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BREAKING: FSU Prof Shot and Killed

Florida State Law Professor Dan Markel was shot Friday morning in Tallahassee. He died Saturday morning. WXTL reports:

According to an email sent out by the school to students, Dan Markel was taken to the hospital after being shot Friday. He died from his injuries Saturday morning.

“Anytime I needed to talk to him, he was always around to talk,” said Ryan Wechsler, a former student of Markel’s. “He always took an interest in me, and his students who were similarly situated and interested in criminal law.”

According to the Florida State University Law School website, Markel primarily taught criminal law. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 2001.

Wechsler says he took two classes with Markel and grew close to him.

“He really is just brilliant,” said Wechsler. “I mean the guy really challenges his students to think critically. He brought the best out of me as a student. He really had to ability to pull at you and get you to think on your feet. He was just really a master of the topic. He was just really intelligent with criminal law.”

Police are still investigating the shooting.

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