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Clueless Harvard Prof Enrages Internet By Blaming U.S. For Ukraine Plane Crash

A Harvard professor of international affairs clearly wasn’t expecting a massive Internet smackdown when he tweeted matter-of-factly:

Yes, that’s right, rather than sympathize with the families of the 295 people on board a Malaysia Airlines flight that Ukrainian officials allege was shot down over eastern Ukraine, Professor Walt wants to lecture us on how Western powers ruined Ukraine as the Switzerland of the former Soviet bloc.

Not, you know, a group of militants tacitly encouraged by a world leader whose name rhymes with “pukin.'”

Walt’s tone-deaf post drew a snitstorm across Twitter, as compiled by Twitchy.

Some of the more appropriate responses include:

Read more incredulous and quotable reactions at Twitchy.

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IMAGE: Harvard University

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  • John

    Harvard continues to disgust me.

    Appears they only hire and graduate idiots who have no worldly concept but think they know everything because they went to an Ivy League school that has long since rotted.

  • Patrick James

    Stephen F. Cohen move over here comes another dim witted Kremlin apologist…wonder who is paid more?

  • stanwill2

    And with professors like that (certainly no real teachers, but indoctrinators) they call themselves a great university.

  • Will

    This idiot understands the Ukraine was the one pushing to become a NATO and EU member right? Because they (and the rest of the former-Warpac and Soviet states) were worried Russia might pull crap like this and try to take over. I thought the left was against victim blaming?