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School assignment which identifies the KKK as ‘right wing’ angers parents

A Virginia middle school worksheet about the American political spectrum has angered some parents due to the fact that it identified the Ku Klux Klan as “right wing” and “reactionary.”

The 8th grade handout from Loudoun County’s Harmony Middle School features examples ranging from “Radical” to “Reactionary,” with “Liberal,” “Moderate,” and “Conservative” in between.

There’s also the labels “Left Wing” and “Right Wing” with the two major political parties in the middle of the two.

The Klan was the only organization specifically aligned with a political designation.

According to The Washington Post, school board member Eric J. DeKenipp said after a student brought home the worksheet that the parents became “alarmed”: “It jumped off the page — they were offended that the right wing was affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan.”

From the story:

“If I saw antifa or Black Lives Matter on the left side, I would also argue that’s inappropriate,” [DeKenipp] said. “To correlate an organization such as the KKK, which has no official affiliation to the [Republican] party . . . that’s not factual. That’s an opinion. I’m not sure that that belongs in the curriculum.”

In an interview with WMAL, meanwhile, DeKenipp cautioned that public education is “inherently liberal.”

“Frankly, from my perspective, it’s going to take a coordinated effort from the grass-roots level to kind of level the playing field to make sure our kids are getting a balanced-scorecard education,” he said. …

Loudoun County Public Schools spokesman Wayde B. Byard said the document was authentic and has been removed from the curriculum.

“The document in question in not a resource used across the county,” he wrote in an email. “It was a teacher-made activity used at one school. Our Supervisor of Social Sciences and Global Studies worked with the principal and staff to develop a more appropriate activity. It was withdrawn from the teacher’s curriculum. It will not be used again.”

The Post quotes a couple of college professors who back up the accuracy of the assignment’s Klan designation, and they’re right: The KKK is an extreme right-wing group. Mr. DeKenipp and the parents in question seem to be overreacting to the apparent connection to the GOP. Note that on the assignment, however, the label “Republicans” does not overlap that of “Reactionaries,” the location of the KKK example.

If there’s a gripe, it seems it would be that the worksheet did not include a specific example of a “Radical” organization like it did for the Klan under “Reactionary” like, for example, the Weather Underground.

And although it is unclear from the article, did the parents go to the media first? If so, how come? Why not contact the teacher about the assignment … or at least a Harmony Middle administrator?

Read the full article.

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  • Nan

    The KKK wss founded by democrats to intimidate blacks, Catholics and othets. Democtat Senator Byrd was a member. It is definitely not right wing or GOP affiliated.

    • Byrd Westbrook


    • Fra Grebma

      The KKK was founded by Democrats and therefore definitely not Republican BUT it is also definitely right-wing and reactionary. (NB, reactionary is not necessarily right-wing).

      • ericdondero

        No, you are 1000% incorrect. Show me where the KKK defends capitalism? Are the KKK Ayn Rand devotees? Do they quote free market principles of Hayek, von Mises or Milton Friedman? Do they praise Barry Goldwater? Their economic views are completely pro-statist, welfare state. That puts them solidly on the leftside of the political spectrum. Please correct your comment above. Thank you.

        • Albert8184

          The KKK is decidedly anti-communist. And they defend the status quo of the American Southern past. To say the KKK is not reactionary, is to say the American South was something other than what it was in the period of reconstruction. To defend the Southern heritage is exactly why the KKK sprang up in the first place. The KKK has no problem at all with capitalism or free markets. They closest you could come to disputing that argument is with their frequent criticism of rich Northern progressives and city folks thinking they’re better than us rural folks. You know… the simplistic class warfare argument.

          • alandean

            Your history is poor. Progressivism emerged in the 1900s, and Woodrow Wilson was about as progressive as they come and a democrat. He also allowed the KKK movie “Birth of a Nation” to be shown at the whitehouse. The democratic convention of 1924 was called the “Klanbake” because of the number of klansman at the convention and the control they exerted.

            To pretend that progressivism and democrats and the KKK don’t go together like bread, peanut butter and jelly is ridiculous.

            PS. the entire eugenics movement was huge among the progressive dems around that time, too. Planned Parenthood sprung from that and aimed to rid society of feeble minded and criminal elements. Especially blacks. And yes, the founder of PP is still celebrated by the left today.

          • Albert8184

            But the KKK emerged in the 1860s during Reconstruction. And their racial ideas might have overlapped with some of the racist ideals of SOME progressives, but that doesn’t make them progressives. Any more than the racism and bigotry of 19th century communists made the Nazis a friend of communism. Emphasizing the racism of as a fundamental characteristic of progressivism in the 19th century is rather pointless anyway… most EVERYBODY was a racist in the 19th century as a matter of cultural acclimation.

          • alandean

            The KKK ***DOMINATED*** the 1924 democratic convention. Their positions at the convention were anti-jew, anti-black, anti-catholic and huge into eugenics–and the voting at the convention confirm they were not fringe. Their views on others sounds like nazis, does it not? And yes, nazis were socialists, just like the KKK with dreams of massive governments putting a boot on the throat of those they didn’t like.

          • Albert8184

            All of this, even if it were 100 percent correct, means not a thing to prove your point. The Left is no longer Social Darwinist. The KKK is. The Old Left is gone. The Old KKK is still alive. Of course the KKK STILL sound like the Nazis. Because their worldview centers around nationalistic racial suprematism. Neither of those groups have changed with the times. THAT is why they are RIGHT WING. That’s the essence of what right wing is. But, going back to 1924, why do you thing the communists and the Nazis in Germany hated each other? For the same reasons the KKK and the modern Nazis hate the Left Wing today.

          • alandean

            >> That’s the essence of what right wing is


            In the US, right versus left is the distinction between the individual (right wing) versus the collective (left wing).

            Yes, in Europe the Nazi’s were considered right wing. But the EU right wing has zero to do with the right wing in the US. Both the left and right wing in Europe are both VERY MUCH FOR the collective. There is no notion of the individual. Left versus right in Europe is more about how authoritative the government is.

            Nazis were socialists. Progressives are socialists. Both believe in strong government to impose their will on the other side.

            >> And it didn’t matter in 1924 that the Left and the KKK/Nazis were all flaming racists.

            The progressives of 1924 were the KKK and big believers in eugenics. The history is very clear here. See Woodrow Wilson’s actions. Remember, the father of Progressive Politics is the same man that RE-SEGREGATED the military. Read Woodrow Wilson’s writing on eugenics if you want your world view rocked.

          • Albert8184

            Nah. That’s your definition of right wing. Not the correct accepted definition.

            Nazis were their own brand of socialist, as defined by them. Not as defined by the Left. In the basic economic definition of socialism, the Nazis were barely left at all. And they certainly were NOT the dominant model of Left in 1924, which was Marxist left. That should make sense to you, since you yourself admit the Nazis were right wingers in the European context. Where you go wrong is that assuming the Left and the Right in Europe are in agreement on their separate ideologies of collectivism and economics.

            And again. The KKK and progressives were once aligned in certain respects in 1924. The Old Left contained certain elements similar to the old Right (because racism was mainstream centrist in 1924)…. but the center has moved Left/Liberal taking most people with it. Today’s KKK hasn’t moved at all. They’re no longer aligned that way PRECISELY BECAUSE the Progressives moved to the New Left…. and the KKK didn’t. Unless you’re prepared to argue that the KKK is secretly for tolerance, racial and ethnic co-existence, ecumenicalism, globalist and no longer nationalistic.

          • alandean

            >> The KKK and progressives were once aligned in certain respects in 1924.

            Certain aspects?? Are you kidding?

            Among the largest hate groups in the US, the National Socialist Movement ranks near the top according to the SPLC. And yes, they are socialists. Big gov, centralized control and planning, the works. Everything progressives like, they like. Withe added twist that they don’t like people that aren’t white.

            Sorry to rock your world view….but today’s hate groups have far more in common (both ideology and history) with the left than the right. And they have the same ideology as the progressive KKK on the 1910’s and 1920’s.

            Do you really think there are right-wing hate groups out there that are also calling for shrinking government, paying down the debt, and strengthening the military????

            Can you name a hate group that advocates small government as a central plank? I submit most all advocate big, central and strong gov. The very antithesis of right-wing

          • Albert8184

            You’re not rocking my worldview. I don’t think you understand where I’m coming from, which seems to comport with your inability to understand the differences between the Old and New Left, mainstream socialism and fringe socialist movements, and what the definitions of right and left, and reactionary and revolutionary are. And you can’t understand that neither the Nazis or the KKK have changed their platforms appreciably since their inception, while the Left has DEFINITELY shifted on all fronts in a direction that puts them more at odds with the Nazis or the KKK than they ever were.

            It is IMPOSSIBLE for nationalist racial supremacists NOW to be aligned at all with the mainstream modern New Left/Progressive/Liberal factions. And they barely were 100 years ago.

          • alandean

            >> It is IMPOSSIBLE for nationalist racial supremacists NOW to be aligned at all with the mainstream modern New Left/Progressive/Liberal factions

            Yes, somewhat agree (see below). But that isn’t the topic of the discussion. The topic is whether or not the KKK emerged from the left or right. And history is very clear it emerged from the left (aka socialism). And the KKK certainly aren’t part of the right today. The right today (and historically) is all about small government, individualism, strong defense and the rule of law.

            Now, on today’s college campuses there is a very strong anti-Israel movement (see BDS, anti-zionism, among others) and you have college kids openly calling for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. And yes, they consider themselves very progressive.

            And so, while you might not like to admit it, there are lots of progressives today that detest Jews and openly say it on campuses with zero fear of repercussions. Search youtube for a video “David Horowitz at UCSD 5/10/2010” to see how brazen and bold this hatred can be.

            >> It is IMPOSSIBLE for nationalist racial supremacists NOW to be aligned at all with the mainstream modern New Left/Progressive/Liberal factions.

            After watching that video, do you really believe that? What is happening on college campuses shows progressivism still aligns quite well with hatred, does it not? Hatred and progressivism have been in bed for 100 years, with no end in sight. It’s just that the targets occaisionally change.

          • Albert8184

            The KKK emerged in the wake of the Civil War, in the antebellum South. It’s exclusive platform was the salvation of the Southern heritage, it’s tradition, religion and way of life using violent action against blacks, carpetbaggers and all perceived threats to the South. And this platform has NEVER changed to this day. The KKK was a REACTION to what it deemed Northern aggression, oppression, hate and interference. Reactionary nationalism is firmly the essence of extreme right wing fascism. Just as it is with Left Wing fascism.

            The KKK had no economic socialist platform, per say, but supported the preservation of class distinctions, plantation aristocracy, slavery and white dominance and racial purity. Other than racism, there is no evidence of existing old Left dominance in the antebellum South that the KKK would want to preserve – quite the opposite. Old World tradition was the norm. Radical class distinctions. Christian exclusivist theocracy. Private land and manufacturing ownership. Therefore… the KKK could NOT have originated in progressive socialist sentiments needing to be “saved” in the South.

            There is utterly NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that the KKK of the 1860s was influenced by any sort of socialism – even Social Darwinism, – because racism and nationalism in America were ALREADY centrist mainstream ideas. Centrist. That means….. in the middle…. blending over into EITHER wing. And there is no argument that nationalism and xenophobia are ideas that have been entrenched in human psychology since the beginning of history. Long long before there ever was an organized left consciousness anywhere. Long before even Social Darwinism began to make distinctions about race that were added to xenophobic ideas.

            And what you’re seeing against Israel from BOTH the right and Left today is yet another example, such as I’ve already described, of centrist xenophobia focused on one target from BOTH extremes of the political spectrum. And these Leftist college students are steeped in ANTI-NATIONALISM which is typical of the Left. Just as nationalistic fascists (whom share a mutual animosity with the Left) hate the jews on the basis of their conspiracy theories about threats to their nation from “World Jewry”. Anti-semitism is a CENTRIST idea to both extremes.

          • alandean

            >> It’s exclusive platform was the salvation of the Southern heritage, it’s tradition, religion and way of life using violent action against blacks, carpetbaggers and all perceived threats to the South.

            Wrong. Just 3% of the population owned slaves. Why on earth would the “common man” fight for slavery? Slaves were very expensive, and slaves undercut their wages by working horrid hours and horrid conditions. A common worker would NEVER advocate for slavery.

            So why did so many join the KKK? Let’s see: Hoods, anonymity, beating people, killing people, intimidating people…all for political power. That is why the klan existed: Political power. It’s that simple. Wouldn’t be the first time those tactics were employed to gain power, would it?

            Look at antifa today to see the same tactcs employed again by the left. Again. And why? Power. They cannot garner it via ideas. It must be taken via force.

            The left has, over and over, used violence for power in their quest to grow and control the state.

            > There is utterly NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that the KKK of the 1860s was influenced by any sort of socialism

            The first big act by the KKK in 1867 was to massacre thousands in confederate states to quash voting by blacks via fear and intimidation. And who do you think the blacks were voting for? Democrats? Hell no. They were voting for republicans who had just freed them. So, you can bet with certainty that in the mid 1800s the KKK was overwhelmingly voting dem. And the usual 25% of the dem party considered themselves socialists then too (whatever that meant at the time)

            > And what you’re seeing against Israel from BOTH the right and Left today is yet another example, such as I’ve already described

            Wrong. Every single instance of firings or rebuke at the universities for anti-Israel behavior has come from avowed leftists/progressives/socialists. Every. Single. One.

            So much for your theory that modern progressives don’t hate.

          • Albert8184

            You’re too hard-headed to talk too. You have an agenda that’s unassailable. So… I’ll let you stick to it.

          • alandean

            >> You’re too hard-headed to talk to. You have an agenda that’s unassailable.

            Could not the same be said about you???

          • Albert8184

            No. The same couldn’t be said about me. I’m willing to listen to evidence, I’m willing to look at history objectively, and I’m at least sincere enough about the subject that I’m willing to educate myself on definitions and meanings. Lastly, I don’t have an agenda involving unreasonable expectations.

            You come off sounding like you want to basically classify everything you don’t like as Left Wing, and create some universal definition of right wing that is morally unassailable.

          • alandean

            > I’m willing to look at history objectively

            Really? We know the KKK hated republicans in the mid 1800s–so much so that they killed them. We know the KKK were huge democrats in the 1920’s and believed in eugenics and detested PoC. And we know that a huge % of modern progressives on college campuses have a real problem with Jews and Israel, so much so that they open demonstrate the hatred in postings, in videos, etc. Historically, there is NOTHING tying republicans to the politics of hate and brutality, and everything tying the left it over the last 80 years. Antifa today is the modern KKK in their use of anonymity and brutality to terrorize people.

            And yet, you want to ignore all of that.

            Tell me again about your objectivity???

            The genesis of this entire discussion was a clueless teacher’s assertion that the KKK from the right. That is false based on history.

          • Albert8184

            We don’t really have to go over this again do we? I learn from experience. I can admit when it’s a lost cause. Sometimes, for all my best efforts, the patient just can’t be saved.

          • alandean

            > Sometimes, for all my best efforts, the patient just can’t be saved

            But YOU were the one who made numerous assertions, each of which were readily countered by a simple examination of history. All the way up to modern times, where you boldly asserted “It is IMPOSSIBLE for nationalist racial supremacists NOW to be aligned at all with the mainstream modern New Left/Progressive/Liberal factions.”

            And then you were forced to reckon with countless progressives on youtube and instagram calling for the destruction of Israel and Jewish peoples. So much for “impossible”, eh?

            You cannot even admit that your modern progressive is very likely to harbor hatred for Israel, can you? So much for your “best efforts”, eh? Progressive politics has ALWAYS been driven by hate and violence It’s true today, it was true in the the 1920s it was true in the 1860’s.

            To separate yourself from hate, you must first admit it exists. Shame on you.

          • Albert8184

            Total lack of self-awareness.

          • SFLBIB

            “Why do you think the communists and the Nazis in Germany hated each other?”

            Because they both believe in BIG government and wanted to be the ones in charge. The closer you get to bigger and bigger government the closer you get to collectivism and Leftism. In short, the commies and Nazis were ideological blood brothers.

          • Albert8184

            They uhj…. don’t hate each other over the things they AGREE ABOUT. They hate each other over the things they DON’T agree about. Duh.

          • DixieRocker94

            The KKK are pro aborts, and refuse to do business with nations without strict environmental laws.

          • Albert8184

            Your statement contains elements of truth while leaving out large portions of counter-balancing facts.

        • Libertarianism is the left-most point on the political spectrum. You can be a libertarian or you can be a right-winger, but you can’t be both.

      • SFLBIB

        Q: Why are Republicans considered right-wing reactionary?

        A. Because Hitler invaded Russia. Grow up and accept the fact the battle of Russia is over.

    • Albert8184

      But the Democrats that founded the KKK were NOT the same Democrats running the party today. And moreover, the Dems of the past were split between two divergent factions. Just as the Republicans running the GOP were not the same. My opinion is that both parties have moved to the Left supporting the same agenda, and the only difference between them now is that they tell different lies to different voters, to get them to move in the same direction either consciously or unwittingly.

    • BobRoss

      It is now, cretin.

      • KansasGirl


  • David Anderson

    The KKK was the military arm of southern Democrat segregationists. How is that right wing?

    • ericdondero

      It is not right-wing, not in the slightest. Anyone who even suggests that is a complete and utter political knucklehead. KKK are socialists, i.e. leftwing.

      • Albert8184

        The KKK is anti-socialist. What David Duke says is… well, David Duke is a politician. He plays to both the neo-Nazis and the KKK because they have one common agenda. And it works because the neo-Nazis are NOT socialists in the real meaning of the term.

        • alandean

          > The KKK is anti-socialist.

          The progressive movement as championed by woodrow wilson was decidedly socialist, and the KKK played a prominent role in the evolution of the dem party. The 1924 dem convention was openly attended by the Klan and was in fact called a Klanbake because of the role they planed in the dem convention. Look up Klanbake on wiki to learn more.

          In short, the KKKs was born form progressivism, and progressivism is tightly tied to socialism.

          • Albert8184

            The KKK was born in the aftermath of the Civil War as a reactionary Southern nationalist white supremacist organization, decades before progressivism fully flowered. The reborn second Klan of the Progressive Era was radically different from both the first Klan and from the third Post-WW2 incarnation that battled civil rights in the ’60s. It had its greatest strength outside the South, and half its followers lived in cities. It was always racist, nativist, prohibitionist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic, but its worldview wasn’t always consistent or coherent.

          • alandean

            >> decades before progressivism fully flowered in America.

            The KKK has ebbed and flowed. But make no mistake: The modern KKK was a massive part of the dem party and fully embraced progressivism and socialism (and eugenics and all the other hallmarks of full state control that the left adores).

          • Albert8184

            The Left Wing is NOT the same anymore. he KKK hasn’t “ebbed and flowed” at all. The modern KKK was exactly what the KKK was in 1924. Do you think it pleases the contemporary KKK that the modern Dems have 99 percent of the black voter base? And the gays and the feminists and the immigrants and the Jews? That’s why – in case you haven’t noticed – Left aligned groups always show up at public gatherings on the OPPOSITE side of the street from the KKK and their related allies. Throwing rocks at each other. Fighting. The cops stand BETWEEN them. But, I guess you must think this is some sort put-on or act? Times have changed. You think its still 1924.

            National Socialism isn’t the same as Marxian socialism. The OLD Left and the NEW Left are two different things too. The Democrats, the Left and progressiveness have moved to the modern Euro-style center Left, social democrat scale of things. The KKK has stayed exactly where they were in 1900 and even 1865. That, not surprisingly, is why their popularity has plummeted over the past century, from the days of Woodrow Wilson to the days of Saul Alinsky. The entire nation has moved. They haven’t. That’s why they’re reactionaries.

        • DixieRocker94

          Their beliefs are very socialized, but those included in its protection only include whites.

          • Albert8184

            Really, this is a meaningless statement in terms of socialism. But in the strictest, most accepted definition of socialism, the KKK is absolutely not socialist. I don’t think you really understand what socialism is. Like many people, you’ve been conditioned to see it as something akin to entitlements statism or some nebulous mix of modern liberal utopian values.

      • BobRoss

        Need a citation, cretin.

    • Albert8184

      It’s right wing because it represents a return to the status quo of the South, a defense of tradition and the way things were always done. That is the classic definition of right wing from the days of its origin. In the days of the American Revolution, the right wing would have been the loyalists to the crown.

      Don’t defend the right wing unconditionally. RIght wing is a relativistic term. Left wing, on the other hand, is NEVER a relativistic term. It always means revolution against the status quo. The cult of revolution, whether good or bad.

    • BobRoss

      “Was” “was” was, cretin.

    • BobRoss

      You must wonder how the 1940s is not the 2000s.

  • Sam American

    the only clansman i can recall are Democratic Sen Byrd a democrat who the DMC embraced and served until his death and Duke – ran as a republican but disavowed by GOP ran under other parties…may be trying to be a GOP again.

    Many many more klansmen are southern democrats and midwest/northern blue collar democrats than GOPers.

    • robertthomason

      The federal courthouse in Birmingham, AL, is named for former Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black who was a US Senator when appointed by FDR. He was also a member of the KKK.

  • Folks: The post-Civil War Democratic Party would hardly be considered “left wing,” and this is when the (its) Klan was founded. The Democrat Party of today bears little resemblance to the Democratic Party of the late 1860s. Not to mention, at the extremes of the political spectrum the left and right basically merge anyway, sharing many characteristics … not the least of which is repressive authoritarianism.

    Note again the assignment does NOT have “Republicans” overlapping “Reactionaries” on which the KKK is noted as an example. To be fair (as noted again), it would have been prudent to provide an example of a “Radical” organization to balance out the Klan on the right.

    • ericdondero

      No, no they do not. Extreme right-wing, of which I count myself, means very limited government. It’s the ideology of the Founding Fathers, “that government is best, that governs least.” We are hardcore capitalists. How does that “meet” with Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, modern Democrat Party all of whom support statism?

      • Albert8184

        No. Extreme right wing means extreme status quo, extreme conservatism, extreme tradition, extreme theocracy and extreme economics on the non-Left, non-revolutionary, non-populist, non-collectivist scale. And that’s everywhere in the pre-modern world before the secular humanist age began. And I must point out that history demonstrates completely that “extreme right wing”, would be the EXACT OPPOSITE of very limited government. Calling the Founding Fathers “extreme right wing” would be something that ONLY a modern left winger would do – and they do – despite the fact that the Founding Fathers were essentially revolutionaries in many senses of the world.

        Paradoxically, what the Left is REALLY fighting for is a RETURN to the old days.

    • ericdondero

      So, Mr. Smarty Pants, you say extreme right-wing is authoritarian? Really?? So, where does that put Ayn Rand, Libertarian Party, Ron Paul movement, Tea Party, Tax Protesters, Patriots? We’re extremely capitalist and extremely ANTI-authoritarian.

      • Albert8184

        Well sure. The entire world was fundamentally far right wing for about 6000 years, until the end of the age of monarchs and theocrats and the advent of populist enfranchisement and radical revolutionary collectivism roughly 200 years ago. Today, both extreme ends of the ideology scale are authoritarian. In fact, the scale is a circle…. not a line. And the circle is joined by all the shades of authoritarianism and statism, left or right. Autocratic/Clergy on the right. Collectivist dictatorship on the Left. And you know what? At that extreme, they are virtually identical to one another.

  • chuckles

    Along with the KKK, the Dems were the slave owning south in the civil war, the inventor of Jim Crow, The guys on the other end of the fire hoses and German Shepard’s attacking Civil Rights workers, the guys standing in the school house doors, and on and on. George Wallace was a Dem when he blocked the school house, and Sen. J Fulbright, the segregationist, sent Bill Clinton to school under the Fulbright program. And, of course, Al Gore’s father voted against the civil rights bill of 1964 as a Dem. OTOH, Eisenhower, a Republican sent troops to the south to integrate schools and enforce the law that was ignored by the Dems. And of course, Lincoln was a Republican that was elected mainly to free the slaves.
    This is a main tic off for me my whole life as I grew up in the segregated south during this time and watched it day by day only to find that people are taught today that the Republicans were the racists and Dems were the freedom fighters. The south was Democrat since the Civil War and only changed to Conservatives when abortion came on scene in the 1970’s. I was there. I lived it. I saw it happen and didn’t have to read it in a book. Kids today have no clue other that what some professor tells them. These same Dems say they are patriotic even though they are the ones that burn the flag, agree with Castro, Communism, and wear Che T shirts, while reading Mao. They say they have “American values” while approving sodomy, baby murder, taking prayer out of school, and giving American jobs to illegals. I can’t think of one single thing I agree with a Dem on. In my 66 years, I’ve seen tax cuts stimulate the economy at least 4 times, but Dems say it will ruin the economy and increase the deficit. This after Obama just doubled the Nat Debt from 9 trillion to $20 trillion in 8 years. Any moron can watch Venezuela imploding as I type, yet Dems swear we need to switch to socialism ASAP. Cuba has sucked for 60 years and the Soviet Union crashed in my lifetime. Socialism has never worked and never will, yet most kids think that’s better than capitalism. Liberalism is a mental condition that cannot see or hear or analyze current events. You can take Trump’s agenda and tell a liberal it’s Hillary’s agenda and they will love it. There are verses in the Bible about people in the Last Days will call evil, good, and good evil. To fix college grads today will take years of deprogramming to make them functioing citizens.

    • Albert8184

      I second your observations and bear witness to their truthfulness myself.

      • chuckles

        Thank you for taking the time to support the truth. Anyone growing up in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s will know these facts. How can teachers get away with teaching lies and keep their job? I’ve met Dems that believe Lincoln was a Democrat. If anybody out there wants a real eye opener, study Wilson and his presidency. He brought about the zenith of the KKK. He segregated the military and other gems. In the 1940’s, Robert Byrd, a Democrat that started his own chapter of the KKK in W. Virginia. He became the Grand Wizard there. Here’s a quote from him……..

        I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.

        — Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944

        Here’s another one…….

        “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.” 1946

        This got him elected as a Dem Congressman in 1952 and later Senator in 1959.

        Robert Byrd was just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone even looking at the history of the Democrat party has to be smothered in the KKK support of the Democrat party for over 100 years.

        • Albert8184

          And observe that the Democrat Party of today, having flipped to center Left, social democrat Euro-style modern progressivism, is now the avowed enemy of the KKK… and the modern KKK feels the same about them. Progressiveness has changed over the past 100 years to something decidedly more modern left. The Democrat and GOP party establishments have changed from very American right wing over the past 100 years to be more modern center Left. But the KKK and their ilk have not changed with them. They are still stuck in 19th century politics. That it makes it very difficult therefore, to argue that the KKK originated from the Left. Or is still somehow related to progressivism.

          • chuckles

            Now the left is communist so the Nazi’s hate them. Just study the KKK and you will see it is totally a Democrat creation. We sent Republicans to govern the southern states, even black Republicans, and the Dems didn’t like it so the KKK was born. It’s not rocket science. Look up “carpet baggers” and see who is what. Look up Jim Crow. It’s easy. Google is your friend.

          • Albert8184

            This is all very interesting and true…. But why don’t you read the thread and see what the topic has been? Because you’re really not needing to tell me all this stuff…. but I’m sincerely glad you understand this stuff…. because a lot of people don’t. But you’re bringing a good discussion to a place where it doesn’t need to be had.

          • Albert8184

            Yes, the landscape has changed and the chess pieces have realigned. Yes the OLD Dems created the KKK, and then left them behind when they were no longer useful to the NEW Democrats and the NEW Left and the NEW Progressives. There’s a concrete reason NEW politics left the KKK behind – and it was VERY MUCH because the New was driving a new paradigm that rejected the Social Darwinist plank of the Old Mainstream. The Dems moved to another schtick and took their most influential mouthpieces with them. The KKK that remained where the useful idiots who stayed where they were, content to become a fringe element out in the sticks because their key issue is what mattered most to them. Not all the OTHER issues that the Old Left and the Old Progressives had in their bag of ideas, that were their pathway to power and revolution in the West.

            The fact the KKK stayed behind in the past is EXACTLY what makes them far right. It’s okay. We right wingers don’t have to embrace all things NOT of the Left. The enemies of my enemies are not necessarily my friends. That’s what the Left believes.

    • BobRoss

      Need citations.

      • chuckles

        Google is your friend.
        Anyone that has studied American history should know these things.

    • BobRoss

      Whites were slave owners, so per your theory, they are still slave owners. You’re simple.

      • chuckles

        White Dems owned slaves and fought to keep them. White Republicans fought and died to free them. Simple!

        • BobRoss

          And we fought against the British during the American Revolution. Now what? Drop a nuke on England? Things change, and so has the Republican party of racism, the party of former Democrats. You’re a cretin.

    • BobRoss

      What the F does Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela have to do with anything? The answer is they don’t. Sounds good. Nice fallacies of logic. How many is the question. Do tax cuts stimulate the economy? 100% of the time, you stone-cold moron. No one is arguing they don’t. Instead, those with IQs over 50 know that stimulating the economy with tax cuts comes at a price. That’s the issue, you f-ing moron. If the Dems represent the south, you must wonder why Trump and the Republicans won every state in the south except Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Clearly, the southern Democrats you referenced now pledge blind allegiance to the Republican party.

      • SFLBIB

        What the F does Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela have to do with anything? The answer is they don’t. They do if one is looking to see the results of those societies. Some look at Hitler on the Right and Stalin on the Left, when in actuality they are BOTH Leftists because they believed in big government, with them in charge, of course. It also helps to examine some Leftist societies to see if they are all cracked up to be what they claim.

        One of my colleagues, who travels widely as part of a UNICEF team, shared her slides of a trip to Cuba at a faculty meeting. Her conclusion was that she was ‘disappointed’ that things weren’t going better, because, of course, Cuba had such a ‘superior political system.’ Heads nodded wisely all around the table.

        “Confessions of a Republican Academic”
        by Prof. Laura Freburg

        If there is a fallacy in there somewhere, please explain.
        Those with IQs over 50 know that stimulating the economy with tax cuts comes at a price. That is not exactly the issue. WHO GETS TO CONTROL IT IS THE ISSUE. If the government gets to spend it, that’s all it can do. If people get to handle their own money, they can spend it or invest it. I spent over 30 years handling government programs and never saw a single dollar get invested, just spent.
        When you see the worshiping crowds behind Hillary, you see one thing; the rest of us see those crowds willing to crawl naked across two miles of broken glass just to stick toothpicks in her t*rds. Many people may have voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because of his charisma. But anyone familiar with the disastrous track record of charismatic political leaders around the world in the 20th century should have run for the hills when they encountered a politician with charisma. This is why Leftism is so destructive.

        If you think the road to prosperity is through government, I challenge you to send a contribution to:

        At Pay.gov, you can contribute online by credit card, debit card, PayPal, checking account, or savings account. Or,
        You can write a check payable to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, and, in the memo section, notate that it’s a gift to reduce the debt held by the public. Mail your check to:

        Attn Dept G
        Bureau of the Fiscal Service
        P. O. Box 2188
        Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188

        treasurydirect. gov/govt/resources/faq/faq_publicdebt. htm#DebtFinance

        We hear a lot about from the Left about greed, but never about envy. I submit it is because envy is its rallying point.

        Envy is a very common thing and most of us have
        probably at some time envied someone but, for someone with the Leftist’s strong ego needs, envy becomes a hatred and a consuming force that easily accounts for the ferocious brutality of Communist movements and the economically destructive policies
        (such as punitively high taxation, price controls and over-regulation generally) employed by Leftists in resolutely democratic societies.

        So, there you have it.

        • BobRoss

          It is not the government’s job to invest money. Instead, it is to provide services, and those services cost money. You sound like an utter cretin. Show me in the Constitution that the U.S. was set up to invest money. You must be kidding me with this crap. Republicans are the dumbest minority group on the planet.

          • SFLBIB

            You need to sharpen your reading comprehension. I never said the government invested or should invest money. You, on the other hand, think Cuba, Venezuela, are just great places to live; so why aren’t you there? In case you haven’t noticed, we have a border problem, mainly the Southwest border, with lots of aliens who pay coyotes a lot to take them across into the U.S. Bottom line is there is a long line to get into the U.S. and a short one to get out. I suggest you opt for the latter.

          • BobRoss

            Are you a cretin? Point to evidence that I give a rat’s ass about some other country. Republicans are the dumbest minority group on the planet. Show me a stone-cold cretin, and you’ll be showing me a Republican voter.

          • SFLBIB

            Speaking of dim bulbs, the Democrats keep referring education as an investment. If the government can’t invest, is it spending when it builds a new school, or what?

          • BobRoss

            So you like to play the game of Semantics, huh? How far would Charles Schwab get if the only “investment” was in the future? You wouldn’t cut it in accounting and finance, as you need to be able to make finer distinctions. What do you do, scrub toilets??

    • SFLBIB

      Amen. Well thought out.

    • robertthomason

      Been there, done that. I’m 70. Grew up in Birmingham. Saw it first hand, heard the bomb go off and felt the blast wave from the Sixteen Street Baptist Church. I’m afraid once you and I go off to the city built four square, nobody will be here to tell folks what really happened.

  • ericdondero

    The KKK is a leftwing organization. They are fundamentally socialists; not a free market capitalist bone in their bodies. Far Right would be Ayn Rand, Anarcho-Capitalist, Libertarian, Voluntaryist, Tea Party, Tax Protesters, Patriots, Property Rights advocates, Ron Paul movement, in many respects Alex Jones. Every one of the aforementioned despises the Democrat-connected and wholly un-libertarian KKK.

    • Albert8184

      This is utterly incorrect. The KKK is virulently anti-communist and is rejected by Left socialists of every stripe. National socialists are the ONLY “socialists” who cooperate with the KKK, and the Nazis are NOT socialists in the Left Wing sense of the word anyway.

      • alandean

        >> The KKK is virulently anti-communist and is rejected by Left socialists

        The KKK had a massive presence at the 1924 dem convention. Look up “Klanbake” to learn more. They were as progressive as you can get, with progressive champion Woodrow Wilson showing the KKK movie “Birth of a Nation” in the whitehouse.

        Learn some history.

        • Albert8184

          I’ve learned enough history to know I don’t need to learn it from you. The problem is, this isn’t a question of history. This is a question of not realizing that just because progressive Woodrow Wilson showed Birth of a Nation in the White House, doesn’t mean the KKK was progressive versus reactionary. It’s also you not realizing that the Democrat Party of 1924 itself was full of competing factions. Moreover, early progressivism involved distinct camps, and while many early progressives ascribed to evolutionary racism or Social Darwinism, doesn’t mean all progressives believed this, in part or even a little.

          • alandean

            > doesn’t mean the KKK was progressive versus reactionary

            In your dreams. Again, the 1924 dem convention was dominated by the KKK. Groups inside the party tried to shut down their platform, but failed to get the votes needed. That is because the progressive movement, in full swing in 1924, fully supported everything the KKK embraced–including mass abortion of the feeble and black. This sounds just like the nazis, doesn’t it? If you aren’t blond and blue-eyed, then goodbye. Search on Klanbake to learn just how strong of a hold the KKK had on the dem party and just how nasty and hateful the progressive movement was. And make no mistake, the progressive movement (academia and the press) adored what was happening in russia at the time. They all heralded it as far superior to what the US had achieved. Only when the body counts started to surface in the late 30’s did academics and the press aim to distance themselves from the carnage.

          • Albert8184

            Remember what we’re really debating here: What the KKK is NOW. This isn’t 1924. The KKK isn’t dominating the conventions NOW… in either party. The Left Wing of today is NOT aligned to theories of social Darwinism and evolutionary suprematism going back to Marx. Over the past century, the Democrats have moved more to the modern Left. Progressives have moved more to the modern Left. Away from 1924. Both of them now are enemies of the KKK. Because…. the KKK hasn’t moved to the modern Left. The old Left didn’t REALLY align to them either – except on bigotry. But, the KKK is STILL THE SAME as it was in 1924… and 1865. They haven’t moved. This simple fact alone makes them REACTIONARY. And reactionary, is not left wing. The KKK is NOT revolutionary. That one fact alone means they utterly cannot be Left Wing. They never have been.

          • robertthomason

            I read your comments and I believe I now understand the point you’re making which appears to me to be well stated. I find it interesting in all the talk about the 1924 convention and the influence of the KKK that no one mentions the nominee, John W. Davis, and the historic role he played many years later.

          • Albert8184

            Progressivism has changed. The Left has changed, as they always do. Chameleons who constantly assess new coalitions to gain power, bending with the populist winds. But the KKK and fascists in general have NEVER changed from their focus on racial supremacy. Whereas the ghostly riders and the Democrats had a loose unity under the Old Left coalitions because of their shared Social Darwinism and “evolutionary science”, that unity failed with the changing times.

            The New Left finally realized in the Post World War era that new coalitions shaped by identity politics was key to bringing about socialism in America, , instead of the white majority middle class. Thus they began to co-opt minority coalitions and movements intended to challenge white domination, focusing on the big city slums and agricultural communities to, at last, make progress toward socialism.

            The KKK and Nazis thus were moved from fellow travelers in an uneasy alliance, to objects of scorn for the expedience of populist votes. Once the KKK lost its earlier leadership of educated professionals and politicians (who saw the writing on the wall), it was left with only the “formerly useful idiots” comprising the ranks of foot soldiers and acolytes.

    • BobRoss

      Albert8184, below, made you look like the cretin that you are.

  • Lloyd Lloyd

    What exactly makes Kkk right wing? Identity politics belongs to the left not the right.

    • Albert8184

      Identity politics is a tactic. Not a belief system. Therefore, it can be practiced by anyone of any stripe. Any supremacist ideology inherently employs identity politics.

  • Albert8184

    Well, speaking as a conservative, I have to say the chart as pictured in the tweet is pretty accurate. The KKK is certainly an example of a far right fringe reactionary faction… although it’s more correct to say that they began as the militant enforcer faction of a larger political movement that was itself at least somewhat fascist.

    The best thing that right wingers and conservatives can do is NOT defend the Klan. It’s better to let the Left have the monopoly on extreme un-Constitutional and illegal behavior. Plus, the KKK and other groups who focus on racialism as the problem are muddying the waters in America. What’s going on in America is not about race. It’s about ideological conflict between radical socialists versus free market/individualist beliefs.

  • PursueJustice

    Teacher should be fired.

  • BobRoss

    The parents are cretins. I loved having stupid Republicans in my classes in college. It made it easy to be the #1 student.

    • DixieRocker94

      Rabies afflicted dogs like you don’t make good students.

  • Aetheria

    The original Tea Party was revolutionary. That’s far left. Everybody should read this book: http://www.toriesfightingfortheking.com/index.htm . Politically incorrect account of the American Revolution. Really, the protesters were just vandals. The king was selling tea to the colonists more cheaply than they could get it otherwise. And I adjusted the tax for inflation & got 60 cents per lb. (i.e. per 100 tea-bags), which is negligible & reasonable: it was technically only a luxury tax, the border was defended, it was used to pay off the natl debt arising from that defense, there was no income tax, there was no estate tax, there was no welfare state, writs of assistance (which WERE liable to abuse) were for searching only property only of people suspected of crimes, etc. The opposite of this—taxes on necessities, open borders, incomprehensibly high debt arising from the welfare state & from attempting to defend every country but our own, high & progressive income tax, estate tax, welfare state, NSA spying on everyone all day, TSA searching all property it can & strip-searching all people it can (4th Amendment? govt laughs in our face, asks us what are we going to do about it)—is the govt that the Tea Party revolutionists gave us. …not in this form at the time, but so what? Either this was the aim or the quest for ‘liberty’ was the worst kind of failure. There was quite a lot of actual liberty under the king. The Declaration of Independence was largely unsubstantiated (we are all created equal… in intellect? in physical strength? in determination?), & instead can be well applied to this govt.

    It has: ‘refused…Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good,’ like the ban of abortion; ‘refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature,’ by gerrymandering; ‘dissolved [a] Representative House’, the Confederate, by duress; ‘exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within’ with the borders open & riots encouraged; ‘obstruct[ed enforcement of] the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners’; ‘erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance’; ‘kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies’ & endeavored to keep us in perpetual war anyway; ‘combined with others [e.g. Israel] to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution’, e.g. most federal laws; ‘impos[ed] Taxes on us without our Consent’; ‘transport[ed] us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences’ in extraordinary rendition; ‘abolish[ed] the free System of English Laws’ in the colonies by rebellion; ‘establish[ed] therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarg[ed] its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into’ other countries it conquers, e.g. Indian lands, Hawaii, Iraq; tak[en] away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments’ (this was about the transfer of power of appointing & removing officials from the people to the king & governor; now we have the vastly worse Deep State: we don’t know who the officials are, what their titles are, how they got there, & not even the president can remove them); ‘wag[ed] War against us’ suppressing the Whiskey Rebellion, Shays’s Rebellion, slave rebellions, the secession of the South, & more; ‘plundered our seas’, e.g. CSS Breaker, Battle of Corpus Christi; ‘ravaged our coasts’, e.g. Charleston Harbor siege; ‘burnt our towns’, e.g. Sherman’s march; ‘destroyed the lives of our people’ e.g. persecuting, terrorizing, plundering the property of, & running out of the country loyalists in the Revolution, & slaughtering 100,000s of secessionists; ‘transporting’ to other countries, e.g. Iraq & Afghanstan, ‘large Armies of…Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & Perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages’; ‘excited domestic insurrections amongst us,’ e.g. police refusing to maintain, or ordered to stop maintaining, order in Charlottesville; & ‘has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers’, illegal aliens, incl. drug-running gangs of ‘Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions’.

    The application is more so with the prev. administration of course. Pres. Trump HAS managed to undo much of the damage caused by Pres. Obama, but he’s not going to be able to fix all of it; he’s not going to be able to fix the majority of the damage caused by even the last several presidents, to say nothing of going back to say, Coolidge, or before Wilson, or before Lincoln—before WASHINGTON. He put down the Whiskey Rebellion, which included secession. Nobody will ever teach anyone in school, if taxing Americans on tea to pay off the debt for the French & Indian War was intolerable, requiring ‘dissolv[ing] the political bands’, i.e. secession, why taxing Americans on whiskey to pay off the debt for the Revolutionary War was the picture of liberty, requiring reinforcing the political bands. Is secession OK or not? And now, we’ve reached the point where we don’t even pretend anymore that ‘it’s a free country’.

    Right vs. Left is a false dichotomy. How about those of us who disagree with both? The original Right was united with the original Left in the National Convention of the French Revolution. The Convention conveniently usurped the king’s power. Left & Right together desecrated the churches, created the murderous Committee of Public ‘Safety’ (‘War is Peace!’), abolished the Monarchy, stole land & sold it, abolished the Christian calendar & the established system of measurements, & set up a new calendar with 36 sacrilegious days of rest a yr, instead of the 85 holy days of rest there were before. Some conservatives! Overall, the right wing has been able only to slow the descent into hell.

    Here’s a better treatment of the range of political persuasion: http://www.friesian.com/quiz.htm , 3 dimensions instead of only 1.

    • Dr_Grabowski

      “The Declaration of Independence was largely unsubstantiated (we are all created equal… in intellect? in physical strength? in determination?)”

      We are all created equal in terms of possessing real, Creator-endowed human rights not to be killed, arbitrarily enslaved, or stolen from, among other things