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School replaces MLK Day holiday with seminars on racial identity, privilege, Islamophobia

New Trier High School, one of the nation’s top public schools located in Chicago’s posh North Shore, will not have the day off on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day unlike other schools in its district.

That’s because New Trier’s entire day will be devoted to “develop[ing] a deeper understanding of their own racial identities and the identities of others, and to better understand how we can all work to counter the impact of systemic racism in our lives,” according to the school’s website.

Students at the school’s two campuses will get to choose from numerous seminars which, according to Breitbart.com, are “provocative and highly political.”

Some of the workshop include:

— The Truth about Ferguson: The Investigation into the Death of Michael Brown
— Why Do I Have to Feel Guilty for Being White?
— Unconscious Perceptions of Race
— Disney and the Creation of Racial Identity
— Representations of the Middle East: Stereotypes and Islamophobia
— What is Your Privilege?
— Yer’ A White Wizard, Harry: Whitewashing in Cinema

Another seminar called “Western Bias in Science” asks “Were all of the great discoveries in science made by Greeks and Europeans?” and then has participants “[e]xplore the impact of our western bias in the history of science in this discussion session.”

Attendance will be mandatory for a “special presentation” by Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of Malcolm X, and for the keynote address by author Isabel Wilkerson, an “open supporter” of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak points out that the entire day seems to violate the district’s own policies regarding “balanced presentation[s] of political issues.”

District Superintendent Linda Yonke said, “Current events show us that there is still much work to be done toward creating a world in which people are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. We are proud to spend a day exploring these important topics.”

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  • That

    I promise you that my kid would be ‘sick’ that day and out of school. Enough with the ridiculous indoctrination that is going on in schools today. Kids and young adults are no longer taught how to think; they are taught what to think. Truly shameful.

  • TRUMPstompSnowflakes

    Shameful and Disgusting with a capital D. Some like to make excuses for their shortfalls, so they direct blame on “whitey.” Let me tell you – I’m white and I started working for $4 an hour doing heavy labor when I was about 16. I didn’t get where I am today because of any “privilege.” I was a young slave and skin color didn’t matter. Keep telling yourselves that it’s all because of white privilege and let that hate in your hearts fester and grow – and you will get a one-trip ticket to nowhere. Study hard. Get an education. Stop with excuses (excuses are very convenient). Good luck. PS – here is a little lesson on SLAVERY that they never taught you in that school:

    Thomas Sowell – Misconceptions About Slavery

  • Rick Morrow

    Again, look at the pure stupidity here? ISLAMAPHOBIA IS NOT EVEN A WORD. It does not exist. Yet, here we have a school observing Islamaphobia. YOU CAN’T GET ANYMORE BRAIN DEAD THAN THIS!!!!