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Female professor sues university after being subject to ‘malicious’ Title IX investigation

Instructor hit with ‘nebulous fog’ of accusation

A chemistry professor at George Washington University is suing the school after it allegedly subject her to a “malicious” sexual harassment investigation.

Chemistry and international affairs professor Catherine Woytowicz accused the university of “15 different infractions” in a recently filed lawsuit, according to The GW Hatchet. 

“In a 249-page complaint,” The Hatchet reports, Woytowicz “claims that the University’s handling of the case represented a breach of contract and violated her rights under the First and Fifth Amendments and the D.C. Human Rights Act.”

Woytowicz was accused of sexual harassment by a male student but that the accusations “were later found to be unfounded,” according to The Hatchet. In the meantime, the plaintiff says she was subject to “malicious” treatment “by Title IX Coordinator Rory Muhammad, chemistry department chair Michael King and various other officials.”

University officials “barred her from teaching courses that she had taught for years, according to the complaint.”

From The Hatchet:

In March 2016, a 19-year-old undergraduate student, who is unnamed in court documents, filed a Title IX complaint against Woytowicz, his chemistry professor, alleging sexual harassment, according to the complaint.

Woytowicz received an email from Muhammad on March 17, 2016 informing her of the complaint. The email did not include details about the substance of the allegations including what specifically she was accused of, where and when the alleged actions occurred and how she would be able to mount a defense, according to the complaint.

In a March 23 meeting with Woytowicz to discuss the allegations, Muhammad allegedly asked questions about her dating life that she found intrusive and only described the allegations against her in vague terms as an “allegation of sexual harassment based on unequal power.”

“Defendant Muhammad had no interest in learning the truth of the accusations against Prof. Woytowicz, but had only an interest in making it as difficult as possible for her to establish her innocence of anything that might possibly have been included in the nebulous fog
of an asserted complaint against her,” the complaint states.

Woytowicz alleges that Muhammad then instructed her to avoid contact with potential witnesses, but the lack of information made it difficult for Woytowicz to discern which of her friends it would be improper for her to communicate with, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, “Muhammad kept a notebook of the accusations against Woytowicz, and when she asked to see it during the meeting, Muhammad held the notebook above her head and seemed to ‘delight in this, as if playing a child’s game of keep away’.”

Woyotowicz is seeking “front pay and back pay for lost earnings, compensatory damages for mental anguish and more than $40,000 in attorney fees and punitive damages against the University.”

Read the whole report here.

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  • Larry Moran

    Too bad for her. The accused is always guilty. Ask anybody. Duh…

    • Kyle Hood

      Schadenfreude has set in. Part of me thinks this is hilarious, but part of me is distressed. Overall, I hope that others take note of this.

      • Generic Avatar

        Oh, noes! A woman, and faculty at that, has been subjected to the same chit that male students have been subjected to for years without anybody on campus having any college faculty or staff having any issues with the said treatment.

        I suffer no distress over this woman’s suffering under Title IX. I do find the Schadenfreude to be rather Choice, though.

  • Liberty51

    Let us hope that Prof. Woyotowicz wins a huge amount from GW, which then gets rid of its Title IX tyrants.

    • ThomasA

      I predict that GW will pay a secret settlement out of its huge endowment, and no administrator will suffer any consequences. Alums of GW, this is where your hard-earned contributions will go – not to educating young people, but to clean up administrative incompetence.

      • Liz

        Title IX is the law. It has nothing to do with any administration. Get rid of the law!

        • ThomasA

          Nothing in TIX requires the star chambers and kangaroo courts that most institutions use in sex cases.

          • karmicpete

            This was done in a letter of guidance from the Obama Admin and to be observed under threat for loss of Fed gov funding.

          • ThomasA

            Interestingly, the “Dear Colleague” letter had no force of law, since it was not promulgated under the Administrative Procedures Act. Never the less, colleges and universities rushed to embrace it.

  • ThomasA

    And yet the radical feminists in the DOJ who imposed this policy on America continue to live consequence-free lives, working in jobs from which they cannot be fired.

  • Michael Lorton

    Yes, but it was supposed to be used against MEN!

    • Jim Sweet

      A woman of badthink is semantically equivalent to a man.

  • Liz

    Kinda sounds like all of the suits that have been filed by male defendants. Maybe things will change now that a woman has gotten the same treatment that men have been getting for years now.

  • Hell Noway
  • JAO

    Time to ditch Title IX.

  • TLYG

    She got a taste of what males on campus have been enduring for years with no sympathy from anyone. Maybe she will learn from this, but I doubt it.