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College students: Not very deep thinkers on impeachment

The Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon’s student newspaper, asked students last weekend about their views on the possible impeachment of President Trump.

The results were pretty much what I expected: about the same as the House Democrats’ entire “case.”

A senior human physiology major told the paper “I don’t think he’s [Trump] going to win again in 2020, hopefully. I don’t like Trump, but I prefer him to Pence.” This is actually the most sensible response the Emerald got as it references removing Trump democratically — via an election.

A sophomore physical anthropology major said Trump should have been impeached sooner … because he isn’t “fit”: “He’s clearly not fit and professional enough to be president of the United States and represent us. People can debate all day whether he’s racist and sexist but the fact of the matter is, is that he’s inspired bigots and hate crimes …”

This guy must be going all the way back to Andrew Johnson’s impeachment where a pair of articles against him were based on his “rude speech that reflected badly on the office.” Good luck with that, bro.

A medieval studies major said impeachment has “been a long time coming. … There have been a lot of things [Trump’s] done that are definitely suspect.” But, she adds: “They need to be careful because impeachment is such a rare process […] They need to make sure that it’s being done for the right reasons so that people in the future don’t use it for political retribution.” The second part makes sense, but what are those “lots of ‘suspect’ things,” huh?

Lastly, you’d think a political science major could be just a bit more specific, but no: “I feel like it’s about time. … I’ve always thought that we should impeach, otherwise it sets a bad precedent. If he isn’t impeached for what he’s done, at that point, what would actually constitute impeachment?” Again, nothing concise about what the president has done that warrants the ultimate penalty.

I’m not a big fan of Mr. Trump’s bombast and personality in general, but if you want to impeach him for that, best of (political) luck to you. I opposed the Clinton impeachment over 20 years ago, and this current situation is magnitudes more ridiculous. Trump’s “crimes” consist of 1) being an outsider, 2) upsetting an “unbeatable” opponent, and 3) proving all attempts to do him in for what they are: complete nonsense.

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