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Campus Gender Studies Center Axed

Eric Owens of The Daily Caller reports:

The University of South Carolina Upstate has announced the outright elimination of its Center for Women’s and Gender Studies effective July 1, 2014.

School officials have blamed efforts to cut spending for the decision. In a statement obtained by Inside Higher Ed, Chancellor Tom Moore said the center’s closure was “particularly hard given the importance of their programming and the unfortunate timing of this announcement.”

Moore’s reference to “unfortunate timing” is a reference to the school’s decision in March to host Butchy McDyke, an LGBT activist and performer, whose explicit goal is to teach students how to be lesbians, or at least be better lesbians.

The center is described online as a lounge that co-sponsors “exciting campus events.”

“Past events include an international film series, a book club, and multiple academic conferences on topics ranging from leadership and negotiation skills to contemporary media culture and innovative theories of gender and sexuality.”

TRANSLATION: students were shown European soft porn; read 50 Shades of Gray; and sat in on a wide variety of lectures given by militant feminists with chips on their shoulders who complained about the alleged gender-pay gap and demanded free birth control.

Granted, this is a hypothetical translation, but I’m probably not that far off.

Read Owens’ full article.

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