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Controversial Student Sex Worshop Returns To Catholic University

Marquette University, a Catholic university in Milwaukee, Wis., has put out the welcome mat this semester for the controversial weekly student workshop FemSex that aims to teach “what it means to take ownership of one’s own sexuality, body, pleasure, language, and education,” reports the Marquette Tribune.

FemSex discussion groups can be found at many big name universities, including UC Berkeley, Brown and Columbia. According to a description of FemSex discussions on the Cornell University website, talks can delve into: “anatomy and physiology, cultural influences on sexuality, body image, STIs and safer sex, reproductive choices, solo sex, partner sex and relationships, gender identity, orgasms and inhibitors to orgasms, pornography, kink sex practices, BDSM, and more.”

The Marquette Tribune reports that:

FemSex raised controversy last winter after some Marquette donors, faculty and alumni asked University President the Rev. Scott Pilarz why it was allowed on campus, wondering if the workshop’s content was appropriate for a Catholic and Jesuit university. … (The program’s creators) said they believe FemSex is not at odds with Catholic views.

“FemSex does not push any ideology, teach or impart any prescribed concepts, generalize experiences, make prescriptions, or advocate a particular philosophy or morality,” (they) said in a joint statement. “FemSex grapples with issues core to our humanity that are too often shamed, silenced, and ignored, often to the detriment of individuals and communities.” …

Despite its rough history at Marquette, (one co-creator) said she still sees FemSex as beneficial to students.

“FemSex empowers (participants) to understand, respect, and appreciate their own sexuality, and use it in just and healthy ways,” she said. “The venue it creates helps foster a more inclusive, respectful and intellectually curious environment on campus.”

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  • Cyberguy64

    Exactly. We need to be discerning, not judgemental.

    Of course, in this day and age, trying to discern good from bad, best from better, or even bad from worst will get you frowned upon at best, and openly attacked at worst.

  • DefinitelyOnTheWay

    …I’m sure you won’t mind then when, based on this post, you’re stereotyped as a terrible and virtually unemployable racist for the rest of your career. Because, you know, 90% of people who write horribly racist essays and post them publicly are in fact horribly racist. I’m not judging or anything. It’s just a fact.

  • itsarealconundrum

    Yeah, you definitely understand the plight of black Americans, having experienced the shameful and embarrassing stereotype of “maybe he can’t use chopsticks.” Preach it, brother!

    And I can’t believe nobody ever thought to just tell young black men, still struggling after centuries of oppression, and caught in a cycle of poverty (for which you managed to point out symptoms and ignore root causes, as though more blacks are in jail just because they’re naturally criminals), “hey–don’t shoot that other guy.” I’m sure you’ll be hearing from the Norwegian Nobel Committee shortly.