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Student: Prof Warns Ted Cruz-Teabaggers To Leave Class Or Go Home In Body Bag

SANTA BARBARA – Alice Gilbert can vividly recall her first day of class last fall in a black studies course called “The Obama Phenomenon” offered by Professor Otis Madison at UC Santa Barbara.

That’s because before his introductory lecture was over, the scholar “warned Ted Cruz-supporting ‘teabaggers’ to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag,” Gilbert said in an email interview with The College Fix.

“The comment is from memory, however there were other students with me in the class who can attest to them,” Gilbert said. “When Professor Madison made his comments in the very first lecture, I was taken aback and offended.”

Gilbert said as a conservative student, she enrolled in the course to broaden her horizons and learn about the president from a perspective other than what she is normally exposed to, but dropped it after Madison’s remarks.

She never complained to administrators.

“He did not target me by name, so I did not feel that there was a lot the school could do based on a student just being offended by something said in class,” said Gilbert, a junior and statewide College Republican student leader.

Gilbert is telling her story now as part of the new social media campaign #MyLiberalCampus, in which students post AliceGilbertanecdotal evidence describing when their conservative beliefs have been disregarded or denigrated by professors or peers.

The effort, launched by the College Republican National Committee, strives to highlight the discrimination and intolerance conservative students face everyday on campuses nationwide. So far, more than 350,000 people have engaged in the conversation.

As for Madison, who is listed as a “lecturer” on his faculty profile, in an email to The College Fix, he offered a different recollection of the first “The Obama Phenomenon” lecture he taught last fall.

The following is his verbatim response:

No. I said that any conservative ideas were welcome but they had to be academic ideas. That tea party non sense like “Obama is a Nazi, Communist, Muslin elitist would not be tolerated and that I would destroy those concepts. You cannot be a Nazi, a communist, a Muslim, and an elitist at the same time. These are philosophically contradictory concepts. If on the other hand you wanted to discuss Obama’s politics that would be welcome. I said, for example, that there is very little difference between Obama and George Bush as it relates to the recovery from the recession. Both moved in the direction of TARP.

Thus, people who wanted to argue the above nonsense should take another class or tune in to the Fox news bobble.

Madison first debuted “The Obama Phenomenon” in fall 2010, and it is slated to be offered again this summer.

Asked to describe the class, Madison said it looks at President Obama’s personal background in the “context of Black political philosophy.”Madison

The primary textbook is “A Home Elsewhere” by Robert B. Stepto, in which Obama’s “Dreams From My Father” provides the context for Stepto’s analysis.

Madison went on to note his class looks at the way historical black intellectuals and activists have attempted to rationalize “their relationship to racism in U.S. society.”

“The second half of the course concerns Obama the politician,” he continued. “In that context I argue that Obama (is) not a radical, not the second coming of Malcolm X, but is a technocrat.”

“The next part of the class looks at the racist reaction to a Black man being President. This is where the Tea Party racism and the Birther movement racism is considered. Finally we look at the two election cycles and the factors that led to Obama’s victory.”

As for student reactions to Madison’s comments targeting conservatives, Gilbert points out “the rest of the class did not seem to mind, and some found the comments funny.”

“I was with a friend who is also a conservative student on campus, and though he was very surprised as well, he ultimately decided to stay in the class,” she said.

That student is traveling abroad and unavailable for comment.

College Fix contributor Austin Yack is a student at UC Santa Barbara.

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Austin Yack - University of California, Santa Barbara.

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  • thesafesurfer

    Just another racist. They come in all colors.

    • A-Train

      looks like a card-carrying communist to me.

    • throwthemout

      mostly the color of liberals

  • Deon

    I am a political scientist and am appalled that a respected doctoral program like UCSB would have a Ph.D. student who would behave in this manner and be so divorced from reality. Based solely on his verbatim response, it is clear that Madison lacks the scientific detachment and scholarly temperament to be in a political science classroom. Shame on UCSB for pandering to this person and these viewpoints.

    • FranklySpeaking15

      Who’s divorced from reality? You say student but then refer to Madison, the lecturer.

      • Chris Bray

        Madison is a PhD candidate – he’s both a student and a professor.

        • the DH

          As a PHd Candidate, he does NOT deserve the title “professor” !

          • Chris Bray


          • DB1954

            He deserves the title of jackass.

          • Mel Content

            A title which he apparently worked hard to earn…

      • Robert Laurel

        / Douh…LOL Dumb Ass.

        • bill

          Frankly Speaking is frankly showing us how ill-prepared he/she is to engage debate,,,,common core perhaps?

    • Mudpie

      This is the norm my friend. The exception is the major (and increasingly minor) universities that still maintain rigor and freedom of thought in their curricula.

    • Chapmac

      You evidently have a high opinion of poly-sci.

  • Dwayne

    Even in his response you can see a biased viewpoint and lies that are being taught as truth, e.g. the “Tea Party racism”. The Tea Party has nothing to do with race. It has to do with limiting government in its powers, and in its spending. It has to do with law and the equal enforcement of the laws.

    • Kile

      Blacks depend upon government for everything in their lives. If you want smaller government then you want black babies to starve and die, therefore you are a racist. (sarcasm).

      • George Okiedoke

        seek therapy

        • Kile

          I don’t need therapy. I can see very clearly. What I need is smaller government and more freedom and to be allowed to keep more of what I earn instead of having it confiscated from me by the government so they can give it to people who did not earn it and do not deserve it and are not even thankful for it.

          • TheUnioneer

            To be fair, there are those on welfare that legitimately need it because they’re going through a rough patch in their lives. Soon as they recover they go off welfare. Course, that’s the difference. These people actually make an EFFORT to improve and get back on their feet.

          • none

            I certainly have no problem with those needing assistance for a period of time until they can get on their feet. Drug screening, for one, would probably help. As in my church, if someone needs financial help, someone of authority goes to the home first to see what assistance they can give so those folks can be self-sufficient and it eliminates wasting, whether it’s paying their bills for a time, getting them food, helping them get a job, babysitting, you name it. In return, we celebrate their self-sufficiency and ask they donate some time to help out others. Not everyone can do that, but if a family is struggling, whatever happened to the community in helping them as well? There is too much dependency, and you cannot deny that there isn’t.

          • 30 years ago, I couldn’t find a job and had to get food stamps. I eventually worked my way out of poverty and got a Bachelor’s Degree. I didn’t see it as a career. People now days see government assistance as a lifestyle. I worked as a teacher / counselor once and met many who would tell me – their goal was to be old enough to get their own welfare check or “crazy check ” ( SSI ) from the government. Now we have a culture that has encourage government dependence for several generations. It looks pretty hopeless to me.

          • Kile

            Unfortunately, they are the minority. Most people on government assistance make a living out of it. They know how to work the system. They’ve been taught from an early age how to get the most from Uncle Sugar and feel no shame in doing so.

        • Jim Anderson

          liberalism is a mental disorder

          • Chapmac

            A dangerous one.

          • Mi

            If you follow that through logically that means that universities are mental institutions.

          • I’ve worked in both. There’s not much difference. I started out in college majoring in psychology. Then I learned that most of the profs needed to be in mental health institutions. One prof got in trouble with the police for putting a shock collar on his 4 year old son. He didn’t believe in telling his son “no.”

      • DB1954

        Not all blacks, but sadly they are encouraged by liberal politicians to become more and more dependent on government. Democrats promote all manner of demogoguery.

        • Kile

          Go to any government office, all the employees are black. Got into any black neighborhood and ask anyone that lives their, government is their master. They’ve been indoctrinated from birth to look to government to solve all of their problems. Nothing is their problem to fix, nothing is their responsibility. In their minds government is the only answer.

          • I found that to be true in Mississippi, when I lived there. On all civil service exams, blacks are given points because of their race. Therefore, more are hired by the state and Federal government. Eg. I applied for a game warden job and scored higher on the test than a black guy did, but he got the job. He didn’t know anything about the culture he was going to deal with ( armed rednecks ), and it turned out to be an embarrassing fiasco for him and the Game and Fish Commission. I could go on and on about workers at DHS and other state offices that are hiring predominately blacks that are less qualified.No
            wonder the state is always last / worst at everything and was recently found to be the “Most Corrupt” politically. The senatorial run off with Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel recently. I don’t even have the time and space to elaborate.

    • Chapmac

      It also beat some self anointed lefties-which is unforgivable-and that which the left doth hate MUST be raaaacist,

      • Dwayne

        Lol. Yep, nothing more racist than beating a democrat on an election ballot.

  • Mudpie

    “You cannot be a Nazi, a communist, a Muslim, and an elitist at the same time”

    Actually, he is utterly mistaken. I feel sorry for the kids taking his class and even more so for the hard-working taxpayers who fund it via student loans and grant support for “higher ed.”

    • Lazarus Long

      Don’t feel sorry for the kids taking his classes. They are all either retards going after AA degrees,or kids looking for “Easy A’s”.

    • Phil Kruse

      Just to be a pain…. Hitler openly complimented the Muslims and many of them filled the Nazi ranks. They in some ways had the same cultural mission and so its not surprising they supported each other. He especially loved their blind zeal and devotion to religion, you have to assume that Hitler really patterned much of his style after Muhammad. Both strived to manufacture a religion devoted to controlling the masses. Both used Jews as the scapegoat for all problems and pursued genocide. As for communism, Hitler was a socialist and gained power via the socialist party, really at the end of the day whats the difference between socialism and communism other than one being PC. Lastly, all Nazi’s, Muslims and powerful Communist are also Elitists. When people compare Obama to Hitler its based on political agenda, the origin of their rise to power and the playbook both seem to use, it doesn’t mean he is going to continue the genocidal efforts.

      • jasondylan

        Yes, and even more proof, Middle Eastern Scholar Walid Shoebat has documented exact quotes Al Gore has taken from leading Muslims to promote climate change agenda. All of these profs, black and white, look like angry militants as it is.

      • Dwayne

        Iran was an ally of Nazi Germany. Iran actually got it’s name from Hitler, believe it or not. Everyone knows of the Nazi leader’s infatuation with the Arian race. Well, the Farsi (language spoken in Persia/Iran) word for Arian is Iran. And as far as being a Nazi and a communist, all communists are socialistic. Socialism is the state control of resources. Communism is the state control of all resources. Socialism is just a line that represents the amount of resources that the state controls. Communism is the end point of that line with absolute control by the state. The NAZI party was the National Socialist party.So you definitely can be a socialist and a Nazi and a communist all at the same time. And you can also be a muslim at the same time.

        • BaconLovingInfidel

          “Iran actually got it’s name from Hitler, believe it or not. Everyone knows of the Nazi leader’s infatuation with the Arian race. Well, the Farsi (language spoken in Persia/Iran) word for Arian is Iran.”

          That’s insanely ignorant. The name Iran dates to at least a few hundred years before Christ and has no connection to Hitler or his Nazism.

          • Dwayne

            Actually, it is not ignorant. It is fact. When you find out later in life that you were incorrect on this subject, and you will, just think of what a complete @$$hole you were today. And please know that people realize just how big of an @$$ you are.already. Just because you do not know something doesn’t make it false. I never said the “word” Iran wasn’t an old word. I said where the nation got its name from. And that is exactly where it came from. Nothing worse than some egomaniac who has to shout someone else down because they themselves are ignorant….and might I add you go beyond ignorant. You would be considered rude and stupid. Cause ignorant just means you don’t know something. You may not know the information, but you should have known to actually look into what I said before you opened your uninformed, but big mouth.

    • David Burton

      In fairness, you can’t be a fascist and a communist, since one favors partnership with private enterprise and the other involves the elimination of private enterprise.

      You can very easily be three out of four of those, though >.>

      • Tired_Tech

        I think you have your definition of “fascist” confused with the definition of “capitalist.” A fascist places low priority on the worth of an individual.

        • David Burton

          No – capitalism is based on the idea of free trade, fascism is based on a partnership between government and private enterprise that completely squashes free trade by eliminating competition. A fascist DOES place low priority on the worth of an individual, but fascism itself (as defined in the dictionary anyway) is about the elimintation of capitalism in every way EXCEPT that non-government enterprise still exists.

          That’s the main difference between communism and fascism: a communist state destroys private ownership altogether, a fascist state just entrenches it. Both eliminate free speech, place a heavy emphasis on nationalism, and slaughter their own citizens en masse.

          • Kile

            In communism you have no private ownership. In Fascism you have private ownership but no private control of what you own. If you don’t have control over your business do you really own it?

          • Chapmac

            Control is the key ingredient. The flap-doodlers, being superior to everyone else, want to tell everyone else what to do.

      • DB1954

        I wouldn’t exactly describe fascism as a partnership between private enterprise and the government. Fascist regimes of the 1930s allowed private enterprise, property ownership, and profits, but they directed those businesses in what to produce, how much to produce, etc. For example, beginning in 1933, the Nazi regime directed German companies to begin making war materiel.

    • Kile

      Naziism and Communism are all about the elitists. Islam preaches socialistic views. It is easily possible to be all 4. Very easy.

      • DB1954

        Tell Professor Madison that.

    • Chapmac

      Don’t be silly. The flap-doodlers begin by draping themselves in the superiority toga so they can look down on the proles.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      It’s quite confusing to hear this enlightened man say such a thing. I would have thought simultaneously being a Nazi, a communist, a Muslim, and an elitist would be an inherent result of the elevation of the mind to post partisan progressive pragmatism.

      I suspect this fellow was just a touch lightheaded. Sometimes the air gets a little thin at the exalted heights of the ivory tower. There’s also quite some doubt regarding whether the less evolved human cardiovascular system is even capable of oxygenating the advanced brain structure of the Western liberal sufficiently for even minimal efficiency.

      Yet another example of the oppressive status quo protectionism of conservatism holding back the unlimited potential human progress of modern liberalism.

      • Mudpie

        Lol! So true.

  • RecklessProcess

    The Taxed Enough Already party is not racist. That is a flat out lie.

  • Tigerclaw1

    I would have beat his ass there on the spot.

  • NewHampshire

    It’s terrible when Israel is now keeping people in gulags and blacks have become the new KKK….. terrible. how soon they forget!

  • belaglik

    What’s a “Muslin elitist”? I enjoy that simple cotton fabrics as much as the next person, but I wasn’t aware there was a snob factor to it. That’s “non sense.”

    • Paul C. Shugrue

      Ha! Good one!

  • Hylander6

    Is this reverse racisim?

    • George Okiedoke

      No, It’s freedom of speech which you people always want so much of but can’t seem to take when it’s dished out your direction.

      • Anonymous

        Funny, I thought free speech ended when you, very directly, start threatening to kill people. Oh that’s right, I forgot, it’s ok for liberals to threaten to kill people. If a conservative does it though, then they are obviously a bigot/racist/sexist/nut who must be publicly shamed, forced to apologize on national TV and/or be fired from their job. /sarcasm

        • ThisAmerican

          Can’t wait til HYPOCRITE carries the same sting as RACIST

          • Anonymous

            Indeed! Although, they’ve so over used “racist” now, that I just laugh
            when they say it. Look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane,
            it’s…a RACIST! LOL!

      • DB1954

        Threatening your students is “freedom of speech”?

        Who is “you people”?

        We have here more proof that leftists see the world in simplistic, binary terms: black and white, red and blue, all-or-nothing, zero-sum.

  • Lazarus Long

    Here is a black supremest professor making the claim that we are NOT “all alike”,and that blacks think differently than whites.



  • Hologram5

    He’s lucky I wasn’t in that class. I would have stood in his face and told him to bring it.

  • Amanda Asbury

    OMG he is not even dead yet! They are already teaching a class about him!! Really? Hell at least wait till he is out of office!!

    • NJCathie

      They’ve done Snooki classes – haven’t they? LOL

  • Winston Walters

    I would’ve knocked his fucking fat ass out cold if I was in that classroom, and it would’ve taken the entire class to pull me off of him.

    • misfitsoda

      That’s…that seems reasonable.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, better to just get in his face, tell him to bring it, then watch him piss himself. That way everyone can laugh at the pathetic loser.

  • Winston Walters

    Fat ass couldn’t even bend over to zip up a bodybag.

  • Kenneth DeWit Jr


  • Kenneth DeWit Jr


  • Kenneth DeWit Jr


  • Kenneth DeWit Jr


    • George Okiedoke

      Liberal Commie here. Could you define EHOLE?

      • Anonymous

        Poor dumb liberal commie, can’t comprehend spelling mistakes.

        Seriously though, gotta love the irony of attacking his spelling mistake, while ignoring the so-called professors use of “muslin”, haha.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Maybe they’ll fine him 2.5 million, make him sell his business and ban him from all UC Santa Barbara properties.

    That would be fair, right?

    • ThisAmerican

      Never happen with Big Sis Nappy at the helm of the UC system. UCSB is my alma mater, I got a degree in Poli Sci. The profs and TA’s were just as ignorantly liberal way back then…

      • Verbotene Gedanken

        Big Sis Nappy, lols…

  • Fenny Famous

    I’m dropping out of Comp Sci and taking this class so I can get a REAL job when I get out of Univ. Really, who the hell would take this class?

    • U.S.S.A???

      I thought the same as well. Regardless if I like Cruz or not, I am not going to waste tuition or time to take a course about him or Obama. I can see someone taking the class as a case study for fanatic glorifying Obamabots studies.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Let me get this straight, you can actually get a degree in studying Obama? It’s a wonder we’re slipping into third world status and the laughing stock of the entire planet.

    • Jim Anderson

      Actually the study of narcissist lying scum like Obongo does exist. It is called “Abnormal Psychology”

      • Jenkem Huffington

        I’m quite certain the course is more in the direction of worship than a study in pathology.

  • jimmyapendix

    rib rab blib blab ax u go skoo den i b edumucatet nomesayn gibs me $30,000. NAH

  • jeanbean14

    Offering a “black studies course” is racist in itself. I am so sick of the communist propaganda, hate, and anti-intellectual stance of our colleges and universities today. They care nothing for the truth. They care nothing about the students. They care nothing about teaching something valuable. It’s all about the communist agenda, which is itself a system of abuse, starvation, godlessness, and mass murder, built on layer after layer of lies. Socialism is poison to any society. How do we fix this?

  • teaman

    What in the world do you expect from a totally perverted and demented liberal A-hole of a place like Cali Fornication! All that we see today is driven by Communism, Fascist, Marxism, Islamism, and Socialism! A person like the Obambulaing Manure Spreader does not have to be “one” attached to either ideology! Fact is, from is background(Bill Ayers & Franklin Raines) he draws from all ideology. He chooses that which he believes will inspire the perverted radical base in our Nation and as a “proven elitist” he could careless what good people think! Further, regardless what anyone says about the Manure Spreader, no one can pin point exactly what he is or what to call him. What I do know, is that he, along with his thuggish minions, has drastically changed our Nation into what is now called, “THE UN-UNITED PERVERTED STATES OF AMERICA”! Many, in the history of our Nation have put cracks in Pandora’s Box but the Manure Spreader has opened it wide and allowed all her creepy crawlies to come forth and be elevated to a level of acceptance! We will never return to the once great Nation of the past. He has absolutely no worthwhile accomplishments and the fact is, everything he and his minions have touched has turned to Sh!t!!

  • einundselbe

    Did he say “body bag” or not?

  • Death2Unions

    Personally, I would love to see Otis burned at the stake or hung from an oak tree. He needs to have a 45 bullet travel through his ignorant skull.

    • George Okiedoke

      Hey there keyboard gangster! Super original how you went with the idea of lynching a black man because his words offended you. Never mind the whole freedom of speech thing. We should just start killing people who say things we don’t like.

      • DB1954

        Madison’s words didn’t offend. They threatened.

  • Uncle_Meat

    I knew he was a fuzzy headed fat ass that probably wears wire rimmed glasses. This bigot is an obvious racist authoritarian. He’s not a liberal democrat. Thomas Jefferson was a liberal. This fat piece of sh*t is a Marxist.

    • DB1954

      Yep, but he talks like a Stalinist.

  • I contacted [email protected] at the UC Santa Barbara Police Department, with the following request.

    Hello Officer Bournes,

    We are seeking public comment from you regarding the allegation that three of UC Santa Barbara’s students received racial death threats from UC Santa Barbara’s Professor Madison.

    Specifically, we would like to know if the UC Santa Cruz police department has been contacted to ensure the safety of the students and faculty of the school from Professor Madison.

    • rufus

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.

  • Tired_Tech

    Slavery took a huge toll on the black population. There’s a reason God has his people wandering in the wilderness for 60 years after fleeing Egypt. The African slaves were robbed of their heritage, identity and dignity. Obama didn’t come from slave ancestry. His ancestry more likely sold slaves to European slave traders. The solution would be for many blacks (still looking for lost heritage) to embrace American heritage as their own, but people like Obama and Prof. Otis just exacerbate the problem.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      and oprah embraces her victimhood …… while counting her billions

  • bitters

    This is why the radical left wants to control education..99.9% of young people can and will be intimidated..And many who have no foundation of their own..can be radicalized..There was, and probably still is, a black professor at William Jewell College that has a bad racist attitude..But most schools would do nothing if they knew..

  • Mary Scoggins

    Fire him!!!!!!!!

  • DB1954

    Madison is lying.

  • Christopher Midkiff

    Nazi ideology and Islam fall along the same lines. It is my opinion that Islam is a religious twist to cloak fascism political leanings. And being an elitist can fall within that grouping. This “professor” is biased, and plain hypocritical in his political beliefs and assumptions. But what would one expect from [in]tolerant [un]loving Socialist Leftists?

  • Jim Anderson

    a black racist scum

  • Chapmac

    The fascist have been crawling out of the woodwork for years. Te place need an exterminator-and a steam cleaning.

  • faye

    Oh man, had I been in that class when he made those comments , I would have given that black beast a piece of my mind. That’s the problem with white Americans, we let the blacks in this country run all over us even as we kiss their asses. Not too long ago he would have been lynched for making those kind of comments.

  • Steve H

    And he lives off the public teat, i.e. the labor of taxpayers.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      How typical for the obamamob of gimmedats

  • Joe

    As an engineering graduate student, it amazes me what trivial
    nonsense passes for college-level coursework in the liberal arts departments.
    How does this “Lecturer” make a living at major university administering such
    inconsequential curriculum? How does the “analysis” of such stupid issues pass as scholarship in
    this country? It is no wonder our economy is in the toilet when we are allowing
    ourselves to be distracted by academic pursuits that have no substance and no use for our society as a whole.

    • rufus

      It is a required course for a “diversities studies” major. LMFAO!

  • truthbeatold

    The key to saving this country from destructive leftist ideology is the media and institutions of learning. Until conservatives grow their presence in media and academia, the left will continue to promote their leftist, anti-American agenda to shape public opinion and win elections.

  • Outforafight

    hey now someone must put this professor in a fema coffin if he keeps on barking dog dookie out of his mouth….

  • rufus

    How does one have a “relationship to racism”? Maybe Madison should joint teach this class with an English professor?

  • pugilist66

    Otis needs to keep in mind that many Tea Party people carry guns, if he’s gonna open up his fat, racist mouth and make threats that his ass can’t back up. But, considering the amount of violent crime being perpetrated by blacks, against whites and Asians, it’s no surprise that he acts out in this manner. I’m sure that he’s just one of thousands who harbour a perverted anger for wrongs that he’s never suffered in his entire life. As a matter of fact, I’d wager that I’ve experienced more racism than this clown did.

  • Filthy liberal bastards

  • caligula

    typical angry black man with a chip on his shoulder. he doesn’t know how to evolve and accept opinions that differ from his own. he shouldn’t be anywhere near an academy of higher learning.

  • Bevo Aggiestomper

    That POS would have to stand on it’s mother’s shoulders to kiss a white man’s *ss.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    Nothing new for a professional victim thug that is allowed to spew the America hatred propaganda to a caged crowd who must tolerate the LIBERAL VITRIOL, LIES AND HATE in order to get a grade

  • toxophilite

    She was wise to drop from this course. This……uh…rectal orifice…..has control of her future. If she doesn’t toe the line she doesn’t get her diploma. Thousands of dollars spent on extortion.

  • ray

    First of all, what was that person doing in a Black Studies course? Nothing like wasting your parents money on a few credit hours of worthless drivel. Most importantly, what do you expect from California; or anywhere on the left coast or northeastern US? I do not purport to know what actually happened in that classroom, nor do I care. You Yankees just stay put and do not relocate your insanity down south. We have very stringent immigration standards here and we have stopped issuing visas.

  • Sam The Man

    Isn’t there just one man in Santa Barbara with a nut sack? Somebody just throw a blanket party for Otis Madison, show him the light. As long as they can get away with it without getting their asses kicked the will continue to do so.

    Send me a plane ticket and I’ll fly out there and bitch slap that bag of manure.

  • search9286

    I hope some conservative in the class confronts this “teacher” about his “Tea Party as Racists” comment. No one has ever come up with any concrete proof that the TP is racist.

  • Colton Lee

    So how will Madison propose to do away with the sinister conservatives… lick them to death?

  • Louis Green


    Any time.

    So many to eliminate, so little time….

  • ScottinVA

    Give it your best shot, Prof. It won’t end well for you.

  • Richard

    Thank you Otis for standing up to tbagger WHITE trash

  • SMP2010

    The ever so tolerant left and their modern version of racism. They make Adolf and his crew look like pussies…

  • gerry d welder

    “The Establishment Academics are becoming just fascist Marxists hell-bent on manipulating society for personal gain and power.”

    “Global Warming is another hidden agenda. The politicians are eager to climb on board not to save the world, but to raise taxes. The academics are driven by the money so they can sit in their rooms collect welfare checks for totally worthless nonsense.”

    Global Warming Fascist Movement & Academic Welfare

    Remember Obama killed the ‘Constellation’ program and has NASA budget concentrated on proving that AGW exists and ‘Muslim Outreach’.