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Professor turns American flags into KKK hoods, calls it art

A professor has shaped three American flags into KKK hoods in what she’s proudly calling her latest work of art.

Billie Grace Lynn, an associate professor of sculpture at the University of Miami, has dubbed it “American Mask.”

“American Mask is a work suggesting that bigotry and racism are hiding behind our American flag,” Lynn writes on her personal website. “By using the shape of KKK hoods made from the American flags I point to our sad history of intolerance and violence and hope that the work acts to awaken citizens to the danger of confusing bigotry with patriotism.”

The artwork is reportedly on display at a University of Miami gallery, causing controversy.

“Almost as soon as American Mask was placed in the window, arguments began. Miami New Times is located in the same building as the gallery, and an employee posted a picture on Facebook. Dozens of commenters called it everything from ‘disgusting’ to ‘patriotic,'” the Miami New Times reports.

The Times goes on to report that this is not Lynn’s first controversial work. She was also the creative mind behind “a dollhouse modeled after the Abu Ghraib prison [with] GI Joe and Barbie figures. … She also once showed a flag that bled.”

Patrick Young, who works in the building, told KSVN Miami he is offended by the piece: “This is disgusting. This is disrespectful, and people just don’t understand it. I can’t see it being a positive message no matter what way you put it.”

Lynn said she finds her own artwork offensive, telling KSVN Miami: “I actually find it offensive, to tell you the truth. And when I sew them, when I make them, I find it very disturbing. The piece is my way of trying to challenge people to think.”

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  • Byrd Westbrook

    Billie Grace Lynn is a great example of confusing intelligence and artistic talent with utter stupidity and sham.

  • Chuck Stevens

    what a nasty un_America scum bag

  • Rationalist X

    “the danger of confusing bigotry with patriotism.”

    Most communists DO confuse American patriotism with bigotry…

  • cesc

    She’s a racist for making a kkk hood. She also displays mental illness.

  • Oak66

    More anti white racism….Bashing all things that whites have created ..including America is PURE RACISM ON THE LEFT.

  • Carrie Kube

    I looked the artist up and she’s white like I guessed she would be.

    • Bigearsbarry

      No, I believe she’s confused. Skin tone has nothing to do with it.

  • Disgruntled Vet

    Do you want to know what is wrong in this country today? Look up the “10 Planks of Communism” and read what it takes to destroy a country from within. You will discover that the first 5 planks are in place, and groups like ANTIFA are working hard at the other 5 planks. I no longer post that information, because it gets ignored, this way I believe if somebody looks it up and discovers it themselves, it is far more disturbing and enlighten at the same time. Yes it should make you mad, very mad to see what the left is doing to this country, and push you to the point to do something to stop this.

  • george emmert

    Another liberal piece of trash living off of the American taxpayer.