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Columbia Professor Says U.S. Bombing of ISIS Same As Russia Invading Ukraine

According to one Columbia University professor, the United States’ effort to stop barbarians from slaughtering and beheading people in the name of Allah is the same as Russia invading and taking over a sovereign, Democratic country that is not currently killing people en masse.

As Young Conservatives reported via Truth Revolt:“Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, has officially lost it, claiming U.S. bombing ISIS is equivalent to Russia invading Ukraine.”

That he’s “lost it” is one way of putting it. But the truth is professors such as Sachs actually BELIEVE that the two actions are equivalent – and they teach students that, too.

Professor Sachs told Ronan Farrow on MSNBC that it’s all about a “power game” and that U.S. actions against ISIS break “international law.”

Says Sachs:

And in the Middle East, the United States is bombing. We’re engaged in operations to overthrow a government in Syria. And so the messages that are being sent by both these powers are this is a power game. The United States and its allies are going to do what they want to do militarily in the Middle East. Russia is going to do militarily in Ukraine. Each side stands for principle. Neither side is really respecting international law especially and each side is claiming the mantel of international law.

Watch the video:

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