Dept. of Education Launches Investigation into Alleged UNC Sexual Assault Case

by College Fix Staff on July 10, 2013

University of North Carolina student Lauren Gambill says her school retaliated against her after she spoke publicly about an alleged rape:

The government is already investigating that complaint, made in January, as well as the university’s reporting of sexual assaults under federal law governing campus crime statistics.

The Office for Civil Rights has said it would open a third probe, focused on Gambill’s allegation of retaliation. Gambill, who accused a fellow student of sexual assault, spoke out at rallies about the alleged rape and the university’s handling of her case. She was later charged with an honor court offense for intimidating the accused student, whom she did not name but identified as a former boyfriend.

The male student was found not guilty of sexual misconduct in a 2012 campus judicial hearing but was found responsible for verbal harassment of Gambill.

The student honor court action against Gambill, which could have led to her expulsion, prompted outrage against the university after widespread media attention…

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