinction, polar bear starvation, heat waves, disease, ocean acidification, and air pollution are all a result of man-made climate change, according to experts.  As a result, we must curb our evil carbon-emitting ways.  The proposed remedies by Climatists are many and cover all parts of our society:

… If you’re an educator, teach your students that “if you change light bulbs, you can save polar bears.” Wind and solar are good, while coal and oil are bad. Teach them that we’re running out of natural resources, overpopulating the Earth, and must change our ways if we’re to save the planet.

If you’re a college science Ph.D. candidate, better choose the road of Climatism.  Acceptance of the theory of man-made global warming means research contracts, peer acceptance, tenure, wealth and fame.  The alternative road of climate skepticism offers only ridicule, poverty, and failure. …

In effect, the book spells out the state of climate studies in higher education, and clearly these two San Jose State University professors don’t appreciate its message.

The real tragedy here is, instead of giving the book a well-meaning read, they dismiss it out of hand. Instead of offering students two sides of the story, they only give them one.

It’s not a stretch to assume that other academics the Heartland Institute sent the book to undertook similar measures (e.g. the trash can). You can bet it wasn’t donated to the campus library.

This should be taken seriously, folks, because students who study climate data under devout Global Warmers are ultimately the scientists who come up with data that influences the media and Congress to create onerous business regulations that ultimately hurt your pocketbook and the nation’s economy.

Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix.

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IMAGE: H/T wattsupwiththat

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  • TraderJo

    Those professors would be right at home with what was happening years ago in the German Reich
    And therefore, they should be reassigned to duties where their intelligence is more suited: like cleaning toilets.

    • TyS

      birds of a feather…

      Leftism and totalitarianism and intrinsically linked.

  • Laurel

    I guess they weren’t worried about their carbon footprint when they burned that book. So what’s next? Are they gonna hog tie women and toss them in rivers to see if they float?!

  • scrubjay

    Tyrants can’t argue effectively and convincingly against criticism. Their only remaining option is to silence their opposition. Here is another photo of Dr. Alison Bridger and Assistant Professor Craig Clements.

  • potvin

    The Nazis would be so proud!

    • John Wright

      I invoke godwin’s law.
      Did they actually burn it, or were they trying to make a point albeit with pretty poor judgement?

  • Absolutely Wonderful… but perhaps a bit too bold for RW media filters… What better way to signal silly students to the promise/challenge of serious science.

  • Nick

    Our scientists forget that the whole purpose of science is in effect discovery and open discussion of all views, outcomes and real data. Environmental science has been turned into a troupe of extremist who rely on feelings and one sided fixed data instead of facts. So we have to listen to their babble, but opposing views have to be burned? What’s the real lesson their teaching our future? This is right and you should be a pompous ass about it!

  • rich__b

    Ironically most Meteorologists don’t buy into “man made” global warming. Funny how you never hear that.

  • E Morgan Schuster

    It’s not about science. It is a fanatical religious cult trying to use consensus as a substitute for science, coercion for information gate keeping, and proprietary models adjusted to take cherry picked, weighted, and smoothed data inputs, while outputting forecasts that support their claims. Claims that embody the thermodynamic impossibility of variations in the Sun’s output affecting every planet but our own – because “only a denier could be stupid enough to believe that most of our heat comes from the Sun.” And, not knowing that at one time, the Earths atmosphere was approx. 70% Nitrogen and 28% CO2. Not one of these twits can tell you where the CO2 went even if they knew because it goes against the “fact” that CO2 accumulates. Not to mention the awful tipping point we never experienced at CO2 levels much higher than today.

    But, like cult members, they’re egos prevent presenting them with any information as they are too busy shaming all the Polar Bear killers – a mental image to laugh at while watching a youtube video of a Polar Bear pulling a Beluga Whale out through a hole in the ice for dinner. That’s pretty tough.

    Generally speaking, it’s the fake liberals that get all Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs over the lamest science since eugenics.

    And it all fits. Hitler was an animal lover. Passed all kinds of animal protection laws, He was a National Socialist and a Zionist…same thing. I hate to break it to you Democrats but, Hitler was a lefty. A Liberal. So, stop referring to Neocons as Nazis. Neocons are Trotskyites. Yes. They are Lefties, too. Socialists love mass killing when they take over – Liberals programmed to reduce population to save the planet. Major funding for AGW propaganda comes from Socialist/Zionist Rothschild’s whose banks finance both sides of all wars for profit and population reduction. And their Rockefeller buddies financed eugenics here and Germany.

    The bottom line for all you Eco-fascists and fake liberals…you support all the agendas that enrich the richest part of the 1%. And, now that your guy is a war criminal, too…there’s just no moral high ground where you’re standing.

  • So it seems Climate Change environmentalism is in the same category as believing in god, including a religion invented by a rebel Jewish hippy named Jesus Christ and which is intolerant of any other religion and in places like the USA, almost — almost — demands that followers, led by bodies like Fox News, of any other religion especially Islam be cast out of the country or slaughtered, whichever is cheaper.

    As for the book burning, those dumb-ass professional academics should be fired for stupidity, intolerance, and breeding hate against those who do not follow their belief. It is only just.

    • Eloi

      What is like to live with your own completely fabricated myth regarding the beliefs and activities of Christianity and Fox News? Is it easier to believe your own dishonesty is actually honesty than it is to believe in God?

      • peter C

        Rudy..Go Fahk Yourself you Anti-Christ Low Info Liberal”Useful Idiot” PUNK!

  • Are Dr. Alison Bridger and Assistant Professor Craig Clements both flaming idiots/liberals?

    You should not start afire in an enclosed area such as an office

    • TyS

      Hey – never interrupt the enemy when they are making a mistake.

      I’d rather the article have read, “Radical Environmentalists found asphyxiated to death in office after attempting to burn books.”

  • TyS

    And they dare to question why we compare them to Nazis?