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VIDEO: Student radio hosts yanked from air, suspended after using the word ‘tranny’


School administration offers shifting excuses for cancellation; university will not comment

The University of Minnesota-Morris has threatened a student radio show with cancellation after one of the hosts used the word “tranny” on-air, with campus officials offering several shifting reasons for pulling the show from the airwaves. The College Fix has obtained exclusive video of the moment when the students were pulled from the air during the middle of their show.

“Deplorable Radio” is a weekly show on KUMM hosted by students Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann. Albrecht told The College Fix in an email that the programming is “a mix of politics, music, and some random musings about current events locally and around the world.”

The duo was notified of the cancellation two weeks ago after Albrecht used a controversial word on-air to refer to transgender individuals.

During a discussion about the university’s lack of “Antifa” violence, Albrecht said the campus was too small for a potential violent activist to hide his identity.

“You know, you can definitely, you see one tranny that’s trying to punch someone,” Albrecht told The Fix he said on-air. “You know it’s automatically that one guy that you know I’m talking about. I bet you know. I’m not going to dox anybody and name them on air. But you two know if I say the tranny who looks like he’s going to punch someone. Yep.”

“About fifteen minutes later,” Albrecht told The Fix, “the student station manager came into the studio with a UMMPD officer and told us to leave. She said we had violated FCC law by saying a word that was never allowed on air, ‘tranny.’ So we packed up and left the studio.”

See a video recording of this moment here:

“Hey guys, I am just going to have you leave. You said a couple words that break FCC violations,” the manager says, according to the video, which appears to be lightly edited for time. “And so for today I am going to have you stop your show. Specifically tranny. That is a hate slur it is not allowed on radio. I need you to leave.”

As she says these words, a campus police officer stands in the background, the video shows.

“Did you really have to call the police?” the students ask.

“Yes,” she responds.

“It’s a violation, you are breaking the law,” she continued. “I just need to enter a report. …”

“That is a specific hate speech word never allowed on radio,” she tells the students as they pack up, “in the same way that you can never say ‘cocksucker’ on radio.”

A week after the suspension of the show, Albrecht said, the university radio station summoned him and Lehmann for an executive board meeting, along with its faculty adviser. According to Albrecht, they told the radio hosts that they “were permanently suspended from the radio by executive decision.”

Board members said they had “received complaints about our show and threats to file a report to the FCC, which could end up costing the station (which is a University-funded organization) thousands of dollars.”

Albrecht told The Fix that the board openly admitted that the hosts had not in fact broken FCC rules by saying the word “tranny.” The board, however, claimed that they had “received complaints the week before that said [Albrecht and Lehmann] sounded like [they] were under the influence, which is an FCC violation.”

The board “asked us to voluntarily resign from the club,” Albrecht said, “or else they would bring it to a vote for the entire club to kick us out.”

Albrecht said that the allegation that he and Lehmann broadcast while intoxicated is false, and that they were “100% sober.”

According to First Amendment and media lawyer Bob Corn-Revere, the board’s assertions regarding federal communication laws are false. “The officials are wrong,” Corn-Revere told The Fix via email. “Neither [saying the word ‘tranny’ nor broadcasting while under the influence] is a violation of FCC rules.”

The FCC specifically refused to deny an application for a new FM broadcast station in 2008, in response to a public complaint that the applicant had been “under the influence of alcohol” while on air at a different station.

The commission told the person who complained that he “cites no specific rule violations”:

His bare statement that because the counties surrounding Jasper are “dry,” and thus on-air intoxication “violates community standards for decent behavior,” is insufficient to raise a substantial and material issue of fact regarding [the applicant’s] qualifications.

Late Wednesday, Albrecht received an email from the radio station manager that pulled back slightly on its allegations.

“Upon further consultation with University officials, we have come to the conclusion that our language concerns have been determined to not be in violation of FCC community standards.”

The manager, however, cited a new set of alleged violations by Albrecht and Lehmann, such as “not playing at least 2 new songs per hour.”

Albrecht believes his show was subject to a double standard because “other shows do not follow every station rule either and they are still on the air.” He told The Fix that “had it not been for our language,” the show wouldn’t have been suspended.

Asked if the university had suspended the radio show over the word “tranny,” spokesperson Melissa Vangsness told The Fix in an email: “The situation the radio station is dealing with relates to compliance with DJ expectations and station standards.”

Albrecht said that he and Lehmann refuse to resign and want to “go out with a bang and make the executive staff hold a ridiculous vote for the whole station to kick us out for saying ‘tranny.’”

“It is a shame,” Albrecht wrote, “that our freedom of speech is being curtailed today in the very place it should be most free, on college campuses.”

UPDATE: The university provided The Fix with a statement after this article was published. It has been added to the article.

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About the Author
Matthew Stein is a political science and economics major at Swarthmore College. He is a board member on the Swarthmore Conservative Society and Swarthmore Students for Israel.

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  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Better question: Why do catholic universities hire so many militantly anti-Christian, anti-Catholic faculty and administrators? I understand the value of having diverse viewpoints, it’s vital for developing intellectual rigor (rigor many academics lack these days since they tend to suppress views that do not conform to current leftist dogma instead of engaging in open debate). But at many nominally Christian universities, mainstream Christian views are as rigorously suppressed as they are at other universities.

    • Jonney Quest

      Identity driven agendas took over many of the higher education institutions, especially the liberal college programs (Humanities. Arts, Social programs) where opinion counts as much as facts in grading the students. People getting STEM degrees are not bothered too much with this nonsense, at least after their Sophomore year.

    • RandDDude

      Also, we should all be reminded that the foundations of so many highly ranked, and highly liberal, univs. today were Christians. The liberal tradition sprang from and began in revolt against the suppression of some great advances in science, e.g., Galileo, Newton, Copernicus, etc. In the American colonies, the first colleges were started with the purpose of producing Christian ministers, who were much needed for the propagation of the Gospel on the frontiers and throughout the rapidly growing colonies; e.g., Harvard U. (Congregationalist, I think), Princeton U. (Presbyterian), Columbia U. (also Presbyterian), Vanderbilt U. (Methodist), and many others. As the once-great Protestant universities have succumbed to the many strains of the virus of liberalism without moderation, the forces of the left have been turned more and more against the previously tough-minded Roman Catholic institutions, and have now, largely succeeded, with the strongly applied aid of Federal money and bureaucracy.

  • Hell And A Hand Basket

    This woman has had her eye on this broadcast for a while, why else would she bring PD with her?

    • Steve

      The tranny ordered her to. And, being the weakling that she is, she complied.

      • RobL_v2

        So if someone says Hillary is a patriotic upright law abiding citizen on the radio, I’d be offended, can I call the police and have them yanked off the air??

        • JmdJr1944

          Why not, I heard she was a tranny, but Monica was a lot different.
          She did cigars.
          Bill would do anything!

      • Brian Stoffers

        Yep. They seemed to be alluding to someone known on campus. They had the class and the integrity to leave his name out of the conversation.

      • Anon

        Stop looking like a bigoted, circle jerking, delusional moron!
        You sound like a total fruitcake to any reasonable person

    • Nitro Noriega

      Because liberal women aren’t strong enough to do anything themselves…. ? Just a hunch.

      • Forrest

        Except bitch.

        • Markey Farrell

          still, though, it is nice they are good at something

          • Scott Raisch

            You mean besides stealing valuable oxygen from the rest of the normal, intelligent, human race?

      • Anon

        You shouldn’t ascribe your own stereotype of liberals to a single member of that group.

    • amongoose

      There is a law against “hate speech”?
      Really? I wonder if she could provide the criminal code it is covered under?
      Does this “hate speech law” extend to all, or as I suspect just to those who disagree with her.

      • professorchaos

        WOOF WOOF stop hitting me with those negative waves

        • Callipygian1

          That darn Moriarity.

        • Dammit

          A Kelly’s Heroes reference – well done Oddball!

      • Johngaltil

        Actually there is a law specifically allowing hate speech. Its called the 1st amendment and has been tested many times. Notably with the Nazis marching in Skokie Illinois. Fighting words are limited where speech will cause immediate violence but a radio show is hardly covered under those laws. On the other hadn they are not entitled a a radio program automatically unless that is offered to all students with no qualifications. If that was true 90 pounders could join the football team.

        • Burnt Orange

          Maybe under the American With Disabilities Act a mute could get a job broadcasting on a college radio station.

        • RandDDude

          The guys should also look at, how did this woman get herself placed in that position of authority, which she used to abuse her discretion? What training did she have for the manager position, and what written and unwritten policies are in place that limit free speech on campus? Remember, your freedom of speech is a Civil Rights issue! Civil Rights are for everyone, just as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Jesse Jackson, Antifa, and the Prophet Elijah Muhammad have exercised the constitutional right to free speech with the approval of the U. S. Supreme Court and Federal courts everywhere.

      • freedom74

        In Florida it is illegal to threaten people with the police when they aren’t committing a crime, it’s called “issuing terroristic threats”. The kids need to see if their state has a similar statute and threaten to ask for charges to be filed. This protects citizens from being bullied by people who like to call the cops over literally nothing.

        • RandDDude

          THANK YOU for this info! An excellent law, congratulations to you Floridians. Also, bear in mind, “law” includes, as the lawyers use the word, much that is not explicit in the statutes, it also includes standing decisions of courts, etc. Also, decisions of Federal district courts and Courts of Appeals that have been left standing or have been confirmed, in appeals to higher courts.

  • James Dezelan

    They should have been pulled and replaced with college students who are able to intelligently converse in the English language.

    • Steve

      I agree. They should find some students that can use words like “heteronormative, cisgendered, polygenomalxitabular and hyperintersectionality” like they actually make sense.

      • Robert Taylor

        and chicks with dicks……

      • sardiverdave

        That’s NPR’s thing.

    • Joe Blow

      You should be pulled for being such a snotty liberal cuck

  • Byrd Westbrook

    I’m beginning to believe that women make the best fascist thugs. Did she say that tranies are c•••sukers? That seems like hate speech to me.

    • Tatiana Covington

      There are lots of cocksuckers in the world.

      • Nitro Noriega

        Considering straight men are pretty much only ones who don’t, yea- the majority are.

        • freedom74

          I wouldn’t bet on it, not like all women do it either.

          • Nitro Noriega

            Right… Lesbians and prudes.

      • moron

        Male and female, not sure about the percentages.

    • Anon

      No, she said you can’t say ‘tranny’ or ‘cocksucker’ on the radio

  • Florian75

    Is it OK to say “tranny” on the air if you have a radio show discussing automotive repair and troubleshooting topics?

    • sardiverdave

      Yes, but “driveshaft” is right out.

      • Burnt Orange

        Sure his ball joints are okay. Could need a lube job or have their crankshaft adjusted. Might overheat while blowing a rod. Could go on but enough for now.

    • Sam

      Yes, but if you blew your tranny, keep mum about it.

      • Nitro Noriega

        You think calling in about a leaky tranny is any better?

        Sorry in advance for the mental image, but I kinda owed you one.

        • BostonRocks

          The left is simply bat s**t crazy. They live in their little bubble and need to get out and away to experience the real world.
          On Drudge’s competitor Whatfinger News they posted this article and the debate immediately started about who is crazier: Nuts on campus or from within the media at fake news outlets like MSNBC and CNN? A good question, but since they are one in the same, they are all equally nuts.

          • dtom2

            Just one more example that if not for their ability to lie, liberals would be rendered mute.

          • Lucius_Severus_Pertinax

            The proper response- “Show us where, in the FCC Regulations, it says we can’t say “Tranny” on the radio. Either you can do that, or you can F–k Right OFF! Capice?”

          • Willy Maykit

            That might be the proper response if they owned the station, but as mere peons, it’s nothing more than an excellent way to get fired/removed.

          • Strebs

            Soviet style tyranny rules American universities. Tomorrow’s leaders indoctrinated today.

          • Iron Head

            Can you still say tyranny?

          • J Jones


          • Ellen Weinstein

            Only if you’re talking about The President Donald

          • BDnSC

            So which of Hillary’s lies do you believe?
            You know….believing those voices in your head despite all of the facts showing them to be wrong is a strong indicator of schizophrenia….don’t you?

          • Tall Texan


            Can you progs at least try for something original?? Or does the orange ape occupy and own all the space inside your heads?

          • Sammie Jo

            Seriously? Are you ignorant or crazy?

          • p3orion

            I think Ellen is talking ab out liberal orthodox, which only sees tyranny if it’s referring to Republicans.

          • J Jones

            Ironic that tyranny and tranny are so close…

          • Tall Texan

            Not so ironic anymore, though, huh?

          • yowsuh123

            How misinformed are you? ‘Soviet style’ would mean arresting and jailing the transvestite. GOP conservative fundies share common ground with the Russian government in their hatred and fear of anything LGBTQ.

          • AtlasObjectivist

            You don’t get “out” much? Hahahahaha….

          • Tall Texan

            You might want to re-read the comment you so sanctimoniously replied to.

            I don’t think it means what you think it means… –E. Montoya

          • Sampson

            The Russians are not SOVIET! And some of the horrors that the Soviets pulled are the reason that Russians are so suspicious of the western Left.

          • John (magnum)
          • Jim
          • John (magnum)
          • DeplorablePresidentPinocchio
          • DeplorablePresidentPinocchio
          • Sammie Jo

            I had to steal that and put it on FB. lol

          • Beedogz
          • libwithIQ

            So the University told them their speech “violates community standards for decent behavior.” What they meant was it “violated liberal standards for censored behavior.”

          • Tall Texan

            You win the internet for a day with that response…

          • Northwest_Raised

            They need to be ostracized. Everywhere.

          • Randall

            ostracized?….the Liberals or Trannys?…. I would say both need ostracizing… along with Dems…. They all have a Mental Issue…. and need to be hospitalized… until cured…

          • Sam Kahn

            There aren’t enough institutions to house or care for the mentally ill

          • alex knight

            Why do you think the liberals had all the institutions closed down so long ago?

          • Iowa10


          • Jim

            Off to gulag for you (bad Russian accent)

          • Iowa10

            Semper Fi!

          • Freddy Merks
          • Ergo

            Do conservative trannies exists or is that another myth like the female orgasm?

          • balashi

            yes..Blaire White

          • Ergo

            Bw is transgender. Trannies is an older word that refers to transexuals. I am not sure of the difference but i think it involves a few cuts.

          • Ayatollyahso

            Isn’t daily life complicated enough? Now we’ve got to care are you “With” or “Without” born appendages? Yeah no thanks. They can fuck right off with that. Like tha whiny tRiley character on youtube: Dude; you’re a dude,a poor example of one, but a dude none the less. You’re not a lesbian with a dick and testicles..

          • Byron Myrl Cagle

            Just think we used to hospitalize delusional people.Now we’re just supposed to pretend they are normal and pay to change the world & their bodies to assist their delusions.

          • Sybil Luddington

            I’ve said this for a long time!! Aren’t they doing the opposite of what they claim they desire???…”We just want to be recognized for the gender we identify with”. So get the bullhorn away from your mouth and LIVE YOUR LIFE. If you’re GOOD at the charade of being recognized as the gender you identify with…no one would know (or care), fool.

          • Byron Myrl Cagle

            Actually it was transvestite.Lots of trannies haven’t been cut.Transexual is the new word for gay trannies.

          • SignifyingJive

            Female orgasm ain’t a myth.

          • BG60093

            There is nothing mythological about female orgasms, but there are many incompetent lovers. As one friend of mine told her American husband, either give me an orgasm before sex or you don’t get to go inside me. She later told him he was the world’s worst lover and dumped him.

          • Ergo

            Obviously not a fan of Jay and silent bob

          • Ellen Weinstein

            Bruce Jenner

          • Sammie Jo

            If you think female orgasms are a myth, you ain’t doing it right.

          • Magnus Magnanimous


          • Dragonborn

            But then you become as bad as liberals for trying to curtail freedom of speech! I actually went to the “other ” site & did not think it was very good. Too cluttered.

          • Brian Stoffers

            Another paid whatfinger advertiser. Way to namedrop. Have a little class.

          • san rafael blue

            Those special-paid namedroppers are about as subtle as a bag of plutonium dropped on a metal roof.

          • Jonathon Quentin Public

            That would be “one AND the same”, not “one IN the same” and, they’re not. The media outlets playing to the moron libs are in part staffed by them but otherwise they are simply like a garage band playing to the kiddies who will buy their chit. Worked out fine for music, at least until rap came along, but not so much for politics or policy or government. To those latter three it is simply an apocalypse waiting and looking for a place to happen. Remember Forrest Gump’s immortal words: “Stupid is as stupid does.” Sums it up for the left.

        • ironbee


          Some U.S. collages are leading us off the cliff of Marxism and most people still don’ t get it…

          • Captain Libslayer

            They want to have them some Stalinist fun and shoot a few million conservatives. Only problem is, Stalin’s enemies didn’t shoot back 😉

          • Dan Brown

            Oh bring it commies,,, My trigger finger is itching.

          • Ranger_Ric

            I too want this war even more than they do. They will get genocide alright, it just won’t be their side carrying it out.

          • VietVet1972

            If we allow them to disarm us, then they can shoot and kill us with impunity.

            Had every Jew scheduled for a trip east shot and killed at least one Nazi coming for them, the Nazis would have found other groups to demonize or become extinct.

            Same for the Kulaks under Stalin, they too were disarmed.

            The libs and progs believe first disarm and then subjugate.

          • heinzy

            Precisely the modus operandi Turks applied with their genocide against the Armenian people: disarm and slaughter….

          • da

            90 percent of US citizens don’t know what Marxism is about. Hell, most don’t know our three bodies of our own government.

          • aki009

            They must be administering too much of that smokable “medication” then. Everyone should recall that His Obamaness showed us that the three branches of government are: a presidential telephone, a presidential pen, and presidential appointments.

          • Oldnintheway

            His Obamaness’ appointments, are being kept in place by resistant never Trump congressmen, who have dug-in their heels, for what looks like the duration of this term, or some added numbers, through shenanigans in 2020 …

          • Mstrdiver

            You forgot Executive Orders but that could fall under the “Pen” heading.

          • rennyangel2

            Love it.

          • theminx

            That is absolute perfection right there.

          • Azi Smythe

            Please do not capitalize the ‘o’ word.

          • Jim Southerland

            In his native Luo language, his name is Obongo. His brother the chief is names Abongo. Go ahead google it.

          • William Hofmeister

            Don’t forget unconstitutional executive orders. What was it, eight times the Supreme Court said he violated the constitution? Where was the impeachment movement when it was really called for? The only reason it wasn’t more than eight times, is America finally scrapped this walking turd off their shoes and elected a real President.

          • Mark Talmont

            Now it turns out Uranium One did export yellowcake in direct contradiction of all the NRC memos the mediacracy is still referencing. WashPost unrelenting and even Shepard Smith at Fox repeating the lies.


            Can you imagine the media meltdown if somebody found a memo approving such a thing by the Trump admin whether or not anything even got shipped? These people are turning into self-caricatures.

          • cincyjs

            It was recently reported that some of it was exported to Europe and possibly Asia. Last time I looked NOK was in Asia. Ironic if Rocket man is getting US uranium.

          • Ironic or not, one thing is for certain, the college students must learn how to be little fascists like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube / Google by experiencing the anti First Amendment censoring.
            There’s a reason that the founding fathers of the USA gave us the Second Amendment, because without it the first amendment would never ever stand.

          • Codi

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          • Mary

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          • rickmcinnis

            I wonder what happens when you say trannie and Shepard Smith in the same sentence?

          • Deplorable Dotard

            Good I’m Shep would say, somebody call for me”?, in his high whiney voice.

          • Bill Diebold

            They sold it to Vlad who is refining it to weapons grade so he can supply it to Iran so they can send it back to the USA at Mach 13 on missiles that Barry Soetoro paid the development costs with US taxpayer dollars. This means if 25% of the American citizenry is vaporized it’s the taxpayers fault. He gonna show dem white folks who’s runnin da plantation now…

          • Bill Diebold

            He has da chi town exemption da dunt gotta do dat stuf

          • Stinky Man

            I’ll drink to that! GFY

          • Juan Fabuloso!

            Oh, are you sure it’s not Obama, Hillary and Obama?

          • the deplorable john doe

            You forgot presidential golfing.

          • Bill Diebold

            Don’t leave out his Ho’s, his smoke, his crack pipe and his cadlac ride.

          • Jim

            Listen to Mark Dice on YouTube. He interviews people on the street. They don’t know who’s the vice president but they know who Kim Kardashian is. And these idiots vote

          • Sammie Jo

            There should be a test before you’re allowed to vote, of course, the minorities would scream because they’d say it’s being done so minorities can’t vote.
            They don’t realize what that says about what they think about minorities brain power.

          • GriffinBeach

            At the very least, the test should be to make sure the voter is a US citizen; let’s start from there.

          • PilotDave

            GriffinBeach – with a government issued photo ID – I’d even pay for the poor to get it for free.

          • Massive

            Great, finally we can get them all registered! Be careful what you wish for.

          • Jim Southerland

            In Texas, you call the registar of voting and they send a van to take you to public safety for a free state ID card. That still suppresses voting because some minorities are afraid that their outstanding warrants will be served on them at public safely

          • GriffinBeach

            I don’t get it- don’t they need a photo ID to buy their cigarettes? Isn’t it racist for dems to assume that if you’re black or latino, you don’t have a photo ID? Like they’re too stupid to get one or something… I’m pretty sure taxpayers already do pay for them in some form or another, but if not I’d be happy to as well.

          • PilotDave

            Sammie Jo – part of the reason for the Electoral College… that and to prevent Mob Rule (Large cities selecting the President)

          • Martolt

            To paraphrase P.J. O’Rourke, we shouldn’t test for drugs. We should test for greed, ignorance and love of power.

          • William Hofmeister

            You shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless you are an adult, have served in the military, off the welfare rolls, and can pass an intelligence test. Instead we allow every moron who have never had an original thought to vote. No wonder we are becoming a cesspool.

          • Jon24

            And were born in the USA!

          • Scott Raisch

            This should have 100’s of likes in the 9 hours since you posted it.. WTF?!

          • gelceea

            served in the military? what the hell is wrong with you?

          • nwwapiti

            He’s got a point, you need to show that you think about more than your own enrichment to deserve the privilege of voting.

          • JohnZ

            Dice makes it obvious just how ignorant so many people are, including adults.
            One of my favorites was to elucidate on who the nation’s capitol was named after.
            No one could.

            America is becoming increasingly stupid and ignorant.

          • Navy5717th

            That’s a tragic prophesy for the future of our country. Millennials and their predecessors from the 1990s don’t have clue about the Constitution because the’ve never been taught civics (or had enthe innate curiosity to find out what’s in it). It’s said that ignorance can be corrected, but that stupid can’t be fixed. What we’re facing is a huge mixture of both.

          • Pauly Bagadonuts

            Colleges are breeding kids to be that way; train independent thought out of their heads.

            They are conditioned to being afraid of anti group think.

            Maybe time again for pirate radio stations on campus?
            Turn the tables on the hippy colleges with delicious irony?

          • NoDepositNoReturn

            And re-education camps for the over-paid commie professors.

          • Martolt

            They aren’t hippie colleges at all. They are neo-Marxist indoctrination centers. The real hippies were and are about peace, love, the land, questioning authority and non-conformism. The indoctrination centers are all about rigid conformism. Very unhippie -like.

          • Vince Vonheeder

            Possibly a 21st century Wolfman Jack?

          • p3orion

            All they know is that some of the Founding Fathers owned slaves, and so anything they ever said can (or even MUST be) ignored.

          • t1oracle

            The real issue is early onset dementia due to all the leaded gasoline they burned in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Plus all the lead paint and lead pipes. Now millennials have to pay for it.

          • PilotDave

            t1oracle – errrr, I still burn leaded gasoline… 100LL to be exact. And Chairman Mao’s government factories still use lead in the paint for cheap stuff they ship to our stores. The toxicology reports have different standards for merchandise not intended for children.

          • t1oracle

            Lead is neurotoxin. It mimics calcium, concentrates in your bones, and kills brain cells. The lead you consume in life stays with you continually causing harm.

          • BoonieRat

            I ate many a paint chip sandwich as a kid and I might have a little drain bamage .

          • 1mtnman

            Then you are infinitely qualified to be a democrat. I hope not!

          • Stirthepot

            Guess they didn’t have Jim McAllister as their teacher.

          • Pauly Bagadonuts

            But those kids sure love them Che tee shirts and Antifa …..

            Useful idiots

          • William Hofmeister

            Funny none of those marxist students ever actually leaves the country to go live in one of those third world sh&tholes.

          • Pauly Bagadonuts

            The scary part is that they work to turn our country down that path.

          • PilotDave

            William Hofmeister – Actually my cousin’s daughter, grew up in lover Manhattan, NYC college, etc.. when to work in Kigali, Rwanda… the first few days of the trip she updated her facebook via her iPad and iPhone… then, first night in Rwanda, silence for days… the locals saw all these shiny gadgets and cleaned out her room while she was out for dinner…. She’s still a bleeding heart Liberal. Daddy FedEx new toys to SnowFlake.

          • Robert Stout

            Maybe Daddy needs to step back and let his daughter grow up? That’s a conversation I have with my wife almost FRICKIN’ DAILY…she dotes on her youngest son and she’s not doing him any favors.

          • Son of Uncle Sam

            Robert Stout as a free public service warning and as a grandparent who has been “F”ed over by our oldest child. Kick the “youngest son’s” a$$ RIGHT NOW. My wife kissed her oldest son’s a$$ all his life to the point of raising his child(our grandchild) for 5 years only for him to stab us in the back and remove all contact with our grandchild. My wife has almost had a nervous break down over this. So go kick “youngest son’s” A$$ right now and when he asks what was that for tell him this is for what I know you are going to do.

          • GriffinBeach

            I know! That’s such a conservative pipe dream… they are too foolish and afraid to actually get up and move- as if those countries would actually take them!

          • Joe in OH

            They say things like, “If McConnel doesn’t do what Trump wants he should fire him.”

          • rennyangel2

            My college freshman students in NJ didn’t know last Thurs. that their Sen. Menendez was on trial for corruption, and worse, they didn’t know Menendez is one of their senators.

          • Sybil Luddington


          • Sammie Jo

            It’s sad that I believe you.

          • p3orion

            I bet they think they know all about Roy Moore, though,

          • Bill Diebold

            They only know what the marxist programmer tells them and I don’t think those hippy retreads are exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

          • Marcus Landon

            That’s almost as bad as the juror who asked the Judge “what’s a Senator?” That person should have been exterminated for being “too dumb to live,” 3 seconds later.

          • TheTruthRises

            That’s reasonable as Menendez doesn’t know he’s a senator.

          • jamcar

            The jury was hung because some of them simply thought he was doing a favor for a friend. I may not understand a lot of things, but wasn’t that exactly WHAT HE WAS GUILTY OF?

          • Bill Diebold

            You should consider your self lucky if many of them know there own names or if they’re actually students.

          • rennyangel2

            This semester I actually have pretty good sections with students who regularly attend and make some effort. I have had students who write gibberish, for whom it is too late for me to do anything. But more and more students are “classified learning disabled” for whom I am supposed to make “accommodations” and of whom, I will only see 30 times (twice a week) and have no time to decide what special treatment they need. I get around “extra” time for quizzes and tests by giving everyone those assignments online, and I will not excuse anyone from any assignment, as treating some students to preferences others are denied is inherently wrong. The problem is the idea “everyone must go to college” is helping destroy the u. system.

          • Midwestmike

            You can thank your public school teacher for that, especially when they want a raise.

          • inspectorudy

            One of the Sen. Menendez jurors actually asked the judge what a Senator was! And these people are allowed to vote!

          • Dave Allen

            Male, Female, & Tranny
            the 3 bodies!

          • William Hofmeister

            There are only 10 genders but you have to be binary to understand that.

          • Robert Stout

            I love computer humor….

          • William Hofmeister

            Hell, most can’t find their own butts with a mirror and a map. Doesn’t mean the sane should give up or give them any credence.

          • cyberdove

            They can’t tell the difference between male/female.

          • Analog Human

            There are 4-Branches of Government when you include the Deep State.

          • TheTruthRises

            The forth branch of the government is the ministry of propaganda. Most folks call it the media.

          • Ruth Gauthier

            Civics was once a required course in school, I have not heard of this course being taught since the early 70’s. It suits the leftist that people are stupid on how their government works

          • djl

            four bodies.. Executive house Sennett and Supreme court all are to work for check and balances … unless your umboma and try to stack the deck… Then we the people step in

          • winston smith

            So true. It’s scary that they vote.

          • Bill Diebold

            I don’t think it’s that cheery of a sampling, out of that 90% maybe 50% have been under the influence of some type of conscious altering substance since the 60’s, and rest have been at the welfare office and missed out on the conversation.

          • MichaelConnery

            Three bodies of the government??? How dare you limit the government to just three bodies when I have 65 genders living inside of me! You’re a Nazi!!!

          • Scott Raisch

            The Legislative, The Free Stuff Department and the Taker of Other Peoples Stuff Department???

          • Deplorable Dotard

            And still, they are allowed to vote. All they care about is what freebies they will get.

          • Federico @LA


          • Lucius_Severus_Pertinax

            The Socialist uses a Pen. The Communist uses a Gun; The only real difference between them.

          • Iowa10

            The socialist’s pen is ultimately backed up by a gun. Of course, they are against guns. Doesn’t make sense.

          • Lucius_Severus_Pertinax

            You need to put a finer pint on it. They are against guns in the hands of those that are not THEM. Make sense now?

          • p3orion

            Socialists are not against anyone having guns; they’re against anyone ELSE having a gun.

          • Iowa10

            They don’t teach the evils of Communism in elementary or high schools either.

          • Pauly Bagadonuts

            Public schools in the ’70s made damned sure to teach us that the McCarthy hearings were a witch hunt.

            Indoctrination began in the 60’s. The “Verona Papers” are a must read.

          • Herb

            Uh, don’t you mean the Venona Papers?

          • Pauly Bagadonuts

            My bad if mispelled.

          • Martin Icing

            not til the Late-70s at least in Middle America, in my HS was around 78-79 DURING CARTER.

          • William Hofmeister

            McCarthy was a self-serving as*hole, but he was also right about all the communists. They don’t teach that part in schools.

          • NoDepositNoReturn

            Not in government schools, anymore.

          • William Hofmeister

            Communists and marxists should be marched out back and shot in the head. No trials, no appeals.

          • n4zhg

            Why waste ammunition when there are all those helicopters sitting idle?

          • Spaceman Spiff

            No, that guy exists with socialism too. It is just hidden until you step out of line. (Try not paying taxes to support their welfare system).

          • ex cia spook

            College students are most likely not even taught the difference between Marxism, Socialist, Communist and Democrats, They are just taught to “go along to get along”.

          • William Hofmeister

            There isn’t much difference.

          • CRAPPY CHANGE

            They are taught to suck their thumbs and obsess over their “feelings” like financially illiterate, common sense deprived, adult-aged children. They are taught Unkie Sam is a comic book superhero who “loves” them, has “their” best interest at heart, and only wants to “protect” them from all the evil and uncertainty in the world. Something like ObamaCare is an extension of that “love” to these emotionally addled simpletons and proof that their beloved guardians in govt really do care about them.

          • Michael Inflorida

            Been hanging around Hobby Lobby too much, Ironbee, if you think a collage can lead us anywhere.

          • Tall Texan

            Heehee…that one is kinda funny. Though in general grammar NAZIS make me nauseous…

          • Sammie Jo

            If Grammar nazis make you nervous, you are part of the dumbing down of America.

          • Tall Texan

            I said nauseous, not nervous.

            But bless your heart…

          • p3orion

            “kind of”

          • Tall Texan

            While that one is not so much…even with the unstated attempt at /sarc.

          • Alvin Burg

            If you have to tell someone you’re being sarcastic, you’re not doing it right.

          • fcabanski

            Nope. Communist is just one way to install socialism. Socialism is, at its core, violent and totalitarian.

          • William Hofmeister

            It killed 100-200 million people last century. It should not be allowed to exist in this one.

          • fcabanski

            Socialists force US tax payers to fund killing millions of babies a year.

          • Snitch_in_Time

            Yes they are communists. They are of the Stalin school of political hegemony and the George Orwellian chair of the department of thought control and mental hygiene.

            * The state of Maryland actually has a Department of Mental Hygiene.

          • Rick Morrow

            Please use a spell checker.

          • William Hofmeister

            Marxism should be a capital crime.

          • JohnGaltDurham

            This is pure George Orwell! Right before our very eyes.

          • JohnGaltDurham
          • PilotDave

            To a Liberal (Socialist) Freedom of Speech only applies if it is Liberal Speech… case in point. Glad to see U of M Police are now Jackbooted thugs enforcing the university administration’s Liberal agenda.

          • GreginJax

            Notice a black hand is holding the gun

          • Bill Diebold

            Some? Are you talking about the night school in Nitro WV that teaches winding copper tube for still building, is that the one? They’re real strict, to graduate, you gots to wear two shoes even if you have to borrow one from your sister.

          • Nitro Noriega

            Some? Most are…

        • LogicalMadman

          Ewwwwwww…. Gross….

        • Dylan Casa del Lobos

          I think a tranny would get excited if you started talking about a new torque converter

          • Patriot 1

            Or the length of the stroke on your piston!🤓

        • Denileriverafter

          Just please don’t mention the crank shaft!

        • Rhodey

          Get a life liberals you come across like sockcuckers

        • new account

          You win.

        • Frantic_human
        • PeopleSuck

          Ooooo baby, my tranny is slipping….

        • ed wood

          Leaky tranny? Are you talking about Bradley) Chelsea Manning? You know, that Army guy that leaked all of those State Dept cables to wiki leaks, was ordered to an all male prison at Ft. Leavenworth and decided to become a woman? That leaky tranny.

        • TexasHornyToad

          My tranny always makes a loud screaming noise when I put it in first gear.

        • How offended would they be at a leaky tranny seal spewing fluids everywhere?

        • trackman23

          You beat me to it, but my tranny gets real hot!!

        • trackman23

          But it leaks when it’s real hot!!

        • Mary Wert


          • Nitro Noriega

            Glad you didn’t. Coffee is precious.

        • Bill Diebold

          Try “STOP LEAK” it works until it all leaks out, …but it’s cheap. my neighbor keeps his truck up side down to keep it from leaking out, now if he can just get rid of the rabbits that moved in.

          • Nitro Noriega

            Aka ButtPlugg? 😉

      • Beedogz

        That’s just nuts.

        • scott young

          But they’re not leaking.

          • Markey Farrell

            wait until the diseases set in

        • Reminder: Bobby Titcomb, Obama’s “bestie bud” from HI and a fellow Punahou School chum/choomer, was busted in 2011 for soliciting “blown transmissions”

        • mf garrett

          Or the lack thereof

      • Tatiana Covington

        Good shot! That one needs a rimshot!

      • Thelma Mayflower


      • Markey Farrell

        what if he blew his tranny AND blew out his his rear end ?

        • BostonRocks

          too funny, I spelled my soda 🙂

          • David Ivey

            Spelled your soda? Did it spell out of your nose?

      • Scott Raisch


      • david5300

        5 speed or automatic?

        • Denileriverafter

          Manual or automatic?

      • TheBigKitty

        College is now a joke

        Other than being taught to be a victim… what purpose does it serve,

        • Dan

          In 1964 I started University at 21 years old–at night classes, while working full time. One of my first courses Econ 101 had this young knucklehead that started in on liberal politics minute one. After two classes that I paid for –I had enough. I went to the dean of the business school and told him we had not cracked the book and the rest of it. Next class he was gone and a real teacher showed up. Nowadays I have seen three of my nephews go to a what I thought a normal Texas University. When they entered they were in fact typical young Texas boys. By the time they were graduates they were flaming liberals never to be even able to carry on a decent conversation with anyone that had any other view. I don’t know what causes this and how anyone’s mind can be shaped to suit a faculty political preference. But the colleges and university’s are a factory for them and their parents are complicit and just unaware.

          • Johnny Thorne

            You did not debrief them often enough. My son got debriefed by me every night.

          • Tony Hotdog

            I wouldn’t use the term “debrief” in this messed up pc world. Someone is likely to call child services.

          • ob1 kanob

            That’s what’s wrong.
            Fear has gained control.

          • skyway1234

            When leaving a cult one needs to be deprogrammed.

          • 3rdID

            Yeah you’ve got to deprogram your kids daily.

          • Frantic_human


          • Same thing happened to my stepdaughter. Went in normal, came out a snowflake.

          • Denileriverafter

            I think we need to treat it like a CULT, and send the kids to be “un-brainwashed”! So sad!! All they know, is what they were taught, and they were taught lies!!!

          • ob1 kanob

            I had one prof who bragged he was a card carrying communist.
            He tried pushing his BS to a group of uniformed ROTC sttudents.
            No one paid attention.
            The generation you talk about has no intestinal fortitude.
            I was raised strong, on principles of hard won American freedom.
            I don’t swallow the commie party line, no matter what institution it comes from, including: education, government, church.
            Indeed, I don’t swallow any narrative without question.

          • Oldnintheway

            Your testimony here is more than admirable, and being a member of the generation from which you hail from myself, I will be eternally grateful for the social fabric that was still in place at that time, especially the communication methods then..That hadn’t yet been able to personally affect my day to day, or minute by minute choices….
            No sir, I don’t believe that you comprehend the extent of the infection, within the education disestablishment, that affects literally every facet of our children’s lives, and is designed for their conformity …

          • Denileriverafter

            The colleges are being taught by the Hippies of our generation. The Weather Underground are taught as heroes. Castro and his buddies, Mao, and Carl Marx are held up on pedestals as Gods. They wear Che Guevara shirts!! Anyone who says otherwise is beaten. The Patriots of the American Revolution are the bad guys now!! I would never send a child of mine to a public school of ANY grade now! Kindergarten children are being asked to “chose their gender”!! And, there are 37 choices!! As an adult I don’t know what they all are, and a 5 years old is supposed to chose one?!! THEN, the teachers TREAT them according to the choice they made!!! Some public schools are teaching Islam!! MAKING the kids pray to Mecca!! It’s NUTS!!!! The liberals are trying to take over the country, from the inside out, by brainwashing the children, and they’re been doing it since the 70s!! They have a GOOD head start on us!! We have to stop it NOW!! We have to fight for our child’s minds and our country!!

          • JoeKirkup

            You are correct except for one small fact. I was here in the sixties and that’s when it started. It is really sickening to watch as the country is dragged into the third world mire and smothered by it.

          • Iowa10

            The same reason why the military takes the young–they’re minds are mush and are malleable. Classroom lobotomies are performed on practically 80% of the hapless lambs.

          • Oldnintheway

            Peer review, and social stigma, are the leading causes of “Liberalitis” ,… that is being encouraged by infected carriers of the education establishment beginning in day-care.

        • Northwest_Raised


        • san rafael blue

          It’s a very expensive joke. Many degrees have become devalued in the eye of the public.
          Yes, they may help get a certain kind of job, where everyone claims they think the same way.

          • Denileriverafter

            In many cases, you can make MORE per hour by going to a trade school, and being an electrician, plumber, small engine repairman, or auto mechanic. Costs less, and shorter time in school.

          • Jimbo Lero

            True. You might even get to run a service call to your commie professor’s residence and give him/her/whatever a lesson in capitalism ( in this instance, what the market will bear for first rate workmanship in essential goods/services ).

        • Ted Kennedy Memorial Fund

          “Yes, I have a BS in Victim Empowerment”

      • Beedogz
      • Dan Rock

        haha genius

      • The BANNED tonymarini

        What if I call in and ask advice about connecting a tail-shaft to the tranny??

      • Mike Herman

        Has a cop been by to arrest you yet?

      • opinionated_too

        That’s better than saying they blew a seal, isn’t it?

      • Syntheto

        Ding, ding, ding! Ve haf a vinnah!

      • Ann Arbor

        Uh Oh. Click and Clack from “Car Talk” are darn lucky they got out when they did.

      • T-Rex

        LOL Sam, you are one sick individual. I wish I had been able to post that first.

      • davad11


      • Professional Comedian


      • bobruark

        what about if ‘my tranny blew me’

      • fusilier

        That’s as bad as blowing a seal.


      • fedupwithmentalcases


      • Marcus Landon

        I have blown two trannies in my life, both times in public and in broad daylight. The first was due to youthful exuberance; the second time occurred on I-95, outside of Baltimore, with my wife and sons watching!

      • PhilShifley

        That’s a winner Sam .. thanks

      • D.Plorable

        Would “sucked a valve” be OK?

      • trackman23

        My tranny leaks more when it gets really hot.

      • Big Conservative

        What if the clutch is slipping on my Tranny or if my Tranny’s seal is leaking, may I ask about that?

      • Marion Dickinson

        I laughed until tears rolled down over that one….just great!

      • roughman

        …or that his tranny is slipping…

      • 1mtnman

        Had a customer years ago that asked what is wrong with the transmission, I said “Lady, you blew the governor”. She laughed and told me, “I never even met the guy.”

      • olfoogy


      • Scott Raisch

        I gotta be honest: I had to wipe the coffee off of my computer screen when I first read this! 🙂

    • scott young

      Only for a manual tranny. Never use that term for an automatic. Automatics are for wimps.

      • Denileriverafter


    • Some Guy

      Don’t mention anything about having to retard the ignition timing…

    • JmdJr1944

      but if his cocksucking tranny blew up>>????

    • But (dot, dot, dot)

      Well… Click and Clack’s, “Car Talk” did go off the air. Coincidence? Could be. Or, some factions… some very t-i-n-y factions of the audience may have been triggered by their liberal use of automotive terms.

      • Burnt Orange

        Most Liberals can’t even change a flat tire. Never mind understanding automotive terms.. It is another language to them. So it must be hate speech and be banned NOW!

    • Tony

      Was it a 4 on the floor tranny?

    • Talcum X

      A vacationing penguin is driving his through Arizona when he notices that the oil pressure light is on. He gets out to look and sees oil dripping out of the motor. He drives to the nearest town and stops at the first gas station.

      After dropping the car off, the penguin goes for a walk around town. He sees an ice-cream shop and, being a penguin in Arizona, decides that something cold would really hit the spot. He gets a big dish of ice cream and sits down to eat.

      Having no hands he makes a real mess trying to eat with his flippers. After finishing his ice cream, he goes back to the gas station and asks the mechanic if he’s found the problem.

      The mechanic looks up and says “It looks like you blew a seal.”

      “No no,” the penguin replies, “it’s just ice cream.”

    • Jonathon Quentin Public

      Not unless you also drive a Prius.

    • Trump Rules Obama fools

      Tranny. SpongeBob SquarePants

    • Jorge


    • plasticsturgeon

      As long as you don’t say to check the gender fluid in your tranny, you’re okay.

    • BackAsswardzz

      Don’t forget to check your tranny fluid.

    • quaichang

      The college administrator put the law onto “The Car Guys.”

    • OneTooMany

      Sadly, those on the left know more about human tranny’s than automotive ones.

    • BiffWellington

      You have to remember to change your gender fluid…

    • SteveStuning

      It should be OK to say tranny even if you have a Food Show.

    • Pauly Bagadonuts

      I guess a “blown gasket” won’t
      Be allowed either?

    • Professional Comedian


    • CG59

      1st World Problems?

    • monkeymanrises

      How about saying his rear end took a licking?

    • Paul Kersey

      yes I believe many motorheads have used “tranny” for generations. It is slang for “transmission”.

    • Trapper

      “Tranny” is NOT against FCC regulations….NOT at ANY time of day!

      To claim “tranny” is “illegal speech” and then abuse a position of power with that false claim is to exercise tyranny!


      An Actual Professional Broadcaster Who Knows These Regulations, Hands Down

      • Sirius Lee

        … You can’t have Tyranny without Tranny…
        *walks off*

    • Fort Steve

      If you refer to a rebuilt tranny, is that being redundant?

      • Florian75

        LOL. That’s a textbook definition of redundancy.

    • zedanski

      Turn left off of Snowflake Lane and you’ll find us crabbing on the dike.

    • ZORO365

      That was beautiful.

    • Mostly Harmless

      So truncating a word and/or adding a vowel sound is degoratory now?

      If I call my friend Jonathan, Johnny, is that considered grounds for him to press charges? Is it a “micro-aggression”?

      Call a cab driver a ‘cabbie’, go to prison?

      Dare to call Susan by the epithet “Suzie” and get fingernails slashed across your face?

      You people are all insane. I’m with Hubert Farnsworth, but am a great many years too early to leave.

    • Ed Cutting, Ed. D.

      Probably not — how many university administrators actually know that automobiles even have transmissions, let alone ever worked on one?

    • Leonidas I

      Or changing the tranny’s fluids?

    • Amorphous Blob

      Hi, 19yr DJ here. You can say ANYTHING except threats, top secret information, claiming to be a different station, or rebroadcasting something from another source that you are not authorized to transmit, like the contents of a ship-to-shore conversation. I am licensed to operate any radio station in the world, for life.
      I had a conversation on this very subject with former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. The ANYTHING part comes in when no one in the community complains. We used to play NIN “I want to fuck you like an animal” and James Taylor’s “Steamroller Blues” that ends with motherfucker. No one ever complained. It was within our community standards.

    • roughman

      Only if your automatic transmission self-identifies as a manual, and wants a “Reassignment” overhaul…

    • private private

      with a name like KUMM what do they expect?

  • sixlittlerabbits

    Rather than apologize for making up “FCC regulations,” the university punishes the radio show’s hosts, who are obviously stone cold sober. Talk about politically correct overkill. The woman who terminates the broadcast is a liar and should be disciplined, not the show’s hosts.

    Hope the hosts will hang in as they plan to, and further expose the university’s hypocrisy.

    • Cawoonache

      I hope so too, but I am skeptical. It is more likely those two miscreants will be subjected to intensive “counseling” designed to help them realize their intrinsic hostility toward anyone who is not white, straight, male, and secure in their gender. Once those boys get their minds right, they might be able to show their faces on campus, but you can bet the Animal Farm they won’t be allowed anywhere near a microphone.

    • miseshayekrothbard

      Its not about politically correct. There is no such thing. This is a coordinated effort to undermine society with doublespeak bullshit. Politically correct is a nonsense phrase. It doesnt mean anything.

  • MEK_93

    “Tranny” is a hate word, FCC violation!?!?
    Oh my goodness have you ever heard a panel of gear heads talk about building fast cars? LMAO!
    I know, that’s not the context here. But look, if they apply the same standard across the board then “whiteness” is also a hate word.

  • Zombee

    He misspoke. He meant to say gender confused “FREAKS” .

    • Anon

      Nice one asshole. No wonder people call us Nazis

  • SFWC

    HAHAHA. OMG, that was hysterical. These Trann*** are telling the world that they are normal while everyone else in the world is mentally ill. It is about time someone disparaged them. They are the tyrants, as are the people that enable their acting out of their mental illness. These kids are also receiving horrendous psychotherapy, from gender quacks that are damaging them with sexual malpractice therapy. And, as these students indicated in their non PC rant, it is the trann*** that are often on the front lines as Antifa activists. They are living mental illness/destructive entitlement.

    • dehypnotized

      You almost spelled the T word. That was a close call, or the FCC would’ve nabbed you.

      • Markey Farrell

        just so i’ll know… the pural…is it trannys or trannies?

        • dehypnotized

          I think it’s… wait a second! You almost trapped me into spelling out the T word! Then the FCC and police would’ve been able to pull me out of my house and ban me. Another close call. (I think it ends with …ies — that’s as far as I’ll go — too dangerous.)

    • Mad Hatter

      This is the speech Nazi’s showing their hatred for the First Amendment. They want their opinion to become every bodies reality.

  • Joe Schmoe

    The one who should be banned for hate speech is that fascist lying feminist bag

  • Joe Schmoe


  • Tom

    I hosted a talk radio show in college. By today’s fascist standards, I would have been shut down in the first five minutes. By the way, “tranny” is not considered a curse word- it is perfectly fine to say on broadcast media. Even if it was one of the “forbidden words”, it would not result in a call to police, it would result in a warning from the FCC, assuming that they have nothing better to do than worry about what college kids are saying on a college radio station.

  • ababg

    They should sue for slander and civil rights violations.

    If you call the POLICE and allege someone just broke the law and they didn’t that is slander.

  • sardiverdave

    This is like Dr. Johnny Fever losing his job for saying “booger” on the air.

  • Mark Wheeler

    This story is so much fun. . . .I laugh and laugh and almost reach a state of uncontrollable bladder incontinence. . . really . . .there should be warnings issued before such outrageous articles are unleashed upon innocent, unsuspecting, old bastards like me. I mean really, how can I take this calumny seriously, when all around the world, people are suffering untold deprivations. . . the protagonists in this asinine saga, are to be applauded for their patience, whilst the carping clowns hell bent on corrupting our youth, deserve an orchestra of raspberries fit to turn them to jelly. Stay strong boys, more are with you than agen you.

  • Jus Wundrin

    This is what the nazis did.

  • PhaseV

    Good thing they’re not in North Korea, you’d never hear from them again.

    • Homebrook

      That’s coming…

    • moron

      There are no living trannys in NK so not a violation.

      • Markey Farrell

        you said “NK”… I’m pretty sure that is xenophobic.

  • Medina-Merino

    I guess using “tranny” in the admissions office to refer to “transfer” students is out too?

  • Joe Blow

    Sorry you pathetic and dishonest fascist liberal, the snowflakes are like you & the lying station manager who called the cops and threw them out when they broke no laws or rules. That was illegal and uncalled for. Unless the station had that word explicitly banned, that hoe should have left them alone during the show then approached them later to ask them not to use it. But like you, she behaved like a total egotistical ninny. Your SJW attitude is appalling

  • Joe Blow

    The point is Hillsdale College is not the subject here.

  • The station’s female manager is a fascist social justice warrior obviously using the “police” as a Gestapo tactic to enforce leftist progressive political speech cleansing.

    Radio stations are outdated anyway and the program “The Deplorables” should continue on the Internet streaming to all colleges across the country. Great opportunity for Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann to take this and run with it!

  • Joe Blow

    Sorry but I am not pissed off, it just confirmed that SJW types like her and you are so willing to break the rules and use naked force to enforce your phony standards. Like you said, it is college radio, so no one expects super high quality programming or on-the-air behavior. But they broke no rules, so she had no cause to come in like a fascist she basically is and throw them out. There are also station rules, I imagine, about terminating shows that require a staff meeting and affords the accused a chance to present their case. I seriously doubt the FCC gave a fig about the show.

    “Doesn’t make her a “hoe” – simply an inexperienced college student gaining experience at a radio station.” yes it does! She clearly lied about the banned words, bullied the boys and then brought in the police as if a real law was broken. She’s fascist garbage and will end up like Melissa Click, the red haired leftist faculty scumbag from Mizzou who called on her goon squad to remove an inconvenient student reporter. Ironically, that fascist hag was supposed to be a Communications Journo professor.

    The phrase ” simply an inexperienced college student gaining experience at a radio station” really applies to the crew of the show who as far as I can see are only guilty of bad taste. And I feel no stigma at being upset at such fascist authoritarian behavior from someone who is probably a self described anarchist and all concerned about social justice. If you can’t act justly and socially in a radio station setting, then really screw her and her phony causes.

  • Teresa Barrett

    Why is it “hate speech”, when there is nothing derogatory in the word. It is more like a slang TERM, and if the college leftists have become so thin skinned, perhaps they should return to the bubble from whence they came! Political correctness, triggered, hate speech, micro regression, are all imaginary terms made up to force the left’s agenda, and further control the first amendment. Anyone should be able to say anything at any time unless it incites violence or panic (you know, yelling fire in packed theater…). Free speech is the only thing between us and COMMUNISM. Ask the people in Tiananmen Square how much their free speech costs!!??


    huh? What just happened ?


    Instead of saying Tranny… just say Granny.

  • Noah McKenna

    Why is no one asking who this ‘chick’ is? To me, it appears to be the apparent woman listed as Station Manager on this page, Carter Young:


    Here is the photo she posted of herself there. I think you can kind of get the feel for her ‘come from’ from this:


    So an apparent LGBTQRSTUV activist, I would guess. Yet I’m wondering if “Carter Young” is her real name, as I dont readily see anything about her on social media….

    In any case she should be called out, and made to apologize to those 3 guys. That was ridiculous in its loutishness, arrogance, AND ignorance.

    Yet I suspect that she may not have so much been ignorant of actual law but wanting to inflict “her interpretation” of it on others…

    • Joseph Sobecki

      The manager represents the high learning standards of that university. Now maybe we should chat if the university should be called Libtard U or Retard U since she obviously does not know law. Maybe she was in Professor Barry’s law classes?

    • Markey Farrell

      he/sh/it’s gender is ‘guess’ – then prepare to be attacked because you can’t get it (politically) correct… as he/sh/it has no clue. (here is a clue for he/sh/it: … bend over, drop lower garments, open eyes, check biology book (that was published prior to 1990).

    • Magnus Magnanimous

      yep, you’re right. That picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Liberal Mental Disorder

    Truth always hurts, especially the lunatic snowflakes at the liberal day care centers.
    And yes, many tranny perverts are c*ocks*uckers along with being mentally ill.

    The lunatics now run the asylum

  • Liberal Mental Disorder

    I studied these mentally ill unfortunates in medical school in the 1970s under the John Money model. They were mentally ill then, and mentally ill now. It is possible to mutilate one’s genitals, take drugs, behave like the opposite sex or like some wierd sex, etc., but NOT possible to CHANGE one’s sex. So “tranny” is a word which is technically not even possible – sort of like saying one wants to transition into being a Martian or something. Sounds good to the morons who inhabit the liberal day care center “universities” of today, but is scientific nonsense.

  • broadcastdude

    Having been involved in broadcasting for many years, I know that the word “tranny” is not a forbidden word. This female(?) who is described as the station manager should have known that; otherwise, she is not qualified for her job.

    • Noah McKenna

      I actually think she -did- know that, and was trafficking in the ignorance of those 3 guys.

      Most likely, as the ‘Station Manager’ the guys would have had to leave for whatever reason she said, or none at all. So the police officer didnt really need to know anything about FCC rules – he just needed to know who had the authority to order whom out of the building :/

      • broadcastdude

        I think you are correct. The guys knew if they didn’t leave she would just have the broadcast engineer cut them off and they would be arrested by the campus police. In addition, since they were students, their student status would be endangered. They really didn’t have a choice, and the “station manager” knew that.

    • Cawoonache

      She appears to be highly qualified to act as an enforcement officer in the Language Policing Division of the University Thought Crime Unit.

    • Johngaltil

      But she is a liberal female do qualifications matter?

      • Saut777

        Qualifications weren’t necessary for Killary to run for POTUS!

  • OtisGumbo

    I love (actually it’s terrifying) how these uneducated snowflakes just make things up and spit them out as facts. “Tranny” has never been allowed on air by the FCC? Not true. “Transgender” only entered the mass vocabulary in recent years. Before that, it was cross-dresser, or transvestite. “Tranny” is short for “transgender,” and just because someone doesn’t like it does NOT make it hate speech. If that were the case, “cis gender” would be abandoned as hate speech, in favor of the more classical term, “normal.”

    • Cawoonache

      Yes, we have to fight against normophobia!

    • RandDDude

      Now that you have mentioned it, I think that they have defined “normal” to be “hate speech.”

    • Anon

      Or she was lying. Can’t tell

  • mark

    [email protected]
    (320) 589-6076

  • mark

    With 10 listeners, what is the rush to have the police remove them? It was tyrannical (“oppressive government or rule”) in that the police were willing to do the station manager’s bidding.

  • Ken Chapel

    the brown shirts on the left will lie and lie……

  • delong

    Maybe this “female” is the trannie and they hurt her feelings.

    • The War Thing

      You may be onto something….

    • Devsfan

      Nah someone put the picture up above. The PC term for the manager is Dike.

    • Anon

      Quite a putrid circle jerk you’ve got going on here

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    And remember students and faculty:

    NO winter attire emblazoned with exclusionary divisive culturally insensitive hateful rhetoric like “Merry Christmas”.

  • TodayIsMyFavoriteDay

    Tranny ? Cis? There are only men and women. Highly feminized males remain male …. highly masculinized females remain …. female. Nothing ‘hateful’ about stating these simple uncontroverted facts.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Good thing they didn’t say “kike” or “fuck”. Why are colleges such thin-skinned weenie wonderlands these days? If you don’t like it, then don’t listen, asshole.

    And if you are offended, tough shit!

    There are some folks fighting cancer.

  • Mikeyv65

    The inmates are running the zoo. Its time to eliminate these left wing institutions of indoctrination!

  • glenn weiner

    Tranny Tranny Trannny….

  • ChemicalDeath

    The ‘1984’ thought police are here.

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS Charles Neely

    The word is mentally ill faggot

  • CruzerDog

    I thought a tranny had gears?

    • Cawoonache

      One down, five up.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    Since when do the police enforce non existent fcc rules?

    • boboadobo

      the cop should be looked into by the D of J for violating the students civil rights. and the stupid cop does not even realize that she got him to abuse his own authority. (and 100% chance the same lady hates cops–ooooo the irony)

      • freedom74

        Yup, the police officer is on the hook for using his authority to suppress the kids first amendment rights, which is a federal law case, no local judge can save him. He really stepped into it on that one if the kids decide to take it all the way.

        • Anon

          Really? Are you sure about that?
          They were asked to leave, so that means they are legally obliged to leave doesn’t it?

    • dehypnotized

      Since they were brainwashed by 8 years of Ocommie.

    • OG Kushing

      They don’t, the cop was her (station manager’s) backup as the erstwhile “boss”. The cop would have been there if they guys called her a diseased ridden putrid whore and she wanted them to leave. BTW she is a whore

      • Anon

        What the fuck are you even talking about?

  • CruzerDog

    A tranny is a cross between ED and an ugly women…..

  • luis martinez

    Sue the college for false arrest and unlawful detention.

    • Thrill22cl

      Wait they were actually arrested?

      • Anon

        I don’t think you read the first word in the comment.

    • Thrill22cl

      I didn’t read it. I’m being lazy.

      • Anon


  • The War Thing


  • RichardBlaine

    “Tranny” spoken on air is a federal crime? And police were called? Why are you letting these morons teach your children? What could they possibly offer?

    • Thrill22cl

      My kid would be out of there or fighting back.

      • freedom74

        We’d be filing charges against the school for threatening the children with violence (when you bring a guy with the gun into the room) when they did nothing wrong.

    • Scott Raisch

      See George Carltin’s Seven Dirty Word’s skit.

      Tranny, is no where in the list… And no, the FCC has not added it after the fact.

  • Pope1944

    This is the state of our educational system today. It goes all the way down to kindergarten. Teachers just make things up. School management and board members hide their heads in the sand and claim they are protecting other students. I hope someone will ask them this question: When they go out in the real world who is going to protect them from this kind of BS?

  • bobbyggg

    Seems these SJW snowflakes are looking for ANYTHING to whine about. How pathetic.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre social engineering experiments and indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

  • 16TONS

    KUMM radio?

    yeah, sounds like a real beacon of decency.

  • dehypnotized

    Progressive liberals are the new Puritans.

    • CruzerDog

      More like whiners….

  • babblerabble

    If yer gonna piss yer money away, might as well take your money and have some fun in Vegas – giving it to a college just encourages these so-called educators to keep “teaching”.

  • Ringo

    Well, that sucks cock. I’ve got to bring my car into the shop tomorrow. I have a problem with the tranny. It’s been acting queer,

  • maxcady

    Progressives are worse than Nazis. They act as Thought Police. This situation is very similar to the Orwellian nightmare of the novel 1984, in which the government controls even the language citizens use. Sick!

  • CruzerDog

    Four year degree now affords you being a first class idiot…..

  • The War Thing

    Methinks this “station manager” is itself a tranny.

  • Bobserver

    I’m old enough to still think that “tranny” refers to a transistor

  • Richard Jensen

    The destruction of the academy continues. With the snowflakes that have to always be offended, soon, nobody will be able to say anything to anyone while on a college campus.

    • The War Thing

      They’re sniveling weaklings. Why does anyone give a shit about what they want?

  • jabusse

    I bet they could set up their own station across the street and do and say pretty much what they want. It may be short wave but it would work. The school is showing fascism at its worst. But then again no one is as controlling as a lefist.

    • CruzerDog

      They would be offended by using the work “short” in your frequency!

      • jabusse

        You are probably right. The ones in the college administration and faculty at UM are like the ones we studied in abnormal psych only a few years ago. I bet the faculty meetings look like the Star Wars bar scene.

  • Fed Up

    So if it’s an auto-repair show, they’re not allowed to discuss dropping the tranny?

  • dieter

    Typical Commie/Nazi/Fascist Dem behavior…silence opinions they don’t like…which eventually evolves into executing those that express non approved opinions.

  • maodeedee

    Which police did thy call, the thought police?

  • bobbyggg

    Start your own show on the web. Screw the tranny loving university.

  • Johnny Average

    sue the crap out of the college. When I got my Masters degree in psychology, transvestite was the term for men who dressed like a woman.Transsexual was a man that had the extreme surgery to make it official, shall we say. I guess now its all diffferent…what a bunch of sjw’s Do yourself a favor, go get a job and tell them to stick their college up their arse. I really fell sorry for the tran (ny’s,vestites,sexuals,etc) for when they get off campus they will be rudely disappointed iwith society.

    • RandDDude

      Look out, for when they get off campus, the big cities like Charlotte, N.C., and the big companies like Target will have outlawed disappointing them.

  • quaichang

    “Albrecht told The Fix that the board openly admitted that the hosts had not in fact broken FCC rules by saying the word “tranny.”

    ““Neither [saying the word ‘tranny’ nor broadcasting while under the influence] is a violation of FCC rules.”

    So the University “officials” are liars. Liars who will say and do anything to advance a perverted agenda, and to stifle the free speech of free Americans.

    The “official” who lied should immediately step down. Or be fired.

    And the hosts of the show should sue to remain ON THE AIR. THEIR VOICES MUST BE HEARD.

    This is America. The communists who have infiltrated our university system must be stopped.

  • maodeedee

    “Hello, thought police? I want to report a crime…”

  • CruzerDog

    We need to quit listening and start making fun of all of them… Just like the good old days…. I can’t wait!

  • Bill Jefferson


    Shove that up your baracks, leftists.

  • GraffitiForensics

    The University of Minnesota-Morris is certainly not a good place to spend tuition dollars and ought to be entered on that growing list of universities no one should ever send a student to. I recommend current students terminate enrollment and attend a more reputable source of education.

  • Connie Fuller Wright

    FASCISM has taken over our college campuses and that should concern you more….but after reading many of the comments I realize we have a DUMBED-DOWN population anymore…

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Over there! In the quad! Someone’s creating an exclusionary culturally insensitive hateful environment by quietly reading from The Holy Bible! Quick, disperse to your designated safe spaces while I call the campus police and the ACLU and scream bloody murder!

    Ha, ha, made ya look.

  • Beedogz

    “Tranny” is not a FCC violation and no reason to call the cops. Hire an attorney and sue the fascist college administrators.

  • panopticon1984

    How about the legislature pull the funding for this bastion of disrespect of the 1rst Amendment? Of course, that will never happen. Call me a deplorable dreamer.

  • CruzerDog

    The idiots are the parents for sending their kids to these worthless colleges…..

  • Beedogz

    They finally figured out what caused the car crash where Bruce Jenner killed the innocent woman driver. The tranny was defective.

  • Kevin

    The FCC has no problem with the word “Tranny,” it was strictly the school. But on the other hand, the kids in the broadcast course think they know everything, when in fact they are pretty well idiots. They come out of college broadcasting unprepared for the real world of broadcasting.

  • carl alfred

    Let them eat their own if they wish but they damn well won’t be stomping on my free speech rights.

  • Ryan McAllister


    And not surprising here is a pic of the woman yanking the students off the air.

    Here name is Carter Young. A woman named Carter, also not surprising. Here is her email:

    [email protected]

    • CruzerDog

      She looks Butch! Can we say that?

    • Rick Olson

      I’m offended by kumm.org.

  • Amos10

    CYA crap by University administrators who don’t know shit from shinola when it comes to defending their actions, They run on emotion 99% of the time and wind up apologizing for their sheer stupidity the 1%. They coddle snowflakes and misuse their positions to rain down fire and brimstone when they think they can get away with it. Weak administrators need to be cleaned out of their jobs. They do more harm than good.

    • RandDDude

      Well, they are all shaking in fear of being hit with a cancellation or reduction of Federal Dept. of Education (DoE) grants and ratings, or a Title IX complaint, if they don’t suppress the free speech of the white students. Here’s hoping the new Secretary of Education and President Trump can begin turning the bureaucrats around, in a good way. It remains to be seen, though – – with RINOs like Sens. McConnell/McCain/Burr/Corker/Flake/Armstrong/Collins/Murkowski and Lindsey Nelson joining the Democrats fighting against the border-control wall, the economy-boosting kind of tax cuts, restoration of our national defense strength. rectification of our balance-of-trade problem, and election of even one well-qualified Republican conservative to the Congress.

  • Dean Winchester

    Is it just me, or does anyone else see headlines like this and wonder if it is a prank or you woke up in another dimension?

  • clifferd

    Does ANYONE acknowledge that there’s NO SUCH THING as “HATE SPEECH???” That’s a term conjured up by the left to stifle discussion. The 1st amendment wasn’t written with the intended purpose of protecting only speech with which everyone agrees. It was/is intended to specifically protect speech with which others might disagree!

    The left actually has many people believing that “hate speech” exists, is a type of speech that’s off limits to everyone, and is illegal to utter! That’s simply not the case! As offensive as people find the N word, it is 100% protected. You and I may not like it – at all – but it is protected in the same way as people who call people every other name in the book! Try claiming to the Left that the F word or the C word is hate speech, and see how far that goes with THEM! Hate speech is only speech with which THEY disagree!

    • Cawoonache

      Hate speech = thought crime

  • Dayna Hamilton

    You can’t say tranny on the radio? What do the trannies call themselves?

    • Dean Winchester


      • Dayna Hamilton


    • jerseydave

      What if you are doing a call in show about Custom Cars or Auto Repair?

      • Dayna Hamilton


    • moron


    • CruzerDog

      Bill Clinton

  • dan52d

    Tranny! Tranny! Tranny! Tranny! Tranny! Tranny!

  • jerseydave

    The FCC does not ban the word “Tranny.” Of course, that was not necessary for the College to cite it as a reason to act on their own wishes.

  • CruzerDog

    These morons existed from the dawn of time. The only difference is, we didn’t listen to them. The white truck with two guys and straight jackets would arrive and the world knew the moron was headed for the psycho ward…

  • ComeyTheClown

    The only thing the police could do would be, if the school was private property, they could escort him off for trespassing. But if this is a state school, and this is a student, then there is nothing they can do. Free speech and all that…

  • boboadobo

    that lady clown should be fired. she is on tape lying and using a fake ” law” to silence those who offend her. and the cop is a class A piece of sh-t he should have told her this is a non police matter. and as an officer of the law I can not allow you to try and use my “authority” to abuse students at this state school.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    A little background music, please.

    Cue Deutschland, Deutschland über alles and if you don’t have it, the Soviet Internationale will do.

  • CruzerDog

    The only thing the will change this madness is when the money dries up and the college closes because of not enough students. Then will see how much anybody really cares about Trannies….

    • Dean Winchester

      Something else will change it – can you feel it approaching? I can, and so do more and more each day. Hint: 2 words first starts with a “C” second starts with a “W”

  • She sounded like an angry feminist biatch.

    • Titus_Pullo

      She sounded like that leftist screed from the University of Missouri, who was calling for ‘muscle’ to rough up the reporters or the dissenters to their little campus temper tantrum. What was her name? Melissa Click? Nice to see she got hired in Minnesota, which has turned into a progressive dumpster fire.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Next headline:

    University Sued For Failing To Post “Potential Triggering Content” Warnings At Performance Of Handel’s Messiah.

  • scott young

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • CruzerDog

    It won’t be long before everybody is going to a college in China for a decent college education… They left will blame TRUMP!

  • Truth Detector

    Pretty soon………the really smart people will not go to College. Maybe a trade school, but liberal arts colleges will become as populated as the stands in the NFL.

    • allencic

      We can only hope so

    • allencic

      I can’t help but wonder why any students are dumb enough to waste expensive tuition dollars on these BS, PC courses. Don’t they have a choice in what they study? If they have any brains at all they should drop these stupid, pointless and worthless courses after the first class session. We can hope that employers will immediately reject any applicant that has taken these crap courses. No business needs to be afflicted with this scum. As a parent I’d raise holy hell if my kids wanted to study this evil baloney.

  • locogolfer

    The LGTQWFEUWHATEVER rules, I guess.

  • Titus_Pullo

    This is freakin’ hilarious. You can’t say tranny? Says who? And then the potty mouth goes on to say that you can’t say c*c k s*c ker? The left is hilarious. I would love to see what would happen if someone used these two adjectives back to back, in the same sentence! Would her head explode? I wanna see! Hilarious!

  • MekongDelta69

    There is no such thing as “free speech” on college campuses.

    Thanks to the left, that died decades ago.

    • Sparky Mills

      The breeding grounds of fascist-democrat lemmings.

  • Beedogz

    They finally figured out what caused the car crash where Bruce Jenner killed the innocent woman driver. The tranny was defective.

  • George Schock

    If they think saying tranny is hate speech. Then that makes Howard Stern the King.

  • CruzerDog

    A tranny a day keeps AA honk honk MCO away!

  • Frank Castle

    Trannys suck..

    • Beedogz

      At LEAST half of them do. Probably a higher percentage then that.

  • frigu

    What bunch of h0m0’s afraid of such a faqqy word as tranny.

  • CruzerDog

    This Tranny sounds like she’s grinding her gears!

  • Ren Dudas

    Let me get this straight (no pun intended) a person says boy or girl to a crossdresser it’s wrong- yet a person uses the proper title which is what they want, it’s a criminal offense?? I would think the authorities would better things to do??!! What a backwards country we live in. Glad I’m stocked up on popcorn!! Lol

  • Sterling Hallbrook

    I thought George Carlin told us what you can’t say..There’s more now?

  • miseshayekrothbard

    LOL you absolutely can say hate speech on the radio.

  • kasandra

    There is no list of words that cannot be said on radio. That’s a myth that is based on George Carlin’ s comedy routine about the fictional list of seven words that can’t be broadcast. The FCC does have a definition of “indecency” (i.e., material that is constitutionally protected but which cannot be broadcast during daytime hours) but that definition only encompasses patently offensive depictions or descriptions of sexual or excretory activities or organs. Obviously, the broadcast of the word “tranny” does not fit within that definition. But citing a non-existent FCC rule is a convenient way for school officials to displace responsibility by saying, “hey, it’s not my fault. It’s the government’s.”

    • Spock

      “Those are the seven words that will curve your spine, grow hair on your hands and God love us, peace without honor!” – George Carlin

  • Charles Beck

    “tranny” among my age group means a car transmission
    i guess i can’t use that word anymore
    pretty soon i won’t be able to use the word “she”
    because some people might think i am referring to “he”
    but perhaps “s/he” will be OK?!
    what a pile of crap all this is
    you people are nuts
    enough already!

  • miseshayekrothbard

    That bitch needs to be expelled and raped by trannies

  • Butch McGee

    sounds like someone falsely reported an incident to law enforcement

  • Michael Hansen

    She was probably a Tranny.. Now, someone please call the cops and have them come get me!

  • Rick Monday

    He didn’t say “tranny”. He was talking about TYRANNY, using the allusion of violence to suppress free speech by a protected class of individuals.
    If I threatened to beat up everyone I disagreed with, I think I would be a very miserable person.
    (He did say it, but this comment had to be worked in somehow.)

  • donqpublic

    You can find tranny between dick and vagina in Webster’s, and a Muncie were pretty decent for doing drags.

    • Jack Spradt

      M-22 — my favorite ‘tranny’ ever…

  • MichMike

    Of course if they had accused 10s of millions of Americans of being racist, with no evidence of course, no one would have said a word. You know, treating people unequally in the name of equality.

  • John27
    • ChrisLongski

      Careful or this blog will be banned also.

    • Florian75

      I think the proper name for this symbol is “Swishtika” rather than swastika.

  • Warren Soundtowne

    They are worried about the word ‘tranny’ with those initials for their call sign?

  • ChrisLongski

    “…FCC community standards.” Why are all thing Leftist “community” to them ? I wasn’t aware the FCC has “community” standards….

  • hammerstamp

    What the ‘h’ are you supposed to call them?

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Memo to all University of Minnesota-Morris student and faculty dining venues:

    Effective immediately, please suspend the sale of weenies. Cannibalism is a violation of both Minnesota and Federal law.

  • Jack Spradt

    their civil rights were clearly violated – should have told the cop get F’d and let him MAKE an arrest.
    lawsuit city.

  • Charles Baldwin

    I assume the female manager was fired, as was the entire administration of this tax payer funded cesspool. So was the cop who responded who should have had better judgement about accompanying a lying totally incompetent staff member who was using him to intimidate students. Right? Oh, sorry I forgot. It’s the Soviet Socialist Republic of Minnesota, the home of Al Franken Democrats. You can’t mention violent “tranny” co*csuckers who are better than straight white boys. Only Democrat big shots can grab boobs.

  • John Stanton

    FCC rules aren’t “laws” and are not enforceable by a policeman. FCC rules are agency regulations.

    • jerseydave

      Not to mention, I remember George Carlin. The time was, if you flouted censors, you were a hero, especially to the left.

  • BurtonWiborg

    I just sent them about a thousand word essay, using the word tranny one thousand times to their contact page. I bet heads explode.

  • Sam

    I never knew that “tranny” was a bad word or bad thing to say. It seems to me that only someone that hates trannys would get upset about use of the word.

    • Jack Spradt

      my ‘tranny’s’ been leakin’ and slippin’ lately. might be ready to ‘blow’.

  • Scruffster

    Apparently the thought police are in full force at the University of Minnesota. But it’s Minnesota. What do you expect?

    • Vietvet68


  • Vietvet68

    Totally pathetic. Liberals are so fked up, they don’t deserve to breath the same air normal people breath.

  • Mike Bollinger

    There is no such thing as gender, it is only as real as a noun, pronoun, or a dangling participle. It simply describes a word denoting THE SEX of a person. Like Mother/Father or Sister/Brother. Those are terms of gender denoting the sex of the person. This is a term invented to describe a unicorn or a fairy, and just as real. There are two …count them TWO sexes, and nothing else. Gender is a descriptive of a noun for male and female, not for a third or thirtieth option. Your brother is a boy, your sister is a girl. Your father is a male, your mother is a female. Senor denotes a male, senorita denotes a female….QUIT USING THE TERM, the societal freaks do not own it.

  • Jack Spradt

    I had to pull the nutz on my ‘tranny’ — it was leakin’ and slippin’ – gettin’ ready to blow…
    cops came and arrested me at the auto parts store… station mngr called ’em on me —

  • Some Guy

    Fascists gonna fascist.

  • Forrest

    He or she is a tranny and they are all screwed up in the head.

  • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

    “not playing at least 2 new songs per hour.”
    If that doesn’t work, we’ll suspend them for not wearing button-down collars with a tab on the yoke during air time. Or maybe their pants weren’t didn’t show a perfect crease like Obama’s while in the studio. Give us a little time and we’ll come up with something that sticks . . .

  • Mike Gilmer

    They need to get a lawyer and sue the school. The school is the government (not a private school) and it must conform its actions to the First Amendment.

  • boocat

    Nazis. Cut any federal funds to Swarthmore.

  • mrogre

    It seems to be if the radio hosts want to go out with a bang, then they should press charges on the student manager for filling a false police report

  • Cavallo

    Sounds like good material for a civil suit against the school.

  • Jack Spradt

    Good thing the hosts didn’t say they were Trump supporters.
    The cop probably would have shot them.
    Minnesota – the land of white guilt ‘o plenty.

  • RedStormRising

    but it’s ok for her to say “just like you can’t say COCK SUCKER on air” Wouldn’t that almost be considered assault in today’s world?

  • johnfembup

    “words that break FCC violations,”

    Well, I certainly would never want to break a violation.

    Would you?

    I prefer all my verbal violations intact.

  • StandForSomething!

    Pervert would have been more accurate!

  • StandForSomething!


    Mentally Deficient Sexual Deviant!

  • mj1948

    That is so stinking ridiculous. Full-blown idiots….

  • RedStormRising

    The station is really called K.U.M.M…? How appropriate for a liberal college station that wants to turn around and say the word Tranny is hate speech……What would she do if she ACTUALLY experienced real hate?

  • Saul

    I’m willing to fund their lawsuit against the University. Just let me know.

  • Jane

    What?! Can’t say tranny anymore?!

  • Wrong House


  • dclach

    I hope that a lawsuit ensues and that it costs the University many, many thousands of dollars. Those responsible should be fired, as they clearly do not believe in freedom of speech and wish to prohibit others from practicing it.

  • Mr. Shallow Fellow

    Fight this in court. Hire a trannie from the ACLU. I bet there’s a plethora to choose from.

  • MichMike

    In today’s world of the speech police, one can be vulgar, slanderous, libelous, and call anyone anything as long as it does not contain outlawed words. Remember, the new equality is treating people unequally in the name of equality. Brought to you by the caring intelligentsia.

  • Jim Bruckner

    “Tranny” is not on the list of profanity. And calling police tells you that these Progressive Statists will start burning books soon.

  • superdough

    She came in the room with a ‘smug pride’ all over her face. You can tell she’s been waiting for this opportunity to shut down speech that she disagrees with. I seriously doubt that the FCC considers this a “violation”, but you can bet she’s going to seize the opportunity.

  • HolyMe

    LOL, Russ Martin in Dallas broadcasts drunk every day. You can even hear him opening his bottle of whiskey. He must be pulled off air and prosecuted immediately!

  • David L. Stinson

    What a load of crap. There is no such law. Only in the academic Marxist wet dreams do they get to make up laws like that. And the cop should be fired for even going in there in the first place if it had been FCC it sure as hell not his jurisdiction.

    • RandDDude

      No doubt, he/she was a campus cop, not a city cop, and a campus cop, even a city cop, certainly has jurisdiction on the campus in the city! Come on – – even a campus cop probably has a wife and kids at home. Shouldn’t fire the cop for going along when requested by a campus administrative official. I didn’t see where the cop did anything more coercive than being there when the station mgr. put on her rant. Cop should be given the benefit of the doubt.

  • jamessavik

    Call the FCC. I’ve heard a lot worse

  • david5300

    Pathetic , simply pathetic. This decision to end the Station should follow the lying administrators for the remainder of their whining liberal careers.

  • Bob Rich

    whats the point of going to college now for young men .The political correctness is so wussifed, so petty, and insane. The college professors should take their testicle lock boxes and put them over there garbage spewing mouths and keep their opinions to themselves and try to teach something. A tranny has more a chance to be a sexual predator, depressed, a big percentage wants go back because its not deemed normal and more then average commits suicide

  • Montana Man

    Has anyone noticed that it’s women who’ve been behind all this snowflaking? Biggest mistakes men ever did was allow women to vote and attend college. The more independent women think they are from men, the stupider they get.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Minnesota – I say we take off and nuke the entire state from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  • radar

    early eighties. rue paul was referred to as a tranny, commonly known as transvestite. no big deal. american colleges have become infected with intolerance. these poor kids remind me of the little sea snails that sell their souls to ursala the sea witch. Good luck in the grown up world where your hollywood heroes are perverts not superheroes.

  • JonSEAZ

    To be fair, I would have to say that the University of Minnesota-Morris, the executive board, the board’s faculty advisor, and the student station manage all are a bunch of PC censoring, lying, Nazi cocksuckers. I would say more, but don’t want to appear impolite.

  • F M

    She said cocksucker. LOL

  • Sparky Mills

    Another whining, sniveling, fascist-democrat ……….. OH !!! The world is just SOOOOO hard to adapt to – “reality” must be controlled !!! What a disgrace that “people” like this have the right to vote.

  • Vlad Psychotrope

    Buy your children land, teach them to farm, to build things, to read and listen to classical literature and music. And in doing so, you will have protected their souls. Keep them far away from the fascists in academia.

  • MichMike

    The same academics that have brought you outlawed words have also overseen higher ed tuition and fees increasing at double the rate of inflation every year, on average, for the last 40 years. But then this has only resulted in average incomes needing to exceed $ 205,000 to have kept pace. I would call THAT hate.

  • Yoteman

    The Universities have gone full tard.

  • Typicalliberalprogressive

    As a liberal progressive in good standing I think this is a good start but not enough. These people shouldn’t either submit to reeducation or be to death.

  • UplandPatriot

    But Peter Puffer, carpet muncher, butt pirate, scissor sisters, muff diver, anal assassin, Meat Masseuse and turd burglar are legal… Not Fair.

  • Dave

    They need to sue the college.

    Losing their own money is the only thing that scares commie-lib fascist administrators.

  • Guido FL

    I seriously think this action is a breach of the First Amendment which guarantees free speech ! This PC business has gotten way out of hand ! Further more these violators of of Bill of Rights need to face criminal charges and serious law suits !

  • sosorryononame

    I would have said ymother fucking cocksucking cunt bitch , !7but can’t say yes not,

  • cindy dial

    Who was offended? This woman is the only person on Earth who listens to a college radio station.

  • stairgauge

    In my day a greasy,slime F upped tranny meant a broken
    I didn’t know it meant anything else until I read this story.
    I guess it now is part of the destruction of free speech.

  • The Mighty Lemon

    They should all go to the final meeting wearing brand new Vaginahats.

  • Tyler

    This is sad

  • Denny Crane

    Perfect example of how the left despise free speech.

  • ronald54321

    According to a recent study, the IQ of students was tested before and after going to college. On graduation, their IQ had gone down an average of 42 points.

  • Faulty_sinner_saved_by_Jesus

    Yeah, and we’re the fascists on the right. Antifa should switch targets.

  • Boston_Patriot

    Universities are the single most destructive institution in the United States; cesspits of irrationality, indoctrination and agenda.

    • RandDDude

      The universities these days are dismaying, I agree. But. for “the single most destructive institution” I would nominate the federal courts, especially the Ninth Circuit; including the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justices Earl Warren and John Roberts.

  • Wareagle82

    sentence first, trial later.

  • JeanneD

    “Tranny” would be short for “transvestite.” would there have been such a fuss had the whole word been used ?
    The Left in our country are becoming weirder by the day !!!!

    • Denny Crane

      …it’s used for all of them.

      • OldOllie


    • Boston_Patriot

      The standard used for acceptable speech is offense. Not threat of force, just hurt feelings. Emotions are the epistemological method employed in today’s university.
      The “intellectuals,” the “educated,” the “party of science”- they are none of the above; they are anti-reason, whim-worshipping collectivists who call for control of the individual in an orgy of sacrifice to the mystical “greater good” (as defined by them, naturally).

      • JeanneD

        I love the way you Boston people talk and you make a lot of sense, as well !!!!
        Happy Thanksgiving up there, where it all started. 😉

        • Boston_Patriot

          Happy Turkey Day! On a positive note for the holidays, I have many friends up here in New England who think the same way- we’re on the ideological “front lines,” I guess, but never giving up! 😉

          • JeanneD

            Don’t ever give up, Patriot ! 😉
            Love your football team but we’re not watching any games this year until all of the players are standing !!!!

      • JeanneD

        Wow!! You told them, Pat !!
        Does it make you cringe to think of the “adults” that will be running our country in the near future, overflowing with feelings.
        The elderly, the immature, the portly, the skinny, the short, the bald, the slow, the plain, the crotchety and the nervous people will never be a will never be able to be described without causing emotional stress to someone ! We have to toughen up a little, Pat, no ?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Best radio station call-letters ever.

  • MichaelGC

    If you say “tranny” in Facebook you get suspended. Pedophile material, terrorist propaganda is OK, but don’t get caught using the word tranny in any of your posts.

    • Denny Crane

      It’s only free speech if the left agrees with it.


    Hmmm. I think that college radio station will be getting a lot of prank calls 😉

  • bruce

    The Administration at the University of Morris are nothing but political police-period. I’m from Minnesota and in my opinion the administration officials should be chastised for illegal actions on their part.


    The college radio station call letters are KUMM
    It gets more crazy every time you look.

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    The communist are insane

  • Reason And Believing

    Carter Page is mentally ill. It needs to be removed from the station and banned from campus.
    Obama and his nutty admin isn’t in charge anymore. The Feds need to go after loons like Carter Page , and I suspect they will , right after reelection.

  • JustJoe

    These kids learned a valuable lesson.

    Liberals lie all the time!

    • OldOllie

      They also are, and always have been, fasçists.

  • Dan

    I guess Freedom of Speech is a dead concept now.

    • OldOllie

      It is every place that liberals are in charge.

  • kjj


  • Kradke

    Can someone find the actual statute where it says “tranny” is verboten in the world of radio?

  • radar

    it is truly the age of the snowflake. soon they will be suing the sun for sunburn. in the early eighties, rue paul was called a tranny, transvestite, no one had a problem and everyone was accepting or didnt care. Today one small variation from the party line and the college students start running around and screaming the sky is falling. God bless them and I hope their parents always have a basement . I will be investing in the phama that sell anxiety drugs because this generation is going to make me rich.

  • Isle_of_Ischia

    First, they shut you down if you cook with trans fat, now they shut you down when you say tranny.

  • JmdJr1944

    “That is a specific hate speech word never allowed on radio,” she tells
    the students as they pack up, “in the same way that you can never say
    ‘cocksucker’ on radio.”
    That’s O.K.? for print? (but I’e been censored for far less)

    But Tranny is bad?
    I guess I’m just too old…
    never understand this pc bullshit!

  • Sabrina Mendoza

    Wow, 1984 has arrived and we should all be concerned.

    • OldOllie

      Orwell was an optimist.

  • Marc S

    Sue the snot out of them.

  • Reason And Believing

    Too many Jews in one place.


    I’m puzzled. What are you supposed to call trannies?

    • jackmeyhoffer

      How about “deviants”?

  • Johnny Thorne

    The woman said the word, cocksucker, in an apparent attempt to sexually harass those young men. She should be arrested. It was tranny that broke the code. Tranny is not hate speech. It’s how trannies refer to themselves.

    • revenge

      Nobody should be arrested. This was all done out of Stupidity!

  • revenge

    Just when you thought these Lefties couldn’t get any stupider! If I were this kid and his parents, I’d Sue the Idiots running that barn they call a College.

    This is the United States,and I+ don’t care where you live you can’t call the cops,for words like TRANNY.

    That kiddies is called violation of Free Speech,along with your civil rights,by bringing cops into the picture.

  • planet gold fish brain

    That “tranny” he is talking about, is all over Youtube, sucker punching people and being a commie POS, antifa scum.

  • jbeemer

    The Station Manager just said cocksukers in fort of the cops.

  • Northwest_Raised

    KYAR! K-Y-A-R! Pirate radio.

    No matter what you do, you are breaking the law with these nasty control freak leftists. They make things up as they go along. It’s what they do. Rub it in their face until it hurts. By any means necessary.

  • Years ago, when out street racing, we were testing a new tranny we put in my Malibu. The two speed powerglide tranny was pretty old and worn out…..too many years of abuse from the previous owner I guess. I opted for the turbo 350 tranny, to help out my launching speed. I really like my trannys to have good low end transfer of power to the rear end.
    Anyway….before we went out, the driveshaft that went in the back was pretty old, and had 2 weights near where the tip of the shaft slid in the back of the tranny. It was a lil rusty, so we lubed up the ass end of that tranny, got the tip of the shaft up, and had to whack it in a few times with a rubber mallet. That tranny was being fiesty, and we had to force that shaft in!
    I guess we didn’t pay attention, and we hit one of those 2 weights near the tip of the shaft that we force in the ass end of the tranny. As our speed increased, one of the weights flew off, and slapped up on the undercarriage. We thought it was a rock or something, but the ass end of that tranny really started to shimmy and shake, cause the input shaft was off balance, and was really rocking in that ass end hard. Again, being stupid kids, we didn’t think of the consequences, and went faster….we were in a race, and had to get there first. The car started to vibrate pretty hard, the tranny was really wiggling its ass, the input shaft was wollering that backside hard…..then KAPOW!!! sounded like a rifle shot. The ass of the tranny snapped in two. The input shaft thankfully stayed in, but tranny fluid went everywhere. I’m glad we didn’t lose control from the tranny fluid hitting the tires. So much came out the tranny ass, that some shot up through the shift hole in the floor, and got some tranny fluid on our clothes. That dam tranny couldn’t hold up. We lost the race, and had to coast to the side of the freeway. It wasn’t the trannies fault really. We slammed the shaft in the ass too hard. forced it in so that one of the two weights popped off. It made the tranny ass shake too hard, and then we got fluid squirted on everything. It was a fun evening though, but I had to get a new tranny.

  • Big Whiskey

    The fascist left and their Gaystapo are a frightening, intolerant lot.

  • vutsrq

    Well, since transexualism is a biological impossibility that’s being foisted on us by sicko leftists, then there is no such thing as a tranny. So if the premise is fake, what’s the problem?

  • Hamish Morgenstern

    TRANNY….there….now yank me!

  • biffula

    So I guess saying fag is out of the question?

  • Captain Libslayer

    Minnesota – land of sick, twisted ultra-libtards. Hey, Minnysodans, listen to THIS – TRANNY TRANNY TRANNY WEIRDOS SICKOS MENTALLY ILL NUTS. How ya like that, you betcha? What a f’ed up land of Marxists. And to think my wife is dragging me up there to see her folks for Christmas. I’m gonna puke. And say the word TRANNY while I’m up there, over and over and over.

  • Jerry E. Fullerton

    Stupid bitch. Anyone could have told her it was OK to say Tranny on the radio. That she called the police is just moronic. Libtard should be kicked out of school for political correctness gone insane.

  • MPrck

    At first when that thing burst in on the boys, I thought in it’s explanation that it said tranny was a synonym of c–ksucker, so I played again. You’d think if someone is going to take 15 minutes before they take action they could at least use the computer on their desk to look up if it was a F.C.C rule, instead of just making it up !

  • duck

    Have one in the family. Upon review of its FB page
    the only person whose photo appears is it’s.

    Obviously, has issues with kinfolk and those who
    don’t need its friendship. Am figuring it’s life will be short.

    HE ain’t no girl ’cause he’ll never need tampons
    and won’t be able to produce a child ’cause he
    ain’t got the right plumbing for the job.

  • Orwellian Nightmare

    Show me the crime…

  • jackmeyhoffer

    What do you expect from idiots who send Al Franken to Congress and elect Jesse Ventura as Governor. Enjoy Sharia law and a bunch of exotic diseases that are coming your way after a few more Somalians settle there.

  • Johnny Smoketree

    Hahaha. The speech police at a public university who run a radio station have no clue about FCC regs because they’re morons. Stand strong, boys. Sue the school and fight your case to the bitter end. Odds are you’ll win this suit, keep your gig AND walk away with pockets full of university-provided dinero.

  • limn

    This smells like a ripe situation for 1st amendment type lawsuits to begin.

  • jackmeyhoffer

    Why were the cops stupid enough to get involved in this?

    • Bobserver

      I know they could be involved in name calling cases from kindergarten all the way up to the House???
      I hope they bill the person who made the call

  • presqueisle

    I’m not sure who’s going to destroy America first….feminists or blacks.

  • Archie Angel

    This dos not bode well for youth of America, being educated to be snowflakes. What is the PC to call Trannys ? hate speech ? what a laugh, or has Orwellen nightmare taken over America already?

  • rentslave

    Anti-sports betting laws are hate crimes by Jews against white males,but all they worry about are Mike Obama types.

  • Federico @LA

    This is a major problem we have with these feminazi tyrants. They are killing free speech and the country with their pc garbage. Who wants to live in a authoritarian world with these “B”‘s. I don’t! “F” them and “F” trannies also!

  • Dirty_Martini

    The more I read or hear about CRAZY BUT TRUE STORIES like this online or on TV, the more I notice that these situation are happening only in MINNESOTA

  • Burnt Orange

    Like almost ALL college administrators they just make it up as they go along without regard to the truth or reality. These kids were targeted by others who “called in” to the managers to complain. Being gutless cowards they lied and made up violations to shut down these student broadcasters. Abuses of power by leftwing college administrators are the normal course of action all over the nation.
    They should all be dragged into Court to explain their actions and using their position to violate the free speech of students who are paying their overinflated salaries. Nazism did not die in 1945 but is alive and well on the American University campus.

  • SJMWilco

    buy a spot on the edge of campus and open a transmission repair. advertise all over town for tranny repair.

    • SufferingFromFools

      tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny LOL

  • RetiredArmyGuy

    Snowflakes. How entertaining they are!

  • Fatty Kim Jong Un #Cheese Gang

    Talk about a clear violation of the First Amendment.

    And what if they were talking about a tranny on a car?

  • John Jones

    Friends tranny started acting up, shop said it would be $5,000 to replace the tranny. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be960fa2f2aba16b7016aa594cd6cfa2329c8fbeb3835cba972302c9ae70e74e.jpg

  • David Bradshaw

    apparently..the university can create FCC law and policy

  • Brian Patronie

    I would’ve told her to fuk off and get a real cop…

  • siylencedogood

    Show us the statute where “tranny” is included in FCC violations. I only found 7 banned words, and tranny wasn’t one of them.

    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      What are the seven? Misspell them for us. ha ha

  • ooonoe

    The thought police in action.

  • B.K.


  • Senior VP, Race Relations

    Podcasting is the future anyway.

  • Loogie7

    An institution of higher learning? Other than the weed; not really…

  • giorgio palmas

    sic semper trannys

  • David Bradshaw

    the real irony is, that these self important liberal SJW’s , as much as they despise cops, have no problem using them as a goon squad to deal with their petulant grievances

  • Brian Stoffers

    Is it specified in FCC regulations or something?
    I have serious doubts about that.
    it’s just a shortened word for transvestite, for crying out loud.
    And it’s nowhere near as graphic or vulgar as the “cocksucker” example the station manager gave.

  • parum imperium


    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      This word is banned. Your account is suspended.

      • parum imperium

        I am offended by the word banned, I demand a safe space and a therapy duck.

        • Sammy 4231 D.A.

          Here’s one I made up awhile back. Use it without attribution.

          ‘The word trigger triggers me. I hurt me every time I have to explain it.
          Send puppies and herbal tea.’

          It’s nearly identical to yours. ha ha. I used it around 20 times so far.
          Therapy duck. lol

          • parum imperium

            Best response I’ve gotten so far is “you spelled duck wrong” lol

  • Eddie Blake

    KUMM radio? Are we sure this is not The Onion?

    I wonder if the Univ of North Texas is K UNT? Seriously, did anyone think through that?

  • KansasGirl

    She enjoyed pulling them off air a little too much.

  • MarkY

    So C*ck S*cker is a hate word, who knew? I thought it was a compliment,

  • docscience

    Rule #1 NEVER let fascists control language.

    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      Especially humor.

  • Eruptus

    Really? Give us a break.
    So much for “freedom of speech”.
    The pc police are on the case.

  • gospace

    The police are supposed to know and enforce the law. By responding to a complaint about a non-existent law being broken, they violated the student’s rights, and are not covered by stating they were simply enforcing the law, because they weren’t. SUE THE POLICE! The police officer individually, and the department. And the university.

  • Dan Diego

    I do hope a lawsuit costs them lots of $$$

    • Mike Herman

      That would just be passed on to state taxpayers, but maybe the station manager would be fired as a result.

  • Farfel

    Can we call them “mentally ill”? Honestly, there is no FCC rule about “trannies”. The rule at U of MM is that only liberals statements may be made on their campus. Since it’s a State-owned school, I think that’s called a Violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution. But of course is Liberal-Land they make up the rules.

  • truthteller13

    TRANNY….TRANNY….TRANNY….I like that word

  • The Masked Avatar

    Can you say, Granny? Or Fanny? Pussy Willow?

  • Miguel Stevenson

    Oh my jesus lord we are doomed.

  • flyr

    Has anyone questioned if the adminstratior should be fired for commiting a an actual crime – telling the police a crime had been committed.

    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      …impersonating a person who read law.

    • RandDDude

      Not so sure – expect it was only a campus cop. If no actual police powers, conferred by a subdivision of the state, its just a security function hired by the college’s administrators to keep the kids in line on college property. On the other hand, if it’s a State-owned and -operated campus, the security force might have state’s authority behind them, no matter what they do. Interesting case.

  • PatrickHenryFan

    No First Amendment rights for students? Then no charter for the college. MAGA cut all federal funding, federal contracts and guarantees on student loans. Eat it, UMM. BTW, nice senator.

  • ob1 kanob

    Figures, U. of Mn.

  • xx

    I couldn’t handle my stick right so I ended up blowing my tranny.

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    trannys are some weird lookin things.

    • General

      You can’t say that or fvck.

  • Ryder

    Who was that c*nt that LIED about breaking the law?

    Why is she not fired for making false charges in order to violate the US Constitution?



    • OtisGumbo

      Right. I mean, it’s not like so-called “doxing”, which is revealing personal information about a person because you disapprove of their behavior… this pseudo female was/is the station manager, acting in its official capacity, misusing its power. At least tell its name and major, or if it is a non-student. It brought a police officer in, acting under (the cop was just doing his job, on behalf of the station manager) false color of law, citing a violation of FCC regulations that did not happen. In America, we cannot simply boss people around, making up fake laws to justify our behavior, and just skate by with no consequences. It’s no different than if she had kicked them out and told them, “White men are not allowed on the air by the FCC.”

      • Ryder

        I think I found it.

        From the KUMM Radio Website, the Station Manager is CARTER YOUNG.

        She can be reached at [email protected]

  • Robert Raulerson

    a better word for that would be an it or thing

  • Truth Seeker

    Yup for demonrat liberals, especially those on the payroll of public schools, any speech that’s offensive is a criminal offense while any criminal act of violence if done to stop what they deem as hate speech is condone as an act of heroism.
    Sick SOB’s!!!!!

  • Joe Smith

    From the article: “And so for today I am going to have you stop your show. Specifically tranny. That is a hate slur it is not allowed on radio.”

    Another self-appointed college “official” indulging her moral superiority by inventing “laws” that don’t exist in order to suppress a viewpoint she doesn’t share.

  • AnonymousMax

    The stations call letters are KUMM and you’re worried about the word tranny?

    • OtisGumbo

      There used to be a North Texas State University, which changed its name to University of North Texas. They had the sense to keep the call sign KNTSU.

  • skyway1234

    For some strange reason these students don’t realize we don’t live in a free country and we no longer have the right to free speech. Maybe the college should only allow “Stepford Students” that are actually robots and can only parrot what the faculty wish to hear, oops, I mean “Democrats.”

  • vulcan1500

    Minnesomalia is a PC state, represented by Al “Grab Your Tits” Franken, that breeds terrorists and buffoon liberals. The University of Minnesomalia obviously is a key cog in their development.

  • Jjr74

    Maybe chick with a stick instead?

    • AnonymousMax

      there are no “chicks with sticks”,..just guys who talk too much!

  • Maindrian Pace

    How about mutilated men?

  • Dan Rock

    If Howard Stern was the man he pretends to be, he’d be in the media talking about how these guys should have their gig back.

  • GeorgeHanshaw1

    Tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny.

  • Ryder

    From the KUMM Radio Website, the Station Manager is CARTER YOUNG.

    She can be reached at [email protected]

  • Where is the ACLU when you need them…..

    • Mike Herman

      Don’t bother them. They are still busy making sure Moms can kill their kids before they’re born and trannies can marry other trannies.

  • eddie willers

    I remember George Carlin’s act, “Seven Dirty Words”. Tranny was not one of them. If SJWs have their way, there will be hundreds of verboten words.

    • Mike Herman

      There already are.

    • Miss Mensa

      Probably as many words as there are new genders.

  • Mike Herman

    What did the cop charge him with? I see a false arrest lawsuit in his future.

  • bourgeoist

    tranny !!! tranny !!! tranny !!!

  • Mike Herman

    The college has a right to determine who works at their own radio station. They do NOT have a right to make up imaginary laws and call real cops to enforce them.

  • Bluthar

    Satanic fools on the left shore of the lake of fire

  • Dammitol

    I miss the days when the only tranny that concerned us was a 4-speed automotive gearbox.

  • Shaun Smith

    Gee what a ‘shocker’…the Left don’t like words like “tranny”..who’d’ve thunk it???

  • enzomedici

    That university should have it’s accreditation pulled and needs to be shut down.

  • Miss Mensa

    Trannies sure are sensitive snowflakes.

  • mysteriousguy48

    If they had been alternate lifestyle and used the term on the radio, nobody would have batted an eye, but because they are (presumably) white heterosexual males, they get kicked off the air.

  • “sounded like [they] were under the influence, which is an FCC violation.”

    If that were so, WGN would have been bankrupted by fines, during the Harry Carey era.

  • hurricanepaul

    Why do I get the feeling that if someone called Trump “Hitler” over the air, nobody would be kicked off the air?

    • Kaight

      Far from being kicked off, they would be offered more air time!

  • Ted Kennedy Memorial Fund

    For Pete’s sake, the call letters are KUMM – how does THAT get through?

  • Kaight

    Strong supporter here of MinnExit. Let Canada have those liberal idiots!!

  • Dave

    TRANNY! I await the authorities!

  • marantaz

    Remember when college radio stations were radicals calling for legalizing drugs and sex whenever whoever wherever? Those were the days. Over time, they gave us the Clintons and the Obamas and the Weinstein’s of the world, biker gangs delivering meth to rock and roll roadies, made the Cartels wealthy and half the nation so screwed up they need drugs to cope with anything.
    Now, some PC idiot thinks the word ‘tranny’ is ILLEGAL to say, and a cop will dutifully stand by to enforce that lunacy! Our universities are recruiting stations for todays Hitler Youth! Todays college students are so tender and sensitive that they need protection from being offended to the point that the Gestapo will drag the offenders out and (some day) shoot them!
    And a good time was had by all, and there was much rejoicing.

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    He needs to be thrown in prison for HATE SPEECH! In addition, ejected from college, and pay a very very very very stiff fine.

  • Bunnielake

    Trannys say Tranny….wtf is wrong with this world.

  • Denileriverafter

    They actually called the police, because someone said a word they did not like?!!! Can I call the police when someone uses the “f word”? Because THAT word offends me!! We have FREEDOM OF SPEECH in this country!! You can SAY anything! I would HOPE the police would arrest the caller for false reporting! There are REAL crimes going on, where people REALLY need help, and YOU wasted their valuable time with your IGNORANCE!! We can only HOPE no one DIED while you were playing your little mind game!!

  • Robert Schwartz

    All the Communist pigs running our colleges should be shot, hung tarred and feathered for the treasonous ways. America has to stand up to these pricks!

  • Dr. Ew (JR )✝️✝️✝️

    Obviously it wasn’t a ten bolt posi……

  • Jordan Miller

    These guys are president and vice president of their College Republicans chapter https://www.facebook.com/UMMCollegeRepublicans/ give it a like

  • Green Eagle

    .03% of the population are offended. The queer revolution run by the Zionists is at work.

    From: Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35
    January 10, 1963
    Current Communist Goals (selected from the 43 goals)
    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
    20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
    22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all
    good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

    Hmm, anything look familiar here?

  • Roger Cotton

    The inmates running the asylum got triggered by the word. Not surprising.

  • Dan Ros

    The University environment has been hijacked by fringe mental patients, foremost administrators, who shove Their political fascist agenda, via threat of expulsion. Soooo over.

  • Steve Vise

    Just more Liberals lying about the law to violate someone’s freedom of speech.

    • John Keller

      These Bolsheviks aim to make such things “the law.”

  • porterv

    Joan Rivers said on television that Michele/Michael Obama is a tranny and two weeks later she was dead under curious circumstances.

  • aki009

    And the leftards get their way again. Facilitated by campus thought police. Freedom of speech seems to only matter if it’s far-left speech.

  • Todd Smith

    I assume that no one went to KUMM website. I went to see who that female manager is. It appears she may also be a student. She is definitely very young! It could be Erin Wilaby or more likely it is Andrea Wathanaphone who is from Dallas and works as a nursing assistant that majors in communication and her hair is half blue & half black!
    She also worked on the costume crew for a school play. She also speaks Lao! She is President of UM Morris Orchestra Committee Members. BUT for the Bruce Lee Foundation she raised $0.00 , hm!?!?

    • John Keller

      The manager is the presumed female, “Carter Young.” Check out the photo:


      • Todd Smith

        The manager is Carter Young as you point out. But if you use proper reading comprehension you would know that it said “she” and did not say she was the station manager. That is why I wrote about her! Do re-read the article once more.

      • Todd Smith

        I believe the young man that said “student station manager “Misspoke about the true position. That is why I went with “she” and my focus was on Andrea.

  • John Keller

    It is appears the “station manager,” one “Carter Young,” is either a tranny itself, or some sort of “gender confused” individual.


  • Quasimodo

    Who decided tranny was derogatory?

    • John Keller

      A tranny. Look up the “station manager.”

  • Justin Denial

    Evidently Okay to say cocksucker… just not a tranny cocksucker. Esp if that tranny is stuck in reverse.

  • Jeff Campbell

    So if I say “I drive a manual tranny”,I can be arrested for using a Mexican slur?

  • sones1

    No First Amendment in Tranny World.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    tranny, tranny! tranny tranny TRANNY! lol, what i hate most is how these pc pussbaits just lie their a**es off to impose their wills. we’re taking you off the air because you violated fcc rules by saying tranny. um, that’s not a violation of fcc rules. well, we’re taking you off the air because you violated fcc rules by being intoxicated on air. um, we weren’t intoxicated and even if we were it doesn’t violate fcc rules. well, we’re taking you off the air because … (i’ll take people who should be clubbed like baby seals for $200, alex)

    • Iowa10

      College campi (cowpie) are isolated from real society. That’s why so many pathetic people try to remain wrapped within “academia’s” smelly arms.

  • Iowa10

    Hey punk thugs, here: trannies are sick perverts. And it is sinful.

  • Talcum X

    Dear Dems:


    Trump-Pence 2020!

  • Jim

    TRANNY, is a bad word that liberals need to call police over? Literal THOUGHT POLICE.

  • Sue the shit out of the fucking worthless school.

  • Beverly Barstad

    This is complete BULL shizzz

  • mnc77024

    Jeezly fucking Christ. Can’t say tranny? My lord, you would think this was San Francisco. People are turds.

  • Spectre_ AD

    I just looked the words up and tranny is not one of them.

  • Andy Parker

    When I saw the word “tranny”, I first thought they were using the word as a short version of “transistor” – years ago, transistor radios were called “trannies”.

  • bubba1984

    Classic liberal college adminstrator making up laws that don’t exist. Just like limiting free speech to specific “zones”. Time to sue these fascists.

  • Kenneth

    The lefties are the true fascists.

  • HollywoodDeporter

    Truely pathetic reaction by “the station manager” . worse if any school official backed up the nonsense. I’d sue the pants off every one that attempted to embolden napoliantic rule.

  • Flynn Vornigold



    Hope this helps.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Every time somebody tells me the stoopidist Americans are in the Northeast &/or on the loony Left Coast I remind them of Minnesota.

  • Mikey-Da-P

    Some people have nothing better to do than harass others.

  • Leone

    Oh, this has just got to be heading to the Supreme Court…Tranny is not an FCC violation…Nor does the FCC have the right to criminalize thoughts on the air…Free speech…It can’t ever be compromised if it’s to remain free.

    • RandDDude

      Probably not; it takes too much money, to take this to the Supremes. Maybe they should start a crowdfunding page…

      • Leone

        Thankfully, plenty of public interest groups revere the First Amendment…It’s well worth fighting for…Pro Bono…Bet on it, Dude.

  • Colleges are packed with moron administrator snowflakes who wimp out to PC. Maybe they are all tranny hotos.

  • Jonathon Quentin Public

    I self identify as a giraffe so we need to raise all the ceilings or I’ll feel cramped.

  • I do not find the ‘T’ word offensive. Many trans women are fed up with being used as a prop for the feminist-libtard agenda.
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/CXVScdQEUoea/ #BitChute

  • 2inthehat

    Holy f #%^ k this country is in TROUBLE!

  • Angry Mancave

    They are just harassing these kids because they are conservative. They will continue to make up false allegations to prevent them from broadcasting. If these kids were doing a liberal show, we wouldn’t be reading about it. I hope these two start a podcast – this way they can broadcast what they want.

  • Mystick

    This is just another example of the fascist left doing what fascists do, censoring free speech.

  • Snufy

    The colleges all seem to be going deeply to the left. So what if someone is offended by some PC bullcrap? Get a life!

  • Shamus


  • jaa dee

    if the left don’t quit this shit TRUMP will be king FOREVER

  • Truth Be1st

    I bet she supports maxine of course fascist would. What a idiot how do they get into positions of authority. Never mind😵

  • TheMadKing

    Did this happen in America, really? The Thought Police are no longer an Orwellian fantasy. How else would you describe this episode, which is essentially authoritarian punishment of PC blasphemy in an arbitrary and capricious fashion in which no established law was broken and due process be damned? It is blackly ironic that the First Amendment is dying on the vine on college campuses, in the media and in politics where it should and MUST flourish the strongest if liberty is to survive in this nation. We Americans must either destroy political correctness and its malicious fascist agents parading as paragons of societal virtue, or it will destroy all that we have fought, suffered, died and sacrified oceans of blood and treasure for, and I say that as a six-year veteran who has seen the darker corners of the earth.

    • RandDDude

      Thank you, for your service to the land of the free, in those dark corners.

  • evola33

    Remove Critical Theory from all college curriculum. It is a Communist Trojan Horse.

    • TheMadKing

      Critical Theory is an oxymoron applied to this situation. There is no critical thinking. It is pure reactionary knee-jerk PC by its Stalinist practionioners and the spineless cowards who fear them and go along so that they don’t wind up in the same crosshairs as these two DJs. When did we Americans start losing our balls? Stand up to these fascists now or get used to the kneeling position.

  • Donkey Hottie

    Someone got triggered.

  • iiRAN

    The tolerant Left, not.

  • G Bailey

    Is there a tranny Professor at that school, perhaps? Maybe they need to be doxxed.

  • TimmyH


  • Diana Bruby

    tranny tranny tranny tranny

  • TimmyH

    Liberals are the lowest form of life in the universe. I have more respect for E. Coli

  • Alexion

    Albrecht received an email from the radio station manager that pulled back slightly on its allegations.

    If you can’t find a violation then make up new ones.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me….Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    If I was in college now… as opposed to 40+ years ago… I would’ve been executed by now for some of the things I said and did back then… like calling homosexual men the dreaded “F” word, referring to blacks as “colored people”, good looking girls as “chicks”… Back then I don’t believe we ever referred to transsexuals as “trannys”… we just called them “confused”… and that was putting it nicely. Heck… we used to open doors and pull out chairs for young coeds… understand a guy could get shot on campus for that nowadays!

  • blackKWEEN

    Well tranny sounds waaay better than a fudge packing, degenerate, queer…..which is what I would have called it.
    I wonder if that breaks FCC rules?

  • chris999

    Jews have totally mind fucked Americans….ridiculous

  • Ayatollyahso

    “Neither [saying the word ‘tranny’ nor broadcasting while under the influence] is a violation of FCC rules.”

    Done “cocksuckers…” : Take your newspeak to your safe space and have a vente soy latte’.

  • Joe

    Those students should sue that woman in her personal and professional capacities (criminal and civil) and the school itself.

  • saturn

    compliance with DJ expectations and station standards

    I.e.we don’t like conservative shows.

  • no

    Long gone are the days when a college or university were where the free exchange of ideas and openness abounded; now, just a bunch of establishment leaders and students parroting what the DNC, socialist and communist say while shutting down open debate.

  • Mark Twain, Will Rogers, and a long line of satirists are turning in their collective graves. As for Tranny, was it an automatic or stick shift. If it was an automatic don’t forget to check it’s dipstick. As for playing two songs per hour, I guess they should have tried some rap crap. There is more social commentary that . Just listen to “F” this a dats, screws dos and thems. What dose the FCC say about that music? But of course they are not because des peoples woulds make a biggest “F’n” fuss about it. Remember RAPPER lives matter and the way some of da brothers are being knocked off theys needs to be a protected species. Oh so early in the morning to have to use the right right part of my brain to attempt written satire. Hey guys I am a 74 year old white guy whats dose yous expect.

  • Freddy Merks

    I know when myh wife blows her trany or the guy lubricating her tranny forgets the plug and the fluid flows like a rainbow from its rearend things get hearted pretty quick and then it hole starts smoking leaving all the poilce wondering why they were called to clean up a messy rearend involved in a what was a hogh speed cockersucker of a problem to begin with. Then the shit hits the pumpkin and blows its seal all over the guy smoking a fag while his own tranny is sucking wind.

  • Sicilian Papa

    The left needs to come out with their snowflake list with all the words that are now forbidden. Meanwhile they can say the most vile, nasty things about Christ and Christians.


  • Ilmlon2017

    I’m glad I’m not in college today because the entire college experience has been hijacked and destroyed by the left. It’s Orwellian!


  • obamasux

    Oh dear, here we go: “Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny.” Glad I got that out of my system. NOT!!!

  • MewCat100 .

    Hope the endowment is in offshore accounts, because this is a clear first amendment violation.

  • Good fertile ground for lawsuit, since “tranny” certainly not a prohibited word. Ypoung lib girl about to get her first taste of real law. But school can shut down the program, that’s easy enough.

  • Justanaveragejoeinsc

    The student was visited by the campus Gestapo. Fascism is alive and well in our institutions of higher learning. Will he sent off to a concentration camp for “re-education?”

  • Zeds

    Thought Crime. Democrats/Liberals support this fully.

  • Ceegen

    Since when is “tranny” not covered by freedom of speech? Dumb.

  • Trump Rules Obama fools

    sticks and stones is what antifa throws but words words words words hurt the demorats leftist emasculated swine. So straight normal heterosexual male are evil because female shemale black white yellow red cry about Tranny gay homo Sissy fudge packers??? CRAZY

  • Guido01

    Never call them trannies. They are chicks with sticks.

  • Filet-O-Fug

    …lol, don’t be stupid kid, it’s only YOUR freedom of speech that’s being suspended…

  • Trump Rules Obama fools

    The pres. of the college might be a trans sexual pervert like Kevin Spacey or Charlie Sheen Estivez. Too funny what they (leftist homosexuals on campus) are really concerned about is that they have a show called “Deplorable Radio” . They cannot stand that name alone.

  • smokeybandit

    What radio station was it? Snowflake radio?

  • owenmagoo

    Makes me hate trannies and people who make sh-t up to defend them.
    I see them as a threat to free speech, the constitution, and this country.

    I would love to not care, but that isn’t an option. Thanks Nazis.

  • Plantaganetheir

    Student station manager should be removed from duties immediately and disciplined. She is a fascist.

  • GladImRetired

    You know there’s a problem when facts become hate speech. I left the US 12 years ago. I’m not going back.

  • Delphinus13

    George Orwell called it. More liberal Fascism.

  • More college Liberals, ARROGANT Parasites that should ALL be terminated WE have a VERY SICK mess Emotional retards running our colleges Who do these KOOS tthink they are MNORITIES that cant’ decide which bathromm to use or who the are AND we cater to these unbalanced sickos

  • SMH2

    Snowflake Central

  • Wild Bill Kinda

    “Tranny” is a perfectly fine word to use.

  • owenmagoo

    The university called the police because the DJs didn’t play two songs per hour?

  • Thrill22cl

    the communist has one last line of defense. The schools.

    Just like the Islamic State the progressive must be destroyed.

  • Fed up

    Freedom of Speech is in the ICU.

  • Frantic_human

    Haw. Haw. Haw.

    Send those kids to college, people. Get ’em that fine eddication.

    Most of ’em are better off in a trade school learning something useful.

  • Trumpagator

    Sue the hell out of the school. You do not have the right not to be offended.

  • gimmesometruth

    tranny. tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny. There.

  • owenmagoo

    Stupid women are why Trump won.
    Hillary is exhibit A.

  • obamasux

    Dear me. What will become of my favorite name for my favorite president, Jihad Tranny Liberace Castro Dildola (Obama)?

  • dilligent_1

    Ah, the tolerant left…

  • Seerightthere!

    The kids are correct, when you don’t have a sea of Tranny’s to hide in Antifa sticks out like a sore thumb! LOL

  • owenmagoo

    40% of trannies try suicide.
    The picture of mental health. If we really want to keep them safe, hide sharp objects and keep them in rubber rooms.


    the left cant face reality, dressing like a garish freak makes a man no more a woman than putting a saddle on a pig makes it a horse

  • Abe27

    Child: Dad, what is a tranny?
    Dad: It’s that thing under the car that helps it drive?
    Child: That’s weird. Why would someone want to ma

  • Harold Melton

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA…snort snort hohohohohoho…, calling the cops for saying the word Tranny? Now if this isn’t the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard I don’t know what is. …hee-haw, hee-haw…

  • Diogenes1949

    Actually, falsely accusing the student of violating the law is defamation per se.

    As a lawyer with decades of experience in this area of the law, it will be interesting to see how this case works out.

  • M2000

    Hey Leftists, try the other T word…TYRANT and see where that goes with you. Screw these transgender/gender neutral pronouns they’re basically Sharia Law but for the Left….

  • S Davis

    They will win their case in court, Its called freedom of speech, or freedom to offend speech.

  • Goodtoo

    I’m pretty sure the clinical term is transvestite…..so with all of the slang and abbreviations in the English language what’s wrong with a little abbreviation here?
    PC world gone mad

  • Jorge

    Liberals are liars, Liberals are bigots.
    Saying tranny is not a violation of any FCC standards.
    Liberals are ignorant.

  • Max42

    Compared to the hate filled, vulgar, language used on late night television shows against the President, this is child’s play.

  • Izula

    The hypocrisy is monumental. Wouldn’t “deplorable” be an equivalent alleged intolerance or use of a hateful slur? Of course it is. How about “Drumpfer” or something? That carries intended negative connotation.


  • Jorge

    Is the word bizarre freaks allowed to describe trannys?

  • John Phillips

    The purpose of most college stations is to give you a leg up getting a job at a real radio station when you leave school. You get to make mistakes there that don’t cost the station loss of ad revenue (they are non-commercial) and you learn where the boundaries are. Among those lessons is how to deal with incompetent and generally stupid, vindictive general managers. You’ll find plenty of them in the real radio stations. You have a perfect example of one at the campus station: a person who is clearly wrong about FCC rules and has no more sense than to have the campus police summoned is running the place. When you takes chances and press the boundaries, you’re going to step on highly polished shoes. Learn how to do the dance without stepping on those shoes. That’s what school is about.

  • Rn

    Get a lawyer. That’s a clear violation of your constitutional right to free speech. They even have it on tape. Sue the university. You will definitely win. I can’t believe an institution of higher learning has so little understanding of the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

  • Mark Maloney

    Holy sh*t snacks!! That woman showed up with a cop and declared the word “tranny” a hate speech word that is not allowed to be said by the FCC. That is completely f*cked up. Beyond f*cked up.

  • Bernie Bernstein

    Why is tranny an offensive word?

  • orlfla

    Only when Democrats turn this country into sniveling, whimpering, cowards who cry when they are referred to by a name they dislike will they be satisfied. The TRUE party of hate is the Democrat party because they hate this country so much their heads are exploding.

  • Jack Coyote

    Is it okay to say lesbians equals ratings?

  • Abe27

    I guess we might as well arrest everyone that says FU to someone. Isn’t that hate speech? When did tranny become a hate speech? It’s more like shortcut descriptive speech. It’s part of our culture. Tranny is short for transmission. It happens to also be short for transsexual or transvestite. The word is just tooo Long.

  • Ethel Weiss

    Tranny, tyranny – was ist die Verschiedenheit…

  • SirDiesAlot

    Thats bravo sierra. The word ‘Tranny’ is not banned by the FCC.

    Is it?

  • quaichang

    The offending show was quickly replaced with, “An Hour of I s l a m.”
    Followed by the jaunty comedy, “The Wisdom Of Mao.”
    Listening is now REQUIRED by the University.

  • Deplorable_Paul

    This was not an FCC violation. Saying Tranny on air is not illegal. It isn’t even particularly an offensive speech issue. This was nothing more nor less than forbidding political free speech. The explanation that the campus was too small for the formation of a gang of one type or another is actually insightful. The guy was very right that was his violation. Today’s PC Culture simply cannot tolerate the truth. Having eyes that work and a brain that can see the cause to the effect is not permitted. — NOTE this is the USA we have a 1st Amendment this crap should not be happening.

  • Chicago Lampoon

    The leftist administrators said they feared the costs of a complaint to the FCC.

    But they have a realistic prospect of incurring costs now, as groups such as FIRE have been successfully suing schools that violate their students’ constitutional rights.

  • AZDesertDude

    In my day the 1960’s “Tranny” referred to a car’s TRANSMISSION!

  • Art Vandalay

    These kind of attacks can and will be easily turned around on these dopes. They just don’t see it, but just look at some of the other nations in the world, some where a woman is not allowed to walk next to her husband, or look hi in the eyes. Usually the kind of places they idolize.

  • canoe39

    These poor deluded young men. They must think that there is freedom of speech on college campuses.

  • eat poo
    • Truth Be1st

      A hideous looking one at that👍

  • pmxpilot

    Perverts are sucking our freedoms out of the public life with the help of universities.

    • Griefner

      Well….. that has been the plan for the last 40 years.

  • owta spAc

    Insane. Tranny is short for transvestite. Ph uckin weirdos anyway!

  • FrozenPatriot

    This is especially sad for a station whose tagline is, “K-U-M-M, the only station that puts kumm in your ear…” I know people who have gone to UMM and wish the story would’ve included this…

  • Jim1937

    Will someone show these morons how to change the station or turn of the radio if they don’t like what is said?

  • Elmo

    Universities use to be bastions of free speech and free thinking. Now they are little more than costly day care where those principals are now criminal.

    • Jorge

      All because of the LGBTQ folks.
      I don’t care about people’s feelings when it is at the cost of normal human culture.

  • Joe Schmolen

    A little bit of power can corrupt people of little character.

  • Jorge

    What if a race car driver blew his tranny?
    What if Al Franken’s tranny was leaking fluid?

  • ata777

    How much longer are students and/or their parents going to pay tens of thousands of dollars to be treated like prisoners in a gulag?

    • Jorge

      The parents are becoming them.

  • Skipper Crow

    MN voters go after you’re elected officials and get all state funding pulled from this bigoted so called university.

  • CRyan

    That humorless lesbian, b***h, leftist fascist was listening to their show intensely, just waiting for an excuse to pounce on them!

    • Scott G

      I hope those 3 students pursue this as far as they can legally. they were taken off the air under a lie by that fascist minion

  • AW

    This is the dumbest story ever. Wait, maybe not, unless it’s about Trump’s denial of his Russian collusion.

    • Jorge

      We have proof Hillary colluded with the Russians. Definitive proof she & the DNC paid money to them for the fake dossier.
      We have zero proof Trump did.
      Also, since when is collusion against the law?

    • RevJules

      Huh? After better than a year of investigation into the “collusion” issue, nothing. Try to keep up. I know its tough but you can do it if you really try. Okay, maybe not.

    • Smoak

      Rotten Clinton should face a firing squad for her proven collusion.

    • Griefner

      I see you’re getting your Soros Troll check in again.

  • Smoak

    “Tranny” is no longer allowed. Now you must say “phucking phaggots.” Better now?

    • Jorge

      We can call the queers, it is part of their acronym LGBTQ.

      • Smoak

        queer: “kwir” adjective 1. strange; odd. Yep that sounds about right.

  • Which brings us to the non-homosexual, non male, “usage” of the word faggots.

    • RevJules

      Which would be another word for something to do with a “burning log”, thus the term “flaming faggot”. Lol.

      • LOG? Nah, THAT faggot is a bundle of bound sticks, generally used for cooking fires, but also for heat. MAAAAYYYYYBE for building material..
        Although that Roman symbol of fascism of the bound rods, that traditionally adorns judges benches , and political buildings, as “decorative trim”…..

  • Chris P Bacon

    George Carlin is spinning and cussing in his grave.

    • RevJules

      I still mourn his passing. He would have had a great time with all this leftist crap.

  • Suwaneegeorgia (TCB)

    fascist college administrators. good grief.

    • Susan Vue

      All of us need to fear the likes of fascist college administrators getting their hands on armed drones combined with AI. They could justify the slaughter of all Tea Party members

  • Griefner

    Instead of saying Tranny, could we please use the phrase Confused Psychotic Chromosome Denier.

  • iRickie

    Just a sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania… who knew Rocky Horror was a glimpse into Future America

  • Clete Torres ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦ ᵃᵈᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Sounds like a bunch of trannies run the radio station and they got their panties in a knot over a word.

  • Susan Vue

    Just think we used to hospitalize delusional people.Now we’re just supposed to pretend they are normal and pay to change the world & their bodies to assist their delusions.

  • Quo Vadis

    Is there any doubt colleges and universities are educating a generation that will not be prepared to lead the country ?

    • Griefner

      It’s been more than one generation and historically speaking, it’s one of the few things that Progressives have done successfully.

  • Smokey Jones

    Fk political correctnetss, call a spade a spade and a fag a fag, thats whats wrong with the world today you’re afraid to hurt some snowflakes feelings, I say Fk you and all the Democratic B/S that goes with it.

  • What a bunch of TRANNY SNOWFLAKES!

  • T-Rex

    Maybe those DJ’s can get a couple of nfl players to kneel for their freedom of speech. Like that’s ever going to happen.

  • SteveStuning

    OK, either we have a First Amendment that allows Freedom Of Speech, or we live under the Democrat version of Political Correctness. When did the US Constitution get shredded, who did it, and why the HEII are We the People allowing it to happen on our watch? When did “tranny” become the equivalent of saying “fvck” on the air?

  • SignifyingJive

    What is the station manager’s name?

  • DINORightMarie

    Sadly, the only option is for these guys to get the on-the-record decision via the “with a bang” vote, then sue the university over it.

    As they implied at one point, falsely: costing the university money is the ONLY way to get them to stop this communist PC censorship on campuses.

    Sue them till they go belly up, I say. They all need to be re-orged with boards, administrations, and executive steering committees that will get them back to being true places of enlightened education, with open, free speech being the foundation of that ethos.

  • Sigint

    They should sue the manager and the U. But what would you expect from a state college in a state that would elect Frankenstein as a Senator? Then again, maybe the station manager was a tranny? The Left yells racist and hate speech at everything they don’t like. A word in itself is not hate speech, it is the context that must be unlawful, not a word.

  • Confusion Reigns

    The outlawing of speech……tyranny HERE WE COME…with bells on apparently.

    • D’Artagnan the Deplorable

      And glitter. Lots of it.

  • D’Artagnan the Deplorable

    Hey trannies. You are FREAKS!

  • JL99

    Mein Gott, welche Seite gewinnt? Es ist manchmal schwer zu sagen. Aber eines bin ich mir sicher. Der Führer wäre stolz auf diesen Hochschulbeamten.

  • Jake Lakota

    Wow. I guess Howard Stern made zero impact on moronic station execs. Two songs an hour. What a lie. How come when I complain nothing happens but one liberal whines the whole world stops?

  • ukalally

    college is where stupid kids go in order to learn how to hate white people and their society. that is the only knowledge they come out with. can you imagine a kid joining the military to fight for a country where the govt is destroying the foundation it was built on

  • Jim

    Someone tell the Word police witch, that saying ‘TRANNY isn’t breaking the law, it’s just a campus code. Difference is: one is actually law, the other is a rule made up by snowflakes who think they have authority

    • Melchizedek

      The snowflakes do have the authority, because they run American colleges and universities, and the Trump Administration, especially AG Jeff Sessions, as well as Republicans at the state level, do nothing about it,

      • ukalally

        all the gop ever did for 40 years is lie to the voters. what they did do is help the dems to destroy the country. all right wing talk show hosts are actors also in it for the money. if they do not point out that jews are responsible for bringing society to this level means they are in on it

  • Deplorable bob

    Oh my, words that offend freaks.

  • Oboy_must_go

    If this university received federal funds, this could be a violation of his first amendment rights.

    • Melchizedek

      As a practical matter, college students have no First Amendment rights because the Trump Administration, and in particular the Sessions DOJ, will not enforce the law against the Leftist who run Anierca’s colleges,

  • Jeff Oregon

    Tranny is a bad word? A hate slur? Give me a break. The PC police are freaking insane.

  • TomPaine16

    This is the control that universities have used to silence voices. “Someone” complained. “Someone” or “someones” paid for a phony dossier and then used this phony dossier to spy on Americans. What administration did this? Does anybody see a connection?

  • Mark Sman

    Just say f uck you, Minnesota.

  • Melchizedek

    College — where American young men are sent to be taught how to be feminist cucks and young women are sent to learn how to be feminist beeoches.

    • ukalally

      trouble is the boys were raised mostly by tattooed sperm bank women. you cannot turn a man into a candy a s s in a class room. it aint working on the re tar ded negro ball players

      • Melchizedek

        There’s no need to make racist comments. It’s white people, not black people and certainly not African American athletes, who are the problem, because they run the country.

        • ukalally

          it is funny LA RAZA PANTIFA BLM BLACK PANTHERS $PLC ACLU call me a racist also so you are in good company. how much do you send them? white people run the country just for gays trannies jews and minorities. whites pushed to the back

  • Scut Farkus

    Tranny problems? Better call AAMCO!

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    Such a small percentage of the population with mental illness has so much power in this country. Just mind boggling. Political correctness is going to finish ruining this country unless people wake up and get rid of it.

  • Ellen Weinstein

    That’s not on George Carlin’s list. Why does the left always have to lie to get their way? Say you don’t like it and kick them off, don’t blame a law that doesn’t exist you worthless coward.

  • Look

    What about Feminazi-word-police, does that violate ‘your’ so called law?

  • trucky

    What in the world are these people going to do when there is a real threat? Melt into a puddle of transmission fluid?

  • Inconsequential

    Having been in around that community quite a bit, I can tell you tranny is the most oft use word to describe themselves or others. Of course I’m referring to funny drag queen black trannies. Not uptight liberal pseudo lesbian white female speech restricting trannies.

  • Chris Farley

    Nope. its definitely not true that colleges and left leaning college drop outs want free Speech removed..

  • Melchizedek

    We elected Donald Trump to put and end to things like this. Instead, he appointed Jeff Sessions to head the DOJ, a man who thinks his main priorities are to arrest low level marijuana dealers and encourage local police to conduct more civil forfeitures.

    • ukalally

      sessions is a POS. Jason chavetz resigned the gop cause he said once sessions was in he went to get info on Clinton to start investigation. he was denied. he said it was easier to get that info from the Obama DOJ. can you believe this?

  • lemonhead1947

    I have watched this censorship explode over the years and it is not a funny matter any longer. When I got into broadcasting there were the six “words” that you could not say…referring to bodily functions and body parts. Now its ideas that are being monitored or encouraged, depending on which side of the asexual, binary lobby you preside in. Its disgusting and dangerous.

  • user81

    I signed on to say something but I actually don’t know where to begin. There is so much wrong. History tells us nations are destroyed by implosion. We are seeing it now. Hitler said in a major speech that he does not care about them……I want your children. College WAS a place where free views we encouraged and welcomed. After WWII the German people said they didn’t know. Germans that knew said the couldn’t do anything about it. Americans said you could have stopped it. Refused to to it.
    My question……. where is America in history?

    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      I was thinking on this, and the human capacity for suggestion and gullibility.
      Salem Witch Trials, we start with zero witches. One girl makes up crap. Suddenly, within two weeks, we have a tribe of children who can point out witch after witch, terrifying everyone into believing them; since the danger of talking sense is torture and a noose.

      The same happened in the 1970s with Repressed Memory Syndrome. Men went to jail over false evidence presented by ‘experts’ who got kids thinking terrible things happened; and they repressed them out of horror, but now….
      It was a frenzy that ran through our courts for years. The danger of talking sense is again accusal. The ‘experts’ could find a kid in anyone’s life, work some magic, tag, you’re it.

      Lenin/Stalin did it to Russia; before Hitler threw his first victim into a camp in the early 30s. Hitler conditioned the German public to hate Jews for years. But, he threw Christian leaders into camps for refusing Polygenism race theory. After awhile, fear took over. No one would oppose the idea that Adam and Eve were Teutons; and all other races were animals. The flock in Catholic and Lutheran pews never heard different for a decade.
      He didn’t attack Jews until he invaded Austria. When it worked there, he went after German Jews.

  • James

    Word police out in force. Orwell was a genius.

    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      War is Strength

  • lbeacham

    It should be ok to say Tranny on the radio show for college students, but it should never be acceptable to be a Tranny anywhere, anytime.

  • Monty Simmons

    Can’t say “Liberal Cocksucker” on the air? Darn – what about “Liberal Bitch loser on a power trip?”

  • lbeacham

    It should be ok to say Tranny on the radio show for college students, but it should never be acceptable to be a Tranny anywhere, anytime, period.

  • gdnctr

    Pathetic little snowflakes. They have a real shock coming when they finally get out into the world.

  • Peter Wiggin

    Poor “trannys”…

    …what are they going to call themselves now?

    “I’m a transsexual”…

    …they probably should have consulted with a group of “transsexuals”, before they took away their identities

  • rdsouza

    The global warming police on its anti-automobile crusade?

  • EmjayTLCDRUSNRet

    Sue the crap out of them!

  • ukalally

    the jews knew what they were doing when they took over the media and the colleges

  • hyphenatedamerican

    ““Upon further consultation with University officials, we have come to the conclusion that our language concerns have been determined to not be in violation of FCC community standards.”

    These people are illiterate.

  • Jim Sweet

    Against the law? Geez, are all of these clowns this delusional?

  • Gringo Bandit

    Hey U of Minn-Morris, the truth hurt you too much?

  • Oboy_must_go

    That liberal chick needs to be fired.

  • Stephen Phillips

    So tranny, fag, etc are terrifying words to the safe space college kids. Man, are they going to be in for a shock when they realize the work place uses those words plus many more on a daily basis.

  • Students need to file suit against the university on 1st amendment grounds. That is the only way to stop this nonsense.

  • The Un-PC Truth


  • rtc_MA

    Sue … Sue some more … and Sue again! The thought police have to be brought down!

  • Miles Tugo

    As soon as he realized he was going to say “tranny,” he should have shifted gears.

    • Oboy_must_go


      • Miles Tugo

        Because it would have been funny.

  • jnobfan

    Why is Tranny a forbidden word? What about redneck,cracker,monkey? Whats next ? God,Caucasian,negro,mongoloid,crazy pedophile where does this end?

    • jnobfan

      Should have shifted to 3rd


    Typical Nazi College Educators… Doesn’t surprise me…

    • Miles Tugo

      The FCC should strip the station’s license for suppressing free speech.

  • Sampson

    That’s why these little idiots are so dangerous. If they ever get into power, they won’t hesitate to use the totalitarian power of the State to oppress and attack those that they see as political enemies.

    • Jojo DeMarco

      You mean like using the IRS to go after political opponents? Using the intel agencies to spy/wiretap political candidates? Welcome to 2010-2016

      • Sammy 4231 D.A.

        Rice didn’t get reports, and unmask unknown names.
        She submitted names, and had them unmasked in unknown reports.
        That’s a crime, ain’t it?

  • LysolMotorola

    Stalin would approve.

    • Oboy_must_go

      So would obama

  • Pauly Bagadonuts

    Classic Communist governing tactics.
    Just remember how many millions of kids have been brainwashed already to accept all of this.

  • ounceoflogic

    Political Correctness WILL kill America, if it hasn’t already.

  • Man_in_PA

    School makes up fictitious reasons to shut down speech of someone who does not tow the leftist line.

  • Dexter Dudley

    It’s beginning. And it won’t end well for many on the Alt-Left, SJWs, “victim class”, identity politics.

    Because the left is not organized around a single goal based upon a rational argument, they will soon hit a tipping point. Instead, those on the left have entered a free-for-all mosh pit of victim signaling. Who can be more of a victim than someone else. Gay? Queer? Married to their cat? (So what? What do you know? I’m married to my non-binary gay cat. How could you have any idea what it’s like?). There’s a difference between being born with no legs and society doing what it can to aid this person so they can live the best life possible…and someone born with legs, cutting them off on their own, then demanding the same from society. Can we create our own victimhood persona?

    What’s coming around the corner very soon, is the “big demand”. First they intend to guilt straight white America into accepting their manufactured minority class. When White America pushes back, they’re labeled Racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. Next, the big demand is made. Pay up! “It’s not our fault we’re this way. But it’s White America’s fault we’re persecuted (really? By whom? Not white Americans.). We demand unearned Special status, unearned victim class status, Special rights, etc. And if it’s not provided on our terms – it’s because you’re a racist, bigot, homophobe, etc.

    No – it’s because we’re broke and you chose to live that way like white America chooses to live the way it does.

    It’s called the great social shakedown of the 20-teens. The Alt-left learned how to use the mainstream media and social media to create a victim narrative that goes beyond sympathy…to one that pays!

    Watch this storyline closely over the coming months. Watch as they build their case for special housing free from straight people but paid for by straight Americans fearful of being labeled a biggot. They know what straight America is afraid of and they’re about to use it to move to the head of the victimhood line. The only question will be how those who are already there will feel about the new comers.

    The Israelis are right. Never negotiate with a terrorist.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Somewhere out there is a lawyer with dollar signs in his eyes.

  • LCarolynn

    Too much..Demand a refund of your tuition money. That is ridiculous.

  • Mshoestar

    What if Obama’s motorcade stopped and stated it was because of Tranny issues. Would that be wrong? Because some might take it as a automotive issue or a wife issue.

  • Tapperbill Anyday

    What a bunch of Nazi brown shirts. There was a time believe it or not when college was considered a fun place to be. Socialism ruins everything it touches.

  • USMCSniper

    No wonder the education system in America is in trouble.

  • Professional Comedian

    WOW, straight out of China or even Nazi Germany.

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    Political correctness is intellectual poison.

  • pocchr

    There ain’t no suchlaw. The College is BSing those folks. Sue the Collage.

  • LCarolynn

    You want to regulate what words people say? so sick of this.

  • Ben Dover Jr.

    As a former Broadcaster, let me assure you, fellow readers, that the word “Tranny” is not NOW, or ever HAS BEEN, on the list of words you can’t say. George Carlin got it right:

  • Fed Up

    Thank Gawd for the New Media.

    Because through it, fortunately, these young men’s case has been appealed to the highest court in our land- the court of public opinion.

    And it’s my guess that at this very minute the Brownshirts of The University of Minnesota-Morris and it’s administrators are running for their proverbial lives from the s**t-storm raining down on their heads.

    And rightly so.

  • LCarolynn

    Seems like attending many universities is like going into China of old where you can be arrested for disagreeing with the ‘government’

  • Professional Comedian

    I’d like to hear what is said about our President at that Radio Station.

  • Sonny Crockett

    They all believe the government should protect them not only from outside invasion but from words. It’s astonishing how this nation has been neutered by the left and it’s concerted proxies.

  • Guest

    The host in question was also caught writing “poop” on the public restroom wall.

  • rightoutwest

    Tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny!!!!!

    • numag

      How DARE you offend my sensitive ears!

  • Ben Dover Jr.

  • Professional Comedian

    Do they think Free Speech is just for a Well-Regulated Militia only too?

  • LCarolynn

    So it is okay to use vulgarity in rap songs that offend how many people, and play them is accepted because it is a ‘cultural expression’ so to speak, but you can’t say the WORD Tranny? As if people aren’t offended by vulgarity in rap ? Really? Can you say hypocritical?

    • Professional Comedian

      Cop Killa’ Rap Music is awarded!

    • numag

      You catch on fast.

  • Divine Friend

    *Wanted* Tranny for a 2012 Ford Escape’.

    • numag

      Excuse me! That word is no longer acceptable. You must use the full word TRANSMISSION from now on or you will be placed on report. This is your final warning.

  • numag

    Snowflake alert! Snowflake alert! An anonymous individual is speaking a word that may be offensive. Cover ears immediately. Repeat. Cover ears immediately!

    • IbSnooker

      They can’t hear you, they’re covering their ears.

      • numag

        Well, I tried.

  • SurfCfl

    It’s obvious they were looking for any excuse to kill the show. But I’m sure they’d have no problem hosting a NAMBLA awareness show.

  • wheretonow

    Another of those strange words that only some can use. I’ve heard gays (and trannies) refer to trannies as trannies.

  • Jim Georani

    and we read, get angry, and move on. Meanwhile freedom of speech is silenced. As Trump said: WE NEVER WIN ANYMORE.

    Always the liberals who win.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    And why does the fed continue pouring tax dollars (OUR tax dollars) into these useless institutions?

    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      The words ‘college education’ became revered. The dogma extended to any college, no matter the curriculum.

  • Rob Carson

    The woman w ho called the police and removed these men should be fired. She has no clue about FFC regulations. She’s is an insult to broadcasting. i support these guys 100%. This is bullying pure and simple. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-rob-carson-show/id1224165493?mt=2

  • Professional Comedian

    Is Obama Sucks Big Ones okay?

    • JmdJr1944

      No, because he’s not picky.
      He sucks all sizes.

      • Professional Comedian


  • John1838

    Using the word tranny is a false flag. The real problem that the university seems totally unconcerned with is what comes next: “You know it’s automatically that one guy that you know I’m talking about. I bet you know. I’m not going to dox anybody and name them on air.” IF a law was violated, that thinly veiled threat was it. However, the university administration has totally lost any credibility in its handling of this situation. Meanwhile, if they haven’t already done so, I wouldn’t be surprised if Albrecht and Lehmann move Deplorable Radio the web, out of university reach, very soon.

  • Richard Sanderson

    A man by the name of PZ Myers works at this dump of a college. He was once accused of raping one of his students, and once ripped up pages of a Qu’ran for a joke.

  • sosorryononame

    I would have said tranny is not banned, but motherfucking cocksucking cunt bitch is!

    • numag

      But then a liberal progressive wouldn’t be able to curse you out if you said “tranny”.

  • numag

    Can’t we all just get along. Let’s all agree to only use words that are Liberal Progressive Approved. This way we can all live in peace. Let’s make the world a better place. I propose LPA stamps be made and used liberally.

  • LCarolynn

    Don’t look now, lefties. You are the Nazis. In the left’s effort to ‘win finally again’ they go after conservatives and feel like that is a win. I know they might not like what I am going to say, but President Trump is all about winning, and you don’t have to attack yourselves to do it. Move right, lefties. And win for real. Not sucker punch people and attack their rights like nazis…

  • john peppers

    That most disgusting…is the MOS of liberals, education system, etc to employ fabrication of rules, regs, etc to establish they are acting out of a rightful merit cause.. “Power” and “authority” that lies in the beginning plants the seed of lie in the whole of what they try to do. The “aspect of as is the seed so is the fruit is an absolute truth.

  • Ge0ffrey

    Someone needs to dig up George Carlin and have him re-do his 7 dirty words routine with the 7 new dirty words. Apparently tranny is one of them. I can think of several others. Can you?

    Universities today have become hotbeds of Stalinism/Fascism. I think it’s time to defund them.

    • I couldn’t agree more- it’s past time! George Carlin would trigger liberal spontaneous human combustion-I’d enjoy that.

  • So now they’re banning words that are in the dictionary? Will they start burning books that contain these offensive words next?

  • LCarolynn

    Love t his site. Great work keeping everyone updated….

  • Pat Orsban

    Another good reason for alumni to never give money to such an evil liberal school, whose officials are bigoted towards anyone that does not adhere to their dogma or insanity.

  • numag

    1984 should be REQUIRED reading at all colleges and universities.

    • Sammy 4231 D.A.

      Every time I misstate one of the big three propaganda statements, no one corrects me.

      Ignorance is Freedom!
      Orwell didn’t write that.

      Animal Farm is just as important as 1984.

      • numag

        Ignorance is strength.

        • Sammy 4231 D.A.

          War is Peace
          Freedom is Slavery.

          Spread the news. lol

          • numag

            You may be thinking of Arbeit macht frei which means Work is Freedom, which was written on the entrance gate to Auschwitz.

          • Sammy 4231 D.A.

            In particular, The Book explains the concept of perpetual war, the true meanings of the slogans “War is peace”, “Freedom is slavery”, and “Ignorance is strength”, and how the Party can be overthrown through means of the political awareness of the proles (proletarians).
            Nineteen Eighty-Four – Wikipedia
            The Auschwitz version is the same thing, an obvious lie as a slogan everyone is conditioned to believe.

  • osgoodschlotter

    If you take a knee in this country, you have to suck it up… tough sh*t!

    But if you say “tranny,” you need to be silenced to protect the snowflakes.

    OK. I think I get it now.

  • Regulas

    Hahaha liberals eating their own minions. Always thought tranny is the word they used, I must be old.

  • hanginout

    Litigation sucks, but idiots like the ones running this station deserve it…

  • Sammy 4231 D.A.

    “…, we’re going to have to change how our body politic thinks, which means we’re going to have to change how the media reports on these issues,…” ___obama 5/12/15

    #1 most toxic presidential utterance in US history.

  • Verbal Bomb Chucker

    Sounds like they were guilty of being…………..Conservatives. Lock them up and throw away the key. A Conservative in a Snowflake College….we can’t have that.

  • Maybe a defund petition through the white house should be started.

  • The_Irredeemable_Toxic_Avenger

    Tranny, tranny, tranny

  • The_Irredeemable_Toxic_Avenger

    Is it still OK to call them Guys in Lady’s Dresses??

  • Monkey Cat

    And these people are “educators”?

  • BoDeen

    Isn’t that what got Johnny Fever fired? No, wait he said “booger.” But I do remember him drinking while on the air. Does all my knowledge of FCC rules come from re-runs of WKRP? Yes, yes it does.

  • DavefromMinn

    I always just stick with “drag queen”.

    • numag

      Offense alert! Offense alert!

      • DavefromMinn

        I could not go to college today. I’d last about 2 weeks there before getting kicked out.

  • What does the college have against free speech ?

  • numag

    The only acceptable language at these “universities” are phrases which express hatred toward Trump and anti-white terminology.

  • Richard Magnuson

    What enemies of free speech and thoughtless police. First time I ever heard the word “tranny” being hate speech. Then they continue to lie about the firings. They must be scholars of the book “1984”. No respect for freedom or differing views. So little self confidence which breeds intolerance.

  • Dan Brown

    Screw trannies… No, don’t – they are disgusting… These dorks belong in a psycho ward.

  • numag

    Obama did more damage to this nation than I thought.

  • doc holiday

    Will the Sheeple ever get enough??

  • fcabanski

    Good grief. Their freedom of speech isn’t being curtailed. They can continue to broadcast via a podcast.

  • numag

    The tranny in my car is acting up. Am I allowed to say that?

  • John Ray

    Guess “Putnam County” by Tom Waits is out then,

    “- You’re grinding gears, shifting into first
    Yea and that goddam tranny’s just getting worse…”

    And “under the influence?” Find me one of Tom’s songs
    wherein he sounded like he wasn’t!

    If you don’t know him, get acquainted while you still can.

  • Sammy 4231 D.A.

    Why are trans_____ in the news? Why must they suddenly require protection from harm?
    I remember no horror stories on brutal bullying. They dressed up. We laughed. Oh well.

    Gays won marriage in the courts. Democrats lost a victim group. They needed something to replace it.
    Suddenly, penises belong in teen-aged girl’s locker rooms and restrooms. Anyone who says different is a violent troglodyte.

    Reject the ooze. “Trannies” can safely pee in men’s rooms. They can safely dress for gym, and shower in boy’s locker rooms.

  • bguy

    The thought police are out in force on college campuses. Eventually most people will determine that a degree in anything but science and technology is worthless.

  • RhesusPeaceus

    When officials in a school or college have to react to a situation they must hold a meeting and try to decide on the most inept, foolish way to proceed.

    • numag

      Well, that’s what they’re being paid for, isn’t it?

  • JJStryder

    The police were called to protect whom from what? This is worse than calling the police because McDonalds ran out of nuggets. No wonder Islam believes we are ripe for the taking.

  • Larry Dickman
    • numag

      Say, “The mechanical apparatus that causes the gear ratios to change automatically when I move my shifter is not functioning properly.” Simple.

      • Larry Dickman

        In other words, “My sexbot is on the fritz”.

  • The Un-PC Truth

    We have to learn how to fight back, folks. I just contacted the University asking to identify the professor because I intend to use this video clip in my high school classroom regarding the forcible silencing of contrary viewpoints in Nazi Germany (and I really do intend to use this).

    I tell students that the type of people who feel comfortable putting the opposition in concentration camps have never really gone away, and are in fact still among us but that they are contained by our political system.

    But I let the University know that I wanted to be fair to her before I use the video clip, and that I would therefore like to hear her version of events first, as I did not want to be in the same category as she is in regarding shutting down these young broadcasters. Again, we have to fight back against these people!

    • numag

      Just keep voting Conservative on every ballot. THAT’S how we fight back.

  • John Ray

    George Carlin and the seven deadly words

  • jaka khan

    Trannies triggered tremendously.

  • Grieg

    Panty Waste Facebook banned me for a week for using that word.

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    The key word in this whole story is “she.” Women wreck everything in which they are a majority (college), or run (education). The dumb broad who was the “station manager” hears a “trigger word” and gets all irrational and calls the cops…what else is new?

    • NoDepositNoReturn

      I’d call her a slush C, but it’s probably one of those 7 no-no words on the FCC’s naughty list. Yeah, the real FCC list, not your stupid snowflake list. Go to your safe space and cry it out, little girl.

      • abcnewscensorscansuckit

        How about reading my post again, you idiot. Knee-jerk jerk-off…

  • Webjak

    “Tranny!” Call the police. Liberals are truly the definition of moron.

  • NoDepositNoReturn

    As a former campus radio station manager, that campus station manager in Minnesota is a complete idiot.

  • Informed

    I did not know tranny was offensive. I would think it is a friendly way to refer to a transgender or transvestite friend. How does someone become a language god? Is wikipedia our final authority on language use now?

  • Ranger_Ric

    Ask Joan Rivers about saying tranny, these guys got off lucky.

    Of course they didn’t tell America about Mike 0bama being a tranny and in the White House.

  • Good-time Charles

    Hope every single alum and parent with a child enrolled at this Marxist Indoctrination Center takes heed. The “station manager” –no name cited–and so-called board deserve review of employment qualifications. Or will Marxist academia just protect its own once again.

  • John C

    The girl running the station is a liar and should be immediately dismissed from the job at the station and expelled, the violated the first amendment by silencing these students at a school which receives federal funds and therefore violated their civil rights under color of authority. Tranny is not banned by the FCC she is a liar.

  • rennyangel2

    Transfer out of that hellhole that calls itself a college. It knows no more about FCC rules than my dog. And call FIRE and SUE for defamation and damages.

  • docdave88

    Oh my f*cking gawd.

    Where IS that special stupid school they send wannabe university administrators to? Seriously. I want to go watch that insane clown posse in action.

  • Ibulena

    University of MN should bring in Al Franken for special training.

  • zonablue

    No FCC law violation, just progressive correctness shutting down the dialogue. Time to look into UM-Morris’s endowment package and see who’s propping it up.

  • BudaHocka

    School Officials are no different than the Nazi’s curtailing free speech in pre-war Germany. Just plan-o fascists with their own agenda. They are a sad and pathetic lot. Moreover, this illustrates just how morally corrupt they are. EVERYONE with a 6 grade education can see that their actions are simply to quiet the voices of conservatives.

  • VetMike

    The manager is full of shitte. I have an FCC license and the number of words that will get you in trouble does NOT include ‘tranny’. This is juts more PC crap from a eftist ‘university’ that thinks that making stuff makes it the truth.

  • Sammie Jo

    Unbelievable! Calling the cops? Really?

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Let these Lefties and Tyrannies’ keep going and when they finally look around and find themselves living under a communist government rule and are actually told what they can and can not say, then they will really need a safe place to go, but those days will be long gone.

  • Kradke

    i don’t see anything in the FCC laws that says you can’t say that.

  • Rich B ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    So you NOW can’t say sh*t, p*ss, f*ck, c*nt, c*ocks*cker, m*therf*cker, t*ts AND tranny?????

    I’m in radio and this woman knows NOTHING

  • Frodoislost

    Nope. This lady needs to be fired.

    She is using the threat of force to enforce her personal beliefs. It has not been adjudicated that 1) Tranny is a hate slur or that 2) Their use of the word contained any malice.

    She is abusing whatever authority the University granted to her, she deprived these individuals of their civil rights and she needs to be fired and she used ‘color of official right’ and ‘threat of force’ to do so.

    FIRE HER RIGHT NOW or be complicit in her criminal acts.

    • TexCassidy

      They should dox her fascist arse and sue the school.

    • p3orion

      Absolutely right. Even if the use contained malice, that would be irrelevant. Anything other than an explicit, specific call for physical violence is protected speech.

      And don’t anyone give me that shit about the First Amendment being binding only on the federal government. It’s long been accepted that the Bill of Rights applies to state governments as well; the University of Minnesota is a function of the government of that state (not to mention being the recipient of a helluva lot of federal funding.)

      • Frodoislost

        They accept federal funds, they comply with the Constitution and federal law.

        This outfit is specifically under the auspices of the Federal Communications Commission. This lady is pretending that they have a list of ‘banned words’ that includes the word tranny.

        I challenge anyone to produce an officially sanctioned list that has that word on it.

        If not, she has abused her authority in order to further her personal political agenda.

        And she tried to portray it as some official government rule that allows her to do so (i.e. color of official right).

        She is using her government job to enforce her personal political opinions and she needs to be fired for doing so.

  • Midwestmike

    One can only image the outcry if he had called them queer.

  • Ellie_Light

    I don’t get it. Tranny’s are tranny’s, what else can you call them?

    • Black Hole Sun

      In Canada they have passed Bill C-16 that criminalizes the misuse of pronouns. Say I was a minority and I wanted you to call me “InkBlot” you would be criminalized if you used the wrong pronoun.

      • bddd

        California as well…

        • Black Hole Sun

          This is dangerous.

  • Don Rubottom

    How educators, who are supposed to teach by example, just make stuff up to justify what they want. The college has every right to create and enforce its own standards for those who use its radio license. But educrats can’t justify their arbitrary standards, because they are politically correct but legally and intellectually stupid, so they hide behind fake laws. Worse, many of them actually believe that the law says what they think it should say at a given moment. Due process, schmue process. We are the boss of you.

  • christopher Lucy

    Its Wrong to restrict free speech most motorvehicles had a Tranny didnt they..Colleges are wrong and if there is a law its wrong too..

  • Black Hole Sun

    Why so offended. If you called me straightey or whitey even with malice I would just laugh you off.

  • bddd

    Another fine example of the “intolerant Prog scum”… .

    • TexCassidy

      Though Prog Scrum is accurate and descriptive, I think the resistance against them is better suited to persuade by calling them marxist scum. It might cause the low-infos to look up the word and see the body count that fascist ideology has. These Prog scum should have to wear that murderous ideology around their necks to reveal the anti-human scum they are.

      “Marxist” should be a slur and pejorative that even the overeducated-undereducated critical studies aholes think twice about what the dehumanizing groupthink they are advocating.

  • gimmemymoney

    So you can’t say the “N” word, nor the “C” word… and now the “T” word is illegal also… We are running out of alphabet letters… soon we will have to use the letters of other languages in order to carry on a conversation…

    • zonablue

      That’s the plan, conversion to Arabic.

  • Meatpuppet21

    Ok. It was a “delusional mentally disturbed sicko” instead. “Tranny” is just a shorter term.

  • zonablue

    So another institution of alleged higher learning is showing its true Marxist reflection in the mirror of life: There will be no discussion allowed there except what the powers that be dictate to be appropriately politically correct. Young people need to wise up and get into trade schools that actually teach them how to do something.

  • Black Hole Sun

    This relates to Bill C-16 that criminalizes the misuse of
    pronouns in Canada. Say I was a minority and I wanted you to call me “InkBlot” you
    would be criminalized if you used the wrong pronoun. This is dangerous and is all about power.

    • Mcalluster Lee

      the college is in Minn…you sited canada law…..I don’t believe Tranny is illegal to say on open airwaves in the USA

      • Black Hole Sun

        You just saw the same ideology in action. It’s relative.

    • 83WalnutElite

      That’s MR. Inkblot to you!

      • Black Hole Sun

        Mr. Garbagarb. Derpo. If I went around offended at every look glance and subconcious slight I would be …..Messed up I guess.

  • JRS

    Is the word Franken banned yet in Minnesota?


    Tranny, tranny, tranny, tran, tran, tranny. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb, bombity bomb. Why can’t I say tranny?

  • Levy confiscatory taxes on the college’s endowment. Say that the tax will be used to forgive student loans and all of the snowflakes will be on board.

  • Paul Knutson

    A useless university.

  • Jim M. Ryles

    Liberal , Progressive NAZI’s!

  • Xer0

    tranny is hate speech? LOL. Ok snowflakes…

  • brooksmd

    College board, “hold on while we try and come up with another excuse to ban your show.” Typical liberal MO when they don’t like differing opinions.

  • Rocky

    LLM (Liberal Lives Matter)

    • crowbar

      not to me

  • Werbil

    I would very much like to know why people continue to pay the massive, overpriced tuition they demand, only to find themselves at the mercy of the leftist gestapo. They aren’t learning anything, anyway, because the colleges aren’t teaching anything worth knowing. Other than the hard sciences, it seems like such a waste of time and money.

  • Mcalluster Lee

    now wait a minute, that chick is blowing smoke up those students a$$es…since when did the FCC ban the word Tranny from being said on the airwaves???? that’s BS people….

  • Ryan Lucas

    The station manager should be fired outright for not knowing the FCC rules on language. Clear breach of her job, KNOW YOUR JOB!

  • 2+2=4andalwayswill

    When did “tranny” stop being okay? And what is correct now? I can’t keep up.

  • Tom Hughes

    Depressing to think about how many $$ / hour were in the room when these pompous as ses were debating their fate. And despite the theoretical horsepower, this is what they came up with.

    Why do we go to so much trouble sifting through lists of candidates for these positions based on their intellect? Let’s just grab the third person who walks by on the sidewalk. It can’t be any worse.


  • Snitch_in_Time

    Local police have no jurisdiction on any FCC regulated actions. FCC like the FAA and the rest of the Federal Alphabet Soup Bureaucracies maintain exclusive jurisdiction and enforcement. Local yokels only get pulled in upon request when the Feds are short handed and need more guns.
    The university official is a liar. But what do you expect from someone doing the old Soviet style Political Officer job. These university officials are a bunch of Stalinists.

  • Lightrider65

    I call tranny’s an abomination against humanity. Or mental degenerates.

  • Kalusa

    It seems unlikely everyone associated with the college and their radio station decision realizes that they have been outed as retards. But they have been and they are. Retards, that is. Whoops. Retards is probably a banned word too.

    • Jalvarez Jalvarez

      It is.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Tranny, FCC rules and allegations that they were “under the influence” were not the reason(s) for their suspension: they were the excuse!

  • carleyrow

    The student station manager should be arrested for filing a false police report. Also sued for lying and false representation of what the student DJ’s said and maligning of their character.

  • unmergood

    I need to rebuild my tranny! Tranny, Tranny, Tranny!!

  • SeaMonster

    I just put a new Tranny in my Trans Am.

  • rex bannister

    Oh god, call 911, someone said a word that offended me!!!!!!!

  • Michael Lang

    Get a lawyer. “Hate speech” is not a crime.

  • SeaMonster

    The SWAT team is preparing a raid on the local AAMCO shop !!

  • Scot168

    It was discussed at the radio station that tranny wasn’t allowed but in the future he could say do do head.

  • Jalvarez Jalvarez

    Broke FCC rules? Boy, the “student station manager” thinks Hillary won the elections and the FCC is now ruled by “trannys”. This is happening at an American university, not in Zimbabwe, sad.

  • Adam Caulfield

    Carter Young is the authoritarian idiot who ended the show. Below is “her” email.

    [email protected]

    • crowbar

      call it a tranny

  • sammy

    Welcome to the Fourth Reich of the modern liberal progressive indoctrination centers (aka “Universities”).

  • Stephen

    Careful — the trans-acceptability (read “tranny”) Thought Police are listening every word you utter on the radio and in everyday life…as well as everything you express in print. That said, I’m outta here.

  • Booger Brown

    Quick everyone to your safe space!!!!! Someone said a word that causes us fear, anger, and anxiety!! Run!!!!

  • Amy Lou Kingery
  • HozeKing

    The manager should be fired for not knowing FCC regulations. Plus she’s fat.

  • Damien LeGallienne

    Tranny is not a violation of FCC rules — but being a triggered left wing ugly lesbian should be a violation of the universe

  • Mikey Likey

    This just in from George Carlin’s “The Late, Late, Really Late Show”, “So, now I have to make it the eight words you can’t say? Nope. I’m keeping at seven. Suck it up, buttercup.”

    • SeaMonster

      More like hundreds of words these days.

  • timmy2001

    Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny,

  • Jason King

    If I heard BS like that on my local radio, I’d go up there with the cops too. F those guys.

    • atillathehunney

      Wrong country.

      • Jason King

        Wrong attitude.

        • atillathehunney

          No… my country wasn’t founded for people like you. Go control speech in an already established he))hole. You are not welcome here.

  • VOandWater821

    “They used a word that is a violation of FCC Rules” (No they didn’t) “Ok, but they were drunk on the air” (No, they weren’t) Ok, I’ll come clean. They were removed because they are Conservative, White, Male and Alive. (Thank you for the honesty). I wonder if this is how the Frank family felt in 1937?

  • Fascist pussies.

  • Juan.Alojonueve

    Jewish woman enters to scold. Always a Jew behind things like this.

  • JoeShepherd

    Be respectful and call them mentally ill attention whores.

  • Rick Morrow

    Time to name and shame the tranny complainant.

  • Adam Caulfield
  • Jake Lakota

    So talking about AmTrack is hate speech now?

  • Clara Voyant


  • Jason Blankovich

    Hmmm. Odd. Tranny? Maybe they meant to say tyranny? I mean, wow, you know, like uhhh, there’s only one letter difference between the words. Yep, now I’m positive. My extra large and smart brain has found the real reason they were yanked off the air. The station management thought they heard the word tyranny and thought that the subject was them. This is a classic case of those in power over others exercising their power, realizing they made a mistake and then covering up their evil action with some trumped up story. In the heat of the moment the station manager couldn’t think of anything better than to claim that they had uttered a word that the FCC says we all shouldn’t hear; even though every single word the FCC bans is commonly heard on the street. Very puritanical behavior by the FCC . . . But I digress.

  • Monty Simmons

    “They were taken off the air because they used a word [tranny] that is a violation of FCC Rules”. No it is not.
    Oh, wait, they were taken off the air because they were drunk on the air. No evidence of that.
    Oh, well the real reason they were taken off the air is because . . . . ( make up something stupid)

    There are deceptive people at all levels of intelligence. LOL.

    • Southernyankee

      The reason they were taken off the air is because they don’t bend over for the politically correct snowflakes who run the college radio station.

  • G Rivas

    and calling conservatives a basket of deplorable’s isn’t hateful???

  • Michael J. Friedman

    Tranny violates FCC rules, really? I would like to see that law.
    In the near future, people will keep their head down, never looking at anyone, not saying one word, not even glancing, not even a greeting of hello. This from the fear of being labeled something by thought leftist thugs. Sounds like a scifi movie with thought police. It’s scary. It could happen the more progressive alt-left we go.

  • harleyxx

    College campuses are the most intolerant institutions existing today. If you don’t toe the liberal party line then you are subject to discrimination.

  • atillathehunney

    Albrecht should never had showed up for any ‘meetings.’ He needs to call a lawyer, sue the University and the radio station. The station managers need to be fired. The ‘cop’ who enabled this fascist act should lose his badge and gun and never be allowed to be a police officer anywhere, ever again. These ingrates are in the wrong country and need to be relocated.

  • Cuck Todd

    Start your own radio station and say whatever you want

    • atillathehunney

      Start your own country and write your own laws.

      • Cuck Todd

        Do that too. Start your own football league and kck out anybody you want

  • GriffinBeach

    If you can’t say tranny, what are you supposed to call them? They shove gender ‘dyshphoria’ and gender ‘reassignment’ down our throats on a daily basis, then get mad when we use the word tranny? I know I’ve heard that word used by gays, liberals, and trannies alike- in fact more than I’ve ever heard any conservative person use that word. Liberals are actually obsessed with that word so it’s hilarious that they would be offended by it.

  • Southernyankee

    Now we know where the “brain police” live, on a small hole in the wall campus in Minnesooota.

  • Start up a pirate radio station. Do not let the leftist scum dominate the radio waves.

  • BES65

    Keep the freedom going. Turn off the station if you don’t like what’s on. I do it everyday with being triggered.

  • Jack B Nimble

    tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny… come get me b!tches…

    • Cuck Todd

      You’re not employed by the radio station or college that makes the rules, it doesn’t matter what you say

      • Jack B Nimble

        Sometimes its just for me, genius. But thanks for telling me where I’m not employed…

        • Cuck Todd

          Probably anywhere.

          • Jack B Nimble

            Oh, snap!

  • Son Goku

    Where is George Carlin when you need him. Oh wait. He died 10 years ago…

  • InfidelvisPresley

    Arrest these administrators, strip them of their pensions, fire them all and ban them from public service for life!

  • Doesn’t the University of Minnesota produce graduates who vote for Al Franken? It’s the state where the women are strong, the men are good looking, the all children are above average, and the friends of the Transexuals are running the show.

    We just didn’t realize that Garrison Keillor was pushing gender role reversal all these years. Well, that’s except for the Minnesotans, the state that put a man in office who was willing to wear a diaper on national TV.

    • fusilier

      Bernie and Hillary both would wear a diaper if victory was in the balance.

  • fusilier

    Charges obviously are trumped up by SJW types with their panties in a wad. Hope these two gents sue everyone involved and eliminate their student debt.

    • Cuck Todd

      Sue? For what? What exactly is the charge?

      • fusilier

        Damage of reputation that will keep them from being hired in the field of radio.

        • Cuck Todd

          Seriously? The biggest name radio hosts have been fired. It’s a right of passage in that industry

  • Monty Simmons

    This proves most Americans are too smart to attend American colleges. We need institutions of higher learning in this country. What is a white kid to do?

    • Cuck Todd

      Trade school. Learn an actual skill.

  • Cuck Todd

    Here’s a concept I thought Conservatives were in agreement with: Employment at-will


    When an individual can just decide to be offended by a word and then have the police involved we have decended into totalitarianism. Right now, there are individuals who are offended by the words boy and girl. Will those words soon get you in trouble? Man and woman? I have seen Transexuals call each other “trannies”! In fact, trannies act and are offensive by choice. It’s part of the personality they adopt as a defense against ridicule. At some point, we must realize that when most of society recoils at a behavior the behavior is probably abhorrent. If we can’t decide what behavior is gross or disgusting then what are our laws based on? Why is pedophilia wrong? Why is any behavior wrong? Our collective sense that a behavior is wrong is what sets are boundaries for behavior. Short of that collective sense any behavior would be acceptable.

  • Monty Simmons

    7 bad words – i guess there are 8 now.

  • cleo48

    Just another stark reminder that free speech is dead on campus. If you want an education, seek alternate sources. I could almost see a situation develop where a university might, (for the sake of uniqueness and free thought survival) establish a policy not unlike a conditional agreement. Where each student could engage in any kind of dialogue including forbidden words as long as they were not directed toward individuals or constitute personal defamation. And a condition of study would be with the understanding that, overhearing these words on campus in any reasonable venue would not warrant some PC punishment. I’m not suggesting for a moment that anyone would be permitted to run around shouting the “N” word at people or “Cracker,” but rather to decriminalize this stuff so that offensive words overheard in normal discourse wouldn’t result in the disruption and suppression it does today. I think it would go quite far in reducing the obscene level of thought suppression in institutions of learning.

    • Cuck Todd

      No one read all that

      • cleo48

        Up to the individual. Not all concepts are brief in nature.

        • Cuck Todd

          Know your audience. Tailor your material to the audience. Comment section patrons don’t want a Letter to the Editor.

          • cleo48

            Are you suggesting folks here are intellectually overwhelmed by more than two paragraphs? That’s GOT to be a millenial perception.

          • Cuck Todd

            Not overwhelmed. Bored.

          • cleo48

            Your boredom is duly noted. But one individual does not determine the boundaries I set for myself. I’ll deal with any complaints of boredom that may arise.

  • Pasquino Marforio

    Fire that woman. She doesn’t know what she is doing. And then stand by for the lawsuits that are coming. Because this ‘university’ just stepped into a pile of excrement that killed Missouri U. and Evergreen.

    You stupid tyrannical libtards.

    • Cuck Todd

      Just don’t go to that school? Seems like a much easier solution

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Rules for better living:

    1) Never live within 25 miles of public transportation.

    2) Never send your kids to public schools.

    • cleo48

      Heartily agree.

    • Cuck Todd

      I think 20 is a good radius. 20 was about the daily limit for most horses back in the day, and we know pavement apes aren’t doing better than that

  • Minnesota must be some place. Thank goodness for “safe rooms” to get away from all that talk.

  • 57790

    FCC rule my *ss.

    I’ve been in broadcasting all my life and that word is not ‘against FCC rules’.

    • Cuck Todd

      And they made that clear in the article

  • Great opportunity for Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann to take their program “The Deplorables” to the Internet where they will reach ALL colleges across the country.

  • potvin

    Everyone knows the proper term is trans-testicle. Ask the Diceman.

  • mccauley444

    ““That is a specific hate speech word never allowed on radio,”

    “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers”used to use that word near every show. Hate speech needing a cop there?

    What a nation of pussies we have become.

  • Crocodile9

    PC = Pussified Communism and campus/media thought police are its self-anointed commissars. Plain and simple.

  • rusty

    Tranny, weirdo, and on and on. So what? This is America. Not some liberal shit hole like they want it to be.

  • Patriot 69

    Just making shiit up to cancel the show! It’s just what Liberals do!

  • Human

    Sounds like the student station manager learned something new. LOL. Tranny. It’s just a word people.

  • GetItRight2016

    I guess if they had said f Trump the police would not have been called. The college officials realize they cannot oust these guys over free speech issues, so now it’s bs over what songs they played or didn’t play?

  • Carol Hadenough

    Jeez…!!! Beam me up, Scottie! Is this still the United States of America? Has the First Amendment been deleted from our Constitution?

  • yabruf

    Wow if tranny isn’t allowed then faqqot must be out of the question….lol

  • philster7656

    The college administrators are absolutely wrong to do this, but it’s their radio station. If they want to act like tyrants and broadcast only propaganda that makes them feel good, then that is their right. Unless and until the owners of “their” radio station tell them to do otherwise, the administrative tyrants who manage it are free to continue to do what they’ve been doing.

    I think the two DJs have learned something about the nature of progressives; and isn’t learning the purpose of college?

  • Paul Russell

    More students need to sue more schools — and the individual school employees oppressing them. Hurt them in their wallets and things will change.

  • Number 6

    What about that pesky and inconvenient “First Amendment” free speech thing? MORONS.

  • Dr Brule

    Left wing loons running our universities.

  • elHombre

    University officials are lunatics indoctrinating young people to be lunatics.

  • nhale

    LIbs…the keepers of thought and speech. One rule. The first amendment applies to those that agree with them.

  • GlobalistSaboteur

    Words that are banned by the FCC in 2017:
    There are only two genders
    Bill Clinton is a rapist

  • Vermontist

    Ah, yes enforcing equality through fascism. Welcome to today’s college campus. Loaded with snowflakes that cannot tolerate words that might hurt someones feelings. These are your future leaders America. Do something now before they actually have power.

  • Isn’t That Something

    I think trannys and all other groupings of this sort should be under the protection of P.E.T.A.

  • John Sullivan

    The word Tranny DOES NOT violate ANY FCC guidelines. Also the FCC DOES NOT create or enforce Laws.

  • wilbur

    Do I smell law suite on the people taking away his first amendment rights?

  • Oneirishman

    Sessions should launch an investigation into this colleges anti conservative practices.

  • Zardoz Wiz

    and they wonder why trump is prezzydint. keep goin and trump with get 8


    Obviously they hit a sore spot! Tranny….Tranny……Tranny….Tranny….oops I said it!

  • Human

    Let me guess … the student station manager was from San Francisco or some other clueless brain-washed liberal-leftist city.

  • Letusgetreal

    I don’t remember our freedom of speech being forbidden. SNOWFLAKES – read 1984.

  • rocco71

    What a bunch of tools.

  • shafawn

    I’ve heard them call each other tranny!! We are at the point of needing a weekly booklet to keep up with approved speech.

  • BobinNC

    Sounds like the station manager opened her cocksucker and lied – which is a typical Liberal tactic. Anyone have her name?

  • Glad Yu Azzked


    • philster7656

      Thank you Doctor Johnny Fever.

  • Antaes

    Hey – whatever happened to free speech ?? And by the way can I still say “Granny” ??

    • BalsterFudd357

      It’s “higher” education….so….

  • Here come the Drudge Bots!

  • grey

    It’s Minnesota, it what they do. Free speech, they don’t need no free speech

  • Him Bike

    Hire Lawyers

  • Him Bike

    Law Suit

  • Him Bike

    You sure this is the way
    Howard Stern got started?

    • FL_Stingray

      Stern was obsessed with women shaving that “thang”

    • FUQ LIBS

      He got started blowing trannies.

  • William Hofmeister

    Nothing illegal or forbidden about calling a transgender person a tranny. The students should sue and sue big. If someone sues for millions every time they do this, they will either stop or be financially broke. There should be no tolerance for violating free speech.

  • SteveInCalif

    How about “hey guys, we’re a small college town and your show doesn’t meet our standards, here’s why. Can you please change course?” I’ve a feeling the students might soak that in and agree in the spirit of working together. Instead, the college took bully approach and now it’s in the admin’s face. (Sure, my idea might o work, but a least try nice/cooperative approach first).

  • Adam Caulfield

    This thing is what shut down the radio show.

  • Phantom Phi

    School specializes in educating spineless jellyfish to rely on government for their sustenance.

  • Armand Rodriguez

    Sounds like they were just looking for a reason to remove this person.

  • Zxer91

    No surprise, it’s typical of the state of campuses today all across this country.


    So much for free speech and free press!

  • The_Usual_Suspect61

    What a load of PC horseshit. The station manager needs to be fired for lying, incompetence and using foul language – “cocksucker”, which is a homophobic slur.

  • 1digger

    Tranny? Living like everyday is Halloween.

  • Dan Dailey

    Jeez…seems like the cocksucker in charge doesn’t like the tranny reference. Who knew?


    Minnesota is full of Commies. They can’t stand free speech. When Minnesota’s economy starts looking like Venezuela, maybe they’ll wake up .

  • alpha_protagonist

    This actually is perfect. Any special interest group publicly professing the desire for equality, but secretly striving for preferential treatment, will eventually lose more ground than they’d ever gained. Nobody likes liars.

  • foudkirk

    How PC! Gearheads use “tranny” as short for transmission!

  • Kasperlos

    The U.S. has gone full retard Orwellian. A campus mall kop of a franchised U of Minn. playing the role of speech enforcer with a stupid, ignorant ‘station manager’ pulling crap out of her PC butt and making things up as the world goes along. A fake world, but with real and dangerous nutcases, It would all be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. The pathetic also belonging to the young generations of American servitude slaves who know squat about what is being done to them and why. The world being created for them will have them all in shackles before they wake up. Arrest the mall kop and the manager stooge, useful idiots who promote and illegally suppress freedoms. Fight back or be imprisoned. The country is still in the grips of the PC ill-liberal thought control freaks. Tranny that.

  • rich7676

    I was a resident assistant in a on campus resident hall at a major university back in the late 90s and was introduced to identity politics. It was one big group think echo chamber where one of the purposes was to support the indoctrination that was already going down on the campus.

  • TruePatriot

    You go to a communist school don’t be surprised when you get told what to think and say.

  • kthomp1123

    Listening to the excerpt, that was some horrible radio. They should have been reported for trying to kill people with boring radio.

  • Uncle Bob

    Nothing is now safe from liberals who are full blown wackos.

  • fedupwithmentalcases


  • Flechette

    I thought Trannies called themselves “Tranny”.

    Is it like rappers and the “N-word”? They can say it but everyone else can’t?

  • Uncle Bob

    Democrats are now using Cultural Marxism as a Cultural Revolutionary Tactic to turn Femminist Women,Homosexuals, and Disgruntled Non_whites the …..Marxists are agitators,hoping these created “Victim Groups”, with so-called grievences ,will do the Marxists Dirty work.

  • Titus Groan

    So, what does the “T” in “LGBT” stand for? What about all those MSM news shows pushing those “LGBT” protest signs in our face? Should ABCNBCCSBSCNNETC” have their licenses pulled?

  • Leonard smith

    tranny tranny tranny tranny poofter twink nyar ! So arrest me too .
    Given that this is Morris , a college I am familiar with and not as a student , I can only say , har de har , who are they kidding ?

  • Freddy Merks

    Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, Tranny, is it called Tranny Wheels if you are bi digital trying to manipulate your stick to a gear?

  • Johnny_WTF

    What if an auto enthusiast or mechanic show was talking about a transmission? Would they kick them out if they referred it as a tranny?

  • Johnny_WTF

    I wonder if Phoenix University is seeing record online classes lately?

  • truth_nigga

    Can we at least call UMM what they REALLY are????? Butthurt little bitches!

  • cyberdove

    The Gestapo is alive and well.

  • sandhya weks

    just to clarify, the cops could not arrest him for a “federal” crime, The local and College cops have no authority to arrest for federal crimes, as the school was saying it was an F CC offence, (and more than likely would refuse to in this political climate). they could only escort at the request of the college, now if I was the kid I would have asked the city “is this a sanctuary city?” since most cities are lib now.

    • Winter Tomato

      They had to make up some supposed offense in that they had none they could think up quickly. Whiny, loser libs have permeated most crevices of our society. Time to get out the turpentine for a little cleanup.

  • Trapper

    “Tranny” is NOT against FCC regulations….NOT at ANY time of day!

    To claim “tranny” is “illegal speech” and then abuse a position of power with that false claim is to exercise tyranny!

    An Actual Professional Broadcaster Who Knows These Regulations, Hands Down

    • Flippy Hambone

      Sue the living crap out of this school…

  • Flippy Hambone

    In the event a police report is filed and there are no corresponding criminal charges, this student seems to have a great cause of action for libel.

  • Freddy Merks

    Don’t blow your tranny but a seal is ok.

  • Jules

    “It is a shame,” Albrecht wrote, “that our freedom of speech is being curtailed today in the very place it should be most free, on college campuses.”

    Unfortunately that’s only too common these days. Instead it’s a sad statement describing the current college environment in which professors indoctrinate students rather than teach critical thinking. Any speech/ideas/thoughts other than those endorsed by the faculty and administration is forbidden…

  • sumlikeit

    God, how I wish he’d have found a way to say “booger” in the same sentence.

  • KingOfAllAnimals

    Allow me to say one word, LAWSUIT! Grounds? Violation of the 1st Amendment AND Prejudicial bias.

    All of the LGBT sensitivity is pure and utter NONSENSE!

    I wonder f the Swamp Drainage will begin to happen in our education system as well? I know for a fact if we began to uphold the old standards we held our educators too there would be a LOT of job openings very quickly. Imagine a day when our children and young adults were actually educated over indoctrinated.

    And calling the police to pull a Radio commentator from the air for saying Tranny and not FUCQUE, SH Hit, CUnt, [email protected]@er, “I’m gonna kill you,” or, “Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten.”

    Of course if it were a black man spouting “Whitey must die,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “Fucque all you Honkey mother fucquers,” at this copllee how much you would bet GQ magazine would make him man of the year and he would suddenly be Summa Cum Laude?

  • JerkaBee

    How are these small groups able to stir such a big pot…I’ll never understand.

  • What’sMyLine?

    This is just a leftist university shutting down conservative speech. The university and all its staff involved in this deception should be sued. Each staff member should be personally sued for violating those students constitutional and civil rights. The DOJ should immediately investigate the school as Sessions has promised will happen in these cases. If it doesn’t the students should file a complaint against the school and its administration with the DOJ.

    • Flechette

      Expect Sessions to recuse himself of this.

  • Flechette

    You would think that the LGBT community would be against this because all it does is foster resentment towards tran-sexuals.

    Fanning the flames as it were.

  • Sarah Newton

    These guys need to sue this university immediately, since that seems to be their achilles heel. And part of the settlement would be to let them go back on the air under the name “tranny radio”!

  • johnbegood

    The pussification of America continues….

    • Flippy Hambone

      Until we stop it. Electing Trump was step one… on to step two. Keep up the good work America.

  • Curtis Armstrong

    This is what happens when colleges are run by feminazis and soy boys.

  • Randall M. England

    At least “The College Fix” can use the word in a headline. “Tranny” only enters sacred ground when news outlets are required to use the form “Tr**ny” in written articles. Of course TV and radio will have to *beep* it out . . unless that is already being done??

  • Flechette

    These guys need to sue the university for damages and get their student loans paid off.

  • Flippy Hambone

    I thought RuPaul made it abundantly clear to America that “Tranny” was OK….

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

  • Rationalist X

    Here’s the agenda –
    Demanding tolerance gave way to demanding recognition which gave way to demanding equality which is now giving way to demanding superiority. So much for the Stonewall excuse that all they wanted was to be “left alone”.

    Christians are under attack by the homosexual community for speaking out on the Biblical principle that homosexuality is sin. Gay fascists won’t be satisfied until they’ve silenced every opposition – especially true born again Bible believing Christians.

    Examine evidence where Christianity is being intimidated through bullying, threats, intimidation, laws or lawsuits – Christian business owners who are approached by gay couples trying to force them into compromising their beliefs and then suing them when they won’t…gays picketing churches who’s ministers preach that homosexuality is a sin.

    How about all the angry talk from gays even after the Supreme Court decision proved that the judicial branch of government is now in the law making business ?

    And now, transvestites want to be able to choose which bathroom they want to use – and the government wants you to think it’s “normal”…

    It’s happening more and more – so it’s not just about “equal rights” anymore.
    it’s about eradicating any ideology that disagrees with homosexuality – especially Bible believing Christians standing on Biblical principles.

    Homosexuality is a behavior,…not something that needs to be “protected” with special legal rights. The ones who need “protection” are Christians under attack by the intolerant bigoted homosexual community for speaking out on the Biblical principle that homosexuality is sin.

    I keep trying to tell you, it IS an agenda and NOT about “tolerance”…and the escalating “equal rights” movement just proves my point very nicely, thank you.

    • Flippy Hambone

      the natural progression of all political movements…

  • Rationalist X

    there are no “transgender” people.

    However, there are people who refuse to accept the gender they were born with and reject God’s specific design for the two sexes…

  • garretso

    That was truly astounding. Here is the “teachable moment”: Left-wing philosophy is completely antithetical to person freedom. “That which is not forbidden is mandatory.”

  • jbstoner44

    The FCC should send a list of words that are deemed as offensive.

  • American Snipper

    When did “tranny” join the list of 7 words you can’t say on the air???

  • Stone Wallz
  • Ike Leek

    The caller who reported this is a low class, ,stupid ugly Democrat.

  • DrChimRichaldsOBGYN

    LOL, look at the station manager. She looks like a tranny version of the DC comic character the Joker. No wonder the station took such extraordinary measure.


    • DrChimRichaldsOBGYN

      Also, Bill Cosby wants his sweater back.

    • Stone Wallz


  • Charlene Davis

    George Carlin is rolling in his grave.

  • Bill Thrower

    so now the left is complaining about the word tranny?
    Hell they are the ones who came up with the word.
    I have heard any of them call themselves tranny’s.
    Just more leftists Nazi’s trying to use any excuse to shut down anything they don’t like.

  • Alex1956

    Boo hoo! I was born an intersex woman, and many people undoubtedly consider me a “Tranny”. So what? I tell them they can call me anything, not just late for dinner!

    I was reared by my doctor father as a male by mistake. I didn’t know the truth of my birth until I was 32 when my dad was on his death bed. Dear old dad made a mistake. He meant well. Pick up the pieces, forgive, and move on as best you can. Laughter and self-acceptance is critical to rebuilding a horrendously shattered life.

    To call the cops on these guys is an insult to the First Amendment. FCC rules can’t be enforced by local police, so this is an obvious attempt to make a big deal out of nothing.

    The fact remains that being transgender is a pre-natal birth anomaly. In other words, it is caused by biology, and is certainly not a choice. Grow up, people! It’s not a big deal! Once educated, most decent folks begin to understand. Showing compassion and understanding for others goes a long way to building alliances and friendships.

    Yes, there are Trannies out there. Some are automobile transmissions, and some are people. Get over it!

  • Massive

    “Upon further consultation with University officials, we have come to
    the conclusion that our language concerns have been determined to not be
    in violation of FCC community standards.”

    Oh that’s the problem. They don’t know the meaning of simple words like “our”. I don’t think the question was whether the admin response was in violation of FCC standards, though that would be a good start.

  • Jake Pannell

    Get a lawyer and sue.

  • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Liberals just make stuff on the fly and sling it against the wall to see what sticks.

  • pugwis

    Universities. I went to UCSB in the 1960s and the wacko liberals were just gearing up to destroy higher education as far back as that. I worked a full-time job to put myself through school and didn’t have time for the crapola university kids engage in. It was the professors that amazed me. I didn’t expect a communist regime in an American university, but they were there, preaching against America and trying to brainwash the empty-headed twits that believed everything they were told. Worse now. My daughter went to college a brain-clean, smart kid with no political thoughts in her head. After two years, she was a rock-hard Republican. When I asked “why the change”, she said it was in response to the constant attacks against the Repub party. If they were that frightened about hearing conservative points of view, they must be hiding something. She began listening to Repubs and decided she was one. Shocked my parents. They are die-hard Dems from Chicago. Good for her.

  • sunlord666

    Leftist Grads from the 60s and 70s took over college administrations .This is the result .

  • Scott

    Boy! I hope they never have to mention car Transmissions and replace a Tranny!

  • Kristian Holvoet

    Your attachment isn’t a link.

  • Bruce Gordon

    As a reTIRED FCC Resident Field Agent, I can assure you that use of the word “Tranny” is NOT an violation of the Communications Act of 1934 as amended. Also being Drunk on the Air is also NOT a violation of said Act… Both may be violations of Station Policy, if said Policy was in effect at the time of the Broadcast, but that is a separate Issue and NOT tied to the FCC Station License…
    If I were these two, I would hire the Meanest MadDog Shister Lawyer and sue the University, The Lady that threw them Off the Air, PERSONALLY, and the Campus Cop that enforced the Act of removal, for violation of their First Amendment Rights… The Constitution cuts BOTH Ways, and Rights are just that RIGHTS….

  • Heenan

    What an irony that the email domain for this University is @Kumm.org…

  • trudat

    Nobody censors like the Liberals. They are what they accuse others of and if you disagree with them, they will make you pay….which is exactly why they must be challenged: starting with ending Federal funding. Let the people decide where their money goes.

  • Marcus Landon

    Given the ridiculous garbage that often forms the bases for class action litigation, there should be a nationwide class action against every public university in the country for suppressing free speech. They ALL do it and they ALL should be held accountable for it.

  • Phillip Woeckener

    Rather than fight this on University property, I would suggest to these guys that they withdraw from school and start a podcast and a website that they privately fund with their own money, and servers. Advertise to all of the students who were potentially listening to that radio station for your show. That shouldn’t take very long, as they probably had an audience of about 5 friends. Next, ramp up the podcast and website, and say whatever you want about the station manager, and the Orwellian university and it’s policies. They would be free from FCC regulations even, and could say, “tranny”, “cunt”, or any other popular swear words that liberal snowflakes object to. They could potentially double their listeners to a podcast, simply based on the publicity they’ve received so far from this “incident.” They could have fun trashing the nazi chick that kicked them off the air, as well as any other representatives of this nazi institution that hates free speech. You don’t fight fire with fire, but you go light your own fire in another forest and see how many trees and bushes you can burn down in the process. Liberal Arts colleges are a dime a dozen now, and I personally hope each and every one of them ceases to exist, as they don’t even serve one legitimate function in society anymore, except as a cheering section for the school football team, if they even have one.

  • Old Nuke

    The irony is that the callsign of the radio station in KUMM

  • hanginout

    Here’s an interesting question….Why are people running a federally regulated operation not familiar with the regulations?

    • Non-snarky answer: It’s truly impossible to be completely conversant in every regulation governing your specific operation.

      There are just too many.

      • hanginout

        The regs in question are pretty much on the basic side as opposed to fine print. George Carlin entertained us with one for more than forty years (I think).
        I think what we had in this case was one level of knucklehead supervising another level of knucklehead…
        A rather sad state of affairs in more institutions of “higher learning” than one could imagine..

  • Winter Tomato

    When the DJ opened the door, I could help but think of the Monty Python sketches where the Bishop pops in and yells “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

  • Stinky Man

    Freak, tranny, nutbag, he-she, fudge pounder, stool pusher the names go on and on.

    • Ron Swanson

      Well, there went lunch…LOL

  • MCLowe

    “Tranny” against the law?? That’s a good one! So typical of lefties with a little power. Bring along the police and make up new laws on the fly. Welcome to the new USSR, people! HAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!

  • Stinky Man

    When you depend on legislated normalcy then the name calling will never stop and the freaks will never be excepted.

  • What about “fanny?” Can I use the word “fanny?” As in . . . “he’s a poofter and like to take it in the fanny.”

  • MCLowe

    Wait… KUMM????? Is their callsign even legal?

  • four11posse

    They enrolled in this college of their own free will. Follow the rules or transfer. Can’t afford to do that? Then deal with it. Everybody knows how fascist college campus has become.

    • DKing

      You are correct. It is not against any federal regulation to not say “tranny’ on the air. The Fascists will use selective laws as the means to control the students, even though their interpretation of the laws (FCC) is completely wrong.

  • Ron Swanson

    “Tranny” is a slur? Who knew…..
    It’s getting to a point that one needs a pocket sized “slur” guidebook to take in public so as to use the proper nomenclature.
    What if I’m talking to my mechanic about my transmission?

  • ““That is a specific hate speech word never allowed on radio,” she tells the students as they pack up, “in the same way that you can never say ‘cocksucker’ on radio.””

    But you can say the President is a ‘cockholster’ on live television and get praised for it.

    I’m confused. What’s the standard?

    • Ron Swanson

      It shifts weekly, depending on who the left is pissed at, and to what degree.

  • dukeblues

    libs are all about denying freedom of speech. Terrible people

  • FlyOverCountry

    “The radio station manager”, “the board”, “the student station manager”, “the commission”, “the person who complained”…names?

  • Mike Bollinger

    What shall one call the insane who believe they are outside the reality of two sexes? There is no such thing as a transgender, or gender. Gender is simply a language term to denote male or female such as man or woman, boy or girl, Mother or Father.. This is on par with the stealing of the word Gay from the language, when in reality there are no sadder group of humans than homosexuals.

    • jcill

      Do you realize that your post contained a dozen or so forbidden words??? You should be restricted from ever posting on any sites!! /sarc

  • Keith Owen

    More leftist crap from the institutes of higher indoctrination. Did the station manager wear a brown shirt and say, “You vill not zay ze vorboten vords on ze air or you vill face 30 days in ze cooler.”

    • Ron Swanson

      Read that and immediately pictured Werner Klemperer and his manacle in the role of station manager.

  • Flippy Hambone

    The station manager’s behavior was niggardly

    • Ray_Sears

      It’s a wonderful word, “niggardly” but it doesn’t fit in this context because the station manager was not acting “cheap or tight fisted”, she was just being a politically correct little fascist !

  • Ron Swanson

    Sounds like a good show….anyone know if it’s on TuneIn?

  • Rod M

    Sue the chit out of the school! Bury them so they have to close and can never indoctrinate anyone ever again. Destroy them.

  • Gubbler Chechenova

    Use an internet radio program.

  • algonquinmatt

    “Deplorable Radio”

    Most people who refer to themselves as a ‘deplorable’ or associate with that moniker have outed themselves as somebody who would vote for Donald Trump. They were on a short leash.

  • deibama

    I just heard another woman complaing about molestation from Al Franken. I also heard Franken was thinking about running for President in 2020. Tranny police and all those muslim; Minnesota sounds like a wonderful state to leave.

    • algonquinmatt

      funny thing about that is that her husband was there, she mentioned it on her Facebook page, her friends knew, etc.. but nobody thought it was noteworthy until now. He probably grabs azz all the time and nobody says anything.

    • Ray_Sears

      YES, IT WAS !

  • Lib Serum

    I use the term “Transi” all the time.
    Tyr-anny is how to describe the control freaks running that institution.

  • DavidNM

    This is simple. If a male cuts off his genitals and dresses like a female then he does not actually become a female. Gender is a measurable scientific fact. Male or Female. XX or XY. Argue all you want, but it’s verifiable fact. It’s not subjective. It’s based objective, measurable data. Now, someone might “feel” like the opposite sex or prefer to be referred to as the opposite sex. I understand that. Makes sense. You can’t argue with preferences or feelings; They’re subjective. Everyone should be allowed feelings, preferences and expression of such things. Everyone, including those who do not believe that a transvestit has actually changed genders.

    Transvestite, and therefore shortened tranny, are accurate words describing a person that cross dresses. They still have use in our language. They are not simply male or female. We all know this is slightly more complex.

    • Ron Swanson

      True. Problem is, the other side only embraces science that fits their narrative, most of which is debunk-able, at best.

  • EugeneAustin

    I guess they should have said, “[email protected]!$(^* !#&!(_ !*$*!_ %&[email protected]

  • steven reynolds

    Tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny

  • Michael Hunt

    Just more liberal bull-crap! Pay no attention to it! Like any other pile of excrement, it will dry up and blow away with the wind!

  • antilibs11

    these two will immediately get radio gigs……..and can sue the university for a ton of money

  • Augray

    Typical liberal knee-jerk reaction to reasonable conversations. “We don’t like what you’re saying so we’ll use the power of the state to stop you” as opposed to letting everyone speak their minds as the first amendment specifies.

  • aryc drummond

    This college needs to be burnt to the ground! Just my opinion. You want to talk about fascists, once they found out that there were no violations under the FCC, they changed the story to fit their actions.

  • jcill

    “It is a shame,” Albrecht wrote, “that our freedom of speech is being curtailed today in the very place it should be most free, on college campuses.”. Hogwash! The only places where freedom of speech is more restricted than in North Korea are college campuses!

  • NoneOfYourBusiness

    What bullshit

  • NoneOfYourBusiness

    The bitch lied by saying they broke FCC rules when it in fact isn’t a banned word. She was just itching for the opportunity to exercise her self appointed Social Justice.

  • Kevin V Naranek

    The school needs to provide documentary proof of the banning of the word. I can’t find such a ban on the word and very much doubt they can either as Mr. Corn-Revere maintains.

  • stechatte

    Remember when Howard Hessman was kicked off the air for saying “booger?”

  • Machismo

    So what’s wrong with the word “Tranny?” After all that is what the Tranny, LGBTQ group is selling right? why others should be sexual deviants? Look at what is being taught in our schools to our children right? Giving an “Alternative lifestyle class” and parents of many students see this an not an alternative. Lets come out with it guys. One guy bends over and the other guy does what to the other from behind and where does he stick it? How about girls explain what you do to each other? The classes explain. Tell us why the grotesque details are never talked about? Explain the need for gender change and how many converts kill themselves or want to be converted back? Let the truth be known not the pretty picture you want to paint.

  • ani-all

    It is a shame but the best method of stopping such overreaching behavior is to file lawsuits. Bottom line thinking is the only correction schools understand .

  • Tom

    Obviously the university is falling down on the job as they are not teaching students what words are politically correct and which words are not. Tsk, tsk. OR! Maybe this was a teaching moment for the entire school, showing that one misstep using the ‘wrong’ word, will result in one getting fired. Talk about away to squelch freedom of speech and insure we are closer to an Orwellian state.

  • Domin8er

    Your tranny is shot. Must have gotten low on fluid. Or you may have blown a seal.
    No man….I was eating an ice cream cone.

  • Kay Edens

    1. It’s Minnesota, 2. It’s a college / university in Minnesota. Conclusion: No surprise that snowflake SJWs would lie in order to shut down anyone they disagree with.

  • Caddolakeguy

    Tranny used to refer to a vehicle’s transmission. Another perfectly good word hijacked by the leftists.

    • Muzzled

      My tranny got broke when she rammed the pole

      • tNJ

        My tranny broke the shaft

  • Greg Miller

    And the world gets a little more stupid.

  • kim80

    Fascism. Notice how the bureaucrats are wrong to begin with….and simply make up new “rules” as they go……

  • Jon Lindberg

    sorry we dont have words that are banned by law…maybe by university’s but not real law….sorry

    • Oakspar77777

      There are words that the FCC bans from the public airwaves (the f bomb), but tranny isn’t one of them.

  • As usual, speech and expression is censored and all offenders punished severely in the pursuit of the great Communist Dystopia.

  • Bob

    Purge ALL the words!

  • Alessio Benincasa

    “the student station manager” – Melissa Click at her new job?

  • BoonieRat

    A little censorship goes a long way . If these people wanna be completely sure to be taken off they simply need to do a pro gun piece .

  • FullDiaper

    What a sick world we now live in… the liberal left communists shut down free speech but have no problem with a man sodomizing another man and calling it “marriage” …sick or what?

    • Muzzled

      What problem do you specifically do you have with men doing each others azz?

      • FullDiaper

        SICK and Perverted. Repulsive to normal people

        • Muzzled

          Okay fine, but what’s the problem?

          • fusilier

            anal leakage

          • Muzzled

            Like when a guy does his gf up there????

  • sydbloom

    Leftist pig vomits like the station nazi frau need to be challenged openly and publicly. Such Nazi propagandist pigs like her need to be counter-attacked and humiliated for their their censorship when ideas and thoughts do not match her fat induced leftist lunacy. Perhaps hoisting such cows by the strap on in a public square could serve to cure their intolerance.

  • CEH

    This is a hoot! The “good” thing about it is that the more petty these university liberals become in their efforts to protect “protected classes” the more irrelevant that protection becomes. Eventually the Left, as it always has been becomes its own worst enemy.

    • Muzzled

      Unfortunately as history has shown, it always ends in millions and millions and millions of deaths

  • MAGA420

    Maybe say pervert next time

  • Ozerosux

    But trannys can use the word? Are will still in the same universe or did we go through some kind of time warp?

  • Scriptor

    Progressives are Nazi trash.

  • tNJ

    So if I’m talking shop about transmissions in mechanical engineering-or ‘trannies’ as most of us call it-some feminazi listening may get triggered I’m going to get kicked out of college,oh wonderful.

  • I guess they want to silence the lawsuit they fear the most not realizing it is the one they would be most likely to win.

  • Kimbell

    Liberal’s at their Best !!!!!!

  • JC

    So who is the dumb bitch that called the cops? Clearly you know… Make her famous already!

  • There are so many laws and regulations that nobody can ever know all of them, even if you literally spent every single waking hour reading them and memorizing them.

    Quote, Atlas Shrugged: “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted—and you create a nation of law-breakers—and then you cash in on guilt.”

  • michaelpc

    Do not shove your gay sht at normal people. When you have to play in feces for sex, you are not normal.

    • Muzzled

      Normal? Like when straight guy does his gf up the behind?

      • steven reynolds

        Normal people know the difference between entry and exit.

        • Muzzled

          But you didn’t answer me. I mean, it was a question

          • steven reynolds

            um,, yes I did

          • Muzzled

            So you are saying the 20% of women who have anal sex with a man are not normal? It’s probably much higher than that

          • steven reynolds

            yes, 20% does not make it normal. If that % is even factual

          • Muzzled

            I’ve dated a lot of women and trust me 20% is very conservative. However, I could go on and by the time I’m done you will have to re-define normal

          • steven reynolds

            Normal, has already been bastardized. ..hijacked, ect,, to fit agendas

          • Muzzled

            Pretty much for the last couple of centurys.
            Full disclosure, I voted for Trump. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life. I did vote for Ross Perot in 1992

          • steven reynolds

            Perot????? what the hell were you thinking?

          • Muzzled

            That’s when they were getting ready to sign NAFTA. Ross Perot predicted that there would be a giant sucking sound of jobs leaving America. Now do you understand what I was thinking?

          • steven reynolds

            But you just tossed your vote away and assured a D. win

          • Muzzled

            Grow up

          • steven reynolds

            Unfortunately I did, a long time ago.

          • Muzzled

            Versus bush?

          • Muzzled

            My problem with gay marriage is: government entitlements and where does it end? Polygamy? Can you imagine entitlement you have to pay?

  • sammy

    I would be surprised if police would even respond to a call like this!!

  • Alessio Benincasa

    We had a Mongoloid moron in the neighborhood when I was growing up. She didn’t understand much, but she firmly grasped the idea of forbidden words. Her heightened sense of propriety always waiting for a chance to scold the other children in the event of a breach. In her best ‘tard voice – “I’m gonna tell your mother!”.

  • tNJ

    Radio call letters KUMM?!? How did that get through the college chiefs?

  • GLap313

    No more Lou Reed “Wild Side” I guess? How many scary words in that song . . .

  • Sallen777

    Sue them. There are only a few words that violate FCC regs. PC culture needs to be sued each time to teach them an expensive lesson.

  • D.Plorable

    They should offer to come back on the air and play only NWA starting with “N—–s4Life”. Follow up with Ice Cube’s “Black Korea”.

  • Timothy Moynihan

    I would sue the fuck out of the school. Report everything that is said on the radio. Seek professional help and blame it on the radio. Start counting your riches.

  • suzsez

    These students should be thankful they were merely escorted out by police. Joan Rivers wasn’t so lucky after saying “tranny” on national television — https://youtu.be/aakEvMc2110

  • Pseudonymic

    Is it OK to call her the seaword?

  • inxsofspex


  • inxsofspex


  • trackman23

    Could those DeeJays at least put up some kind of verbal resistance against that female radio station manager? They gave up their post way too easily.

    • American Freeman

      They could have asked what FCC rule.

  • KingofStreitHall

    lol…the left has the nuveau facists of our age…who knew!

  • GreginJax

    Get over it!

  • Philbert McNutt

    Why not just state facts, and call the trannies what they are – mentally ill freaks?

  • RT Mtn

    They should have gave the station manager the Al Franken treatment

  • Louis Arnold

    Yes… Banned on Facebook for stating an OPINION “Fix Action” on LGBT Trans-sexual “TRANNYISM” 11 Days, and 1 hour to go before my unchanged ‘STRAIGHT’ Nature is allowed to reveal I breath air and continue in Life even though Facebook utters every day I must “DIE!” before 2040 and “Just go away Old Whitey!”

    My suggestion is Military personnel MUST wear their Uniform ONLY in Public when they are not on Base. The Fascists of Facebook clearly don’t know what the word… UNIFORM means.

    Nitwits it means they don’t get to wear HIGH heels in Public

  • Johnny Doh

    Silence those you disagree with. If you cannot silence them with reason, use force.

  • American Freeman

    UMM is now to be added to the list of universities that do not respect the freedom of speech. You have only the rights that are designated by the PC police. Big brother PC’s office is down the hall to the left.

  • Bureau of Censorship

    LOL. Even if saying “tranny” on air violated FCC rules (it doesn’t), it’s not a criminal matter for which the police would have or should have any involvement.

  • A Day

    Tranny, tranny, tranny, tranny. There I said it. So what? If offended bend over grab your bunns and lick something.

  • American Freeman

    At UMM you have only the constitutional right of free speech designated by the PC Police located at Big Brother’s office down the hall to the left.

  • SkankHunt42

    because universities are where freedom is cultivated! progress!

  • kamenetz

    These indoctrination camps a.k.a. colleges and universities need to be burned to the ground, put all communist antifa professors in jail and start over…

  • USexitUN

    At what point do parents consider an intervention to reclaim their brain-washed children from the cult of a college education. Do you kidnap them from their dormitory?

  • disqus_X4zDidVpdI

    Sue the university out of existance. If they were concerned about the cost of FCC litigation, you should make them very concerned about the cost of your litigation.


    I bought a new Saab 900 Turbo when I graduated from university. The tranny dropped out, at night, in a toll booth on the Mass Pike, with 600 miles on the odometer. The next day I visited the service manager at the dealership, and said “I just dropped in to see what condition my tranny was in”. He replied “your tranny is unrepairable, and we’re going to replace it”. “Yeah, yeah, oh-yeah, what condition my tranny was in…” To this day I wonder what they do with defective trannies…Send them to Mardi Gras or Key West?

  • Mayhem

    Arrest me your liberal F&CK!! And I am not talking about my transmission although it sucks too.


      Your message was short, but to the point…

  • Big Conservative

    Does the FCC have a list of words you are not allowed to say on the radio? and where is this list?


      Wow..You are obviously unfamiliar with the late great George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television”. Wiki it…

      • Big Conservative

        Very aware of those. Just don’t recall the word “tranny” being on that list.

    • Gerald Bruce

      No, they don’t.

    • Jack Coyote

      Google George Carlin 7 words you can’t say on televison

  • Pete49

    Ever notice the word tranny and the word tyranny have very similar spellings?

  • rightyb

    and that tells you all you need to know about free speech, the radical left, and feminists.

    there it is in a nutshell. the only thing missing is getting punched cause they are nazis!!!!

  • raynebc

    The university PC police were really straining to find a legit reason to take down a show that they don’t like.

  • Defiant Fiandt

    What i don’t understand is why the cops would show up for that.

    • tightloops

      Because the self-described Nazi police are constantly trolling a score. Our freedom of speech is at risk. Pretty soon, if you make a bad reference to the day’s weather you could be charged with a hate crime. It has gotten THAT out of control. Why? Because of LAWYERS who mine society for potential profit via speech.

  • Pole_cat

    College enrolment has cratered because mom and dad are fed up with paying for all that Ubiquitous Leftist Indoctrination. The Leftist can read the writing on the wall. You are now seeing two desperate Leftist movements afoot -Universal FREE college and High School/Grade School will now be the MAIN focus for future Leftist Indoctrination.

    Exhibit A: FBI- “Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group”


    Exhibit B: Yvette Felarca is a Public school teacher and one of the antifa organizers. This is who is teaching YOUR children. This clueless little Fascist Leftist has NO idea that Nazi’s are in fact Leftist Socialist JUST LIKE HER! Nor that Fascism, by definition, is now and always has been the exclusive domain of Leftist MOB Activism. With that in mind listen to the venom she is spewing, straight out ofMein Kampf or Rules For Radicals. NOW think about that as you kiss your kids and send them off to school tomorrow.

  • tightloops

    The PC Nazi’s never sleep!!!!!!!!!

  • Marion Dickinson

    LOL, I started laughing when I read the article, when I was in school, guys called a vehicle transmission a “tranny”. Never thought of it otherwise until I saw this and it wasn’t about transmissions.

    • Amorphous Blob

      The correct term for a transsexual is actually TRANSY; my kid bro is one. He is now 56…

  • bluesbo

    Tube amp versus tranny amp okay?

  • Professional Comedian

    Think about this, libs have been bashing the Police, some want to disarm them but when a college kid said a funny word they don’t like they immediately called in Armed Government Officials!!!!!

  • Ruth Gauthier

    Sending kids to collage today is akin to child abuse. They are dumbed down , intimated, indoctrinated and with a debt that will take them years to payoff. I see no good reason to go to collage when a trade school will give you a better paying job and no brainwashing. What is anyone going to do with a women’s study degree?

  • Dirt McGirt

    TRANSLATION: We don’t care about the rules, you offended us so we can make up whatever rules we want to control you. We are “The Offended” and we can’t accept people that think differently than us, so we will be offended, and use that outrage to manipulate.

  • Kasperlos

    The station manager sounds like a power tripped elementary school teacher. It’s simply stunning, amazing too how the young ‘men’ simply take it. It’s amazing how this station manager pulled s(heet out of her behind, making up garbage, lying about non-existent FCC ‘word laws’. It’s simply stunning how this U.S. has crumbled under the weight of the totalitarian leftists. Note too how this station manager called in the mall kop. They need ‘muscle’ like that ex Univ. of Missouri nutjob professor Melissa Click called for muscle in trying oust reporters from a demonstration. She now has another job in agitating for the Marxist left at Gonzaga Univ. in Spokane, Wash. The entire academia world is nothing but a cesspool and employment center for hacks, libs., and other assortment of failed people. WHERE IS THE PUSH BACK AGAINST THESE FRAUDS! THE YOUNG MEN SHOULD FILE A POLICE REPORT FOR FALSE CHARGES!!!!! FIGHT BACK, FOR GAWD SAKE. THIS USEFUL IDIOT SOROS BLM, LGBTQ, UNDOCUMENTED MIGRANT RIGHTS STOOGE MADE CRAP UP OUT OF DEMENTED MIND. FIGHT BACK, YOUNG MEN. DON’T BE FEMINIZED AND NEUTERED BY THE FRAUDULENT LEFT!!!!!!!

  • Cyber Slammer

    Next week’s guest: Howard Stern

  • theantitoejam

    Since when do campus cops enforce FCC regulations?

    • Kasperlos

      Since the last 30 years when PC became a totalitarian ideology foisted upon the weak and gullible American public. People like the station manager are a dime a dozen making up, lying, fabricating, manipulating in furtherance of their own beliefs, agendas. They are defacto neo Nazis of the Marxist left. They are particularly virulent in academia, NGOs, and any other daycare center of employment as they have neither the skills, desire to work a useful job like a farmer, plumber, bricklayer – all of whom I have more respect for than ivory towered fk offs. SMASH THE LEFT, DISMANTLE THESE INSTITUTIONS OF INDOCTRINATION, BRAIN WASHING AND TYRANNY. GROW UP AMERICAN STUDENTS AND DENOUNCE THESE FRAUDS!!!

  • doRight

    the problem is that individuals are using their position to delegate laws and rules based on THEIR own belief. They are condemning the rights of others, who are indeed protected by law, and , in this case, not in any form of legitimate violation. So, to those who would step on my rights, be VERY prepared for a significant confrontation.

  • CenturiUSA

    Liberal socialist puritans have taken over our learning institutions and are teaching our kids that hurting someone’s feelings is hate and evil and to be curtailed without discussion. They are training our young to be pansy losers who need to whine if their itty bitty feelings are hurt and are given safe rooms in which they can cry on each other’s shoulders and suck on their thumbs. Small wonder our enemies don’t respect us and no doubt look forward to the near future when these crybabies are leaders who will shrink from confrontation and give in to the wolves.

  • OaktownCoug

    How terrible -calling a misguided person what they are.

  • gerald waldon

    Minnesota, land of Lakes…somebody send the Pied Piper up there to lead them all under water. What completely spineless idiots!! Why would you pay to send your child to a place like this for higher learning? The only thing you learn is you can’t say anything to offend anyone….keep it in Muslim Minnesota

  • Major MAGA

    Sue the snot out of the neo-fascist liberal institution

  • bigcrawfish

    What were you thinking dude? You ought to know they want to be called qu**rs, I think? It gets confusing to me – every five years they want to be called something else, sort-of like all of these hyphenated Americans. I try and keep up but….

  • Jack Coyote

    Wow, college has really changed since i graduated.

  • Geezer in the Freezer

    Does that mean that Tom and Ray on NPR’s Car Talk should be arrested? Is it hateful to say broken down, leaky, old tranny? Or you’re going to have to drip the tranny?

  • Wade Wilson

    Prime example of Fascism, coming from the true wing of Fascism which is the left!

  • Michael K

    What’s wrong with using a little slang for Transcendental Meditator?

  • Aleric

    Sue them, the colleges need to be held to the same stick the Left has used for years to intimidate the Right

  • Peter Simmons

    Unfukkingbelievable. Nazi Amerika, Seig Heil!

  • Bruce Kramer

    I said it…
    Now I hope every Snowflake feels unsafe…
    Wow…what a screwed up generation…

  • CN13

    The U.S. is so over. We have turned into a nation of hypersensitive trannies.

  • Montana Man

    Oh, those poor mentally-deranged liberals! But exactly what causes liberals to be so mentally unbalanced? It’s simple really; they love doing what’s evil rather than doing what’s right. They’re morally corrupt individuals who have rejected God’s guidance, and ignore their own conscience– to the point where they can no longer hear it. Therefore, GOD HAS GIVEN THEM OVER TO A DEPRAVED MIND, to do things that are morally reprehensible. They do not believe in chastity, but are instead enslaved to all kinds of depravity and wickedness. They allow themselves to be led by greed, envy, strife, deceit, and malice. Because they’re hypocrites who have no understanding of right and wrong, they assume a false appearance of righteousness. They convince themselves that they’re superior to others, so they feel justified in slandering and committing violence. This leads some to being abusive, and others to commit murder. They spend their time devising evil plans because they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, and no mercy. This is fully explained in Romans, Chapter One. The Bible refers to those who do these things as ‘fools,’ ‘the ungodly,’ and ‘the wicked;’ but in these last days we know them as ‘liberals.’ They are without God, and without hope in this world, for they willingly choose to serve the Dark Lord, Satan. They are a threat to themselves and to everyone around them; for as their love for evil increases, so also does the level of their mental illness.

  • Alice Ramirez

    Don’t we still have the First Amendment in this country? I hope the kid suspended from University of Minnesota-Morris sues.

  • MO Guy

    They should seek legal advice about possibly filing suit against the station, the directors and the station manager.

  • kzF

    This whole “Trans-Agenda” got to running fast as soon as Michelle Obama became known as Michael Obama. After the tragic demise of our good comedienne, Joan Rivers, the Trans-Push came into being, full time. The Agenda included reading to tots in libraries, in drag, and insisting that Grade School teachers teach alternate family formation to children too young to consider gender. And, if that was not enough, it got worse when some doctors started giving children puberty blockers so that they could change “gender”, as if that was healthy and normal, without any proof that it is not detrimental to the child.

  • djl

    they are smart would sue the collage for violations of Constitution rights… and think the FCC should pull their linc. for misuse of FCC authority…. those involved should be fired

  • Oveida Sinclair

    The FCC has not banned the word Tranny from the air ways, only you ultra left snowflake libitard institutions ban the word. Here is a fact, Michelle Obama is a tranny

  • Richard William Northington

    Not too many years ago tranny ment an automotive transmission.

  • ruzzty

    She was the one triggered – clearly.

  • redant23

    I am sure white supremecist, honky, dumb christian, dumb republican are all allowed though.

  • Coloradogirl

    Might want to think twice about sending your precious ones to a college willing to call the police on them for any minor infraction. Ridiculous

  • vaderslith

    p.c. nothing more than mind and speech control “f” uck pc

  • DNC Corruption Queen

    Typical tranny progtard fascist pigs. I’d LOVE to see the FCC law IN WORDS stating that “tranny” is a slur. I’ll bet it does not exist. Stupid leftards.

    • Facebook will ban you if you say homosexual. Since when has a scientific term been considered a slur? The fascists have taken over the university and the Free Press is no longer free it is now enslaved by the fascist masses.

  • Mike Wilson

    Yes folks. It is definitely offensive calling somebody a Tranny … especially on CUMM radio…. or was that KUMM?
    R.U. Kidding

    • DNC Corruption Queen

      I’ll bet if it was a black guy on the radio saying the word “cra&shycker” there would have been no intervention.

  • Saryk

    Tranny! Chick with a dick! Transvestite!

  • Bill Diebold

    It a shame going to the ivy halls to learn a set of skills and discipline so they may become a self sufficient & self reliant adult citizen. Now all their progenitors get for our tax money and their savings is foul mouth snowflakes who suffer mental collapse when they encounter someone with a different opinion. Nothing like 13 weeks at the Marine Corp reception area at Parris Island to help cure them of their childish behavior. It would also be beneficial for their blabbering marxist programmers.

  • Oboy_must_go


    • Good point, punitive damages for a large University could run into the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars because of the grievousness of a university censoring the constitutional rights of paying students.

  • GHerblabnik

    They must not have any more room or kittens available in the safe-place on campus. When that happens arrests have to made. It’s in the college Cupcake Constitution – Fruitcake Amendment 12 – Crybaby Clause 7.

  • The_Irredeemable_Toxic_Avenger

    Dude looks like a Lady.

    • DNC Corruption Queen

      The funny thing about the video of that song is how much Steven Tyler actually LOOKED like a woman and it didn’t appear he had to try too hard.

      • The_Irredeemable_Toxic_Avenger

        Stephen Tyler looked more like a woman than 99% of the trannies I see in public.

  • Veronika Simms

    I’m transgender and honestly this is BS. I use the word all the time. And it seems like it was never a problem with the FCC. It’s just some over zealous self appointed PC person who thinks people shouldn’t say it.

    And you’ll love this one. I’ve been blocked from facebook twice for using it and I’m actually talking about myself when I’m doing it. It’s crazy.

    • It appears that Facebook is now run by a bunch of little fascists who want to censor speech they don’t agree with. It kind of has a ring to it doesn’t it… Facebook Fascists !
      Maybe that’s why they do it, they like the sound of Facebook fastest Facebook fascists Facebook fascists… Try to say that fast three times!

      • DNC Corruption Queen

        It’s also Google/Youtube as well. Last year Google changed their search engine code to remove any immediate links that were negative on Hillary. Yet any negative stories on Trump immediately popped up.

        • Yes , it looks like it’s time to start regulating this behemoths because they are now censoring free speech

          • DNC Corruption Queen

            Can you imagine if Hillary had won and the left got control of Congress and SCOTUS? Websites like this would be shut down for a fake claim of “racism” or “hate speech.” The modern left is nothing more than 1930s Hitler Nazi Germany. The irony is that they accuse us on the right as being exactly that, which is exactly what THEY are.

      • Veronika Simms

        It’s incredibly irritating, and honestly the word was created by the transgender community. that’s why it’s so irritating when we get in trouble saying it. But, facebook has become the method of communication for a lot of people. And to have some corporate entity decide they can cut off your communication with no way for you to even appeal is really worrying