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Progressive infighting: Racist fliers at Temple U. target black Hillary Clinton supporters

Racially inflammatory fliers posted around Philadelphia’s Temple University appear to be reviving hard feelings from last year’s Democratic presidential primary.

Campus police are investigating the placards which state “Hey you stupid N— s, Bernie would have won if it wasn’t for you. Seriously, f— you all. This is all your fault.”

According to Philly.com, the message refers to “the assertion that [Bernie] Sanders would have defeated Donald Trump in the general election.” Blacks, however, overwhelmingly backed Hillary Clinton.

The Temple College Democrats condemned the signs:

It is with heavy hearts that the Temple College Democrats must address another exhibition of hate speech on our campus. We recognize this rhetoric for what it is: racist and intolerant. This incident rests upon a much more systemic issue, one that only becomes increasingly normalized the longer we fail to take action.

The Temple News student paper completely ignored the Sanders-Clinton angle, opting to focus solely on the fliers’ racism:

“These fliers were disgusting, intimidating and hateful, and they have no place on our campus,” [University President Richard Englert’s] statement read. “They do not represent the Temple community that I have known and loved during the last 40 years. Personally, I found the fliers despicable, and it breaks my heart that this occurred at Temple.” …

“I am not the least bit surprised by the sign outside of 1940,” [Student Body President Tyrell Mann-Barnes tweeted]. “However, I will say that it is imperative we fight hate, racism, bigotry, and intolerance every time we see it.” …

“This is disgusting, hateful and has no place on our campus,” [Temple spokesman Brandon Lausch emailed]. “Students who find additional posters are asked to contact Campus Safety Services.”

Read the full Philly.com and Temple News stories.

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  • gmartinz

    Somehow, it’s going to be Trump’s fault

  • servo75

    I love it when the leftists eat each other.

  • beth

    Progressive Infighting is a misleading term as those involved in the arguing aren’t all progressive. Besides, this is the person who did it, likely. Look at the bike.


  • felixinmontana

    Bummer to say, this is extremely likely a student-created false flag op. Not actual infighting.

  • Jim Steele

    I love irony…….

  • Sean Lerby

    No such thing as a free lunch! Welfare recipients wanted more free stuff from the Dems, and look what they got? Still laughing daily about the irony of this.

  • Steve G

    Watch out ! The wacky left are working their magic. Free stuff for everyone, no one needs to work, no responsibility for your own actions, everyone else is to blame for your predicament, big brother will teach you how to think and put all of your faith in politicians.

  • Ectomy

    As an old art/sculpture guy that form screams “female” to me.
    No surprise, nutty women are the beating heart of lefty hate.
    A lot of the “men” are just idiots going along trying to score.