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Evergreen State professor who called white peers ‘motherf—ers’ who can’t see ‘outta your own ass’ resigns


‘Could some white women at Evergreen come and collect Heather Heying’s racist ass’

One of the downsides of so-called family newspapers is they censor profanity in quotes.

That’s why you can’t get a sense of Naima Lowe’s contempt for her white colleagues at Evergreen State College by reading about her departure in The Olympian.

Spokesperson Zach Powers said Lowe’s departure last week was a condition of her $240,000 settlement with the Washington state college to resolve her tort claim for discrimination and a hostile work environment. She had been on leave since the start of the academic year because of “online attacks” against her that escalated over the summer.

Former professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, whose objection to the school’s anti-white “Day of Absence” provoked the mob rule that engulfed campus this spring, earlier received $500,000 to settle their similar tort claim, though their antagonists confronted them in person.

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Unlike another recently departed colleague who tangled specifically with Weinstein, Rashida Love, Lowe’s objections were sprayed broadly across all white professors.

The “performance artist” made a spectacle of herself this May when she cursed out white colleagues in front of the library for being insufficiently supportive of student activists who menaced Weinstein and anyone considered to support him. Just one of many insulting lines:

YOU are now those motherfuckers that we’re pushing against!

You can’t see your way outta your own ass!

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It’s hard to see the professors castigated by Lowe as obvious supporters of Weinstein and Heying: A huge chunk of faculty called for Weinstein to be disciplined for airing the college’s dirty laundry.

As The College Fix reported when Weinstein and Heying settled, based on documents in their tort claim:

The couple, and especially Weinstein, was frequently called racist by peers in emails. Colleagues were upset the couple would not support the plans to elevate faculty on the basis of race, or support the “Day of Absence,” in which white people were asked to remain off campus for one day in April so students and faculty of color could commiserate about oppression and similar topics.

That claim also included emails and screenshots of hostility toward the married couple by their peers. One was Lowe herself, who wrote on Facebook: “Oh lord, could some white women at Evergreen come and collect Heather Heying’s racist ass. Jesus.”

Provost Jennifer Drake (“she/her pronouns”) announced Lowe’s departure in an email to faculty obtained by The Fix. It doesn’t disclose her tort claim or settlement, simply saying she “elected to resign”:

I want to recognize Naima’s many contributions to the College and thank her for her years of teaching and service on behalf of Evergreen. Naima joined the College in 2010 as a film and experimental media faculty member, and has taught regularly in media studies and film production as well as in interdisciplinary programs in cultural studies, feminist and queer theory, race, and decolonial studies. Naima is also a talented filmmaker and multi-media artist whose work has received regional and national recognition, and been exhibited at festivals, museums, and galleries across the country. Her work with students was theoretically rich, deeply creative, and transformative for those who studied with her. Naima also developed strong relationships with many staff and faculty, and we wish her the best in her future endeavors.

It’s not clear whether praising Lowe to her former colleagues was a condition of the settlement.

Campus Reform also notes that Lowe condemned white gays at the local gay rights parade in 2015, saying the “assimilationist motherfucking gays took over the movement with their assimilationist goals.”

Other Evergreen departures in the Day of Absence aftermath include its police chief, who warned Weinstein she couldn’t protect him on campus, and a veteran Writing Center employee who alleged his boss misspent public money for years that had been earmarked for students.

Read the Olympian report.

UPDATE: An email from the college provost to faculty about Lowe’s departure has been added to the article, as has information from a Campus Reform report about Lowe’s past conflict with the local white gay community.

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  • CurmudgeonNYC


    • conundrum

      Don’t. For the good of all humanity, she shouldn’t reproduce.

  • sardiverdave

    “cultural studies, feminist and queer theory, race, and decolonial studies.”

    It’s amazing to me that anyone believes that an education in these things will feed them throughout adulthood.

    Wait, I guess it doesn’t, hence the lawsuit.

    • Jennifer

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    • Daisy

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    • Joe Joe

      She basically did a major in leftist propaganda.

      • sardiverdave

        Easier than learning something useful.

        • Joe Joe

          Or learning at all. Those “courses” are mostly emotional bloodletting.

          • Gadfly156

            It’s the therapist’s couch disguised as an education! That is why those who major in those minors are constantly trying to turn public discourse into some lame derivative riff on talk therapy and psychoanalytic tropes. Safe space? Microaggressions? Validation? Your personal ‘truth’? ALL phrases / ideas lifted right out of therapeutic work with people who suffer emotional disorders, personality disorders, and more serious varieties of mental illness.

            They are quite literally out to make the entire world as insane as they are.

            But what do we expect from neo-Bolsheviks.

          • Joe Joe

            Nail hit head! Bravo.

    • Hughlon Thornbury

      “It’s amazing to me that anyone believes that an education in these things will feed them throughout adulthood.”

      Well, seriously doubt that the nature of the degree is relevant. She could just as easily been a LGBTQXYZ shop teacher, gone on the same profane rant against her coworkers and still gotten a quarter million payoff. One thing she did educate and inform fellow faculty on is that there’s money in them there racist tirades. Sure bet there will be more to follow. Now everyone knows what the “green” in Evergreen really means. Eeeeaassyyy money. Cha-ching!

      • Albert8184

        No. It’s not about money

    • Albert8184

      You don’t understand. It’s not about “getting a job”. It’s about fomenting revolution. Don’t you get it YET? i mean, what do these people need to say to make you understand that they want REVOLUTION? They aren’t interested in a job and a house in the suburbs.

      • sardiverdave

        What in the ever-loving hell makes you talk to me as if I’m some sort of dimwit or backwards child?

        Some may want to foment revolution, but the majority are simply opportunists. There are “true believers” who want what you say, true, but most people simply want to go through life as comfortably as possible. Race baiters who expect payoffs tend to be in the latter category.

        • Albert8184

          Well…. at risk of sounding like I’m doing more of what you don’t like…. the majority are simply “useful idiots” who are looking for “opportunities” to divide and conquer…. doing the dirty work for the few with the cash and the influence. We ignore the obvious at our own peril…. and if whats going on in universities all over the country right now isn’t suspicious enough for many to see what is obviously going on, then those folks are really beyond enlightenment.

          • sardiverdave

            It’s not just “doing what I don’t like”. It’s treating me in an undeserved way.

            Although I am now questioning whether or not I may be a dimwit, as I have continued to engage you in discussion.

            Have a good evening.

          • Albert8184

            You should read this article. I hope that you will. https://imprimis.hillsdale….

  • martqbdlve

    They gave her $240,000? If anyone outside academia talked to co-workers that way they would be fined by the eeoc for that much.

  • PhaseV

    $240K white-to-black wealth transfer, courtesy of white, guilt-tripped parents paying for this idiocy

    • Doug McCall

      Sorry, that was tax payer money…

  • Kevin Kervick

    This is a dangerous, delusional woman. There are thousands like her at universities all over the country. We need to continue to work hard to retire them. Whiteness fought back this time and won.

  • HdwJunkie

    I think its precious that she’s holding her little dog. Down with the struggle she is.

  • Dr. Donny

    WOW! The ultimate example of intersectionality: Female, black, queer, fat, ugly and dumb. Plus high skill level in profanity. Shoulda been the perfect instructor at Evergreen and every other hellhole liberal college in the US.

    • Gadfly156

      “Intersectionality” is Orwellian newspeak for exactly that cluster, ever notice? Might as well hang a big neon sign around the neck: “cannot ever hope to compete”.

  • That’s one way to end your career like that, in a vulgar and rude way. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/004f8e0362395b81d8c606fc055239963b2db04d243e5ee68ff177e0165dc1d4.jpg

    • Gadfly156

      Yeah but for her it’s a win — she gets to spend the REST OF HER LIFE telling her big crocodile-tear-stained sob story about the INCREDIBLE OPPRESSION AND INJUSTICE!!!111 she suffered in white people world. *smh*

      • She gets the “victim” card premier and wave that around to get “privilege.”

  • Gadfly156

    What’s the old saying? If you think EVERYONE around you is an a-hole, chances are … you’re the a-hole?

    Chances look extremely good that this corpulent, slovenly, ghetto-mouthed creature is itself the actual racist.