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San Diego State offers ‘gender affirming therapy’ to students

At the request of its students, San Diego State University provides “gender affirming therapy” to students on its campus who identify as transgender.

The public university’s Student Health Services offers the therapy, one of many university programs nationwide that cater to transgender student populations.

For instance, the University of Pennsylvania has instituted a “preferred name” policy while UC Berkeley offers medical services such as fertility preservation and laser hair removal through its student health care plan.

At San Diego State, the university touted the gender affirming therapy as part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“San Diego State University is committed to the personal growth and academic success of all students,” the university said in a statement provided to The College Fix. “At the core of this commitment is the university’s pledge to diversity, inclusivity, and equity for all of our students regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

The University of California, San Francisco’s Center of Excellence for Transgender Health lists gender affirming hormone therapy as the “primary” medical treatment for transgender individuals.

“Such treatment allows the acquisition of secondary sex characteristics more aligned with an individual’s gender identity,” the center’s website states.

San Diego State did not disclose to The Fix how many students have taken advantage of the therapy offered by the health center since it started offering the service last fall, and said prescriptions and medical needs beyond basic medical services are paid out of pocket by students who use the therapy.

Junior Adrian Marcos told The Daily Aztec, the university’s student newspaper, that gender affirming therapy made the student “feel a lot happier with myself.”

Marcos, who the newspaper reports is gender non-binary and uses they/them/their pronouns, said the therapy increased confidence.

“Before (starting testosterone) I’d have really bad dysphoric days. I didn’t want to look in the mirror, I didn’t want to get of my room, I didn’t want to go to class because I didn’t feel like myself,” Marcos said.

San Diego State appears to be the only university in the 23-campus Cal State system that provides gender affirming therapy for its students, a Cal State spokeswoman told The College Fix. The university has received a top score 5-star rating from pro-LGBTQ group Campus Pride on the non-profit’s ratings for “institutional commitment to LGBTQ-inclusive policy, program and practice.”

Christopher Lujan, coordinator of the university’s Pride Center, praised the university’s decision to provide gender affirming therapy through Student Health Services.

“It’s great that students have a local easy access space to get those services” Lujan told The Daily Aztec. “The positives of doing (those services) here is that it’s an environment that’s familiar to students.”

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  • Unmutual One

    I generally look down my pants to affirm mine. If I’m really in doubt, I can always have a lab check my sex chromosomes.

  • Sharon Lynn Reichenbach

    Unmutual One, imagine that in your mind and every part of you identifies as male, but as you say you look down your pants and see to your dismay, female genitalia. You are disgusted by it as well as saddened by the fact you have female features. Over 40% of people are so depressed they take their lives. Even those who move forward with a new identity are still depressed by being unaccepted by those who should accept them, approximately 25% take their lives. They did not ask for this, but what harm does it do to accept them and support them as they face a tough path.

    • Hughlon Thornbury

      Harm comes when institutions formulate and mandate codified language and terminology that goes against the inherent reflex usage of verbal and written communication, esp. when it comes with enforcement through punishment.

      In the end, the acceptance that people say they want for gender non-conformity translates into institutional retaliation on anyone who breaks rules of language usage, whether innocently or intentional. It represents punishment for violations of expression.

      If a person chooses to address a biological male as a female, it is protected speech, just as much as a person who chooses to label another individual a fascist, racist or bigot, even when it is not true. It is still free expression of thought through language. That is the trend, thought control. Start with control of thought through expression by punishment, pushing toward a goal of forced thought modification.

      The ideology can be dressed up with all manner of lights and colored foil decorations, as any political theory can, but it is still thought and expression control at its core. Without control of free expression, the theory fails.

      • Sharon Lynn Reichenbach

        Think of the harm as being the hurtful actions to a person who did not ask for this in their life just as someone with a learning disability can be hurt by the cruel taunts of classmates or even an non-understanding teacher. So do you think that it is right to call someone struggling to read due to a learning disability “dumb, retarded, stupid or idiot’ an infringement on your free speech or honestly wrong to treat someone that way?

        • Hughlon Thornbury

          Uh,I was born with multiple defects, including epilepsy and dyslexia. But it was the late 50s and early 60s, so the accepted standard academic methodology was relentless remedial training. I was even required to undergo the hallowed Evelyn Wood speed reading course. Because I grew up in an orphanage, which weren’t foster homes, but more like warehouse prisons for children, I was consistently punished for failing grades due to my condition. And yes, I was called all that and more, even by teachers, school admins and staff and orphanage workers.
          So I vehemently disagree with comparing gender pronoun usage (him, her, he, she) with the term retarded. Today LGBTQ promotes usage of the word queer, but in the 50s and 60s, the word queer was a highly derogatory slur for anyone gay or straight. Now the left wants to make it acceptable. Same with the N word. The left says it is acceptable if it used by an African-American or Hollywood commercially for profit.
          In the end, this will come down to mainstreaming. Either the socialists on the left will succeed in changing societal norms to accept thought and expression control, along with the penalties and punishments that come with it, or people who have extreme sensitivity to the speech of others, will have to do as we did in the 50s, learn coping skills to deal with whatever traits we have that is considered not average, or unique, in human society.
          You failed to address the free speech component of leftists accusing others of being racists, fascists and bigots. It is the norm on college campuses across the country, the same places where socialists are demanding speech codes to penalize unapproved gender pronoun usage. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. It is acceptable to publicly accuse a Libertarian or a conservative a racist and a bigot but not to refer to a biological male as a he. The left needs to get its story straight..

        • Jim

          Yes, but MOST kids who are indeed, “retarded” or have a learning disability, are NOT despised by others. Yeah, some kids will be mean like that. But how can you compare someone being mean to another who has a learning disability, to those very messed up people who think they are a different gender? Not even comparable in any way.

    • Lucius_Severus_Pertinax

      Gender Dysphoria is a Mental Disorder, not a Civil Right. In any event, someone so messed up as to be unable to figure out whether they are Male or Female, almost certainly has other problems.

    • Ed of Ct.

      You are what you are born with . Whacko like Bruce Jenner after three ex wives . Two children with two.of tbe 3 ex wives is Still a Man period.

    • Joe Blow

      Maybe our gene pool needs to have these defects removed?

    • Jim

      There’s a great harm in such enormous acceptance of people not even accepting their own gender. It’s like a domino affect. And for this very tiny minority of people with this mental affliction, forcing their views of their sad problems on all the rest of us, having men who think they’re women going into the men’s toilet, telling our kids who are much too young to even set their own bedtimes, that it’s okay if five-year old Mikey decides that he, also, is now a girl. This starts to set precedents in much more than simply a guy thinking he’s a girl. If my friend says he’s Napoleon or another friend says he’s Jesus Christ, you say they have mental problems and we should NOT accept that they are, indeed, Napoleon or Jesus Christ. Yet you think there’s no harm in ALL of us bending over backward simply because these people who don’t accept the gender that their biology dictates. There’s great harm.


    So if you are a man who knows he is a man or a woman who knows she is a woman there is no “Gender Affirmation” for them…. but if you are a man who wants to be a woman or a woman who wants to be a man you get affirmed all day long.

  • garyfouse

    One begins to wonder if there are any males and females on college campuses.

  • Joe Blow

    These perverted nutz need to be forcibly hospitalized

  • the_scotsman

    When a major state university promotes the absurd idea of gender affirming therapy services, then it should be painfully clear the nation of courageous soldiers and marines that once stormed the beaches of Normandy has almost reached the end. The land of the free and home of the brave has become enslaved by a politically correct agenda fueled by an ancient hate that will destroy anyone who will not comply with their unnatural and destructive edicts driven by vicious political agents whose primary goal is the wholesale destruction of innocent life, reality, truth, and liberty.

  • Mike D

    What does this class involve? Does a man who IDs as a woman go into a room and the “teacher” simply says over and over “you ARE a woman, you ARE a woman?”