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Christian University Offers Up Unusual Christmas Sports Tradition (VIDEO)

Taylor University, an Indiana liberal arts Christian college near Indianapolis, has an unusual Christmas sports tradition that keeps going strong.

Jared Frank of KHQ.com tells the tale like this:

Every year on the Friday before fall semester finals week begins, this small NAIA school in Indiana holds what they call the “Silent Night” game. The crowd stays silent until their team scores its tenth point. After that, open up the floodgates.

After the game, the students and faculty attend a Christmas party, with Christmas cookies, the Christmas story and, yes, even Santa Claus.

The YouTube video denotes that “Taylor University students participate in one of the coolest traditions in all of college sports as the Trojan fans sit in complete silence until Taylor scores its tenth point of the game… then the fans go CRAZY!”

YouTube includes video from this year’s Silent Night, as well as those of Christmas’ past.

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Watch the video:

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