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‘Women Against Feminism’ Explodes On Social Media, Drives Feminists Crazy

The #YesAllWomen campaign has found itself an opponent in the ongoing “war on women,” as the social media campaign Women Against Feminism has risen to prominence in the past few weeks.

The surge in popularity for the campaign, which started about a year ago, apparently came from a BuzzFeed listicle on July 11 that incredulously stated: “‘Women Against Feminism’ is a real thing.”

The campaign’s Facebook page, which dates back to January and has more than 16,000 “likes” as of Monday, said Friday its hashtag #womenagainstfeminism was trending on Twitter “for 3rd straight day” and it received national and international media attention.

Women Against Feminism, whose main presence is an anonymous page on the image-centric blog service Tumblr, started in 2013 as a platform for young women to anonymously speak out and share their reasons for being “anti-feminist.”

The Tumblr page is largely comprised of pictures of female millennials holding up handwritten signs explaining their stance on feminism.

feminismreal.womenagainstfeminism.screenshot“I do not need or want modern feminism, because it has become confused with misandry which is AS BAD as misogyny,” a submission to the Tumblr page states, “and wherever [sic] I want to do or be in life, I WILL BECOME THROUGH MY OWN HARD WORK.”

The anonymous purveyor of the blog published a lengthy explanation of her grievances against modern feminism last August, stating that the movement “is about socially engineering society to give special privileges to women and special punishments to men. That’s not equality. That’s not respecting genders.”

Further, staunch feminists themselves are the worst offenders when it comes to objectifying women, according to the blogger.

“A lot of feminists seem to think they have been appointed the Women Police who can then go around shaming other women for the things that are ‘not okay’,” the post says. “Makeup, shaving, wearing pink, and more are all ‘crimes against feminism’ and punishable by social attacks.”

“I don’t need (modern) feminism because the world needs equality, not superiority,” one submission to the Facebook page reads. “How would people react if ‘masculism’ became a thing? NOT WELL.”

Some women have met the rising popularity of the movement with ridicule and vitriol.

“There is no question that Women Against Feminism is utterly and completely misguided in its understanding of what feminism is,” writes Emily Shire of The Daily Beast, stating that the movement’s criticism of feminism is “inane, unintelligent, and useless.”

Shire reached out to the moderator of the Tumblr page for comment, but was declined by someone named “Mel” from Women Against Feminism.

“We are familiar with the DB and it’s slant. We don’t expect to get fair treatment. The media has been pretty insulting (and childish) so far. So we’re just sticking to our own self-expression through social media,” Mel replied.

The moderator of the Tumblr page did not respond to a request for comment from The College Fix.

Many of the women posting on the Tumblr page appear to be millennials, prompting cries of youthful ignorance from critics.

Feminist writer Rebecca Brink published a satire of the campaign on her blog, calling Women Against Feminism “a crock of bullshit based on a misunderstanding of feminism and an ignorance of data and history.”

feminismparody.FlareandFade.screenshot“I don’t need feminism because I’m a teenager who hasn’t entered the workforce yet and I don’t know what constant sexual harassment or watching unqualified people get promoted over me feels like,” said one handwritten sign held by an unidentified woman on Brink’s page.

Those who object to the movement have also questioned the validity of the anti-feminists’ arguments.

“Some of the reasons they give for not needing feminism almost seem like a parody (‘How the f— am I suppose to open jars and lift heavy things without my husband?’) and some (‘I don’t need to grow out my body hair to prove I’m equal to men’) just make me wonder where in the world they got their definition of feminism,” said Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess at the Huffington Post.

Others in the media have spoken out in support of the message behind the movement.

“[W]hile the anti-feminist rebellion has its eye-rolling moments, it raises valid questions about the state of Western feminism in the 21st Century — questions that must be addressed if we are to continue making progress toward real gender equality,” Reason contributing editor Cathy Young wrote at Time.

In response to the feminist argument that anti-feminists do not comprehend the dictionary definition of feminism as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes,” Young said the anti-feminists are “judging modern feminism by its actions, not by the book. And here, they have a point.”

College Fix contributor Julianne Stanford is a student at the University of Arizona.

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  • Darius

    Feminism is merely socialism in panties. Steer clear.

    • Albert8184

      Love it when people tell it like it is and call these radicals out on their agenda. They use women like they use everyone.

      • Darius

        Strike to the moral core. Don’t fight them on “rape culture” or patriarchy, just strike them down for the totalitarians they are.

        Most activists who believe in social justice are impervious to reason, for they don’t use it. Don’t fight them on white privilege, micro aggressions and that bullshit. Strike them at the core morality of their illogical subjectivist stances.

        • Albert8184

          Sadly, people can’t beyond the populist reactionary memes promoted by the Left itself in order to distract and misdirect. People get caught in the vortex. It’s all about race. it’s all about this or that or the other thing.

          • Darius

            I don’t want to agree, but I have to unfortunately. The average individual, particularly the youth, are political ignoramuses. They have no clue what the issues are, the facts behind them, and only sometimes can they name major players, but never correctly. I have seen liberals equate Paul Ryan to libertarianism, which is far from the truth.

  • daboys1215 .

    Feminism is a hate group. They hate women more than they hate men. The proof is in their response. Don’t allow feminists to have control over individual women. Fight back.

    • Aaron

      Elliot Roger was a feminist. That should tell you something about these people.

      • daboys1215 .

        I’ve been around a long time. Long before the internet and I’ve always known all there is to know about feminists. They try to portray themselves as victims but they are anything but.

      • ConservativeSniper

        He was a loud ‘n proud MRA. Granted, MRAs claim they are egalitarian in the vein of feminism and MRAs claim they hold all of the “good” goals of feminism, so in *that* sense you can pretend that Elliott Rodgers was a feminist, because he was in fact 100%, died-in-the-wool MRA. His manifesto was nearly word-for-word what we all read in the ranting posts at AVfM and RoK. That’s definitely not something you can say about feminism.

        But giant kudos to you for trying to affiliate this year’s absolute worst scum with the ideological group you hate the most, rather than the one he really belonged to.

  • Xerocky

    They can’t all be wrong, can they?


    Typical liberal response. We’re okay with whatever you want to believe, be and do, as long as you agree with us and we approve your choices.

  • driversuz

    I think this is the single most unbiased report publish on the subject to date. I hope that doesn’t ruin Ms. Stanford’s prospects for a brilliant career – we need more journalists like this!

  • mardifromOR

    WITHOUT Feminism, women would not be able to vote. Feminism is about equality…equality in the work place, equality EVERYWHERE! Without the women fighting for women’s rights in the past 100 years, we would be kept uneducated, barefoot and pregnant…not allowed on golf courses, not allowed to have a checking account without a mans signature and much, much more! Just because you believe in women’s rights, doesn’t mean you don’t love men, or enjoy a door being opened for you once in awhile. If you call yourself a FEMINIST, you believe in equality, nothing else!!! The thought that if you are a feminist you hate men, or we are a hate group, is ridiculous….and we DO NOT SEE OURSELVES as victims!! I have been married for over 35 years and adore my husband. I love to spoil him, but, he loves to spoil me too!! Equality works for us…he is better at some things & I am better at others, so we share…

    • Roy Kliffen

      I would love to know what your sources are for what you say feminism brought you.
      Women could have had the vote much sooner, but a lot of women objected to getting the vote….. For men it came at a price – mandatory duty to the state if required as policeman, fireman or soldier – and most women didn’t want to pay that – or similar – price. Only when a majority of women could be convinced that they would get the vote for free, they agreed to, and were given the vote…. not quite how feminism portrays it.
      And “the Patriarchy” oppressed women throughout times, according to feminism. Strange that such an oppressive mentality of men came up with concepts as chivalry, “women and children first”, and “men don’t hit women”.
      Men were so oppressive they came up with washing machines, gas cookers, irons, vacuum cleaners etc….. all to spite women!
      Feminism claims men owned women like chattel, but neglect to tell that women owned men as beasts of burden.
      You may not realise it, but women – throughout the ages – have been the protected and privileged class. Although sometimes stifling, all societal rules were set up to protect women; even with slaves there were laws prohibiting physical abuse of female slaves. Enforcing such laws may have left something to be desired, but the point is: no such laws were available to protect male slaves.,
      Feminism is all about pushing their way to the front of the line, and shuffling men to the side …. and men step to the side as it is not in men’s nature to fight women. And men keep silent as complaining is something men don’t do.
      But do you really think men enjoy being portrayed on TV as bumbling fools, held to ridicule by domineering wives and disrespectful kids?
      Do you really think men enjoy being portrayed as wife-batterers while 40 percent of DV-victims is male and feminists prevent battered-men shelters to be build? (Look up Erin Pizzey and see what happens if you try that)
      Do you really think men enjoy being seen as potential rapists, while 94 percent of men never abuse a woman?
      Do you really think men enjoy being seen as potential pedophiles although 60 percent of sexual children’s abuse is perpetrated by women?
      And I could go on for a long time, but all this is due to feminist propaganda and interference in society.
      I don’t hate women like you who carry the badge of feminist based upon what they have been told all their lives, but it is time to wake up and see feminism for what it is: a misandric and gynocentric movement.
      I won’t make a historical comparison as this may fall foul of Godwin’s law,

      If you want to get an idea of what leading feminists are up to, you may want to start with some videos of Kristina Hoff Sommers – an equality feminist as opposed to the gender feminists who are running things now:

      • mardifromOR

        I was on the line fighting for equality for women in the 60’s and 70’s!! YOU have no idea what it is like to be a woman and be the best at your job, but a man gets the rewards because he is a man!! These things have changed quite a bit since the 60’s, but if you heard about the IBM exec’s saying they don’t care to hire as many women because “they take more time off and call in sick more”. That just happened LAST WEEK!!
        Men designed some of the contraptions you claim, but not for women, but for $$!! They sure didn’t use them, until equality entered the home, some homes…I am guessing maybe not yours. Gee, thanks, for the iron so I can iron your clothes or a vacuum cleaner so I can clean your house. Comments like “men don’t hit women” is a joke!! I personally know 4 women, all college educated who have been hit by their husbands/boyfriends. My brother is a fireman, and women were NOT allowed to apply for the position for many years…same for the police departments. That has changed BECAUSE of feminism and women seeing the opportunity and then laws saying they had to be considered. I do not agree with much of what you say, but I have lived the truth, and I think as a man, you really don’t have a clue about what women have had to fight for, where the same things men were GIVEN…

        • Steve Blake

          Just because you know 4 women who have been hit by men does not discount the statistical evidence that DV is committed by men and women in roughly equal numbers. How many PSA mention that fact? The CDC has consistently reported that children are twice as likely to be abused by their mothers than by their fathers. Does that mean all women should be viewed as child abusers?

          Modern feminism does indeed preach that men are inherently dangerous. They claim that the “patriarchy” is to blame when women are afraid to walk down the street but never mention the fact that men are far more likely to die by violence than are women.

          The women of WAF support true equality not the “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” mentality that some (not all) modern feminists seek.

          • mardifromOR

            I AM SORRY STEVE, but I know your statistics are wrong!! My daughter is a physician, and she sees many DV cases every day in Atlanta and works with the CDC as a women advocate. Violence may be committed by both sexes, but men are stronger and usually bigger/heavier and they can do major harm, and even kill! I know you will say women can kill too, but reality is MEN ARE MORE VIOLENT AND HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO BE MORE VIOLENT. Men are 5 times more likely to mentally abuse their partners. Not all violence is with the first. I don’t see what you see, nor do I believe as you believe. I don’t need to “seek” equality because I have it. I have confidence also, because I was taught to be proud of who I am. I think one reason I have both qualities, and expect it to just “be there”, is because so many of fought for women’s rights and equality for the past 100 years. Women are not afraid to walk down the street…where do you see this? They are only afraid if the man in their life is abusive!! The WAF information I have seen and read look like idiots to me, but that is THEIR business. “HE” and his needs are not the reason a woman has been put on earth. Feminism is about equality…equality in the work place, in the home, in society and equality in the way you are treated by others. The girls who support WAF have NO clue what it was like in the 60’s, when women would apply for a job and be turned down only because you were a woman. I wasn’t allowed to play golf, some places, because women were not allowed at the club. Women in Europe have been given equality for 50 years, and their family unit has not changed for the worse. Women are given respect for who they are, and that is all I hope for…I respect and adore my husband, and he the same for me. That works, and we are BOTH HAPPY!

          • Steve Blake

            Don’t argue with me, argue with the CDC:


            The most important conclusion of the survey was men and women have nearly equal rates of intimate partner violence, with 6.5% of men and 6.3% of women experiencing partner aggression in the previous 12 months (pages 43-44). This conclusion is consistent with previous CDC surveys and other scholarly investigations on this subject (http://csulb.edu/~mfiebert/assault.htm).

            The 108-page CDC report contains other findings that challenge the received wisdom of many organizations in the domestic violence field. One of these pertains to psychological aggression. In the previous 12 months, 18.1% of men and 13.9% of women had experienced psychological aggression by their intimate partner, according to the survey (page 46).
            Looking specifically at coercive control, men were 50% more likely to have experienced coercive control than women (Men: 15.2%; Women: 10.7%).

          • Realidad

            HOLY GODDAMN. Quoting the Centers for Disease Control?? How about quoting an organization that actually knows better instead? Try the Department of Justice’s numbers. Men are responsible for 88% of all homicides in the US. Men are “at greater risk of being killed” because they are at greater risk of being a criminal while they are consequently murdered.

            You are spouting off the MRA lines that are patently false, phrased in ways that are only partially accurate so that they can *claim* validity while obfuscating full facts. (For instance, men are awarded custody at very small rates because in divorce cases, most men do not have time, effort or freedom from their jobs to maintain custody and they consequently do not request any custody. Yet in cases where fathers DO pursue custody, they win at higher rates than their exes. Yet MRA sites boohoo about “courts unfairly awarding mothers with custody in most cases” even though the men relinquish custody without a thought.)

            Do not quote semi-informed stats from the Centers for Disease Control if the topic is not disease control.

          • Roy Kliffen

            I guess you’re a gender-feminist after all.
            Someone who doesn’t want equality but sameness between the genders. Guess what; that isn’t going to happen. Mankind is a sexual dimorphic species and no feminist, wishful thinking is going to change that.
            “YOU have no idea what it is like to be a woman and be the best at your job, but a man gets the rewards because he is a man!!”.

            You’re kidding, right? Still flogging that dead horse, just like the wage-gap? No possibility that you weren’t as good at your job as you like to think? No… it must be because you’re a woman and he is a man. No self-reflection or self-improvement required!! Well. guess what, I’ve been passed-over for promotion often, not based on the quality of my work which has been deemed excellent, but on my tendency to be a vocal critic of management decisions; I don’t have the luxury to blame others for my misfortune.
            Your anger directed at the IBM-exec’s is also misplaced.
            Is what they say sexist? Well… it probably isn’t prejudice as they sure will have the statistics to back-up what they are saying – especially in the current PC-climate.Their intentions are sexist in so much that hiring women isn’t their preference.
            They do run the risk to be forced from their positions, just like Larry Summers – former president of Harvard – who was forced out of his job because he dared to ask the question whether women were as adapt as men in the sciences because – in spite of all the additional support – women still didn’t reach the absolute top in their fields…. imagine that, suggesting that maybe the differences between the sexes also extends to mental capabilities!!
            But WHY aren’t you angry at all those women who worked for IBM – a right you say you fought for – who seem to have taken more sick-leave or taken more time off than men seem to have to the point that management starting to notice?
            I guess in your feminist bubble, blaming women for their behaviour is simply not-done.
            Your response to the list of household appliances is regrettable; it shows you are not even capable of entertaining the thought that the male inventors of those appliances were attempting to better the lives of women, who in those times were mostly house-wives.
            No… the motivation of these men MUST have been to better themselves by earning $$. That’s a pitiful attitude.
            And for your information; I do my share of washing, cleaning, ironing, sewing and other chores, thank you very much.
            You subsequently ridicule the “Men do not hit women”-rule by using one-sided hear-say. As women hit first in 60% of the physical altercations in DV-cases, I wonder if those boy-friends didn’t hit back … that would be the ultimate equality, but I guess feminism don’t like that kind of equality.
            A better indication that the “Men don’t hit women” rule still holds true – even though sometimes broken – is when a man hits a woman in public. Even if he hits back after being hit first, he still will be accosted by other men, and women too. If a woman hits a man, no-one will come to help him, and a lot of women will actually laugh at that scene. That is the misandry feminism has spread in society!!
            That women were kept out of branches like the fire-department has less to do with their womanhood than with the on-average weaker physique of women.
            No fire-fighter – I’m amazed you use fireman as feminist consider that term sexist – will object to any woman in their watch able to pass the same physical standards as they did. If you lower those standards to enable more – too physically weak – women to enter the service, you endanger the lives of the male firefighters. Ask your brother how much he appreciates having to risk his life and go into a burning building to bring out a 160 pound unconscious victim, because his female colleague isn’t physically able to do so.
            I wonder how long you will call yourself a feminist if he dies in such conditions? Unless you find a way to blame “the Patriarchy” for that too.
            And for good order I go on to your next comment:
            I’m not surprised your daughter only sees female victims of DV. Male victims are usually arrested and treated by a police doctor. This is due to the “predominant aggressor guidelines” written down and pushed into practice by -yes, you guessed it – feminist advocacy organisations.
            These guidelines prohibit police officers from evaluating the situation as is, but to assume that the caller – usually the woman – , the most emotional – again usually the woman – and hurt person – women hurt easier than men, even by a man’s attempts to deflect hits – is the victim and the bigger, stronger and more quiet and stoic person is the perpetrator and – presto – men are 99% of the time the ones who get arrested. And these guidelines are based on the universally discredited “Duluth”-model of domestic violence. Basically this worthless piece of feminist advocacy research asked only women how often the have been abused and only asked men how often they have hit a woman; Any wonder the results present only men as abusers and only women as victims?
            And this flawed piece of research is used by government to write DV-policies, including allocating hundreds of millions of dollars of grants towards programs supporting battered women. And feminist organisations are doing everything they can to prevent replacing the “Duluth”-model with more realistic statistics as a base for government policies, as that would mean that a lot of the funds gets diverted to help battered men, and we can’t have that, can’t we?
            And now the CDC has come with an equally flawed piece of advocacy-research on rape, resulting in the nonsensical 1-in-5 women rape statistic. This statistic in no way jibes with the reputable statistics of the FBI, but none-the-less this statistic has gotten blanket coverage in the – also feminist dominated – press, so every-one without the background knowledge is shocked about the vicious behaviour of men.
            If your daughter – as a women’s advocate – was involved in this report, you may congratulate her on her crappy craftsmanship, which damaged the previously untainted reputation of the CDC enormously.
            You also complain about not being able to play golf or join a gentlemen’s club …. that’s discrimination … well, congratulations; no more men’s only organisations left.
            Even the boy-scouts of America are mixed sex now. But woe the boy who wants to join the girl-scouts to be with his sisters and simply isn’t allowed to; Ah, you got to love the feminist idea of equality. Or women-only gyms or clubs …. that’s all OK because women need “safe-places”.
            All colleges and universities have female-only clubs, but no male-only clubs are allowed; feminist don’t seem to allow men to be without supervision of women; you’ll never know what those pesky men will be up to then!!
            You may discount all those millennial girls contributing to WAF as idiots who don’t know better, but I beg to differ.
            Feminism has a problem called the internet.
            Previously feminist were able to control the flow of information regarding gender-studies and such, and female students were fed that tripe with no possibility of independent verification, even if the girls – and some boys – had doubts about what they were told, as it didn’t conform to their experiences.
            Those millennials however are internet-savvy and a push-button away from alternate sources of information. If they feel that what they are being told is not true, they simply can find the truth on line, as they can with all I have written here.
            They see their male friends – who wouldn’t hurt a fly – being portrayed as potential rapists, and they are being told to fear all men. And – instinctively – they feel that is not right.
            They may have no idea what it was like in the sixties, but seeing the drop in happiness of women, in spite of all that has been “achieved” you may wonder if the men trying to persuade women not to enter the workforce didn’t have a point … having a job does not equal happiness; often quite the opposite.
            Seeing your disdain of men – you even feel the need to use caps to describe them as trained to be violent – I truly wonder if your husband is as happy as you describe; I suspect he feels more like a well-adjusted pet.

          • mardifromOR

            My wife just gave me your comment to read….Really? Do you feel more like a man trying to belittle her and treating her words and thoughts with hatred? You wrote words that are absolutely ridiculous. I believe, as Mardi does, women should be equal in the workplace. What is sad, is you don’t. I feel so sorry for any woman in your hateful household. They must be miserable living with such a pig. I don’t care about you enough to go into depth about Mardi, but I will say this. She has survived Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer and Brain cancer. She has survived a stroke too. She had to quit her love of teaching due to her brain cancer, but then decided to open a business. She could have stayed home, but she wanted to keep on living as fully as she could. She was very successful with her toy store and teaching supply store for 17 years, only having to sell when her stoke needed a lot of rehab. She also pioneered projects in volunteering many times, and she raised two remarkable women who are an asset to America and to its society. She IS the best person I have ever met, and you would be LUCKY to even get a glance from her. Don’t you ever say another negative word to her! She is the love of my life, a highly intelligent, loving and kind person. She is my best friend and I only hope to keep her with me for many more years!!

          • mardifromOR

            By the way, Roy K…mardi was on the line protesting the Viet Nam war and fighting for women’s rights in the 60’s. Our daughter is a women’s physican..being an OB/Gyn doctor. So, your snotty words were wrong. She doesn’t see men, ever! You had so many wrong assumptions, I will quit trying to explain something to someone who obviously needs to change…

          • Roy Kliffen

            What you don’t seem to understand is that I don’t hate women, but have no patience whatsoever for feminist lies and assumptions.
            I consider myself an egalitarian; all men and women should have equal rights and OBLIGATIONS. It may surprise you to hear that I actually applaud her for her activism for equal rights. FULL STOP!
            What angers me is third wave feminism which is a hateful expansion of the equal rights movement, destroying families and marginalising men.
            In my original reply I assumed your wive was a woman believing the fairy-tale feminism definition – as do most men and women. I explained to her what feminism is all about, and that men throughout history were not about oppressing women, but about supporting and protecting women. I even included a link to a video-series of Kristina Hoff Sommers, a SECOND wave EQUALITY-FEMINIST, who explains how third wave gender-feminism is hurting society.
            But your wive chose to reply, not simply by denying or doubting my views, but by denigrating men’s attempts to better the life of women as self-centered, to imply I run a male-chauvinist household. and portraying men as a violent gender, and thus unfurling her colours as a fanatical third-wave feminist.
            From then on I wasn’t addressing a woman, but a third-wave feminist, which isn’t synonymous.
            I was going after her for her obvious hatred of men, and if you are angered by the way I described your self-image – which you obviously are seeing your ad-hominum “pig” directed at me – I’m sorry. But it was your wife who choose to use her family-members in her defense of a hate-full ideology.
            I didn’t go after your daughter as a doctor – god bless her for that – but as a women’s advocate at the CDC. Women’s advocacy has been in the fore-front of damaging the interests of men.
            On a human level I feel sorry for all the medical problems your wife has encountered – and survived – and applaud her for her strength in going on with her life, starting a toy-store and whatever else she may have achieved. That she was an anti-war activist during the Vietnam-era is fantastic.
            But all that is besides the point.
            I wasn’t criticising her life nor her existence. I was criticising her feminist ideology which is reprehensible.

          • mardifromOR

            I am up early as it is the end of the month, so I have a full plate at work today. I opened up my wife’s computer to see what you had said. Again, I feel you make excuses for your words. I am proud of Mardi for being a feminist. I am one too!! I have two daughter’s and I feel supporting Feminism supports them in the long run. Feminism is not destroying families…there are many reasons the family unit is not what it used to be! One main reason is, more women have found it fulfilling to have a career. The irresponsibility of so many men and so called father’s has also played a role. I manage over 200 men and women, and it is rare that a man asks for time off to take care of a child or take a child to a doctor’s appt…the reason is not because women don’t want to work, but although it takes 2 to make a child, I see way too many women taking care of everything in the family. So…something has to give. They are not sicker than men, but more responsible than their husbands/boyfriends etc!! If society must continue, babies will have to be born, and until men can nurse the newborn and take time off for maternity leave (like they are allowed in most of Europe), the full responsibility is on the woman!! When you throw words out
            like “I explained to her what feminism is all about…guess what…she knows what it is about. I would think more than you do, unless you are a woman studies professor, then maybe you have more information. But, all the polls, and statistics in the world will not change how many women feel. They are tired of being a second class citizen in many situations. At auto dealerships they talk to me, when Mardi is the one actually buying the car…that really angers her, and me too!! She tells me about phone calls where she is talking to the bank to transfer $$ or change a passcode and they want ME there too!! But, when I went to do the same a few months ago, they didn’t ask me a thing. I see double standards all over the world. Some places will never change because they keep women uneducated citing religious “laws”, but where education is available, women will thrive and change will continue. My mother in law was miserable…stuck at home raising 5 kids and doing all the chores etc. She bitched about it all the time! I don’t want that for my wife, my sister or my daughters. I want them to be healthy and happy adults…you should too! For some, they want to let their husbands take care of the money and make all the decisions. That is their business and if it works for them, fine. But, if a woman does not want that lifestyle, why should she be given less money than a man for the same job? We both know that happens every day in almost every job. I am sure we could both go on and on, but I have to go. I am not so sure why you are so violent with your strong words about Feminism. It probably doesn’t come into your life too much. I support my wife in every way I can, but even if Mardi wasn’t such a strong and vibrant woman, I would feel the same as I do! None of us should have problems with anyone wanting equality. How would you feel if a woman came into your workplace and they said to you, we are giving her more money for your job because she is a woman. You would probably not like that…well I am sure women feel the same. I know my wife and daughter’s sure do!!…

          • Roy Kliffen
          • Connie D.

            I think I would give more credence to this response if it didn’t have the possibility of being the same person portraying themselves as someone else.

          • Realidad
          • Realidad

            Actually, what the department of justice (which knows more about crime than the centers for disease control…) says is that children suffer more abuse under single mothers than married mothers… yet the abuse is not committed by the single mothers, but rather by the MAN she is dating.

            Men in prison interviewed on the topic of child-rape procurement point out that single/divorced/widowed mothers are a prime opportunity to molest freely. The single mothers in MOST cases receive zero $$ assistance (even though the court has ordered the father to pay, he does not actually “need” to pay it!), so those mothers work extra hours and their kids are left at the mercy very often off men who claim to be good guys willing to date what society calls “used goods”, or single mothers.

            And when you state [correctly for once] that men are more likely to die by violence, you neglect to state why: because other men kill them. Who is the #1 murderer of women? MEN. Who is the #1 murderer of men? MEN. Department of Justice says the same for children of ALL AGES (except for the pre-born, i.e. aborted feti). Men who are murdered by men overwhelmingly tend to be killed whilst committing crime; women who are killed by men are not in the act of crime commission. Do you not appreciate the VERY important difference?

    • David Lee Perry

      Bullshit. If you believe in equality, you are an egalitarian, not a feminist. If you call yourself a feminist, you believe in patriarchy theory, not equality, and you believe females are oppressed. Your ideology is so full of holes that it’s not even funny. I also find it hilarious that you bring up the voting thing. It’s so predictable that you wouldn’t know the reality of voting rights prior to the 19th amendment… no feminist ever does.

      • mardifromOR

        Enjoy your fantasy of being superior to women. I do know the voting rights history, but it is something in the long run, to me, that would have not happened for a long time if it weren’t for attention into the movement. There is no reason, or enough time, to go back to what I feel is true and not. Either way, without the change, I believe, women would not be going to college at the rates they are, holding down positions in corporations and would not be looked at as equal as we are, in the working place. Women have far to go, but it would not be as good as it is, if it were not for many women fighting for abortion rights, for all those who fought and lost their lives fighting for racial equality, and much, much more.

        I am guessing you are too far gone on what I consider the wrong side of equal rights for all in America!! So, I leave it at that! If you would have actually read what has been written you would have seen the past few posts to Mr. Kiffen were from my wonderful and supportive husband…You can write all you want and believe what you want, after all that is one thing great about America, but you will never be able to bully me into thinking anything other than women, people of all colors, immigrants, gay and lesbian American’s and many more deserve and are entitled to equal thinking and equal rights in America. After all, you are an immigrant, unless you are Native American. I will not argue with anyone who is ignorant enough to believe women are not their equal. Without US, you would not be alive!!!! Both sexes have great things to offer each other, and if we work together, we can do wonderful things. My husband and I are perfect examples. I will not respond to any more of your comments, so say what you want…you need, in my opinion, to grow up.

    • Connie D.

      I would say “Without Feminism, we would not have….” Because I was around in the sixties and seventies. I know what we did and I saw who stood beside us. Let’s not forget the men who came out in support of their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters. Women didn’t do it all. We had loads of help.

      Skipping ahead fifty years, I open my eyes and ears to discover that the movement has been infiltrated by women who are pushing their own agenda of hatred toward all men and who seek ever possible means to substitute a form of female superiority to chauvinism.

      I do not support the current feminist leadership nor their goals of equality through preferential treatment. That was not what I fought for and that is not what I want for my son.

      I refuse to give any credibility to a group who vilifies our fathers, brothers, and sons and attempts to strip them of their basic rights in order to obtain concessions that no sane, self-respect human being would either seek or relinquish.

  • Shep Schultz

    Another beautiful meme destroyed when the Leftist started injecting their holier-than-thou crapola into it.

  • Here is an unorthodox question: Are Feminism and the Women’s Movement really the same thing? No doubt women’s rights lagged further and further behind men’s as the Enlightenment seized authority from monarchs and distributed it to landed men, and then men more generally. From the point where the movement to achieve gender equality began, it would appear indistinguishable from a movement that aimed to overtake men.

    Feminism, of course, is often characterized from without and from within as the latter. Who is to say those making such a characterization are the ones who are wrong? Perhaps it is the ones who fail to see the distinction who are mistaken? To be sure, those currently defending feminism are doing so by cribbing a definition from egalitarianism. At best, that makes feminism a redundant movement.

  • JustSomeDude

    And herein lies the problem of using a single word to describe a more complex and nuanced ideal. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what it means and everyone else’s definition is wrong but theirs. Perhaps if those in the feminist movement did a better job articulating their cause to younger generations this would be less of an issue.

    • Connie D.

      Doubt it. For to do so would mean they have to admit to campaigning for preferential treatment and oxymoronic concessions and statements so in conflict that even a kindergarten student could punch holes in the logic.

      Although, I would be thankful if the responses were articulated in such a manner as to leave out hate spewing, negative physical, gender, and sexually orientated commentary that one would expect to hear from twelve year old children.