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Deft or desperate? College students turn to GoFundMe to foot tuition bills

As college tuition continues to climb, students are turning to strangers online to help pay the bill.

Figures from GoFundMe, a popular crowdfunding website, show that thousands of college students nationwide are using the platform to raise money for their education:

Over the past several years, students, teachers, and parents are increasingly turning to GoFundMe to raise money for education expenses, including tuition. In fact, in the last three years, over 130,000 GoFundMes have raised $60 million from over 850,000 donations for college tuition and related campaigns.

The statistics are included as part of a step-by-step guide, published by the website, to help students learn about “how to create a successful GoFundMe to raise money for college.” The website said it provided the data to show “how easy” it is to create a campaign to decrease college costs.

Students from California and Texas have used the website the most, with more than 25,000 campaigns raising a total of $12.9 million.

Included as part of the guide are five tips for students who launch a fundraising campaign. The tips include: “Share your accomplishments and hard work,” “Add expenses as wish list items,” “Spread the word to your family and friends,” “Post frequent updates and photos” and “Show your appreciation.”

The report also includes tips for donors and links to campaigns in each state.

Read the report.

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  • J Reeve

    Dang, it sucks to have your hat stolen.

  • Ryan_DavidsonUCLA

    I am not sure what else the faculty expected when they ousted the best teacher in the department.

  • Increasingly, Western educational facilitates are becoming
    breeding grounds for anti-European communists to flourish.

    • ImpeachActivistJudges

      it looks like many USA higher education institutions have become a den of vipers.

    • postmerrick

      It’s the inevitable result of permitting increasing influence from the tribe that invented Communism. Jewish Bolsheviks killed more Christians than German Socialists killed Jews. Jews have the same goal for any civilization unfortunate enough to give such treacherous parasites admission.

  • K M

    Lock her up.

    • ImpeachActivistJudges

      Good point, a few weeks in club Leavenworth would probably make the evil commie witch realize just how good she has it in the USA.

      • Jennifer Johnson

        “Evil commie witch” haha you sound scared of her. Why not say something intelligent instead of calling names from your comfy armchair?

  • Tatiana Covington

    He should have put her lights out.

    • MWcrazyhorse

      The left would like nothing more. They have a shortage of martyrs.

      • Trevor Sedis

        Right. Because it’s always better to let YOUR side be attacked than risk creating “martyrs.” That’s why no Allies formed to fight the Axis in WWII…correct?

        • MWcrazyhorse

          It depends on your battle. Look at Charlottesville. That was a big propaganda win for the left. It even looks like Soros affiliated people organized the ‘unite the right’ rally. The left is smearing swastikas everywhere and fabricating ‘hate crimes’. The left needs the violent right wing/ neo nazi boogeyman. You might kill 1 person, but you create a hundred thousand more lefties at least leftist voters.
          A war is different. A war is kill or be killed.
          The political war is about winning minds. And if you lose that you face afull state apparatus including police force and military. The mightiest on earth.
          If the right ever resorted to a violent civil war it would have to be at least with large factions of the military. Say in a civil war scenario if President Trump were forcefuly removed from office.
          At that point we may need drastic measures. And we would have and very much need the military on our side. At least large parts.
          Whatever you do always keep in mind the war for the minds.

  • Xiaoding

    Bravo! Sue her!!

  • dirtydog1776

    When will Liberalism be defined as a recognizable mental illness?

    • Jonney Quest

      Liberalism has infected the Psychological Profession for decades. If anything that profession would allow even more cringe-worthy values to lay claim as normal.

      • Our government has to begin dealing with universities, which has become an adjunct ministry of leftist propaganda along with the leftist media.

        • Jennifer Johnson

          Funny how people on the right accuse anyone with a college education of being leftist. Do conservatives not also attend college?

          • That’s precisely why I said: “Our government has to begin dealing with universities, which have become an adjunct ministry of leftist propaganda along with the leftist media.”

    • richard40

      if the U caves on funding this leftie criminal, he should not only press charge charges against her, but against the U, and the student organization that demanded the U fund her, for discrimination against his civil rights. If they want to raise money privately for this criminal, that is their business, but no funds from the U.

      • nickety d

        agreed , wholeheartedly !

    • ImpeachActivistJudges

      When the filthy mouthed university brainwashed woman was told she could leave the USA if she thought it was so horrible, she said where would I ‘fn’ go? Apparently she is so dumb she doesn’t realize that the USA constitutes but a small part of the entire world.
      Judging from the video, it truly appears that the great delusion is a mental disorder for this generation of malcontents.

    • Seeker333

      Not mental illness, EVIL.

      • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      It’s evil

  • guest

    Hahahahaha! Tell me again why we should take these mental infants seriously. The only thing more stupid than a college student is a high school student. Then frogs.

    • richard40

      We need to take these mental infants seriously, because they wont stop with stealing hats, they will eventually go the Antifa route.

      • Joey Schmoe

        Rioters should be shot on sight.

      • Seeker333

        At least there she would get her very very fat arse whooped.

    • Siegfried Dietrich

      Why are you so insulting to frogs?

      • Edward Warren

        Guest was referring to just the green ones who are really dumb. Kermit isn’t the brightest frog in the pond.

    • kelpiejethro

      We need to take them seriously because they are effectively taking over the country by banning free speech under the threat of losing your job.

    • Seeker333

      Hey, frogs are geniuses compared to them.

  • Joe Blow

    Affirmative action always leads to lower quality students

  • The Masked Avatar

    “Pay her rent.”
    Her? That’s a chick?

    • K. C.

      You should see the photo she used when she went begging for money here…
      I’m guessing that is how she USED to look, before the Liberals on campus or the faculty got to her.

      • The Masked Avatar

        Why are there Trump supporters donating? Or is that just liberals trolling?

        • Trevor Sedis

          Trumpers are meek assholes…like Western men who said “let the little ladies have their way” for 50 years as feminists kicked their nuts, took their kids, instituted anti-male SH laws that let females show T&A on-the-job while firing men who “look,” etc.

          The Trumpers who “hah-hah” sent this belligerent beaner money are like cops who returned that terrified kid back to Dahmer. They feed the beast.

          This one guy has more balls than them and the entire non-moving men’s movement.

          • Jennifer Johnson

            Looks like we got ourselves an incel here, folks! Poor SOB

      • Seeker333

        Notice she still wants FREE STUFF.

        • Trevor Sedis

          And note that Trumpers still give it to her.

    • Dogbert1

      It said “pay the rent of Macias and their family.”

    • Seeker333

      Go figure!

  • Unmutual One

    Is this woman in the country legally?

    • Dogbert1

      Make her build the wall.

      • Unmutual One

        She certainly looks burly enough for such work.

    • iachoku

      It seems she’s legally here, but she frequently talks about / to her mother on Facebook, who is here illegally. I went ahead and reported her to ICE. Hopefully this kid pressing charges will do something about this, as well.

      • Capt. Harlock

        So, she’s really an illegal anchor baby, falsely given citizenship by an activist healthcare scumbag under a false intepretation of the 14th Amendment? Brand her, chip her, fine her, expel her, and her illegal invader mother, and the POS that rubber-stamped her birth certificate.

        Then track-down all of the other illegal babies that same POS and his/her colleagues and fix their little, Red wagons!

  • mark

    Here’s the missing video

    • SouthArapahoPeak

      Small wonder NORMAL people are LEAVING NY/C in droves!
      Good…STARVE that state of tax $$$!

  • Brenton Siddons

    stupid brainwashed bitch

  • She’s a looney. Thanks, government ‘educators’.

    • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      I’m sure her parent(s) held also.

  • sgreen516

    I’m not sure what’s the worst part of the story:
    – Everything the attacker did
    – Her idiot peers thinking she should be financially compensated as if she’s the one who’s been wronged

  • Nothing will happen. There is no plan, just a wish. Nothing specific, measurable, or attainable. Design for failure at WSU. Just sop to the loudest students.


  • Mike C

    some people are simply a proctologist’s dream.

  • JoeSomebody

    Thank you for standing up this bully, I donated after seeing this story; we need to be aware of these people and shame them for trying to threaten and intimidate people out of their free speech rights.

  • Mickey Logan

    Well thank God that the shoelace was not directed at anyone. Now we don’t all have to wear loafers.

  • Thomas Dylan

    jimmy kimmel needs to speak about this OUTRAGEOUS happening with full tears

    • caser4liberty

      Jimmy Kimmel is an instrument of the shadow government and far left crazies.

      • Dogbert1

        He is too busy trying to get back with Harvey Weinstein.

  • john paparella


    • Nan

      Didn’t You see how aggressive the MAGA hat Was? It was threatening her!/s

      • Edward Warren

        Freshman college students should be required to wear them instead of beanies.

  • Bad Seed

    Jesus, this is almost as pathetic as the uproar over a discarded banana peel last month. The behavior of these children would be hilarious if not for being a rampant national embarrassment…

  • proudbaldamerican

    Kuddos to the young man. He did great…right up to the point that he SHOULD have punched her in the face!

    Just kidding…sort of.

  • David Cooke

    They demand the college grant her immunity to legal action.

    Ummm, the school does not have the power to overturn our nations laws.

    Felony assault is a serious crime. She’s going to have a criminal record for life. Which she fully deserves.

    • Dondodondo

      She seems dumb enough to turn down a plea bargain too

      • euragone

        Their won’t be a plea bargain in this case!

  • James Wright

    Dat bitch is ugly!!!

  • Snark

    I was going to say something about how the left is giving up human rights and embracing crime like stealing…. but you know what after briefly glancing at the comments I changed my mind…. many of the commenters here are dumber then the women who is the subject of this article. Here’s what you all sound like: “Liberals are dumb DERP DEE DERP DERHERHHER deport all the messicans DERP DEEEEEEEEEE DERP the political ideology I disagree with is a mental illness HERP A DERP DEE DUMBDEEE DOOP.”

  • paulinVA

    This is the problem with the whole liberal left ethnic/gender studies everyone is a victim of white privilege ethos.

    Macias is someone who prefers the they/their pronouns and has bought into the whole alt-left lexicon of microaggressions and imagined slights. Well, the laws are pretty clear.

    And the linked statement of solidarity is great satire. Where is the real letter?

  • gary schroeder

    lots of things require a team
    to produce it – we don’t need broken gears
    on a football team w/jerks

  • gary schroeder

    Albion is a little hole
    in the wall near Detroit ugh
    not big enough even to be
    be a barf field for Real Men
    like those men at University of Michigan
    and Michigan State University
    just down the road

  • Roger Meurer

    Put her thieving hate filled ass AWAY!
    If she gets a dinky slap on the wrist, it’ll be saying that it was actually alright to physically and verbally assault someone simply because they have different political views.
    And the leftie crazies will be out there attacking everyone!!!

  • SgtGLH

    She acknowledge that her mother is illegal. That makes “Chata” either an anchor baby, illegal, or DACA. She is waiting for government funding to pay rent.
    She is the epitome of what is wrong with America. Gets everything for free, demands more, then complains and demonstrates against those paying her way and giving her freedom. I am a disabled combat veterans that loathes these people.

    • Seeker333

      Guess her GoFundMe begging for money didn’t work.

      • Trevor Sedis

        WTF? She asked for $200 and got…so far: $1,219.

        • Edward Warren

          Can afford better drugs for a while.

  • Yukiko

    The ignoramus who reported this fiasco should be expelled or at the very least suspended. I saw a photo of the ‘noose’ in question and it takes a gigantic leap in imagination from shoelace to noose.

  • Russell Smith

    And to think, these brainless idiots are at college to try to learn to be smarter….They should ship them all back to kindergarten and start all over again, with a good swift kick in the ass first, to knock some sense into them first!

    • Jennifer Johnson

      Um….why else would they go to college?

  • Man with Axe

    They shouldn’t pay her rent in solidarity, but rather in solitary, for 30 days so she has time to consider what a complete asshole she is.

  • Siegfried Dietrich

    Actions have consequences! Give her the demanded free rent…..in JAIL!! She committed a felony. Does it get any simpler than that?

  • I hope she likes prison because that’s where she belongs and afterwards deport her back to where she came from

  • Lizz Huie-Fulks

    She does not even know what genocide is about. She should talk to the Native Americans then maybe she’ll understand what “genocide”is about. She has no right to behave in the manner she did. He should have charges filed against her to teach her a lesson and all others out there who try to pull the same stunt. She had no right what-so-ever to steal his hat. She is now a criminal.

  • K. C.

    I don’t what is worse, this undereducated, hating, projecting, self-entitled snowflakes issues, or the Trump supporting Republicans that helped her when she went BEGGING for money at this Go Fundme link.


  • Dogbert1

    “the facts of our laws and our Constitution … don’t care about what you feel.“ welcome to the unsympathetic Universe.

  • Tom

    Many people of color want their own rules so they always pass their classes, cant be arrested for their crimes and get free everything. They want to be treated special. Dont waste a penny or a second on these nitwits……school too tough? Quit!

  • brian tokarski

    Violently anti-immigrant white supremacist regime? so tell me how is it violent and white supremacist again, being that Trump just signed legislation to not end the DACA program

  • William Smith

    awesome haha

  • nobaddog

    She’s taking ethnic studies in her tuition free college. Paid for by yours truly..Citizens of the U.S. That’s the course where they learn to hate white people and claim victim hood because of white superiority. She is learning to fill out food stamp and welfare forms when she graduates. Maybe because of this theft she will get experience in prison where she will spend some time every so often.

  • alvord1430

    Pay her rent and provide her family with round-the-clock security? Who does she think she is? A congressman?

    • Dogbert1

      TEll me she hasn’t reproduced.

  • raydrnayshon

    Just accuse her of rape. The school will immediately expel her and deny her any due process.
    Meantime, the clock is ticking down on Vitale. He’ll get the full UVA/Lena Dunham treatment any second now.

  • Keeblertex

    How in the world would the campus grant her amnesty? Where did the educational system fail these people? I mean, it used to be a thing that people understood. College isn’t for everyone. That’s not meant to be a bad thing. But, if you can’t understand basic rules and you can’t put an intelligent sentence together, maybe you’re better off skipping school and getting a job.

  • Rezqewr

    Here in the Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia, he is to be silenced, as he is a White, (presumably) Heterosexual (presumably) Christian Male. She, (dare I presume her gender?), being Latina, deserves special privileges and handouts, and the teat of the state taxpayers, like myself.
    At least, that’s the way it seems to be going out here. . .

    • Dogbert1


  • chris_zzz

    1. Definitely prosecute.
    2. Vitale is correct that UCR did not actually commit to free speech.
    3. The Statement of Solidarity’s demands could only have been written by people ignorant of how government operates. UCR cannot grant legal immunity, nor is it authorized to pay for the legal defense of a student.

  • Vianney Scholastica Hartvisen

    Doesn’t UC Riverside have a code of conduct that prohibits assault or theft? Seems to me that the college should uphold their own rules and expel the student that threatened another student and stole his property. (on tape and in front of witnesses). Seems to me that if the tables were turned and a white student had berated and made threats against a “protected” class student for 9 full minutes, in front of staff, he would have been arrested on the spot, subdued and hauled to jail.

  • carolmickle

    She’s set to graduate next year with a degree in economics? Hoo boy. I’m sure all she studied was communism….

    • Trevor Sedis

      He is, not her.

  • Trevor Sedis

    White Supremacy: “An ideology that stresses success, thereby triggering into black inferiorism.”
    POC: “People of Complaint” (blacks)
    POA: “People of Accomplishment” (whites)
    Racist: “realist”
    Neo-Nazi: “One who opposes white genocide.”
    Antifa: “Lawless, masked terrorists”
    DACA: “Demented And Criminal Aliens”
    Feminst: “One who hates men, blaming them for female failures.”
    Liberal: “Lobotomized Leftists”
    BLM: “Black Liars Mooch”
    First Nations: “Injuns from Siberia who slaughtered each other for eons pre-Columbus.”

  • dave4848

    The following statement could be considered civil harassment.

    “You’re not safe… just saying. We need to make racists scared.”

    The civil harassment laws say “harassment” is:

    Unlawful violence, like assault or battery or stalking, OR
    A credible threat of violence, AND
    The violence or threats seriously scare, annoy, or harass someone and there is no valid reason for it.
    “Credible threat of violence” means intentionally saying something or acting in a way that would make a reasonable person afraid for his or her safety or the safety of his or her family. A “credible threat of violence” includes following or stalking someone or making harassing calls or sending harassing messages (by phone, mail, or e-mail) over a period of time (even if it is a short time).

  • Trevor Sedis

    If you are female and rape young male students or stab males dates, nothing happens:


    If you are white and yell niggerWORDS at attendees at a black birthday party, you get 15+20 years in prison:


    Men, especially straight white men, need to reclaim their testicles and take off gloves.


    deport to posh cell in mexico

  • Lorungee

    This Aztec is the one who starts it all by trying to be tough and hard, now her pals are trying to get her rent paid for free,and immunity from any penalty for being a petty thug ! Here’s an idea……transfer her, moving and travel expenses paid …..back to Mex. I suggest the Universidad de Mexicano Ciudad, where she will be less “threatened” by white civilization.

    • Dogbert1


      • Lorungee

        Sorry for the vote down….did it when trying to hit the reply button.
        Anyway….are you trying to call this butch a teenage boy, or a lower class Mexican? Clarification needed.
        To even it out, I’ll do a vote up.

        • Dogbert1

          Mestizo (Latin of Native American descent) But a picture is worth a thousand words

  • Dr. Donny

    Actually, the teacher should have had all students get up and apologize for their ‘American privilege’ – that is, the tremendous privilege simply being born here provides one. According to the World Bank, the poorest Americans (the bottom 5%) are better off than about 2/3 of the world. Furthermore, the smart students should have been made to apologize for their intelligence since it is the main factor in determining adult success. Then the attractive students should have been made to apologize for their appearance which has been positively correlated with getting good grades. But, alas, that would have required the teacher to actually know something and have the ability to use critical thinking and complex reasoning skills. Cheers.

  • Dr. Donny

    This is what one gets when you admit unqualified minorities in the name of diversity into college. Only 60% of students even get a degree after 6 years due to the need for remedial courses. Studies show no growth in critical thinking or complex reasoning in college for the majority of students (my guess is those in the humanities and liberal arts). Expecting liberal students to have the slightest knowledge of history or the meaning of liberal thinking is a fantasy. Just read it and weep.

  • Barry

    The petition refers to “their” instead of her or she. I see where this is going…

  • John Sarsfield

    Enjoy your conviction for strong-arm robbery under Calif Penal Code Section 211.

  • Rosemary Richards

    Why didn’t the school board fire her? If I were the parents of these kids I’d file a lawsuit against this teacher, the school, the school board and the ones that are providing this material to be taught.

  • Stev

    Deport the illegal alien


    It going to take a few of these Snowflakes and thugs doing jail time before they understand the law pertains to everyone and no one is above the law. Their teachers advocate this unlawful actions but they aren’t the ones that will have pay the price. The students are so wanting to be good little Snowflakes doing what they think will get them on Facebook or in the good graces of the Political Correct crowd. They are unhinged and have lost their minds. When they have a big lawsuit filled against them all their fellow liberals will forget who they are. When liberals have to spend their own money the run and hide like roaches do when the light comes on.

  • Siegfried Dietrich

    institutions of higher indoctrination.

  • Millennial Matt

    Down with socialism and communism.

  • downhill_run

    I’ll pay her rent. But I get to choose what country she lives in.

  • Jack Yates

    You can’t make this stuff up. Liberalsm gone bonkers.

  • nickety d

    this is a brave young man in this day and age! i hope he has a good YAF or other conservative group available to help him stay strong. it’s an important message he is stating about free speech. Thank you, young man for your fortitude!

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    She is digesting and so is the nut factory she attends.

  • gespin3549

    Edith, ¿sabes algo? Eres la mujer MAS PENDEJA que yo e conocido en today mi vida y tengo 56 años. Necesitas cerrar esa cloaca en tu cara que usas como portal para vomitar tu odio, y volver a hacer lo que se supone que debes estár haciendo. Estudiando. Deja de actuar como un lunático porque traes vergüenza y deshonra a los hispanos educados y dignos como yo que no se quejan como un bebé, sino que hemos estudiado y sobresalido sin privilegios especiales.


    • ImpeachActivistJudges

      Muchas gracias por ese comentario. Necesitamos más reinar en estos ingratos comunistas antes de que ayuden a destruir a los USA 🇺🇸.

      • gespin3549

        De nada.

  • Dutch Ray

    I take comfort in knowing that universities are teaching young people that sensitivity is the answer to life’s problems. This country desperately needs more people with degrees in ethnic studies (gender studies too) to help prepare us to meet the demands of an increasingly complex and hostile world. Give young Edith Macias more free stuff so she can continue her noble crusade to make America whinny and feeble.

  • L Steiner

    She is a perfect example of hypocrisy combined with fascism in action. Freedom of speech and expression only extends to her point of view. She is also a racist. She is everything that she accused him of being and yet she is too blind by her own hate to see it. Is she Native American? Doubtful, so she is as much an interloper as anyone else who is not Native American(my ancestry is, 3 gens back, as well a Latino, so don’t let the Steiner part of my name get you in a dither). First we have you are responsible for genocide, then we have you don’t look Nicaraguan you pass for white, then we have your people stole this country. You can always spot a the looser in a debate because their focus is constantly shifting. With her own words she convicts herself. His point was consistent throughout.
    Her peers don’t seem to realize the school has no authority to dismiss charges or take a position in support of her obviously illegal actions. They are not part of law enforcement or the legal system. He has filed charges. Campus police are often real sworn police officers who serve on campus and answer to the law not college administrators. Once charges are filed it is out of the schools administrative hands. I don’t know if the officers on this campus are sworn but as the article above states, he has filed charges and he can only do that through official channels. If the administrators had taken the girl to task immediately upon her causing such a fracas, which is a failing on their part – poorly done administrators, you were cowards – things might not have gotten to this deserved legal conclusion but they didn’t and it has. And it has come to this because Edith is a completely out a control childish little brat who needs to grow up. Unfortunately, even after all this I doubt she will accept responsibility for her actions and continue to blame every little thing that displeases her or doesn’t go her way on someone else. Nothing will ever be her fault.

  • Zxer91

    Wonder who is paying for her “education” ?

  • Alex Delarge

    That fat and ugly biatch should be shipped back to her peasant culture country. Guess what? Nothing you Leftist freaks can do. I say what I want and I haunt your totalitarian dreams. We have a First and Second Amendments to protect us from you violent criminal fascists. History will not be kind, as we have never had such a loser generation in our history, your children will be ashamed.

  • slutmonkey

    Man’s quote at the end of the article is excellently put. I would never wear one of those hats, but he’s doing everything right here. Good job. I hope she’s convicted, but more than that I hope she learns that what she did is not ok and what she believed is complete hogwash.

  • postmerrick

    Principal Lou Lavely is a traitor.

  • tylerkent

    Ah, but perhaps someone intended to intimidate very tiny Negroes.

  • runthetable

    Wolves at the door. Keep your guns and ammunition close at hand.

  • Michael Otterbine

    She is, obviously, well fed…

    At least those huite craquers and their racism hasn’t gotten in the way of her food intake….

  • Kevin flynn

    dirty fucking slag