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California Public University Pays Employees To Learn Spanish

UCLA will foot the bill for its employees to learn to speak Spanish under a new program launched this month at the Southern California-based public university.

Employees can take the class during working hours as well as get the cost of the Spanish course – $177 – reimbursed by their department budgets, campus officials told The College Fix.

“It is important as a university and employer that we are on the cutting edge providing our staff with the necessary tools needed to meet the future,” Lee Walton, a UCLA diversity coordinator, said in an email to The College Fix. “The exciting opportunity for a staff employee to learn a language during working hours is priceless.”

The new class, offered by UCLA’s Staff Diversity and Compliance Office, is an expansion of its 10-year-old Spanish as a Second Language program.

“For the past nine years, 124 UCLA staff — from shuttle bus drivers to janitorial supervisors and department managers — have completed the basic ‘Spanish as a Second Language’ course,” UCLA Today stated. “The program began as a pilot project to enhance the cultural awareness of managers, especially those who led ethnically diverse staff members.”

According to campus officials, the program has allowed managers “to speak Spanish with their staff members” and they “have noticed improved morale in the workplace.”

“Managers start to see things differently,” Spanish teacher Susana Zarate told UCLA Today. “As they work hard to learn Spanish, they begin to understand what it’s like for their staff members to learn English.”

Under the program’s expansion, the class will now be open to staff and managers from departments campuswide – not just for “those who led ethnically diverse staff members.”

UCLA has about 21,757 full-time employees, and roughly 26 percent are Latino, according to Walton.

The new class has a capacity of 30, and it meets for 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from Feb. 18 through April 24. It includes basic vocabulary and grammar lessons on how to read and speak Spanish, as well as a cultural component.

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IMAGE: UCLA screenshot

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Jennifer Kabbany is editor of The College Fix. She previously worked as a daily newspaper reporter and columnist for a decade in Southern California, and prior to that held editorial positions at The Weekly Standard, Washington Times and FrontPageMagazine. She is also a Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship recipient and has contributed to National Review.

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  • Orson OLSON

    The Platonic ideal of the revealed Truth demands the elimination of “error” – such as all dissent from the new Gleichschaltung.

  • MarkJ

    “Sandra Y. L. Korn”. Hmmm, that’s an identifiably Jewish name.

    With this in mind, I propose Sandra Korn be forcibly made to tour both Auschwitz and the U.S. Holocaust Museum. I reckon these visits will change her current negative attitude toward academic freedom.

  • Mack

    This happens because your grandparents and parents voted for this sort of thing. You, of course, will be too busy to vote.

    • guest

      We don’t get to vote on things like this. The new politician’s mantra is “I have a pen I have a phone. I will do what I want, when I want.”

  • Karen Walker

    Last I heard UCLA was in America. Would it not be more beneficial for the Spanish speaking Californians to learn English! My grandparents came to America and the first thing they did was learn English. What has happened to America?

    • guest

      Extreme Liberalism, bordering now on Communism, happened to America.

      • rainesson

        Karen, You Heard Wrong. Nos perteneces, Gringo Lady. And we doan need no stinkin’ Inglish . . .

        • Mark 2112

          bang. one less intruder

          • Raydonn

            Good job Mark…..carry on, there’s lots more where that came from!

        • A_lawyer_who_knows

          Every tax dollar you’ve everpaid to the federal government could have been avoided had you just claimed to be an illegal (now perched on the brink of amnesty).

        • We need Spanish as well as English. Cuidado.

      • Hairymonster

        Don’t forget all of the Congressmen and Senators running around wring their hands and asking “what should we do, what should we do” I just don’t have a clue and I am a Millionaire.

        • Edward E

          Why is it that EVERY white country is forced to be multicultural/multiracial?

          Why is it that EVERY white country is told to end its own race/culture?

          No one asks that of -ANY- non-White country.

          Immigration/assimilation is FORCED upon ONLY White countries

          Anti-whites call themselves “anti-racists” but their actions lead to the elimination of only one race, the White race.

          The purpose of “anti-racism” is to genocide White children.

          Anti-racist is a code for anti-White

          • ghd

            Because dear sir – no one wants to immigrate to those other filthy, pointless crap heap countries. Unfortunately they are too stupid to understand what made this one different.

          • Raydonn

            “If the race is good, the place is good”

          • blight14

            Correct, truer words have never been spoken.

          • Raydonn

            Well stated Edward…..at some point, we’re going to have to ‘resist’ the forces of evil seeking to defile our nation(s).

          • blight14

            Indeed, the ‘sons and daughters of Marx’ comes to mind…….Hmmmm, sort of like the brain dead commie that postulated the foolishness in the article above.

          • GaryTruth

            After reading the same “anti-racist” is code for “anti-white.” It’s starting to sink in – it’s the delicious hypocrisy that keeps it interesting.

          • Juke Riffhammer

            What is a “white country”?

      • Iron Mike

        That is exactly what I was thinking. There is so much communism at universities these days. Communism doesn’t work and the knowledge it doesn’t work should be a requirement to get into a university. When I was a senior (high school), all Florida students had to take a course (one semester) called Americanism versus Communism.

        I think the worse thing about communism is total control of the media by the government (and we all know that doesn’t fair well for the citizens) and the TOTAL intolerance of any thinking outside the approved government agenda. There is nothing that will be presented to the public that won’t be totally controlled by the government. Unemployment numbers will go to zero (only non-communists will be unemployed)

        We are heading that way with this new FCC rule to place observers in the news rooms to try to control what is covered (the existing government definitely doesn’t unemployment in the news). The problem is the internet, and that will be hard to control under the present American system so I predict by the end of the year, for the good of the people (like in China), the internet will need to be controlled by these same FCC people!

        And do we really need elections. The next vote should be for our great leader to be President for Life.

        • darthangel

          Most self-styled “marxists” haven’t even read Marx.

          That’s why the idiots always say that Communism was just a flawed implementation of Marxism. If they actually bothered to read Marx they would see where he openly calls for despotic inroads against the property rights of the rural poor, who Marx believed were too stupid in comparison to the urban poor to know that communism was in their “best” interests. Marx literally called the rural life “idiotic.”

          Marx believed that all societies not based on an industrialized collective were “oppressive” and “dominating” (even those societies liberals love, like tribal cultures). Marx, being a product of the industrial era, thought that the new, mechanization of industry was the pinnacle of pre-communist civilization because industrialism gave urban workers a superior viewpoint to clearly see their oppression. But the important point is that Marx did not think industrialism was more oppressive than anything in the past, just that it was naked in its dominance, and so the workers could see their oppression more clearly. That is why Marxists hated rural cultures and traditional, non-industrial societies, because Marxists blindly believe these societies are just as “oppressive” but that the oppression is “hidden”

      • KCGranny

        And don’t forget multiculturism! that’s a cultural killer!

      • blight14

        Well, ‘Mizz Korn’ is related genetically to those who founded/practiced Communism so there shouldn’t be any surprise.

    • Mark Kittering

      correct…if you don’t learn English in America, you are doomed to be a complainer about income inequality…your upside without English is not very good.

    • Tim

      There’s a reason why re-arranging the letters in UCLA spells ACLU.

      • rennyangel2

        No words begin with an F?

    • pat roberts

      Minorities have taken over. Whites are now a minority in California. The next thing you’ll see is “microaggressions”. Every single person will be put on the edge for various kinds of microaggressions. It has already started at UCLA. Students thought they were victims of microaggression because a white professor corrected black students’ spelling in an essay they wrote (and supposedly, you are not supposed to correct spelling mistakes from black people – apparently it is offensive and racist). This was at UCLA. But this disease is starting to spread to other universities.

      • cranky_1970

        Minorities haven’t taken over: white leftists have taken over in their name. This has always been the strategy. Elect a new people on the bottom, so Brown, Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, & Co.can stay in control at the top.

        • dfh

          if only these useful idiots understood that – they’d beat down the real ones that are keeping them down… reminds me of the oldest trick in the book – commercial – looketh over there… a racist

      • StubbornlyRational

        Microaggression is the brainchild of one Derald Wing Sue, a total pinhead professor. The idea is completely circular. Anytime a minority member takes offense at something, it is allegedly because a “microagression” occurred. How do we recognize a microaggression? Because a minority member thinks he experienced it!! As idiotic as Derald Wing Sue is, he won several awards from the American Psychological Association (APA), which has long been taken over by political correctness. Of course, the fact that blacks murder “whites” at a rate vastly disproportional does not mean that whites can ever experience microaggression, let alone majorregression. Just ask Derald Wing Sue.

      • blight14

        If so, the outcome would look just like Haiti/Mozambique/Detroit……granted, they’re too stupid to realize it…..

      • When will it be realized that our universities are not about real learning and education but for the benefit of banks who make fortunes out of student loans when there are no jobs for graduates. A con job of huge proportions, while you all argue about communism, liberalism, racism, etc, they are pocketing your money.

        • John Gregor

          Right out of school, I had a copy of the Atlantic at work. Someone who had went to a private university and was the daughter of the corportate consul asked if they could read it too. They gave up, The artilces were too much for them to handle. A nieghbor who was a HS grad and felt bad about was eager alway to get my magazines when I was done. I wish I could have went to a place such as Swarthmore though. I used to live near there and often needed to walk though the campus.

    • Hawgz Wylde

      Viva Aztlan! Camino del Norte is what’s happened to America. Aided by the Fabian “world citizen” socialists…

    • Fred Tate

      Obama and the Democrats is what happened… Vote them ALL out

      • darthangel

        This has been a long time in the making. Obama is just a puppet. I don’t remember Bush ever taking a principled stand on immigration do you?

        I would rather see our factories rebuilt here than in Asia myself. Bush and Obama are all one to me.

    • jimcpo1968

      It’s gone Karen. We have turned this country over to special interest groups. I really don’t think there is any turning this around. I feel very sorry for my grandchildren, they will never know the greatness that was once the United States of America.

    • And all Americans might consider learning Spanish for starters.

      • Sam Spade

        Or German or Arabic or Chinese. But here, in the U.S., our national language is English. Make a serious attempt to learn it or brand yourself a tourist and get out when your visa’s up.

        • Standard American English is quite different from colloquial English. I rarely read anyone on comment boards who uses English correctly, so who is to model correct speech for foreigners. In my English classes I was the only one (in the beginning) that my Vietnamese students could understand. I told them to just model after me and they would learn to speak as correctly as they wrote it. My American students could neither speak, read, nor write it correctly. Hispanic immigrants come from mostly the lower unskilled working class which is why they do the work Americans don’t want to do. They have no incentive to learn to speak it well. They get by. They have no further aspirations, but their children often do. It was the same way with Italians when I was young. Now look. It will be the same with Hispanics.But they are not going to speak English with Whitey, so you will never know if they can or not. Cuidado.

          • Sam Spade

            My argument was not for a ‘correct’ English, but for English. Period.

            The purpose of any language is to communicate. Therefore, the correct form of any language is that form that provides the best communication. So your definition of ‘speaking it correctly’ would seem to be incorrect. If your American students could all understand each other and make themselves understood to all other English speakers, then they were speaking ‘correct’ English.

            By the way, since we are on an English blog, what does that funny word that you closed with mean? I looked it up in Websters English and couldn’t find it, so it fails the ‘make yourself clear’ test. Did you make it up?

          • Which one? Cuidado or ni hao ma?

          • Sam Spade

            All four words actually.

          • Cuidado is the warning on the yellow obstacle thing in every McDonalds. Spanish for caution.

            Ni hao ma +Hi you Ok? Chinese.

            Buon Giorno Italian for good day or hello

            And so on.

          • Cisco Kid

            Wat al yu ejdts takin abut? Ingris jest nuther dum lang fer de perpos du cumunikate. Dere ist no korect languge tak entwhare en de wurld. Zo wer al kan spik end wrete watevr ve wand. Da es Multiculturalism and Multilingualism.

            This is a sarcastic reply to people who say there is no correct English. Of course there are recognized levels of language in any country between educated, semi-educated, and uneducated persons. If a person wants a job in a certain field that person has to exhibit proper usage of that language. Correct language is taught in the education system of the country. It is called the Standard Language in all countries.

            How do I know that? I lived and traveled abroad for many years where foreigners wanted to learn Correct English, not just slang, in order to do business with English and not appear “ignorant or to immigrate to to USA and find a decent job here.
            Even in the UK there is Oxbridge English.
            Just because many Americans cannot use their own language correctly does not mean there is no proper language in the USA.

          • Cisco Kid

            My post was a general reply, not to you specifically. You stated that there was a Standard American English. I was talking to many people, not just you.

          • Cisco Kid

            And your suggestion that Americans learn other languages is apt. But immigrants who come to USA to live, work, and become citizen MUST learn English (because it is the national language – unofficially, except for some states).

    • YOur grandparents? That was a long time ago. When I was young. Yes it’s a different America. Do I like it? Some of it.

  • snapperman

    How about everyone else learn English?

    • larryl212

      What are you? A racist or something… (-: PS: Your comment screams common sense… and if you haven’t noticed… common sense has left the room long ago… RIP America.

    • Spasmolytic

      Learning English benefits immigrants because it enables them to better assimilate to our culture.

      • FL_Stingray

        Assimilate nothing. That is the furthest thing on their minds.
        Reconquer is more like it

        • Hairymonster

          Don’t forget that they come in droves to get all of the free stuff, food stamps, telephone, health insurance, unemployment, green card and the list is a lot larger than I can list.

          • Actually the ones I see here in the Ozarks are the only hard working ones. I hope you can correct me.

      • Who wants to assimilate to this mess of violence, stupidity, and a lying govt.

    • Why is it always posed in tabloid talk as either/or. Why not both / and. If more Americans learned Spanish then more Hispanics would want to learn English. And yes we should all be learning Chinese now. Ni hao ma? Bu hao.

  • Luke

    …and the politically-assited invasion and cowtowing to illegals continues…
    Hey, here’s an idea, Susana Zarate, if you are so hung up on forcing people to learn Spanish so that “…they begin to understand what it is like for their staff members to learn English,” then perhaps you should starve them for a few days to get them to understand how America’s homeless feel? I think that’s way more important than making sure illegals ‘feel comfortable’ in this country, don’t you think?

    • dhfgh


  • Steve

    Only 30% of UCLA is even caucasian.

  • another_engineer

    How about we simply deport illegals ?

    • Kathleen3

      We could start by paying UCLA staff $177 each to report an illegal alien living off the American taxpayers vs paying for the staff to learn the language of people who invaded this country.

    • Ratt Stone

      Although I gave you a thumbs up, we both know California is a Sanctuary State, and besides, the California Democrat Party needs those votes.

    • pat roberts

      “simply” is the keyword here. It SHOULD be simple to deport them. But politicians are making it hugely complicated.

      • Hairymonster

        Mr Reed and Mr Durban come to mind.

  • David Wilkinson

    This follows the mantra for the Pajama Boy archetype: “we need to make sure the message is the correct message (which we will decide)”, coming to a newsroom near you courtesy of the FCC.

  • barbara

    My sister is a teacher in Texas and there are many parts of Texas where you can not get a teaching job unless your are bi-lingual….. and I mean fluently bi-lingual.

  • barbara

    How about teaching the Spanish speaking employees to learn English?

  • The Goblin King

    I wouldn’t learn Spanish even if they did pay me. This is America, where the national language is, that’s right people, English. So, if you want to speak Spanish go right ahead, you have that right, and I have a right to ignore every word that comes out of your mouth.

  • Oren

    UCLA? Unlearned Club of Latin America? That one? They’re doing no one a favor on this one.

  • Oren

    UCLA? Unlearned Club of Latin America? That one?

  • patriot2947

    There’s not enough money in the world to teach me Spanish. I absolutely refuse. Let the influx learn English. My response to anyone who attempts to converse with me in Spanish is, WHAT?, WHAT?, WHAT?…….

    • Hairymonster

      Had one come to the door the other, not a single word in English came out of his mouth but he knew how to hold out his hand and make a motion toward his that he was hungry. Showed him my shot gun standing in the corner by my front door and he left without another mumble from him. It will happen the next time too.

  • daj7l2q

    Los reconquiistadors!


    But if you try to make Spanish-speakers learn English, it’s racist…

  • maddermusic

    The one thing about this birdbrained nonsense that really bothers me is that its author is a senior. Is it possible to get most of a Harvard education, and come away opposed to the most basic principles of intellectual freedom? Bad news for Harvard, and for America, if this is what she’s learned.

  • MarlagoFS35

    Continued pandering to these Latino’s will fracture this country even more.

  • Spasmolytic

    Immigrants should be assimilating to us, not the other way around. Europeans made sure they learned English when they came to Ellis Island.

  • Odummyinthief

    Do these poo-faced, self-loathing, closet racist, over educated yet still uneducated, pseudo-suit dummies really need to learn Spanish to tell Jorge that the bathroom toilet seat is covered in lib droppings. Come on now.

  • azdiamondbax

    ‘Cutting-edge’….yep. Translation: we got tired of all the Third World latinos refusing to learn English we had to give in just to save them from themselves.

  • Frederick Stanley

    Hey, New-pile-of-guano! (Napalitano) I know Washington’s “promotion” put you as president of California’s universities, but, …didn’t anyone EVER tell you? ENGLISH is the language of America!
    The borders still aren’t secure, either, you liberal, lying sack of trash.
    Maybe Californians will see through your rhetoric and deliver a well-needed pink slip to your inbox. You don’t deserve the money, or the position, that you’ve been given!

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    Gee, I can’t figure out why it costs so much to not teach kids to read. Our education system has as its core mission diversity of sexual preference and race. They spend more on that core mission than they do on education.

  • Kathleen3

    One could argue UCLA is guilty of violating federal law by aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Tax payers absolutely could argue against the use of their monies being used to further enable one ethnic group from assimilating.

    • dh

      yes why is a state allowed to establish a “sanctuary city” in violation of Federal law but can’t decide for themselves to segregate, not change their marriage laws etc.?


    Under liberal direction, the USA is the only country in the world to bend over to accommodate invaders from other countries in dozens of different foreign languages. Stupid is as democrat does.

    • stanford67

      In the future, every observation, each person’s comment will have the same number of ‘up’ votes as every other person’s. And just as it stands now, no ‘down’ votes will exist.

  • Curmudgeon10

    Drip by drip, California is surrendering its sovereignty. In less than 20 years, the southern half will be annexed to Mexico, if not in law, in fact. Its quite well along now.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    On the brightside, they at least are not wasting tax dollars making them learn to read cursive, so they got that going for them, which is nice.

  • FL_Stingray

    Goes to show the rest of us how turned around California is.
    Instead, teach English

  • rennyangel2

    BS and DRIVEL. If the hires don’t speak Eng., don’t hire them. If the students don’t speak Eng., don;t admit them. Then morale will really be boosted.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    “The exciting opportunity for a staff employee to learn a language during working hours is priceless.”

    It would be if they were learning English, or was choice not available?

  • garretso

    If it were up to me, the Spanish speaking Californians would be forced to learn Mandarin Chinese. This would better prepare them for the future when are national debt comes due.

    • dh

      reverse cultural cloward-piven – overload the liberal elitist system by encouraging every minority to claim victimhood – why is a black more entitled than a Vietnamese person, or a Czech or a Polish immigrant… everyone whine all at once and they’ll fall apart – the problem right now is they pander to the few that have no scruples or potential – but if all the others cry out for their “fair” share and equal standing in being pandered to I tell you what will happen… the blacks and Hispanics will riot because they aren’t being coddled anymore. How do they feel good about themselves knowing they are admitting they are inferior by leeching off another “race”?

      • stanford67

        There is no such thing as shame, or a desire to better one’s self any more. It is a world without consequences. There was a comic once who knew the root of the world’s problem. No, not that twenty-seven years olds are knuckleheads (dancing on barstools). It’s the problem with today’s kids. They’re too young.

  • Who you calling Gringo!?

    I backpacked extensively from Argentina to Mexico over the course of 18 months between 2008-2010. You cannot realistically expect to find good help in English ANYWHERE you go, even in the comparatively wealthier countries like Chile or Uruguay.

    By comparison, the United States literally cowers to the Spanish-speaking minority like an almighty Emperor, even though a native speaker of Spanish has FAR MORE to gain from learning English in regards to their life prospects, versus the other way around.

    Either we are just far more business oriented than Latin Americans (seeing missing out on the 15% latino market as missing out on 15% of sales pitches) or we have just lost all backbone in this country to maintain and emphasis ENGLISH as our language.

  • TheFallofAmerica

    On average Illegal Alien murder 12 American citizens every day. They also kill 13 Americans a day while driving illegally.This occurs 7 days a week,365 days a year. That is over 7500 Americans killed by illegal aliens Every Year.

  • jjr5268

    So the sanctuary state is now working to change the customary US language to fit the many millions of illegals welcomed there. Those crazy libs again.

  • Hannon

    How about they spend the money to teach them the US Constitution?

  • nocoteabagger

    They could save a lot of money by just hiring illegals aliens from south of the border. They would not have to learn Spanish, and they will work for less money. And, lest we forget, English is the language of imperialism, and as such really has no place in the respected halls of UCLA.

    • stanford67

      When will the state of California declare bankruptcy, to be bailed out by the fiscally prudent people of Indiana? Hoosiers paying for the handouts given by American politicians to the deserving people who left their homes in Mexico to populate North America.

  • fedup

    California is long past promoting English in the schools. I work in a major international corporation where people who were born in America and speak perfect English, converse with each other in Spanish…right in front of non-Spanish speaking fellow employees. It’s rude and unprofessional. I think they need sensitivity training, not to mention a kick in the pants. I would never complain about this for obvious reasons. But I’m sick at heart what this means for our country. .

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion into a bizarre alternate universe where spoken and written proficiency in the English language is a vice and refusing to learn the native tongue is a virtue. We’re heading north along a highway not found on any map, passing one sign with the words ‘Adiós, México’ and approaching another that reads ‘INTERNATIONAL BORDER – Welcome to the United States of The Twilight Zone’.”

  • John Ansell

    “It is important as a university and employer that we are on the cutting edge providing our staff with the necessary tools needed to meet the future,”
    That quote sums it all up. California will be Mexico “in the future”.

  • Ben Ghazi

    True story. While stationed in California in the Navy, I volunteered to tutor at a local grade school. My assigned task was to assist the lone anglo student who was falling behind because she did not speak spanish.

    • John Ansell

      Not a “true” story, but a “SAD” story. Thank you for your service.

  • Bobby Jo

    Not a big deal. I am sure none of the Europeans learned the languages of American Indians. i suppose this is the karma train coming back around

    • stanford67

      One vote down.

  • seanster5977

    Politics aside, nice benefit to get. I mean it has become pretty difficult to communicate without knowing and speaking Spanish, and I live in Houston Texas. I am paying for it myself, and that is my personal project for 2014. It will be so nice to be able to speak in the native tongue of my chef when ordering sushi. No really, most of the sushi chefs in Houston are Hispanic. (IE… meaning from Spanish speaking background)

  • Rogettwo

    So they will ignore the other 149 languages?

    • stanford67

      Esperanto for everyone!!!

  • Lionel Albert

    California is beginning to resemble Quebec, ca. 1962. I suspect that it won’t be long before it is considered scandalous that some directors of major corporations based in California cannot even converse in Spanish.

  • Rogettwo

    Here is the website is you want to contact and ask them for the other 149 languages includes in this. https://diversity.ucla.edu/

  • StubbornlyRational

    I went to the UCLA website and saw no pictures of white people. You can see where this is headed.

  • 1uncle

    With demos in charge, we all will have to learn to Speak Spanish OR Chinese.

    • future is now

      Apparently everyone on Earth will be able to speak at least one of three language (English, Spanish, Chinese) by the year 2100 and 90% of languages in existence today will disappear.

      Spanish is expected to rule by default in the Western Hemisphere, but English and Portuguese will continue to have a very strong presence. (the overall hope is that everyone just becomes bilingual, with the Brazilians being able to speak all three).

      English will predominate without question in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and the South Pacific.

      Chinese will mainly become important in East Asia.

  • Julian Fries

    All part of the big stand-down of the United States.

    Roll out the red carpet for the third world cesspool to the south that’s doing nothing but exporting it’s poverty and uneducated to us.

    Believe me, here in California we have enough idiots and we can certainly make our own Mexicans.

    • stanford67

      The middle class in America is shrinking. The middle class in China is growing. Could China absorb some of the world’s less fortunate, now that China is one of the big boys in the United Nations? They can take the statue of Liberty off of America’s hands, to boot, for scrap.

  • tonyburke

    Your California tax dollars at work…

  • labillyboy

    Instead of encouraging illegals, we should be discouraging the use of Spanish in our society. What worked for the United States was legal immigration with immigrants who assimilated to our culture, they learned English, didn’t go on the dole and worked hard. If they went to school they paid for it themselves.

    Kalifornia is swirling the drain due to the parasitic infection of illegals… water shortages, the worst public schools in the country, over crowding, traffic, crime, graffiti… and the big cities take steps to encourage more illegal immigration.

    If the the state caught and deported the 10 million or so illegals, we would solve quite a few problems…

    If University employees want to learn to speak Spanish, they can do it on their own time and money… not on the taxpayer.

  • Testicules

    At what point does refusing to pay taxes become a civic duty?

  • duck

    lol….You have to love how California spends money on stupid projects as their water supply dries up….wow, excellent management governor Brown.

  • Testicules

    Sorry son, looks like you are not going to be able to go to college.

    Yes, I know you worked hard in school, and your mother and I paid taxes all our lives to help fund the college,

    But you see, some Illegal Alien, (who has never paid a penny in tax, nor has anyone in their family) “dreamed” of going to college, so, they are getting your seat, and will be taking the slot that would have gone to you.

    Perhaps you should see if you can learn Spanish, because that is now a requirement to get most construction jobs these days…

  • dh

    WTF? Aren’t they in school to learn? How is it they don’t know English yet get into a U.S. University?

  • E1462

    I’m glad there is so much aversion to learning another language in the USA. It only means more job opportunities for people who were clairvoyant enough to learn 2 languages. Thank you for making my CV more impressive!

  • Hector Henry

    A bright future for our Black children; said the Black Hero

    A bright future for our Asian children; said the Asian Hero

    A bright future for our White children; said the man locked up for Hate Speech

  • ElmoS

    Hell, I thought that all the employs were Spanish?

  • eric_in_NJ

    My kids speak Chinese and do not feel like learning English. When will the racist bigots at UCLA do more to accommodate them? Such pernicious hatred from that school

  • eric_in_NJ

    My kids only speak Chinese and do not want to learn English. So when will the hateful bigots at that elitist school do everything to accommodate my kids? Failing to learn our language and offer all classes and even degrees in our language simply shows how pernicious the racism and ethnocentric UCLA truly is. Shame!!!

  • greenforest56

    In many public jobs in California employees get a BONUS if they speak Spanish or some other foreign language. It’s disgusting. Native born Americans are getting shoved to the back of the bus.

  • bikeromany

    UCLA is an institution of higher learning in California. God forbid that they teach their students anything, like English. That would require some effort on their part.

  • RETUSAF1995

    “UCLA will foot the bill for its employees to learn to speak Spanish
    under a new program launched this month at the Southern California-based
    public university.”

    How about Spanish speakers assimilating and learn English, this is America not Mexico.

    • stanford67

      I think we all know the answer to that.

  • Jim Rall

    Backasswards… like the Governor.

  • formerusaf

    Half of them cannot speak English properly and, apparently,
    the other half cannot speak their own native tongue properly.

  • ML NJ

    I think it would be better if they fired anyone, not part of their language or literature departments who was heard speaking Spanish to a student.

  • BWV

    The schools are slashing costs, raising fees, but they have money for this? Very poor use of public funds. Someone should be held accountable for this waste.

  • I guess they never thought of having the wetback students learn english..nah

  • grnmngo

    As a non-Californian, this is only observational of course, but I’d be less surprised/concerned at an employing agency offering up professional development courses for their staff (I think this resides firmly there)…if they can afford it. I’m not familiar with how things are going in California wrt state money right now but I think it’s tight…as a tax-payer (again, if I were a Californian), I’d be more concerned about what the university is sacrificing from their budget to provide what is very definitely a non-essential perk (pretty sure you can require language fluency in the hiring process if it is actually required for the position). It does however appear to be the “drop in the bucket” of budget and frankly…Americans can do with a little more language education…any language education.

  • I’m forwarding of copy of this article to the gang of eight who crafted the immigration package and told us how learning English would be a requirement. you don’t think immigration matters? you don’t think you language and culture will be impacted? think again.

  • Skip James

    The silent majority is seething. The State is picking a fight. Pressure from above, pressure from below.

  • TAG

    my parents, R.I.P. would not longer recognize America.

  • Dana Garcia

    Right, bilingualism has worked out so well in Canada.

  • dan cnad


  • Juan Arevalo

    In the title she says, “Lets give up on academic freedom in favor of justice.” Maybe she be just a history major because justice without freedom isn’t possible, just ask Russia. These women’s studies majors are just plain stupid. They don’t want justice, they want Marxism. We need to round up all these want to be communist and send them to Russia. At the same time, let the hot Russian women immigrate here. Have you seen Russian women? They are way hotter than American trolls, I womyn. Plus, the Russian women would appreciate real freedom. The American trolls(women) could then spend sometime under communist control where they would be happy.

    • Joe Btfsplk

      This is another corruption of language. My definition of “justice” differs greatly with hers.

  • garyfouse

    Funny. I have learned several languages along the way. I usually paid for it myself.

  • garyfouse

    I learned Thai at the Foreign Service Institute in Rosslyn, Virginia over a six-month period in 1974, and it was paid for by my employer, the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Similarly, I also attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California studying Italian in 1982 for a one month period-again paid for by DEA. In other words, the tax-payer footed the bill. There was a difference, however. Both of those training programs were to prepare me for overseas assignments in Thailand and Italy.

    Last I checked, UCLA is located in the US. And I don’t recall any of the Thai and Italian police counterparts I worked with getting free English lessons so they could enhance their cultural awareness and interact with little ol’ me in their own countries.

    As for the other languages I have learned in my life, I paid for it myself. Unless they are being sent to work long-term in a Spanish-speaking country on behalf of UCLA, those employees should be doing the same.

  • STALINisYOURdaddy

    Sandra Y.L. Korn will be first in the cultural purge since academics are a threat to the state.. when will these liberal communist parasites study real history?

  • CommiePeepShow

    Comrade Korn studying women’s gender and sexual apparatus must include peeping between the bathroom walls of Stalins stalls.. lolz let me guess pussyriot is your group

  • Mark Neil

    The only thing new here is the willingness to state it openly. This is how education has been for YEARS. Perhaps that is yet another reason why men are opting out?

  • Mark Neil

    I see a lot of comments posting about speaking Spanish, learning English, and illegals… not entirely sure what those have to do with this article.

  • Deserttrek

    the complaining young whatever is “a joint history of science and studies of women, gender and sexuality major” … who in their right mind pays for that? daddy must be well off to pay for that kind of garbage … I know what she needs but can’t say it here

  • respectfully_disagree

    What research is this student referring to in particular.

  • John.NoseTip

    Wow! So any deviation from “approved” thought is disallowed? Good luck to the psychology, literature, history, sociology and political science professors. How can someone become so rigid in their thinking while attending college?

  • Jason

    Mao: “Let a hundred flowers bloom.”

    Everyone else: “We don’t like you.”

    Mao: “Just kidding. Everyone who disagreed with me shall be killed.”

  • blight14

    I believe most of us know that there is but one solution to the myriad of threats to the American way of life.

  • blight14

    Wow, such ‘wisdom’ from an unesthetic self-cho$enite……what are the odds?

  • oldranger68

    “…history of science and studies of women, gender and sexuality major…” Really? I always new that Harvard was nothing more than a Liberal, Communist outlet, but a major in “History of Science” rather than “Science” and “studies of women, gender and sexuality”? So, finally there’s a major in Lesbianism!

  • TreeTrimmerJim

    Freedom verses Justice, who decides? Freedom is based on unalienable rights, laws found in Nature, above the government. Justice is based on legal rights, laws decided by who is in power at the time.

    Who’s idea of justice? Hitler, Mao, Che, Stalin, Lenin, Holder, Obama, yours or your neighbors…. who’s?

  • TreeTrimmerJim

    Harvard was started by people who escaped justice in search of educational freedom. It appears Woodrow Wilson was right when he used ignorance to implement his hidden agenda.
    “A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about.” ~ President Woodrow Wilson, 1913, prior to the segregation of the federal government, armed services and Post Office

    Closely followed by:
    “I do approve of the segregation that is being attempted in several of the departments, I think if you were here on the ground you would see, as I seem to see, that it is distinctly to the advantage of the colored people themselves that they should be organized, so far as possible and convenient, in district bureaus where they will center their work.” ~ President Wilson, 1913

    • hp b

      Wilson’s most lucid honest moment.

      “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit… all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world, no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

      • TreeTrimmerJim

        An early commentary on the perils, mass ignorance of compulsory, age segregated education. Didn’t work for Prussia and hasn’t worked for any state adapting those Prussia laws. Mississippi made unanimous for all states in 1917 while Wilson was President.

        Wilson is also the guy who locked up German not yet citizens in the United States for speaking German. FDR are was in the Wilson administration, and as we know locked up American citizens of Japanese descent.

        When we return education to local control, by not cashing those federal checks, we will again have schools when students gain an education the keeps them out of poverty. Poverty being the lack of basic skills and knowledge to operate effectively in society.

        • hp b

          In the meantime there are plenty of apples trees still out there.
          Some of my finest moments were to be found under the apple tree, reading.
          As with anything in any sphere, individuality sets the pace.

          • TreeTrimmerJim

            I use to have an Apple coffee cup from Jobs that had Newton sitting under a tree with an apple falling towards Newton.

            Lot to be said about sitting under an Apple tree.

        • hp b

          Always reminds me of Malcolm X, who really does have some great quotes.
          Definitely an outstanding individual. Regardless.

          ‘We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.’

          • TreeTrimmerJim

            Depending on how big Plymouth Rock is .. we may have sent it back to England as ballast for the empty Mayflower when it returned during the spring of 1621.

  • Ms. Korn is following Mark Twain’s advice: “To succeed in life you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”

  • John Suni

    If this woman thinks that equalizing women’s education and careers in STEM (science technology, Engineering and Math) is so important than why doesn’t she lead by example and get an engineering degree?

    Instead she has a double major in: “history of science” (whatever that means) and “women, gender, sexuality”.

    It’s interesting that she has such a high standard for *other* womens behavior and not her own. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this hypocrisy from liberals. Their view seems to be that:” I supported this program so I should be immune to it”.

    That’s why you have liberals like Al Franken shucking his duty to pay taxes.

    Additionally, at least this feminist is honest that feminism as an ideology has no interest in letting women make their own choices. Just like “teh patriachyz” feminists want to tell women how to live their lives and apply coercion and shame to the women who are doing it wrong in feminists eyes.

    The arrogance would be laughable if they weren’t so very effective in getting passed anti-male, anti-father legislation.

  • Sam Spade

    This isn’t just about academic freedom. It’s about all freedom.

    First they make a moving x-ray of your life. Then they match it against the 100,000 laws and regulations on their books. When they find a match, they own you. Say something they don’t like and they foreclose. That’s their ‘Justice’.

    Ever wonder why the U.S. has the highest per capita prison population in the world? Now you know. Foreclosures.

    That kind of ‘Justice’ is what Thieves Emporium is all about. Freedom in the age of the new Surveillance State. You should read it. It’s technically accurate, fast-paced, and rated 4.6 at Amazon.


  • darthangel

    More proof that feminism was never about equal rights for women.

    The idea that all people should have equal rights is humanism, the philosophy that embraces both polarities of human beings and does not seek to denigrate one in order to elevate another.

  • Ed Smith

    I’m embarrassed for Harvard University. A senior from Harvard wrote something this academically corrupt, illogical, hypocritical, self-contradicting, and stupid. What has happened to Harvard?

  • Anon

    “Let’s give up Academic Freedom, for “Justice”?!! Are you SERIOUS?!! COMMUNIST Alert!

  • KenPrescott

    “When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything — you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” — Robert Heinlein

  • Juke Riffhammer

    So a student writes something misguided. What exactly is the story here?

    Many of the knee jerk responses I see below seem to think that someone official from the university wrote or believes these things. They did not.

  • BanTheGOP

    FANTASTIC article! It’s good to see that people like Sandra Korn represents the future of the soon-to-be fundamentally transformed US, so we can divest ourselves of white male oppression across the board! And to all you haters… “WE WILL BURY YOU”…in executive orders, in court actions, and finally, by destroying capitalism so EVERYONE profits, not just the rich! And Sandra Korn will lead the way…

  • LanceSmith

    Gotta love ideologues….and her article shows that her secular-religion is just as hidebound as the worst spiritual-religion. Only heretics question the orthodoxy of feminism…..

    Recommended reading: “Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate” by Greg Lukianoff. Another: “Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women Paperback” by Christina Hoff Sommers.

  • SoCal88

    I assume that this is intended to prepare students for the “real world” of totalitarianism and associated thought control that is coming, and in many ways has already arrived. It will be just like “1984” only it has arrived late by 30 years.

  • Hawkeye52

    Justice=Opinions, preferred opinions that is.

  • Erasmus

    Sandra would have made a fine inquisitor in the medieval times. Your research questions the One Truth? Burn the heretic!!

    That’s what political feminism, left-wing ideology and political correctness are all about.