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Columbia looking into a campus-wide smoking ban

Columbia will investigate how to potentially implement a campus-wide smoking ban on their Manhattan campus. The school currently bans smoking within 20 feet of campus buildings, but will look at a full ban.

“It [the review] will be addressing not only the effectiveness of the policy, but some of the weaknesses that we are seeing … issues, such as labor unions, issues of safe havens, and things along communication lines, getting the word out,” University Senate Executive Committee Chair Sharyn O’Halloran said at a meeting of the group.

Smoking bans have become fairly commonplace in the past decade on campus — although, given that most are enforced with the honor system on large areas of land, that’s not without contention. At the University of Iowa, their effectiveness has been a question, and at places like the University of Michigan, the costs of implementation — $240,000 this year — have also been subject to scrutiny.

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