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Campus Newspaper Calls Obama Hypocrite Over NSA Scandal

Student-run campus newspapers are not known as bastions of conservatism – far from it.

The vast majority of campus newspaper editorials leading up to the November election favored President Barack Obama, who largely owes his re-election to college students, who voted for him in droves against challenger Mitt Romney.

So to say Obama has been the darling of campus liberals is no stretch – yet his image among these young, ideal leftists is taking a turn for the worse because of the NSA government-spying scandal.

Case-in-point, an editorial in The Daily Iowan student newspaper on Monday called out Obama as a hypocrite and raked him over the coals for the news that PRISM “gives the federal government access to a wide variety of data, including personal emails and Internet browsing histories.”

“The NSA’s mass collection of the data of American citizens represents dangerous federal overreach and demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Obama administration’s surveillance policies,” stated the editorial board of the newspaper, which serves the University of Iowa community.

Granted, the editorial nails former President Bush and Republicans on the issue, lumping them in together on this mess, but the fact that a campus paper even called out Obama at all may show the beginnings of a turning tide.

Stated the Iowan:

President Obama, during his first campaign, was deeply critical of the Bush-era surveillance state. He was unwilling then to accept the idea that the security ends justified such invasive means.

“As for our common defense,” he said in his 2009 inaugural address, “we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.”

But Obama was quick to abandon the ideal of personal privacy when he got to the White House. Despite his early opposition to the national-security excesses of the Bush administration, Obama has carried on the former president’s legacy of domestic prying, which now enjoys support from Democrats and Republicans alike. …

Obama promised to end the voyeurism of the Bush administration, but since his election, he has contributed to the steady encroachment of procedurally opaque government surveillance into our interpersonal communications.  We understand the necessity of some intelligence-gathering tools, but call logs and an extensive database of online behavior are beyond the pale.

The Bush-Obama surveillance state must be scaled back.

It seems the privacy issue may be one that college students of all stripes can get behind.

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