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Prof. Exposes Himself, Labor Union Says ‘You Can’t Fire Him’

University of New Hampshire professor Edward Larkin “took it out”–to use a Seinfeld metaphor–exposing himself to a woman and her child in a grocery store parking lot. But a union arbitrator ruled that the university cannot not fire him over the incident:

Professor Edward Larkin (source UNH.edu)

Larkin admitted he exposed himself to a mother and her daughter in a grocery store parking lot and was convicted of a felony. It happened in Milford, NH in 2009.

Many taxpayers told WBZ-TV it doesn’t make sense.

“I think it’s disgusting,” said a shopper at the Milford Market Basket. “I pay his salary and that’s wrong.”

The arbitrator’s decision is based on a line in the contract with the UNH Professor’s union. It says a professor has to show “morale delinquencies of a grave nature” to be fired.

An arbitrator found Larkin’s behavior didn’t meet that standard.

The union applauded the decision. Union President Deanna Wood said Larkin was convicted of a misdemeanor and it was a first offense.

“If you use state law as a benchmark this was not moral deficiency of a grave order,” she told WBZ-TV.

The university issued a statement, saying it was “disappointed” by the decision, and asserting that Larkin’s behavior “fell far short of expectations for any university employee.”

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  • KB

    Well which is it ? A felony or a misdemeanor?

  • rjp

    Vigilante justice is the only option.

    If fellow professors don’t see this as a “morale delinquencies of a grave nature” then they probably need to experience vigilante justice as well. As for Union President Deanna Wood, LL Bean sells ropes that she could appreciate …..

  • Jefferson Powell

    Probably not enough evidence to convict him..ha ha

  • Carol Taylor

    I am a longtime activist with my union SEIU-United Healthcare Workers (former Ethics Officer for the 65,000 member Homecare Division) and I believe this is SO harmful to the legitimate labor movement. I hate seeing stories like this. Perhaps complaints to the regional labor council and any higher federation like AFL-CIO or SEIU might be profitable. Too bad there are no local laws requiring his dismissal – YET! This is why I love democracy – we can get those laws in place. Meanwhile th arbitor needs to be revealed to his employer and the public as the enemy of the community. I love the Labor Movement ande I hate to see this kind of perversionof the vision.

    • poppa

      Unions are for losers and the losers are the only people being represented by the “Labor movement”. All states should be right to work and public sector unions should be banned by law.

  • Mmk

    Sadly this is what our country is falling to…as individual rights are taken away along with individual responsibility for your acting. Welcome to the “Collective”. You no longer need a conscience, parent or family . Be like Obama- never my fault, always someone else’s .

  • Marc

    Don’t care whether its a felony or misdemeanor. Its not behavior becoming of an employee and the school should have the right to fire him for PR as well as for concern for the well being of society at large. Labor unions carry too much clout. We have plenty options in place (NLRB, OSHA, etc., etc…) that we didn’t have when labor unions were necessary; unions have outlived their usefulness and now represent the epitome of inefficiency.

  • bob

    How exactly does “a shopper at the Milford Market Basket” pay this guy’s salary? Are university professors paid through tax revenues? If so, why isn’t a university education free?