animal cruelty

This one is disturbing on many levels.

Charges were recently filed against two UC Berkeley School of Law students, both 24, accused of decapitating an exotic bird at a Las Vegas casino, The Daily Californian reports.

One is charged with felony killing and felony torturing of an animal, while the other faces a misdemeanor of instigating, engaging in or furthering an act of animal cruelty, the Daily Cal reports.

The two were caught on video surveillance chasing a 14-year-old helmeted guineafowl into a group of trees at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, the paper notes. A witness then allegedly saw the two men emerging from the trees and carrying the bird’s body and severed head, according to a statement by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Police say in the report:

Arriving officers learned that two males were witnessed throwing the dead bird, discussing the killing of the bird and laughing about it. The suspects were captured on video surveillance chasing the bird into the trees. A witness then observed the suspects emerge from the trees, carrying the body and severed head of the bird.

The males claimed to be law students at Berkeley University in Northern California and refused to speak with officers. Berkeley student identification cards were found in their possession.

The incident occured in October. The charges were filed in late December.

IMAGE: Curtis Cronn/Flickr

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