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Grads: Leave Your Religion Off Your Resume If You Want Callbacks

New college graduates who included a “religious mention” – such as a campus group they participated in – on a resume were less likely to get callbacks or email responses from employers, according to two new sociological studies, Religion News Service reports:

The studies used fictitious resumes — with bland names that signaled no particular race or ethnicity. These were sent to employers who posted on the CareerBuilder website to fill entry-level job openings in sales, information technology and other fields suitable for first jobs out of college. …

In the South, where researchers sent 3,200 resumes, those with a religious mention got 29 percent fewer email responses and 33 percent fewer phone calls than otherwise identical resumes with no faith ties according to the study, released by the Southern Sociological Society on their Social Currents site.

In New England, 6,400 applications were sent to 1,600 job postings by employers. But applications mentioning any religious tie were 24 percent less likely to get a phone call, according to the study published in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.

The religious categories were “Roman Catholic, evangelical Christian, atheist, Jewish, Muslim, pagan, and one faith they just made up, ‘Wallonian,’ to see what would happen compared to people who made no faith reference.”

Read the whole article here.

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  • John McCready

    Religion on a resume? Seriously? Are they THAT clueless?!

    • Arimathean

      What if you were the treasurer of a student religious group? Why would you not mention a leadership position in an extracurricular activity? If the group trusted you with the money, why should that not work in your favor?

      • John McCready

        Right-because nothing screams “EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE” like being “treasurer” of a STUDENT CLUB!

  • Jonas

    Exception: I’d recommend you specify that you’re of the appropriate religion if you’re applying at a religious institution.

  • rnagel

    That may serve as a good way to weed out employers you may not wish to be associated with. Why would you want to work for someone who views a religious nature as a negative.

    • EdG1955

      A religious nature is a negative. Religious fervor has been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in human history.

      • Alphonsus_Jr

        Your words are very fashionable, surely, but the truth is that communist and national socialist fervor has been responsible for more slaughter, by far, in the last 100 years alone than all previous centuries combined. Progress? Is somebody kidding?

      • rnagel

        The ratio of religious zealots who are dangerous to religious people who are not is negligible. The ratio of slackers willing to take advantage of employers is far more significant.

      • Jerome_Budanh

        Polly want a cracker?

      • TravisJSays

        That’s a vile mis-statement of real history.

        • EdG1955

          No more vile that many of the comments made by alleged Christians on Internet articles. This article was unusual in that no one called President Obama any names and ranted about how he is destroying religion and America as part of his Cloward-Piven strategy for muslimization.

          • TravisJSays

            Now you want to equate your false allegations of genocide with some internet name-calling of a politician? You are pathetic.

          • EdG1955

            You know what’s pathetic? That you don’t acknowledge the millions of people killed by Christians. The Christian Spaniards alone killed a million natives in Mexico and Central America in the 1500s. You are a miserable excuse for a human being for denying the bloody history of Christianity. Bye, fool.

          • TravisJSays

            It’s pathetic you have reach back 500 years to blame a religion for people killed for imperialism and other reasons, fewer people killed by far than by the totalitarians of the 20th century. This is leaving aside that you falsely blamed ‘religious fervor’ and not the real cause, greed and imperialism. It’s religious fervor that ended slavery not caused it. So your wrong on several levels and want to attack others for no good reason. Pathetic.

          • EdG1955

            Pathetic answer, Travis. Have you forgotten your friend Adolph who slaughtered 6 million Jews in the 1940s? Do you remember Ante Paveli and his slaughter of Croatians during World War 2? How about Ngo Dinh Diem and his slaughter of Vietnamese non-Christians in the 1960s? How about the Sabra/Shatila murder of 1,000s of Muslims by Lebanese Christians in 1982? Or Serbian Christians and their massacre of sixty thousand Muslims in the 1990s? Have you forgotten Rwanda and the Christians who collaborated with the murder of Tutsi tribesmen? That was in 1994, just 20 years ago. Or how about the ethnic cleansing of non-Christians in Central African Republic, where 10s of thousands of Muslim children have been killed? That was just this year, or does your memory fail you?

    • TravisJSays

      Yeah, in the same way a black guy not getting the callback is ‘weeding out’ racist employers. Doesnt make it appropriate.

      • rnagel

        What you describe is not the example I made. However, one might ask “Why would a black person want to work for a racist, even one who masks his racism well?”. The law is a very imperfect ally in trying to get a promotion which is based on subjective judgement. I certainly wouldn’t want to work for someone who didn’t like me. I did that once and it was miserable.