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Naval Academy Marred by Shocking Sexual Assault Allegations

The Washington Post reports:

The mother of a woman who says she was raped by three U.S. Naval Academy football players accused the institution Saturday of not taking the case seriously or doing enough to protect her daughter.

The mother said her daughter, a third-year midshipman, has been seeing a counselor off-campus once a week and has become introverted and reclusive since the alleged attack last spring. The mother requested anonymity to protect her daughter’s identity. The Washington Post’s policy is not to name the victims of sexual crimes.

“It’s like, to the academy, it never happened, and it was all brushed away,” the mother said in an interview…

Word about the incident reportedly spread through the academy after a raucous off-campus house party in April 2012, when the woman was allegedly attacked. Her attorney, Susan Burke, said the woman had been drinking heavily before the party and blacked out after arriving. Later, she learned through friends and social media that three football players claimed to have had sex with her that night.

Read the full story here.

This sort of thing is all too common on our campuses, where alcohol abuse and sexual assault seem to go hand in hand. And, all to often, sadly, justice goes undone.

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  • c w

    So is she upset that she was raped and there is proof, or is she upset that she has no idea if she was raped, but folks said they might have had some sort of sexual contact with her? Drunk guys tend to not use condoms, so evidence should have been plentiful. It appears that lots of folks were around, so eye witnesses of drunk guys, should be plentiful. One thing guys do know is this, if you have consensual sex with a woman, even if at the time she was willing and happy and consented and maybe even led the parade, all it takes is some pms 6 weeks later to help her change her mind, and all of the prerequisites obeyed by the man, get thrown out, and he gets charged. As Socrates said- To have horsemanship, you must have horses- To have rapists, you have to have had a rape. This seems to be the problem for her.

    • Clayton Cramer

      There are some advantages to only having sex with someone with whom the relationship is long-term, committed, and serious. You have just identified one of the disadvantages of when you have sex as meaningful as blowing your nose.