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Pricey St. Louis school teaches kids, staff how to ‘Witness Whiteness’

An expensive St. Louis kindergarten-through-grade 8 school is making sure its students are aware of race from the moment they’re enrolled until the time they graduate.

Thanks to the “Witnessing Whiteness” program, the $17,500 per year College School actually starts the racial consciousness in pre-kindergarten, with teachers pointing out to students, for example, how “few specific shades [of crayons], ranging from beige to brown” can be used as “the skin colors of figures in their drawings.”

According to The St. Louis American, the program is part of the “school’s approach to addressing race at every educational level.” For teachers and staff, they get to participate in discussions designed to get them to “rethink” how they view race.

The approach is based on the book by Shelly Tochluk described on Amazon.com as “invit[ing] readers to consider what it means to be white, describes and critiques strategies used to avoid race issues, and identifies the detrimental effect of avoiding race on cross-race collaborations.”

Tochluk currently is chair of the Mount Saint Mary’s University Education Department.

From the article:

Most Witnessing Whiteness programs are held in community spaces, not in schools, but the College School is taking a direct approach to making sure its teachers eliminate the unconscious biases that often affect education. The group is voluntary and meets after school for a 10-week period, but despite this extra commitment, nearly half of the school’s staff has signed up.

[School Director of Equality and Inclusion Vincent] Flewellen said he noticed after the Ferguson protests began in St. Louis that many people felt like there was nothing they could do and they were not equipped to have conversations about race. At the school, he helped introduce Witnessing Whiteness as a way to address that.

“I think they saw participating in this as the first step in understanding and unpacking some of their own biases about race,” Flewellen said.

“As a person of color, it gets exhausting at times trying to help folks who are well-intentioned.” …

Flewellen said it is also important for white students to learn about race from an early age so they are able to think critically about inequality in the world around them.

“In order for us to dismantle racism, white folks have to change,” Flewellen said.

Flewellen went further, adding that programs like Witnessing Whiteness should be expanded: “I don’t understand why we can’t, as educators, really move to having these conversations. It’s almost irresponsible.”

The College School started out in 1963 as part of the now-Webster University with the goal of utilizing experimental teaching methods.

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h/t to EAGNews.org

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  • Bob Olson

    Soooooo, does this course discuss the black thug mentality? How about the black crime rate? Does it discuss the concept of nation states that have a lawful and moral right to control their borders? Does it discuss how laws protect the rights and safety of all citizens? Does it discuss the anything except how whitey has to accept the responsibility for all evil in the world? I thought not.

    • stevenlehar

      uh – no…. You thought right.

    • OtisGumbo

      Does it discuss how Black on Black violence (stems naturally from poor fatherless boys), abortion, and the welfare state were all engineered and racketeered by Leftist “Liberal” NE American elites as a way to decimate the Black population that they saw as inferior, while assuring, as LBJ said, that “These n______ will vote for us for the next 200 years?” Bear with me here, but it’s like Harvey Weinstein- it’s not hard to find the evidence if you aren’t closing your eyes: EVERYONE knows this is not a natural occurrence. Men stay with and support their women and children, unless someone like the government makes that path the less natural path. Fatherless Black families are rewarded with a monthly income that is greater than entry level working income, by good old Plantation Uncle Sam.

      • Ronnie

        As does the tremendously violent and out of control black on white, black on Hispanic, black on Asain, black on gay, black on elderly…etc, etc.

  • cesc

    What a wonderfully enlightened liberal idea! Train them from day one to be good liberal racists. They need to overcome any color blindness and learn to judge people by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character. They need to view the world through racial lenses 24/7.

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Burgess Krell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The left is scared to death that the race card might one day no longer work.

    • stevenlehar

      That day has come. Watch them scurry for cover!

  • Rationalist X

    “In order for us to dismantle racism, white folks have to change,” Flewellen said.

    I’ve never seen a crowd of whites riot and burn down their own neighborhood just because they were angry about something.

    Nor have I seen white youths go around playing the knockout game on senior blacks.

    Tell me one more time, just how am I supposed to “change”…?

    • stevenlehar

      Yes but they are the wrong color, don’t you see? That is what is wrong with us white folks. Maybe there should be a Rachel Dolezal approved process whereby us evil “whites” can officially change to “blacks”? Make it cost $10,000 to make sure people are serious. And of course, send the proceeds to Al Gore to save the planet from Global Warming!

      • Lorungee

        Isn’t that some kind of “blackface” ? I can do that with Kiwi shoe polish paste.

    • Joe Blow

      “In order for us to dismantle racism, black folks need to stop acting like n-words.” I said.

  • Oak66

    All of leftism is racist to the bone….it is the only large scale movement to want to build a whole society based on race…racist grievance, racist hierarchy, racist privileges ..e.g. affirmative action, quotas, lowering of standards per race, and a racist caste system…I don’t even think the old Nazis at the rally advocate anything that extreme. Whites are now the scum…especially white males…demonized as the cause of all societies problems…whereas the old Nazis chose the Jews for this role…The new Nazis are NOT White Supremacists….after that played out the same Democrat racists re-engineered their racism into White Subjugationism. Whites are the new Jews…who must be oppressed to make room for the preferred races…just like the old Nazis had to oppress, remove , get rid of the Jews to make room for the preferred race. The essence of socialistic Nazism was it’s obsession with race…just as the new Nazi socialists are obsessed with race. The left now actually teaches courses …demonizing whites…just like the old Nazis taught courses demonizing Jews.

  • Dawn Josephine

    How can they get away with this racism against a person who is white? Plus the Nazi White Supremacists party is the DemocRAT party – and it is LEFT WING – there is no such thing as Right wing White Supremacists. The left wing including antiFa, BLM, New Black Panther Party, DemocRATs party and they are the real Marxist/Nation of Islam radical violent full of hate subhumans. You see it on TV nightly, you see it from the Mayors in cities including
    San Juan mayor and the left-wing media. Vegas man was a registered DemocRAT and probably radicalized by Islam. I am so sick of these evil people for not taking responsibility for their own actions and failures, they have to blame on someone else. And now thanks to Obama, White people and COPS are in danger, to this day COPS are being ambushed and murdered.

    • Slanted vision

      Stop calling people ‘the real racists’.
      Racism is the use of common sense, pattern recognition and self preservation and it almost never involves hatred or abuse.When parents pull their kids out of dangerous schools you can call them either racists or damn good parents. When black and white cops overreact to black suspects it’s because they know how much worse the odds are.

      • eDeplorabisUnum

        Racism is natural, universal and normative.

        Only westerners of european have been brainwashed to pretend they’re not “RACIST.”

        You’re just delusional racists in denial, but racists nonetheless.

        RACSISMM is nothign but a group protection strategy which, if westerners practiced it as the rest of the unbrainwashed world does, would protect them from Muslims and the exploitation of Blacks and other non-westerns groups who exploit those brainwashed to believe they are guilty of something that is completely normal.

  • edinfred

    Do you have to be stupid to be a teacher?

    • tedhils

      No, but it helps….

    • HAVA

      edinfred, no, a true “teacher” is not stupid. These are not true teachers, they are indoctrinators.

      • edinfred

        I really have great respect for teachers but I should have said liberal professors

  • Slanted vision

    Looking forward to our children’s future of perpetual self flagellation. Life is only about the POC and their oppressors now.

  • thorlo6

    Excuse me for bringing into this idiotic conversation you people are having correction on your vernacular. Let’s correct this one piece at a time. Number one: White supremacists and Nazi’s/Neonazi’s are the extreme right wing, not left by any means.Two: Marxists/Communists/Socialists are extreme left winged. Please do yourself a favor, and never tell a Neonazi he is a socialist in any form or fashion unless that is you don’t want to live any longer. The Nazi party of Germany hated the Russian Communists, that’s why they fought each other in WW2. I have said before and I will say it to my dying breath, show me a Education Administrator and I will show you the back side of a donkey. Stubborn as get out and twice as stupid with a healthy dose of manure!
    Reminds me of a joke I read last night: News Flash-Police toilet stolen. Police have nothing to go on.

  • Joe King

    Presidents day will they discuss Bathhouse Barry and the Glory holes he worked ?

  • Justin

    I wonder if it discusses the utopia of an entire continent with a VAST majority being black. I wonder if it discusses the black mentality and the peace that they must enjoy because they are so civil and kind hearted. I wonder if it discuses slavery and why blacks still enslave other blacks and as many whites as they can get their hands on….. I wonder if it discuses the African utopia where no one makes a livable wage and everyone starves and communicable diseases is running rampant….. I wonder if they’ll discuss the idea of war simply because that black mans nose is bigger than the guys across the street! The list is never ending. If the like Africa so much and enjoy blacks being in the majority then maybe they should go back to their black utopia!

  • james e adams

    I am 69 and grew up in East Texas and am very much aware of the prejudice and bigotry that “USED” to exist .
    I am also aware of the fact that if I had been given all the benefits and free money that blacks my age have received or had access to that I would be financially better off at least 10X. I am also aware that smart and average students were purposely slowed down rather than implementing week end and after school tutoring for the less educated black students . That action damaged all the students and brought the U.S. down from #1 to having an education system that is worse than some third world countries.
    Today our students and even our educators that came up under those conditions don’t even realize just how poorly they perform. When we all get honest and admit that we need to bring the blacks IQ level up and some how make them understand that “EARNING” a living and supporting their own offspring is honorable and good then nothing will get better. Pretending that someone is holding them back instead of making them face themselves and their own faults only damages them and our whole country much more.

  • Special Ed

    This nonsense is why I have chosen to forego financial gain in favor of a more simple rural life. Life is better when you don’t have to walk on eggshells or look over your shoulder. They can have their crime, traffic, greivances, and NFL teams. I’ll live in a modest home with trustworthy neighbors who don’t feel a need to lecture me about how I’ve caused them harm by simply existing.

  • Leeroy Leifeste

    FOLKS! The simple identification of people based on the outdated Darwinistic ideology of Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid, aka “I am a person of color” or “I am caucasian” is RACISM. Teach kids that having a different color skin pigment is no different than having blue or brown eyes or black or blond hair. It is a simple genetic trait. You put a bunch of redheads on an isolated island and you get Ireland. You put a bunch of dark skinned people in isolated tribes and you get Africans.

    Wake up and Evolve!

    Now, if you want to talk about socio-economics, I guarantee you that has nothing to do with skin pigment or genetics.

  • Nathan

    The Left continues to build its own funeral pyre. White nationalism is going to be a lot more appealing to children who have been told by educators that they are intrinsically evil and racist. These are scary times we’re living in.

  • OtisGumbo

    “White folks?” What a zero trick pony. Give these people a magic pill that disables their ability to distinguish race, and off the cliff they would stampede. Race is just another attribute. If you hang all your troubles on your race, then sure, you can make a case for being oppressed. No one talks about Asian Priveledge or Tall Person Priveledge. Life ain’t fair, but make the most of what you got. AMERICAN Priveledge is great! It was paid for by those who came before us: Blacks enslaved and dragged from warring tribes in Africa, White endentured servants and starving Irish and persecuted European religious minorities, Chinese rail workers and other hard working Asian continent peeps, persecuted and displaced native peoples, poor Italians, Slavic peoples of all sorts, I could go on… but they FOUGHT with all they could muster, so we can live in a civil, free, shining land that God smiles upon. STOP complaining about what others have, get up, work, and let’s Make America Better And Stop Whining!

  • Char Sal

    Perhaps Michelle Obama was reared in this school’s elite racist predecessor.

  • jonklement

    “As a person of color, it gets exhausting at times trying to help folks who are well-intentioned.”—-Translation, it gets tiring trying to infect people with Avant Garde New Wave Racism.———-““In order for us to dismantle racism, white folks have to change,” Flewellen said.——No. Wrong answer. To dismantle racism, racists such as yourself have to change, regardless of your skin color, Vincent Flewellen.

  • Robert

    Sounds pretty racist to me….

  • Trevor Sedis

    Witness whiteness: behold the roots of all progress…including cities, cars, the Internet, etc.

    POC: “People of Complaint” (blacks)

    POA: “People of Accomplishment” (whites)

  • Trevor Sedis

    Racist = realist

  • Trevor Sedis

    POF (People of Failure): Blacks.

    Every other group moves on up. Blacks choose to stay on mental plantations…blubbering for Massa to return to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, and hire them.

    In 3017 black-Americans will STILL be on the bottom socially, mentally, really.

  • fredlavenuta

    Parents, you are nuts to spend $17,500 a year for this crap. Send your children to parochial school. They will get a better education at lower cost and less bulls hit.

  • Ronnie

    “As a person of color, it gets exhausting at times trying to help folks who are well-intentioned.” mentioned Black Supremacist Vincent Flewellen.

  • Ronnie


  • mike

    The blame is on the parents who’ll pay for this nonsense!

  • Lorungee

    Wow…..incredible. I remember when I started kindergarten, (1962), we all showed up one day with feathered head dresses and empty Quaker Oatmeal boxes to make drums. I guess that was some kind of indigenous awareness day for us back in the day.

  • Barry


  • Dogbert1

    Sounds like child abuse. Each of us has only so much ‘band width’. What does this indoctrination displace?
    How much greater might Beethoven’s accomplishment have been if only his youth could have focused on social justice training? Must all one’s beliefs and actions accommodate the vantage point of p.o.c.? Can’t one just be?

  • Count_Yob

    The anti-white indoctrination starts early in this school. Why aren’t their parents raising hell over it?