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College Sponsors ‘Fat Justice’ Feminism Event

Former College Fix assistant editor, Robby Soave, reports for The Daily Caller on the latest feminist idea to come out of Swarthmore College. It’s a forum on fatness and feminism that trashes Ronald Reagen and capitalism:

Swarthmore College hosted a “Fat Justice and Feminism” seminar during which students were told that President Ronald Reagan “f***ed everything up” for fat people, that the Body Mass Index was invented by white supremacists and — for good measure — that communism is superior to capitalism… at least for fat people.

The seminar was taught by feminist activists Cora Segal and Nicole Sullivan, who describes herself as an “angry, man-hating lesbian,” according to Campus Reform…

Sullivan and Segal also explored the notion that communism and socialism were superior economic systems to capitalism, because capitalism promotes the oppression of fat people and the tyranny of healthy eating.

Read the full story here.

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