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‘Cop a feel’: Women’s college apologizes for language in breast cancer awareness email

Email mentioned a game called ‘ring the boob’

Brenau University’s Women’s College has apologized for the language it used to promote breast cancer awareness and domestic violence in an email sent to more than 1,000 students and faculty.

The email promoted a fall festival scheduled for Tuesday, and referred to games called “cop a feel” and “ring the boob,” WSB-TV reported.

The email was sent by the college’s Office of Health Services. The university apologized and sent out a retraction of the email within an hour. The retraction claimed the email was trying to “make a serious topic more light hearted.”

“I think it was just an ill-directed attempt to gain some attention for this event. But apparently, obviously, this was a little over the top,” Ben McDade, vice president of marketing and communications, said, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Sometimes, words are trigger words for some people so you have to be careful,” sophomore Bianca Banks told WSB-TV.

Read the report here.

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