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Texas Professor Calls Sen. Ted Cruz An ‘Idiot’ Over Filibuster

Texas A&M University Professor Danny Yeager on Tuesday called Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) an “idiot” and an obstructionist, describing the lawmaker’s filibuster as “ridiculous.”

“I think Ted Cruz is an idiot,” Yeager, a chemistry professor and advisor to the Texas Aggie Democrats, told The Battalion campus newspaper  “The legislation was passed four years ago with a large majority. He is obstructing what’s going on in the Senate and the will of the people.”

“We should not be having a filibuster where the majority obviously favors what’s going on in terms of the [Affordable Care Act], and it should not be subjected to a filibuster where one senator who is way out of the mainstream of American politics can stop what’s being done,” Yeager added. “It’s totally ridiculous.”

Not to be outdone, the group Yeager advises – the Texas Aggie Democrats – chipped in with their own statement that Cruz is just grandstanding:

“Due to this filibuster’s inability to impact legislation, it is apparent that Senator Ted Cruz is using his elected position to stand in the national spotlight in order to further his own personal and political agenda. The senator is showing a supreme lack of consideration for his constituents and his actions are embarrassing to Texans.”

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  • Dantes

    Cruz must be worrying the dimocrats.

    • rocketride

      He sure as hell is scaring the crap out of the dhimmicrats.

  • kuddels

    The Democrats have good reason to be worried. They jammed an unpopular measure through Congress using bribes and improper procedure when a solid majority of Americans disapproved of it then as now. The media will have to lie and spin pretty bad to cover up the fact that this is aimed at stopping ObamaCare. This is the kind of thing that cuts through the Dems’ media shield.

  • Henry Lipshitz

    He is entitled to his opinion even if it is not worth anything. Who really cares what he thinks. Go back to your lab.

  • hello

    I agree with the professor and look forward to the continued implementation of Obamacare.

    It’s crazy to think that before Obamacare, my daughter who was born with a congenital heart defect would not have been able to purchase most private insurance.

    It’s as if she had won the lottery, but in reverse; something that could have happened to anyone in this society had then put her at a disadvantage for her entire life.

    Shouldn’t we be pooling these risks we all face more efficiently? Rather than having private insurers chose the most profitable patients and leaving the rest to fend for themselves.

    Just my opinion.

    • Intelligence

      The Affordable Care Act or more commonly known as Obamacare is unconstitutional. It takes away your free choice to choose whether to have health insurance or not (btw health insurance is not a right) it was passed by people that didn’t read it and the country cannot afford it. If you think of the concept of insurance it is to cover an expense that you do not plan on having happen in the first place or to make it simpler the expense has to have a low probability of occurring in the first place. Why would an insurance company insure you if they knew you would have problems and they would HAVE to pay the bill (it would be a lose lose for them).

      Take for example auto insurance: say 100 people pay/pool their money (a premium) into an auto insurance company for coverage of say (liability/collision) because the auto insurance company knows that the probability of a collision occurring within the group of 100 people is not very high so they will cover it. But it wouldn’t make any sense for the insurance company to say they will cover oil changes and flat tires because the probability of those occurring are so much higher it is a guarantee that they will have to cover an incident like that for all 100 people in the group (and will go broke in the process) because an affordable premium will not cover all of those expenses tallied up over time to pay for such a common occurrence. The only way to be able to afford a large scale incident such as a collision is to not cover something that they know will occur at a high rate in the first place.

      It is just my opinion that health insurance is not a right but a choice to have. While it is a very difficult dilemma to face I am a supporter for global justice and if given the chance I think the free market could develop some solutions to the problem itself and allow more options for people with pre-existing conditions.

  • Tom Blackmon

    That professor needs to pay more attention to the education of the students at TX A&M than professing his leftoid leanings….

  • Dai Lee

    The duo Cruz-Rubio will guarantee
    the continuity of Latin-American countries’ political traditions. This
    means a culture of egotistical and corrupted politicians whose only pursuit is
    their own interests over their countries’.
    Watch Cruz’s eyes spark with pleasure on the Senate floor.

    Top that with their
    perception of women. We are not talking
    about hispanic men believing in traditional values and the integrity of the
    family. We are talking about their
    perception of women as mentally incapable and the feeling of worthlessness when
    having a boss who is a woman.

    These cultural influences
    are still very strong since these men have not been in USA for many