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Dr. Alveda King Tells Students of Modern Day Black Genocide

It’s the genocide few talk about, but taking a cue from her uncle, Dr. Alveda King is bravely speaking out about it, spreading her message far and wide.

Her warning: black people are murdering themselves.

The shocking statistics surrounding the rate of abortion among African Americans was one of the highlights of a speech King gave earlier this week at the University of Missouri.

Urging everyone to take action to protect life, King frequently reiterated some of those stark figures: more than 16,000,000 African-American children have been aborted since Roe v. Wade. Making matters worse, she pointed out, these abortions have occurred within a minority group that makes up just 13 percent of the American population.

Her speech comes as headlines regarding the abortion rate among blacks have shocked the country: “In Georgia, 53.6 Percent of Babies Aborted Are Black,” “In Mississippi, 72 Percent of the Babies Aborted Are Black,” and “More Black Babies Die in Abortions in New York City Than Given Birth.”

About 150 people converged at Columbia’s Jesse Auditorium on Monday night to hear from the pro-life and civil rights activist, who linked the right-to-life cause to modern-day civil rights.

“Alveda is a really good speaker, and could particularly speak to the harms of black genocide, an issue we wished to draw attention to here on campus,” former Mizzou Students for Life President Reagan Nielsen said in an interview with The College Fix.

Students for Life President Rachelle Engen kicked off the event, introducing Dr. King. The niece of civil rights activist Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., she opened with a discussion of her family background and the ways it shaped her – most notably her faith and her commitment to protecting life at all stages.

“There is only one race on the planet,” Dr. King stated, “the human race.” She went on to cite 1 Corinthians 13: “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Dr. King also previewed two films designed to educate on the injustice of abortion: “Maafa 21” and “Blood Money.” “Blood Money” investigates how racism and population control efforts helped turn abortion into a money-making industry, while “Maafa 21” is a documentary film arguing that the eugenics movement utilized abortion in an attempt to commit African American genocide. 

No personal stranger to the ills of abortion, she also spoke about her own experiences: Her mother was encouraged to abort her while pregnant, and King herself underwent two abortions before the words of her grandfather touched her.

“The woman has a right to choose what happens to her body,”Dr. King recalls her grandfather saying, “but that baby is not her body.”

A respected civil rights activist in her own right, Dr. King has received the Life Prize Award and the Civil Rights Award from the Congress of Racial Equality, and currently serves as a Pastoral Associate with Priests for Life.

In the past, her speeches have touched on the effects of abortion on the black community as well:

My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., once said, “No one is going to kill a child of mine.” Tragically, two of his grandchildren had already been aborted when he saved the life of his next great-grandson with this statement. His son, King once said, “The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.” How can the “Dream” survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.

College Fix contributor Courtney Scott is a student at the University of Missouri.

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  • MichaelMHook

    Dr. King also previewed two films designed to educate on the injustice of abortion: “Maafa 21” and “Blood Money.” “Blood Money” investigates how racism and population control efforts helped turn abortion into a money-making industry, while “Maafa 21″ is a documentary film arguing that the eugenics movement utilized abortion in an attempt to commit African American genocide. http://sn.im/28v77x3


      Yes. Pewsitter.com

    • chas40e

      Racism Racism Racism… Enough already! Let’s compare the cultures instead of RACE… That is where you will find the answers to the RACE issue! Be prepared to face the truth of the matter… There is no such thing as RACISM!!!

      “Racism” is only a TOOL to divide and conquer people! It is a well designed plan to advance an agenda… Everyone is buying into the Propaganda! That should tell you how ignorant and blind people are!

      • HMC73

        Culture has something to do with it, but it comes down to some people pre judge others who have darker skin color than themselves. It’s part of our fallen nature. If you have a daughter, you are going to want her to marry a man who is blond/ blue eyed over someone who is not. Maybe not you but most parents would prefer that and that is racism.

        • chas40e

          That is a really weak example. Not to mention “invalid”… What you described is “preference”. I prefer a white woman, asian woman, or hispanic woman. Why? Color of skin? No. It is because of the CULTURE they associate with. I do not like the black culture, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like black people. I do great business with black people. They like doing business with me. But, they do not want to come to my house for dinner, nor do I want to go to their house for dinner. That is called “preference”, and not Racism…

          • HMC73

            You must be a lawyer, I understand that arguement. It works when it comes to your personal life, but an employer can not tell black people ” we prefer to hire white’s since they are better looking and are not as loud”.

          • chas40e

            I don’t recall saying anything about “employers”… Nor do I recall the owner of the Clippers saying he wouldn’t hire blacks. In fact, just the opposite. Everyone knows the NBA is comprised mostly of blacks. My favorite NBA player in the world is black. However, it doesn’t mean that a black NBA player wants the white owner sitting at his dinner table. Nor does it mean the white owner wants a black player sitting at his dinner table. It’s business – period! Every NBA player is paid well. Likewise, the owner of the team is paid well. It is an equal partnership. If black NBA players are offended by the owner of the team being white – THAT IS RACISM!

          • libertyanyday

            nice 2 year old example of nothing. On what planet do you think people exist where an employer would say this in an interview?

          • It IS proper and correct to discriminate culturally and familially. The only “culture” that’s denigrated when they do is the caucasians.Everyone else is admonished and prodded to do so.Notice there are NO laws to stop “minorities from doing so.Stay vigilant.

          • libertyanyday

            Way to adavanced for the single thought mindless PC crowd. People gravitate to those with like minded ideals and pursuits, a concept which is foreign to LIV’s.

          • Disqus_Blazus

            Well said!!

          • Who would you prefer a beautiful white woman who acted “black” or a beautiful black woman who acted “white”? If you prefer the white one, you are a racist. One that is denial.
            I prefer petite women over big women regardless of color, that is a preference.

        • ICTDigger

          That is not racism. Racism is the thought that your race is superior to others. What you described is bigotry. Huge difference.

      • Hans

        Nature causes racism since I have not interest in a relationship with a black woman. I want to advance the genetics of my children rather than degrading them. It’s called the selective process and Nature created it – racist Nature!

        • chas40e

          That statement is just stupid.

          • dex

            chas, be CAREFUL….

            Don’t get sucked into a bogus potstirring debate started by a paid Obama blog troll.

            There are a LOT of them trolling on the blogs deliberately turning discussions into racial hate firefights.

            And YES, they really DO this.

  • MichaelMHook

    The minimum wage, the Congress is going to be voting on, disproportionately affects workers of color. Republicans are against that. The fact that 24 states have refused to expand Medicaid, disproportionately affects people of color, that’s a life and issue for people. It affects millions of people http://sn.im/28v77x3

    • PBO_Go

      Let’s start with a simple fact. If Barry and Co had paid for the Medicaid expansion, every state would have done it. If the minimum wage goes up, people will either get less hours or get fired.

      • HarryObrian

        You can’t expect people with a soap box to accept the truth.

  • JB

    Well then, she must be a racist…

  • Kathy

    God bless you, Sister King, for speaking out on this topic.

    • markkozikowski

      She is a day late and a dollar short. The GOP has been fighting this for decades.

  • David

    I see nothing wrong with reducing the number of potential criminals, welfare queens, drug runners and thugs.

    • HMC73

      Do you see anything wrong with murder? Do you see anything wrong with someone trying to kill you? The word you used is potential, those things you mentioned criminals etc. come in every race not just Blacks.

      • HarryObrian

        That’s the bigger argument, you miss the original posters culture point.

      • manko

        Since negros are a sub-species of the human race, it’s not the same.

        • foundingstockcracker

          Scientifically proven so.

      • Disqus_Blazus

        Ok, regarding “potential,” but it’s just obvious that blacks carry it way more out more often!!

    • HarryObrian

      You mean what their culture and their leaders train them for….

      • HMC73

        Yes, the powers that be, make sure the Black culture stay down with promoting music by Jay Z etc. That promote the thug life. Jokers like Jay Z get tons of money from rich white guys in the music industry that need criminals to house the prisons that they own. There is a greater picture here.

    • Carol Robinson

      truth to white trash: alot of whites are now potential criminals, welfare queens, drug runners and thugs. maybe they should kill themselves too by your white trash logic.
      just sayin my sporty racist one….

  • Mark Webb

    Dr King is an amazing woman. The quote, “Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.” can be said about any baby of any race.

  • jim

    Gee everything is against blacks..What a race…

  • PBO_Go

    Planned Parenthood’s purpose was to keep undesirables from reproducing.

    • Carol Robinson

      ….and who is Planned Parenthood to judge who is “undesirable”? I wish all members of Planned Parenthood would abort themselves and their followers and stop from reproducing. I find them “undesirable” and milking off of the public dole.

      Planned Parenthood is no better then the National Socialist German Workers’ Party of Germany from 1920 thru 1945.

  • Ruckweiler

    Well, the darling of the abortionists Margaret Sanger said this needed to be done. The lefties genuflect before this woman everyday.

  • ghostofThomasPaine

    Not much has changed with the democrat party. Killing blacks, destroying the black community and all the while claiming to have the best interests of blacks at heart. All is well on the progressive plantation.

  • Adheeb

    When you look at demon possession in the gospel accounts of Christ, you quickly see that those possessed are often in someway suicidal. What is true of the black community is also true of western society and culture as well. We are being governed by doctrines of demons. America has not only abandoned God but has turned to demonic idols. They are leading this nation to destruction.

    Abortion, homosexuality, drug use and lawlessness in general are symptomatic of a society in rebellion to the True God and Creator of the world.

  • markkozikowski

    Dr. (?) King is a m o r o n.
    Conservatives and anyone who truly cares about freedom and the ‘right to live’ have been talking about this for decades. This is not a new idea. It is just something that this person decided to start spouting.
    Be careful, because, Dr. King, you might just be labeled an “Uncle Tom”. We are hearing that a lot these days.

    Remember it’s a woman’s right to kill the child that God gave her, and it is one more step for minorities to appear and act like they are part of the majority.

    • Charlie Hook

      No, she would be classified as a Auntie Jane.

      • Disqus_Blazus


  • MichaelGuy

    Reminds one of Margaret sangers “Breeding the Thouroughbred” circa 1932 in which this Theosophist and Socialist Internationale celebre avocated for a Nazi -British Anglo Israeli style genocide of the inferiot races , that was deemed eugenics. Later , when the plutocratic disciples of Theodor Herzl had that Jewish emigre from Manhattan, Trotsky and Felix Durzhinsky start up the Cheka-NKVD, the bourgeoise enemies of the revolution became the conservative, capitalist, nationalist, Christian Caucasians. And that is what the socialist Democrats with NARAL and NOW advocated the genocide of the white middle class via “freedom of choice”. After the welfare reform act under Clinton, when excess children were no longer an income source from the Democratically controlled HHS, then African-American children became an expendible liability.

  • GodIsWatching

    Sorry but the dems where the ones using the pointy hoods, the dems are the ones promoting abortion by calling it women’s rights. This woman is saying the same thing (in other words, she is more eloquent) that Mr Bundy said. Of course he is a racist for saying it.

  • TioDon

    I don’t care….the fewer of them the better….

    • HMC73

      You do care, with you statement ” the fewer of them the better”.
      It’s not the race that makes them behave badly, it’s the culture most Blacks grow up in, No father, crime, thug culture etc.

      • TioDon

        you’re right, HMC73….I do care because they are destroying a once great nation. They’re not doing it alone as the guilt ridden white libs are the driving force behind all this foolishness. I do disagree with the “it’s not the race….” quote. It is the race. All you have to do is look anywhere in the world where there are a lot of them, as little as 25%, and the country is at the bottom of all the important lists; good health, less crime, pollution, good schools, etc. At the top of every list are the countries that are predominately white. Always. The countries that are dominated by blacks are the trash heaps of the world and are 100 years behind the rest of the, white, world. Name one black country that is a success…..can’t. It is the Race……

        • HMC73

          Those countries are the way they are by design. The Europeans have raped Africa for all it’s natural resources such as oil, diamonds etc for centuries. They make sure they have corrupt leaders who in turn keep those countries from thriving. Extremely rich people like the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet hold your point of view. They want to “help” these poor Africans by helping them not to reproduce. In other words get rid of them (genocide). This is racism.

          • TioDon

            Ahhh, there it is; I’ve been waiting for it; the old “it’s the white man’s fault” line. I love how easily people admit how inept the black race is. So the white man can just go in a dominate a country of blacks and the blacks can’t do anything about it? That’s a pretty stupid race.

            How ’bout affirmative action. They defend openly the concept that the blacks cannot make it on equal footing with the whites/asians so need a free advantage to make them “equal”. Just hilarious that they know they’re inferior. Keep using the “it’s the white man’s fault” see where that gets you.

          • HMC73

            The truth seems to bother you. If you have power you are going to keep it. You are not going to give it away. It’s common sense. Do some research on the Illumaniti, or if you prefer to be ignorant, then don’t.

          • TioDon

            OK, HMC, one more response then I’ve got to get on with my life…..Of course, if I have the Power, I’m gonna keep it. Really, who gives away power when they finally get it? You don’t GIVE AWAY power, you TAKE power just like so many people have done in so many countries throughout history….but not in the countries you quoted above; they just keep things the way they are because they don’t want to change things enough to actually do something about it.

          • HMC73

            I’ll leave you with one more comment. I was born in Mexico, if my parents did not bring me to the U.S. when I was 3. My life would been a lot different. I would not have a college education etc. I would probably would of have been a drug thug working with El Chapo. It comes down to education. My co-worker is from Kenya, he has an engineering degree. When you are not giving chances to suceed, you simply can’t.
            Your race is something you were born into and can not control. It does not make you better or worse. I hope you find peace and not be so bitter towards Blacks.

          • Disqus_Blazus

            Then maybe Mexicans in Mexico should get their shit together already so Mexicans don’t have to come here just to go to college.
            I mean, really.

          • Your right Mexicans need to reform their country. Until that happens Mexicans and other will leave their country in search of a better life. They are not going to worry about people like you who might not like that.

          • Disqus_Blazus

            WTF does Bill Gates have to do with African dysfunctionalism??
            Nice try!!
            They can’t govern themselves–it’s obvious.
            It’s called Africa.

          • They did govern themselves before the white man came and destroyed their culture. Why does Bill Gates want to stop Blacks from reproducing? So we can have more enlightened people like you around.

        • Disqus_Blazus

          So true!!

    • ObamaFails

      And look what we have here, a liberal troll trying to make conservatives look racist.

      EPIC FAIL!

      • TioDon

        Sorry, I am a conservative and know that the only hope for the USA is to get a hold on this “race” and try to drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century and to try to raise their morals and values UP to what society requires a civilized group of people to be. Until then, everything else is a waste of time.

        • Carol Robinson

          …and whites are acting just as bad as anybody else. high out-of-wedlock birthrates, high drug use, divorce, high rates of promiscuity & STDs, criminals, thugs, you name it. no one race is acting any better these days.

          lot of white trash out there in the cities & suburbs acting like wrse then animals…

          i guess we should “abort” all of them as well…

          • Disqus_Blazus

            No comparison to the per capita rate of crime committed by blacks.
            Not even close.
            Look up “per capita.”
            I still doubt you’ll understand it.

    • GodIsWatching

      Had to be a racist latino. Go figure.

  • Kenrjr2

    Dr. Alveda King your father would be proud of you for telling the truth. The vast majority of abortions are so unnecessary because of irresponsible sexual activities. I commend your honesty……be prepared to get crucified by the progressive liberals and race baiters.

  • Joe Smoo

    Stop the abortions and we will have more welfare and prisons to build. Sooner or later there will be no money for either.

    • Carol Robinson

      I just luv when white liberal racists show up to throw their support behind killing babies of other races. to bad this same white trash doesnt look in the mirror and see they they are the real prison builders.

      • Joe Smoo

        Obviously you did not read my other post on the subject. By the way I am half black.

  • TimeWarp66

    I don’t know if taxpayers could carry the burden of even more blacks on government assistance.

    • HMC73

      Taxpayers already cary the burden by being forced to pay for these abortions via Planned Parenthood.

      • Jack Whistler

        Not that you aren’t correct but that’s not the best argument to make since the cost of an abortion pales in comparison to the cost of a lifetime on welfare.

        • HMC73

          It’s more than the money that can be saved. It’s about having a deep profound respect for human life, regardless if we thinks it’s worth living or not. My four year old son has austism. We have had to use a lot of money to help him with therapies. His life is still valued, even though society may not think so.

          • Jack Whistler

            Not disagreeing with you or trying to get involved in this debate. Just pointing out that the argument you made (ie cost) will not help convince anyone, and explained why.

        • Carol Robinson

          so what makes you think all of those millions of black babies that could have been born would end up on welfare?

          i mean whites are filling up the welfare & prison rolls all of the time. i guess we should abort whites too. both the whites have children born out of wedlock and blacks. both have high rates.

          so now we simply “kill em all”?

          amazing how popular a guy like hitler would be today…

          • Jack Whistler

            Try reading the thread before you make a comment, or better yet try thinking about what you read before you reply to it. Imbecile.

            I pointed out that the argument he was making would not help his cause and explained why. Take your hair-trigger emotions and poor comprehensive skills somewhere else.

          • Andrea Cabalar

            Even if a third of them go on to work and pay taxes that would be great. this country is coming into a population explosion of aging baby boomers. we need babies to be born not aborted. at our current levels there are not enough working age adults to replace each boomer that hits SS and Medicare age. for the next Twenty years, over 11 k people per day will become elig for Medicare. that is far more frightening then black folks having babies..

          • Disqus_Blazus

            Again…look up what “per capita” means you idiot!!

      • TimeWarp66

        See below.

    • GodIsWatching

      Well if black “leaders” would focus on education, and black “entertainers” would sing about positive things instead of beating bitc%%%%s, then they would not be a burden.

      • Carol Robinson

        be nice if liberal marxist whites would shut up too.

  • cabinboy422

    Alveda is the sadly, the only one of Dr. King’s children that truly understand and promote his philosophy. She honors his life with her words.

  • Noah Mcguire

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IsnQGPFB8o i made a 7min video highlighting this fact. its called psychology of a deathcult. check it out

  • Michael Coralluzzo

    I hope shes a big enough voice to finally get this through to people.

  • HMC73

    Where is Sharpton and Jackson with the issue of Black babies being killed?

    • GodIsWatching

      collecting checks

      • HMC73

        I’m sure they are getting paid nicely for being a part of the Donald Sterling thing.

    • libertyanyday

      they couldnt care less.

  • Witness

    Mandatory REVERSIBLE vascectomies at age 12 for ALL men. (or as early as can be done safely) Free reversal surgery when ready to have a family.
    Turn all abortion clinics into reversaable vascectomy clinics.

    • HMC73

      Who would pay for this? Obamacare?

      • Witness

        Vascectomies are cheaper than abortiions, safer and respect pro life values. We’re paying for murder now, take that money and pay for responsibility.

        • HMC73

          Doing this would become a slippery slope. Big goverment would get involved, certain races would be favored etc. Not a good idea, besides if you are waiting to get married to have sex, then you would not need to do this.

          • Witness

            You mean as opposed to big government getting involved in the abortion business? Who delays sex until marriage? I agree its the right thing to do, but…..did you? If so you are one rare homo sapien.
            Faith is not even worthy of the name until it erupts into action.

            Faith is never passive. It demands a response. It asks for a mission. It demonstrates the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

            "For salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under Heaven by which we must be saved." Jesus Christ

  • Mike Sheridan

    Thank you Alveda. Margaret Sanger, the founder of the abortion machine Planned Parenthood, was an avowed racist. The Democrats, both black and white, have embraced her genocidal philosophy. Using rich white racists money to buy off black politicians and community organizers, Planned Parenthood supporters have murdered millions of precious unborn black and white babies. This is a mortal sin on the souls of black and white slavemasters and a greater sin than slavery itself. Have your precious babies and raise them right.

    • libertyanyday

      Margaret wasnt a racist, she had a rather commonly accepted view that the black race was inferior, she was hardly a lone voice . Oddly enuf planned parenthood hasnt killed one baby that its mother didnt ask to have killed.

  • Cardair

    Conservatives having been preaching this gospel for years.

  • Brother bob

    come on libs..altogether now…”SHE’S A RACIST!”

  • TruthFinderXXX

    Dr. Alveda King, Democrat, supported Jesse Jackson for President(now I really question her mental abilities) well at least she is realizing her party is supportive of planned parenthood, which was formed by Margaret Sanger, who believed in eugenics, that’s right Doc, they want to kill off your race, so why do sooooo many of y’all support them?????

    • Brother bob

      because they like free stuff

    • GodIsWatching

      Many are waking up, everyone has the right to amend their mistakes.

      • TruthFinderXXX

        I hope you are correct, I cannot understand why anyone would support those who wish to keep them down, to exterminate them….

    • cabinboy422

      If she supported Jesse Jackson for president, we are talking about what year? 1988? That’s forever ago. People change. Jesse has, and it sounds like Alveda has as well.

  • Joe Smoo

    Funny how the same people that can afford cell phones, drugs, and whatever else they need, but they won’t purchase contraceptives. Self responsibility is the problem here.

  • James Tanner

    If the GOP was really racists then they would support abortion, it would get rid of most liberals.

  • Hans

    Ya, and blacks luv pumpin’ out dem fatherless wefare babies.

    • Carol Robinson

      …and all races, even whites, are acting like drugged oversexed animals every day. tell me how spring break with all of the doped & dumb whites act anybetter then any other race?

  • Hans

    Hey, maybe we can pass a law to have them neutered as animals should be!

    • GodIsWatching

      You kiss your mother with that mouth. I am thinking abortion would have worked on you.

  • Kootur

    Good, this is why we need abortion. If anything it should be easier for them to get abortions.

    • Disqus_Blazus

      Abortion should be free for blacks…look at the long term savings for the taxpayers..oh, wait, it probably already is free for them, like everything else!!

  • RedHotRash

    I think offering a few thousand bucks to whoever wants to get sterilized could work, it would be much cheaper than having another kid on the dole

  • CNeder

    She’s right. That is THE purpose for abortion and it is why the rich democratic elites support abortion. Sadly the black community as a collective votes each year to support their own demise.

    • lonewolf1211

      Well, apparently they are not that bright, are they? Would you keep voting in the same people that advocated the systematic wiping out of your race? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic; the fewer blacks the better. However, if I was one of them, I would be smart enough to stop voting in those responsible for the genocide of my people.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I’ve been telling blacks and other minorities this for two decades at least. Glad they’re finally waking up and figuring out the DEMONRATS do NOT have their interests at heart.

  • manko

    I’m willing to make an exception for abortion when it comes to negros. The problem is that there is not enough abortion going on in the negro community. There should be an abortion clinic in every negro neighborhood, with abortions provided free of charge.

    • lonewolf1211

      It is the only way to cull the wild feral herd. Most “mothers” abandon their young anyway, at which point it becomes either granmammies problem, or the taxpayers. Until blacks figure out how to raise their young in a crime free, violence free, drug free environment, I say abortions for whoever wants ’em!

  • Sensible

    The Gates Foundation is actively involved in Africa doing its best to extend life and improve their standard of living. All the while the African’s seem to struggle with their population explosion. Planned Parenthood aborts while Africa continues to create a perpetual starving population that requires saving. The irony seems evident.

  • bobthemoron

    A genocide that is self-selecting to the lowest common denominator. While IQs are dropping for all races in America, Black IQs are dropping off a cliff. You can blame both political parties for the continuation of this genocide. When Republicans had all the branches of government they could have stopped abortion, at will. The Supreme Court does not outrank the Congress or the President. If they wanted to do so. an Amendment to the Constitution could have been passed. The States could stop it now with a Constitutional convention. Regardless of the lip service paid to this issue, the Pols want it to continue.

  • Last_American_Standing

    Most blacks can trace their roots in America to the 1800s [the man in the WH being the exception], yet they stubbornly remain only 15% of the population.

    I wonder why?

    • lonewolf1211

      Thank god they are only 15% of the population! In their current numbers, they account for 85% of crime, and over 60% of the welfare state. If there were any more of them, the system would be overrun and eventually collapse. The US would be Liberia, and some would say we are heading there now! Let’s hope there population stays at 15%, and maybe with some luck, will drop a bit.

  • Joe

    Courageous to speak out. She is right. The Liberal media will not circulate this article on their outlets. You know why. The left think Religion is a fairy tale and God is the fairy.

  • When

    It is good to finally hear someone saying it. Margaret Sanger admitted it, in so many words. Fluoride was added to the water in Grand Rapids Michigan, to control and reduce the black population.

  • jumper297

    Margaret Sanger was quite clear on her goals when she started Planned Parenthood. She was a racial purist, a eugenicist, and a howling bigot. The fact she’s held up on a pedestal by the DNC is not a coincidence.

  • Kathleen Smythe

    She is right on the money. And leftist liberal Democrats are too stupid to see the truth.

    • Omar the Water Buffalo

      They already KNOW the “truth”.

      I read so much babble about how stupid Obama, the Democrats, the liberals, progressives, yada yadda, are….

      Really? REALLY?

      – Who was so “stupid” that they successfully hijacked our entire educational system via implanted Leftists and union employees for the purpose of dumbing down and indoctrinating the past three generations of our children when communist dogma?

      – Who was so “stupid” that they faithfully followed the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Josepf Lenin in taking over almost all news, communications and entertainment media so they can spew endless propaganda, and distort or even eliminate the truth provided to Americans?

      – Who was so “stupid” that they have heavily infiltrated our legal court system with socialist/communists hell bent on “legislating from the bench” and destroying our legal and societal values, from the small town magistrate all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court? Eric Holder, anyone?

      – Who was so “stupid” that they have made significant inroads in challenging and tearing down our Constitution, including the First, Second and Fourth Amendments, as well as attacking our Bill of Rights?

      – Who was so “stupid” that they are successfully destroying our military to the point where we are rapidly approaching the level of a second/third world power in exchange for funding Buy-A-Vote programs?

      This is “STUPID”? I think “brilliant” is the correct word.

      I can easily go on, but unless Americans get off their fat complacent arses and go after our internal enemies with a vengeance, I don’t want to make anyone upset and cry.

      Just accept your socialist dictatorship like good boys & girls, and I highly recommend that you purchase Rosetta Stone for Chinese and Russian. If you’re going to survive in the not-too-distant future, you DAMN well better be of good use to your new taskmasters, comrades…..

  • Illini

    If you use means of birth control, then you wouldn’t have a genocide. If you don’t believe in contraception………then abstinence is the best form of birth control for you!

  • Jesus Jones

    There would probably be fewer abortions if black men weren’t too selfish to pull out or too lazy to wear a condom.

  • sirandrew

    In 1787 England sent the first thousand convicts to Australia..The brought rabbits with them that were not indigenous to Australia and had no local predators to restrain their exploding growth .the destroys crops and vegetation and the problem is still there unabated despite everything done to control them.
    Make your own comparison

  • Blu Clw

    Uh oh.

    When Bundy said that, the media turned on him hehe

  • BeansNRice

    Science has clearly demonstrated that there is not a clump of cells in the womb but a human. The left remains anti-science. They’d rather spew ideology than understand science.

  • amitorelocato

    OOPS! Did AL,Jessie,Barry or Moochelle say that?Even when they are not aborted and can live,they are killing among themselves

  • localnet

    And the left idolizes Margaret Sanger… Hillary was just given the Sanger award by Planned Parenthood. Oh the irony, they support the very political party that would murder them wholesale. Welcome to the modern day democrat plantation.

    • matt crawford

      and the sheep on the left of all colors are so blinded by their politics that they simple cannot ,or chose not to see the truth of it

  • Giovanni Galtiago

    Dr. Alveda King and Dr. Martin Luther King believe that abortion is black genocide.

    Progressives fete Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood and unrepentant racist, and give out an award in her name to their favorite black genocide enabler, including Hilary Clinton.

    Progressives are not just racists but they are gleeful, genocidal racists.


  • Azrael

    This isn’t genocide, this is a long awaited culling of the invasive specie known as the “feral pavement ape” .

    • localnet

      Reading the news today, you may be on to something.

  • mensa141

    I’ve been saying the same for years and I am white. You see the numbers and the progressive democrats are committing genocide against the black race with abortions. They are disgusting when they say they are pro minority but continue to decrease the group with millions of abortions.


    Aren’t Democrats great! Their core political platform is genocide of African Americans under the guise of “reproductive rights” and a “fight against the war on women”.

  • grassy knoll

    she better watch what she says, the democrats who killed her uncle and malcolm x are still alive.

    • matt crawford

      louis farrakhan may have his killers come for her

  • Libral Communist Jay Carney

    If OBAMA thinks it’s a good idea to kill off his own race , who am I to argue. It will bring the crime rate down, welfare cost and reduce black on white crime lower. For once I agree with the Communist Dictator and Empty Suite. Can you say YES WE CAN …

  • Richard51

    to say not raising the minimum wage is racist there are plenty of white getting the minimum wage so that is false

    • Disqus_Blazus

      And minimum wage is minimum wage for a reason…it’s for entry level, low-skilled labor–like for high-school and college kids.
      Just so happens that a lot of blacks have to work minimum wage jobs for a living, b/c they drop out of school, so they want it raised.

      • Richard51

        you know how to do it by applying yourself but most blacks believe that they can’t and that is wrong look at people like clarence thomas and condolezza rice and others and it is shown on tv by blacks that you can’t get ahead by people like spike lee and al sharpton that black leaders are the ones responsible for their ills because they don’t care about them

  • fred bob

    There are many truly sad and disturbing elements and statistics to this story, but what really makes me ill is the fact that our liberal-elites, technocrats, and eugenicist/population control ‘experts’ (like H. Kissinger) see this genocidal trend as a good thing.

  • disqus_DOhoCki17X

    … she is just figuring this out? What, she never put One and One together why the Democrats are so Pro-Abortion. I mean it is documented from the 1920s…. Most ly Lefties pushing Eugenics and Abortion to reduce the power of minorities.

  • haydenma

    Wow, so powerful. Won’t see this on the evening news. i wish however that she would have talked about rebuilding the black family around traditional things like marriage, working hard, honoring education, being independent and fathers committed to staying with their wives and children. Without this, those baby’s would be born into guaranteed poverty. Black, White, Brown, doesn’t matter. A strong family helps build strong men and women, which is the greatest poverty prevention program.

  • cupera1

    It must warm any National Socialist heart with Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a huge proponent/supporter of Hitler and his eugenics beliefs. In her statements and writings, A Social History of Birth Control in America, that the “weeds” (Negros and Hispanics) in the human race should be kept under control or eliminated. Planned Parenthood has succeeded far beyond her wildest dreams.

  • matt crawford

    now she will be attacked by the left,soon to be called a house negro by oprah

  • tgcrawford

    She is a racist. Instead of taking the high ground and saying abortion is murder, which is what MLK would have said, she instead takes a racist course, and makes it all about “black” people. The racists in this country should sicken us all, especially, the black racists.

    • matt crawford

      abortion is indeed murder black,white red or brown

  • matt crawford

    if you are not a coward post this to facebook ,twitter ect ect

    • Jonathan Dunbar

      My REAL name is Jonathan Dunbar. I am sure the NSA has a growing file on me; I was a crew chief in the Air Force working on C-141B cargo planes. I have 4 college degress, 2 in Physics and Astrophysics from U.C. Berkeley, class of 1992. I have ran and held political office as a delegate from Ypsilanti MI. I have a ham radio license, a glider pilots license, been involved in sub-orbital amateur rocketry flights, one tracked by NORAD in 1997. I am a member of the Tea Party and have be EXTREMELY outspoken against the United States Federal government. TRUST ME, Unckie Sam knows about me and my affiliations. According to Harry Reid, I am a [DOMESTIC TERRORIST] and dang proud to be!

      What does the government fear most? Answer: A black man who has woken up to the truth!

      • matt crawford

        cool,god keep you and protect you

  • Jonathan Dunbar

    Since 1970, over 10,000,000 million black children have been aborted by BLACK women.

    In World War II, the NAZIs are credited with killing 8 – 10 million Jews.

    Statistically, a black baby is safer in the hands of a German NAZI, than in the womb of a black woman.

    I am 47, black, and my wife was white for 15 years. If I were to make a child, the female would NOT be a black female in any obvious shape or form. My child has a better chance in life if the woman a lay with is non-black. I didn’t type the woman has to be white, the woman has to be non-black and then there is a chance for my child and my relationship with the woman.


    • Disqus_Blazus

      If your wife was white for 15 years, what happened after the 15 years??
      Did she change colors??

  • rentslave

    It is mostly intelligent blacks who have abortions.The less bright have incentives to produce.

    AFDC+Roe v Wade=Feral population.

    • Jonathan Dunbar

      Its still genocide. I prefer non-black females myself … so far my experiences have been far better and positive going that route.

      Don’t think I am black? Google my real name, Jonathan Dunbar, under images, I am in the top row, in the middle wearing a hat with sun glasses on top. Yes I am a black nerd, and compared to most other blacks I have ‘no game’ [sic].

      Yep ‘no game’; no welfare babies, no babies mommas, no STDs, no Department of Corrections number, no parole officer, no tattoos, no felony records, no warrants, too much education, too many IT skills, making too much money and too much high credit. Yes black America, dis nigga has no game!

  • Libral Communist Jay Carney

    If all the blacks are exterminated who will cook our fast food and sell us whites our crack cocaine?

  • JJ

    It is a no win situation for the GOP. If they tell blacks to abort they will call them racists. If they tell them to stop aborting they will call them racists. Just let them abort.

  • matt crawford

    comrade obama has said that if liberals want the nighmare of abortion ,they can keep it ,period

  • caligula

    well Alveda, elections have consequences.

    • MGBSE

      …black murder – abortions, crime, drug addiction & HIV – are at record levels in EVERY city controlled and run by democrats…democrats have always slaughtered blacks – from early slavery to today’s enslavement on the democrat welfare plantation (also called villages)…it is the democrat plan to use blacks for votes while murdering them…as a pro-life american I appreciate alveda king’s message…but she must attack the source – democrat – not the result…and be called an uncle tom…by black democrats who are perfectly fine with black murder as long as the white racists running the democrat party keep them in power, money & position.

  • JJ

    Black culture and greed encourages them to have as many kids as possible without marrying. It is a real jungle mentality.

    • HMC73

      LBJ with his “war on poverty” wanted this type of culture. Big Gov is Dad, he provides food via food stamps and a place to stay via section 8 housing.
      Others in the shadow government, LBJ belong to, wanted criminals so they can fill up our prisons bringing in revenue for the Elite.

  • Al Sharpton

    I hate blacks and the more of them that get sucked out of a black womans ass the better.

  • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

    Thank you Dr. Alveda King for your honesty and integrity. God bless you and your message.

  • Finally a very prominent black social figure speaks out, of course rancher Bundy said the same thing 10 days ago and was vilified as racist. Obama is the most pro abortion President ever and given his racist perspective of the Country one would think he would be a champion of advocating the pro-life argument for blacks. But his loyalty to the “cause” and the DNC have him assisting in the genocide of his own race.

  • ManaMoffa

    Abortionist must me made to admit that they hate black people and that’s why they support abortion.

    • Jonathan Dunbar

      Marry Sanger – “Blacks are a pitiful people who would be better served if they were sterilized and allowed to live out their lives without reproducing”. Don’t you LOVE the left?! Hey all you black females reading this post, doesn’t Marry Sanger make you feel good? Doesn’t she?!?

      Come on black girl friends, aren’t you down with Marry? Come one Lequisha and Shaneshia … aren’t you beautiful ebony goddesses [sic] down with the lefty who says your better off being in control of your reproduction and sterilized? Now there has to be at least one black female reading this post. Don’t be shy, join the discussion… isn’t Marry and the hordes of liberals across the United States correct? Hmmm???

      • Disqus_Blazus

        It’s Mary not Marry, and your use of sic makes zero sense.
        Nor does your post.

  • CT Skier

    Dr. King… many non-black people have been saying this for years. Who did you vote for? Who did your supporters vote for? The First President to attend the Planned Parenthood Nation Meeting….

    • ManaMoffa

      Alveda did not vote Obama.. I don’t think any of the King family did

      • canineok

        MLK was a Republican and I believe his family is the same.

  • Xsaunder

    Promoted and made preferable by the Plantation party – the Democrats.

    • Jonathan Dunbar

      Demoncrats really are harmful to America … too bad far too many whites and blacks have yet to understand this fact 🙁

  • Got news for ya’, like pregnancy, it’s 101% preventable.DING! Next idiot, please.

  • Bill O Reilly

    Black abortion is not population control, it’s crime control. How many white people think it’s safe to be in a black community at night by themselves ? How many white people live in a black neighborhood ? Not you…

    • HMC73

      Black people are not destined to be criminals. LBJ with his “war on poverty” took away the need to have a father to be a provider. Big Gov became the new dad with food stamp, section 8 housing etc. It benefits the rich Elite to have a group of people who only know crime and fill up the prison. Prisons are a business and they need customers. The rich Elite promote crime with the music they sponsor via the Illumaniti (Rockefeller, Rothchild etc.) Sharpton and Jackson are part of the formula to keep Black people from being successful.

  • flanneryoconnor

    I disagree. It is “crime” prevention.

  • fantum

    I Got 15 Kids & 3 Baby-Daddys… youtube bavou_SEj1E

  • fantum

    It’s FREE, jus swipe yo EBT… youtube mqTO4C6Kl3c

  • factsearch

    zerO – how he has sooooo brought us together as a nation of races!(did i say races?… i meant racist)

    planned parenthood was created for the hood. zerO is promoting race hatred on any and all sides

  • Biggus Dickus

    And the problem is??

  • fantum

    It’s horrible to execute a murdering thug…
    … But it’s okay to kill a baby in the womb.

  • End abortion,sodomy&divorce!

    NAACP..National Association for the Abortion of Colored People!

  • beanbag

    The only problem is that too many filthy hispanics are not being aborted. Instead they just keep on breeding like roaches and rats. Breaking laws at every turn – and being rewarded instead of punished.

    When the sh!t hits the fan I would not want to be brown.

  • canineok

    Dr. King is correct. It is murder and it is genocide. Human life is sacred, but our culture is numb to that belief.

    • Mike Feehan


  • bob


  • Davole

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would pompously accuse Dr. Alveda King of being a racist!

  • moms mabley

    let them do it, do the mother too

  • Joseph

    It’s self induced, no one is making the black women abort their unborn children other than ignorance, lack of education, welfare and lack of God in their lives.

  • TheOnlyMotorCityTaxpayer

    And the total number of deaths is upward to 50 million over the last 40+ years. Sinful.

  • John Brittingham

    In 1921, Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which later became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In New York City, she organized the first birth control clinic staffed by all-female doctors, as well as a clinic in Harlem with an entirely African-American staff. In 1929, she formed the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, which served as the focal point of her lobbying efforts to legalize contraception in the United States. From 1952 to 1959, Sanger served as president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.
    Margaret Sanger espoused the thinking of eugenicists.
    Her views made Hitler’s views seem childish by comparison.

  • ricardoh

    At some point you have to weigh quality vs quantity.

  • jenkem5

    It sure is, and thank God for it. It’s bad enough we have as many blacks destroying our country as we do, without the idiots killing half of their unborn every year we’d be finished.

    • HMC73

      The ones destroying this country are the extremely rich elite, who are trying to take away of civil liberties.

      • fexl77

        we call them politicians.

        • HMC73

          Yes, politicians are the puppets we can see used by a shadow govt, They are the ones that really make the policies. The Rockefella’s and Rothchild’s have more control over this country that we care to admit. Just look at Obozo he’s just a bought out puppet being used to destroy this country.

      • Disqus_Blazus

        You mean the ones that pay all the taxes that support the blacks??

        • They don’t pay all the taxes. They hire people to find ways not to pay taxes. Those taxes we pay will one support you.

  • marconi314

    It’s not BLACK genocide – – It’s genocide, PERIOD!

  • Disco Obama

    Why is always about blacks? Abortion is wrong, just leave it at that, no need to bring skin color into it.

    • HMC73

      I agree, but it’s favored toward those who some people believe will be a burden to society.

  • capoprimo

    Of course, what took them so long to figure this out? All they have to do is read founder’s, Margaret Stanger, book, it’s outlined there in every detail. Yet, it’s the very same people who are being targeted are clamoring for more government funding for this murderous organization. To make matters worse, they’re supporting the Democrat Party and demonizing the Republicans who are attempting to stop this genocide. Go figure, no wonder it appears that we’re upside down in our values.

  • Bladerunner64

    Shame on her for spouting her Christian beliefs. Who does she think she is? The Muslim community will have her flogged for quoting the Bible and not the Quran. How dare she impose her religious beliefs on all those Atheists.

    Really though, it’s taken her this long to realize what conservatives have been yelling from the mountain tops for many years now…that abortion is black genocide? Some people have shown more outrage for the abuse and mistreatment of animals then they do for the killing of the most defenseless their own species… their unborn children.
    Now the question is, will the black community listen, or just turn their backs to her and continue in their wicked ways? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • J

    Absorption is human sacrifice to the god of convenience.

  • J

    Abortion is human sacrifice to the god of convenience.

  • Rye Irishman

    I believe the implication is that Pro Choice is really a racist point of view

  • BigR2

    Amen. God will bless this woman mightily for spreading the word.

  • J

    Margret Sanger was never shy about her views.

  • Bobby

    The problem is not abortion. The problem is rampant illegitimacy in black culture. Until you teach young black men to keep it in their pants and young black women to keep their legs closed (or use birth control) there will be increasing numbers of black abortions. The problem is deep-rooted and will requires a lot more than preaching abstinence. It requires an “overhaul” of black culture that will take a very long time. Now I suppose I am racist. “Why does black culture need an overhaul? Is there something wrong with black culture?” Statistics speak volumes. Instead of looking to place blame, they should look for solutions.

    • HMC73

      It comes back to making men be men and not boys who run around. The mind set has to change. The culture that most Black people live in was set in place by LBJ policies of “war on poverty”. Big Govt becomes the new dad. I work at a high school, the young men who are settled have a dad at home. Those who are defiant usually do not have a dad. Fatherhood needs to be valued not made fun of the way Hollywood likes to devalue it.

      • Bobby

        Step one is breaking the cycle of fatherlessness. Far easier said than done, but “family” has to be reintroduced into black culture. A family is the basis for raising good citizens who will contribute. We’re going on many generations of illegitimacy in the black community. Many of today’s black kids are probably the third generation of not having a father. Until we (they?) stop pointing fingers at past wrongs and stop shouting “racism” at every negative statistic, nothing will change.

        • You are so correct. Now we need leaders to step up and give out this message. It’s too bad the “leaders” who the media likes to look at : Sharpton and Jackson are out doing things that cause division. When they should be preaching building up the Black family.

  • fexl77

    The government will provide a solution. An equal percentage of white babies must be aborted. Letters to the selected white mothers-to-be will be mailed on the 15th of each month with instructions on where and when to report. If you do not report, the IRS will collect the appropriate “tax”.

  • Me in Minn

    How and by whom are they forced to abort?

    • B Jenkum

      By their seventh grade school counselor….

      • fexl77

        …in the two hour car ride across state lines.

  • Boondoggle

    Yet AfroAmericans continue to vote for Progressives who staunchly endorse a “woman’s right to choose.” Their own elected leaders push them to abortions.

  • Big Rob

    Perhaps this goes beyond the act of the abortion. The black family has collapsed. These mothers are desperate. The fear of no father or support of the baby, raising the baby on their own is frightening.

    These issues need to be addressed before the abortion issue is addressed.

    • B Jenkum

      EBT moron!

      • Big Rob

        You think the government makes a better father and that amount of money is enough?

        • B Jenkum

          There is no fear of support, quite the opposite. Make babies, get welfare. You haven’t been paying attention for the last fifty years. Does the Great Society ring ant bells?

          • Big Rob

            You know that’s not always the case right?

    • HMC73

      I agree, but human life is destroyed in the meantime. It comes back to men being men. If you agree to have sex with a woman, you agree to be a father.

      • Disqus_Blazus

        How about if you agree to have sex with a man,you take the chance of becoming a mother??

  • B Jenkum

    For blacks, it’s assimilation or extermination. In three generations the the rump inner city population will be gone. The great irony is as conservatives speak out against this they are called racists. This is the legacy of Margret Sanger to embodied in the forms of Pelosi and Hillary.

  • expatconservative

    THAT is what the racist Margaret Singer created it for. She is held up as a hero by the libs but she was pure evil.

    • Consultofactus

      Who is Margret Singer? Is she related to Margret Sanger?

  • Big Rob

    To be completely honest, black people voted for it.

    You can’t prevent someone from jumping off a cliff when they have already jumped. Dr. King can maybe help some of them understand that what is happening isn’t working but you know 7/10 of them are calling her an Uncle Tom.

  • mikemoair2

    can’t wait for the left to call her racist

  • Oh crap

    Time to boycott the NCAA NBA and NFL games. in protest of this genocide. we need o stand together!

  • Diocletian

    Eugenics was a favorite ideology of the Nazi’s.

    Destroying minorities was always the goal.

  • mikemoair2

    I wish I could be oppressed into a 2 billion dollar empire like oprah….

  • mikemoair2

    all mlk got was shot in the head, Jessie Jackson got a GIII, he travels first class baby

    • mikemoair2

      if he hasn’t upgraded to GV

    • Consultofactus

      I sure hope his son isn’t taking it up the a$$ while in prison….

      • mikemoair2

        what’s the latest on Jessie’s love child he had back in the Clinton days? ive not heard lately

  • Engage Gray Matter

    And yet, somehow progressive liberals have sold the black population that it is conservatives who are their enemy. And they believe. Planned Parenthood killed more unborn black children than the KKK ever did and both are the machinations of the Democrat Party. The harbingers of death (liberals) masked as tolerance, equality, and justice. It is a lie. It has always been a lie. But, until black people realize they have been duped, they will continue to kill their own, they will continue to vote Democrat, and they will continue to be dependent on others for their daily bread.

    Self determination cannot be realized when you let someone else do the thinking for you.

  • mikemoair2

    40 people shot in Chicago recently over a weekend, no wonder oprah is moving to be LA

  • hitemup1976

    I got a chance to here her speak during Catholic School’s Week at my son’s school. Dr. Alveda King is a dynamic speaker and a very compassionate person.

  • mikemoair2

    condi rice was 20ft away from being the 5th dead little black girl in Birmingham, but the left hates her, huh

  • Abort them babies

    Lets all be realistic here, blacks are keeping their babies for that extra cash, trash keep their babies for the extra trash, and the smart rich folk who don’t want to be tied down by no teet sucking leeches have the abortions.

    • Engage Gray Matter

      As they say in Forrest Gump: “You stupid or something?”

    • Banksters_Rule_the_World

      Smart, rich folk don’t need to abort their babies cause they can afford nannies. Abortion is directed at the poor. Maybe that’s why over 50% of black babies are aborted.

  • mikemoair2

    Jessie Jackson used to be pro-life until he ran in 1976, had to switch loyalty, the man has no core values

  • scottwsomerville

    The abortion rates in the black community may explain a mystery of breast cancer research–the “black-white crossover.” (Google it.) Younger black women have a higher breast cancer rate than younger white women, but older black women have a lower breast cancer rate. This is perfectly consistent with an increase in the “transient risk” of breast cancer during the 15 years after an abortion.

    • Engage Gray Matter

      Shhhhhhhhh…..you cannot correlate the aborting of an unborn child with increased rates of breast cancer. You trying to start a fight or something with the left?

  • geezer_daddy

    D’em black sisters gots to learn how to take d’em free birth control pills and stop let’en every bro who come along have his way. Here today and gone tomorrow ain’t no way to raise up babies. In short stop be’in ho’s.

  • mikemoair2

    MLK tried to warn blacks of the trap of the welfare state and how it would destroy the black nuclear family……basically the same thing cliven bundy just said and was called racist. huh…..at first he was a criminal, THAT didn’t work, then he was a sovereign citizen THAT didn’t work, then he was a domestic terrorist THAT didn’t work, hey, call him a racist, yeah that’s the ticket, ad THAT didn’t work…he mimicked what MLK said a long time ago.

  • mikemoair2

    320 comments, she might as well be talking to an empty room, what a shame

  • SRH

    With a majority of progressive, liberal, eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s entrepreneurial death traps housed within heavily populated, underprivileged African American communities and knowing that her despotic intent was solely to carry out Aryan-styled racial genocide via Planned Parenthood (“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population” ~ Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon), why are Conservatives, who have been embroiled in a battle to eradicate this catastrophic butchery from the face of this planet, having such a difficult time gaining support from the African American population? Whatever the answer may be, I am excited to see that a remarkable spokesperson worthy of the podium, armed with relevant life and family experiences has employed the dreams of her grandfather to shed more light on this ongoing holocaust in efforts to open the eyes and minds of both the young and old.

    • John Brittingham

      “They are doing God’s work”
      Barack Hussein Obama

    • Disqus_Blazus

      I’m sure she’s not telling anyone to vote Republican!!

  • ItsMe_IsThatYou

    There are an estimated 3 million less black people in the US than there otherwise would be because of the amount of black baby abortions that have been happening for decades now.

    • lcicenine

      Too bad it’s not 30-million.

  • meme mcmullen

    Margaret Sanger has been lauded by some as a woman of valor, but a closer look reveals that Planned Parenthood’s audacious founder had some unsavory things to say about matters of race, birth control, and abortion. An outspoken eugenicist herself, Sanger consistently promoted racist ideals with a contemptuous attitude. Read on to learn why Planned Parenthood hides behind a false memory of Sanger, and why, despite her extraordinarily prolific writing career, one rarely sees her quoted by Planned Parenthood leaders and apologists.

    The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.
    (read more of this article)

  • mikemoair2

    but hospitals need heating

  • ManOnPoint

    I agree with you 100% Dr. King!!! Margaret Sanger would be proud of this on-demand birth control…This is from a conservative male voter.

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    If you linked this article from drudge and are die hard Pro-life and white, I suggest looking at article above this one and realizing what your society will look like even more rapidly based on your logic. Its a fact of nature. Whats unnatural is all the crap harmful food being put out in corporate corrupted food processing and distribution only hurts fertility of those from European backgrounds. YOU DO THE MATH

  • John McElhaney

    Thank you Dr. King for a much needed message.

    • mikemoair2

      ditto, it does no good to hear it from a white

  • Tracksuit Al

    I don’t see a problem here.

  • Chester Molster

    As if we need more poor people. What is her point? That we’d be better off with 16 million more poor, uneducated, unemployed black people? I’m not sure I understand how overpopulation is “winning.”

    Furthermore, the major plague on American black families is not that they abort their children, but that the father is never around. Fix that first please, before you start actually keeping your children. We don’t need sixteen million more single mothers.

  • Bryan Longnecker

    More abortions in new york than births. Thanks chief!!!!!Please choose the lesser
    of two evils vote republican for eventual fix someday in future!!!!!! lets get back on the right path! can i provoke emotions by saying what about the children and their
    future. WWJD or what would MLK do. what can we do!!!

    • mikemoair2

      under bush they controlled both houses, the white house AND nothing changed? abortion, sadly is a tool for both sides to raise funds, NOBODY wants that to change

  • mikemoair2

    side note: if you are ever in Hendersonville tn, you are a fool to not eat the beef ribs from center point BBQ, the home of the 3 little pigs, my god that guy is an artist with ribs, ALL of nashville’s music stars stop the bus there before they head out. FANTASTIC!!!!

  • fb0252

    news flash to ms. king. black babies are now being had for the $8-15,000 EITC tax credits. no one aborts them any more.

    • Tracksuit Al


  • Tracksuit Al

    Obamacare should include free abortions. Let’s get that done and keep moving forward!

  • rick

    OK Liberals, for the last 2 day’s you have been all over the news about a monster that was put to death in Ok, that it was torture. BUT Killing babies in the millions your OK with, Dem’s put minorities in zoo’s until it is time to vote then they promise them the moon,and Black leaders they also are alright with massive abortions in the Black and hispanic communitites.

  • koblog

    So does this stance make Dr. Alveda King anti-woman?

    • mredward

      And anti- Black. She wants to deprive them of their constitutional? right to abortion.

  • Stephen Brooks

    And how many people have been saying this for how long?
    Remember, Ms. Margaret The country seems to fascinated currently by the noted
    racist of the moment, L.A. Clipper owner Donald Sterling, but, lest we forget,
    Planned Parenthood founder and matriarch Margret Sanger was a racist as well, and
    of the worst kind, as she manifested and practically applied her hatred of
    minorities through her knowledge of science and medicine. Sterling’s freedom to
    practically apply his racial hatred was solely backed by his financial acumen,
    and primarily existed to the extent of his own world; that comfortable world he
    created for himself in his own mind, and then, his business dealings, primarily
    as a slumlord property owner.

    Ms. Sanger’s racial hatred was fundamentally applied to the
    society at large, detrimentally affecting many more multitudes of people in
    this country, through the long arm of Federal legislation within the courts;
    just as Obamacare is bad legislative policy, the full and consequential effects
    are years off from being felt, societally.

    The one constant this country has been aware of for the past
    40 years, is the detrimental societal and racial effects “Roe v.
    Wade” has had on America’s poor and minority community since it was
    upheld by the Supreme Court in 1973:
    over 56 million general abortions in the United States; 17 million of those
    within the African-American community alone, since that time; and, the
    “right to abort” is a mantra proudly held by relativists Democrats;
    and the majority of the Black community continues to vote in their favor,
    historically, every election cycle. On the one hand, Liberals have decried the
    genocide and discrimination of largely people of color, by both governments
    (1980’s Apartheid in South Africa), and 90’s genocide in the Sudan, among other
    abhorrent forms of mass slaughter, for years, the world over. But, on the issue
    of abortion, proponents (the majority of which are historically Democrat,
    Liberal, etc.,) are both passionate in their feelings toward this issue, and sharply
    nonchalant in their response in defense of their position that it is a
    “right.” They simply don’t seem to make the mental connection that they
    contradict their own moral and political position? ‘Whaaa, they say?’

    And, apparently, this moral, political ambiguity among those
    who hold this view- a view largely held by white, liberally educated, Liberal
    Democrats historically, is something that has not yet seemingly been recognized
    by that majority of white, liberally educated Liberal Democrats and, even more
    surprising, a great number of black men
    and women in this country who hold the same viewpoint; one most detrimental to
    their very existence. As an African-American male, I applaud Dr. King’s persistent,
    outspoken nature on this issue, and reflect the memory and views of her Uncle,
    the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • rick

    Black leaders like sharpton,who put abortions in the main front are only worried about there pockets.

  • Tracksuit Al

    If you want more people being attacked by mobs of fatherless kids in the cities, in the schools, on the school buses, ban abortion.

  • Tracksuit Al

    Is this like a religious site or something?

  • Dunnyveg

    I can’t help but be amused by those who hysterically shriek about black genocide. The descendants of four hundred thousand slaves brought to this country now number forty million, which works out to one hundred descendants of slaves for every slave brought to these shores. If this is genocide, it is the most incompetent attempt in the history of the world.

    As far as abortion is concerned, since nobody is forcing abortions on blacks, this “genocide” is self-inflicted.

    This woman is just another hysterical liberal. She is proof that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

    • mredward

      Assuming the 40 million figure is correct. I have always wondered how many are actually descended from slaves. As opposed to later immigrants. And would they be entitled to reparations etc?

      • Dunnyveg

        I just checked the numbers, and according to the census there are over thirty-nine million blacks in the US. There has never been a genocidal campaign against blacks in this country, even during the bad old days of slavery. In fact, the US was an anomaly insofar as we had the only slave population known to history that reproduced itself without constant importations of new slaves.

        My Mexican history professor in college specialized in slavery in Mexico, which was actually perpetrated by the Spanish. Almost as many African slaves were brought into Mexico as were brought to these shores. Yet black Mexicans are very rare (although there are a few). The reason is that Spain really did practice genocide against its black population. Only men were imported, and they were worked to death. Thus, Mexico has no race problem with blacks.

        I have read that it is the case that more blacks have moved to this country voluntarily than were imported as slaves–hardly reinforcing the hysterical liberal notion that this country is some kind of hotbed of racism. But almost all of those blacks have come since 1965, so their numbers are still relatively small. The overwhelming majority of blacks in this country are descended from the slave population.

  • Tracksuit Al

    Who’s going to raise all the black babies if abortion is illegal?

    • Disqus_Blazus

      Hard-working, productive, responsible taxpayer-victims.

  • ImpStout

    Funny, I said the same decades ago and was told to shut my rightwing face.

  • NosVerbo,Filius

    i take my fetus like i take my chicken.

    white meat only.


    it’s just a matter of time.

    • Tracksuit Al

      Fetal leg confit?

  • mikemoair2

    sadly, MOST people who call someone a racist have NO idea who invented the terms racist/racism and why…….DO A LITTLE READING ABOUT LEON TROTSKY, HE INVENTED IT

  • Tracksuit Al

    81% out of wedlock birth rate for first born blacks.

    Anyone else remember this concept called shame?

    • NosVerbo,Filius

      vaguely, hows that go again?

      • Tracksuit Al

        Not well…not well at all.

    • mredward

      Thank you LBJ.

    • Disqus_Blazus

      They have no shame, that’s the problem.


    She speaks the truth. Black Americans have been race baited into selling out…selling their souls to the Democrat party for 30 pieces of silver…for the empty promises of the Democrat party. I’ve never been able to reconcile how and why black Americans could be so hoodwinked by the democrat party, the party who supports all that harms them. I don’t get it…

    • Tracksuit Al


      • foundingstockcracker

        Gibs me dat free ‘boshon

  • Indiana Montoya

    Just look at old newspapers. This was the goal of the Planned Parenthood founders in the first place. Anyone over 60 may remember this.

  • mredward

    No, no. She is obviously wrong. The Democrats only push abortion on Blacks because Democrats understand Blacks are not equipped to raise children. They only want to help. But always remember, it is the Republicans who are racist.

  • NosVerbo,Filius

    do they use mostly black babies to flavor pepsi or white babies?

    eh, maybe chinese babies?

    • Tracksuit Al

      I think that’s Tab. Do they still make Tab?

  • Tracksuit Al

    Abortions are so passé. It’s time to up the ante and supply them with voluntary sterilization. We should pay young women to get sterilized, voluntary of course. Voilà, no more abortions from her.

  • Nos
    • Chi Sam

      Silly zealous hyperbole is unmanly…

  • mikemoair2

    BUT! glenn beck IS the judas goat

  • Bluto Blutarski

    Who’s fault is that? I do not see any white doctors driving around forcing 53% of black females terminating little fetuses.
    Well thank God for abortions given her theory. I used to think it was wrong but after she framed her idea I see her point. Thank God for abortions (which they so fervently fight for) and sickle cell. Everyone of them that hit the garbage can is one less that I have to worry about knocking me or somebody in my family in the head.
    I am tired of trying to get along.

    • Tracksuit Al

      Mr. Blutarski. Zero point zero.

      • Bluto Blutarski

        was it that high?

  • Fred Garvin

    And that is why I contribute as much money as possible. To hopefully abort the next colossal failure of a president.

    • First , we are not going to have another President like Obozo.
      Second, all who supported slavery were free, all who support abortion have been born. Abortion is not the answer to the world’s problems, it’s not going to stop us or any other country from having a bad leader.

      • Disqus_Blazus

        Yeah, that’s what I thought after the first failed term, but the guilt-ridden DWL’s (Deranged White Liberals) had to vote that useless idipot ot a 2nd term. I don’t blame the blacks for voting for him, because they do everything en masse–I blame the idiot whites!!

    • Ken C

      No more darkies staining the White House, huh?

    • Disqus_Blazus


  • Ice

    The KKK could not kill this many minorities in their wildest dreams.

  • Darnell

    A form of black genocide that is supported by a black president. I remember how Obama said “God bless Planned Parenthood”. When will the black community wake up and realize what’s going on?

  • mowowie

    Hate to say it but I have no problem with this.

  • Tracksuit Al

    God aborted all the first born children of Egypt.

    • mikemoair2

      wouldn’t it have been easier killing the 1 guy he had a problem with? huh

      • Tracksuit Al

        He was making a point. Lol

        • mikemoair2

          god loves his children?

  • Chi Sam

    If Condoleeza Rice made these remarks, the usual suspects would call her a ‘house n*****’. I dare them to speak their minds about a King family member. Frauds…

    • Ken C

      Please, she is barely a “member of the King family”. She is a relative of MLK that the right can’t wait to parade out.

      • philster7656

        In other words, “No TRUE Scotsman would do such a thing…”

      • SLOHAPPY

        She is about as close a family member to King as one could be, outside of his own children. She is his NIECE for crying out loud. You lefties… smh…don’t even care to live in TRUTH. Geez…

        • Ken C

          How often do you see her with other members of the family? She is doing nothing but TRYING to life off the name. I’m sure her uncle is saying “forgive her lord, she knows. It what she does…”

          • Chi Sam

            Do you speak like you write, mushmouth?

  • Tracksuit Al

    The only thing worse than a mother deciding the fate of her unborn baby is the government doing so.

  • Shannon Pendergrass

    Someone please slap the stupid out of that woman! EVERY race has abortions so to imply that only one race is suffering from this murderous mentality is offensive, and WRONG! So why isn’t the media all over that racist comment??????????? Oh because she is black so that means it couldn’t possibly be racist! RIGHT!!!!!!!

    • another_conservative_in_exile

      let me explain it to you Shannon. you see her uncle was sort of, kind of, famous for trying to improve the condition of American blacks; in fact, he gave his very life for this exact cause, and we even made a national holiday to kind of, sort of, honor him for his courage and commitment to improving this country (without violence) to make it a good place for all of us. so this explains why his niece, also a minister committed to the exact same causes of her famous uncle, is speaking about the subject of abortion—and here’s the tie-in Shannon— as it relates to the present day condition of American blacks. She is his legacy and the cause of American blacks is near and dear to her heart. and that doesn’t make her a racist.

  • 4godandcountry

    Margret Sanger has been tap dancing in her coffin ever since the dem.party got behind planned parenthood

  • BadWhisky

    You are absolutely correct Mrs. King… That was the express purpose of planned parenthood when Margret Sanger set it up; the actual mission statement at the time. No human is expendable while still in the womb irregardless of race, and if more people understood that concept life would be much better…

    • So true, regardless how that life came to be or how much society thinks it does not have value. Life needs to be respected at all levels, especially the unborn.

  • Testicules

    Cue the mindless sheep of the left to start shrieking the word “racist” 3… 2…

    Oh, wait…

  • Kim Dotcom

    While Alveda is absolutely right, she will backtrack on her comments after being brought back in line by the Statists. She’s still got the leftist DNA in her though. Mass killings of unborn children is genocide, regardless of skin color.

  • guest

    Unreal. Tens of thousands of black-on-black murders every year,
    and THIS is what she wants to discuss?

    • Kim Dotcom

      “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery — then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” – Jesse Jackson

      • Goreloon

        You beat me to it!!

    • Verbotene Gedanken

      Perhaps if we, as a society, affirmed the sanctity of life then the murder rate (after birth) would begin to fall.

      Just sayin’…

  • who_dat

    Dr. Gosnell is exhibit A. ALL of his abortions were black babies!

  • Dan

    And the president most supportive of abortion is,,,,,,,drum roll!!!!!!!! Barack Obama!!

    • another_conservative_in_exile

      supportive right up until the moment of delivery

  • Buzz

    Cliven Bundy said basically the same thing and he’s considered a racist for pointing out what he thought are disturbing facts.

    • Kim Dotcom

      Bundy is white and he will be mocked so long as he opposes Statism. Black Professor Derrick Bell of Harvard stated: “I live to harass white folks.” and that’s okay. Just another teachable moment.

    • 912er

      This is the way the leftists operate…I don’t know much about Bundy or the Clippers owner’s comments…But it doesn’t matter…..You better just take their word for it that that they must be silenced and if you want to wait til the facts come out then you must be just as bad as them and will be lumped in with them…..The old mob mentality tactic…..As for Alveda King….I love her,she is amazing.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    MLK would be proud. Obama would be ashamed.

    Do the math.

  • Bo Jiden

    Well, yeah. That was Margret Sanger’s plan all along: begin an organization (planned parenthood) that would get black people to eliminate themselves, along with all the other people she wished would be killed so she and all the other superior people could enjoy the earth’s spoils. She was truly evil.

  • day_in_the_sun

    You could argue the 1.2 million killed by conservative lies in Iraq is genocide against Arabs.

    It’s telling. Conservative lie so much they live in a constant lie. We have life valuing conservatives who had no problem with bombs ripping fetuses from the wombs of their mothers and whole families were physically torn apart by metal fragments. These life loving conservative sat in front of their TV’s cheering a murderous war on that solved nothing and that never needed to be fought.

    Capital punishments shows a truth about prolife conservatives. These life loving conservatives know innocent people have and will be executed. They see these human lifes as having the value of eggs. To conservatives executions are like breaking a few eggs to make ham and cheese omelets.

    The fact is conservatives have deeply blood stained hands. They are little more than accomplices to murder. Conservatives are only against abortion because liberals are in favor of letting women control their bodies.

    • Chi Sam

      Quite the drama queen… You never once garnered the respect and admiration of your father, did you?

    • Goreloon


    • Disqus_Blazus

      Blaaah Blaaaaaah, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  • marcuspiggus

    Democrats fought against the Civil Rights Act.

    Democrats promote keeping the black population in check through abortion.

    Democrat policies have kept blacks trapped in poverty.

    Why do blacks keep voting for Democrats???

    • njguy53

      And they imposed the Jim Crow laws after the Civil war. Don’t forget that one too.

    • another_conservative_in_exile

      they also started the civil war–those were southern democrats that rebelled. the republican party was actually formed to abolish slavery without bloodshed, but the southern democrats forced the issue. and the republicans in congress were responsible for passing the civil rights act, over the objections of southern democrats, such as al gore’s dad. blacks possibly vote democratic because they believe that republicans are heartless SOBs. republicans sometimes appear this way because republicans question the effectiveness of the democratic programs, such as the war on poverty, while democrats expect to receive a free pass merely because they appear to have the best of intentions. the problem could be fixed if republicans had a House Speaker or Senate Majority Leader that could actually articulate their case.

    • Disqus_Blazus

      Because they’re stupid.

  • njguy53

    Come on, step up. It’s human genocide. Just say it.

  • douglas gray

    Below are some revelations from a Catholic visionary, from Mary about abortion:
    From that point of view killing a baby immediately after it is born, and killing it before it is born are roughly the same, in the moral order of things:
    “Abortion is the great divide and abortion will always be the great divide. I will not compromise. I will not forsake the unborn, even if America has forsaken these smallest of her citizens.

    I will divide you and divide you and divide you. I will let your economy collapse. I will tear your congress apart. I will rip up your constitution. As long as America says that every woman has a constitutional right to kill the child in her womb, I will hold your constitution as unconstitutional. It is no longer a valid document. America, you only think you have a constitution. The Debt Crisis just reveals what I have been doing to you since your Supreme Court made its 1973 decision. Now, I will strip you naked in the streets, for all to see.

    You cannot solve your crises because you cannot solve your divisions. Will I allow a house to stand which kills its unborn, millions and millions of these, and all done legally? Legally? By whose law yours or my Son s? America, your debt crises is rooted in your divisions and your divisions are rooted in your Supreme Court abortion decision. Find a middle ground! Find a middle ground! This is your cry: Yes, I want you to find a middle ground but your middle ground is not my middle ground. My middle ground is life. Your middle ground is death. A country can only be united to preserve life. How can you be unified when you protect those who cause death?

    The Causes of World Problems July 26, 2011

    …….The great divide began with abortion. That issue set up the walls. Go back. Look at the political process before the legalization of abortion. Was there not a bipartisan approach, a trying to work things out? Abortion changed all that. Those who followed God s law suddenly saw an issue where there could be no compromise. Many had to withdraw. Others compromised their beliefs. Abortion is the great divide and abortion will always be the great divide. I will not compromise. I will not forsake the unborn, even if America has forsaken these smallest of her citizens.

    I will divide you and divide you and divide you. I will let your economy collapse. I will tear your congress apart. I will rip up your constitution. As long as America says that every woman has a constitutional right to kill the child in her womb, I will hold your constitution as unconstitutional. It is no longer a valid document. America, you only think you have a constitution. The Debt Crisis just reveals what I have been doing to you since your Supreme Court made its 1973 decision. Now, I will strip you naked in the streets, for all to see.

    You cannot solve your crises because you cannot solve your divisions. Will I allow a house to stand which kills its unborn, millions and millions of these, and all done legally? Legally? By whose law yours or my Son s? America, your debt crises is rooted in your divisions and your divisions are rooted in your Supreme Court abortion decision. Find a middle ground! Find a middle ground! This is your cry: Yes, I want you to find a middle ground but your middle ground is not my middle ground. My middle ground is life. Your middle ground is death. A country can only be united to preserve life. How can you be unified when you protect those who cause death?

  • BadaBing Crosby

    Democrats are against the death penalty but are for Abortion……………

    • Undecider

      The Republicans prefer to exercise abortion with 500 pound bombs.

      • submod

        how many American blacks have been killed with 500 pound bombs?

      • It’s almost over

        I believe Bill Clinton and Odumbo have started and have continued waring across the world…! Only Republicans?

        Very weak argument….try again!

        Out of the 6 major wars in the last 100 yrs. 2 presidents were Republicans and 4 were Dems.

      • Goreloon

        Got any new material??

      • CheriCAL

        Uh, like Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Ooops I don’t think that was a Republican!

  • submod

    I agree with her. Can you imagine the crime and state of the US if this wasn’t happening. We’d look like Africa.

  • abcdefg_1

    Her words will not please Jesse and Al !

  • Undecider

    This is good. She’s obviously not parroting the ideals of the US government. Ms. King is going to make it difficult for the Obama Administration to walk in the shadow of MLK.

    Let’s hope the FBI doesn’t gun her down as they did with her grandfather. You know, Jesse Jackson was part of hit team.

  • It’s almost over

    You won’t here this story on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, or BBC! Neither will it be in any Liberal papers or magazine across Amerika!

  • Nunya Bidness

    About time leaders in the African American community realize what Planned Parenthood is all about! It’s eugenics!!! Shame on the liberal left for their willingness to support the wanton slaughter of tens of MILLIONS of innocent children.

  • Goreloon


  • charlie york

    give me a break. Black genocide? Has anyone mentioned that they have a high abortion rate because they have a high unplanned pregnancy rate? As a group, blacks have one of the highest rates of unwed mothers and poverty. That is not a correlation. Maybe Ms. King should preach better use of birth control and better behavior in general before she rants about abortion. Abortion is not the problem.

    • Abortion is a sympton of a bigger problem. Killing these innocent humans is not going to resolve the major problem of babies been born to unwed moms.
      Attitudes and behaviors need to change, that’s the problem. Abortion is not the solution.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    The Democratic Party doesn’t just have blacks on their plantation anymore. They’re the true racists who are trying to exterminate the black population. The GOP is not much better because when they had a chance to make a difference they did nothing except pass legislation against Partial-Birth Abortion. They could have opened the door for an Article V Constitutional Convention for the purpose of an Abortion Amendment to the Constitution to override the Supreme Court if they couldn’t get enough votes in the Senate to pass it, but they did – as usual – absolutely nothing.

  • another_conservative_in_exile

    this is why the liberals are so fixated on legalizing the illegals– because they need to make up for the loss of so many potential constituents due to abortion.

  • derdagian1

    Tell King that the FEMINISTs have done this to her chilearn.

    Not Republicans

  • derdagian1

    Axe her how dis beez cause uh duh white men of property?

  • theallseeingmaster .

    If black women kept their knees together more often, none of this would be necessary. If black men were more responsible whenever they were chasing their genitals, none of this would be necessary.

    • The problem is not how many times they are doing it but they are not married. So there is no commitment, the mom feels that killing this baby is the best solution since many men who sleep around don’t want to be responsible for a child.

  • Michael

    GOOD. Sorry to say let it happen. This is what black youth do to whit kids and Hispanics all the time in every part of the country…

    Black Youth Mob Beats White Kid on Bus – Posts It on YouTube (Video)


  • Sam

    Abortion is used in place of other forms of birth control by certain demographic groups…its that simple.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    There is always two sides to every issue and abortion falls into that category. Sometimes it is bad. sometimes it is good.

    • Killing an innocent human being is never good. Killing someone who wants to harm your family, might be needed ,but killing someone who has done nothing wrong is not good,.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    Margaret Sanger of the Progressive movement of the 1920’s would be proud

  • Nancy

    Let it be. If not for abortion we would be more overrun with little black welfare recipients. Abortion controls the black population. We can’t afford to allow them all to be born.

    • What about the white ones that live in the Applachians mts.? Is it okay if they live just not the black ones right?

  • Silly Liberals

    DUH!!! There is a reason democrats fight to murder babies.

  • Taciturn

    Have you ever watched the Maury Povich show, you imbecile ? Cull that herd you stupid woman.

  • BadaBing Crosby

    Abort all Liberals. ……

  • Gary Levine

    Quit playing the Hoos yer daddy so friggin much and get some moral character

  • addtocart

    Having scads of babies with no fathers and no way to support them is genocide.

  • C. Adkins

    what faith are the people most promoting abortion?

  • Richard

    She is a female uncle tom spitting on her uncle’s grave. Abortion is healthcare and she wants to deny healthcare to her own people.

    • Women being fertile is a gift to women. It’s not a health problem that needs to be fixed.

    • CheriCAL

      It isn’t healthcare to the unborn. Sanger specifically wanted abortion available to get rid of what she termed as “undesirables” which to her included blacks. Healthcare my a**.

  • Richard

    If MLK were alive today he would spit in her uncle tom face.

  • docdave88

    So why do you vote Democrat you idiot?

  • Pablo Diablo

    I say it’s more of a good start!

  • D. G.

    Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an anti-Black racist.

  • Liberty for all

    A little info. for everyone who votes for anyone who supports sin.
    You cannot be a Christian and vote for a person who supports SIN. i.e. Abortion, Homosexuality.
    A vote for someone who supports sin is a direct vote for SIN itself. You cannot be a Christian and support sin. In order to be a Christian you have to repent of sin, therefore if you support sin IN ANY WAY, then you are therefore not a Christian and are against God. Sorry but you can’t defend supporting sin when Jesus tells you “depart from me I never knew you.”

  • Somerandomdude

    Well in conservative circles we have called it Black Genocide for a good while. We also routinely talk about it when an abortion discussion comes up. Maybe she should step up and begin a campaign against the side doing major harm to black people. It is nice to hear others say it, but, I’m disappointed she couldn’t note how many conservatives have argued that very same point and was called racist.

  • RayGulyas

    So far, Margaret Sanger is winning. She promoted the idea of Eugenics to eliminate Black babies to kill off all blacks. White people, I think, are not far behind because the total baby killings are above 50 million since R v W.

    unless we all stop planned parenthood and abortion and the killing continues, what do you think our Creator (GOD) thinks about this crime? What do you think He will do to us if we continue to kill babies? I have no idea what He will do because I am not presumptuous to know what is in G OD’s mind, but it won’t be pretty. It will be ugly for us.
    When the Jewish people turned their back on GOD they were enslaved, then they were murdered by the millions. Almost 20 percent of our total population were killed because they are inconvenient! Maybe we will become inconvenient to GOD.

  • sirandrew

    If the Black community and everyone wants to stop abortions ,they should use condoms ,keep the zipper closed or keep their legs crossed. This way there will not be a so called need for an abortion

  • SpiritK9

    It’s not at all accurate or honest to call it genocide. Women are not forced at gunpoint into abortion clinics to be gutted of their fetus, they do it willingly. The fact that abortion is available and used so much goes directly back to what this woman stands for, then uses it as a race card. Absolutely abhorrent, and she should be flayed for her hypocrisy.

  • Richard

    uncle tom cnt

  • malcom

    how can this be? Whites are dying out or being bred out and being slaughtered so their population is going down while black population is increasing.

  • Richard Genco

    She will be called an Uncle Tom by the racist left

  • CheriCAL

    Do you think that Kermit Gosnell’s clinic was the only of its kind operating as a murder mill? Abortion proponents are fighting vehemently against having clinics put under the same health and safety regulations as hospitals and clinics. I thought that a women’s health was so important to them? Hmmm.


    Yeah Thanks, Us Conservatives have been telling you black folks for years now, but you still vote for baby killers. Why? Its like you vote your own demise.

  • bull57

    The mother doesn’t want to her mother a grandmother at the age of 28 I’m guessing.

  • CheriCAL

    Want to see real racism and misogny in play? Be a conservative person of color and/or a conservative woman. The screams and name calling from the so-called tolerant left reveals who and what they really are.

  • Julian Fries

    She’s right on the money. Also, Feral Negroes have free reign to beat people up wherever they may roam. If you think that type of behaviour is out of line…well…you’re a racist.

  • f0rtylegz

    Pregnant people who seek abortions in the first trimester should be incarcerated, and then FORCED to have the children they don’t want! The Taliban is right. Life IS all about MY religious beliefs. If you believe differently then we are at war.

  • Red47

    Planned Parenthood was designed for this, and it seems to be working. Where is the outrage?

  • Peter913

    Thank you, thank you, thank you DR. ALVEDA KING for speaking the truth.

  • Beatrix Phocas

    It’s not surprising that the opposition to Obama’s, “I don’t want to punish a woman with a baby,” attitude is strong, black and proud. Dr. King’s words can and will wake up a lot of women.

  • BahiaBob

    Dr. Alveda King has my highest respect and encouragement to continue her message to her American people. Her voice and power may turn the tide and remove her people from the plantation of liberalism and culture of death for your unborn. Murder of the innocent brought to you by Planned Parenthood and the Democrats. Martin would be mighty proud!

  • WHAT WE NEED HERE IS to investigate this creep back to his college days fir possible drug use, criminal records, judgements and liens, sex crimes, and all the rest of it. WHO is this “gentleman” to hold himself up as purer than ye and me?

    EYE will investigate this ______r myself if I have to. I assure you he is not certified as PURER than Jesus!

    I’m 70 and i’ll put the gloves on with this b______ if he wants to go.


  • lcicenine

    That’s why I give to planned parenthood and Susan Komen.

  • Taciturn

    Just watch the Maury Povich show once or twice..That will make you 110% pro-abortion..This woman is an imbecile !

    • Davole

      The fact that you think (change that word to “feel”) that anyone can be 110% pro-anything demonstrates that you are the imbecile!

  • rural_americans

    Only the GOP is willing to go up against the billion dollar abortion industry. Both Dr. King’s are on the right side of this heinous issue.

  • Jaye

    If JFK and MLK were alive today they would be republicans. They both hated liberals, even with Joe Kennedy as JFK’s father. she is right, but black community is so invested in the left it won’t change.

  • WhatUSaid?

    Wow…all of a sudden I’m pro abortion. I mean, have you seen how blacks act? They truly are crazy!

    • flagirl336

      Seriously, get a grip.

  • Major Kalhoun

    How many times have I said that DEMOCRATS are MURDERING millions upon millions of BLACK in a program of genocide while black leaders cheer them on.

  • Reality

    Yes, in order to advance, black people should have far more children. Because having children doesn’t affect your chances at a career or better pay, does it?

    Let’s be honest. If you are a single woman of any color who is trying to advance her career, and you become pregnant, having a child will not do anything to get you out of poverty and will severely reduce your employment prospects. To call it genocide is unfair. Rates of abortion do not vary among races when controlled for income. This is not a racial issue, it’s a class issue.

    • Davole

      If it’s a class issue, your class was dismissed hours ago – your mommy’s impatiently waiting for you to find your way home.

    • MalibuJoe

      If it were not for laws encouraging pregnancy and single-motherhood Blacks would have more families. The children would be more disciplined and become useful members of society. Instead our leadership has screwed up the country so much that even two-parent families must send both parents to work rather than raising the children. The government-induced single parent families, with government subsidies, produce a great number of irresponsible, easily bought, and stupid voters. Ask yourself if our leaders are really THAT stupid, or whether they have an “evil” plan.

  • kenpuck

    I wish Dr. King would just shut up about this. Why interfere?


    Then why don’t you support Pro Life Candidates? Could it be that you want the government hand outs more?

  • Dell Richards

    Hmmm, was it not Rancher Bundy that had the same message last week?

  • Al Simmons

    If it wasn’t for the whites supporting the blacks, they would have been extinct years ago.

  • Kj

    Thank you Avelda for your brave words that are so true ,NY is killing 2 of 3 black baby’s every year ,and the Democrats love you black children ,right ,
    Statins is the Father of the Lie ,and so many Democrats march to Satins orders!

  • Richard

    uncle tom piece of garbage. Tap dancing for christian amerikka

  • Richard

    She doesnt even look black

    • RossPoldark

      So you think all minorities should think alike?? What a moron racist you are. Typical demo rat.

  • sup

    “We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten that idea out if it ever occurs
    to any of their more rebellious members.”
    Margaret Sanger (founder Planned Parenthood) Dec. 10. 1939 in a memo titled “The Negro Project”

    Do I need to say more?

    “The woman has a right to choose what happens to her body,”Dr. King recalls her grandfather saying, “but that baby is not her body.”

    I learned this quote reading this article and my respect for this great man rose even further and saddens me just thinking what this world would be like if he was still alive.

  • TheRMSDave

    Words of wisdom from her grandfather. What could be more wholesome?

  • jumpy64

    yes but the media will of course ignore these facts, which have been availabe for some time and they wil continue to give air time to the racebaiters who are guilty of the most evil of crimes by being champions for so called womens rights while destroying there own people while they line their pockets with that blood money

  • RossPoldark

    the democrats praise the late Margaret sanger for her fight for women’s reproductive rights. If they did a little research they would find out Ms Sangers was really a racist.

  • Megamimi

    and lest we forget, it is not conservatives, not Republicans, but progressive liberals and Democrats who stand four square behind Planned Parenthood’s original intent of abortion.

    • TMAC

      Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron. You aren’t a parent if you abort it.

  • pilgrimsjog

    Hillary Clinton defends racist democrat, Margaret Sanger, by pointing to democrat, Thomas Jefferson, to argue against, then to argue for, democrat racism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W-iP_oejJ8&t=1m06s

  • sean

    Genocide or crime stoppers?

  • bluppy

    Liberals and the race baiters hate her and put her down whenever they can. She makes sense. Doesn’t put up with the likes of Al Sharpton and others.

    • strait talker

      She is an “Aunt Tom” to them.

  • Dismas In Wonderland

    Margaret Sanger is to the African-American what Hitler was to the Jew. Planned parenthood is to the African-American fetus what Auschwitz, Belzec, Chełmno, Jasenovac, Majdanek, Maly Trostenets, Sobibór, and Treblinka extermination camps were to the Jews.

    But let’s not forget that pre-born babies of every race are being murdered every day in America. Like Dr. Alveda King said, “There is only one race on the planet, the human race.” Planned Parenthood, and all abortionists are equal opportunity murderers.

  • AuldGuy

    well… yes it is.

  • The_Chump

    Who is the biggest monster: the woman who murders her unborn child for convenience, or the pre-1865 southern plantation owner who personally impregnates his female slaves and then makes his own mixed-race children slaves or sells them as slaves to someone else?

    • strait talker

      You should use the name “ignorant bigoted chump.”

      • The_Chump

        Mary Chesnut, the “Diarist of the Confederacy” in her diary said “God forgive us, but ours is a monstrous system….Any lady is ready to tell you who is the father of all the mulatto children in everybody’s household but her own.”

      • The_Chump

        It seems to me, that a man who would enslave his own child and the mother of his child, is a monster. And a woman who would have her unborn child murdered for her personal convenience is also a monster. I am talking about monsters here.

    • roval

      oh,i dont know.you should ask a Democrat that.since they were the ones who imposed slavery.and fought every piece of Legislation introduced by Republicans to eliminate “Jim Crow”laws.established by southern Dixiecrats.readers here please google”History of Racism and the Democrat Party”.

      • The_Chump

        I don’t care whether someone is a democrat or a republican, I am just posing a moral question.

  • strait talker

    Racism has been a problem since there was more than one race, and always will be.
    Consider the Jewish situation that has been going on for thousands of years.
    The best we can hope for is a “level playing field” for all races, which we do not currently have.
    Today, white people, in particular Christians, are the most discriminated against segment of society. Blacks enjoy entitlements and racial preferences that are long undeserved.
    These comments will surely draw criticism, which is testament to the hypersensitivity associated with this subject. The divisiveness prevalent in our society today is symptomatic of the “unequal rights” afforded it’s citizens, namely white ones.

  • UtopianPlan

    Bless you Alveda. I have been saying the very same thing to all who will listen….for many years.

  • Richard

    Worthless uncle tom piece of trash. She WONT be meeting MLK in the afterlife.

  • jtinphx

    cross your legs

  • Justin OB

    This is one issue where liberals cant pull the race card. Eugenics has been targeted at black people through abortion going back to the days of the racist Margaret Sanger. Although I am a Libertarian and would not ban abortion, I dont think the government has a place subsidizing it and forcing others to pay for it through Obamacare. I also understand the impact that it has had on our society and do agree that ultimately it is evil and is population control directed at poor people. Elites arent lining up to have their bloodlines thinned through abortions.

  • TheBruce

    Doctor King, that’s why liberals call abortion a gift from God. A few have told me personally they wish even more black women were having abortions.

  • NiggerPunkOsambo

    Consistent with getting even by rioting and burning your own neighborhood down. The word sub-human comes to mind.

  • AZfederalist

    She gets it. The last 50 years have not been kind to the black community. The actions of the democrats were designed for two things: 1) get themselves a locked-in voting base and 2) make themselves feel good because of their compassion. Doesn’t matter that what they did was absolutely the worst thing in the world for those they have enslaved with their government benefits and the destruction of the black family. Their intentions were good, so that’s what really matters.

  • xi624

    No one wants to talk about the reality of the societal apocalypse if these fetuses were carried to term. The US would already be a third world cesspool.

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    Great lady.

  • Maximu

    Blackbortion is the other name for crime prevention and reducing the federal deficit.

  • Guest

    If most black men could be sterilized there would be no more black babies and no more half breeds and a number of society’s problems would be solved in a generation or two.

  • 57nomad

    American blacks are aborting themselves into extinction, and they are being cheered on by white liberals. When black people open their eyes to the evil done to them by the white liberal elitists, who are the true racists in this country, there will be a true second revolution.

  • Prism

    Well said Dr. King.

  • TahoeGuy

    Must say I’m fine with not having more unwanted scum running around. Its already rampant in the black community. They can’t seem to figure it out.