Behold, the Lunacy of the Modern University

by Jennifer Kabbany - Fix Editor on May 8, 2014

WARNING: The following is what passes for truth, justice and the American way at universities across this nation.

It may seem like a joke. It’s not. They are all very true, very real situations at each of these campuses.

Welcome to the bizarro world of higher education:

At Rutgers University, they’ll pay $32,000 for some advice doled out by “Snookie,” but they’ll protest a planned speech by one of most accomplished women in America, Condoleezza Rice, until she gracefully bows out.

SnookiCondiAt Harvard University, they’ll banish bottled water from campus, but they’re fine with hosting a Satanic Mass reenactment there.


At Yale University, they’ll pay to have a porn star strip down to bare breasts and attach pinching and binding devices to herself as a lesson in sadomasochism, but they’ll refuse to allow campus resources to be used by a student prolife group.


At Cornell University, they’ll mock Christians and Jews without thinking twice, but they’ll cry racism if students wear sombreros and ponchos.JesusSombrero

At UCLA, students can’t smoke on campus, but it’s mandatory for them to learn how to put on a condom.


At Stanford University, they’ll fund an atheist speaker who calls Christians idiots, but refuse to fund a speaker who supports traditional marriage.Stanfordcomparision

At UC Berkeley, they’ll ban the Salvation Army, and they’ll also ban the term “illegal immigrant.”


At UC Santa Barbara, they’ll remove paper towels in dorm bathrooms to save the environment, but will steal and destroy a prolifer’s demonstration sign, and tussle her up while they’re at it.



Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix. ( @JenniferKabbany )

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