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University of Montana J-school disinvites speaker due to ‘risk of offending students’

‘He is pretty extreme in his views,’ journalism dean writes

A controversial author and professor claims that he has been barred from speaking at a public university because of his conservative views.

“I’ve been banned from speaking at [the University] of Montana because I do not share their values of being ‘tolerant’ and ‘welcoming,'” Mike Adams, a professor at the University of North Carolina, tweeted early this morning. “A Dean said that.”

A report on newstalkkgvo.com claims that the dean of the University of Montana’s journalism school requested that Adams not be invited to campus because he posed “the risk of offending students.” The school “can still have a conversation with him if you want,” Dean Larry Abramson wrote in an email, “but he is pretty extreme in his views.”

“[Adams] has attacked members of the LGBTQ community in public forums,” Abramson told KGVO, “and, in my view, belittled people who would characterize themselves or that he would characterize as feminists and I think that some of those remarks could be interpreted as hate speech.”

Adams was invited to the journalism school under the auspices of the Jeff Cole lecture, a constituent event of the Cole Memorial Scholarship. Benefactor Maria Cole told KGVO, in part, “The Journalism School is not excited about my inviting Dr. Adams to campus and they have strongly encouraged me to select another speaker, but I have already contracted to have Dr. Adams here.” Cole claims she is “working to arrange an off-campus location and says the J-school will be invited to attend.”

From the KGVO report:

Cole points out that Mr. Adams writes for Townhall.com and says many of the past speakers that came were not working as journalists when they spoke at the University of Montana. Cole believes the push back is driven by ideology and that the issue of free speech is especially important for journalism students.

“I look at Berkely and I look at these other universities and I kind of see this push back towards having a different voice on campus,” Cole said. “What I had hoped for the University of Montana was that they would embrace this opportunity and sort of be a shining example of: ‘Yes, we are tolerant, we do accept different viewpoints.’ I can’t help but think that politics is playing a role here I would like to think that that is not happening, but I can’t help but think that that’s the reason.”

Abramson says he doesn’t believe there is any legal requirement to bring Mr. Adams to campus and indicated that Mr. Adam’s “values” were not in line with the J-school.

The university’s journalism school, Abramson claims, “does not have to invite people that we think don’t match with our priorities or are values as a tolerant, welcoming school.”

Read the report here.

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  • “University of Montana J-school disinvites speaker due to ‘risk of offending students’ ”

    It’s called “Hecklers Veto”: it refers to a situation involving an authority who allows a hostile audience’s reaction to shut down or silence an unpopular speaker. IOW, the speaker’s right to free speech is
    suppressed by the fear of disruption.

    The university of Montana.should change their motto from “Lux et Veritas” to “Seig Heil”.

  • Hughlon Thornbury

    ‘Yes, we are tolerant, we do accept different viewpoints.’

    Sorry, but even places where one would think citizens embody the old idea of hearty and sturdy people, snowflakes have taken over and hijacked the population (think Antelope, OR).
    So the J-school dean is afraid that a speaker is going to hurt someone’s feelings? Remind me again what the football team is called at UM? Might it be something like the “Grizzlies”? Should be something like the “Snow Bunnies”.

  • Ken Abbott

    A great shame–Larry Abramson could learn a thing or to by listening to Mike Adams.

  • ys1

    I guess that he is teaching his Journalism Students not to interview anyone that does not conform to their world view for fear of offending their readers 🙂

  • Hal Blegen

    Maybe they can get Michael Moore to speak, that’s in line with the J school Deans view

  • SkyePuppy

    They’re only worried about offending the “right kind” of students. Obviously, they don’t care if they offend their conservative students.

    Makes me ashamed that I ever attended there!

  • mbabbitt

    The university today is not a place of learning, which often makes us uncomfortable. Instead, modern universities are more likely to be re-education camps that keep their students infantile and which retard their personal growth. These are post-modern seminaries whose dogma is focused on the Diversity God of False Egalitarianism. They are religious zealots parading around in the regalia of Orwellian speech and thought. Yes, these religious zealots are the ones who are truly anti-science and anti common sense. The longer a student remains, the greater the chance of total mental and moral lobotomization. And someone paid many 10s of thousands of dollars for this honor.

  • winstons

    Here is an example of why the press in general is not trusted to report news. This Dean chooses to run his school to teach students what to think rather than how to think and reason!