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‘Black Santa’ Campus Display Prompts Controversy

A “Can Santa Be A Black Man?” bulletin display was removed from Indiana University this week after student complaints over it blew up via social media outlets.

The billboard included a colorful paper cutout of a black Santa playing a saxophone with questions posted in red and green paper stockings alongside that questioned “If Santa Claus is a black man, wouldn’t all the presents be stolen” and “If Santa Claus is a black man, wouldn’t he only visit the ghetto,” according to the Indiana Daily Student newspaper.

The NBC affiliate WTHR reported another question posed to students was: “If Santa is a black man, would you let him come down your chimney?”

Students were encouraged to write their responses to the questions.

Mark Land, the university’s associate vice president of public affairs and government relations, told the Indiana Daily Student that the display was “created to provoke a discussion about racial stereotyping. … The idea was good — the intent to create a forum for discussion — but the execution was off the mark.”


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  • mohammad.felafal

    As long as the students are required to dress in drag and post selfies on twitter, i think its fine.

    Maybe one of these days these liberal institutions will put as much effort into courses on history, the constitution, fiscal responsibility, and american values as the do on how much duct tape a drag queen needs to use to fake a cameltoe.

  • ayatollyahso

    Absurd.As if “pop” television wasn’t a vacuous enough time waster. This liberal idiot is going to use it as a reference to wax poetic about “feminism”.

    The further trashing of society under the liberals. Paid for by govt backed student loans no-doubt .
    More proof: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Warren Wilson

    “Fundamentals of Queer Theory”?
    That’s so gay.