Prof Who Stole, Destroyed Prolife Poster Says Actions ‘Moral,’ Set Good Example

by Jennifer Kabbany - Fix Editor on March 19, 2014

SANTA BARBARA – A UCSB department of feminist studies professor who stole and destroyed a large sign right out of the hands of prolife campus demonstrators, then tussled up a teenage protestor who followed the educator to retrieve it, defended her actions to authorities as morally justified, according to a recently released police report that details the March 4 incident.

The associate professor, Mireille Miller-Young, whose area of emphasis is black cultural studies, pornography and sex work, told police she is pregnant, and that the graphic images of aborted fetuses negatively “triggered” her to act in the way she did, adding she was a “conscientious objector.” She told police she felt she set a good example for her students.

Campus authorities told the professor her actions constituted vandalism, battery and robbery, according to the police report. The Santa Barbara district attorney’s office has yet to file charges against the professor, the Santa Barbara Independent reported Tuesday.

UCSB students, meanwhile, have launched a petition in support of the professor.

“A student Facebook group called UCSB Microaggressions has set up a petition on addressed to Chancellor Yang and other members of the UCSB community that requests a  statement of solidarity with Miller-Young and greater restrictions on content that may be traumatic to students or trigger unwanted reminders of past experiences,” the Daily Nexus reports. “At the time of publication, the petition had 1,009 signatures with a goal of 1,700.”

The relevant portions of the UC Santa Barbara Police Department’s official report states Miller-Young’s version of events:




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