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Duke University Porn Actress: ‘I Don’t Feel Respected’

Duke dropout Miriam Weeks, aka porn “star” Belle Knox, who achieved fifteen minutes of fame earlier this year when she threw away a lifetime’s worth of privileged private school education, Catholic upbringing, and her place at an elite university in order to star in online porn videos, has a complaint. Are you ready for this? She told Rolling Stone magazine that she does no longer feels “respected” at Duke.

This outcome apparently came as a surprise to her.

Weeks also complains that some of her family members have “turned their back” on her.

On the other hand, she says nothing in the interview about whether or not she feels she “turned her back” on her family when she chose to go into porn without a care for how that decision would affect her family members.


Following in the footsteps of other sex-tape celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardawhatever, Weeks is now the star of her own reality show, in which 8 young people will compete for $1 million and the opportunity to have sex with Ms. Weeks on camera for a yet-to-be-named porn film.

What’s most troubling about this misguided girl, beyond the sad fact of what’s she’s doing to herself and her future, is the near-total internalization of the victim mindset that the evinces in almost every public statement she makes.

As the recent #YesAllWomen hashtag extravaganza demonstrated, even a mass murder can become an opportunity for self-centeredness and victimhood for this generation of supposed feminists–the same folks who stand up and applaud the likes of Miriam Weeks as a champion of women’s rights every time she willfully reduces herself to a sexual object.

Here’s a girl who made her celebrity and fortune by playing the victimized feminist sex-worker card in an online article, after she was “outed” as a porn star on campus. The narrative of the bullied, can’t-pay-for-college victim, was one she played for publicity. Even though, most of that narrative was a lie. In fact, victimhood was Ms. Weeks’s primary tool of self-promotion. Now that she has been successful at making a big deal of herself and her chosen career, she complains that she doesn’t feel respected.

Do you see the irony here?  It was the disreputable nature of her chosen line of work that was the very basis of the fame and fortune she sought. This smart-rich-girl-goes-bad saga wouldn’t have been a news story to begin with if porn was a respectable profession, and none of us would know the name Miriam Weeks. But I don’t think Ms. Weeks has enough self awareness to understand that all the fame and wealth she sought was made possible only by the public’s lack of respect for the work she does.

The girls who get rich and famous doing sex tapes are simply rich and famous. They aren’t really respected–no matter how many TV shows or magazine covers they may attain.

Many people today have confused fame and respect. That’s because scandal sells. Without a doubt, the scandal fueled internet blog-gossip machine is best at making rich and famous the most disrespected people among us.

Just ask Donald Sterling.

Nathan Harden is editor of The College Fix and author of the book SEX & GOD AT YALE: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad.

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  • geronl

    “Actress”? No. That ain’t acting. Second, why would anyone respect that? Why would anyone doing things like that expect to be respected?

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Behold the wonders wrought by the Interwebs.

  • immykal

    She may be old enough to do porn but her mental and emotional maturity is that of a 2 year old child .. oh, and I hate to break the news to you, but why would anyone respect a “porn” star . seriously? You are not an artist, you are not an actress, you are a slut . pretty simple to understand. You sell sex for money . you don’t respect yourself, why should anyone else?

    • Sam Huston

      Sluts don’t do it for the money like filthy whores do.

  • Tim jones


    you’re a porn star, shut your mouth and go get jerked off on..

    go sell your body and be happy with the choice you made.

  • Robert Eatshitanddie

    It really is no longer a joke. Liberals really ARE the stupidest people on Earth. Quite sincerely, dolphins have more sense than most liberals. PAY ATTENTION FEMINISTS! This useless, pathetic, less than dirt, toilet-whore is of your making. Be proud.

    • common_sence

      AMEN Brother

    • Gary Iampaglia

      Robert—I couldn’t have said it better!!! This is a product of the feminists!!!

    • news360

      Note: She’s a Republican.

      • FXDWG69

        Noted. Not at issue here.
        Another young woman has decided that the path to fame and fortune involves having sex on tape. She will be used up and forgotten soon. Feminism has taught het that this is OK. We see that she already regrets her decision.
        Pay attention, ladies. Strong, intelligent, educated, independent women don’t have to resort to sex to attain their goals. Bonus: they get to keep their self respect and self esteem.

        • news360

          Actually, feminism has NOT taught that this is NOT OK. Legions of feminists have been pushing back on porn with no success, saying it objectifies and degrades women. That’s why she used the modifier “sex-positive” to describe herself. Its bogus, and she’s pretty much the only who doesn’t realize it.

  • Gregory Lega


  • Sam Huston

    Of course you don’t get any respect, you’re a filthy whore who debased yourself for 15 minutes of fame.

  • justme

    harlot –

    a prostitute; whore.

  • Angermgmt101

    What a pig.

  • Guest

    Well “Duh” your a porn performer (I am not gonna say “star” that would give her to much credit). Now get back on your knees… ;-D

  • bluevanda

    She doesn’t respect herself, why would anyone else show her respect. Young people today need to understand that “respect” is earned.

    • common_sence

      DITTO ! Respect is earned not granted

  • Moe Bundy

    At least you have a MATRESS to fall back on…S K A N K

  • sadie

    Makes me wonder just how many of you have porn on your computer or watched a movie that contained nudity or recieved naughty pictures from a gf or bf through text email or whatever. Or have a nudey mag under your bed now or when you were younger. Before you judge someone or anyone for that matter look in the mirror. All the name calling from “grown adults” actually make you look just as bad as she made herself look. Evryone just needs to grown up and mind your own business.

    • APB

      Why so mad, Miriam?

    • common_sence


      unless I’m in error, I believe what you are reading in this forum is essentially a breakdown in the moral fiber of what this country used to be. I don’t know how old (I’ll guess in late teens or very early 20’s) you are but for people over 40, they remember a better, stronger, more moral and productive society

    • FXDWG69

      No, Sadie. She “put it out there” for the attention and now she has to live with the consequences. She could have had all the sex she wanted and with a little discretion, it would be nobody’s business but hers.

  • Ladontrious La-a’shontelle

    I would like to see her gang raped by an angry band of monkeys, aka negroids. These subhuman savages will be happy to muhdik her as they hate whitey and that is why most negroids like to muhdik whyte wimmenz en sheeit. It beez a hayte bang nomesayin?

  • Ladontrious La-a’shontelle

    too funny! Why are libtards coming to her defense? Afterall, it is her body. She is hideous, and has a bad body, but it is still her body. If she can get paid for guys to bang her up da butt, good for her, right? Come on obongo, cheer her you simian cretin. You cheered for the dumb bytch who wants me to pay for her birth control, or as obongo would say it, “birf control”. So why not cheer her?

  • Dave

    Morality is falling to pieces in America. Homo marriage, gays on every tv show, sexualization of the young through music, and public school system calling bad things good are historical signs of the fall of a nation.

  • Charles P

    I understand the confusion.
    Hollywood celebs sleep (have sex with) with anyone who will give them acting jobs.
    They (Hollywood celebs) do nude scenes, just to turn on the producers and directors.
    They (Hollywood celebs) do all kinds of FAKE WARDROBE ACCIDENTS, to get free PUB-ICITY (porn publicity- I coined a phrase) publicity.
    So why are they treating a porn star like a ‘HO???????

    You can see it everyday, on “The Jerry Springer Show”. The audience PRETENDS that the people on stage are the trash.
    But then the audience drops their pants or lifts their shirts to show the whole world their private parts.
    (note: I am NOT criticizing the show. IT HAS FULLED A GREAT PURPOSE. To show what Americans really care about and how they behave!!)

  • 2nd admendment vs evil govt

    “lotta gue” the skank! her father is a surgeon, what an embarrassment! family should disown her until she crawls back home begging forgiveness.

    • FXDWG69

      Another feminist myth, placing one’s goals above the wishes of their loved ones. Pick a path, ladies.

  • APB

    Miriam Weeks is a drop out? I thought the reason she picked Dook over Vandy and the full-ride scholly was because she is strong and determined and would finish her gender studies degree and make it through law school to get her $10/hour job answering phones at a law firm no matter what it took? Even if she needed pr0n to buy iPads and purses, errr, afford her tuition?

    (Insert ETrade “see my surprised face” gif here)

    What is even more laughable is that she is answering a question that nobody is asking:

    “Hey Miriam, how’s life treating you these days?”

    If she had just stayed out of the limelight and stayed forgotten as was happening, she’d be getting her teeth brushed with some dude’s meatstick in peace. But, nooooo….

  • common_sence

    or just ask OJ Simpson (that F’n Murderer)

    I hope he rots a slow and painful death in Hell on Judgement Day

    but regarding this Bitch, it’s should come as no surprise that the Victim Card would be played. Why not, O-Hole has never accepted responsibility for anything in 6 yrs, it’s either Blame Bush, or Blame “a few rouge IRS agents in Cincinnati”

    They are both one in the same…Scumbags

  • Kaitlin Powell

    We need to understand – the Feminist idea of non-consequential sex is at its core untrue.

  • Davis

    Well NO SH*T you don’t feel respected. You actually bought into that Jezebeldotcom BS?