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‘FIJI’ Frat Stands Firm After Its Longtime Nickname Attacked, Called Racist

No indication fraternity will kowtow to pressure after student government, Asian Pacific student group demands it stop using the venerable ‘FIJI’ moniker

The 166-year-old Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, which for more than a century has used FIJI as its nickname, is apparently not backing down from the moniker, even after some students called the frat racist for using it.

Numerous requests for comment by The College Fix to the national chapter of the organization to speak on the allegations went unreturned, but its website still prominently displays the FIJI brand in photos and wording.

Likewise, the Phi Gamma Delta website for UC Irvine, where the controversy unfolded, maintains pictures and wording to indicate its members will also not kowtow to the pressure. In addition, the UC Irvine chapter’s Facebook page still has the words “FIJI” in the title.

While recent history shows that often campus student and Greek groups are quick to apologize when accused of offending other cultures, it appears this fraternity is not willing to buckle under such pressure.

The controversy stems from a fundraiser in May called the “FIJI Islander Party” at which the UC Irvine Phi Gamma Delta fraternity members and guests wore Island-inspired garb such as grass skirts and coconut bras.FIJIFACTS

But student government leaders and the Asian Pacific Student Association not only condemned the fundraiser as offensive and insulting to the Fijian culture – but took it one step further, denouncing the fraternity’s venerable nickname as racially insensitive.

“It is too often that fraternities and sororities choose racist themes for their parties and events,” the Asian Pacific Student Association stated in condemning the fraternity. “APSA at UCI will not tolerate, be silent, nor be complicit in acts of cultural appropriation that hurt marginalized People of Color communities because they maintain and fortify white male hegemonic structures.”

The association, in its statement, demanded that the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity strip the name “Fiji Islander” from their philanthropy event, cease the use of coconut trees and other “stereotypical displays,” and even end the use of “FIJI” as their fraternity’s nickname – a name that has been used since 1894.

They asked for a public apology from Phi Gamma Delta – one that demonstrates “that they acknowledge the racist nature of both their appropriation of the ‘Fiji’ name and their conduct at the ‘Fiji Islander’ party.”

In late May, the student government voted 14-0 to condemn that FIJI fundraiser, form an ad hoc committee to explore the accusations against the Delta fraternity and, in meeting with university officials, determine a proper punishment for the fraternity, The Daily Pilot reported.

On UC Irvine’s Associated Students website, a meeting agenda from May 27 acknowledges that the ad hoc committee was created, and even goes as far as deciding that “silence or action” among the accused fraternity and other Greek organizations on campus “would reinforce the racism against, dismissal of, and silencing of Fijian and Pacific islander student voices.”

However, the student government has no authority to force the fraternity to make such changes. UC Irvine student government leaders, nor UC Irvine campus officials, have responded to requests for comment this month by The College Fix to discuss the subcommittee’s outcome.

Meanwhile, the fraternity stands proud.

As recently as late June, the “FIJI Islander Week” is still touted on the fraternity’s website as such, as they describe it as “a competition between sororities and their FIJI coaches as they battle it out in crazy games to raise money for Red Cross.”

They also note that last year this event raised over $5,000 for Japan tsunami relief.

In addition, the corresponding social event, known as “FIJI Islander,” is also still advertised on their website as a “nationally recognized classy social event.”

What’s more, the UC Irvine chapter is actually “ethnically comprised more by members whose lineage hails from South and East Asia than those whose bloodlines originating in the cool climes of Northern Europe,” writes Timothy Whiteman in the Examiner. Whiteman is described in his tagline as being of Pacific Islander heritage, a “descendant of the Chamorro people of the Micronesian Marianas Islands.”

Members of European heritage are actually in the minority, Whiteman notes, saying it is “not quite the bastion of Caucasian domination as depicted.”

“Someone really needs to get lei’d,” quipped Whiteman in his piece.

Still, administrators pounced on the controversy.

“The administration and student affairs is using it as an opportunity to show to fraternities what cultural appreciation is and how they might be more sensitive, to be able to have their week of philanthropy that ends in a social event without offending others,” Cathy Lawhon, a UC Irvine spokesperson, told Campus Reform.

Lawhon had added the fraternity would not be punished because the fundraiser was not a conduct violation.

College Fix contributor Andrew Desiderio is a student at The George Washington University.

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  • Darius

    Their response should be as follows: We. Do. Not. Care.

  • paganpink

    Why is it always public money funding these leftist extremists?

    • Lore Earll

      Because his ideas are only supported BY OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY. Liberals never had an idea that worked, or even stayed in budget. It’s why all their ideas have to be MANDATED.

    • lbeacham

      Since he’s producing nothing of measurable value, who else would? The better question is why does the public allow it.

    • JPW

      Good question. I suppose it’s the same reason that public money is used to bail out the private sector time and time again. Oh wait…was that not part of your left versus right meme? I’m sorry to shed reality on the subject.

      • All socialism is evil. Including socialism for rich banksters.

        • Michael Sullivan

          torn by your statement. not sure. don’t know why.

      • Michael Sullivan

        two wrongs don’t change the fact that nouns and verbs are being restricted in the Land of Liberty pal.

        choose your “side” wisely.

        i suggest you go with Liberty.

    • Andrei Bilderburger

      They’re commies and so is our government. We lost the cold war to the fifth columns in Washington DC and our state capitals while everyone was worrying about the Russians and Chinese.

      • HarryObrian

        and while wondering who killed JFK…

      • Michael Sullivan

        1) i still have freedom of political speech
        2) my State capital looks and sounds very little like the nits in DC.

        so, Liberty has not been lost.

        maybe She was just waiting for YOU

    • craigcw

      Because that is what they always do–use someone else’s money to move their agenda forward. It happens on all levels when these guys are in charge. They have “great ideas” but intend to use your money to pay for these ideas. Look are the current administration–and it is getting worse daily as our king asserts what he feels are his rights as a ruler.

      • Fearless Leader

        It happens on all levels no matter WHICH guys are in charge, Craig; it’s the nature of the statist beast. If you’re only upset because it isn’t YOUR boys forcing their nonsense on the world, then you’re part of the problem, which is the very idea of taxation-financed schools etc. in the first place.

    • jackcandobutwont

      Normal thinking folks would recognize just how worthless the guy is and fire him…

      • Michael Sullivan

        normal thinking folks will charge him with a crime.

      • Sentient

        Few normal, thinking folks go into politics. People who go into government tend to be those who want to control other people. They want to go around “fixing” things that – in many cases – don’t need fixing (or are worse once the “fixing” is done). People who believe in freedom and free markets tend to eschew politics until the libtard control freaks have messed everything up too bad. Liberalism = compulsion.

    • Fearless Leader

      Because the “publicly funded” (government-run, taxpayer-financed) schools at all levels were mostly taken over by leftists back in the late 70s. Before that, they were controlled by rightists who were almost as bad but at least tolerated opposing viewpoints. The leftist comrades have “politically corrected” the schools and universities and are propagandising our youth to believe in statism as a solution to all problems. That would be funny except that the all-powerful State is the SOURCE of all our problems.
      The solution isn’t to kick out the Marxist socialists and replace them with a gang of nazional socialilsts, but to end the government schools and replace statism with liberty and cooperative, voluntary association.
      But I’m not holding my breath on that one: too many idiots think that a change of names and faces will “fix” the problem of an all-powerful Nanny State.

      • paganpink

        Those schools were almost universally better across the board in educating kids in science, math, and even the arts before the 60’s and 70’s! Why are you saying that they were almost as bad? They have normed the ACT test down at least three times since the 1970’s. Schools have been far worse since progressives like you took them over in the 1960’s by every objective measure including graduation rates.

    • Interurbaner

      Ask Lous Lerner.

    • David L. Stinson

      Because people tolerate him. The people deserve what they tolerate.

    • ItWasAboutTime

      A perfect example of why parents and students should shun/avoid this institution. UNC Law obviously is two-faced and has no respect for taxpayers.

    • Sandra Manzi

      Maybe because we have LEFTIST PEOPLE RUNNING THE COLLEGES…..

    • bornfreemen

      Oh , and the extreme right wing base just gauge Americans on the Business playing field , like Gasoline, we the American taxpayer paid for war to expand control of oil company’s in the middle east under the lie of 9/11 and the war on terror.

      Those are right wing conservatives that own and run big oil and the country , every time you hit the gas pumps , your paying for oil company expansion in the middle east , and we have not even talked about the 10 trillion dollars added to our national debt, that we Americans will be asked to pay sooner of later.

      A left wing professors salary is a joke compared to right wing conservative business robbery of the American people by Bush/Cheney and the oil- banker military industrial complex war machine.

    • Rush

      Good observation – they couldnt operate if it were not in this fashion – it is truly the lowest level of human behavior – human parasitism if you will. Leftists cannot earn money because they have no product to offer – only their ideology of power and control over an underclass. To be successful they need a large population of submissives, ie, people who do not ask questions or think, and I hate to say it, that is the average American today. Can the younger generations make the connection, mobilize, and put these Baby Boomer Scum out of business before its too late? It is yet to be seen…..

    • foofydo

      Because who else would? The only money leftists extremists have is yours. Look at Bill and Hill, now richer than the past five presidents. Never even owned a home until he became pres.

    • Mudpie

      Because they are smarter than conservatives. The Left plays for keeps. The Right thinks it is a game until finally their heads are on chopping blocks.
      Which is more and more the case.

    • irwincur

      Because the government is loaded with these Marxists. They are the every day workers and anyone that wants to cut govt is a threat to them. Just look at the IRS, almost all DC staff are progressives and they have effectively weaponized the department for the Dems.

    • kilroy5440

      Because for leftists, all money belongs to the state. What you bring home is what the benevolent state allows you to bring home. In the minds of the Obamas, Clintons, Pelosis and Reids, the government has a right to 100% of any citizen’s income. They would tell you to be happy you’re allowed to keep what you get in your paycheck every week because they reserve the right to take it all.

  • Al47

    This is typical, reminds me of other rich, liberals whose mantra the poverty and the Republicans but use the system to enrich themselves.

    • G3

      Case in point: the NJ state legislature.

  • robertmacmd

    Don’t judge him. I am certain as a proud Liberal he is giving at least 10% of his income to charity.

    • Greg Barton

      No, just his used underwear valued at $15 a pop.

  • Praelium

    I wonder what translation of the Bible he reads everyday and where he volunteers at a soup-kitchen once a month? Nichols “removed a cross from permanent display in the chapel of the historic Christopher Wren building.” He is a winner at political correctness and a loser in life.

    • LiberalsAreMentallyIllSCUM

      This piece of trash nichols belongs in shackles. Students should form paramilitary squads to take over university buildings until psychotic liberal trash like Nicols is FIRED.

      • Michael Sullivan

        dude you really need to get a job.

  • G3

    Gee…I wonder what’s driving up tuition costs these days?

  • scarlet pimpernel

    Typical elitist communist; you are their Serfs.

  • Rush_Hannity

    No wonder tuition and fees are through the roof!

  • The_MaD_HaCkER

    hey! Hey! HEY!! The poverty center keeps me out of poverty doesn’t it?!?

  • aniptofar

    Conservatives think everyone can be successful through hard work.

    Liberals think they can be successful through other’s hard work.

  • Name

    So much for, ‘….those who can, do, those who can’t, teach….’

  • solotar

    His classes are probably popular with the UNC basketball players.

  • TexasForever1836

    Today’s college kids need to look up from their i pads, cell phones, computers etc and open their eyes and minds. In the 1970’s there was a slogan ” Question Authority” perhaps today’s kids might try it, too.

    • maddyswatch

      It will never happen, they are too far gone, but wouldn’t it be sweet irony?

      • Michael Sullivan

        don’t underestimate the potential of Our youth.

        have faith.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    Somebody be sure to post a picture or video when this guy gets punched or kicked in the face. I’d love to see that.

  • Reg Dunlop

    A hypocritical Liberal ? Shocking

  • LiberalsAreMentallyIllSCUM

    Wow, what a hypocrite and a complete LIBERAL PIECE OF TRASH. I just want to say to you Nichol, and your slimebag wife: YOU ARE A SICK LITTLE PIECE OF TRASH AND I HOPE YOU LIVE IN POVERTY SOON, YOU LYING HYPOCRITE SWINE.

  • therealrockstone

    It’s all an act. This guy’s a carny barker and he knows. All with tax payer guaranteed funds.

  • mauloa

    Let me guess his political persuasion.

  • MarcB1969

    This is what’s going on while so many students are going into $50,000 of debt or more to get a BA from a state school.

  • iamstopper

    Teaching one class a semester is considered full time? What the hell does the do with the other 35 hours in the week when he isn’t teaching? And I bet he has three assistants doing all of the grading and heavy lifting, what a freaking joke. Only in the twisted world of academia is this considered normal.

  • Ron Paulyes

    lawyers have invaded infested and polluted every level of gov’t employment. every single problem within gov’t can be directly tied back to the lawyers. lois lerner is key example. these lawyers create problems which generates tons of business for their comrades – other lawyers. hundreds of billions of tax dollars are pilaged and plundered by lawyers due to gov’t lawyer created issues. in essence, lawyers create their own tax funded stimulous package every single day. all gov’t funded lawyers need to be fired immediately. its the lawyer industrial complex stupid – sticking it to the taxpayer 24/7/365.

    • Greg Barton

      They inflict chaos so there’s plenty of work for ambulance chasers too.


  • Borchardt

    His side won. There is nothing more to say. We are governed by men, not by laws.

  • MekongDelta69

    Remember – the first prerequisite to being a leftist, is that you HAVE to be a hypocrite.

    “Freedom for me, but not for thee”
    “Diversity for thee, but not for me”

  • picric_acid

    So, what’s the problem? He’s very much against poverty.

    Especially his.

  • DOER

    another hypocrite leftist bonesmoking do nuthin libtard. $200K in welfare money that could be used to send some “poor” kid to school. This guy got hooked up by the lefttarded good ol boy system to preach stupidity. There are doers and then there are professors.

  • slowboat2

    Not a bad gig if you can get it. Never waste a crisis. A lot of people make some serious money from the down trodden.

  • VABrit

    Reminds me of that other piece of liberal filth, John Edwards, who could have (God forbid) been our president. Paid $55,000 for one speech on……..

  • Bob Bass Turd

    I’m A doctor….
    Clearly….this man has undiagnosed late stage syphilis infection …same thing Al Gore Has….

    Symptoms may include but are not limited to..delusional nonsensical rambling about wealth .Sub categories include……who has wealth..who gets to keep wealth, who should pay taxes on wealth ….etc…..
    With the ODD reference to the current weather conditions tossed into the mix..right around lunch time ……
    On the menu?

    Chilean bass , sea turtle soup , a side of blue whale meat.Roast Bald Eagle for the beef sensitive.

    • Strategerist


  • ra44mr2

    People like this are the worst scum on the earth, they champion policies that CONSISTENTLY do more harm than good and make people more poor than any other policies and then decry those that say so as “hating” the poor, he makes so much money he could easily downgrade his standard of living and STILL live VERY comfortably and give a large percentage of his pay to the poor.

  • Harry Taft

    One of the facts that skew your impression of his “work” vs “his reward” has to do with the value given classroom teaching at practically all colleges and universities. The way to tenure and promotion for faculty, lies in research and publication. This is true for all disciplines. In some, like medicine and the sciences, discovering new and useful information, and then disseminating it to others through publication in quality journals, makes sense. In many other areas, it’s a fraud. But that is the way the system currently works. Classroom teaching isn’t highly valued at all. The size of the rewards for those successful in academia explains why inflation in higher education surpasses inflation in healthcare, and has for decades.

  • Patriot 1st

    Now this is gotten beyond rediculous! Yet the poor student cost keeps going up. Need to hire someone that actually attended college and had a passing economics degree and common since!

  • ordinary american

    And, the Useless Idiots at UNC still wonder why I will not join the Alumni or donate to them?

  • travis55

    Champion of the poor ?
    Ok how about this then all University professors earning a salary in excess of $50,000 annually will hereby have their income taxed at a 60 % rate. All university professor retirement pensions will be converted retroactively by a period of 5 years to commercial 401k plans and will not be exempt from any future taxation legislation or regulation targeting 401k plans. All stipends awarded to professors for committee chairs, housing, food, teaching and research supplies etc will be defined as income and taxed accordingly at the 60% rate. All university professors will need to forfeit their employer funded health insurance plans and sign up with their state’s Affordable Care Act exchange paying all premiums out of pocket without subsidy.
    All of this new tax revenue will be placed in a general fund an awarded via scholarship to poor Americans who wish to attend college but have absolutely no hope of ever being able meet the costs. Further professors of Nichol’s standing will be required to offer 20 hours weekly of free academic counseling to these new scholarship recipients to develop effective study and research habits. If they wish to preach socialism then they must live by the same standards they wish to see imposed. Consider it a bold socio-economic experiment. Take away the exemptions elite academia enjoys and see how much enthusiasm is left in this progressive socialist movement.

  • J

    The 1% love Obama

  • doubleducks

    While making ten times the state average income, these liberal professors stomp their feet continuously for higher pay and bemoaning the poverty they help create by demanding higher taxation rates to support their pay increases.

  • groscoe

    This is the result of student loans which facilitate higher and higher tuition fees which are shared with a bloated staff…..this guy is a perfect example.

    My question is why do we have to have kids go to expensive Universities……They could get the same education online at home for a pittance of attending school.
    What we are doing is archaic.

  • MichMike

    Tuition and fees have increased at double the rate of inflation every year on average, for more than 40 years. Average incomes would need to exceed $ 200,000 / year to have kept pace. The issue is NOT loan rates, it is the elites making college only affordable for the elites (in a caring and concerned way of course). THIS IS THE ISSUE. But silence from all the “concerned” politicians. What a pig this POS is.

    • vadave

      Exactly, by reducing interest rates rates nominally or spreading loan payments over longer periods of time all that’s being accomplished is enabling scum like this to be paid $200K+ a year and the University’s to continue to build new $100 million wings for Women’s Studies and 60,000 seat modern stadiums just because they have the excess money to spend. Lop off the root of the high tuition costs and stop handing us poor schmucks a band aid while telling us at election time that we should thank you for giving us a way for us pay for it!

  • MadMikey

    Well, like they always say: “Those that CAN make it, do it. Those who CAN’T make it, teach!

  • Freedom_Isnt_Free

    It’s because of overpaid professors like this that tuition is so high! Until the people of SC come in out of the hot sun and pay attention to what is happening in their state, nothing will change! There needs to be a review of most colleges/universities and how their funds are being spent!

  • TsT

    Wow good deal and i bet Barry is Jealous ! Barry no like worke worke . neither does this so-called Professor ! 1 class , stick it up your azz . We pay for this chit people .

  • JoeKlip

    Liberal Hypocrite.

  • Anything your kid learns in school that’s anti American, counter in with the truth and do it quickly. Don’t wait until the end of the semester. Do it daily if you can. Sure, your kid will have to answer test questions with lies they were told, but they will know the truth if you tell them.” Home Schooling Lite.”
    Make sure they don’t get into a debate with the teacher. They’ll end up with a failing grade. Go to school board meetings. Ask them the questions that your kid has to answer and see if the answers match. If not, tell them that what your kid is being taught in school. Eventually what your kid is being taught and more parents will become involved and maybe replace the school board or get positive action.

  • rosswill

    People wonder why the cost of college is going through the roof.

  • carl6352

    well looking at him they sure don’t expect them to be healthy. it looks like unlike the so called poor he has not missed a meal his entire life! hey dude try nutrystem. you should at least look like a poor guy!

  • Dave In Arizona

    Isn’t the liberal motto (at least one of them): “Do as I say, not as I do.”?

  • lbeacham

    Forget what this do-little college professor gets paid working part time. Who cares? What I want to know is why is public college tuition so expensive?

  • lori sweetwood

    why isn’t he donating that 7500. back to the community? and perhaps half his salary? surely he doesn’t need that much to live on??? walk the walk, man. walk the WALK.

  • Andylit

    There is a very simple solution to the issue of overpaid professors, expensive tuition, etc. End the federal college loan program. Boom. Done. Banks can loan based on a realistic expectation of repayment factors, like prior GPA, chosen field of study, etc, etc.

    Universities and colleges will see the free money tree wither and die almost overnight. They will be forced to treat higher education like a business instead of an entitlement. Huge course catalogs will be pared down to remove useless fields like “Interrogating Gender: Centuries of Dramatic Cross-Dressing”, “The Textual Appeal of Tupac Shakur” and “Philosophy And Star Trek”.

    Tuition will dramatically drop back to the real value of the courses taught. Educators will have to actually work at teaching real courses with real value.

    Before you complain about losing the fru-fru courses, please note: The courses can be retained if someone wants to PAY for them. Do you honestly think that parents or bankers are going to spend or loan money for

    “GaGa for Gaga: Sex, Gender, and Identity”
    (The University Of Virginia) – In Graduate Arts & Sciences student
    Christa Romanosky’s ongoing ENWR 1510 class, “GaGa for Gaga: Sex,
    Gender, and Identity,” students analyze how the musician pushes social
    boundaries with her work.

  • TommyGunn

    “Poverty Pimp”. Has a nice ring to it. Does one aspire to pimphood or is it earned or decreed? Is it a govt run program for people in poverty looking to get free money so as not to be in poverty or do they enjoy pimping so.much that poverty pimping becomes second nature to them? Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • migtex1234

    Leftist are always funny… & weird

  • Robert M. McAdam

    Faculty and staff salaries are the biggest reasons behind the skyrocketing tuition costs. Instead of figuring out ways to lend students more money we should cut the salaries of these teachers and faculties and lower the tuition.

  • StevetheHun

    I guess he’s “dead broke” like Hillary.

  • Markie Mark

    Another democrat scamming the system and stealing our tax dollars.

  • JPW

    Hey now he’s just earning what the market will bear. All hail the invisible hand of the most holy market.

    • Rascal69

      Not so much what the market will bear as it is how much our government will fund ignorance.

  • JPW

    Newsflash: All elites both right and left are hypocrites!

  • paybysdso

    Do as I say not as I do.

  • MH27610

    College is not worth it anymore. Why pay ridiculous tuition costs, so elitist pr!cks like this guy can make hundreds of thousands of dollars. These guys are just as bad as politicians. My advice would be to figure out what you like to do, and start your own business.

    • Rascal69

      Want to see them really get fired up and annoyed? Confront them on their stupidity and full bodied support of ignorant thought. I had fun one year in college with an uber-liberal “professor” of political science who went on a rant regarding NAFTA and how it was going to lead to all of our crops (corn, etc.) being grown in Mexico instead of the U.S. I pointed out that Mexico was lacking one particular ingredient which would seem to dispell that idea…they don’t have a Mississippi River Valley with nutrient rich soil in which to grow said crops at significant capacity. I thought his head was going to explode trying to respond which of course, he never came up with a reply.

    • fourscoreandseven

      Oh, yeah, right; that puts us back to the 1500s; bonehead!!!
      How about a MEANINGFUL solution; not outright rejection of those things that you don’t like.
      I wouldn’t trade my college education for ANYTHING! So, stick that in your pipe! Throwing the “baby” out with the bath water has NEVER been a sound policy!

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Society has collapsed with the demise of modesty and earnestness. People are permitted to emote rather than reason, and not only get away with it, but are richly rewarded. This fills the top ranks of our corporate and government hierarchies with mentally ill people who have mood instability and are able to emote more intensely than anyone normal.

    Of course, having mentally ill people in charge has quite predictably led to the economic, cultural and social catastrophe we call America today.

  • Centurion53

    This HYPOCRITICAL, scum sucking PIG and Leftist Rat should be FIRED for doing NOTHING!!!!!!! These Demo Rat B a s t a r d s have destroyed our college and university system with their Far Left, America hating propaganda and brainwashing of their students. I’m sure this school can find a very qualified person to teach this clown’s ONE class for one tenth what this jerk off is getting paid. No wonder student loan debt is skyrocketing!! It’s because of Leftist Swine like this Obama Zombie Rat!!!

  • Higher education is nothing but a scam to fleece America until there is nothing left but poverty.

  • fairtv

    Remember this the next time UNC asks for money.

  • typhoon2002

    ” $205,400 annually for his one class per semester workload”. And people wonder about the high cost of education.

  • Jack

    Founded by John Edwards. What would you expect.

  • Rascal69

    Another liberal putz…hard to understand how they keep showing up with abortion so much a part of their game. Hopefully, they’ll abort themselves out of existence.

  • IllKeepMine

    Those that can not do, teach.

    • Right wing

      Sounds like his wife has a pretty good gig, too.

  • bobonnit

    Hey parents and students with crushing loans, wonder why college tuition is so high ? Democrats/liberals allowed artificially low interest rates for student loans, academia saw easy & cheap money and jacked up the salaries of their leftist professors which in turn lead to the spiraling cost of tuition. It was all social engineering by Democrats to steal your hard earned money to enrich themselves and spread their agenda. How does it feel to be financially sodomized ? If you vote for anyone with a (D) in front of their name, it’s your own fault.

  • fourscoreandseven

    There are NO hypocrites like Lefty hypocrites!
    They are HORRID, HORRIBLE, AWFUL, and they STINK!

  • 1mikejanz1

    Will obviously his plan works, he has managed to keep himself out of poverty!

  • Thorien

    Knock this [email protected]$$ down to part-time status. Wanna understand poverty? Try being an adjunct.

  • fourscoreandseven

    AND HE IS FAT!!!!! A “fatty” who is taking WAY too much of everything! He can’t even push his enormous girth away from the groaning table!!!!!!!

    Human debris!!!!!

  • john

    America has the most well-paid leftists in the world.

    • The Chigger

      The ROI is negative, too. May as well burn the cash.

  • Johnat8500

    I bet he’d like to teach summer school and rake in another 100 grand.

  • dixiesuzan

    Of course !!! He’s opposed to poverty.

    • The Chigger

      I’m sure the poor would love a chance to spend a free week at his home at Emerald Isle. Why, he’s heartless because he doesn’t provide it for the poor to use!

      • dixiesuzan

        The Chigger – Thank ya’ll for your reply.
        Well when ya’ll is just wallerin in fightin poverty why the poor folks has to take a back seat. Spose he should become poor? Could he fight poverty as well if he became poor? Acourse not !!! Don’t be stupid !!! He’s opposed to his become a poverty as anybody only he has the money to fight it !!!

  • Edward Keithly

    Greasy, lazy, shiftless, layabout thug gets overpaid for little to no work.

    Sounds like he is fit for a job in the Obama Administration, carrying out the will of the greasy, lazy, shiftless layabout Thug-in-Chief…

  • Right wing

    Do as I say, not as I do. What a joke.

    • digg

      The progressive communist demidiot way.

  • Pappy Hinnant

    Nothing wrong with higher education in America today, eh?

  • This rubbish is on display in multiple departments in public colleges all over the country. It is nothing short of financial rape of the middle class and everyone else taking out a loan or paying the tuition to pay these indolent fakers.

  • HeatherMaeC

    college tuition and student debt is so ridiculous and makes college unattainable for the poor. Good job professor in being a part of the problem and not really offering any solutions just snarky articles. UNC should fire you and use that money to help lift people out of poverty by providing an education. (Dang I came up with that for free)

  • HE is the root cause of poverty.

  • David Johnson

    Why does this surprise anyone? Fat, useless liberal POS who spends most of his time criticizing anyone who works hard and is a capitalist, while making sure he gets his ‘share’. Makes him feel good about himself when he goes to sleep. Would love to see his tax returns and how he or his accountant worked hard to find every loophole possible to avoid paying as much federal and state tax as possible.

  • stigotracy

    This chump, and every other faculty gas-bag at the public universities, should be required to spend a couple of years in the private sector. Let’s see how well they would succeed if they had to produce tangible and profitable results in order to keep their jobs.

  • crismahn

    Sounds like he’s anti-poverty to me. Lead by example! ;^)

    • The Chigger

      Yes, he should trot over to Durham and advise the welfare clients to just get a job paying $200,000 a year, and their problems are solved.
      Easy as that. Right?

  • Grog

    Time to after these salaries, perks and speaking fees. No wonder the professors keep the students whipped into a frenzy on stupid issues, it keeps the pitchforks away from them!!!

  • distillerman

    Hmmm….another liberal “1 percenter”. Go figure.

  • stnicks

    the IRS needs to audit this clown

  • Stranex

    Like all liberals, they are mentally ill on top of being hypocrites. It all has its root in a hatred of God and Jesus.

  • Warren Stallings

    As a North Carolinian this is disgusting, but Chapel Hill is just like San Fran, Woodstock and Boulder….all card carrying socialist who feel for your pain.

  • John Morris

    What a bunch of pussies – just shut the hell up already

  • DoSSlar

    paganpink…the reason is simple “We the People ” vote these “leftist extremist” communist politicians and senators ,and judges who support these “so called” elitist educators. so next time in 2014/2016 make sure “We the People” think before we vote

  • Jan

    Oh it’ s ok because he is a member of der leaders party…that’s the way it is.

  • Luke Duke

    Gotta love college professors. They work about 15 hours a week (try to find a professor in his office after 2PM or at any time on a Friday on campus); get 4-5 months off a year (summer break, spring break, Christmas break, Thanksgiving break); fight like crazy to get course release time and sabbaticals; publish gibberish in journals no one except their unfortunate grad students have to read; then complain about working conditions.

  • onetermandout

    Someone is surprised a lying communist bloodsucker steals money from the gov for nothing while complaining about how awful the people are who actually work.

  • TAG

    Paid with stolen funds.

  • mark

    He’s a PIG. O….excuse me, hypocritical PIG

  • Couranto

    Another liberal hypocrite and fraud.

  • esuoh1

    Do as I say not as I do.

  • Fredsky

    He certainly shows how to fight poverty – get a well paying job!

    It’s a “Do as I do, not as I say” kind of a thing.

  • RLB_In_Tex

    “I’m a full time faculty member – doing all the varied things faculty members do . . . ”

    That should put him in the +/- $30,000 per year category.

  • Robert M Jordan

    Sounds like he should be teaching a course on Negotiations

  • rosemariejackowski

    Education has become a scam. Anyone who goes to college now deserves big student loan debt. They are making an informed choice and should know better. There are alternatives. Become self-educated.
    The president of UVM gets $447,000 plus a mansion to live in….

  • rhadagastt

    I began my law career at the University of Miami, FL and its just a liberal as sh*thole UNC. They tell the students they want them to be “engineers” of the law, i.e., try to set policy through the appeals process. Half wits like Nichol don’t know the first thing about actually practicing law. He knows half-baked theories that he tries to pass on to ignorant first and second year law students. I would pay money to go against him in court b/c any seasoned attorney worth his salt would wipe the floor with this pedantic fool.

  • Warbo

    And people wonder why college tuition is so high.

  • pat roberts

    Indeed there is nothing unusual in the type of compensation he is receiving for what he does. A full-time faculty member in a law school at a top university easily makes this salary. And it’s not just for teaching, it includes countless hours advising students, serving on committees, hosting events, etc.

    His salary is not where the scandal is.

    The scandal is about his far left political views and his removal of the Cross. What a despicable twit.

  • Rickintheforest

    I took an elective class on “poverty law” in law school. It was the least substantive of any class I’ve taken in any school at any time. Lyndon Johnson declared “War on Poverty” 50 years ago. Like most Progressive ideals and ideas that worked out swell, didn’t it? One of the problems with “Poverty Law” from a lawyers perspective is there’s no money in it. Except, apparently, for this professor. I’m beginning to think I should have become a law professor in North Carolina…………

  • janderson4795

    Nothing unusual here. Liberals are all hypocrites.

  • Raule

    You sound surprised that a Democrat is a hypocrite. That’s what they do! All of them. Every one.

  • oracle2world

    He needs a haircut. Maybe a personal trainer.

  • Shuffle off to Buffalo

    Nichol is to poverty law,
    as Sharpton is to racial injustice.

    Both pimping their audience.

  • GatorJim123

    Typical Leftist.

  • Sigint

    The NC legislature should review the operation and salaries at UNC. This is why higher education has become so expensive and so much a burden on taxpayers. The real unbearable expense is how they are propagating Marxist-Progressive ideology anong impressionable youth.

    • Warren Stallings

      The legislature will not defund them but they sure as hell ought to have it audited for mismanagement and deduct it from their underwriting of the system. If the FCC can look at public airwaves and licensing for ‘fairness’ they can surely look at this garbage.

  • CSATexan

    Once again The DNC is the party of the rich

  • DireMouse

    He’s a smug looking piece of waste.

  • geezer117

    And this is why tuitions must rise at such high rates, and students take on such large debt. There is not one scintilla of better education for those high tuitions.

  • Field Dog

    No problem. The university will increase student tuition again next semester to pay for the staff salaries. The students will secure education loans that will keep them indebt for decades, if they can find a job !

    • Queef Odorman

      But see, after majoring in “Poverty Studies” you can draw down a $200k salary!

  • truth2power

    Preaching class warfare and making a really nice living doing it! Who would have thought!

  • jcd0101

    Oh brother..
    those evil capitolists.. he screams
    while lining up at the bank in his fancy car to cash his outrageous check

    i want a job doing nothing except for one class (what an hour) per year
    making 250k..

    Kinda like hillary..

  • DUbangee Urmomma


  • disqus_qPwMHw5FDi

    95% of [email protected] couldn’t make it in the private sector.

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Your statistic makes a lot of sense. Many of them probably live with the crippling fear of being forced to compete in the private sector.
      Fear may be what drives their anger and vitriol.

  • stargazeman

    So he’s the nut that pulled the cross form the Chapel at Wiliam and Mary College…wow…amazing, these loons take care of their own when they get ousted elsewhere—dude like him love a nice Race War while he hides in his mansion with his rich old lady…Frauds.

  • Patrick Lévesque

    Piggish , disgusting leftist trash

  • craigmk1974

    college professors and administrators rip off students with the ridiculous costs of tuition so they can make outrageous salaries. Then they have the audacity to call someone else greedy. Bunch of hypocrites. They think it’s okay because they believe they are entitled to it and that they are elitists. Someone needs to pull these F’ers off from their high horse.

  • UnaffiliatedVoter

    UNC = THE most corrupt public university in Amerikkka…lieberals have ruined it.

  • Joe Schmo

    Gee, I wonder why tuition costs are skyrocketing?

  • elt100

    Definition of “Limousine Liberal”…

  • Phree Thinker

    On its face that sure seems like a lot of money for that workload! What’s weird is to see people who are political conservatives complaining – I thought it was well established that 250k a year definitely does NOT make a person rich – remember the debate over the extension of the Bush tax cuts for people at that income level? Google it if you forgot!

  • bullib

    Hell, that’s nothing. Hillary–that other great champion of the “pooooor” gets his annual salary for one speech.

  • Reardon Steele

    Typical Libtard. Too stupid to understand the irony of railing about others ignoring poverty while enjoying all the benefits of being rich.

  • bullib

    I don’t attack this hoggish lib for making as much as he can. Good for him. What I hold contemptible is his hypocrisy in doing so. Just like all shit-brain libs.

  • Jason

    You won’t see this story on the major network news.

  • Ian Cochran

    One of the biggest reasons I left NC. They tax you to death. State income tax, county property taxes and county personal property taxes and not to mention state sales tax.
    Going to pay for people like this.

    • Fire_For_Effect

      People that have fled from NY, NJ, and Ohio, are slowly but surely ruining the once great state of North Carolina.

  • Aslan’s Girl

    Between this guy and Hillary, the lefties sure got the market cornered when it comes to defending the poor.

  • Michael Sullivan

    the president of UNC and it’s controlling board are directly responsible for the existence of this man at present.

    those individuals are the proper direct target of every single emotion you might be having, if you happen to not like what this man does and says.

    past presidents of this entity and past members of it’s controlling boards are equally responsible.

    relegate this nit to never owning a business and take away his right to vote.

    don’t get distracted.

    it’s an institutionalized problem.

    Treason is an offense properly punishable by death. Who hired this man? who promoted him? who gave him “letters of recommendation,” and my goodness, what did they say?

    it’s Institutionalized Treason.

    We do understand.

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Maybe the President (of UNC) only found out about this situation in this morning’s newspaper, and considers it a “phony scandal”. That seems to be a legitimate defense these days.

      You do raise some excellent questions. I think this country could use “Show Trials” to help highlight garbage like this, and get us back on course.

      • Michael Sullivan

        i do believe that we Citizens need to “show” those taking away Our nouns and verbs who is actually supposed to be respected in Our country.


        the Enemy don’t like Her, and because of that, i don’t like them.

  • 1NonPermissive

    The boy’s the ultimate hypocrite.

  • Marines1969

    And libs wonder why tuition is high.

  • celsius 232.8

    I guess that’s one way of fighting poverty, fer sure he ain’t poor no more.

  • Angie Wooten

    This is exactly what my fellow patriot posters need to be pounding in. The Clinton’s 100 million net worth. Gore 250 million Kerry’s 250 million. Oprah 2.5 billion. Jesse Jackson 12 million. Harry Reid 5 million. Rahm Emanuel 10 million Obamas 10 million. Pelosi 35 million. You can google Hollywood stars yourself. Turns out democrats are the true party of the filthy rich 1%ers

    • Michael Sullivan

      they see themselves as Our rulers.

      can you believe it?

    • Casca

      Kerry is worth over One Billion of his wife’s money

      • Michael Sullivan

        your statement fits the data

  • Professor Fate

    This Marxist toad is a classic example of why ‘higher education’ is a joke. Unless you’re going to college to become a professional (doctor, engineer, nurse, teacher, lawyer, etc) you shouldn’t go into debt to have to listen to lefty profs like this hypocrite. Learn a trade, that’s where the money is. Mr. Share the Wealth here will need a plumber, carpenter, electrician, cabinet maker, computer repair person, et al one of these days and you could be the one taking his money. He sure isn’t giving any of it to poor people.

  • KunTewk

    a piece of S**T !

  • Angie Wooten

    Hey college fix great story keep up the great work exposing these filthy rich 1%er leftist.

  • jim

    They have to pay him that much or he couldn’t afford to live in Chapel Hill.

    Which shipped all it’s poor people to Durham decades ago.

  • elHombre

    Ridiculous, isn’t it? Enrollment is down at law schools and students face killer debt while these clowns get fat for, basically, working part time.

    They would say they could make more in private practice. I practiced law until I retired at 55 and I’ll tell you it just ain’t so. Very few law professors interest successful practitioners.

  • mcb0b

    There’s big money in poverty.

  • midlandmillionairez

    College professor is a hypocrite? Now I’ve seen everything!

  • ancientemplar

    Big Ed. is worse than big pharma, big insurance and big oil. Get government out of the equation and you’ll find these types of salaries will be few and far between. Who the hell thinks these liberal jerks are worth that price? The other administrators. Its one big circle jerk.

  • pandle

    What a freakin douchebag. I wonder if he actually believes the BS he vomits out of his mouth.

  • umusbkiding2

    Another good example of a hypocrite and a public employee thief

    • Michael Sullivan

      yup. with federally guaranteed student loans and State support, these institutions have grown so fat that they rip down buildings just to have an excuse to build a new one.

      that is no lie, for, oh gads! “if we don’t spend the money we have this year, they will give us less instead of more next year. spend it, spend it!”

      that is the imbecilic reality that governs too many of Our “educational institutions.”

      the fact that they pi$$ on Liberty, well, that is a little more than adding insult to injury.

  • Patrick Henry

    What is so disgusting is the liberal’s combination of:
    1) pompous arrogance,
    2) gleeful ignorance, and
    3) blind hypocrisy

    1) They truly think that they are superior to everyone who hasn’t attained their level of pomposity!
    2) They truly are ignorant of the fact that the largest single group of private individuals that give the most money, time, and energy are Christians and conservatives.
    We give MILLIONS of dollars, MILLIONS of hours and IMMEASURABLE energy
    to feed the poor, house the homeless, drill wells for clean water in third
    world countries, etc., etc.
    3) Then they criticize those who are doing the most good in the world (us), while they (liberals/atheists, etc.) give close to ZERO to help others!

    To top it off, they file frivolous lawsuits that cost us untold time, money, and energy that SHOULD have been used to help the poor of the world.
    So not only do they give nil and insult those of us that are giving the most, they “steal” the resources that would have helped save the life of a hungry child.

    Yes, I know it’s not usually humble to point out our “good works”, but my aim is NOT to draw attention to us so we get a pat on the back…
    …liberals & atheists, it’s to confront you with the truth of your arrogance, ignorance and hypocrisy, and to offer you the chance to repent.

    God’s Word says that ALL (me, us, you, him, her, and them) have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
    So, in God’s sight, our sins are the same as yours.
    And God offers you the same opportunity that He offered the rest of us: Repent & Believe the Gospel. Receive His gift of eternal life!

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Great points – especially about the arrogance and pomposity.

      If you met this couple at a cocktail party, and asked them what they do for a living, they would reply pompously and piously, “Well, we’re in “public service” (at $600,000 /year) because we wanted to “give back” (at $600,000 /year).

      They consider government employment with excessive compensation to be “public service” on par with what Mother Theresa did, and that this “public service” elevates them above you.
      It also elevates and purifies their opinions and motives on any social issue, because they “care” more than us mere mortals (at $600,000 /year).

      • Patrick Henry

        Very astute observation!

  • AshamedOfUNC


    • Casca

      That’s pretty much a requirement to be a lawyer…or a Democrat

  • Casca

    Let’s replace him with an Illegal Alien willing to do his job for one tenth of what he is paid……

  • JBRoux

    It is public money and student loans paying the old perfesser’s salary. If these guys are worth more, so be it. But I think the whole college system is way over the limit. The future pay for the degrees that these kids get isn’t worth the tuition and the student loan payments they will have to make to pay it back.
    Where are the “regulators” when it comes to college costs?

    • Fearless Leader

      The only reliable “regulator” is a market economy — and that has been excluded from the taxpayer-financed State schools.

      • paganpink

        There you go! But Charter and magnet schools give a choice, and the market does allow students a chance to move to those schools best serving their customers. That is why teachers unions and their thugs the it and why some cities still do not allow them.

      • Fire_For_Effect

        Well stated Fearless – a bank wouldn’t loan you $100,000 for a $20,000 house, but they would loan you a $100,000 on a $20,000 education, if the government was guaranteeing the loan.

  • puddintanes40


  • puddintanes40


  • jackcandobutwont

    If the right/conservatives would look at where there money is going…whether it be K-12, colleges and universities….they all are indoctrination camps to brain wash the students.

  • puddintanes40

    fat lard

  • dimitri

    Bet he never gets audited

  • 82/101

    these progressive liberal folks need all their wealth and assets confiscated and turned over to the poor or better yet the government… these hypocrites tune would change in a moment if it was their money versus “We the People…”

  • puddintanes40

    Michael Moore should do a documentary on this……wait Moore is another liberal hypocrite!

  • puddintanes40

    Time to get drunk

  • sactomike

    It’s never been about the poor, it’s about getting the poor to think it’s about the poor so they’ll vote for Democrats. The poor judgement of the poor in buying into that nonsense is the saddest thing.

  • utilitarian

    Any person that defines themselves as strictly liberal or conservative is a hypocrite. The Dems are just as guilty as the GOP for the income inequality in this country. A conservative will tout individual freedom, but deny a gay couple the freedom to marry. A liberal will talk about how bigoted conservatives are, but tell you that you are a horrible person if you do not agree that government is benevolent and innocent. BOTH parties are hurting us, along with a compliant media. Vote for some one you never heard of. No more family dynasty’s, if the candidate has a fortune, don’t vote for them. Stop voting for people who say the same old tired lines. The GOP says it is all about guns, Jesus and freedom. The Dems say we need bigger govt to solve the nations problems. You left and right nut jobs are killing this country. My next governor will win b/c Ted Nuget says he is good to go. Ted Nuget!! This is insane. Hilary will probably win the White House, and everyone on the left will call it a victory, while the Clintons make more money, and the rest of us are left out in the cold. Screw all of you party cheerleaders. Both sides are killing us, and it is YOU, the voters, that are allowing it b/c you are so divided along ideological lines. Idiots..

    • puddintanes40

      vote for Fred Flinstone!

      • utilitarian

        At least I would be able to sleep at night. Go ahead, keep voting for the same people. Nothing will change. No wonder people buy the “miracle weight loss” crap.

    • Michael Sullivan

      good thoughts bro. not all right or all wrong or whatever, but good thoughts.

      keep writing

  • Quit_Lying

    democrats are a scourge on modern society

    • Fearless Leader

      Yes, but so are the Republicans, the flip side of the same counterfeit coin.

      • Quit_Lying

        but the KEY difference is the PRESS will hold the republicans like Chris Christie to account for even a traffic scandal but they in fact cover up for dems and flat REFUSE to run stories

        thats why dems are WORSE

  • supremedinosaur

    Meanwhile the chemistry professors barely make 60k. 200k is way too much for 1 class a semester and summers off. This didn’t even include the grants he no doubt gets.

  • dave

    Another no good commie pos

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Funny how all these leftists push socialism on all of us but they themselves live high on the hog…Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. Why anyone listens and votes for these idiots is a mystery to me….

  • william russell

    Hey you tax payers i hope you are happy having a person making $200,000 a year for teaching one 50 minute class. No wonder the tuition is so high because of these things going on. A topical liberal progressive democratic that champions the poor, while raking in the money. The liberals are all the same criticize others while they rape the tax payer.

  • rockynites

    The hypocrisy of the bed wetting left is well known. The most worrisome thing about this situation is that UNC is funded with PUBLIC money. He teaches one class. ONE CLASS!!

    • Fearless Leader

      And I’d hardly call it “teaching a class”, too, rocky: more like brainwashing the young comrades.

  • BozoJones

    A perfect example of a “limousine liberal”.

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    As with Hillary’s $200k speeches the students were treated to more “wisdom” by yet another greedy, grasping socialist hypocrite. I can’t wait to see how much they will pay former President Obama when he hits the leftist university speech circuit. His motto: “Cost is no object if you don’t pay your bills”.

  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

    Just how many full time professors are only teaching one or two classes per semester?

    Between that and the millions that go to diversity bean counters and classes on african-transgendered studies and the athletic divisions I can’t figure out why it costs so much to go to school.

  • Jim

    Typical. A mini Al Gore.

  • wabansia

    Another communist limousine liberal. University of N. Carolina should be ashamed of itself. Alumni should immediately stop all funding of their alma mater. They get money from the government, both federal and State, but alumni money helps them support this dirtbag, too.

  • Yupper56

    Poor, Like Hillary!
    What a racket. No wonder tuition is so high, and goes up every year. Thieves.

  • Guest

    The man looks like a hog. Hogs should be slaughtered.

  • Justin OB

    Typical behavior from the do as I say, not as I do leftys

  • Fister

    Some people clearly need to be eliminated.

    • Michael Sullivan


      • Fister

        Oh, ah, right, of course. Sure. Uh huh. Yeah. If possible.
        Another for the list. Come the Revolution.

  • sleeperd

    When are people going to realize that the whole concept Of “higher education” has devolved into nothing more than a money-grubbing scheme? The University system is a gigantic welfare system for people with advanced degrees who aren’t interested in working.
    I defy any college graduate other than medical or technical folk to name one – ONE – course he took that has actually benefitted him in later life -and NO, “critical thinking” doesn’t count.

  • Buck Wheat

    Criminal is the first thing that comes to my mind, also this is the garbage you pay and send your kids to. Ever wonder why college tuition’s are so high and out of control, this isn’t an isolated case, this is all over academia.

  • Michael Sullivan

    smile for the camera boys!

    hard to find on the university webpage. i wonder why.


    have you been sleeping on the job again? yes, of course you have.

  • southernyank

    His departure from William & Mary was less than ceremonious. He was basically shown the door and told not to come back because of his radical actions that disgraced the school. He was not liked by anybody, including most of the faculty.

    • William P Murphy

      He did everything he could to smear William and Mary.

  • tom

    Is he slightly retarded?
    Just asking. It might be a Hire the Disabled program.

    • Team USA

      Just call him, “Defective Gene” Nichol.

  • Shootist

    Universities are corrupt? Who knew?

  • Mike

    How can I cash in on the “poverty” racket? Oh yeah, but giving up my standards as an honest person with an actual work ethic.

  • top secret

    The indoctrination continues.
    Nichol must have tenure, or the tacit support of the board of UNCSL?
    These are the people who shape future politicians.

  • Patti

    Like most leftists a liar and a hypocrite….

  • Fongzilla1970

    I real member of the politariat. In the Soviet Union self serving pigs like Prof Nichol lived like Czars in their dacha’s.

  • jamesben

    This is the kind of Leftist hypocrite PIG I’d love to goad into taking a swing at me, then I’d KICK the absolute DOGSH*T out of him – damn that would feel good.

    • Fearless Leader

      Maybe, but it would solve nothing.

      • jamesben

        It would make me feel better, so it would solve my personal hatred for pigs like this – so there’s that.

  • drudge brietbart

    how many despots do you know of are poor? libtards always talk the talk–dumbasses walk the walk.

  • Bob

    Where does this creep live? Now the boys in the hood know who to rob and car jack.

  • robbie555

    The con man starts to believe his own lies. He is a typical liberal. They feed like parasites on the poor for their survival, yet their lifestyle is hypothetical, hence he is a Democrat.

  • silver

    Demoncrats are sick in the head just look at Obummer, talked all the time about the fat cats but they are the only ones he’s hanging out with. The whole country is going nuts under this IDIOT in charge, put him on the border and I hope he’ll catch all the sickness they are bringing in.

  • Semprasectum

    the entire social and economic system in this country is spinning out of control . . .it is gonna end badly. . .I fear. .


    Common sense, decency, and integrity have flown the coup! Liberal rational truly is a form of mental illness!

  • Agent 99

    And I wonder what the average adjunct professor is being paid per class per semester at that same school….probably less than $5000 per class (with no benefits), and that’s a generous estimate.
    The hypocrisy in higher education –and wage disparity among the teaching staff– is obscene….and a dirty little secret.

  • Mike

    In a way I admire these fat slob Democrats like Michael Moore, and this clown. They’re able to find enough suckers to fatten their bank accounts without actually having to work for a living.

    • paganpink

      And what is there to admire about that, pray tell?

  • mahood

    Are you sure Hazen is teaching four courses in the fall? Because that’s not how I read the link you provide. It seems he’s teaching one course, listed twice but linking to the same course each time, with a writing component, also listed twice. So basically the same course load as Nichol.

  • hal mac

    Chapel Hill NC: bastian of liberal, pothead, tree-hugging hypocrites.


    Most universities are simply propaganda machines!

    • Agent 99

      Propaganda that they themselves do not adhere to…they claim to be bastions of egalitarianism and fairness, and they’re anything BUT that. Just for instance, compare salary scales and course loads between tenured professors and adjunct professors, and you have a hard-hitting “60 Minutes” expose just waiting to happen. No kidding.

  • yesitsme

    is he related to Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts ?

  • Fearless Leader

    Comrade Nichol isn’t poor any more, so his “center” is at least a partial success…

  • daveinlaurel

    I have grandchildren in NC. I can guarantee based on this article that they won’t attend UNC.

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Ooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr, you could educate those grandchildren about what is wrong there and why, and then try to take some constructive steps to educate others, and straighten out this mess.

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

      Edmund Burke

      • Fearless Leader

        The system of taxpayer-financed “education” is inherently flawed; one gang or another of power mad parasites will always infest it so long as the people are forced to pay for it.

        • paganpink

          So you said. Are we all to homeschool now? And if I wish to pool my money with other parents to educate our children WHO ARE YOU to tell us we cannot? You’re power mad.

  • Dooshlibs

    Please note that Wallace, Faubus and Maddox were Democrats.
    Hypocrisy is the hallmark, touchstone and foundation of socialist liberals.

  • vic mackey

    a progressive who’s a hypocrite? Surely you jest!

  • Interurbaner

    Ya that dirty DB has been exposed for a while. Limousine Liberals.

  • surfer1104

    Goes to show you ., liberalism is a mental disorder… He should sell everything and give the proceeds to the poor. These university salaries are like a ponzi scheme.. Recruit students for education, tell them what great jobs the can get if they study for 4 year, charge high tuition , and when all said and done pay teachers more than CEO’s of companies.

    • Fearless Leader

      Yep. And the kids graduate deeply in debt and unemployable — most are not even fully literate. It’s a great racket for the comrades, though.

    • Agent 99

      *SOME professors. Most professors (up to 70% of university teaching staff) are part-time “adjunct” teachers who are paid barely liveable wages —with no job security and no benefits. Many juggle several jobs to make ends meet. Meanwhile, overpaid administrators and full-time/tenured teaching staff receive healthy salaries and benefit packages.
      It’s time the spotlight was put on this relatively unknown but glaring labor issue in “higher education”.

  • BruddahNui

    It would be interesting to see how much he donates to charity. Go back about 20 yrs on his IRS statements. I would guess he’s more of a talker than a doer.

  • Rumpelstilskin

    Wasn’t UNC in the news recently for their black studies programs?

  • DocRambo

    This is why, as a UNC alumnus, I do not contribute to the school any more. If I was a tax paying Tarheel, I’d want more bang for my buck than this radical lying leftist is giving!

  • Charlie Martin

    What a scammer..

  • aberdeenvet

    Maddox, Wallace and Faubus were all DEMOCRATS. Now that they have a Republican Governor Pat McCrory, POS Nichol wants to taint his reputation with those of the typical Democrats of the south.

  • nuckollsr

    . . .and Hillary’s speeches are worth $225K a pop . . .the sad part is not that they ask that much . . . The sad part is that fools will PAY them . . .

    • Fearless Leader

      Again, those fees are usually paid by the student unions — which are invariably run by leftists — with the money of their fellow students. It amounts, in essence, to being forced to fund a politician as a part of the cost of your education!

  • Dantes

    Hey, he’s against poverty. Why shouldn’t you dumb students borrowing kajillions of dollars going into debt not pay through the nose for the next twenty years pay for his useless lifestyle, if he can con you out of it.

  • Fearless Leader

    The solution is not to turn the schools back over to the right wingers who ran them in the 40s 50s and 60s, but to end the SYSTEM of taxpayer-financed schooling which always attracts one or another group of totalitarians. A lot of the people moaning about the hypocrisy of the lefties are guilty of being rightist hypocrites.

    Personally, I don’t choose between the “lessers of evils” because I am opposed to evil in all its forms. The problem is not that the lefties are in and the righties are out but that there is a system of mind control financed by the confiscated tax dollars of the public.

    Statism is the problem and “liberals” and “conservatives” are equally guilty of it.

    • paganpink

      No Chaucer, no latin classes, no more knowing how to make calculations on a sliderule? Schools- AND teachers were far better in every way before the unions and the liberals decided to try experiments on them. No phonics! New math! You- and yours- are pathetic. Even the worst one room school house educated better then any of the schools now. And it isn’t because they used their local taxes to pay for it. It was because the teachers actually cared about the students and the parents were active in taking care of their OWN children and not expecting the state to do it all. Education should always be controlled at the local level but it is as genuine a use of taxpayer money as the military is. .

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Good post, Pol Pot

  • Beavereater

    What do these people teach that couldn’t be replaced by internet technology? They are as absolutely obsolete as was the buggy whip. Learning will be free in the near future.

  • Urie Zickler

    Wow…it is a WHITE MAN! Yep…the plague of liberal diversity that exploits the poor by and through “any means necessary” can be found anywhere!

  • Mac-101

    What a disgustin Hypocritical FAT Pig!


    Nichol is spelled OINK, OINK!”

  • RightStuff44

    Leftists are such do-gooder hypocrites. That is what Barack Obama is, and there are enough p00p smoochers who will always stand behind him when he spews his leftist garbage.

  • pugilist66

    These clowns, along with the charlatans who offer “diversity training”, are the modern “snake oil salesmen” of the old days. And, it’s the same old liberal (liberalism has been around since the beginning of time and has had many names) retards who are buying it. Liberalism in its many parts (think Shakespeare) is responsible for the decline of many a civilization. The people may change, but the part remains the same.

  • A cagey shyster can make a mint off the poverty shell game.

  • taylorRod

    Vile brainwashed Democrat. My Grandmother went to Chapel Hill. In those days many southerners were Democrats because of Lincoln’s party affiliation — a Republican. And most of my family were Democrats. But that was in the old days, not now. Those who’ve stayed with or joined the Democratic Party are in the company of satan. They are a Godless socialist group of pagan liars and saboteurs, gnawing like hungry locusts to bring down the tree of liberty and destroy the nation that it shelters — the USA. These professors who gain a sense of self righteousness by their participation in these orgies of misguided anti freedom politics are contemptible to say the least. They give aid and comfort to the enemy, by which I mean Obama and Reid and Holder and so on. They are making converts for the father of lies and his little maggot offspring in our government as it heads toward totalitarian police state. But in the name of the poor, or in the name of the planet, or in the name of the children — or in the name of anything except themselves — they pose as righteous crusaders.

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Powerful words!!

    • White Clowns

      Well said. The irony here is that the society they want to create will devour them and their offspring. Nobody will get a pass. History proves this, but they blindly carry on vilifying everything and everyone in their path.

  • FM505

    Public money… its free….!

  • Cincinnatus

    Do as we say, not as we do.

  • BMB

    I would’ve asked the esteemed professor how much he contributes to charities but I think I already know the answer. Just look at his mug shot. Would you buy a used car from this man?
    In fact, please double his salary but keep him away from classes altogether. The damage he and his likes do to innocent students, who go deep in debt hoping to get education and instead are being forced to listen to rubbish, is enormous.

  • Sam Spade

    i expect he considers himself one o dem dumbocrat elites USING the non competitive exclusivist system they’ve created to enrich themselves…less’n you’re one o dem dumbocrat loyalists you need not apply for those state subsidized professions in which they maintain near monopolies.

  • 19below

    Just one more liberal hypocrite. This isn’t new and it’s hardly news, unless you’ve been living comfortably under a democrat supplied rock for the last 50 years.

  • White Clowns

    College is the biggest scam in the United States. David Horowitz only scratches the surface.

  • 19below

    One more school to cease sending kids and tuition dollars to. That was easy.

  • delsmith

    He’s just like the guy in the White House. Why does the University put up with
    such an immature blowhard? The UNC president needs to muster the courage to say to Nichols, “You’re out of here”.

    • robertludlum

      There may be a blackmailing operation going on.

  • Glen3

    He is Gene Nichol, millionaire. He owns a mansion and a yacht.

    • robertludlum

      They are called limousine liberals. Here in the real world they are called hypocrites, or Dems for short.

  • David L. Stinson

    Just another Leftist hypocrite. Satan is proud of his children.

  • robertludlum

    It would be bad enough if a private university, but a public institution makes it that much worse. Public education is breaking the nation. You would be stunned to compare the total cost of all education, at all levels, K-16, from 1950 to 2015. It is sickening, especially when we look at the government debt at all levels.

  • Randy Mann

    $212,000 for one class a semester? No wonder college and university tuitions are exorbitant. The State should immediately cut all professors’ salaries and stipends by 35%. Let’s get NC back on track as a great state with great tuition prices!

  • jojo

    Somebody fire this phony.

  • Bill Russell

    And he is fat besides. No starvation in empathy with the hungry poor.

    • warddorrity

      Michael Moore had a particularly large bowel movement and named it Nichols.

  • bubba1984

    As a graduate of UNC, this makes me want to puke.Dump this bozo and give 20 $10,000 scholarships to poor students.

    • Fire_For_Effect


      Why not take the $200,000, and reduce student tuition by $200,000?

      Or do you think there should be 20 $10,000 scholarships for the corrupt UNC administration to hand out to friends, family, and fellow travelers?

  • J

    As someone who is entirely anti-Nichols politically, I can sympathize with the point of view. However, I really disagree with the ‘witch-hunt’ style of the article.

    Higher education in the US is broken–salaries are ridiculous, job requirements are minimal, tenure leads to little accountability. But there are literally thousands of public institution professors making more than $200,000 a year, with the same teaching load as Nichols; that is between 3 and 6 hours a week. The real issue is the salary levels at UNC and other state colleges. Why make it about Nichols?

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Nichol – you are a worthless POS.
      Rather than higher a PR firm to address your egregious conduct, you have tasked the TA (teaching assistant) who teaches your one class for you, with publicly defending you.

      He has not been persuasive.

  • NoHope4us

    Another hypocritical liberal POS making a very good living attacking the wealthy producers all the while making a VERY VERY good living doing so. He and his wife should give away 90% of their income to help balance out that “inequality” to show his sincerity – and maybe let some poor people stay for free at their vacation home.

  • blue_persuasion

    Because, OF COURSE he does. Typical leftists, taking hypocrisy to new levels.

  • golfcart1

    Hmm… The university does not want to be associated with his written material and forbids him to include his association to the university in almost anything he does, yet they still pay him to teach impressionable minds and people wonder what is wrong with America.

  • paymykidstuition

    And we wonder why the cost of college is so high in the USA?? This is disgusting.

  • fr0thing

    Boycott left-wing universities. Support universities that support true diversity of thought.

  • ShlomoShunn

    Ah, more liberal hypocrites like the Clintonbillies

    Just like the Southern Poverty Law Center’s founder, Morris Dees.

    You know, the guy who apparently groped his daughter, slept with men, and cheated on his wife with other women.

    Google: “The Church of Morris Dees”

    Then peruse his divorce papers:


    (Put a period where “-DOT’ is)

    Stellar people, Gene and Morris.

  • Renegade Quark

    Liberals are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They really are a loathsome bunch.

  • kestrel27

    What’s so funny is why all these college students keep wondering why the cost of their education is so high Just another in a long line of wealthy Progressives spewing their hate filled dogma and talking about the virtues of socialism while they are getting rich.

    • On Target

      I don’t think it’s limited to progressives…but schools are shameless in their “need” for money. There is a university in our home town that is spending close to a billion dollars on a new building…a BILLION flipping dollars! Everyone THINKS they need the best…it’s a UNIVERSITY!!!

  • John Witkowski

    And you wonder why collage is so expensive? It’s idiots like this and this type of thing is in every collage. 225,000 bucks to have Hillary say nothing?

  • Ron

    You know he was not a black dude.

  • On Target

    Free enterprise…well kinda, as long as you’re on the “inside” and “looking out” at all the disadvantaged people.

  • Tim Wise

    Ever wonder why your tuition is so damn sky high?!? They waste it on administrators and leftist idiots like this one!

  • UnaffiliatedVoter

    UNC = THE MOST corrupt public university in Amerikkka … totally run for decades by silly stupid lieberal democrackkks! Democrackkks RUINED the whole state of NC for over 140+ years!

  • Andy

    Another useless loser sucking money from the gravy train. And everyone wonders why tuition costs are so high. These academics have created an insulated world for themselves that defies belief. The hypocrisy in this case is particularly galling.

  • cooldela1966

    Here in North Carolina the University of North Carolina does not answer to the taxpayers. Only to the liberal elite. The taxpayers have no say in what happens at UNC. But at least this guy teaches one class while others teach “no-show” classes.


  • The scourge of worthless trash being paid over $200,000, forcing incredible raises in tuition, is the biggest problem faced by the people of America.

  • Hopsaregood

    Just another greedy leftist pig spewing hate and drivel while slurping at the public trough.

  • Jack Frost

    Now if only he had been a 1960’s-era bomber…

  • PV Maro

    It seems Hillary Clinton has opened the floodgates on one of the topics that had been, up to now, buried by the leftist press: the ridiculous hypocrisy of the wealthy liberal elite attempting to identify with the poor, and advocating policies that they clearly don’t follow in their own personal lives.

    One recent news story called it the “return” of the limousine liberal, but in reality they never left – the only place they have “returned” to is the pages of the media.

  • vassar bushmills

    If you’re wondering why he can call us names, and we tremble, but we can call him names and it doesn’t raise a whelt…circle of friends. That’s easy to do.

  • bob

    doesn’t surprise me in the least. liberalism , its truly a mental disease

    • Jack Coyote

      With no cure.

      • warddorrity

        Oh, there’s a cure. Rope. Tree. Liberal. Some assembly required.

  • bob

    guy looks like the twin of michael moore

  • Virginia Mom

    The selling of Bachelor’s Degrees has become the greatest fraud upon American consumers in the history of commerce. Parents are guilt-tripped and fooled into handing over $60,000 to $90,000 of their hard-earned wages so that little Tiffany and Justin can live in student housing (don’t call it a ‘dorm’) that resembles a clubhouse at a PGA golf course. Hardwood floors, stone veneer, cedar beams, fireplaces, plasma televisions, leather sofas are standard now in the student lounge. Laundry rooms with computerized machines than text-message students when their underwear is dry. Starbucks coffee machines in the lobby. And grossly overpaid professors who spew hatred of the Constitution. Thank God for the military, which offers a fantastic alternative education (another reason colleges HATE recruiters).

  • So how much does he give to the ones in poverty? The salaries of these kind of employees is ridiculous.

  • Jack Coyote

    For all their alleged education, liberals make things worse and bring more misery to those they purport to help. Theirs is not a war on poverty, rather it’s a war on those who work hard, have been successful in life, and tend to believe in God and espouse traditional values. You know, the things that help keep one out of poverty.

  • historyguy48

    Isn’t it strange how students are saddled with so much student loan debt by the time they graduate or just how quickly the “cost” of education has risen?
    This is merely the smallest tip of that iceberg.
    The “educators” have been effectively given carte blanch on everything. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of it? There are no limits.

  • Virginia Mom

    Watch now, as the next big announcement from Obama will be “student debt forgiveness,” in other words, YOU get to pay for all this wasteful spending by universities. Those of us who started savings accounts during our children’s infancy, who faithfully invested in pre-paid plans and took full responsibility for our children’s futures, we are suckers. We will be paying for all the slacker parents who were the first in the neighborhood to have HD tvs and Escallades but never saved for their brats’ education. You watch.

  • hello1

    Politics aside, teaching is often less than half of a professor’s job. One class a semester is normal for most professors because they do research and service activities year round, even while teaching, typically spending at least double the amount of time on that than teaching. The article doesn’t mention it of course and gives you the impression that the guy only works like 20 hours a week or something.

    • Virginia Mom

      Nice try, defending this loser who wouldn’t know hard work if it bit him in the arse.

    • Jack Coyote

      So do we really need to pay 100’s of K’s tuition for some ideologue to teach one class a semester and then otherwise spend time doing..what exactly? Is this the best value for tuition money?

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Politics aside, you’re an out and out liar. Do you really think Fatso the Lawyer is going to do even one thing beyond teaching that one class? No

      As it is, half the time Nichol has a Teaching Assistant fill in for him, because he’s at the beach.

  • icetrout

    over-payed stooge … no wonder kids are being crushed by student loans… collage tuition needs to be cut by 75% !

  • sndrmrv

    When liberals get rich they did it by dint of hard work and they deserved it and earned it but still they are the common folks at heart. However, if it is a non liberal they cheated, manipulated the system, stole it off the backs of the poor or inherited it and they simply dont deserve to be rich.

    • Jack Coyote

      You could teach a class in liberal theology.

  • Fip1

    And people borrow money for tuition to listen to this guy teach a class on poverty? No wonder they are coming out of college dumber than chickens.

  • Nope

    What exactly does a law school’s Center on Poverty do?

    • stronmness

      attempts to foment guilt over achievement and raise taxes on people who work for a living…

      • Marine Engineer – Libertarian

        Perfectly said

      • Equality7-2521

        I wish I could up-vote this 1,000 times.

        Sadly, multiple votes are the realm of the progressive…

        • stronmness

          Thank you. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Quite a compliment.

      • Nope

        Oh, so it’s just like every other liberal program.

  • BG

    These salaries are proof that none of these people ever took a business coarse. These salaries are outrageous. The entire system needs to be reviewed.

  • Robert Catt

    Hey he works 12 hours a week, 23 weeks a year, he deserves $200k

    • Joe blow

      He should volunteer to take the raised minimum wage as a salary, to show his solidarity with the oppressed.

  • bman

    fire his elitist arse

  • stronmness

    typical leftist parasite…

    • Jack Coyote


  • inquisitor

    Pigs at the trough.

  • Big Whiskey

    Typical ~ the fascist-left live in gated communities, send their children to exclusive
    private schools, and take everything they can get their grimy hands on from
    what’s left of our competitive, free market economy; while droning on and on about poverty and “two America’s.” Which is swallowed hook, line and sinker by their
    illiterate constituents, and the state-sanctioned “media.” Liars.

  • jaron kadek

    Income inequality.

  • Michael J. McCabe

    It figures over paid because they’re smart/s

  • Tyler

    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! I can see ee have many big strong men behind their computer screens here.

  • One Man

    I’m sure he will take in few of the kids from the southern border and fund a midnight basketball league or two in his community.

  • Joe blow

    The return of the “Poverty Pimp”. Actually, they never really went away; they’re just making a lot more money spreading lumpenprole hatred and class envy.

  • stuckinIL4now

    If anyone is qualified in matters of anti-poverty it’s this guy but if he’s truly concerned about the poor then why doesn’t he share his bounty with them or better yet, teach them how to fleece the establishment to get paid for doing nothing–oh wait…

    • tedlv

      He is anti-poverty as regards himself…

  • poh

    America’s great education system makes organized crime look amateurish.

  • RLara

    It’s why you can’t take people like Obama and E. Warren seriously. Until they are willing to offer complete transparency of college finances and a plan to control costs, I don’t want to hear ‘loan forgiveness’.

    • tonylion

      Elizabeth Warren? You mean the blond eyed, blue haired native American?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Someday, these stupid kids will recognize that the reason they have student loan debt 20 times that of earlier generations is because most college faculties are packed with the laziest, most subversive and fraudulent “scholars” that Cultural Marxism can possibly generate, just like this phony hypocrite…

  • Freedz22

    Another ignorant Lib, why am I even wasting my time typing these letters

  • elchucko

    Apparently he has no shame. What a fool.

  • binthere222

    Write the chairman of the board and ask for your donations back.

    104 Tennwood Court
    Durham, NC 27712
    (919) 724-6545
    [email protected]

  • hitemup1976

    He really does not make that much money. This professor does have to pay taxes. Of course, I would love to earn his salary, but he is poor…….just like Hilary!

  • Big boo

    So he spends approximately 100 hours teaching class per year. Let’s be generous and say he spends another 100hrs prepping and updating his materials per year along with maybe having student meetings(particularly with the attractive female students). So if I do my math right he makes around a $1,000 per hour. Come on people that is reasonable, some NY white collar defense attorneys make more than that!

  • MoreFreedom2

    “He told The College Fix there is nothing unusual about his compensation.”

    Obviously, the government is subsidizing universities too much. In fact, I’d say govenrment should get out of funding and providng education all together, and return it to the free market which provides so much more for much better prices.

  • tonylion

    Another “advocate” for the poor.
    It’d interesting to see how much he personally gives to the poor.
    If he’s a lib. – probably nothing.

  • Markdpez

    Hypocrisy thy name is democrat.

    • puddintanes40

      and retard

  • Robert Tulloch

    Why can’t we see the rise of political assassins that dispose of these creeps rather than kids in schools. If you are going to whack someone, at least make it a liberal.

    • warddorrity

      What would Michael Collins do?

  • ScottPM

    Liberals always believe they earn their money and that anybody else steals it (except for criminals). Clearly, liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • PGrossjr

    Thus explaining the inexorable rise in college tuition. While obscene, Hillary’s speaking fees are a drop in the bucket. Federal grants and loans for tuition have done nothing to increase the accessibility to college for the underprivileged (the supposed aim) but have created a class of wealthy individuals who enjoy perks and salaries unheard of for others with similar skill sets. Explains why college profs rarely change professions. At least until they retire at 50!

  • Maddox, Wallace and Faubus were all good Democrat politicians. He’s a typical liberal hypocrite.

  • KingOfStreitHall

    Like the entertainment industry 1%’ers…lefty folks like this talk a good game, but can’t walk the walk…hypocrites all.

  • thefifthcolumnreport

    If the good people of NC don’t rise up and depose these carpetbaggers, they deserve the liars, hatemongers, and charlatans like Nichol and his wife.

    • warddorrity

      So – what would Michael Collins do?

  • cico31

    His lwife makes 400 large…libs are such hypocrites

  • Leo Sebastian

    It’s always fascinate me where are idiots like ” geirgo ” come from ? And how come useless parasite like this law professor have successful career ? Professor of what?? What he does to contribute to society ? This is all artificial bull crap design by liberals . That’s why we in trouble . Parents , please don’t waste your hard earning money on college ” educations ” for your kids . Do you really want to pay this moron’s salary ? While he brainwashed your kids ?

  • kaudawg

    Jaba the Hut teaches Law at UNC?

  • FloridaJim

    Another Democratic hypocrite they abound. What would be news is to find one nice democratic woman or man all I know are hypocrites living for the new Marxist society after Obama having learned nada from history. Coaches, professors, unions, administrators, lawyers, all greatly add to cost of college which should be cut by 90%. They all have become multi-millionaires while selling student loans and never once thinking about reducing their intake. When Obama mentions student loans he only thinks in terms of having taxpayers fund it never cutting costs he and they are frauds PERIOD[to quote Obama].

  • Michael Lang

    Just a stereotypical fascist liberal hypocrite assclown.

  • TheFallofAmerica

    Why I vote Democrat

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if our federal government borrows $85 Billion every single month.

    I vote Democrat because I care about the children … but saddling them with trillions of dollars of debt to pay for my bloated leftist government is okay.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s better to pay billions of dollars to people who hate us rather than drill for our own oil, because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it is okay if liberal activist judges rewrite the Constitution to suit some fringe kooks, who would otherwise never get their agenda past the voters.

    I vote Democrat because I believe that corporate America should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their shareholders. They need to break even and give the rest to the federal government for redistribution.

    I vote Democrat because I’m not concerned about millions of babies being aborted, so long as we keep all of the murderers on death row alive.

    I vote Democrat because I believe it’s okay if my Nobel Peace Prize winning President uses drones to assassinate people, as long as we don’t use torture.

    I vote Democrat because I believe people, who can’t accurately tell us if it will rain on Friday, can predict the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don’t start driving a Chevy Volt.

    I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended.

    I vote Democrat because I believe the oil companies’ profit of 3% on a gallon of gas is obscene, but the federal government taxing that same gallon of gas at 15% isn’t obscene.

    I vote Democrat because I believe a moment of silent prayer at the beginning of the school day constitutes government indoctrination and an intrusion on parental authority ….. but sex education, condom distribution and multiculturalism are all values-neutral.

    I vote Democrat because I agonize over threats to the natural environment from CO2, acid rain and toxic waste ….. but I am totally oblivious of the threats to our social environment from pornography, promiscuity and family dissolution.

    I vote Democrat because I believe lazy, uneducated stoners should have just as big a say in running our country as entrepreneurs who risk everything and work 70 hours per week.

    I vote Democrat because I don’t like guns ….. so no one else should be allowed to own one.

    I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between welfare and the rise of illegitimacy.

    I vote Democrat because I see absolutely no correlation between judicial leniency and surging crime rates.

    I vote Democrat because I believe you don’t need an ID to vote but you do to buy beer.

    I vote Democrat because I believe marriage is obsolete, except for homosexuals.

    I vote Democrat because I think AIDS is spread by insufficient funding.

    I vote Democrat because I think “fairness” is far more important than freedom.

    I vote Democrat because I think an “equal outcome” is far more important than equal opportunity.

    I vote democrat because I would rather hide in a class room while others fight for my freedom.

    I vote democrat because I’m not smart enough to own a gun and I need someone else to protect me.

    I vote democrat because I would rather have free stuff than freedom.

    And lastly, I vote Democrat because I’m convinced that government programs are the solution to the human condition, NOT freedom.

  • thebigleone

    What a hypocritical lying pos.

  • bpbatista

    Why does a LAW school have a “center” on work, opportunity and poverty? That might be something a school of social science or public policy might have. But why a law school? What does that center teach to law students — other than radical leftism? The Republicans in state legislatures need to start cleaning out these nests of taxpayer funded leftists. It might also reduce tuition costs and improve real legal education.

    • Fire_For_Effect

      Good points. I suspect this is one of those law schools that emphasizes radical, leftist, “social justice”.

  • GWAR44

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ….now go get a student loan so you can go in debt…ha ha ha ha , and now you can attend my indoctrination class ha ha ha ha…..and then go work at Starbucks…ha ha ha ha ha

  • Knights Hawk

    Wouldn’t you love to see his charitable contributions? Not those to political parties, but those that actually go to help people in need. I’d bet it’s next to nothing.

  • freedom_is_good

    That’s quite a salary for a few hours a day a few days a week for a few months a year.

  • Fire_For_Effect

    “The Nichol family lives in a Chapel Hill home with a tax value of more than $1 million. They also own a bungalow on the beach at Emerald Isle, valued by Carteret County at more than $512,000.”

    Not that long ago, many colleges provided on-campus housing for their faculty. That was because professors taught out of dedication to their field, and not to become wealthy.

  • tomroberts

    We have taken Mexicans and N-words out of their cannibal villages, and made them college professors with huge salaries – so that more bug-eyed flat noses like themselves can obtain trillions and trillions of dollars in tax payer debt to attend their classes, that they will never pay back. What is wrong with this picture???

  • The last university teacher on Constitutional law became president.

    Of course, these anti-American teachers are trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution to the young students.

    • Just-saying

      yeah, and these marxist progressives call our constitution a living document. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and all the rest of our founding fathers who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are rolling over in their graves with gross disgust at what Obama and his minions and syncophants have done to our American values to date.

    • Hank R

      God help President Obama’s former students.

  • BubbaTex

    never ever trust a libeRat or demoRat

  • BubbaTex

    How many jobs would they create by firing this scumbag

  • Betsy Harvey

    Stop sending your kids to the schools that house these liberal jackals. Stop buying the sportswear. Stop watching the ball games. Boycott them in their entirety. Seek out the few remaining schools where some sanity reigns.

  • Tracksuit Al

    Another phony liberal. Shocker.

  • Neils Clausen

    Now, did you ever wonder why college tuitions, have risen almost 300% over the past 10 years? Is that inflation?

  • gman51

    Typical leftist hypocrite. And he’ll flunk any student who wants to make money like him.

  • AuldGuy

    typical fuc#ing lying democrat.

  • Rearden_Metal

    The real question is; is he an advocate of taxpayer bailouts of student loans?

  • DrJayBee

    It’s the “liberal way”, folks: ‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!’

  • HJD

    I’d be curious to know how much he and his wife donate to charities.

    • Redskinsfan2

      It’s a safe bet the answer is very little. Liberals believe charity begins and ends with tax dollars–somebody else’s.

  • portle44

    This stiff should be teaching marketing in the business school.That is obviously where his talents lie.

  • bobfriel

    When my daughter moved to NY city and got a job working in a restaurant in a busy part of Manhattan, she worked a large party held by the Democratic party. She said they were rude, demanding, and treated her like a servant, and the tip they left her for a large party was horrible. They talk about wealth discrepancy and the poor needing a helping hand continually, but when they had an opportunity to share some of their wealth they chose to keep it in their own pockets and let her fend for herself. She did, and that week when she was low on food, a delicatessen a block from her home gave her some extra food besides the one hot dog she had purchased as a “gift.” The worker at the deli had a heart to help. The Democrats would rather talk about their concern for the less fortunate but not with their own money. They would rather the taxpayers fund their causes. This professor is a hypocrite plain an simple. Living the high life with his wife and complaining the taxpayers are not doing more to help the poor. Sad.

  • cheesemaster

    I don’t know, but i’m guessing the two institutions he and his wife work for are non-profit institutions.

  • Hank R

    Wow. A leftist who is a hypocrite. What a shock.

  • Rush

    This is the American dream for the Statists/ Leftists in the US – huge salary, little effort, high status, in a position where you can manipulate others and tell them what to think. Of course it has to be a government or public sector job or they just wouldnt get off on it, they need to absorb as much tax dollars as possible to feel royal, powerful, and sexy. These type of Psychotic Baby Boomers (they are primarily Baby Boomers) must me identified, outed, and ceased to operate on our money – some of them imprisoned. This maggot is a perfect example. Others examples of high corruption- The O family, Hillary, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, long list here….the Leftists must be outed, not as historically defined Democrats, but as the Statists/ Leftists they are. They have hijacked the United States and have the Agenda to destroy the middle class, and replace it with a massive submissive underclass of tax slaves and career dependents – hence the huge push to flood the US with immigrants as their army of underlings.

  • JimB

    I want a job there! JD Georgetown 1960. How do I apply? ….Geez.

  • No wonder tuition in colleges and universities is so high. Not that top flight teaching talent is on board but
    those who have achieved tenure. Time for legislators to close the shop and not just remember how it
    was 40-50 years ago when they were students.
    Today’s university is no longer a university but is a den of thieves from the administrators through the faculty.
    The adjuncts do the teaching and get a pittance.
    That is today’s model for higher education.

  • jcarob

    Poverty is good business.

  • Lassiefaire

    Limousine liberals justify their position by PROJECTION: a defense mechanism in which one attributes to others one’s own unacceptable or unwanted attributes, thoughts, or emotions. As long as the poor have his support (from other people’s money) he can feel safe in the company of Michael Moore and other phony 33.3%ers.

  • Frank

    He’s not paid “to teach one class per semester.” His contract consists primarily of research and publishing. Simply put, his is not a teaching contract. Full-time faculty members typically have to put in the same number of hours doing different things. Most likely, he is also involved in a boatload of committee work.
    Since he was hired in 2009, Nichol has updated two books, written a chapter in an anthology book, and published over 20 articles.
    The state salary databases furthermore list not only base salary, but base salary + contribution to health care + contribution to retirement. Most of that is money that Professor Nichol never sees. The name attached to his title, Boyd Tinsley, contributes money to support the professorship, so that most likely not all of Nichol’s salary is funded by the state of North Carolina. Tinsley also provides scholarships for area children.
    Nichol is a well-known liberal; I am an unknown conservative. Nevertheless, the notion that he is essentially being overpaid for doing nothing is unfounded. Well-known conservative professors would make the same amount of money for the same workload.

    • djbaluta

      Nice but no where in your reply did you address the irony of it all…sorry but…

      • Frank

        Hi, djbaluta.
        There is no irony. Poverty is not created by the fact that there are wealthy people who oppose poverty. His efforts might raise far more to help the poor than he would be able to dive by himself. This is rather akin to Michael Jackson writing “We Are the World.” Back then, I thought he should donate his own money instead, but the song wound up raising more to help Africa than he could have given.

    • Donnie

      Ok, fine, but let’s not talk about the poor poor people—let’s see his charitable giving—I bet he just talks a lot.

      • Frank

        He might raise money other ways, Donnie, but statistics would be on your side as far as giving to causes is concerned. Conservatives tend to put their money where their mouths are more so than liberals do.

    • YuriTahrded

      Yeah, right. Ok Gene, whatever you say.

      • Frank

        I am not Gene. In fact, I’m probably more conservative than any of you. E.g., I consider Ronald Reagan to have been mostly liberal. I won’t defend Nichol’s politics; however, his being liberal does not mean he should not make a legitimate living.
        There was an infamous story in the national news several years ago about a professor who supposedly only taught one class: a seminar about beer. However, in that case also, we were dealing with a university professor — one whose duties were mainly non-instructional.
        The whole argument against Nichol here is based on ignorance. Don’t like his politics? Fine. He’s an avowed lib. But he’s as entitled to his money as, say, Sean (Hannity) is to his.

  • stephendunbar

    His class is titled: How to avoid being poor.

  • jcill

    Don’t believe I would attend or send my kids to UNC. How can administrators that stupid actually run a university where anybody learns anything.

  • VoteOutIncumbents

    Long past time for this gravy train to end. The taxpayers of North Carolina should be outraged. BTW…is this the same “university” that had fake classes and fake grades for basketball players to keep them eligible? If I lived in this state I’d be demanding answers. Using poor, mostly black kids to make millions to keep these phonies in high clover.

  • djbaluta

    Only in America…you are free to be the greatest success or biggest failure or greatest hypocrite and then point at others for their failings and all the while, picking someone’s pockets! Nice work if you absolutely care about power&money!

  • Donnie

    Should this surprise anyone? Only fools believe these nutty professors.

  • RossPoldark

    Doesn’t surprise me. Liberals are truly hypocrites.

  • IsaacBlack

    He should get the Al Gore “Hypocrite of the Year Award”.

  • manapp99

    As young people prepare to go into large debt to attend college they can know that paying idiots like this is a major reason why.

  • YuriTahrded

    Thats how these Socialist roll. All animals are equal, some more so than others.

  • ThinkAboutIt

    Fire the hypocrite!!!! After confiscating all he owns.

  • Will setag

    This is how it always is.

    A poverty teacher makes ¼ million, an environmentalist fly’s
    around in gas guzzling polluting jets.

    Animal rights activist wear leather clothing.

    I can see making money spreading your word to better the
    environment and mankind as long as it is within reason.

    You need to eat and live and get from place to place no one
    would deny you that.

    All too often those they dictate to us what we need to do
    where we need to cut back or what we should drive or eat do not follow their
    own advice.

    There was only one man on earth that practiced what he
    preached to us and did even less than us that was
    Jesus and they crucified him.

    Everyone since then lives the life while denying us even the
    Pope lives in luxury.

    I don’t think it will ever change or there is anything we
    can do about it.

    They are like cockroaches kill one 100 pop up.

    It’s our own fault we pay big bucks to hear those tell us we
    make too much money.

    Stupid is as stupid be.

  • Strichtplatte

    Liquidate the Marxist Frankfurt School.

  • BillyBob

    You people are morons!

  • janger

    And the hypocracy that is hard left, liberal academia…knows no bounds and feels no shame! The inmates have truly taken over the assylum!

  • HowWhatWhy

    It’s so easy to be a liberal when you don’t have to adhere to any of its tenants.

  • unkymikey

    Nichols is no different than every other effete elitist … Talk a good game … Adhere to libturd ideology … Bash conservative principals … Get a pass on personal lifestyle … Oh yea, and don’t forget to blame Bush whenever the opp arises … Crass hypocrisy … The left are masters at it

  • Leave Comments

    Wow. That is shocking to me. What the hell does that guy know about poverty? Typical two faced teacher getting rich.

  • retsub1

    Well I think it is time to give these over educated un-American law professors a dose of the real world by forcing them out to earn a living in the real world. Over whelmingly it’s the same story. University professors are left wing ideologues whose beliefs resemble nothing but opposition to Judeo Christian values. The despise and mock our history and heritage. They are solely supported by government via tax dollars from a bankrupt student loan system. Many of them have no real world experience. They theorize about the evil of capitalism while living lavish life styles they would never have any where else. Their lavish salaries and ridiculously inflated tuition fees are directly linked. It is time to put an end to the farce and force change. It is way past time.

  • Shagnasty1

    I wonder how much of his money donates to charities that actually help those in poverty. But if the greedy leftist donates to anything it would probably be to the Democrat Party, Democrat politicians, leftist causes and maybe a few bucks thrown in for “the arts.”

  • Wells

    The left is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$! This man is a disgrace! His wife too! They wouldn’t dare look at the real cause of poverty, because then they would have to look not only at the mirror, but deep within themselves. Something liberals can not abide by.

  • Law School Racket

    This is common practice among law schools – pay professors handsome six-figure salaries for them to teach pandering BS like “critical race theory” (look it up if you don’t know what it is), social justice, and other courses on how aggrieved everyone is.

    Law schools are financed through student loans that are backed by the federal government, which is financed by taxpayers. The problem currently with law schools is that a huge percentage of law school graduates are ending up jobless or in horrible jobs that don’t pay enough for the grads to pay off their loans. The law schools lie about salaries and jobs in order to attract a continual stream of suckers who want to “make a difference” or “give back” as lawyers. I’ve always wondered why they don’t just volunteer at a soup kitchen or other charity if they want to contribute to society. I think it’s because many of these people think they can make a handsome salary while piously “giving back” like the professor in this story. There are loads of people in America who make six figure salaries that are financed through charitable donations, grants from foundations, and government grants. It’s a huge scam.

    But the point of all this is that the professor is teaching law students about poverty and the law grads will ironically be impoverished themselves when they graduate law school with huge loans and no job. And we the taxpayers have to pay for these idiotic law school students’ school loan programs like Income-Based Repayment (IBR), Pay As You Earn (PAYE), and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF – law school students get total loan forgiveness with no tax bill under this program even if they’re working high-salary legal jobs with the government and we, the taxpayers, again have the privilege of financing these kids’ careers). It’s a huge scam and politicians and taxpayers need to zero in on this NOW.

    Taxpayers are financing the law school industry. Law schools hire elitist, extreme, leftist poverty pimps like this professor and pay them enormous salaries to spew their drivel. Law schools lie about salaries and jobs. Students take out huge loans to attend the school because they think they’ll make a good living. Students learn from liberal extremists like this professor who cares oh so much about the plight of the poor. Students graduate with no job or very low salary. Student goes on student loan payment plan, which is a form of public assistance paid, AGAIN, by the taxpayers. So we’re all paying for this little game – for the law professors to make wholly undeserved large salaries and for the suckers who go to law school and go on public-financed payment plans.

    Someone, please stop the madness. There is no value being created here. Law schools and legal education is run by and produces nothing but economic parasites and hypocrites and we’re all paying for it. If we want to find a good place to make cuts in the government, I’d say the student loan industry is a good place to start. Put a cap on how much students can take out. Audit the job and salary data provided by law schools. Force them to reveal how many grads are going on public assistance payment programs like IBR, PYE, and PSLF. This will reduce demand for law school, and the law schools will have a harder time paying $200,000+ to parasites like this poverty pimp professor.

  • Art Vandelay

    He is anti personal poverty.

  • tgcrawford

    Paying an imbecile to steal money for teaching a “who cares” college class is about as intelligent as letting people come into the country illegally and paying them, housing them, and giving them free healthcare. Oops…

  • Jeff

    Liberal Mantra:
    Wealth for me, not for thee…

  • Flying Under the Radar (SG9)

    If you look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary, his picture will be next to it.

  • Ralph526

    Gene often said, if he could keep just one person off the Welfare rolls, he would be a HAPPY man!

  • WilliamBedloe

    I think he should hold a poverty summit with Bill, Hillary, Joe Biden and the rest if the paupers in the Demorat party

  • IbSnooker

    He’s just doing his part fighting poverty, one household at a time – starting with his own household. I’m sure once he’s ensured his own position is firmly secured against poverty, he’ll move on to help another household. No hypocrisy here. /S

  • Johnnie Jones

    Let’s “redistribute” his wealth.

  • puddintanes40

    Another retarded liberal

    • JWales

      he’s a thief, a con artist

  • GoodbyeUSA

    This guy is fighting a war on pizza and french fries. Typical though to see a college prof. making a huge salary to teach one class per semester while pumping out fake research, attending anti-america, pro-union rallies demanding open borders, card check laws, and prevailing wage laws that pay illegals $50/hour to do unskilled labor–all while blocking the implementation of technologies like internet based courses that could dramatically lower the costs of education and reduce the pollution caused by commuters. “Tax THE RICH” they say. Of course the rich is the guy who has one dollar more than they do. Forget the fact that guy works 80 hours a week and never got into College by being brown or gay.

  • puddintanes40

    my balls itch

    • Harry Nuttzak

      I hear ya.

  • 1eyeninja

    this fat, pompous, non-contributing sucker of the teet will have his gravy train come to a screeching halt before long, when the economy implodes.

    he will be typical of the rest of the other worthless dregs who have no real skill to contribute to economic productivity and will be in the streets begging for crumbs..

    it’s going to suck to be them.

  • MildlyAmused

    This guy is the typical “do as I say, not as I do” liberal hypocrite. Study after study shows that liberals give far less of their money and time to charity than conservatives. This guy only cares about the poor in the same way that most liberals do: “props” to be trotted out before an election.as permanent victims whose only salvation is as slaves on the government plantation, all in exchange for votes. If I were a NC taxpayer, I would be outraged that my money is going to support this hypocrite’s lavish lifestyle. Over $200K for ONE FREAKING CLASS? Hardly quantum meruit.

  • Elph

    Obviously he gives away his salary to the Salvation Army 😉

  • JWales

    Oh but his intentions are so pure and grand…lol. This is how the Leftists are draining the workers to enrich themselves…they take control of the govt/public sector, where there is no competition, and they assign themselves huge salaries for providing very little substance back from them, actually what comes back from them is likely damaging to society and country. These people are nothing better than common thieves.

    • puddintanes40

      Michael Moore?

  • bumbutcha

    The obvious follow up question should be how much of his own money does he give to the poor. If he refuses to answer, that speaks volumes and he has no credibility.

  • Nick Danger

    Another Michael Moore on the Michael Moore diet plan. Let’s see, a rich fat white man condeming rich white men for being rich. Doesn’t Dante save the most evil ring in hell for these hypocrites?

  • Clay Cullum

    Do as I teach, not as I do.

  • WoodenshipsIronMen

    Typical LIB…Nothing wrong with him making money for his work but to be a hypocrite is what is wrong. ALL LIBS ARE THE SAME WAY..

  • WmThomas2424

    Do what I say not what I do… The liberal way. Hypocrite. What’s new? Nothing.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Gee I wonder who this guy voted for in 2008 and 2012.

  • 4juices

    Every one should get $200K for little or worthless work. Coming our way 200K McDonald’s burger flippers.

  • STUPID, sensationalistic headline, and ultimately pointless as well. This should be beneath you.

    FTA: “it’s unclear how well he can relate to those living in poverty.”

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. By that screwed up logic, a professor on hunger issues should be constantly starving?

    • Sam Spade

      i’d like to know what the so called professor contributes to education?

      • So you agree the article was pointless then? Excellent!

  • Yobama

    Just like ‘anti-poverty’ Hillary Clinton speaking at my alma mater for $200,000 while students are dropping out over rising tuition costs.

  • Mudpie

    I wish people knew how common this is. I once had a professor who said, “Man, if the public knew about the scam we are running they would storm the barricades.” This was about twenty years back. I think he gave too much credit to the public.

    But he is still making about the same as this professor, teaching about one class a semester.


    • Sam Spade

      ever since gov’t got involved in loans and grants the sky is the limit in terms of fees, bull sh!t studies their focus

      i’d like to see the fools who take his class, no doubt destined for poverty or negative value added gov’t jobs.

      • Mudpie

        Have you ever seen anything like it?

        Amazing stuff. Academia is more dishonest than the federal govt. That is saying something. It is astonishing what goes on. NO WAY will my child go to a mainstream four year college. For her soul but mostly for her brain and intellect!

  • Sam Spade

    wonder how the left has gained so much traction over the last few decades, wonder no more, it’s all about wealth transfer…the not so good professor a case in point, 200K for non value added c***. wonder why our education system increasingly s**** and educations costs continue to skyrocket (one of the best kept secrets amongst non competitive lib academics is that education costs have increased twice as fast as healthcare since the eighties).

  • dixiedog

    It wasn’t for double standards leftists would have no standards at all.

  • Jonjon006

    People like this should die a horrible death

  • sturgeon general

    well he is anti poverty after all so you can’t expect him to work for less

  • rgrkovach

    He is absolutely correct. There is nothing unusual about this kind of corruption and hypocrisy!

  • John K.

    Well- his anti-poverty schtick has worked for him? LOL

    • Sam Spade

      right, not as if he’s the first dumbocrat elite to cash in on the wining and dining that comes with the title of poverty pimp, one in a long list that includes such notables as jesse, tawana sharpton, bill n hillary, barack and moochelle…congress is full of em, the list goes on an on.

  • me

    Until parents stop being stupid and sending their kids to a over-priced school, this will continue.

  • fibsernum

    I think it’s terrible that someone who makes a good living would be concerned about poverty! Surely UNC could find professors who don’t care about poverty to pay that much money to. This guy is a traitor to the wealthy and should be fired.

    • Sam Spade

      if not for sukers like yourself, he probably wouldn’t have any students…or funding, huh fibber

      • fibsernum

        What is a suker? Perhaps you should take a class for the poor. Poor spellers, that is.
        We should only fund classes which ignore that embarrassing poverty issue. Why would a university care about that?

    • Ray Arlen

      Yes, my friend, you have unwittingly exposed the problem. It is one category of people who give the appearance of caring, and another that actually do something about it.

      • fibsernum

        I think the exposure is in your imagination. This professor is trying to advocate for the poor and is condemned because he earns about what other law professors earn. Apparently those people who earn a good income and ignore the poor are heros. There is nothing unwitting about my point. The only reason this article was published was to attempt, unsuccessfully, to expose hypocrisy on the part of a person who is paid well while championing the poor. Does that mean that to act appropriately as a wealthy person one should show no support for improving the lot of poor people?

        • Ray Arlen

          I don’t condemn his pay. I condemn his leftism and it’s focus on symbolism ( visibly claiming compassion) over substance (approaching the problem without simply supporting massive spending by the taxpayer). Public displays of caring are the hallmark of the left. You ( the left ) have mastered the symbolism and have accomplished precious few successes, done massive harm to the poor, the nation, and the General Welfare. Do something substantive without using the taxpayers money and you will be a hero. Publicly claim to care by supporting taxpayer expenditures and you are a zero.

          • fibsernum

            You know squat about my accomplishments. What a pompous ass!

          • Ray Arlen

            You may want to work on your reading comprehension. I was addressing the left at large. Nothing personal in my comment. Your name-calling, OTOH, continues to reveal much, wittingly I guess.

  • RetiredBob

    As a UNC grad, this guy is one of the reasons I no longer provide alumni support for the university.

  • wildbill2u

    Where is former UNC professor and iconoclastic columnist Mike Adams when we need him. His pungent wit would skewer this hypocrite.

  • SoCalMike

    They complain about the cost of toilets in the Army and Navy.
    But no problem paying a pro poverty pimp 200K for so-called “work.”

  • yoshimoto

    wtf – professors making $220,000?

  • Bob

    This is the type person I want to see in someones sights when it all falls apart and hits the fan.

  • Bird

    Higher education in America is a racket now. Think how much money is transferred from the masses to the elite schools with manicured gardens and grounds. And our government has just made it easier for the masses to borrow the money, which at some point will be forgiven, the bill to be paid by productive Americans.

  • Joe McDonald

    Most people do not understand how university systems work. How much money does he bring into the school? One of the major reasons professors teach one or two classes is because they bring research with grant money. Successful research universities get 90% of the cost for running the school from outside sources and 10% from tax payers. This is a good. Many professors fully fund their salies as part of their research grants. Teaching may only be 1/5 of the required workload for some professors. I can not comment on his worth as a professor to UNC. Obviously his work as a lefty speaks volume of his importance to his field.

    • Warren Stallings

      this aint medical school bubba, he aint bringing in crap in grants. he teaches, i use the term extremely loosely based on time and curriculum, law. Seems to be along the same expertise as your president with Constitutional law.

      • Joe McDonald

        I don’t know how you could know how much money he brings. Two of my closets friends support themselves and assistants through grant money. Their salaries are written in to the grant. They are in different departments and grants are not as easy to get as they used to be. My president? The “you didn’t build that” guy? I didn’t vote for him, ever!

        • Fire_For_Effect

          First of all, I don’t care about your two closeted friends if they are not receiving taxpayer funded compensation packages, and retirements.

          Joe, your first post began with, “Most people do not understand how university systems work.”

          I guess that was you establishing your “superiority” as an insider in the puzzle palace that is higher education.

          Prior to your all illuminating posts, I had associated university research with the sciences.
          For instance, maybe the pharmaceutical industry making research grants as investment in their future.
          Or the medical device industry making a grant, and hoping for an eventual payday.
          Or the I-T industry making a grant, looking for a breakthrough in “semi-conductors”, etc.

          Naively, I hadn’t realized that the legal industry (Big Legal) was making grants, and looking for breakthroughs in the paperclip and post-it note industries.

          Joe, do you think for one second that if this fat slug was bringing in even one measly dollar of grant money, that that’s not the first thing that this punk would have hid behind? That “grant money” wouldn’t have been the first thing out of his mouth?

          Why must you defend the indefensible?
          Your pusillanimous, mealy mouthed meanderings, betray you as a fellow thief of taxpayer funds.

  • JD

    I ask Nichols the same question I ask my liberal friends when they argue how dastardly the Republicans are regarding K-12 public school salaries. Of course, they act as if this problem suddenly surfaced as of the 2013 legislative session – the first time that Republicans actually took control of the NC state government budget.
    Q: So, if there is a problem with K-12 teacher’s salaries why didn’t you do anything about it when you had nearly continuous control of North Carolina for over 100 years?
    A: crickets . . .
    Nichols grumbling about Governor McCory rises to the same level as above. Yet, the since the Republicans have taken control of the state budget last year and set its priorities the unemployment rate as fallen to 6.9% – a 40% drop from where it stood when the democrats had control of the budget. I’d say that is progress that the likes of Nichols and the partisan liberal News and Observer can’t refute.

  • marcthepig

    If it wasn’t for double standards, liberals wouldn’t have any.

  • Clover11111

    For all that money, couldn’t he afford to buy a better rug for his head?

  • cmac

    The liberal garbage way of the other world is …. do as I say, not as I do!! This terd has no credibility!

  • Billy


    • hun555

      no…just a regular guy…takes as much as he could get…nothing special.

  • Leadrunner

    Not only is this sponge a liberal, he is also a freaking lawyer. Any questions about why no one likes or trusts them?

  • Jose Hernandez

    I hope he gets mugged and killed
    typical limo liberal
    all need to be destroyed

  • reppez

    This guy is disgusting, what a phony.

    • hun555

      the problem is with the people…who approved this…not him.

      • reppez

        Oh yeah, he is innocent as hell.

  • DirtyDave

    He had better hope his classes are useless and the poor remain or he will be out of a job. Of course with brains like Obama’s running things, he has little to worry about for decades to come. I strong, healthy economy is his enemy and we do not have a strong, healthy economy.

  • warddorrity

    Look at it this way – the French aristocracy didn’t see it coming either.

    The next American Revolution is going to look more like 1789 than 1776.

  • hun555

    well, minus one person..in the soup line…

  • Joni Olson

    a typical “economic dictator” is what is what i call these karl marx lovers or HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cameron

    He has eerily the same credentials as Oblamer the hope and changer…Say hi to your next President!! The Great White Apologist!!

  • RobX

    Yet liberals complain about student loans.
    Meanwhile Harvard has more money than either one of the Koch brothers and UNC has over $2.3 Billion in endowments.

    • Warren Stallings

      knowing something about the endowment fund you refer to, you should get your facts straight. I find the professor and his ilk sickening btw.

      The 2.3 bil is for the entire UNC system sans one or two of the institutions who opted out of it. NCSU basically bailed the endowment fund out of trouble a few years ago with their entrance into the overall fund to give it ample liquidity.

  • Thomas Dobbins

    Typical libtard…ZERO self awareness. It’s the cities that have been run forever by Democrats that have the most poor (and segregates them), the most racist, the highest crime rates, the worst run…





    Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.:


    America’s Ten Most Dangerous Cities and their Mayors for 2011:

    1. Flint, Michigan

    Dayne Walling, Democrat, term 2007- present

    2. Detroit, Michigan

    Dave Bing, Democrat, term 2009 – present

    3. Saint Louis, Mo

    Francis G. Slay, Democrat, term 2001 – present

    4. New Haven, Ct.

    John DeStefano, Democrat, term 1994- present

    5. Memphis, TN

    AC Wharton, Democrat, term 2009 – present

    6. Oakland, CA

    Jean Quan, Democrat term 2011- present

    7. Little Rock, Ark.

    Mark Stodola, Democrat, term 2007 – present

    8. Baltimore, Md

    Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Democrat, term 2010 – present

    9. Rockford, Illinois

    Lawrence Morrisey, Independent term 2005 – present

    10. Stockton, CA

    Ann Johnston, Democrat, term 2009 – present

    ‘Nuff said.

    United States cities by crime rate:


    The Geography of U.S. Gun Violence:


    Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods:

    in America :


    The 10 Poorest Cities in America (over 250,000):


    #10. Philadelphia, PA

    Median Income: $58,32

    Percentage below poverty line: 25.6

    80% registered Democrats.

    Mayors have been Democrats since 1952.

    City Council – 14/17 are Democrats. Average years in office – 15.5.

    #9. Memphis, TN

    Median Income: $45,393

    Percentage below poverty line: 26.0

    Mayors have been Democrats since at least 1991.

    #8. St. Louis, MO

    Median Income: $51,164

    Percentage below poverty line: 26.0

    Mayors have been Democrats since 1949.

    #7. Newark, NJ

    Median Income: $ 35,696

    Percentage below poverty line: 26.1

    Mayors have been Democrats since 1962.

    #6. Milwaukee, WI

    Median Income: $ 43,397

    Percentage below poverty line: 27.0

    Run by Democrats for more than a century.

    #5. Cincinnati, OH

    Median Income: $23,792

    Percentage below poverty line: 27.4

    Mayors have been Democrats since 1984.

    #4. Miami, FL

    Median Income: $47,500

    Percentage below poverty line: 27.7

    Mayor has been Republican since 2009.

    #3. Cleveland, OH

    Median Income: $45,936

    Percentage below poverty line: 29.6

    Democrats dominate every level of government.

    Mayors have been Democrats 51 out of last 71 years.

    #2. Buffalo, NY

    Median Income: $24,536

    Percentage below poverty line: 32.9

    Mayors have been Democrats since 1966.

    #1. Detroit, MI

    Median Income: $25,193

    Percentage below poverty line: 36.2

    Mayors have been Democrats since 1962.

    City Council has had Democratic majorities since the early ’50s and NO Republican members since 1994…When there was one…the first one elected since 1970.

    2012 US Population: 313,914,040.

    Percent who are white: 244,539,037 – (77.9%).

    Percent who are black: 41,122,739 – (13.1%).

    Percent who are Hispanic: 53,051,473 – (16.9%).

    Percent who are Asian: 16,009,616 – (5.1%).

    Total number of Americans on welfare: 12,800,000 – (4.1 %).

    Percent of recipients who are white: 4,966,400 – (38.8 %). Percent of whites on welfare: 2.03%.

    Percent of recipients who are black: 5,094,400 – (39.8 %). Percent of blacks on welfare: 12.39%.

    Percent of recipients who are Hispanic: 2,009,600 – (15.7 %). Percent of Hispanics on welfare: 3.79%.

    Percent of recipients who are Asian: 307,200 – (2.4 %). Percent of Asians on welfare: .002%.

  • ndacboss

    He’s demonstrating how to fight poverty!

  • John Boner is lame

    THAT’S NOTHING. My Mother-in-law teaches one class on feminist legal theory at a private school to about 5-12 people and she make way, way, way more than this guy

  • Porco

    I presume someone has pointed out that Hillary is getting more for one speech than this guy makes in a year.

  • 7thFleetVet

    Liberalism = Mental disorder with a side of hypocrisy and double standards.

  • Formerparatrooper

    It’s a disgrace. There are many more of these professors who are highly paid and do little or no work. This is one reason why collage is so costly.

  • kilroy5440

    Seems about right. The guy’s a hardcore leftist and obvioously he believes he worth every penny he earns and is entitled to live the lifestyle he enoys. He’s part of the liberal elites like the Clintons, the Obamas, the Kennedy’s and many, many more who set and push the liberal agenda. He’s one of the pigs who walks (see George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”). For the life of me I cannot fathom how anyone falls for the liberal line. Their leaders are all hypocrites and nine times out of ten, millionaires. But there’s a sucker born every minute and so the Democrat party and the cause of liberalism prospers.

    • 7thFleetVet

      And just like other Liberal-Leftist elites, this guy is a NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard’ism). It is a shame that they don’t teach ‘Common Sense’ in colleges and universities.

  • Dellburt

    Like all crazy liberal professors he wouldn’t be able to keep a job in the real world.

  • Thomasinwonderland

    He fights poverty the old fashioned way-by getting rich.

    • Jared Arrevois

      …with a lip clamp on the public tit.

      • Thomasinwonderland

        Well-not really-It is the poor schlubs in law school who are up to their eye balls in student debt to pay his fat salary. Then can’t find a job because they signed up for “poverty law” instead of “security devices” or “torts”.

  • wozerd

    The top 100 wealthiest counties in the US are represented by Democrats.

    The top 20 richest zip codes are represented by Democrats

    The top 20 poorest cities in the US are represented by Democrats

    Of the top 50 wealthiest members of Congress, the majority are Democrats and not one Democrat was wealthy before taking office. kicked out of the class.

    The aveage salary of a liberal University law professor is $153,103. The overall average is 98K. Parents pay 40-57K on AVERAGE per year to send their children through the first 4 years. Young people are leaving Law School to find there are absolutely no jobs.
    92% of all University faculty are self described Liberals, Socialist or Communist. Any student expressing disagreement when one of them goes off on a hate filled political propaganda rant, is punished with low grades or told to leave.
    Meanwhile, the Middle class has shrunk by 34%, the government dependent class has grown to 48% and the richest class’ income, according to Obama, has grown 93%.
    Here I sit, in the forgotten middle of the country, struggling to stay in the Middle Class, and I have to listen to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi (both who became wealthy since assuming office) Obama, (same deal), “Dead Broke” Hillary and this ashat law professor preach to me about “Income inequality”?
    Reminds me of when the above mentioned gang preach to me about Global Warming. They claim I should pay more for gasoline, electricity and food to stop Global Warming. yet Nancy demands a larger jet– spewing hundreds of tons more carbon so she doesn’t have to be bothered for a fueling stop on her way to LA LA land. Obama has no problem flying two separate jumbo jets– one for him, one for his wife, on a vacation each one spewing thousands of tons of Carbon into the air. And harry Reid maintains a multi floor suite at the Ritz Carlton that consumes more energy year round than two average family homes.
    Reminds me kinda how Castro lives in a country racked with poverty– don’t it?


    He was run out of William and Mary for deciding to remove the cross from the Wren Chapel in Williamsburg.
    He was worried, poor dear, that visitors of other faiths would feel excluded or marginalized if the Cross of Christ was on display in a …..Christian chapel.
    He also allowed a Sex Workers Art Show which was considered obscene by many who attended it to remain out of Nichol’s deep “concern” for censorship.

  • EverydayInVA


  • Me

    Holy Cow! Showered this morning before work. After reading this article I took a second. It’s not the money that is the slimiest part of this situation. It’s the fact that he works for the UNC Center on Poverty founded by John friggin’ Edwards. Kinda’ figures though.

  • William O’Neal

    Good enough for me, but not for thee. . . Typical, typical.

  • tarheel

    Typical liberal. He is justified with his salary only teaching one class a semester. However a small business owner with 15 to 20 employees who puts in 55 to 70 hours per week securing jobs, overseeing design, manufacturing and installations, inventory, administrative, payroll who might make about the same thing. Well he is just a tyrant for only paying his employees competitive salaries….but at least they all have jobs. And we wonder why college costs so much.

  • Warren Stallings

    Btw, google the libtard professor. He was shown the exit door at Wm & Mary after pissing off a major benefactor to the tune of $12mil where referenced donor rescinded the money all by removing a cross from the chapel. That time he was actually the Chancellor of the school.

  • rmkdbq

    A hypocritical liberal professor? I’m shocked!!

  • cscape

    A person who subsists on government handouts is still, and will always be, POOR

    • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

      But they’ll live like kings.

  • The worse type of hypocrite

  • Jeno Hitchens

    this Leninist professor must move to Cuba or Venezuela,and get,perhaps,an ounce of chicken breast per week/he-he-he/

  • Nancy


  • tompro97

    FAT bugger, isn’t He??? Bet he eats out every night on that $600,000+ he and his wife make every year. Talk about a HiPPOCRITE!!! Did you’all catch that??

    North Carolina – the TARHEAD state!!!!

  • BillyBob

    These comments are absolutely moronic!

  • Duke LaCroix

    Elizabeth Warren is very proud of this man.

    • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

      The squaw, Fauxcahontas, approves of this message.

  • pdquick

    And how much does an executive with equal credentials, say, at Duke Energy earn for poisoning the state?

    • Warren Stallings

      I would say about the same. The difference is while, using your definition as to what he does, he is there for a full day administering his duties. Now what libtard?

  • Otis

    At his is called creative money laundering at its best.

  • Otis

    This is called…..

  • RenegadeScholar

    Leftists blaming conservatives for everything is a profitable business.

  • Mr. Peabody

    Well the good thing is……….
    Our children can still get student loans to pay this man and his friends !
    The good thing about “capitalism” is you can “shop around” for “value”.
    But, sadly the left made a grab for the “tactical high ground” that is “education”.
    Everybody talks about the “evils ” of the “military industrial complex”.
    But, when the subject is this type of “value” ………
    The only answer is……………………….. More “Funding” , (student loans). .
    And , fewer choices in the arena of education… Why?
    They planned it that way! That’s WHY!

  • Max Watts

    Just one more example of what hypocrites liberal are. The more outspoken, the more corrupt and hypocritical.


    This is just an example of what socialism would lead to – the elite a*s holes running the gulags and eating caviar.

  • vegasdomar

    Time to raise tuition fees again then send an invitation to Benghazi Hillary to speak as his guest, at the school, on poverty.

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    Yeah, but he gave three pairs of dirty shorts to charity, so it’s OK.

  • vegasdomar

    Isn’t tenure wonderful?

  • Hello.

    Did you ask him how much he and his wife donate to charity every year?

  • buyitcheap

    This is true of most left leaning non profits – their 1%er leadership makes multiple 6 figures, similar to Joe Kennedy and his Citizens Energy that buys oil from Venezuela.

  • Banshee 722

    usual hypocrisy. yes they love poor people but would never live among them or even blue collar people

  • jdmagoo

    “Socialism is for the people…not the Socialist”

  • JoeNJ8

    So who at the University hired this jerk?

    • Libslayer

      Trust me, today’s university is chock full of overcredentialed boobs.
      The college bubble is well overdue for bursting.
      Adjuncts do most of the teaching while tenured radicals often do little work for their bloated salaries, and the useless administrators make the most.
      Outside of STEM, college is a huge waste of time and money.

  • borntobePolitical

    No news here, he is a typical limousine liberal.

  • AntiMarxist

    He is a typical elitist

  • kenpuck

    All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. THIS animal is REALLY equal!

  • valricoslash

    Another liberal democrat hypocrite living of the taxpayers trough.

  • TomRay

    Strange how these Leftist “Anti poverty” schemes NEVER have worked—and indeed, only create and prolong MORE poverty. They have a real racket going keeping their proles on the “Plantation” simply for votes to maintain political power—and big paychecks

  • Charlie Harper

    He certainly has found the solution to poverty for himself.

  • protector7700

    Those who can’t, teach. I guess even if it is one class a semester.

  • Libslayer

    Liberals care deeply for “the poor”.
    Not poor individuals, because they require true caring.
    Liberals “care” only in the abstract.

  • garylee123

    “Beyond that, I’m paid $7,500 to run the poverty center – the same as all the other law school center directors.”
    I really don’t know what to say about this. Dumbfounded?

  • Libslayer

    Meanwhile, adjuncts will teach sixteen credit hours for 40k per year, handling the majority of the courses in the university.
    While pigs like this clown laugh all the way to the bank, for a ridiculous cake job.

  • Thomasinwonderland

    So, this poverty center was started by John Edwards. If you are poor, and have been run over and seriously injured by a Wal-Mart 18 wheeler whose driver fell asleep at the wheel-then yes- John Edwards cares deeply about you.


      As long as he gets AT LEAST 1/3 of the settlement

  • 17_woods

    Just more academic hypocrisy. Message: Don’t send your kid to UNC.

  • SDPike

    Oink, oink, social justice for the poor sure pays well. Burp. Next check, please.

  • jack st james

    he may have a good grin but i bet he has paid more taxes than i have in the last 20 years and make 6 times what he makes, take that shit eatin grin off cowboy. i am just jack all 6 5, of me pearly whites ,185 and a 31 inch waist and a thick bankroll cowboy

  • vladimirpinchaloafsky

    Fat slob is the typical liberal hypocrite. He’s an avatar for the insanity of the infantile left.

  • Jeep_Guy

    Limousine Liberal – Self proclaimed crusaders for the poor who rake in
    millions while attempting to undermine the very system that allowed for
    their wealth.


    Just another case of liberal do as I say not as I do. Poverty is ok for the little people but not for the liberal elite. They need that wealth and power so they can effectively govern all of us ignorant little people. They know much better what we need for ourselves than we do.


    This is just like Hillary railing against “the rich” while she and Bill have cashed in on Politics to the tune of over $100 million alone in speaking fees for Bill along. Top that off with the sweet heart book deals and Hillary’s miraculous “luck” with her call trading futures in the past. All hypocrites of the 1st order.

  • StubbornlyRational

    After watching Bill Ayers in action, I realize nothing is impossible.

  • Team USA

    This professor seems to take pride in his name calling with those he disagrees. So be it. Take note, two can play, “Defective Gene” Nichol.

  • Times HIghtower

    As I’ve said, college isn’t about your job, it’s about their job!


    • Fire_For_Effect

      Great website! Thanks!

  • Rdlake

    When was the last time colleges lowered their tuition. They like the politicians just say “we”ll do anything we want, what are you gonna do about it?”

  • sam

    Its the liberal way, but, but they are all for the little people.

  • doctorzombe

    The higher education industrial complex. Most professors (associate and assistant) make about $100,000 or less. Law School Full Professors make more than most (why?). Based upon his experience (good or bad) his salary seems reasonable (why?). Universities are bloated with middle and upper management with outrageous salaries.

    All this while students wrack up debt. The average medical student ends up with over $200,000 in debt.

    It’s funny – most law students cannot find work in their own field.

  • Eric Zombrow

    Imagine how much a text book will cost at UNC in September…..yikes, I hope my kids can win lotto!!!!

  • John Cavazos

    I grew up as a poor Mexicain in 80’s eating governent cheese bros! This FatHead Pig has no idea about being poor. All politicians are liars too!

  • juandos

    I want to know the asinine fools that hired this overpriced parasite aren’t footing the cost themselves…

  • Richard Youghn

    It is very expensive to keep up the empathy for poverty. Just ask Gandhis former staff members.

  • Michael

    The author of this piece is far too ignorant. Law professors aren’t just paid to teach classes. They are also paid to publish scholarly articles. Thus, to keep harping on this professor’s course load show how ill-informed the author is.

    • kEiThZ

      True. But that lack of enthusiasm for actually teaching is what is driving college tuitition to epic proportions.

  • snorton

    The article’s point seems to be that only poor people can advocate for the poor, aside from trashing a liberal. The reason he probably didn’t answer your question about it is that it’s kind of a dumb point. (Always room for trashing liberals, though.)

  • MillennialFinances

    To be fair, Nichol actually has said publicly that law school professors, including himself, are overpaid and should teach more hours like they used to in the old days. He even criticized law deans for being overpaid in the same article his boss (a law school dean) was quoted in. If you can show me any other law professor who publicly (or even privately!) says they are overpaid, I’d love to see it. Nichol cares about students and he’s one of the very few academics who is willing to point out professor salaries as being a problem. Is he willing to make an ineffectual, personal sacrifice and donate a large chunk of his salary? Not that I know of. But he’s still in the 1% of academics willingly to go on record and talk about pay inflation. This is also why tenure is relevant- do you think many professors are willing to say law school deans who make $400k/year are overpaid when they have no protection from being fired for their views?

  • thirdarmy

    He looks like a happy corn-fed liberal, nose in the trough. Hasn’t missed a meal.

  • fedup

    Now we wonder why education is beyond the reach of alot of americans. Maybe the articles explains it.